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Top 15 Yandere Characters in Anime: Yandere Definition

Minatsuki Takami from Deadman Wonderland is a yandere anime character!
You know the phrase "crazy in love"? Well that's pretty much the definition of a yandere character. Yandere is a sickness that infests itself in the sweetest of characters, who become so absolutely infatuated with their love interests that they are willing to do anything for them, even if those actions aren't necessarily what their love interests desire. As is the case with some of the craziest serial killers, the yandere believes that what they are doing is just. It's a mental instability that forces them to focus their energy on one cause (love), and once a yandere falls in love, there's just no turning back. Especially after you've killed every other girl/boy your crush is close to in order to protect them.

Check out the Yandere Definition: A Comprehensive Guide to Crazy article for a more in-depth explanation of the term.

Kurumi Tokisaki Date A Live yandere meaning definition

"Even I'm scared of these yandere girls and guys..." - Kurumi Tokisaki from Date a Live

All ranking information was taken on the date of publication.

Mikasa Ackerman

From: Shingeki no Kyojin (Attack on Titan)

Member Favorites: 11167

Mikasa Ackerman Attack on Titan yandere meaning definition

I had heard Mikasa was considered something of a yandere before Attack on Titan aired, but wasn't sold on the idea until quite late on into the series. Her feelings towards Eren really are just prime yandere material. The shadow dropping across her face when she thinks Eren might have betrayed her in some way speaks to her true yandere character.

Anna Nishikinomiya

From: Shimoneta to Iu Gainen ga Sonzai Shinai Taikutsu na Sekai (Shimoneta: A Boring World Where the Concept of Dirty Jokes Doesn't Exist)

Member Favorites: 270

Anna Shimoneta yandere meaning definition

She's new but she's already entered yandere folklore. Anna from Shimoneta's mind had been warped by these bizarre ideals of what equals purity in her dystopic cyberpunk society. This creates conditions ripe for her to go full yandere when she first finds a guy she likes, culminating in some quite extraordinary scenes which include, but are not limited to, chasing after the main character with a vacuum cleaner intent on putting the business end on his penis. Also "special" cookies.

Rolo Lamperouge

From: Code Geass: Hangyaku no Lelouch R2 (Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion R2)

Member Favorites: 379

Rolo Code Geass yandere meaning definition

Another thing an awful lot of yandere lists are missing are some men in the picture. The character trope is not limited to women you know. Rolo from Code Geass R2 is a perfect yandere anime guy in that he goes out and kills people who would dare get between him and his newfound brotherly love for Lelouch, even when Lelouch would really prefer if he didn't go around killing those people.

Rena Ryuuguu

From: When They Cry (Higurashi No Naku Koro Ni)

Member Favorites: 4085

Rena Higurashi yandere meaning definition

Rena is a great example of how yandere characters can be messed up beforehand and simply act out in violent manners because that's just how they are. While this weird town may have been what twisted Rena, what we see is how her affection towards the main character manifests itself... into a big bloody axe.

Kaede Fuyou

From: Shuffle

Member Favorites: 402

Kaede Shuffle yandere meaning definition

There probably were some yandere characters before Shuffle, but in the modern context, it was Shuffle that brought the yandere into harems and gave lazy creators another character archetype to latch on to. Just give your heroine a blank stare, psychotic acts, and a love of box cutters and you've got yourself another character for your harem dating sim.


From: From Hetalia Axis Powers

Member Favorites: 131

Belarus Hetalia yandere meaning definition

Hetalia may not always hit the mark and there's something about the more deranged parts of its fanbase that can be a little off-putting, but some of its interpretations of international history are weirdly genius. Belarus in the real world has made hints about wanting to be part of Russia. In Hetalia, this translates to Belarus wanting to be "one" with Russia which obviously means she acts yandere towards Russia. Logic!

