2021 lexus release date

2021 lexus release date DEFAULT
  • Lexus has confirmed that a new NX is coming for , and it will debut June
  • A teaser photo shows an interesting taillight setup with a full-width LED bar.
  • The new NX will likely be offered in NX, NX, and NXh versions.

UPDATE 6/10/ In addition to the previously released photo of its rear end, Lexus has shared more teaser photos of the new NX that show its front end with a spindle grille, its spoke wheels, and its tires before its debut.



The second generation of Lexus's NX crossover is nearly here, and we're getting our first official glimpse of the new model thanks to these teaser photos. Ahead of the NX's debut on June 11, we can see that it features a taillight setup with a full-width LED light bar and a Lexus script across the tailgate that appears to be in a new font.

We've already seen spy photos of the new NX, which show a similar silhouette as the current car. We think some of the bigger changes may be seen inside, as the current car's interior is dated; we're especially hoping that Lexus does away with the annoying infotainment touchpad that controls the central display screen in favor of a more modern touchscreen.

Trademarks suggest that the NX lineup will include an NX model, possibly powered by a liter inline-four, and an NX, possibly powered by a liter V The hybrid version is likely to continue, with its NXh designation suggesting that it could use the RAV4 Prime's hp plug-in-hybrid powertrain.

We'll learn more next week, as the NX will make its debut live on June 11 at 11pm on the Lexus website.

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Lexus IS: New Changes &#; Release Date

 Lexus IS Charleston SC


If you’re a fan of luxury cars that boldly go where few luxury cars can go, you’ve likely fallen in love with a Lexus IS in the past. The IS is sleek and sporty, yet there’s no denying its capability of being a fun daily driver. As far as quality-built sports sedans go, the Lexus IS sits right in your wheelhouse.

The IS compact luxury sports sedan continues to impress year after year. Now, with the upcoming Lexus IS sedan on the brink of being a reality, we wanted to highlight some of the big reasons why it’s destined to be a better car than its predecessor – which is no simple feat, to be sure.

New Updates & Features for

When purchasing the new Lexus IS, you will enjoy many upgraded luxuries and features standard on Lexus vs. competing luxury cars on the market, like the Mercedes C Class. Some of the most notable changes in are:

Driving Performance

The redesigned IS features astounding chassis upgrades on both the non-F Sport and F Sport models. The rigid new design allows for more responsive driving and connects the driver to the car flawlessly, so that you’ll experience better handling and a smoother ride.

Redesigned Style

The sleek new appearance boasts the sedan&#;s sporty performance.

The new intricately designed spindle grille stands out among the thin polished headlights. The side profile of the IS features sharper contour lines that showcase the larger inch wheels or the available inch wheels option. The new Lexus IS is redesigned to undoubtedly be eye-catching and built for the road.


The IS will be available in both RWD and AWD for the reliability to get you where you need to go in all climates.

The RWD IS features an upgraded liter, turbocharged and intercooled inline four-cylinder engine. This powerplant makes hp.

The AWD IS is powered by a liter V6 that delivers hp.

The IS is made for those who crave maximum power; both the RWD and AWD models offer hp with a liter V

 Lexus IS Bluffton SC


Technology is an essential part of our lives. Lexus understands this, opting to equip the IS with a sophisticated multimedia system that integrates easily with many popular smart devices. Essentially, the Lexus IS as innovative in the cabin as it is thrilling to drive.

The standard 8-inch or the upgraded inch touchscreen is closer to the driver for easier access. The new multimedia system features Apple CarPlay® compatibility, Android Auto™ compatibility, and Amazon Alexa integration for your convenience.

Enhanced Standard Safety Features

The new Lexus Safety System+ is designed with you in mind. Ungraded safety features include an extended range of the Pre-Collision System, including pedestrian and bicyclist detection and Road Sign Assist for displaying road sign information, such as speed limits, on the multi-information display. The upgraded All-Speed Dynamic Radar Cruise Control makes overtaking slower vehicles smoother than ever. The enhanced standard safety features allow you to safely arrive at your destination.

Rumored Release Date of the Lexus IS

Although the official release date of the Lexus IS hasn&#;t been announced yet, rumor has it that it will be available in late fall. So, only a few more months, and you can stop by our Hardeeville, SC Lexus dealership to check out the new IS or IS  (While you wait, use the Lexus AR Play app to virtually explore the Lexus IS from your smartphone or tablet.)

