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Dell XPS 15 Charger / Power Adapter


Our Laptop Power AC Adapter/Charger- XPS 15 series is the finest and high quality power cord that is currently available for this Model. This product guarantees to meet the needs of the original specifications. XPS 15 series Charger is exclusively made with the help of top quality materials that provides highest level of safety, reliability, dependability and adaptability.

Key Features:

  • Product guarantees to meet the needs of original specifications
  • Original Manufacturing compatibility is 100%
  • Input Voltage shut down is low
  • Limiting the Output of Over Voltage
  • Limiting the Output of Current
  • Shut down in Output of Short Circuit
  • Shut down in Internal Over temperature
  • Automatic reset for shut down conditions
  • Protection against Humidity and Moisture
  • Protection of your notebook against Electrical Hazards
  • Powers the internal battery of your computers and chargers while you travel
  • Rugged caseremain unaffected, even in the Harshest Mobile Environments
  • Designed to filter input line voltage spikes.
  • It is built to surpass the Output Power of your notebook's AC adapter

Technical Specifications:

  • Protection against Short Circuit
  • Protection against Over voltage
  • Protection against Overload
  • Humidity varies from 10% to 90%
  • Load Regulation varies upto +/-5%
  • Line Regulation varies upto +/-5%
  • Specializes in Retail Packaging
  • Compatibility is guaranteed where Voltage & Amps is same as OEM

Charger / AC Adapter Green Cell PRO 19.5V 6.7A 130W for Dell XPS 15 9530 9550 9560 Precision 15 5510 5520 M3800

How to choose the right PSU?

  1. Make sure that the PSU parameters marked as Output (voltage and current) match the Input parameters given on the bottom of the laptop.
  2. Check if the shape and size of the plug are appropriate.

Functional and aesthetical

Green Cell PRO charger will work perfectly regardless of whether you need an extra charger, e.g. for the office or the old one has broken down. The PSU comes complete with a matching power cord to ensure maximum ease of use. Top workmanship quality of the charger is combined the modern and aesthetic appearance.

Fresh energy for your laptop

With a PRO Series charger your laptop will get a new lease of life and we will take care of the environment. Not only by designing durable equipment ‘for years’ but also by promoting and funding recycling of electronic waste.

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Dell XPS 10 Battery and Charging Information

Table of Contents:

  1. How to Charge the XPS 10
  2. Battery Behavior on the XPS 10
  3. Power Button Behavior on the XPS 10

This article describes battery and charging behavior for the Dell XPS10 tablet and docking station.

Issue 1: How to Charge the XPS 10

  • The XPS 10 tablet cannot be charged through the optional keyboard dock connected via USB to a computer.
  • The XPS 10 tablet can be charged through the micro USB slot on the tablet itself connected to a computer, however this is a trickle charge and will take considerably longer than the AC adapter.
  • The fastest way to charge the XPS 10 tablet is with the AC adapter included with the device. The AC adapter can be plugged into either the tablet by itself or the optional keyboard dock.

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Issue 2: Battery Behavior on the XPS 10

The XPS 10 tablet and the optional keyboard dock have separate individual batteries.

  • If the AC adapter is not connected when the tablet is docked, the keyboard dock battery will be used first. Once the keyboard dock battery is drained,the keyboard dock will no longer function. You may disconnect the tablet and use it separately using the tablet battery for power.
  • The keyboard dock battery will supply power to both the tablet and the keyboard dock. The tablet battery cannot supply power to the keyboard dock. 
  • If the tablet is docked, the taskbar icon will only show one battery icon even though both batteries are available (one in the tablet and one in the keyboard dock). Clicking on the battery icon in desktop mode will open the battery status detail window. This window shows the individual details for each battery. Battery #1 is the tablet battery. Battery #2 is the keyboard dock battery (Figure 1).