Kotonoha Katsura

From: School Days

Member Favourites: 893

School Days yandere meaning definition

While Shuffle may have introduced the concept of the yandere to a wider audience, School Days and its nice boat exploded it into wider anime fandom consciousness. This was a yandere anime girl so extreme that they couldn't show the final episode properly the first time and instead showed a nice boat.


From: Dance with Devils

Member Favorites: 26

Lindo Dance with Devils yandere meaning definition

For all I said earlier about yandere lists needing more guys, I then proceed to not include anymore. So here's another one from the recently aired and totally silly pseudo-musical otome game adaptation Dance with Devils. Lindo is the creepy brother who basically tries to lock his sister in her house (so nobody can get close to her) and sings about how much he loves her to an empty room. I think somebody's got a serious sister complex.


From: Berserk

Member Favorites: 2040

Griffith Berserk yandere meaning definition

At the start of Berserk, Griffith declares he "owns" Guts, which at first most viewers take metaphorically, as though Guts owes Griffith a big favor. It's only when we get later on into the series and Berserk starts down its demonic path do we realize that Griffith's obsession with "owning" Guts goes far beyond that, straight into the creepy world of yandere.

Mika Harima

From: Durarara!!

Member Favorites: 13

Mika Harima Durarara yandere meaning definition

Even before we get into the territory of being willing to chop your own head off, Mika Harima was kinda deranged in her pursuit of love. She was a stalker, and when you're talking about yandere being a love sickness of the mind, stalkers fit that pretty well. Her boyfriend probably qualifies as a yandere anime guy too.


From: Elfen Lied

Member Favorites: 10101

Lucy Elfen Lied yandere meaning definition

Lucy was a pretty damaged individual, even before she met and fell in love with the guy of her dreams. Something about having puppies beaten to death in front of you that'll really change a person (Elfen Lied not an anime known for its subtlety). This really starts to manifest itself though, later on, with lots of blood flying as a result.

Mahiru Hyuuga

From: Kamisama Dolls

Member Favorites: 5

Mahiru Kamisama Dolls yandere meaning definition

Look man, I know Kamisama Dolls wasn't the greatest anime around. But it would be unfair of me to not give it credit for the one thing it does superbly - really, really deranged and angry people. Of those characters, Mahiru was probably the best yandere, making her a both horrific and fantastic addition to this list.

Senjogahara Hitagi

From: Bakemonogatari

Member Favorites: 13972

Senjogahara Hitagi Bakemonogatari yandere meaning definition
Senjogahara likes to claim she's a tsundere, but that's not true. She just puts on that act. In reality she's a frightening yandere that threatens people with stationary should they dare get in the way of herself and her love.

Ringo Oginome

From: Mawaru Penguindrum

Member Favorites: 361

Ringo Penguindrum yandere meaning definition

Another yandere stalker on this list. However, while yandere characters have a reputation for being extremely violent and out of control, that's not all there is to them. To be a true yandere anime character, one's love must be frightening, but also come from the heart - a love so passionate that it's scary and dangerous. Ringo's stalker antics fit these requirements to a tee.

Gasai Yuno

From: Mirai Nikki (Future Diary)

Member Favorites: 17221

Gasai Yuno Future Diary yandere meaning definition

You thought I'd forgotten, hadn't you? How could I? Gasai Yuno from Future Diary is the yandere of all yandere characters. She lives, breathes and swings axes like a yandere. To not include Yuno would be like not including a roof in a list of "things your house should probably have". She is the face of the yandere character archetype in a way no other is. Maybe one day someone will take over for our favorite psycho pink-haired girl, but for now, she is the best yandere out there.

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15 Best Yandere Characters in Anime, Ranked

“If I can’t have them, no one can” is the motto for Yandere type archetype characters. The Yandere is a Dere type that combines Yanderu, meaning mentally ill, and Dere, meaning lovey-dovey. Together you get someone willing to do anything to end up with the one they love. Anything.