New Lexus IS for Sale

Serving customers in Bluffton, Hilton Head Island, and Charleston, SC, our Hilton Head Lexus dealership is ready to get you inside the redesigned IS whenever it’s available. Please contact our Lexus store in Hardeeville at to discuss financing or leasing options, ask about our Lexus incentives, or request a trade-in estimate. We’ll be here!

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Over the years, Lexus has grown from the small luxury arm of Toyota into a significant brand in its own right. Today, Lexus is one of the most important car brands in the world with a strong presence in markets across the globe. On a global scale, the brand sells more than , vehicles per year, a figure that has been steadily rising year after year. More than 50% of the brands overall sales are from the United States, and while the brand remains incredible popular in the USA, sales have begun to slip.

In , Lexus sold a total of , vehicles in the United States alone, which a percent loss from Similarly, was also the first time that the brand failed to shift more than , units in the USA since And things haven’t gotten any better. In , Lexus sold a total of , vehicles in the United States, which is a small percent reduction on It’s a small reduction, but it’s a reduction nonetheless. Consequently, Lexus also failed to break , sales for a second consecutive year. Hopes were pinned on the success of the new UX subcompact model; unfortunately, the UX didn’t quite meet expectations. The RX mid-size crossover still remains as Lexus’s most popular vehicle in the USA, with the Lexus ES mid-size car being the most popular sedan model.

The US market might have stalled for Lexus, but across the Atlantic things are booming in Europe. saw Toyota’s luxury arm sell a total of 87, vehicles in Europe. The numbers may be smaller than in the US, but it’s a record breaking year for Lexus in Europe. Sales are up by a whopping 14 percent. In fact, sales in Europe have been steadily increasing for the brand, with their total sales having doubled in a six year period. Curiously, Lexus attributes their new found European success to the hybrid market, with 96 percent of all of their European sales being hybrid vehicles. The best-selling vehicle in Europe was the Lexus NX mid-size crossover, with a grand total of 24, units sold that helped boost Lexus SUV sales by 26 units compared with

Globally, things are going well. The US market may not being showing the growth that Lexus needs, but thanks to huge success in Europe and other markets things are looking very bright for Lexus indeed. saw the brand sell more than , units worldwide for the second consecutive year. This gave Lexus global growth to the tune of percent. After such amazing sales in Europe, with an emphasis on hybrid technology fuelling the success, the future of Lexus will no-doubt have a heavy focus on electrification for their future models.

In fact, the director of Lexus Canada, Jennifer Barron, recently announced that the firm had ambitious plans to field an electrified version of every single Lexus model by the year That’s a narrow time frame but not impossible. If Lexus continues to push hybrid technology, and perhaps go a step further with full on electrification for a few models, then we may be seeing even more Lexus hybrids on the roads in the US in the near future.

With that in mind, we’ve put together a short overview of some of the new and exciting models that Lexus might bring to market in Since is still a way off, some of these models may or may not appear in the future, some are based on fact, while others are based on rumor. So please, don’t take all of these as fact just yet. Without any further ado, here’s what we can expect from the Lexus range!

What To Expect From The Lexus Line-Up

Lexus NX

 Lexus NX PHEV Side View

According to sources inside Lexus, we can expect a totally overhauled Lexus NX. When it first hit the scene in it was a fairly unusual vehicle with radical styling and features, but it went on to set an industry standard, becoming one of the most successful compact luxury crossovers sold in the USA. It was a sales success, and it seems like Lexus wants to stamp its authority on the market once again by bringing the next-generation NX to the sales floor in

At the moment, details are very thin on the ground. However, we do know that the vehicle will go into production in July at two locations: Toyota’s Kyushu Miyata plant in Japan, and in one of Canada’s manufacturing plants too. The industry magazine Just Auto has suggested that the new NX (codenamed New MC) will be built on top of the Toyota’s GA-C platform like the UX, but with longer dimensions.

 Lexus NX Interior

The article also goes on to explain that the new NX will come in two flavors, with a four-cylinder gasoline powertrain, or with a gasoline-electric hybrid system. The current NX boasts a liter inline-four with a turbocharger, which produces an impressive horsepower and lb-ft of torque. No doubt the new conventional internal combustion engine will produce similar stats—but it’s the hybrid aspect that really intrigues us.

