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I own a small motorcycle custom shop. I have another company i usually use for fairings but I thought I’d use these guys since i could get one already painted. I called prior to ordering just to calm some concerns about fit, and color matching, and shipping time. I needed it within 4 weeks and was told I’d have itby then. 4 weeks came and went with no response to my emails. Finally 8 weeks later an email, that my fairing would be sent within the week and a tracking number would be emailed. I finally got it almost 10 full weeks from the time i ordered, and it doesn’t fit and paint doesn’t match. I called with my issues and was told too bad, The item is not returnable. I pleased with them that I’m out almost 2k, and can’t use the fairing they sent me, again was told too bad.. In my frustration, i said i was gonna contact my credit card company and see what my options was since i didn’t get them product i ordered. The guy on the other line preceded to scream, cuss, and threaten me saying i would be sorry if i did that. It got so graphic that i hung up only to have a crazy lady call me right back, screaming obscenities and threatening my business. I did dispute my charge with my credit card company and thru them, we tried to come to an agreement, Immz elite agreed to refund me once they got the fairing back in the same condition as it was received. I shipped it back, and 6 months later they have still not refunded me. Out $1966 and no fairing. I’m still exploring options, but this has been one of the worst experiences I’ve had. I do not recommend this company. I only wish i had researched this company before i used them. There is a lot of shady stuff about the owner and his wife online, and dealing with them first hand, I’d say it is all true!


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The customer was told up front that this exhaust system was a new item that was not available yet and there was a 6-8 week wait time and it would have to be paid and pre-ordered, we have had experience with this customer before and he is a impatient immature child that likes to cry and complain and we made sure that he was well aware of the wait period before we ever took his order, there was never any intention of a scam or delay in his order and he is of the utmost importance to us just like all our other orders and customers. He continued his childish antics to the point we could no longer tolerate his behavior and had to terminate our business dealings with him, he was issued a full refund to his credit card that he had made his deposit on with us and was no longer owed one dollar from our facility. He was able to get the exhaust in 7-10 days because the 6 week waiting period for the new product was over and the manufacturer now had some exhaust in stock for his new 2017 application. We are the largest custom motorcycle parts and installation shop in southern California and have been in business over 2 decades, been on over 100 magazine covers, multiple TV shows and we strive to be the best and take the best care of our customers possible. The plain and simple truth is that you cannot make everyone happy, there is always going to be a complainer,whiner,crybaby from time to time and we don't need or want that for our business. I would never address a man or customer in the fashion and disrespect you have treated our wonderful staff here at Imzz Elite that was always here to serve you if you would have properly let them. You sir are garbage and it is you're loss that we will no longer do business with you. Good Day

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Imzz Elite Vehicle Concepts

My 2014 Harley Davidson Sportster Motorcycle was dropped off at IMZZ Elite in Orange back in September of 2018 to complete full repair of the bike after an Accident/insurance Claim.
IMZZ Elite was paid in full on in the amount of $5,960.79 on 12/7/2018 with a Check #*** from my insurance company AAA Insurance for the Complete Repairs of 2014 Harley Davidson. That check #*** for $5,960.79 was cashed by IMZZ Elite on December 12th, 2018 (can provide copy of check)
After numerous phone calls and emails over the past 7 months, I was finally contacted by the owner (James I) via a phone call on July 25th, 2019. I was then told verbally by Jim I that my bike would be ready on August 2nd, 2019.
I was then emailed by his wife and Co-Owner of the shop Nichelle I (Jim’s Wife) on July 30th, 2019 that the pickup would be post-phones until August 3rd 2019.
When I arrived at your shop on August 3rd, 2019, The Owner Jim I was inside, but would not let us inside and all the doors were locked.
I then had to call Orange Police for a “Keeping the peace” call. The police arrived on scene where they also attempted to enter the premises, but they were also ignored.
The police said, yes we can hear them all in there, but they do not have to open the door if they do not want to. (I can provide copy of the police report filed that day if necessary)
A Demand Letter was then sent on August 20th, 2019 via Certified mail tracking# ***. This letter stated that you had 10 days to deliver my bike, with the repairs completed or not. (Demand Letter available if needed)
IMZZ Elite has since stopped replying to my phone calls, will not reply to email and never addressed my letter sent by certified mail.
IMZZ Elite was paid in full on 12/12/18 and I have still not received my motorcycle back.

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Imzz Elite - How-To Install Nelson Rigg Road Trip Saddlebags


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