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Product Overview

Experience the cutting-edge real-time streaming technology with Ant Media Server, packaged in a powerful and easy-to-implement product. Featuring:

  • Ultra-Low Latency Adaptive Streaming with WebRTC that features less than 0.5-second latency and auto-scaling.
  • Full integration with AWS CloudFormation to deploy your real-time streaming cluster in under 5 minutes that can scale to hundreds of thousands of viewers.
  • Unified streaming experience with Adaptive Bitrate ensures your streams will play on every device and every network connection.
  • Free native SDKs and sample apps included for iOS, Android, Javascript, and Unity to make your life easier on all platforms.
  • Support for WebRTC, RTMP, RTSP, CMAF, DASH, HLS, MP4, WEBM, H264, H265, VP8, and more.
  • SFU in One to Many WebRTC Streams, One-Time Token Control, Object Detection, Built-in Amazon S3 Support, and more!

With Ant Media you can:

  • Create a fully custom video conferencing solution that fits your requirements exactly without any room or participant limits.
  • Choose your desired latency: ~0.5 seconds with WebRTC, 3-5 seconds with CMAF, and 8-12 seconds with HLS.
  • Extend your social reach! Simulcast your streams to Facebook, YouTube, Periscope, or any other endpoint.
  • Connect to your IP cameras easily with ONVIF support, Auto-Discovery, and a robust PTZ API.
  • Join our vibrant community of developers from 120+ countries and enjoy the collaboration.
  • Get help from our expert support team. We are eager to help you get started with Ant Media Server and overcome any issues you might have.

Get started with the future of real-time video streaming, today! Ant Media Server is the solution to your video streaming needs.
Contact us at [email protected] for any questions you may have.

Quick Start

1- Start your instance and visit: http://INSTANCE_IP_ADDRESS:5080
2- Login as: Username: JamesBond, Password: [Your-Instance-Id], example of an instance id: "i-0fb29b677379280a5"
3- Open a new tab and visit http://INSTANCE_IP_ADDRESS:5080/WebRTCAppEE/index.html Note the stream name below the player: "stream1"
4- Start publishing and open another tab to visit: http://INSTANCE_IP_ADDRESS:5080 /WebRTCAppEE/play.html?name=[Stream-Name (example: "stream1")]
5- You are now streaming with ~0.5-Second Latency WebRTC!

Before you get started!

  • Open UDP ports (5000-65000) in order to make WebRTC work.
  • In case of an instance reboot, the IP address may be changed. Please use Elastic IP.
  • Login to Web Panel: http://INSTANCE_IP_ADDRESS:5080
  • Username: JamesBond
  • Password: {Your Instance Id, like this i-0fb29b677379280a5}
  • By using this product, you are eligible to request professional support through e-mail: [email protected]
  • For more information and documentation, visit


  • REAL-TIME STREAMING - Ultra-Low Latency (~0.5-Second) Adaptive Streaming with WebRTC that allows for smooth real-time communication alongside support for RTMP, RTSP, HLS, CMAF, DASH, and more!
  • BUILT TO SCALE - Supports auto-scaling and multi-level clustering with AWS Cloudformation for deployment in under 5 mins! You can start streaming to millions at the click of a button.
  • EASY TO USE - Admin Dashboard, REST API for easy integration, One-Click Adaptive Bitrate, Preview Generation, IP Camera Support, Simulcasting to Social Media, Built-in AWS S3 support, and many more features!

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With end-to-end latency of less than 0.5 seconds, Ant Media Server provides adaptive, ultra low latency streaming by using WebRTC technology. Our streaming engine software can dynamically scale up and down by leveraging features of Microsoft Azure to enable customers to serve from tens to millions in an automated and controlled way.

What Enterprise Edition includes:

Ant Media Server Enterprise Edition supports Low Latency WebRTC Live Streaming RTMP, HLS, MP4, IP Camera and Restreaming.