The current NX h hybrid model features a larger liter inline-four engine but with an electric motor addition, producing a combined total of horsepower. The technology already exists there, but a recent quote from Lexus that mentioned the brand’s plans for their first plug-in hybrid to go sale in has made us wonder whether the NX will be the model that gets the full on PHEV treatment.

 Lexus NX Rear View

It wouldn’t be out of the question. Toyota will be releasing their plug-in hybrid RAV4 for , and with the Lexus NX’s next-generation model coming out at a similar time, a PHEV model isn’t a massive stretch of the imagination, is it? Toyota develops the technology for their models first, and then gives Lexus the same technology to power their own vehicles. It’s been done before, and it might be happening again, so it definitely makes a lot of sense. Will we be seeing a PHEV Lexus NX? It does seem very likely.

Lexus LX

 Lexus LX Mag-X Rendering

An interesting spread appeared in the Japanese magazine Mag-X. It seems to show off a next-generation Lexus LX with a release date. It’s about time that the venerable SUV got an update, since it’s been over 10 years since it had a significant revision. Take a look at the details, and get your Japanese to English phrase book out and see what you can learn. If your Japanese isn’t up to scratch, we’ll cover the broad strokes for you.

This new LX is supposedly going to be built on top of a new TGNA platform, and using a twin-turbo V6 engine that you can find on the current Lexus LS sedan. If that’s true, then the power output is going to be around horsepower and lb-ft of peak torque. This would be a handsome improvement on the existing LX ’s liter V8 performance, which produces horses and lb-ft of torque. This could be conjecture though; or it could mean that the Lexus LX will have multiple engine options. Why? Because Lexus trademarked the “LX ” name late last year.

 Lexus LX Mag-X Rendering Full Story

That could mean nothing. Manufacturer’s trademark odd names all the time. But this could be a clue that the LX is getting a boost in displacement for Again, this might mean nothing, but it’s fun to think about just in case though.

Back to what we can see: here we have some unofficial looking images that Mag-X’s staff graphics whizz has knocked together. They may be based on real pictures or spy shots, or they might be totally invented. Either way, we’ve got something that’s rather Mitsubishi Outlander-like in design. At the back, we have an overhauled rear end with wide stretching tail lights, square exhausts, and a sportier shape overall. The rear windows have also been redesigned. At the moment, that’s about all there is to say about the possible Lexus LX update.

 Lexus LX Front View

The only other significant detail that has been reported is that production is expected to commence in October Possibly making it a model. Whether it’s or , it doesn’t really matter: let’s hope that is actually arrives though, because other vehicles, such as the Infiniti QX80 and Land Rover Discovery, are dominating the segment. Lexus can’t really afford to hold this update back any longer.

Lexus IS F

 Lexus IS F Rendering

Next up, we’ve got rumors of an updated Lexus IS F. Now, over the last 12 months there’s been a lot of talk about performance sedans. There’s the new BMW M3, which commands attentions and grabs headlines wherever it goes. Then there’s the new Toyota Supra, which literally everyone is talking about. But what about Lexus? There’s a lot of buzz about a new and improved IS F coming along to crash the M3 and Supra’s party. A lot of sources are claiming that the Lexus IS F project is well under way, while others are sceptical and think it’s all a load of hogwash.

The believers are suggesting that a successor to the IS F is on the way and could be showing up as soon as This new performance sedan is supposedly going to come equipped with a liter V6 twin-turbo mill that produces horsepower, the same found in flagship LS sedan. No doubt it would need a bit of tweaking to give it the edge over the LS though. Other rumors mention the B58 engine found in the Toyota Supra (and BMW Z4 and Mi), a liter inline-six that produces horsepower and lb-ft of torque.

 Lexus IS F Side Rear View

Other engine options being suggested online include a new Mazda developed inline-six, turbocharged liter units, turbocharged liter four-cylinders, and even a liter hybrid. There’s all kinds of rumors flying around and all of them are even more wild and exciting than the last. And then there’s the other side of the argument.

According to an actual Lexus executive, Scott Thompson—who heads the brand up in Australia—said &#;there’s no plans at the moment,” when asked about the likelihood of a new Lexus IS F release. Thompson didn’t elaborate as to why Lexus isn’t prepping a new model, but he did go on to explain that the F-designated models aren’t a particularly high selling segment when compared to German competition. But perhaps he was just explaining that Australia wouldn’t be getting a new IS F, where other markets might? Perhaps he was just keeping his cards close to his chest or keeping fans guessing.

