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Red Hairstyles & Haircuts Ideas for Women

If you’re blessed with beautiful bright red hair – either dyed or natural, then you absolutely need to shout about it. Red hair is not only incredibly stylish, but also super versatile at the very same time. You can work red hair into a number of incredible hairstyles, and each of them will be just as beautiful as the last.

Stunning Red Hairstyles & Haircuts Ideas for Women


Here are some stunning hairstyles for red hair. Each of these looks will show off your luscious locks and make you feel simply fabulous at the very same time!

Curly Long Bob

Red Hairstyles and Haircuts Ideas


Long bobs are so in fashion right now – and with one glimpse of the incredible hairstyle pictured above it’s not difficult to see why. Copy this look by cropping your hair to shoulder length. Opt for a side parting and add in lots of luscious curls from around the ear length down. Tuck one side behind the ear and show off those gorgeous, glossy red curls!

Scruffy and Stylish Up Do

Red Hairstyles and Haircuts Ideas


Scruffy is the new sleek – trust us! If you’re blessed with beautiful red hair then the best way to show it off is with a remarkable up do. Start by leaving lots of loose strands of hair to fall around the front of the face. With the rest of your hair, loosely pull it back, twist and fasten. Don’t worry about being precise – this hairstyle is all about being scruffy.

Long, Curly Locks

Red Hairstyles and Haircuts Ideas


This striking shade of red has well and truly stolen the hearts of the Styles Weekly! A gorgeous and deep shade, this colour works absolutely perfectly with these long, curly locks. If you’re blessed with long red hair, part your hair in a side parting. Work big, thick curls from around the eye level down and tousle with your fingers for a voluminous finish.

Curly Graduated Bob

Red Hairstyles and Haircuts Ideas


Graduated bobs are simply stunning hairstyles – but especially when you have such gorgeous, vibrant red hair! Chop your hair into a long bob, but with graduated ends – longer towards the front of the face and shorter at the back. Work a gorgeous, long and sweeping fringe across the forehead to frame the face. Finish with pretty, loose curls!

Straight, Sleek and Long

Red Hairstyles and Haircuts Ideas


Sometimes, the best way to show off a gorgeous hair colour is by keeping your hairstyle sleek, straight and oh so glossy – don’t you agree? When your hair is this stunning shade of red it’s important to wow the crowds. Keep your hair long and finish with shorter layers around the front of the face. Straighten to finish for a fabulous end result.

Long Bob with Curled Under Ends

Red Hairstyles and Haircuts Ideas


Ombre is another excellent way to work red into your locks. If you start with a dark root and blend quickly into a vibrant red you get a truly remarkable end result, as pictured above. We recommend cutting a sweeping side fringe to frame the face perfectly. Keep your hair cropped around the shoulder length and curl the ends under for effect.

Bright Red with Tight Ringlets

Red Hairstyles and Haircuts Ideas


Hair as fiery as this deserves a seriously show-stopping hairstyle. Start by dying your hair the most striking and vibrant shade of red that you can possibly find. Then, part your hair to the side so that you get a large fringe section on one side. Use tongs or straighteners to add tight ringlets to your hair from top to bottom for a wonderful and voluminous end result.

Red to Red Ombre with Flicked Ends

Red Hairstyles and Haircuts Ideas


Centre partings are another seriously stylish way to show off red hair! This particular style features a gorgeous ombre transition from dark red to vibrant red, with the two colours melting together seamlessly. Part your hair in the centre and keep your locks luscious and straight. Flick the ends out for a gorgeous silhouette.

Straight, Sleek and Sweeping

Red Hairstyles and Haircuts Ideasvia

Red hair was made to be noticed – especially this glorious colour! This incredibly vibrant shade of the brightest red brings these incredible locks to life. They’re finished with an incredible gloss and shine. Combine this with the fact the hair is long and cascading down the back and we’re on to a winner. Keep your hair straight and sleek for serious effect.

Curly Red Bob

Red Hairstyles and Haircuts Ideas


Bobs are gorgeous in all lengths – but we particularly adore those that finish around the jaw level, as pictured above! This lady has brought her stunning bob to life by opting for dark roots which quickly blend into the brightest red through the ombre transition. Bring your bob to life by working tons of bouncy curls throughout the hair.

