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This is Sarah Golding - Story collector on The Quaralogues, which is a short season showcasing a collection of monologues and poetry, based on, and in... quarantine of 2020. This is episode one of four. The writers and cast are exemplary, and wonderful people, and you should follow them all and find them, and...and cast them. And they include... the brilliant Tal Minear, Angelique Lazarus, Danyelle Ellett, Fiona Thraille, Emily C A Snyder, Isabel Lee, Jacqueline Ashman, Daniel Cook, Fiona Mackinnon, Tina Daniels, Caroline Holmes, Aaron Clark, Julie Hoverson, Diane Alexander, Karim Kronfli, Matthew Mclean and Caroline Mincks. Oh yes, aren't they all glorious? See [email protected] for more information, and please do share it, so that more may find these wonderful works. Thankyou, sincerely, for listening! Enjoy! Transcript can be found at: Twitter: @quirkyvoices


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The Audio Verse Awards celebrate the greatest people and productions in immersive audio fiction around the world

The Audio Verse Awards were created to honor the greatest works of audio fiction.
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It is these works we wish to place in the spotlight.

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Welcome to the Audio Verse Awards Nominee Showcase Podcast: your destination for the latest Audio Verse Awards nominees! All productions showcased here were nominated by community members like you. So take a listen! Only YOU can decide which of these nominees make it into the Finals!

  1. 2021 Showcase: Misfits of Space: Night Witches

    2021 Showcase: Misfits of Space: Night Witches

    This is Jared Cram, generally the Game Master on Misfits of Space, which  is about the adventures of bad-ass women taking on a variety of  empires, villains, bounty hunters, and other ne'er-do-wells in space and  other settings.  This is Episode 4 off our Night Witches campaign and  our intrepid Misfit heroes are about to get some R&R thanks to a  snowy cold front that has just hit the Soviet airfield at Engels and are  on alert for a hidden NKVD agent.  Thank you for listening.

    Transcript not available.

    Twitter: @MisfitsOfSpace

  2. 2021 Showcase: Transmission Folklore

    2021 Showcase: Transmission Folklore

    This is Orion Ibert, voice of Carter, producer, and editor of Transmission Folklore, an urban fantasy audio drama podcast produced by the Lavender Lemonade Collective that follows the absolutely-not-a-kidnapping of Sorrel and the anxious driver, Carter. After Carter saves Sorrel from being drowned in a disgusting Houston bayou by a siren, the pair go on a life-changing and life-saving road trip up the Mississippi River. As Carter and Sorrel learn more about each other and the world of magic around them, they soon realize that the car problems they seem to have all too frequently are far more normal than anything they’ve ever faced before. This episode is a combination of episodes 12 and 13 of season one. Thank you for listening. 

    Transcripts can be found at: and

    Twitter: @TransFolkPod

  3. 2021 Showcase: Blood Rage Mode

    2021 Showcase: Blood Rage Mode

    Hi. I’m CK Kaur, and I am the writer of Blood Rage Mode.

    Blood Rage Mode is about the adventures, and misadventures, of three supernatural best friends:

    Ag, a hot headed lone werewolf alpha with a mysterious past;

    Selene, a city witch who has difficulty deciding in which coven to join and specialize;

    and Aveline, a half-vampire half-elf who struggles with a rare genetic blood disorder which causes her to sleep one hundred years for every ten years she is awake.

    Blood Rage Mode is a modern day fairytale about friendships between minority groups (a werewolf, witch, and vampire), and perhaps more specifically, strong, empowered female friendships.

    Through the villains, the good boys, Blood Rage Mode explores the parallels between them and neo-nazis, incels, and white supremacists.

    It features a stellar ensemble cast showcasing a variety of talent from the lower mainland of British Columbia.

    “Blood Rage Mode” subverts stereotypes and challenges typical fantasy tropes in an effort to create an empowered story for those who are traditionally marginalized and voice-less.

    Thanks for listening! We hope you enjoy the adventures of Ag, Selene, and Aveline.

