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Skincare Spotlight: Q&A With Kayo, Better Body Care Co-Founders Christine Bullock and Carrington Snyder


They say all good things come in pairs, and in the case of Christine Bullock and Carrington Snyder, that’s definitely true. The dynamic duo is the dream team behind Kayo, Better Body Care—an amazing line of body products that includes serums, topical nutrient boosts and luxurious body crèmes developed to restore skin to a healthier, radiant and more youthful appearance.

Frustrated by the quality of body skincare products on the market, Bullock combined her 15 years in the health, wellness and beauty industry along with Snyder’s family background in skincare development—and Kayo, Better Body Care was born. 

They selected the highest quality ingredients with years of science-backing results, and placed clinical amounts of these ingredients in each bottle.  They also created effective delivery methods so all these nutrients could be absorbed into the skin, while at the same time keeping their products free of harmful additives. The quality of their products can be felt within one application and continue to offer lasting results. Below, the founders of this revolutionary skin care line share insight into their brand and the inspiration behind it.


LAUNCHPAD: What inspired the creation of Kayo?
Kayo, Better Body Care arose from a casual conversation over lunch about the importance of total body wellness. We were frustrated that we couldn’t find the quality of body skincare products to put on our bodies that reflected the quality and care we put into our bodies.

No longer willing to compromise, we decided to create it. We merged our personal knowledge and experience to create Kayo, Better Body Care, which offers a complete diet for the skin to help replenish your skin’s natural beauty.

LAUNCHPAD: What does Kayo mean?
Kayo is a play on the boxing term, meaning “knockout.” Kayo is a knockout product created for knockout women.


LAUNCHPAD: How is Kayo different from other brands out there?
Kayo believes in treating the skin as a whole. The skin is our biggest organ and the first line of defense against pollutants from our changing environment. In the past, 99 percent of products have focused on five percent of the skin. Kayo was developed for the other 95 percent of your skin, and in some products, can even be used on percent of the skin. In addition, the small percentage of body products either consisted of one “natural” ingredient but didn’t effectively treat all the signs of aging or they “treated signs of aging” but contained aging toxins and chemicals. Kayo, Better Body Care is the first to offer face-grade ingredients that address aging while maintaining its purity for safe application all over the body’s biggest organ—the skin.

LAUNCHPAD: Tell us more about your products.
As in nature, Kayo products come in an array of vibrant colors like sea foam blue, pearlescent white, and the golden yellow of the sun. Each product gets its distinctive color palette as a result of the ingredients it contains. That’s why the Body Beautiful Crème and Cellular Repair Evening Oil are golden (coenzyme Q10 is naturally orange), the Remodeling Serum is a beautiful blue (that would be the copper peptide), and the Vitamin Boost is a bright yellow (thank Vitamin K for it’s glimmer).


Kayo’s number one product worldwide is the Body Beautiful Crème, with a formula comparable to some of the most luxurious face crèmes on the market. This ultra-indulgent crème is the epitome of Face Grade Body Care. The fragrance is intoxicating with notes of vanilla, macadamia nut and green tea. It includes hyaluronic acid and our proprietary omega blend for lasting hydrations along with powerful antioxidants like Co-Q10 to repair and protect.


The Body Beautiful Oil is the perfect alternative for clients who prefer oil to crème. This oil is packed with many of the same ingredients as our crème, yet leaves a luminous glow to the skin.


Kayo created two serums to layer underneath other products or use by themselves. First, is the Concentrated Firming Serum—our award-winning product specially formulated to help provide firmer, tighter-looking skin for an overall slimmer look.


Second is our Daily Remodeling Serum, which is a multifunctional hydrating serum that is instilled with copper peptides known to treat scars, stretch marks and imperfections of the skin.


We included a Vitamin Boost to the initial line to provide skin with a “complete diet” of skincare in the range of products. Vitamin B3, B4, C, D3, E and K are combined in a lightweight formula to brighten the appearance of skin, hydrate and replenish stressed, dull skin with essential vitamins.

LAUNCHPAD: Where is Kayo available?
Kayo is available at the office of top Beverly Hills plastic surgeon Dr. Sheila Nazarian, along with many national spas including Four Seasons Palm Beach, Park Hyatt in New York, Indian Springs Resort Spa, and Trilogy Manhattan Beach.