Stunning Red Hairstyles & Haircuts Ideas for Women

Stunning Red Hairstyles & Haircuts Ideas for Women

Stunning Red Hairstyles & Haircuts Ideas for Women

Stunning Red Hairstyles & Haircuts Ideas for Women

Stunning Red Hairstyles & Haircuts Ideas for Women

Stunning Red Hairstyles & Haircuts Ideas for Women

Stunning Red Hairstyles & Haircuts Ideas for Women

Stunning Red Hairstyles & Haircuts Ideas for Women

Stunning Red Hairstyles & Haircuts Ideas for Women

Stunning Red Hairstyles & Haircuts Ideas for Women

Stunning Red Hairstyles & Haircuts Ideas for Women

Stunning Red Hairstyles & Haircuts Ideas for Women

Stunning Red Hairstyles & Haircuts Ideas for Women

Stunning Red Hairstyles & Haircuts Ideas for Women

Stunning Red Hairstyles & Haircuts Ideas for Women

Stunning Red Hairstyles & Haircuts Ideas for Women

Stunning Red Hairstyles & Haircuts Ideas for Women

Stunning Red Hairstyles & Haircuts Ideas for Women

Stunning Red Hairstyles & Haircuts Ideas for Women

dark to red ombre hair for soft wavy hairStunning Red Hairstyles & Haircuts Ideas for Women

red curly hairstyle for black women

Stunning Red Hairstyles & Haircuts Ideas for Women

Stunning Red Hairstyles & Haircuts Ideas for Women

Stunning Red Hairstyles & Haircuts Ideas for Women

Stunning Red Hairstyles & Haircuts Ideas for Women

Stunning Red Hairstyles & Haircuts Ideas for Women

If you have red hair, we hope that this fantastic blog has inspired you to be loud and proud with your luscious locks. Whichever of these incredible hairstyles you choose to show off your bright red hair – rest assured that your hairstyle will be seriously special.


20 Best Hairstyles for Red Hair 2021

The red hair is showy and super chic for women. Yet, the bold and bright color need your care so that it won’t look so strange on your hair. If you have dyed your hair into red, you should really pick out the best hairstyle for your striking hair. Only proper hairstyles can spice up your red hair and make it classic. Otherwise, others will be scared by your weird locks.

Because the red hair is already a powerful statement, you should keep your hairstyles simple and decent so that you won’t be regarded as a freak woman. In today’s post, we show you some really wonderful hairstyles which will make your red hair breathtakingly gorgeous and upgrade you style effortlessly. Here are the suggestions. They are indeed helpful and useful. Keep reading and you will find the one you want!

20 Best Hairstyles for Red Hair 2018

Best Hairstyles for Red Hair : Puffy Waves with Blunt Bangs

You will never go wrong with this hairstyle. It make you adorable yet the red hue make this classic hairstyle glow. Besides, it’s perfect to frame your round face and cover the broad forehead.

Best Hairstyles for Red Hair: Puffy Waves with Blunt Bangs

 Best Hairstyles for Red Hair: Fluffy Straight Tresses

Try this side-swept hairstyle, for it will make your red hair look textured and sexy. You can also apply the red lip make up, which will show your considerate attention to the details. You are so perfect.

Best Hairstyles for Red Hair: Fluffy Straight Tresses

 Best Hairstyles for Red Hair: Soft Layers

For students or women who like natural styles, you can just opt for a layered haircut. The red color will make you so different with no redundant modifications. This understated beauty is really brisk for the audience.

Best Hairstyles for Red Hair: Soft Layers
Best Hairstyles for Red Hair: Straight Layered Haircut


Best Hairstyles for Red Hair: Loose Hair Knot

Younger women can rock a loose hair knot with your red hair. That is so cool and you must be a head-turner wherever you go.

Best Hairstyles for Red Hair: Loose Hair Knot

 Best Hairstyles for Red Hair: Delicate Half-up Half-down

Red hair is not only cute and chic, it can also be elegant as you choose the right hairstyle. Secure a small strand of hair on your crown and add romantic waves to the lower section. Then, you can get this graceful hairdo. It’s great for any occasion, especially for work and dating.

Best Hairstyles for Red Hair: Delicate Half-up Half-down

 Best Hairstyles for Red Hair: Medium Curls

Medium curls make women sophisticated. Women with round faces can go for a pretty look with this center-parted curly hairstyle. It will make your red hair classy and highly fashionable. This hairstyle is gorgeous for a marvelous mature look.

Best Hairstyles for Red Hair: 2014 Medium Curls

 Best Hairstyles for Red Hair: Curls Outwards

Go for a Hollywood Star’s look with these glossy big waves. Curling the curls outward will make your look more stylish and curling inward will it cute.  When out curled waves meet the strawberry red, its fashion taste is really beyond any words. Rock this hairstyle and you will be the center of attention on any occasion.