Key Features:

  • Ultra Low Latency WebRTC Streaming: Increase interaction and experience real-time video streaming, with less than 0.5 seconds latency.
  • Adaptive Bitrate Streaming: Reach a broader audience with Adaptive Bitare Streaming - play real-time streams on every screen at any internet speed.
  • Highly Scalable WebRTC Streaming on Clusters: Scale number of publishers and viewers easily with auto-scale cluster.
  • Free Live Streaming SDKs for iOS, Android, and JavaScript: Build your own Video Streaming Application with Ant Media Server SDKs for iOS, Android and JavaScript.
  • Live Video Monitoring and Surveillance: Embed IP camera streams into websites and mobile apps to broadcast video.
  • Simulcasting to Social Media Platform including Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, etc.

    Quick Start

    With WebRTC support you can publish live broadcast with WebRTC, please check documentation

    You need to open UDP ports(5000-65000) in order to make WebRTC work.

    Login to web panel: http://SERVER_IP:5080.

    For more information and documentation visit

    Important Note

    Please add STUN server configuration by running the following 3 commands once:

      echo '' | sudo tee -a /usr/local/antmedia/webapps/WebRTCAppEE/WEB-INF/

      echo '' | sudo tee -a /usr/local/antmedia/webapps/LiveApp/WEB-INF/

      sudo service antmedia restart

    Ant Media Server is one of the top vendors in video streaming market. Its existence is spread more than 120 countries worldwide and there are 3000+ servers actively running.

    Click on ‘Get It Now’ to meet your live streaming needs today!

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    2. Lb to kpa
    3. Napa auto parts nh

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    Basic Overview

    Ant Media Server is designed to provide live video streaming technology infrastructure with ultra-low latency(WebRTC) and low-latency(HLS, CMAF available in v2.2+). It can be used to enable streaming any type of live or on demand video to any devices including mobiles, PCs or IPTV boxes.

    3867 Running Instances in 129 Countries

    Ant Media Server Features

    • Ant Media Server is an open source media server:
    • Ant Media Server is available with Free (Community) and Paid (Enterprise) versions.
    • Ultra Low Latency Adaptive One to Many WebRTC Live Streaming in Enterprise Edition
    • Adaptive Bitrate for Live Streams (WebRTC, MP4, HLS) in Enterprise Edition
    • VP8 & H264 Support in WebRTC Enterprise Edition
    • Data Channel Support in WebRTC Enterprise Edition
    • Horizontal(Clustering) and Vertical Scaling Enterprise Edition
    • SFU in One to Many WebRTC Streams in Enterprise Edition
    • Live Stream Publishing from RTMP to WebRTC Enterprise Edition
    • RTMP Ingesting
    • WebRTC to RTMP Adapter
    • IP Camera Support
    • Recording Live Streams (MP4 and HLS)
    • Restream to Social Media Simultaneously(Facebook and Youtube in Enterprise Edition)
    • One-Time Token Control in Enterprise Edition
    • Object Detection in Enterprise Edition
    • Ant Media Server is bundled with Android, iOS and JavaScript SDKs. SDKs are available for free.

    Comparison table for Community and Enterprise Edition


    Quick Launch

    Launch in Amazon Web Services

    Launch in Microsoft Azure (Wait a few seconds for listings appear)


    Your Scalable, Real-Time Video Streaming Platform Ready in 5 Minutes

    Usage Scenarios


    Ant Media can provide virtual classrooms with teachers as many as it is required and it might be presented and viewed separately with ultra-low latency.

    IP camera streaming

    Watch and Monitor IP Cameras with Ultra Low Latency on Web Browser with Ant Media Server. You can embed ONVIF IP camera streams into your websites and mobile applications.


    Ant Media Server supports N-N live video/audio conferencing by using WebRTC protocol that allows you to achieve ultra-low latency which is around 0.5 sec. Ant Media Server also provides scalability that can help you to scale up your solution dynamically.

    Mobile Streaming Application

    Easy to Integrate and Scalable Streaming Infrastructure Solutions for your Mobile Application Projects. You can build fast ve stable streaming applications with Ant Media API’s and SDK’s.

    Live Game Show

    Scale Number of Viewers As Much As You Need. Live Video Experience has the significant role in Live Game Shows’ success. It must be scalable, low latency and adaptive. Ant Media Server provides scalable, ultra-low latency and adaptive streaming.

    E-sports Betting

    Due to the biggest grow at esports, there is a tremendous demand for betting more than normal sports and video streaming with ultra-low latency is a game changer for that industry.