LAUNCHPAD: How is Kayo involved with the community?
We work to raise funds, donate our personal time, and provide product when needed to support organizations involving the environment and children, such as Together 1 Heart, Together We Rise, and The Pajama Program. We are always willing to donate Kayo to support our local and national community. Our main goal as business owners is being able to give back.

LAUNCHPAD: Future plans for the brand?
It’s our desire to lead the skincare industry into a focus on total body care for complete skin health. We are continuing to develop innovative products that treat signs of aging all over the body while being pure enough for the biggest organ. We are rapidly expanding into international markets to spread the knowledge of skin health.

LAUNCHPAD: What’s your favorite product from the line?
It’s so hard to choose, but if I was stranded on an island and could only bring one product it would be the Body Beautiful Crème—which is also our number one international product. The smell is intoxicating, it’s packed with lasting hydration, and it has powerful antioxidants to protect and repair my skin.

[Images courtesy of Kayo, Better Body Care]


#BeautyBoss: Christine Bullock, Founder of KAYO Body Care

This week’s #BeautyBoss is Christine Bullock, Founder of KAYO Body Care—a line of body care products that are pure and effective for the face, yet specifically formulated for the body. They feature the highest quality plant extracts and oils combined with face grade results-driven ingredients, providing the resources to fortify % of the skin, which is the body’s largest organ and first line of defense.

For more than 20 years, Bullock has been a renowned fitness and lifestyle expert. In addition to teaching fitness and working in the beauty industry, she is also the creator of Evolution 20®, a day fitness and nutritional program; Super Shred, and the Body Reborn Post-Natal DVD series. She developed the 30x30 Total Transformation Program for Mindvalley and 10 Minute Solutions: Butt Lift.

Bullock is an ambassador and model for popular fitness fashion lines, and represents some of the world’s top brands such as Equinox, PX, Sports Authority, and more. She has graced the cover of Women’s Health Magazine and is also the spokesperson for Champion Naturals, an innovative line of clean sports nutrition. We chatted with Bullock, who shared the inspiration behind her successful company, favorite beauty and wellness tips, secrets to success, and more. 

When was KAYO Body Care founded? What does the name mean?

KAYO’s Face Grade Body Care® was launched in the spring of after a year-and-a-half in development, and almost two decades working in the beauty and health business. Now we are launching our High Performance Hemp™ and Biometric Beauty™ Supplements after another two years of formulation. Kayo is a boxing term that means “knockout,” a play on all the powerful knockout beautiful women who use our products.

What inspired the creation of the brand?

Why should the face get all the love? The body deserves premium skin care, too. As a fitness and health expert, I had worked hard to design the cleanest nutritional programs and most effective fitness programs. Even in optimal health I noticed the skin all over my body beginning to age and I was hearing the same complaints from my fitness clients, especially post-pregnancy. But when I sought out an effective skincare regimen specifically for the body, I turned up empty-handed. So i took it upon myself to fill the gap in what birthed a skincare solution with products that rival high-end face products and a pioneer in the beauty industry as the first Face Grade Body Care®. 

Do you have a hero product?

Our first-of-its-kind suite of premium products tackle full-body healthy aging with face-grade™ topical body carewhile our specialized, all-in-one youth-restoring supplements and formulas elevate skin care to rejuvenating total body wellness.  

I have formulated each and every one of KAYO’s products to be a hero in their own right. Each product tackles a different factor of aging. However, there will always be a special place for our Body Beautiful Cream because it was the first product designed after the face care I had been using all over my body. It’s uber-hydrating and effective at rejuvenating the appearance of skin—plus everyone needs a great body cream. When tested in a day outside consumer perception study, % of women felt it their skin looked smoother, firmer, had a healthier look, looked more youthful, and felt softer to the touch. % of women would buy again and buy for a friend. We ace our tests.

What are your favorite products from the brand?