Best Hairstyles for Red Hair: Curls Outwards

 Best Hairstyles for Red Hair: Side-parted Curls with Headbands

Still the big waves, yet you can make your red hair adorable by wearing a cute headband. You can also take it off , and then you will be a capable and independent woman.

Best Hairstyles for Red Hair: Side-parted Curls with Headbands

 Best Hairstyles for Red Hair: Voluminous Curls

The most classic hairstyle will always awesome on any hues. Whether you wear it on work or for a party, you will never be wrong.

Best Hairstyles for Red Hair: Voluminous Curls

Best Hairstyles for Red Hair: Side-swept Bangs

Side-swept bangs will make you look more feminine and it’s ideal for women with round face shapes.

Best Hairstyles for Red Hair: Side-swept Bangs

 Best Hairstyles for Red Hair: Subtle Waves

If you think the straight hair is too ordinary and the voluminous are too over-acted, then try this one. The side-parted hairstyle add feminine touch to you look and the subtle waves are exactly what make this look unique and amazing.

Best Hairstyles for Red Hair: Subtle Waves


20 Best Hairstyles for Red Hair 201820 Best Hairstyles for Red Hair 201820 Best Hairstyles for Red Hair 201820 Best Hairstyles for Red Hair 201820 Best Hairstyles for Red Hair 201820 Best Hairstyles for Red Hair 2018

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60+ Red Hair Color Ideas and Trends

Natural red hair is breathtaking. It is a color that can’t be replicated and makes short hair look stunning and unique. Although some of us aren’t born with a natural red color to our hair, we can still go and see a stylist and get something close to it done. Red hair also comes in a number of hues and colors, perfect to pair with a short haircut.

Here are 30 of our favorite short red hairstyles, perfect for the next time you’re looking for a color or cut changed.

1. Long Red Pixie

Feel the fire with this long pixie that is a mixture of bright and light red colors. Keep the sides short and your bangs longer for this style.

2. Red Ombre

If you don’t want to go full red, try a red ombre. You can keep your natural color throughout your hair with the ends a nice gorgeous red color.

3. Natural Auburn

A natural auburn lob looks beautiful and is the perfect color for transitioning from summer to spring.

4. Strawberry Curls

Let your strawberry blonde come out and embrace your curls in a stunning bob cut.

5. Rose Gold Highlights

The rose gold trend is popular and jump on board with it by adding a few highlights throughout hair.

6. Red Wine Bob

Go darker with your red and pair it with a straight and sleek bob.

7. Cherry Lob

Lobs are a beautiful hairstyle especially when you add a curl to them. Enhance your lob by changing your hair to a beautiful cherry color.

8. Flamed Bob

Go for a gorgeous orange and red color to show off your bob. Add a set of bangs to really change the look up.

9. Hidden Red

If you don’t want to go full red, add a little underneath your hair for a peek-a-boo look.

10. Red Pop

Change your entire style to a gorgeous light red color that will instantly make your hair pop.

11. Chestnut Red

This chestnut red is natural but still has hints of fun to it. Cut your hair into a beautiful lob to get the ultimate style.

12. Vibrant Red

Let your love for red show with this vibrant red ombre. Pair it with a rounded bob for a beautiful look.

13. Red and Brown

A natural red looks stunning when it is mixed with a chestnut brown.

14. Licorice Twist

Mix a beautiful cherry red with a deep brown or black for a stunning mixture of colors.

15. Red Balayage

Instead of going with your typical blonde balayage, change it up and go for some red hues instead.

16. Highlighted Pixie

Take your pixie up a notch by adding a few burgundy highlights throughout it.

17. Burgundy Curls

Welcome winter with this deep burgundy color that is perfect for the colder times.

18. Classic Updo

Even with short hair you can have a classic updo that looks stunning anywhere you go.

19. Flaming Bob

Choose three beautiful red colors to complete this look and have a gorgeous gradient of colors throughout your hair.

20. Summer Bob

Bring summer to you with this pretty red hair color and curly wild bob.

21. Copper Lob

Embrace a copper color and cut your hair into the perfect lob style.

22. Smoking Red

If you’re looking for a change, go for this stunning red color that tapers off at the ends.

23. Auburn Mane

Go for a beautiful auburn red color with chestnut highlights and a few gold throughout to really turn heads.

24. Dark Chocolate Bob

Go for a deep, dark color for your base and throw in some intense red highlights. Finish the look off with a round bob cut.