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Yandere anime characters are obsessed with their love interest. On the outside, they play it off that they are kind and sweet characters to everyone, but on the inside are willing to go as far as murder if someone gets in their way. This list looks at the greatest Yandere characters in anime.

Updated June 17th, 2020 by Ericka Blye:While pink-haired school girls are typically the face of the trope, there have been series that broaden the scale of what a Yandere looks like. While the majority of Yandere characters in anime are still girls, there have been a number of male ones as well. Yandere characters have also been included in much more light-hearted series where their dark obsession for the one they love gets put in a more comical spin and a less, well, lethal one.

15 Rolo Lamperogue - Code Geass: Lelouch Of The Rebellion

For many Yandere characters, romantic love drives their obsessive behavior. But that isn't the case for all Yandere characters, as Rolo Lamperouge from Code Geass is driven by brotherly love. While he masquerades as Lelouch's innocent and kind-hearted little brother, in actuality he's a heartless cold-blooded killer.

While sent to spy on Lelouch for a year, he grows very attached to him and even grows jealous of Lelouch's real sister, Nunnally. This jealousy is part of the reason he ends up killing one of Lelouch's friends, Shirley, after she expresses her desire to help reunite Lelouch with his sister.

14 Kotonoha Katsura – School Days

While the anime has controversial opinions on whether School Days is worth the watch or not, Kotonoha Katsura is a Yandere that takes her love to the extreme. She rivals Sekai Saionji for Makoto Itou’s love.

The two go back and forth having encounters with Makoto where he can’t decide on which girl means more to him. Each time Makoto spends time with Kotonoha or Sekai, the other steps it up. However, it’s Kotonoha who takes things to the extreme.

13 Misa Amane – Death Note

Misa Amane fits the standard definition of Yandere. In Death Note, she is willing to do anything for her love Kira. When Light first started killing criminals as Kira, he ended up killing the criminals that killed Misa’s parents. To thank him, Misa is willing to be Light’s tool so that he can create a new world.

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Misa had performed the Shinigami trade with Rem, cutting her lifespan to receive Shinigami eyes. She does it again, cutting her life in half to assist Light in killing L. In Death Note 13: How to Read, it states that Misa committed suicide a year after learning of Light’s death.

12 Akane Hiyama – Love Tyrant

The Yandere in Love Tyrant is Akane Hiyama, whose love interest is Seiji Aino. Seiji has been cursed by Guri’s Kiss Note. When two names are written in the Kiss Note, they will become a couple. Seiji needs to find a girlfriend otherwise he will die so he sets out for Akane.

Akane heard that Guri and Seiji kissed when Guri misspelled Seiji’s name in her Kiss Note. Akane enters her Yandere mode trying to kill both but stops when Guri pairs her with Seiji in her Kiss Note. Seiji is then paired with other girls in the Kiss Note, but Akane will not have any of it.

11 Shuu Tsukiyama - Tokyo Ghoul

Another male yandere is Shuu Tsukiyama from Tokyo Ghoul. Shuu Tsukiyama gives off the impression that he's an intelligent and charming young man who wants to befriend Kaneki. However, he uses this impression to trick his "prey" and lure them to the Ghoul Restaurant to be eaten.

He becomes obsessed with Kaneki's smell and the desire to eat him, especially after he discovers him to be a one-eyed ghoul. He even resorts to kidnapping another person to lure Kaneki.

10 Anna Nishikinomiya – Shimoneta: A Boring World Where the Concept of Dirty Jokes Doesn’t Exist

Anna Nishikinomiya is the student council president and enforces the law that impurity of any kind has been banned and civilization must remain chaste. Even though she enforces these laws she cannot oppress herself. Anna wants to enforce the law but also wants Tanukichi Okuma’s attention.

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When other girls try to approach Tanukichi, her Yandere tendencies take over. Tanukichi joins SOX a terrorist organization enacting sexual obscenity onto Japan and created by Ayame Kanjou to get closer to Anna.

