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I am being very giving by posting 1 star for this site. I had purchased and was billed for parts that I needed for my clients and after waiting for an exceptionally long period of time I tried to contact customer service by email and phone with no success at all. Finally out of nowhere I was contacted that the parts that were in stock when I ordered and had told my clients they were coming, was now told they were not. At this point Alpha had made a offer with a used piece and I was to be called back by someone called Johnny and never was. So giving Alpha 1 star is being very nice. They should except fractional stars. I will be telling all my clients that come in for parts to build their own equipment to stay as far away from Alpha as possible. Their customer service is the worst to say the least. I would love to be able to give them 10 negative stars if possible.


You may be looking to start your next AR-15 build and have heard about Alpha Shooting Sports uppers?

You might even be impressed by the great selection of uppers that they offer. But, want to know more about the company and whether they are worth investing your hard-earned cash into?

Well, you’re in luck…

In this Alpha Shooting Sports AR15 Upper Receivers Review, we’ll be looking at if they are worth your time and money. We’ll discuss all the pros and cons, and we’ll also let you know where you can get one at a great price.

So first off, many of you are probably wondering…


Who is Alpha Shooting Sports?

Formed in 2007, Alpha Shooting Sports’ primary focus is sourcing AR-15 hardware. They also specialize in Glock parts, and all of their products are manufactured in-house, using high-end CNC equipment.

Alpha Shooting Sports

Some impressive examples of what they produce are AR15 barrels, AR15 bolt carrier groups, and barreled upper receivers. They also make Glock slides, Glock barrels, and slide internal parts, just to name a few.

They’re based out in Anaheim, California. And with that, they understandably produce a range of California compliance parts as well.

The AR15 Uppers

For this article, we’ve decided to focus on two pre-built AR15 upper receivers offered by the company. These are by far our favorites because they offer great value for the money and can be used reliably in a multitude of applications.

And we should mention that both of these barrels can be modified in various ways to suit your particular custom build requirements.

They are the Alpha Shooting Sports CHF 5.56 M-LOK15 Pitchfork Upper and the Alpha Shooting Sports 5.56 M-LOK9 Pitchfork Pistol Upper.

Alpha Shooting Sports AR15 Upper Receivers Review

We’ll now run through each option, take a look at all the specs, features and build quality to give you a solid idea of what to expect from Alpha Shooting Sports and their pre-built uppers. Starting with the…

Alpha Shooting Sports CHF 5.56 M-LOK15 Pitchfork Upper

This first upper we’re checking out is made for gun building enthusiasts who are serious about creating an impressive looking and functioning AR15 rifle.

It comes with an Alpha 16-inch 5.56 NATO 1:7 cold hammer-forged stainless steel barrel that’s been machined to fit perfectly with the upper design. Plus, this is a free-floating barrel type, which means you can expect excellent long-range accuracy with this set-up.

Additionally, it also features a low profile gas block that prevents gas blow-by when used as a fully functioning AR-15 rifle.

Thoroughly tested…

Alpha Shooting Sports has test-fired this upper set-up with great success. And, it’s a design that should lend itself to target shooting down the range or out in the field.

Another key feature is the M-Lok compatibility that allows for numerous M-Lok accessories to be easily mounted onto the upper. You’ll also benefit from extended M4 speed ramps, and an MPI tested bolt carrier group.

Finally, we have to mention the full-length Picatinny rail up top and the smaller rail below the barrel, which is ideal for lasers or other accessories.


  • Cold hammer-forged stainless steel barrel.
  • Free-floating barrel design.
  • Low profile gas block.
  • Fully tested.
  • M-Lok compatibility.
  • Extended M4 speed ramps.
  • MPI tested bolt carrier group.


  • Not their most compact design.

Alpha Shooting Sports 5.56 M-LOK9 Pitchfork Pistol Upper

Here is the second AR15 upper that we’re checking out, and this one is the Pitchfork Pistol Upper version. It comes with a 10.3-inch 5.56 1-7 cold hammer-forged MK18 barrel, which is machined from 4150 chrome-moly steel. It also has a QPQ nitride finish for a good level of corrosion resistance and to support barrel longevity.

The upper is forged with 7075-T6 mil-spec aluminum making it a lightweight yet super tough construction. It also is Type III anodized for corrosion resistance and has M4 speed ramps built-in.

Want to Add Accessories?

The Alpha 9-inch handguard with M-Lok slots allows you to mount numerous M-Lok compatible accessories onto your finished rifle. There’s also a full-length Picatinny rail up top so you can easily mount a high-performance AR15 rifle scope for precision long-range shooting.

This system also includes a carbine gas port, and a low profile gas block has been positioned securely in place by dimpling the barrel. Lastly, it comes as standard with an MPI tested nitride treated M16 bolt carrier group.


  • Cold hammer-forged MK18 barrel.
  • 4150 chrome-moly steel.
  • QPQ nitride finish.
  • 7075-T6 mil-spec aluminum upper.
  • Type III anodized.
  • Alpha 9-inch handguard with M-Lok slots.
  • Low profile gas block.