25. Vibrant Cooper

Instead of doing a curly lob like everyone else, change yours to a sleek, straight, and blunt style.

26. Cinnamon Curls

Pop a fun cinnamon color on your bob and let those curls shine.

27. Red Layers

Layers are a great way to add dimension and volume to your hair.

28. Fire Engine Lob

Let your love for red shine with this stunning red color with a beautiful curly bob.

29. Burgundy Volume

Get a lot of volume with your lob by adding layers and finish off with a beautiful color.

30. Peach Blend

Let the tiniest hints of light red peek through your gorgeous natural color for a soft look.

31. Purple and Red
A rounded bob with a deep red and purple color looks stunning and gives of a fun and edgy look.

32. Vibrant Red
Show off your beautiful pixie cut by adding a vibrant red hue to it.
33. Natural Red
If you want to keep your hair on the natural side, go with a softer, more natural red color.
34. Violet with Red
Spruce up your shaggy bob with a red color that is mixed with some violet. The color will be bright and fun and looks gorgeous on anyone.
35. Fire Engine
A fire engine red paired with a layered bob is beautiful. It brings a lot of attention to your style and pairs perfectly with a shorter look.
36. Auburn
An auburn color mixes red and orange for a stunning natural hue that pairs perfectly with a messy pixie cut.
37. Cherry Cola
Go for the ombre look with a light red fading into a deeper red. Ombre colors are in style and look great with a sleek bob.
38. Pops of Red
Adding pops of red highlights throughout your hair will bring some light to your look and a edgier style.
39. Chestnut Red
A chestnut red is a beautiful natural color and looks beautiful with a curled lob.
40. Burgundy
Burgundy is a deep red color, perfect for anyone who wants a darker color or perfect for a fall and winter look.

41. Apple
A bright apple red looks amazing with a sharp pixie cut and shaved sides. It gives off a stunning but edgy look, which is great for anyone looking for a drastic change.

42. Red Wine
Adding a deep red color to your hair and pairing it with a wavy lob screams style.
43. Natural Red
If you want a natural red color, look no further. This color is great for anyone who wants to keep a natural look but still be a little daring.
44. Red Tips
Go outside the box with your short hair and dye just the tips of your hair a bright and vibrant red for a cool and unique look.
45. Firefly
Change your look up by adding a fun and deep red to your hair and cutting it into a sleek lob.
46. Bubblegum Red
A short, sleek bob excels when paired with a pop of red.
47. Red Waves
Throw a little red throughout your hair for a fun and beautiful style.
48. Red Balayage
Balayage is a popular color technique and can be done with all your favorite colors, including red.
49. Minimal Red
If you just want a slight pop of color, try out this minimal red look with your bob.
50. Soft Red
Your hair doesn’t have to be deep and dark to add a fun pop of red throughout it.

51. Red Pixie
Show your grown-out pixie show love with an awesome red dye job.

52. Plum
A deep plum color pairs beautiful with a rounded short bob.
53. Dark Roots
Pair your gorgeous red color with a dark root for a great color change.
54. Curled Red
Pair a fun red highlight to your already curly hair for a fun spring in your hair.
55. Fire Red
Change your look up with a wispy lob and a fire red color.
56. Tikka Masala
An angled bob looks like perfection when you add a bright orange/ red color to it.
57. Red Melt
Melt a variety of red colors throughout your hair for a truly stunning look.
58. Hot Red
Pair a gorgeous red color with a rounded and angled bob look for a beautiful style.
59. Summer Red
Welcome the summer months by adding a vibrant red throughout your lob.
60. Natural Red
A natural red with a shaved pixie looks edgy but beautiful.
There you have it, thirty gorgeous red short hairstyles you can get a little inspiration from. Each of these styles are unique and look stunning with a short hairstyle.

As you can see, there are a variety of options when it comes to choosing a red hue for your hair color. What is your favorite color and hairstyle?


40 Short Red Hairstyles to Show Off Your Fire

Short red hairstyles are your starting point if you want to stand out without going too extreme vis a vis your color and ‘do. Short hair is an eye-catcher, whether you go with a dynamic style or a classic cropped coif.

Red hair is a stunner, too—it’s rare, and so everyone wants it. Say what you will about gingers, but they always stand out in a crowd. Besides, there are so many shades of red, ranging from rich natural tones to bright, vivid hues, that you can easily find a shade that complements your eye color, skin tone, and personal style.

Copper red like a shiny new penny, cherry red, auburn, strawberry-blonde—there’s a rainbow’s worth of red hues out there, and just as many short styles to do the color justice.