    Auction and Bidding Streaming

    Live Auction should be streamed with ultra sub second latency in order to get bids on time. Otherwise, your items get sold for a lower price. Ant Media Server provides sub-second latency streaming.

    Video Game Streaming

    Gamers are generally complaining about interaction problems. Ant Media Server resolves this problem by ultra low latency streaming(0.5 second) via WebRTC.


    Ant Media Server Community (Sep 5, 2021)

    • Plugin Architecture
    • Implementing MCU Plugin(audio-only supported) and providing it as a built-in plugin -> Quick test: https://SERVER:5443/WebRTCAppEE/mcu.html
    • H265 Support in Ingesting WebRTC(H265 encoder is available in some Android devices)
    • Support HLS AES-Encryption
    • Support QuickSync in Hardware Transcoding
    • Configure support as built-in for REST API.
    • Send specific resolutions to the RTMP endpoints via REST API
    • Add JWKS support for JWT Filter
    • Provide option to force adaptive bitrate all time or use whenever the source resolution is higher
    • Fix random bad name issue in RTMP Ingest (This was a common issue. Thank you God, it seems it's fixed :))
    • Upgrade Tomcat to 8.5.69 and don't use native Tomcat libraries(Because it causes crash in some cases)
    • Support re-connecting to the same session in a specific timeout after the publisher is disconnected.

    Full ChangeLog

    Ant Media Server Community 2.3.3 (June 6, 2021)

    • Check existence of audio sync issue for RTMP to WebRTC case #3229
    • Let web panel block the user logging in for 5 minutes if username and password is wrong for 3 times #3246
    • H265 Support in WebRTC Ingesting for the supported devices #1817
    • Audio & Video Sync in RTMP re-publish & Increased Audio RTT #3231
    • Audio distortion/buzzing noises in 2.3.2 EE #3196
    • Hash-Based token doesn't work properly in HLS Stream with Adaptive Streaming #2259
    • Make Tensorflow solution downloadable #2965
    • Support ARM architecture #2607
    • Some threads may get blocked infinitely when an unexpected event occurs #3202
    • Stream audio-only to RTMP #3132
    • Add S3 configuration to Dashboard #3087

    Full ChangeLog

    Ant Media Server Community 2.3.2 (April 22, 2021)

    • Increase buffer size - fixes Chrome 90 issue #3164
    • Synch video according to audio in SFU mode
    • Fix during audio stream adding RTMP Endpoint
    • Stop timers(native stats, measuring bitrate) in signaling thread
    • Fix pts and dts base timing in the incoming packets
    • Remove jsvc

    Ant Media Server Community 2.3.1 (April 14, 2021)

    • Problem in fragment.size() Check #3053
    • Audio intermittently cuts out. #3035
    • Webm start - stop recording does not work #3096
    • Fix analyze time in EncoderAdaptor #2939
    • P2P NoSpaceForNewPeer error #2954
    • Create app is not working on the fly in standalone mode #3033
    • Sorted Application List Would Be Good #2783
    • Web Panel does not show vod ID #3006
    • Import external js files into the package #2943
    • Get MD5 of password in Angular app #3075
    • Provide configuration option to push CMAF and HLS to any Http Endpoint #3071
    • Create and delete apps via web panel #3064
    • Update FFmpeg(4.3.2) and CUDA(11.2) #3047
    • Audio/Video sync issue in 2.3 with ABR #3088

    Full ChangeLog

    Previous releases


    For more information and blog posts visit

    [email protected]

    Demonstration new Features in Ant Media Server 2.3 to Lovely Users

    Linux (Ubuntu)

    1. Download Ant Media Server

    Download and save the Ant Media Server Community/Enterprise Edition to your disk. Ant Media Server is being tested on Ubuntu 18.04 versions on CI.

    • Community Edition can be downloaded from Releases
    • Enterprise Edition can be downloaded on your account after you get a license on

    2. Open Terminal and Go to Directory

    Open a terminal and go to the directory where you have downloaded Ant Media Server Zip file.

    3. Download Installation Script

    Download the shell script

    4. Run the Installation Script

    Update over Older Version

    You need to add "-r true" to the end of the command line if you want to keep your settings from previous installation.