  • The shorter barrel might mean some loss of accuracy.

Upper Assembly Parts

It’s worth noting that Alpha Shooting Sports also produce a range of high-quality upper assembly parts. And, the great thing is they are all very reasonably priced, given the high-quality CNC manufacturing they’ve been put through.

Alpha Shooting Sports AR15 Upper Receivers

Some examples of what they offer include…

  • Forward assist and ejection port assembly parts.
  • Forward assist and bolt catch assembly punch sets.
  • Stripped M4 uppers.
  • Alpha M-Lok Handguards.
  • Complete FDE uppers.

So if you really want to build your AR15 from the ground up, you can get a stripped upper from Alpha Shooting Sports. Plus, you can also get the forward assist and ejection port assembly parts. And, they even provide suitable punch sets for both upper and lower assemblies.

How to Assemble Your AR15 Upper and Lower Receivers?

Nearly every AR15 upper and lower receiver should fit together perfectly, no matter what the brand. Of course, some will work in certain combinations better than others, usually with parts from the same manufacturer.

Is it Difficult to Combine a Complete AR15 Upper and Lower?

The answer is no. It should be a very straightforward process that we will run you through now. We’ll also give you an extra tip on how you can get a tighter fit between the two components.

The key to connecting your two receivers is the pivot pin. With the hammer cocked and the safety on, place the two receivers together by aligning the front pivot pinholes. Then push in the pivot pin.

Nice and Tight!

Now we have a nifty little tip to ensure that both receivers fit together tightly. Place an accu-wedge into the lower receiver under the takedown pin with the high edge pointing to the rear.

You’ll then need to insert the charging handle and bolt assembly. Then pivot the upper assembly back and hold it down once everything is aligned. While doing this, put pressure on the carry handle, and everything should pop into place. That’s it!

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Alpha Shooting Sports AR15 Upper Receivers Review – Top Features

Alpha Shooting Sports AR15 Upper Receivers Reviews

  • Cold hammer-forged barrels.
  • Alpha M-Lok Handguards.
  • Extended M4 speed ramps.
  • High-quality construction and finishes.
  • Low profile gas blocks.
  • Full Picatinny rails.
  • Free-floating barrel designs.

More great AR-15 Parts and Upgrades

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Alpha Shooting Sports AR15 Upper Receivers Review – Conclusion

We’ve now come to the end of our look at what Alpha Shooting Sports can offer you in their AR15 upper options. The company has been gaining a strong reputation among AR15 builders, and we can see why.

They build high quality yet affordable AR15 uppers, as well as a variety of other components. And, they are all manufactured using cutting edge CNC machining and techniques.

Overall, if you are looking for a great value for the money complete upper, Alpha Shooting Sports has you covered. Plus, the cold hammer forged and free-floating barrels should give you excellent longevity and accuracy with your new rifle build.

Happy and safe shooting.

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Since 2007, Alpha Shooting Sports has been providing shooters with quality, high-performance parts for AR15 rifles and Glock pistols. It proudly manufactures parts in Anaheim, California utilizing state-of-the-art CNC equipment. All Alpha Shooting Sports products carry a hassle-free, limited... (more)

Since 2007, Alpha Shooting Sports has been providing shooters with quality, high-performance parts for AR15 rifles and Glock pistols. It proudly manufactures parts in Anaheim, California utilizing state-of-the-art CNC equipment. All Alpha Shooting Sports products carry a hassle-free, limited lifetime warranty. (less)

Stop by Alpha Shooting Sports - Booth 3952, during Shot Show 2020, and receive our lowest Dealer Pricing Level with NO Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ).

Categories:SHOT - Firearms, SHOT - Firearm Barrels, SHOT - Wholesaler/Distributor, SHOT - Law Enforcement Products & Services, SHOT - Custom Manufacturing

Stop by Alpha Shooting Sports - Booth 3952, during Shot Show 2020, and receive our lowest Dealer Pricing Level with NO Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ).

Categories:SHOT - Custom Manufacturing, SHOT - Firearms, SHOT - Firearm Barrels, SHOT - Law Enforcement Products & Services, SHOT - Wholesaler/Distributor
Budget AR-15 Build Kit ( ALPHA SHOOTING SPORTS )

4/5 stars
I have a 5” 9mm upper on a foxtrot Mike lower and PSA enhanced 9mm buffer. I have to say that when I got my upper the overall fit and finish was excellent. However as I looked down the barrel I noticed it was oddly smooth, upon further investigation I had noticed that somehow during the manufacturing process they had never cut the rifling in the barrel... I emailed the company with pictures of the barrel even a piece of lead that I had used to “slug” the barrel and... measured. I very quickly received an email that only said they needed my address and measurements of the box and they gave me a shipping label no questions asked. That is the kind of customer support that I expect from companies. I have received my new barreled upper and took it to the range and fired 200+ rounds with out any malfunctions! I could not be happier hopefully they have used this as an opportunity to tighten the quality control of the manufacturing line over all I would rate 5 stars but got to loose one due to the almost disaster that could have happed. However they were quick and no questions on making the problem right... Thanks Alpha Shooting Sports!

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