Popular Short Red Hairstyle Ideas

In a sea of candy-coated locks, it might seem like short red hairstyles are now boring and obsolete, but that’s not so. Because everyone’s attention is so hyper-focused on shades of pink, purple, and turquoise, the more “traditional” colors seem to stand out that much more. They’re unexpected because the unexpected is currently more expected if that makes any sense.

A vibrant red coif reveals more individuality than in recent years. The hue has always been a bold choice, but now it’s a statement-maker.

1. Short Red Hair with Bangs

For straight hair, have your stylist cut it into this edgy bob with razor-cut ends. Dark red hair color on a dark black base is the finishing touch for a fierce style.


2. Very Short Red Hair

very short red hair

Sharon Osbourne once rocked this exact hairdo, maybe with a bit more teasing. If you just want a normal level of texture, use styling mousse to shape the piecey red locks how you want them.


3. Short Red Hair with Blonde Highlights

Long pixies with shape like a mohawk are one of the edgiest haircuts you can choose. Mix light red with blonde highlights and come hair to the side, securing the spiky height with hairspray.


4. Short Orange Red Hair

orange red hair

A straight shoulder-length haircut with long piecey bangs and blunt-cut ends is given a fresh update with bright color. The roots are a deep red that slowly fade to orange.


5. Short Black and Red Hair

short black and red hair

Another way to wear bright red hair color is as a fiery addition to black hair. On brown skin, this shade is particularly flattering. Wear hair straight for neat, rocker vibes.


6. Short Burgundy Red Hair

short burgundy red hair

Looking for a color that’s less bright and harsh? Try this rich shade of burgundy with deep purple undertones. Rock it on your naturally curly hair and pair with your favorite headband.


7. Short Dark Red Hair

short dark red hair

This dark shade of red actually borders along purple. It looks amazing on short straight hair that’s parted in the center. Wear it down and sleek for sophisticated style at work.


8. Short Red Balayage Hair

When you’re heading out to a special event, red balayage pops on a short black hairstyle. Using a curling wand to get a thick wave for optimal height.


9. Short Red Ombre Hair

short red ombre hair

Bright red is the color no one will expect as an ombre, especially when its base is light blue. Continue to bring out your fun side with teased hair and large waves at the ends.


10. Burgundy Pixie for Older Women

short red hair for over 50

Do you have light or medium skin? Burgundy may be a dark color but it’s the perfect shade to complement your complexion and looks great as a long pixie with plenty of texture.


11. Red Color for Kinky Curly Hair

short messy red hairstyle

First, count yourself lucky if you have kinky curly hair, the envy of all women. Second, ask your stylist for this rich bright red that will make your curls look their best.


12. Sleek Dark Red Hair

red bob

Before you use a flat iron or blow dryer to get this super sleek style on your short hair, make sure to use a heat protectant. Your dark red hair color will look twice as shiny and glam.


13. Medium Red on Pixie with Fade

If your style is all about being edgy, go short like a pixie but keep the sides to a fade. The long top is where red hair color will really pop and you can even use product to spike it up.


14. Red Dreadlocks on Short Hair

As dreadlocks are becoming a more acceptable hairstyle for women these days, you should take advantage of it and fashion them up even more with red hair color. As a half updo, the style is still sweet.


15. Orange Red Straight Hair

short thick red hair

Layered straight hair is the ultimate style when it comes to chic vibes. Add a pop of color by mixing orange and red. On pale skin tones, it’s very Fifth Element meets professional working woman.


16. Bright Red Mohawk

For your already kickin’ mohawk hairdo, a touch of bright red is just the color to edge it up even more. Spike up the top and shave in line details to the fade for finish.


17. Asymmetrical Red Hairdo

short angled red hair

An angled bob keeps your style classy and work-professional while the deep red is an unexpected punch of color. Keep locks sleek and smooth for this look.


18. Natural Mohawk

Short Natural Mohawk Red Hairstyle

Need a new protective style or a fresh look? There’s a bevy of short red hairstyles for natural hair, and they are nothing less than divine. This naturally curly take on the mohawk features shaved sides, a gorgeous shape, and—it looks like—some braids on the side.


19. Edgy Like Beckham

Short Red Hairstyle for girl

There’s something very Victoria Beckham-esque about this coiffure. If not for the hair color and the piercing, this is almost a dead ringer for the former Spice Girl. It’s an edgy cut with sharp, deliberately uneven layers and side swept bangs. The color’s rich but not heavy.