    Fresh Installation

    For a clean new installation:

    For more utilization options you can use

    5. Control the Service

    You can check the service if it is running.

    You can stop/start the service anytime you want.

    6. Install SSL for your Ant Media Server

    If you're installing on your localhost, you can skip this step.

    Please make sure that your server instance has Public IP address and a domain is assigned to its Public IP address. Then go to the folder where Ant Media Server is installed. Default directory is

    Run script in AMS installation directory. Please don't forget to replace with your domain name.

    For detailed information about SSL, follow SSL Setup.

    7. Accessing Web panel

    Open your browser and type to go to the web panel. If you're having difficulty in accessing the web panel, there may be a firewall that blocks accessing the 5080 port.

    Docker Installation

    1. Create

    Download the Dockerfile file.

    2. Build Docker Image

    Download and save Ant Media Server ZIP file in the same directory with . Then run the docker build command from command line

    3. Run the Docker Container

    Now we have a docker container with Ant Media Server. Run the image.

    Cluster Installation

    Cluster installation is an advance topic. Please visit Clustering & Scaling.

    Server Ports

    In order to server run properly you need to open some network ports. Here are the ports server uses.

    • TCP:1935 (RTMP)
    • TCP:5080 (HTTP)
    • TCP:5443 (HTTPS)
    • UDP:5000-65000 (WebRTC)
    • TCP:5000-65000 (You need to open this range in only cluster mode for internal network. It should not be open to public.)

    Forward Default http(80), https(443) Ports to 5080 and 5443

    Generally, port forwarding is used to forward default ports to the server's ports in order to have ease of use. For instance let's forward 80 to 5080, just type the command below.

    After running the command above, the http requests going to 80 is forwarded to 5080. The http requests going to 443 is being forwarded to 5443.

    Please pay attention that while you're enabling SSL, 80 port should not be used by any process or should not be forwarded to any other port either.

    List and Delete Current Port Forwardings

    To List port forwarding run the command below.

    To delete a port forwarding run the command below.

    Make Port Forwarding Persistent

    If you want the server to reload port forwarding after reboot, we need to install iptables-persistent package and save rules like below.

    Above command will install iptables-persistent package, after that just run the command below every time you make a change and want it to be persistent.


    Server ant media

    What is Ant Media Server?

    Ant Media Server is a streaming engine software that provides adaptive, ultra low latency streaming by using WebRTC technology with ~0.5 seconds latency. Ant Media Server is highly scalable both horizontally and vertically. It can run on-premise or on-cloud.


    Ultra Low Latency WebRTC Streaming

    Increase interaction and experience real-time video streaming. Ant Media Server WebRTC Streaming Solutions provide less than 0.5 seconds latency.

    Adaptive Bitrate Streaming

    Reach a broader audience with Adaptive Bitare Streaming. Adaptive Bitrate makes it possible to play real-time streams on every screen at any internet speed.

    Free Live Streaming SDKs for iOS, Android, Unity and JavaScript

    Build your own Video Streaming Application with Ant Media Server SDKs for iOS, Android, Unity and JavaScript.

    Self-Hosted Solution (Licenses)

    Get License and Run on Your Own Server
    14-Days Money-Back Guarantee

    Community Edition License


    • 8-12 seconds End-to-End Latency
    • RTMP & WebRTC Ingesting
    • RTSP & RTMP & HLS Pulling
    • HLS & MP4 Live Playing
    • MP4 Live Recording
    • VoD & IP Camera Support
    • Support: Community

    Star Ant Media Server on GitHub and get a chance to win an Enterprise Annual License

    Perpetual License


    • 0.5 seconds End-to-End Latency
    • Cluster Support for Scaling
    • Adaptive Bitrate
    • Hardware Encoding(GPU Support)
    • RTMP & WebRTC Ingesting
    • WebRTC & HLS & RTMP Playing
    • Support: Community & Email
    • Free Android & iOS SDKs
    • $299 Update Fee(After first year)
    • Get a Trial License