9 Megumi Shimizu – Shiki

The first pink haired Yandere on the list is Megumi Shimizu. Megumi hates living in the village and has a major crush on Natsuno Yuuki. She's even seen staring into his window outside his house hiding in the bushes. When Natsuno appears on-screen heartbeats can be heard symbolizing the love that Megumi has for him.

Megumi shows Yandere characteristics when she gets excited that Natsuno looked in her direction and kills anyone too involved with Natsuno.

8 Lucy – Elfen Lied

Lucy is a yandere in Elfen Lied. Lucy is a Diclonius girl symbolized by the horns on her head. Due to being shot in the back of the head, Lucy enters a state where she is known as Nyu. As Nyu, Lucy is passive and innocent, but as Lucy, she is a death machine able to kill anyone with ease.

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Lucy is a Yandere for Kouta. Lucy and Kouta weren’t friends as children but grew closer as they got older. Lucy ends up killing Kouta’s family out of jealousy for Kouta not inviting her to a festival.

7 Shion Sonozaki – Higurashi: When They Cry

Shion is one of the twins in the Higurashi: When They Cry series. Due to her identical appearance with Mion, the two pretend to be the other at family meetings. Shion swaps with Mion on the day Mion is meant to become the family lead. Shion only has one goal, and that’s to her crush Satoshi Houjoi.

Shion would attack and torture Satoshi’s sister Satoko because she thought she was responsible for Satoshi’s stress. When Satoshi goes missing, Shion reachers her Yandere breaking point. No one is safe from Shion as she kills and torturers anyone she thinks could be involved, including members of her family.

6 Yuno Gasai – Future Diary

Yuno Gasai is probably one of the most popular Yandere of all time, often referred to as the "Yandere Queen." Yuno only cares about Yuki and Yuki only. In the death game of Future Diary, contestants have a special diary with a goal they must complete. Yuki’s goal is to end the game without killing anyone, which Yuno helps achieve.

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She reveals that her diary is a Yuki diary and her only goal is to end up with him. The infamous Yandere face can be seen from Yuno at the end of the first episode. Yuno swears that she will protect Yuki no matter what.

5 Mizuki Himeji - Baka To Test

Mizuki Himeji from Baka to Test is usually very sweet and trusting, but when it comes to her crush, Akihisa Yoshii, flirting with other girls, she shows a much darker and dangerous side.

Because the series is a comedy, Himeji's Yandere nature is played for laughs and isn't taken too seriously. Also, the only person who seems to be in danger when this side of Himeji comes out is Akihisa.

4 Kaede Fuyou – Shuffle

In the Shuffle! anime, Kaede Fuyou is a kind and sweet girl, that suffers trauma from her mother dying. Her childhood friend is Rin Tsuchimi. Kaede wants to hang out with Rin but is pushed aside when Rin chooses to spend time with Asa Shigure.

Asa and Kaede are friends but Kaede’s limits were pushed when Asa and Rin go on a date. Kaede attacks Asa slamming her into a wall causing a heart attack and hospitalizing her.

3 Griffith - Berserk

Griffith was considered a hero in the kingdom of Midland and was literally called the "Falcon of Light." His skill as a swordsman and his charisma had him set up to get everything he wanted until Guts left his mercenary group.

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Griffith's obsession with Guts and his "dream" sent him into such a downward spiral that he committed several heinous acts including sacrificing his own mercenary team to become a demon.

2 Yukako Yamagishi - JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Diamond Is Unbreakable

Yukako Yamagishi is a Stand user who can freely manipulate her hair. Though she first appears to be sweet and demure, she quickly shows the darker side to her nature to her crush and obsession Koichi Hirose. Many speculate that the Yandere trope of Yanderes typically being high school girls came to be because of Yukako Yamagishi.

Hirohiko Araki, the creator of JoJo, mentions that her personality was designed to counter the "moe" character archetype that many female characters had. And it's for these reasons that many consider Yukako Yamagishi to be the first "official" Yandere character.