Best Hair Ideas with Red Highlights


20. Uneven Pixie

Short Pixie Red color Hairstyle

It’s odd, but both red and black hair lends itself well to uneven crops and choppy cuts. Maybe because both shades are extreme, they complement extreme cuts. Don’t worry. A jagged pixie is artful enough that no one’s going to think you just got carried away with the scissors.


21. Natural Russet Curls

Short curly Red Hairstyle for black women

The russet red of these curls is glorious. Her hair looks like a late summer sunset. This is also an example of the importance of choosing a short red hairstyle in a shade that flatters your skin tone. Her combination is perfection—her hair brings out the cinnamon undertones in her skin.


22. Choppy Lop

cute girl favorite Short Red Hairstyle

Evenness isn’t an issue when you’re rocking a redhead lifestyle. Tousles are a perfectly acceptable ‘do for a ginger, whether the color’s all natural or faux. The lop here is a bit shorter than a bob with lots more layers. They add texture, dimension, and bedhead appeal.


23. Women Copper Spikes

Copper Spike Short Red Hairstyle for girl

Comb your fingers through your short new ‘do, spray the spikes to hold them in place, and you’re good to go. Ask your stylist for a purposely messy, slightly asymmetrical cut like this one if you’re in a punk rock frame of mind.

Best Quinceanera Hairstyles


24. Pageboy Hairstyle

The pageboy hairstyle doesn’t get a lot of play, partly because it isn’t always fashionable, but it works as a short red hairstyle. A natural carroty red like this does something to the cut—but so do the waves and the longer, blunt-cut bangs. It’s not as flat and one dimensional as a traditional pageboy.


25. Red Hair, Don’t Care

Tousles really do work as a coif for carrot tops—or variations thereof because there’s nothing orange about this deep shade of red. You may have to get your hair thinned, and layering is a must to pull off this style.


26. A Brighter Shade of Red

Short Red pink mixed color Hair

This red is so bright, it’s nearly pink, but oh, does it ever work. Her curls are a bit loose and longer, so they throw off different shades—peep close, and you’ll spot ruby red, cherry, a hint of fuchsia, and even some orange.


27. Bardot Bob

Short Bob Red Hairstyle for young girl

Not all short red hairstyles are super short. A bob still qualifies. With its loose curls and waves, this bob is evocative of Bridget Bardot’s bedhead hair. The vibrant color is honestly breathtaking. Anybody else sort of in love with the freckles, too?

Trendy and Popular Short Teenager Girl Hairstyles















It takes a bold, confident woman to step out with a short red hairstyle—but you’re bold and confident, aren’t you? Prove that redheads have more fun. How short are you going to go?


Hairstyles red

50 Best Red Hair Styles Worth Trying ASAP

In this article, you will find the best hairstyles for women who want a trendy red hair look. These styles have been carefully selected to cover all hair lengths and skin tones. So, no matter what your unique needs are, you will surely find a perfect style for you through the following 50 pictures.

Check out these gorgeous feminine red hairstyles to glam up your red hair.

1. Rosewood Balayage. The pinkish brown hair has quite a natural look. Incorporate some pinkish highlights into your auburn hair for a simple and classy air.

2. Balayage Red Hair. Just check this brown red balayage with a two-tone color solution and big curls. The look is stylish, elegant, and very feminine.

3. Dark Copper Shade. Known as one of the natural-looking shades of red hair, dark copper is a great choice if you are after simplicity and a natural approach. Incorporate some curls into your dark copper hair to give it a sumptuous stylish twist.

4. Red Hair with Highlights. Features a double tone that endows your hair with a fiery look and shiny luster. Red hair dye can look dimensional when you apply highlighting techniques.

5. Copper Red Hair Color. Copper-colored hair is stylish and has a boho vibe to it. Simply infuse your hair with a copper color for a vibrant yet relaxed look.

6. Light Auburn with Rosy Tips. A light auburn lob with a rosy tip twist. Bring some rosy red to the tips of your light auburn hair for a subtle gradient.

7. Brown Hair with Red Highlights. A stylish combination of brown and red hair for a basic shoulder-length cut. Use this hairstyle to accentuate your natural brown hair.

8. Spicy Cinnamon Red Hair. Incorporate soft-toned highlights into gentle curls for a trendy chocolate and cinnamon balayage: a glamorous and trendy hairstyle.

9. Raspberry Red Tips. Raspberry is one of the trendiest red hair shades to try if you like to experiment. Adopt this style with either long or shoulder-length hair and you’ll get a fresh and modern look.

10. Red Hair with Blonde Highlights. Bright, lustrous red hair, accentuated with delicate blonde highlights. Elegant, vibrant, and upbeat.