 Lexus IS F Front View

Either way, we know that a Lexus IS F should be coming soon, but probably won’t be. There are plenty of Lexus fans who are screaming out for a new model, but perhaps Lexus already missed their opportunity, and are looking further ahead for a time when a more significant update could perform even better on the sales floor? We will have to wait and see.

Lexus LC Convertible

 Lexus LC Convertible Side View

You’ll be pleased to read that this one is a genuine confirmed model. Recently launched at the Los Angeles Auto Show in , this is the Lexus LC Convertible. Just when you thought that the LC Coupe couldn’t get any better, Lexus only went and made a cabriolet version. In brief: it’s almost identical to the LC Coupe in every way, apart from the fact that this model has a folding textile roof. If you’re looking for a seriously cool car for , this should be on your list.

 Lexus LC Convertible Driving

The Lexus LC Convertible is practically the same car as the Coupe from the front. The grille is the same, with the same mesh design, and the same fearsome, angled headlights on either side. The vents are in the same location, the hood is long and low, and it has the sleek and streamlined aesthetic that you find on the Coupe. While it’s the same, it’s not boring at all. The Coupe looks the part, and it would be a shame to mess with the looks just for the sake of making a distinction between the Coupe and the Convertible.

 Lexus LC Convertible Above

In the middle, that’s where the changes begin. Unexpectedly, the Lexus LC Convertible features a soft-top rather than a hardtop. The folding fabric roof uses a folding mechanism that stows the roof under a tonneau cover at the rear when open-air driving is required. The roof storage doesn’t take up much space either, which is an unexpected plus point. The rear has been tweaked to accommodate it without any drastic changes.

 Lexus LC Convertible Rear

The Convertible’s rear end is a touch higher than the Coupe model, with the rear spoiled moulded and stretched in a way that gives the rear end a wider look. There’s surprisingly adequate cabin space and trunk space, even with the folding roof mechanism. Another noticeable difference is the addition of an integrated rear brake light into the trunk cover, rather than on the top of the rear windshield on the Coupe.

 Lexus LC Convertible Interior

On the inside, the Convertible rocks the same interior as the Coupe, with single gauge instrumentation, a minimalist steering wheel, uncluttered controls, and a two-tone upholstery scheme. White leather may not to be everyone’s tastes, but we’re under the impression that it’s not the only upholstery option available. Thank god—because it’s a nightmare to maintain.

 Lexus LC Convertible Driving Along The Coast

Under the hood, the Lexus LC Convertible boasts a front mounted liter V8 engine that produces a potent horsepower and lb-ft of peak torque. The power is delivered through the specially designed Lexus Direct-Shift speed automatic transmission. It’s more than enough for this soft-top! Interestingly, the open-top nature of the car forced the designers to make structural changes to help maintain the Convertible’s performance. These changes included the clever relocation of structural braces to improve chassis stiffness, the addition of a polycarbonate wind deflector, and retuned suspension.

 Lexus LC Convertible And Coupe

The Lexus LC Convertible is expected to go on sale late in as a year model. As for how much it costs? Well, Lexus hasn’t announced the official pricing yet but we do know that the V8 Coupe model’s prices start from $92, Since the Convertible has more engineering and is more of a luxury vehicle, we expect prices to start from at least $, or more. After all, this is a luxury performance car from Lexus…with a soft top. It’s not going to be cheap, is it?

Lexus: More EVs?

 Lexus UX e Front

We can expect to see more electric vehicles from Lexus in the near future. Toyota and Lexus recently announced that they would unveil three purely electric cars by This isn’t just a wild statement; it was confirmed by Lexus executives in an interview. At this point, we don’t know what vehicles are going to get the pure all-electric powertrain, and we don’t even know what the powertrain is going to be. We don’t even know how many will be Lexus branded vehicles and how many will be Toyota. Three models are on the way, that’s all we know for sure so far.

The rumor-mill has went into overdrive about this. The most talked about EV contender was the Lexus UX Crossover. This rumor has been circulating for the last two years, and it was proven to be correct. It has already been unveiled! However, Japan’s Chunichi Shimbun publication that revealed that production of the now-called UX e won’t begin until later in at the Toyota Motor Kyushu factory, with the first run being limited to 15, units.