1 Satou – Happy Sugar Life

The greatest Yandere in anime is Satou Matsuzaka. Satou tops the list because she achieves the relationship she wants in Happy Sugar Life. Satou lives with Shio Koube, a young child not allowed to see the outdoors. Satou just wants to live her happy sugar life with Shio and nothing will stop her.

Satou is in love with Shio and will do anything for her including blackmail, murder, and arson. When Shio finds her way to the outside, no one is safe from Satou.

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Trigger Warning!
This page contains mature content not suitable for all ages or information, language or images that can be sensitive to some people! Precaution is advised.


Japanese Name



Lovesick, emotionally unstable, obsessive, angry, hateful, close-minded, scary, murderous, clingy, annoying, selfish, mean, hypocritical, immature, insensitive, aggressive, deceptive, vengeful, crazy, twisted, possessive, devoted, dedicated, loyal, lovestruck, dramatic, authoritarian, manipulative, violent

"I'm crazy?! What's crazy is this world that refuses to let me be with you!"
Yuno Gasai, from Mirai Nikki.

Not to be confused with "Tsundere", "Megadere", "Dorodere" or "Sadodere".

Yandere is a term used for a person who is initially loving and caring to someone they have a strong affection for until their romantic love, admiration, and devotion becomes feisty and mentally destructive in nature through either over-protectiveness, violence, brutality or all three combined.

Yandere characters are mentally unstable, incredibly deranged and use extreme violence or brutality as an outlet for their emotions.


Yandere characters are the term for crazy people. Not dorky or stunt-loving people, but rather the psychotic and jealous person that will murder their love interest's entire family with the intent to stay with them alone.

Yandere is someone who is overly lovesick; someone who has been driven to insanity by extreme obsession or love, thus resulting in abnormal behavior if not violence, for those around them and even themselves. The tropes "Love Makes You Crazy," "Love Makes You Evil," "Love Hungry," and "Stalker with a Crush," are all amplified and combined, molding into a singular personified character archetype.

yandere sees everyone surrounding their love interest as an enemy, regardless of gender. Yandere characters will attack people to get what they want, in some cases gorily so, in other cases just name-calling or stealing and hiding their possessions somewhere with the intention of them not being found.

Many yandere are introduced as looking normal and cute, lovable and extremely sympathetic. However that's often because they've only been shown interacting with their love interest. Once a third character gets into the equation, they will start to show their true colors. That is, a yandere character starts crazy, they don't go crazy, they were usually crazy from the beginning but were able to keep it concealed.

Note that the above is not always true. Some yanderes are undeniably insane from the start. Why a yandere has become insane can vary; they might be a broken victim of some horrible event, or they might simply have a natural inclination to become a serial killer. Regardless, as long as they have a mentally sick kind of love they're a yandere.

The word "yandere", a term that blossomed in moe fandom, refers to a character who is crazy about someone else, often literally and violently. Despite the anime-inspired name, this type of character itself is much older than that. One of the earliest examples is the Mesopotamian goddess Ishtar/Inanna (technically an Uruk Example, as that was her cult city that neighbored Ur in Sumer).

Yandere characters are usually identifiable by their blank eyes when they go crazy, blood being soaked on them for the majority of their screen time, carrying at least one signature weapon that they use to kill and/or attack others for the majority of their screen time, a mostly moe appearance or at least an appearance that will deceive others, psychotic behavior, and a tendency to attack and/or kill people who would get in the way of their love. "Benign" cases don't even need to bring weapons or violence into the mix: just a well-established aura of menace and the feeling of dread is enough. When on the protagonists' or hero team, they are often the anti-hero.

