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A sleek new building gives this dealership the means to grow their staff and service offerings.

With a relationship spanning over 40 years, Mowery was proud to build Audi Mechanicsburg Sun Motor Cars’ dealership on the Carlisle Pike in Mechanicsburg, PA. As the most architecturally-complex auto dealership our team designed and built to date, several challenges had to be overcome, including shipping materials from Germany and obtaining a highway occupancy permit.

Overcoming these challenges, the Mowery team was able to create a new, 44,000 square foot sales and service center that allows Audi Mechanicsburg Sun Motor Cars to sell more than 1,000 vehicles annually and double their previous service capacity.

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Learn more about this auto dealership project, including the creative solutions Mowery provided to overcome the most challenging obstacles, by downloading the Audi Mechanicsburg Sun Motor Cars’ case study today!

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My family has serviced several cars with Sun Mercedes of Mechanicsburg PA. They have been a very good service facility with a generous loaner program and a huge fleet of loaner cars. I have very rarely had to work around them not having a loaner available and the service has been almost perfect. We have also had them alert us to warranty work that we would not have known to have had done and in most cases of a problem, they have solved it quickly and without much grappling. In fact, I only have a few negative experiences, that all revolve around the service manager not wanting to cover damages to my car while in their care. (one being some obviously fresh gouges in my driver's seat that we guess was a tech sitting in the car with a screwdriver in his pocket. Service Manager refused to supply a replacement seat skin, even after his heat patch failed and the only way we resolved the issue was that I purchased a replacement skin and they installed it) The service waiting area is comfortable, and the service desks are well set up. On two occasions when I had left my car for service without getting a loaner, they had a service person drive it home to me and drop it off at my house. Steve has always let me know when there was something I could save money on, based on the work that we are doing, including when not to, and when it was a better time to change the timing belts so that it would cost less. This has only bothered me when I asked them to change all my glow plugs in my diesel and they said "well, only 2 needed replacement" I commissioned them to change them ALL and wanted them all replaced. I also asked them to clean out the system and the tech told me to just use a fuel system cleaner, and then because that didn't work out, my turbo was destroyed by coke building up in the exhaust and chunks being blown into the turbo. They did find a way to save me some money on the repair though. At the end of the day, it has been a good and lasting relationship. I want to say that no one is perfect, but character is how you handle the missteps and failures. I can say that we have no outstanding problems and I will put off service in order to work with them instead of the other options I might have in the many cities that my business takes me to.

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Audi Mechanicsburg has a new place to call home.

Audi Mechanicsburg which is owned by Sun Motor Cars opened the newly constructed 44,000-square-foot facility on Monday at 6671 Carlisle Pike in Silver Spring Township.

Sun Motor Cars relocated the dealership from Woods Drive. The new location is near Sun Motor Cars’ BMW and Mercedes Benz dealerships.

Richard Sajac, general manager of Audi Mechanicsburg told PennLive last month that because of the number of sales at the facility Audi said that the dealership had to move to a standalone facility. At the time it was planning the new facility it shared a facility on Woods Drive with Sun Motors’ former Porsche dealership. In the meantime, Sun Motors ended up selling the Porsche dealership to Faulkner last year. The former facility is now used to sell pre-owned cars.

The new Audi facility on the Carlisle Pike is a little larger than its previous facility but, there is a lot more room because the entire building is dedicated to Audi. The service side is almost double the size of the former facility and has 17 bays. The new facility also has more room for its parts department, more room for storage as well and a larger showroom. Audi’s recent updated brand requirements were also part of construction. The dealership hopes to sell more than 1,000 vehicles annually at the new location. The dealership is a designated Audi Sport dealer, allowing it to sell special sport vehicles.

Construction began in June 2018 and costs were more than $11 million. The construction was managed by Mowery, a construction company, and other project partners included Penn Fire Protection Inc., CV Services Inc. and Walton & Co. Inc.

Dan Sunderland is the owner of Sun Motor Cars.

A grand opening event will be held on Sept. 12.

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2020 Mercedes Benz GLB 4Matic - Stock # LF551L - Sun Motor Cars Mercedes

Sun (automobile)

The Sun automobile was made in Elkhart, Indiana from 1916 to 1917, and in Toledo, Ohio from 1921 to 1922.

The Sun Motor Car Company was originally created in Buffalo, New York, but moved to Elkhart before production began. Their slogan was "The Sun Outshines Them All". Roscoe C. Hoffman designed a lightweight six-cylinder car, manufactured from 1916 to 1917. There were four body styles offered on the 116-inch (2946 mm) wheelbase: sedan, roadster, 5 person touring and 7 person touring. It made 23 horsepower though the company dubiously claimed 50. The car had shaft drive and a three-speed sliding gear transmission, and was priced in the $1000 range. Sun Motor Cars ordered 3,500 engines under contract from the Beaver Manufacturing Company of Milwaukee, Wisconsin, but since a little over 1,100 cars were made in the two years, the company was in receivership by September 1917. The company's assets were purchased by the Automotive Corporation of Toledo, Ohio.

The Sun automobile of Toledo was a small two-seat roadster, with power coming from a 12 hp (9 kW) four-cylinder engine, produced in 1921 and 1922 only. It featured a 91-inch (2311 mm) wheelbase, disc wheels, and a claimed 50 miles per US gallon (4.7 L/100 km; 60 mpg‑imp) and 50 mph (80 km/h).

The Automotive Corporation had built tractors in Toledo since shortly before the end of World War I. After taking over Sun Motor Car Company, Automotive Corporation provided parts and service to Sun owners, as well as gained useful experience in automobile manufacturing. Their new car of 1921 shared nothing with the old Sun except the logo. Even the slogan was new: "America's Greatest Little Car". Not only were the engines smaller, so was the wheelbase and price-- $375 in 1921 and $475 in 1922. A new lineup with bigger engines, longer wheelbases, and higher prices were announced but never produced for 1923.


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