 Lexus UX e Side

That same article also claimed that sales will be limited to Japan, Europe, and China only for the debut year. The reasoning being that the Japanese, Chinese, and European markets are more receptive to EVs at this moment in time. The UX e may never even come to the US. But what else could arrive on US soil?

The CT hatchback has also been attached to the new EV rumors, and could potentially get the all-electric treatment. It was actually touted to be the first EV from Lexus, but given the market’s current love for all things crossover, it’s rumored that Lexus changed their mind and focused on the UX instead. Perhaps a surprise reveal of an American-focused electric CT hatchback could be on the cards? Maybe…

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*TEASED* 2022 Lexus LX 600: Reveal Date + Everything we know

Lexus Outlines Changes Coming to its Models for

Recently, we reported on Toyota’s presentation of its model lineup for the model-year. Now it’s the turn of the luxury division Lexus to apply the spit and shine to its sedans and SUVs that consumers will find at dealers in the coming year. As you'll see, not all models are benefiting from changes, but some have significant modifications.

Discover Shopicar! All new makes and models and all current promotions.

Here’s a rundown of what Toyota's luxury division has been concocting.


 Lexus UX h Black Edition

Photo: Lexus

Lexus UX h Black Edition

With the UX h models, a two-tier configuration in the cargo area improves capacity by 26%. New colours are also on the program for

 Lexus UX h Black Edition, from above

Photo: Lexus

Lexus UX h Black Edition, from above


 Lexus NX

Photo: Lexus

Lexus NX

The NX h hybrid version gets a new F Sport special edition, available in black or blue. That variant of the SUV features a black interior with blue stitching and special inch alloy wheels. Small changes are also being made to the equipment of some variants.

 Lexus NX, three-quarters rear

Photo: Lexus

Lexus NX, three-quarters rear

See also: Next-Gen Lexus NX Likely to Include a Plug-in Version


 Lexus RX

Lexus RX

A version emphasizing black is added to the range for You will find it, handily enough, under the name Black Edition. It adds an F Sport interior that combines black and white with blue stitching, inch alloy wheels (black), as well as carpets and styling cues specific to the model.

 Lexus RX

Photo: Lexus

Lexus RX

See also: Lexus RX h Review: The Thrifty Uncle


 Lexus LX

Photo: Lexus

Lexus LX

There’s the same new Black Edition for the brand's largest SUV, the LX. In this case, though, we're talking about an aging model that badly needs new blood to remain relevant. Get to it, Lexus.

 Lexus LX, profile

Photo: Lexus

Lexus LX, profile

The sedans follow on the NEXT PAGE

Sours: https://www.autocom/en/news/lexus-modelslc-rx-ux-nx-rc-es//

Release 2021 date lexus

Lexus NX Release Date and Design Specs 

Are you looking for a spirited luxury crossover? The  Lexus NX is a popular option in the compact luxury crossover class that is a fan favorite at Earnhardt Lexus. Drivers in search of the latest and the greatest from the Lexus luxury brand may love what the Lexus NX brings to the table. Learn more about the updates and changes to the Lexus NX with this guide to the Lexus NX release date and design specs created by Earnhardt Lexus. 

READ MORE: Lexus IS Release Date and Design Features

When Will the Lexus NX Be Available in Phoenix AZ? 

Do you have your heart set on the Lexus NX? You can expect the Lexus NX to arrive at Earnhardt Lexus in the summer of When it arrives, it will be available in three standard trim levels – NX , NX F Sport and NX Luxury – with a price tag that starts at $37, The Lexus NX Hybrid follows suit with a trio of models – NX h, NX h Luxury AWD and NX h F Sport AWD Black Line Special Edition – with a base MSRP of $40,  

Silver Lexus NX Rear Exterior at Dusk
 Lexus NX Front Seat Interior

What Are the Lexus NX Engine Options and Features? 

Armed with a lightweight, high-strength platform and available Adaptive Variable Suspension System, the Lexus NX will deliver world-class performance. Gas-powered Lexus NX models are powered by a horsepower liter turbocharged four-cylinder engine that is married to a six-speed automatic transmission with Torque Demand technology and will earn 22 mpg in the city and 28 mpg on the highway. The Lexus NX Hybrid boasts best-in-class fuel economy with a horsepower liter Lexus Hybrid System that will make 33 mpg in the city and 30 mpg on the highway. All-wheel drive is available to upgrade performance.  