11. Long Red Hair. Here we see classic long red hair with mild curls at the ends. Go for this hairstyle if you want a relaxed yet glamorous look.

12. Copper to Light Red Fade. A rich copper color at the top that fades into a lighter red shade at the tips. A subtle ombre and a classy hairstyle as a result.

13. Natural Red and Brown Blend. This mix reminds us of our favorite desserts. If you like sweet, natural-looking feminine colors, this solution will be a rewarding choice.

14. Red Brown Hair. Dark brown hair with a touch of red highlights spices up the stylish and glamorous long hairstyle.

15. Neon Red Ombre Hair. A red gradient with increasing brightness that culminates into pink tips. The red ombre endows your hairdo with a unique multi-shaded gradient.

16. Burgundy Red Hair. Dark burgundy red with some great curls. A glamorous and sophisticated hairstyle with a rich dark tone.

17. Ginger Red Hair. One of the classic natural red hair shades, ginger is an exciting option for confident women. The ‘pumpkin spice’ coloring is super-hot for colder seasons.

18. Ruby-Red Hair. Ruby red is one of the brightest red hair shades, and it’s quite versatile for different lengths. Illuminate your look with the glowing ruby red hair color.

19. Orange Balayage with Shadow Roots. An effortless and subtle blend of orange shades that looks bright yet quite natural.

20. Red Hair on Dark Skin. A dark skin tone is no excuse to avoid red hair. Light up your natural curls with some multi-dimensional red to add a chic and unique vibe to your look.

21. Brown Red Haircut with a Fringe. Deepen your red hair with a brown hue for a more natural tone. Glam it up with a fringe, and there you have it.

22. Cherry Red Hair. The cherry shade is a generous combination of vibrancy and luster. To get the best out of this look, combine the eye-popping color with a striking inverted cut.

23. Red and Orange Highlights. A colorful combination of orange and red, layered and blended stylishly. Carefully layer the colors to adopt this stylish look.

24. Short Red Hair. Classic short hair is really comfortable and easy to manage. Spice up your short hair with some red tones for an elegant style.

25. Light Auburn Shade of Red. One of the more natural-looking red hair shades, the light auburn oozes a tranquil and simple vibe.

26. Crimson Red Hair. Crimson red is a more vibrant and defined shade that gives your hair an elegant and lustrous appeal.

27. Fiery Coral Highlights. A sharp little trim here, some fiery highlights there, and there you have it! Stylish and comfortable fiery coral look.

28. Red Curly Hair. Curly hair is always gorgeous and lively. Add some curls to your red hair or some red to your curly hair and you will look stunning.

29. Light Red Hair. Light red and golden blonde is a charming blend for those who can pull off warm-toned hair. With this hairstyle, less is definitely more.

30. Natural Red Hair. This red hair glows with natural charm. Accentuate your effortless beauty with a simple neck-length cut.

31. Copper Color and Straight Haircut. Copper looks good on so many styles. The straight inverted cut gives you a classy look and copper brings out the glam.

32. Orange Hair Color. Quite an unusual shade, orange is sure to get attention in any environment. Add a nice short haircut to it and you’ve got a really trendy hairstyle.

33. Red-Purple Hair. One of unique red hair shades for different skin tones. Purple stands out on its own. However, just blend it with some vibrant red, and you will have a lustrous dual-toned hairstyle.

34. Light Red Hair with Darker Roots. Gradient coloring always has a classy appeal to it. A darker red at the roots that fade into light red at the tips – simply gorgeous.

35. Neon Pink Hair with a Single Red Streak. A full head of neon hair accentuated by a single red streak and purple babylights is a stylish and trendy hair color solution that’s a definite showstopper.

36. Deep Red Hair. This style features a subdued purple red color and beautiful curled ends. Classy, stylish, and elegant. You do not need to do much to look gorgeous with this lovely combo.

37. Bright Red Hair. Brighter hues of red tend to stand out much more than any other eye-popping colors. So, if you want to be the brightest girl in the crowd, you have something to consider.

38. Dark Copper with Golden Highlights. Copper-colored hair appears vigorous. This effortless blend of dark copper and yellow gold looks amazing – sunlit and full of life.

39. Caramel Red Hair with Dark Roots. A combination of sweet caramel lengths with dark roots. The darker roots accentuate the yummy red.

40. Dark Red Hair and Green Eyes. A chic combination of red hair and green eyes. The hair is cut with curtain bangs framing the face and setting off the eyes thanks to its exquisite color.