I can’t live without any of them, but currently I’m swimming in our Remodeling Serum. I just gave birth three months ago. My skin was stretched to the limit and luckily, using the Remodeling Serum every day during pregnancy, and now after, my skin is back to its pre-pregnancy glow and bounce. This serum is a deeply-hydrating serum for the entire body with a combination of hyaluronic acid and our proprietary omega complex. It also contains copper peptides to support collagen and elastin repair. The clinical data on copper peptides amazes me and this serum is like youth in a bottle. 

Where are your products sold?

We are currently sold at spas, doctor’s offices, hotels, fitness studios, stores like Planet Beauty, and larger e-commerce retailers such as Dermstore, Violet Grey, Revolve, and Net-a-Porter. We are currently preparing launches into 20 countries outside of the United States in both brick-and-mortar and e-commerce environments starting in the fourth quarter of

Future plans for the brand?

In the near future, we are launching our functional supplements designed to preserve and restore natural vitality. We utilize science-backed nutrients, herbs, premium CBD, and other botanicals combined with patent-pending technology.

Looking a little more ahead, I am already in the development of over a dozen new products in skin care, supplements, and tools to launch Our high-performance clean formulations are the heart of our company and my favorite part of the job. We will continue to focus on the needs of our customers and create innovative products that work.

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Manhattan Beach, California

  • Fitness
  • Nutrition
  • Supplements
  • Christine Bullock has been teaching fitness and working in the beauty business around the world for over two decades.
  • She is the founder of KAYO Bodycare and creator of Evolution 20®, a day fitness and nutritional program, Super Shred, and Body Reborn Post-Natal DVD Series.
  • She can be seen as trainer and judge on Netflix’s “Fit for Fashion” reality show and frequently contributes to InStyle Magazine, Women’s Health Magazine, Woman’s Day, and more. 

Christine Bullock has been teaching fitness and working in the beauty business around the world for over two decades. Christine is the creator of Evolution 20®, a day fitness and nutritional program, Super Shred, and Body Reborn Post-Natal DVD Series. In addition to her Evolution20® Program Christine has developed workout programs for The Brooke Burke Body App, FitOn App, the 30X30 Total Transformation program for Mindvalley as well as 10 Minute Solutions: Butt Lift, which was rated one of the top Pilates DVDS for by Pilates Style Magazine.

She can be seen as trainer and judge on Netflix’s “Fit for Fashion” reality show. Christine combined her knowledge of the body and nutrition to develop the award-winning body care brand, KAYO Body Care. Christine holds certifications in Yoga, Pilates, General Fitness, Pre & Post Natal Fitness and Nutritional Counseling as well as has a B.A. in Psychology and Education. She was a finalist in Women’s Health “Next Fitness Star” competition for and she was voted the hottest trainer in Los Angeles by Racked LA. She has hosted wellness events for the Four Seasons (led International Wellness Day for press and VIP members), Roxy, Varley Athletics, SoCal Mommies, Lorna Jane (led International Wellness Day), Michi Clothing and many more.

Christine is a go-to wellness expert and can be seen on E!, Netflix, Bravo, Hallmark Channel, VH-1, Star TV, California Life, and HSN. Christine has been featured on the cover of Oxygen Magazine, Women’s Health Magazine, Europe’s biggest fitness magazine Sport & Fitness, as well as featured in Men’s Health & FHM with a full page interview. She is also a recurring contributor for many magazines and websites including Oxygen Magazine, Yahoo Health,, InStyle Magazine, Women’s Health Magazine, Woman’s Day, Men’s Health,, Well + Good, Mind Body Green, Bustle, In Touch Magazine, Life & Style, Fitness RX, The Bump, Fit Pregnancy and many more.

She is recognized as a top fitness model representing the world’s elite brands such as PX, Insanity, Equinox, American Gladiators, Metaball, and Sports Authority to name a few. She is an ambassador for popular fitness fashion clothing lines such as Lorna Jane, Carbon38, Michi, Varley and Ultracore. She has a passion for children, working on the board of Adopt Together, Vista Del Mar, and Together We Rise.

Christine received her B.A. Psychology & Education from Chatham University. She has certifications in Massage Therapy (), Yoga (), Barre (), Sports Training (), Classical Pilates (), Nutritional Counseling (), Pre & Post Natal Fitness (), Pre & Post Natal Health, Fitness, & Recovery, Nutrition, Yoga, Pilates, Doula (). 

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