    Transcript can be found at:

  4. 2021 Showcase: Deep Blue Stars

    2021 Showcase: Deep Blue Stars

    "Welcome to the Museum of Mysteries, My name is Orion Tuesday Ibert and I  am the voice of the curator and the producer of Deep Blue Stars. Deep  Blue Stars is about an exhibit of recordings by renowned archivist, Dr.  Indigo Hale, where they wade through the void of isolation, the fear of  the unexplained, and the drudgery of research. Dr. Hale treads upon a  mysterious island, inhabited by nothing more than crabs and cranes,  where they must find a way to make it past impostor syndrome, the  strange and wonderful loneliness, and the secret nature of their life's  work: the Star Shell. This episode is a combination of episodes 7 and 8,  the final episodes of season one. Thank you for listening."

    Transcripts can be found at: and

    Twitter: @deepbluestars

  5. 2021 Showcase: Catharsis

    2021 Showcase: Catharsis

    This is Alexa Fett Fisher, Lead Writer and Executive Producer of  Catharsis--a six-part audio drama limited series about loss, the stages  of grief, and the importance of human connection through it all. This is  episode 1. Thank you for listening.

    Transcript can be found at:

    Twitter: @dwmpresents

  6. 2021 Showcase: October Jones & Fish with Legs

    2021 Showcase: October Jones & Fish with Legs

    Hey, I’m Dexter. I’m the showrunner of October Jones & Fish with Legs. The show is about Fish with Legs, a fish with legs, and her supposed best friend October Jones, a misguided and brash teenage girl. And together they are trying to stop an evil two-headed snake from unleashing a terrible monster.

    This episode is our Season 1 holiday special. It doesn’t feature October or Fish, instead it gives the villain team --which is led by the snakes-- a moment in the spotlight.

    So, enjoy and thanks for listening.

    Transcript can be found at:

    Twitter: @octoberandfish

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I enjoy browsing the Audio Verse Showcase to find podcasts I didn't encounter during the year. Also good way to check out some nominees prior to voting.

Love these

Always helps find new shows!

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The Audio Verse Awards

Listen to Blood Rage Mode!

Set in a re-imagined Vancouver, follow the fun and freaky adventures of three best friends: Ag, a short-tempered werewolf; Selene, an indecisive city witch; and Aveline, a vampire-elf hybrid with a mysterious blood disorder.

Listen to Misfits of Space: Night Witches! @MisfitsOfSpace

Misfits of Space is a show about the adventures of bad-ass women taking on any number of evils and wrongdoers in a variety of settings, largely in space, through the use of roleplaying games.

Listen to Deep Blue Stars! @deepbluestars

Dr Hale treads upon a mysterious island, inhabited by crabs and cranes. Find a way to make it past impostor syndrome, the strange & wonderful loneliness, & the secret nature of their life’s work: the Star Shell.

Listen to Transmission Folklore! @TransFolkPod

A fiction podcast about Carter, an accidental kidnapper, and Sorrel, who was being drowned in a bayou by a murderous siren, as they try to figure out friendship, family, and magical identity.

Listen to October Jones & Fish with Legs! @octoberandfish

A misguided teenage girl and a blindly optimistic fish with legs meet by chance and must fumble their way to heroism to stop the evil two-headed snake trying to end the world.

Listen to Catharsis! @dwmpresents

Meg returns from a year abroad to find that her sister Sammi’s death was more than what she was told.

Listen to Moonbase Theta, Out! @MoonbaseThetaOu

An emotionally loaded sci-fi podcast about the last Moonbase shutting down.

Listen to The Chronicles of Professor Chronomier! @unboundtheatre

Temporal adventures with Professor Elizabeth Chronomier as performed by Erika Sanderson

Listen to True Tales of the Illuminati! @truetalesteam

True tales is a workplace sitcom about conspiracies gone wrong.

Listen to Inspector Murder Inspects…! @unboundtheatre

A sleuthing sitcom charting the misadventures of Victorian London’s second-best consulting detective.


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