    Our customers say


    Best media server in the market

    Simply robust and straightforward to setup. A super responsive team from Ant media (shoutout to Ahmet). Literally cut down development times by 95% and is full of features. Read MoreWriting this review after over a year of production usage. Would strongly recommend anyone who plans to either use Webrtc publishing with Werbtc or HLS playback, no matter the platform, Android, iOS or browser. Read Less

    - Sushruth Sivaramakrishnan



    The planet's No # 1 Live streaming engine software

    No doubt, Ant Media server is the No #1 streaming engine ever built on the planet. I really love the performance, speed and support system of Ant Media Server. Read MoreI would like to rate this product at 5 Star. Reasons to love this product: -Ant Media Server supports RTMP, RTSP, WebRTC and Adaptive Bitrate with scalable Ultra-Low Latency that fits our use case. -Good support and compatibility for Android and iOS devices Read Less

    - Mahesh Joshi



    Great Solution for Low Latency Streaming

    We've been using the Ant Media AMI for almost 6 months in demanding low-latency applications and have been very satisfied with the performance of the platform. Read MoreThe product is very reactive, professional and friendly team at Ant Media really makes for a great experience as they do their upmost to help their customers.We are trying to learn from their customer support habits! Put simply, we haven't found anything better on the market for WebRTC sub-1s latency streaming. Our product probably would not exist without Ant. Thank you! Read Less

    - Maximilian Voss

    CareerFairy GmbH


    Best Support Team and Best Solution

    We´ve not been using the Ant Media solution a long time, but long enough to know that Ant Media is the best solution on the market for applications that require low latency. Read MoreAnd we are very satisfied with the performance of the platform. Besides that, a professional and friendly team at Ant Media really makes for a great experience as they do their upmost to help their customers. Read Less

    - Victor Lima

    Grupo Tecnowise S.A.


    Great Product

    Easy to install & use. Good value for money & helpful support staff. The support team examined all my problems in detail and solved them in a very short time. Read MoreI have been using it for about six months and I am extremely satisfied. We are currently scaling up my project with Ant Media. Read Less

    - Rachel Labate

    AWS Marketplace User


    Performs as advertised. Vendor support is fantastic!

    We are using Ant Media Enterprise Edition 2.0 for one of our core initiatives, streaming over webRTC and able to achieve ULL quality. Read MoreThe AntMedia team is very responsive and supportive. We highly recommend them. Read Less

    - Paul Jahns

    AWS Marketplace User


    Great product, great support, loving it!

    After searching high and low over the internet, Ant Media turn up to be the only cost efficient solution I've found that just works for my WebRTC Ultra Low Latency needs.Read More They have great API that allows me to easily integrate into my app. Best of all, I do not have to worry about the technical details of streaming. It is also very easy to monitor and setup streams using their user friendly dashboard. Their support is also worth mentioning. They will never fail to help out with your difficulties. Whenever needed, you can also book a live consultation with them. They are very friendly to talk to and they will explain in simple terms to help you gain an understanding on your inquiries. I am truly grateful to their support and will recommend this to anyone who needs it. Read Less

    - Jason HEAGLE

    AWS Marketplace User


    Ant Media’s support was very responsive and saved us hours of time an energy!

    We had tried for several days to set up a streaming server for our classes and seminars. This process was very technical, Read More time intensive and resulted in a system that only partially worked. Thanks to Ant Media we were able to quickly deploy a full featured streaming server for our College that works well and is easy for anyone to use. Ant Media’s support was very responsive and saved us hours of time an energy! Read Less

    - Al Scheuring

    IT Manager, Mellon College of Science, Carnegie Mellon University


    In summary, we are very pleased with the AMS Enterprise edition.

    In summary, we are very pleased with the AMS Enterprise edition and recommend that anyone looking at developing an online presentation Read More platform which requires a high quality, robust, stable, comprehensive media server technology to consider AMS for integration into their application. Read Less

    - Peter Norman

    Your Scalable, Real-Time Video Streaming Platform Ready in 5 Minutes

    Building your own real-time video streaming platform has never been this easy! It takes only 5 minutes with Ant Media Server by using AWS CloudFormation.

    Start Streaming Today

    CloudFormation Guide

    Visit Blog for More Posts...

    How to Build Auto Scalable Real-time Streaming Platform with Ant Media Server on Alibaba Cloud


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