The character almost always appears cute and harmless on the surface, but underneath they may be obsessive, controlling, and insane. For anyone unfortunate enough to be the object of a yandere's obsession, nothing will dissuade the yandere from the notion that they are theirs and theirs alone. But more pity should be reserved for anyone who gets in the way, as this psycho-obsessive is unwilling to put up with any rivals to their often genuine affection. Most yandere characters have a history of mental instability, but some have always been just a little bit "off". If a yandere ever goes off the deep end, they are likely to go Ax-Crazy, taking up the psycho weapon of their choice and slaughtering people as if straight out of a horror movie. Usually their target is whoever they perceive to be in the way, but if the person they love rejects them or leaves them, they may decide that they would rather see the person dead than with another or themselves because they're nothing without them, which can lead to tragedy.

Interestingly, while yandere characters are usually villains by dint of their psycho and murderous nature, they can still be perceived as "moe" if they manage to gain enough tragic audience sympathy. A sympathetic yandere often has the person they love as a "Living Emotional Crutch", and goes completely crazy and murderous at the thought of losing them, either romantically or otherwise. Worst case scenario, they'll go into a "never my fault" fueled villainous breakdown, at which point they lose the sympathy points.

Yandere is part of the "dere" family, however, those are all sweet inside, while the yandere is the reverse, appearing sweet outside while crazy inside. While a sweet tsundere may have some similarities with a yandere (especially if jealousy is one of their vices), the yandere will often patiently endure things that will send any tsundere utterly bonkers, but the yandere's jealous, possessive and obsessive nature won't let them accept the possibility that the person they love can be happy without them. Unlike most tsundere characters, including sweet types of tsundere, a female yandere is usually a girly girl with a tomboy streak since she is girly and lovey-dovey outside, but violent inside.

Yandere characters are mostly female, but there are male examples. Compare with the "Violently Protective Girlfriend", who can become Ax-Crazy when the love interest is in danger, but is otherwise much more stable mentally. If the admirer is crazy, but tends to be the one who gets violently abused by their affection, then this is "Mad Love".

Contrast with "Wolf in Sheep's Clothing", in which a character is consciously using the illusion of purity and niceness to cover up a sadistic true nature (though a WISC can become a yandere if obsession and mental instability is added). At the extreme, a love to dismember can occur. Due to their often violent nature, they are likely to be the unfettered. The more savage examples also very likely to be faux affably evil.

Meaning of the Name

The "yan" in the word "yandere" (ヤンデレ) comes from the verb "yanderu" (病んでる) which means "to be sick mentally." This is slightly different from the verb "yamu" (病む) which means "to be sick (generally)," despite "yanderu" being also considered a contraction of the verb "yamu" in the te-iru form "yandeiru" (病んでいる).

A somewhat related word is the word "koiyamai" (恋病), meaning "lovesick" and written with the kanji for love ("koi" (恋)) and sickness (yamai (病)).


Origin of the Yandere trope

Yandere may have emerged as a deconstruction of the Yamato Nadeshiko archetype: an eternally serene woman who always puts the needs of her family and husband before her own. A female yandere is all of this driven to the logical extreme and then examined realistically: a sentient individual put in such a position would invariably experience enormous emotional and mental strain. Sooner or later, she would snap, even at the slightest provocation. Ironically, it is this realistic take that makes a yandere so endearing to the audiences, often even more so than the traditional Yamato Nadeshiko. (Granted, there are realistically a wide range of possible responses to stress other than going Ax-Crazy, but this one is definitely more entertaining to watch.)

Why Yandere can be perceived as attractive

Someone who is crazy for you is someone who is crazy for you.

Interestingly, these types of characters can still be perceived as attractive if they can build up enough tragic audience sympathy, despite the argument that many originally become popular by being "subversions" of wishy-washy characters until the fandom ended up loving them in the typical way. Sometimes this can play out in story, if the love interest ever starts to rethink a relationship with them, the yandere might threaten to harm the love interest or "themself" if they ever think on leaving the yandere. This threat might be explicit, but often is more subtle.