    Figure 1: Battery Charge Indicator

Depending on the power source (the 19v AC adapter or the 5v USB cable from a computer) the following chart describes what the LED in the upper right corner of the tablet indicates:

Power-Adapter VoltageBattery ChargePower LED Behavior
5v (USB) or 19v(AC adapter)100%Off
5v (USB) or 19v(AC adapter)> 2%Steady White
19v(AC adapter)< 2%Steady White - Tablet will turn on
5v (USB)< 2%Pulsing White - Tablet will not turn on

The optional keyboard dock contains two LEDs:

  • Power LED - The behavior of the power LED will be the same as the battery LED on the tablet (Figure 2).

    Figure 2: Dock Power LED

  • Caps Lock LED - Indicates whether Caps Lock is enabled. This will toggle when the tablet is docked and undocked.

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Issue 3: Power Button Behavior on the XPS 10

The XPS 10 tablet has a single power button to turn it on, turn it off, or place it in standby mode:

  • Press and hold the power button for two seconds to turn on the tablet.
  • While the tablet is on, if the power button is pressed for about a second, the tablet goes into standby mode. Press the power button again for about a second to resume from standby.
  • While the tablet is on, press the power button for four seconds of more to turn off the display. The power LED will blink for a second and then the tablet turns off.

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Dell Laptops Take ONLY 65W From Non Dell USB-C Chargers (Inspiron, Vostro, XPS)

The 9370 uses USB-C and is designed for a 45W source, so any USB-C charger that supports USB Power Delivery and offers at least 45W will be fine.  You can safely use a charger that offers more wattage because the system will only draw what it can actually use, but using an undersized charger can slow down battery charging and cause performance throttling.  I would recommend getting a USB charger that is certified by UL and/or the USB-IF simply because there have been some low quality USB-C chargers brought to market that can be unreliable, damage your electronics, and/or create a fire hazard.  After that, you just need a USB-C cable that supports USB Power Delivery.  The vast majority of USB-C cables do support it at least up to 60W, and then there are some that can go up to 100W.  There are some cheap USB-C cables that only support 15W or so, but they're pretty rare.

I have a Nekteck 65W USB-C wall charger that I like.  It's certified by both UL and USB-IF, and it's been working perfectly with with my Latitude 7480, XPS 13 9350, and Lenovo ThinkPad T480.  It even comes with a 6-ft power cord rated for up to 100W, though I bought a 10-ft cable separately because the original AC adapters for my laptops typically had about 9 ft of total cord length, so I didn't want to downgrade there.


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Dell XPS 9710 quietly fixes the charging complications on last year's XPS 17 9700

The 2020 XPS 17 revived the 17-inch XPS series with new hardware and a sleek 16:10 form factor. It also happened to be the first 17-inch laptop with both Core H-series CPUs and GeForce RTX GPUs powered solely by a USB-C AC adapter. As we found out, however, the battery would still discharge at a steady rate when running high processing loads even when connected to an outlet. Dell would later clarify that this behavior was intentional which had us curious as to how the 2021 XPS 17 would behave when under similar conditions.

After recently testing the XPS 17 9710, we're delighted to see that the latest model no longer exhibits the same charging issues that plagued last year's model. Running Witcher 3 on our XPS 17 9710 RTX 3060 test unit at 100 percent battery for 2 hours would not cause the battery to drain at all while this same test on the XPS 17 9700 RTX 2060 Max-Q would cause the battery to drain by as much as 35 percent.

Battery charging, however, is still affected when under such high loads. We repeated the test above at 80 percent battery charge instead of 100 percent charge to see if gaming and charging can be done simultaneously. Unfortunately, the battery would remain at 80 percent charge indefinitely until the game was shut off. This behavior is not uncommon on dedicated gaming laptops with similar Core-H CPUs and GeForce RTX GPUs.

As a side note, performance also appears to be more steady on the XPS 17 9710 than on the 9700. Frame rates when running Witcher 3 would periodically dip to the single digits on the older model whereas they would be higher and more stable on the newer 9710. If you've been holding out on the XPS 17, then now might be the time to finally consider one especially since Dell has ironed out some of the problems from the last generation version.

Our full review on the 2021 XPS 17 9710 can be found here.

The BEST Accessories for YOUR Dell XPS 15 9500 (2020)!


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