Technology is a hallmark of the Lexus NX and it starts with standard Lexus Safety System+ technology and an 8-inch Lexus Enform touchscreen infotainment system with access to Apple CarPlay, Android Auto and Lexus Enform Wi-Fi. To upgrade safety, the Lexus NX will add standard Blind Spot Monitor with Rear Cross Traffic Alert. Additional upgrades to the Lexus NX equipment list include a inch Lexus Navigation touchscreen infotainment system, premium leather interior, a power sunroof and a brand-new speaker Mark Levinson® sound system.  

READ MORE: What Are the Lexus NX Interior and Exterior Color Options? 

Find out how the popular Lexus NX crossover has been updated with this guide to the Lexus NX release date and design specs. Keep an eye on the Earnhardt Lexus online inventory for the arrival of the Lexus NX at the dealership later this year! 

Sours: https://www.earnhardtlexus.com/blog/lexus-nx-release-date-and-design-specs/
2021 Lexus GS 350 - Redesign,Interior,Release Date,Price

Lexus IS

Luxury for the value-conscious buyer. The current-generation Lexus IS has been around since And though it's had a refresh and a few powertrain updates since, you can still see its age peeking through the facelift.

That said, the Lexus IS still presents excellent value with its lower pricing, superior agility, and new infotainment interface. These attributes are enough to make it a worthy consideration in the compact luxury sedan segment.

Precision handling, recycled powertrains. The IS delivers strong handling on curvy back roads thanks to its firm suspension and predictable rear-wheel-drive configuration. It even retains its predictability with the all-wheel-drive option thanks to a rear torque bias.

Buyers can improve upon the IS' corner-carving ways with the optional Dynamic Handling Package. This adds adaptive dampers and inch forged-alloy BBS wheels for $4,

Under its hood, the IS isn't aging well, as it includes the same powertrain options it's had for years. The base IS comes with a turbocharged liter four-cylinder that delivers horsepower and a second mph time. This is a 14 hp short of the base BMW 3-Series and a whopping seconds slower to 60 mph. Compared to the base Mercedes-Benz C-Class, the IS has the same hp shortcoming, which makes it seconds slower to 60 mph.

Though the IS 's liter V6 delivers hp, a satisfying noise, and great control, it also lags compared to its German rivals. The IS hits 60 mph in seconds, which is seconds slower than the BMW Mi and seconds slower than the Mercedes AMG C

There's a caveat to this performance deficiency, as the IS starts from $43, including destination. The i runs $55,, and the AMG C 43 costs $57, So, while you may give up straight-line speed, you save over $10, with the iS.

Dated inside, but at least there's a touchscreen. After years of complaining, Lexus has finally given in to the masses by moving the IS' infotainment display inches closer to the driver and making it a touchscreen. This standard 8-inch touchscreen eliminates the need for the clunky joystick interface that's infuriated drivers for ages, which has been replaced with an incrementally better touchpad system.

The IS also now comes standard with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, satisfying yet another customer gripe. Optionally, buyers can swap the 8-inch screen for a incher.

This update finally brings the IS' infotainment system in line with the competition, though its menus and interface still need work. Maybe another eight years of complaining, and we'll get that updated too?

Outside of these much-needed tech updates, the IS' interior remains very dated due to its bloated instrument panel, button-heavy center stack, and overall uninspiring design. Buyers seeking a more modern and whimsical cabin should look to the 3-Series or C-Class.

Safe to ride in, but not overly comfortable. The IS hasn't been through IIHS testing, but the structurally identical model has, and it received "Good" ratings in all crash tests. It also received a "Superior" rating for its automatic emergency braking, which is standard on the IS. The only sore spot was the "Acceptable" headlight rating.

While it's safe, the IS isn't incredibly comfortable with just inches of rear legroom. This is 3 inches tighter than the 3-Series and C-Class, and inches less than the Audi A4.

Final thoughts. With a starting price that's about $2, lower than German luxury cars, the Lexus IS is a solid option for buyers who want a legit luxury badge on a budget. Plus, with its full allotment of modern tech, it leaves buyers desiring little compared to a BMW or Mercedes.

The IS does, however, show its age in its design and straight-line speed. If these are a big concern to you, it may be best to skip the Lexus and head straight to an Audi, BMW, or Mercedes dealer. You may also want to lean toward German models if you plan to haul anyone over 10 years old in the rear seats.

Check prices for the Lexus IS »

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