41. Peach Curls. Peach colored curly hair, a unique feminine hairstyle. The curls give this cute redhead a great deal of tenderness and life.

42. Spicy Red Hair Color. Red comes in many shades, this is obviously one of the hottest. A bright spicy hue with shapely curls – simply ravishing!

43. Reddish Brown Hair Color. Classy and elegant dark brown hair with a reddish hint. Subtle, unique, and absolutely enchanting.

44. Rose Gold Hair. Bright rose gold hair. A vibrant copper look with rosy and strawberry blonde pieces. Quite invigorating!

45. Black and Red Hair. Classic black hair with red highlights woven throughout. The highlights give a nice subtle accent to the style.

46. Dark Red Hair. Dark hair always lights up with reddish hues. The cascading waves of red on this dark hair give it such an elegant spark.

47. Bronde Boho Braids. Reddish brown hair pairs well with strawberry blonde highlights. Customized bronde hair for redheads.

48. Red Violet Hair. A unique violet hue blended into a black base. Gorgeous and stylish, whether straight or curled.

49. Wavy Light Golden Hair. Golden hair is an alternative for a natural redhead. This customized warm-toned color will be particularly flattering for blue, gray, and hazel eyes.

50. Red Wine Hair Color. The thick, lush, rich color of red wine. Jazz up your hair with wine red highlights on a dark base.

When it comes to styling red hair, it is important to remember that your hair should reflect your style as much as your personality. Red is a brilliant color, so you can be sure the result will be a gorgeous look and feel.

40 Bonus Short Red Hairstyles

Red Hairstyles for Black Women | Red Hair Colors

 Glamor, passion, love, red is an energetic and flashy color, which goes well with black and mixed skins. If you want to change your look and give a shot of peps to your hair, you can opt to dye your hair in red.
Red is a color that has character and asks that you be very ambitious to dare this kind of color. Hair color in women of color expresses a form of self-expression and a beauty ritual. Many stars and celebrities have succumbed to red hair. The singer Rihanna is beautifully wearing red hair. Short, long or curly, red hair turns it into an incendiary bomb that no man can resist.

Before changing hair color, it is best to think carefully before acting. Do not forget that there are different shades of red. For example, you can opt for a cherry red, bright red, burgundy, cinnamon, burgundy, mahogany, auburn shade or red reflections. You must choose the type of red according to your character and complexion.
The advantage when you have frizzy hair is that you can either opt for a coloring, weaving, braids or wig. It’s up to you to choose the ones that best suit you.

Tips for Successful Hair Coloring

If you choose to color your hair in red. You must take care of your hair to properly maintain the red color.

  • 1 / Wash your hair as often as possible with lukewarm water.
  • 2 / Avoid hard shampoos as they accelerate the process of discoloration.
  • 3 / It should also be remembered that the majority of blacks or mestizos have black or brown hair. This type of hair requires professional treatment when you want to achieve a coloring.
  • 4 / Use processing oils to prevent long-term damage due to heat, processing and coloring.
  • 5 / Attention, coloring your hair can cause serious consequences to your hair. They can be the cause of dryness, breakage and hair loss if you use chemical dyes. To avoid such problems, you can choose weaves, hook braids or wigs that are produced in all kinds of colors of your taste.

Red hair has several advantages:

  • Simple, red hair does not require length or type of hair.
  • They give character and a trendy look to your style.
  • It is a color that attracts attention. So be careful to choose the color of red, which corresponds to you.
  • Also know that less than 2% of the population are naturally redheaded.

Different types of hair color for coloring

You can choose between different types of colors:

  • 1 / Colors after rinsing: soft and easy to use. They bring shine. However, it must be reapplied every few weeks.
  • 2 / Temporary colors: they do not last until the next shampoo. They are free of chemicals and safe for straightened hair.
  • 3 / Semi-permanent colors: they last longer than rinsing and temporary colors.
  • 4 / Semi-permanent colors: they contain a small amount of peroxide. They can enhance natural color and camouflage gray hair.
  • 5 / Fixed colors: they have ammonia and peroxide. They last longer, but fade when the hair grows. Touch up every 4 to 6 weeks to cover the roots. For afro hair, it is essential to see a professional.

Some brands of coloring for black hair are:
Dark and Lovely : Thebrand manufactures a range of color suitable for African American hair. It also has conditioning treatments and other products that can help keep hair healthy after staining.
Mizani : Mizani brand develops products specifically for black women.
Cream of Nature : It is a brand that manufactures all natural hair products for black men and women.

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