The yandere can be attractive because of the simple fact that they are insanely infatuated with the one they love. There is no issue of infidelity on the yandere's part. They would never cheat, emotionally or physically, on the one they love. For one who has been cheated on, this can be a very endearing trait.

Also worth noting is that the yandere is typically a (physically) beautiful or attractive person and they are typically of above average intelligence or even genius level intellect. Otherwise they would simply be an Abhorrent Admirer. In this case, who wouldn't want a supermodel whose only thought is of you? Or an intellectually interesting person whom you can finally have an intelligent and stimulating discussion with? A person whom (individually or a combination of the two) can provide a financially stable life?

How would you like someone who cares about your needs and your interests over their own? These attractive traits seem good. Until they begin deciding that you don't know what is best for you... but they do. Maybe you do need some improvement but the method of improvement is up to them and it can become quite unpleasant or deadly.

And of course, there exists the idea of "I can change them." The idea that, somehow, your actions or your love with steer them away from their murderous ways. You can watch any episode of COPS that involves a domestic dispute, several episodes of Maury or The Jerry Springer Show to see this mentality come into play. In this case, the yandere doesn't need love, and the action that should be taken is to get them psychiatric help - because they are mentally ill.

The Trouble with Yanderes

A main problem with a yandere is that a poorly-written yandere can easily become "The Scrappy", a character that the audience hates to see. As outlandish as the trope can be, yandere characters can still be likable as long as they have elements of sympathy with them, but alas, there are a few that lack that key redemptive trait. A yandere written to be unlikable is more than likely to be a villain of some caliber, planning to cause harm to a more level-headed character in a fit of blind fury simply because their dream relationship fell apart. Another bad sign for a yandere is if they suffer from Erotomania, and delusionally believes that the person they love is in love with them when in reality, the person is either indifferent or wants nothing to do with them. Unrequited yandere attraction never ends well, and can be very ugly if the yandere goes off the deep end.

(The most common type of yandere is violent and jealous, but there are other types of yandere written further below)

Types of Yandere

In the west, yandere is basically always associated with the jealous, violent type of yandere, which is the most common. However, given that the word just means "mentally sick and in love," there are other types of yandere which would be recognized only in the Japanese speaking community.

Because Japanese nouns followed by the suffix "gata" (型), meaning "model," as in "[car] model." So where one would say "a XXX(action here)-ing yandere" in English to say what the yandere does, in Japanese there's a noun for that, so it becomes XXX-gata yandere, "yandere of type XXX."

A single yandere can (and normally will) fit in multiple of these types at a time. In particular, Yuno Gasai fits a dozen of them, which is why she's an ideal example of yandere.

All types of yandere can be of any gender and also have any kind of romantic attraction or obsession. Below is a list of yandere types sorted by degree of insanity, ascending;

mugai-gata (無害型)

Harmless type.

"As long as they are happy, I'm happy."

The most harmless type of yandere, the one where they have fallen in love in an unhealthy, obsessive way, but they don't do anything insane about it. They will try hard to become your lover, but won't harm anybody in the way. If you get into a relationship with someone, this type of yandere won't attack you two, they'll be happy you found happiness, but perhaps they may still hope that you'll choose them instead one day.

This can be associated with megadere, undere, or dorodere. Harmless type of yandere, who could also be one or three of these types and would not even come close to being a real yandere.

They can either be viewed as a crazy, obsessive version of a deredere or a sweet, loyal version of a yandere.

kanchigai-gata (勘違い型)

Wrong idea type.

"They gave me an eraser... this must mean they love me!"

They get the wrong idea when something is done in order to match their expectations. If you say you don't love them, they'll think you're lying because you don't want to hurt them. If you do something out of kindness to them, they'll think it's out of love.

shuuchaku-gata (執着型)

Obsession type.

"I sent you 50 messages, why didn't you answer? Where were you? What were you doing?"

This type will try to learn everything about their love interests, including personal information, hobbies, routine, etc. They will send messages regularly to check on their love, asks why they haven't answered if they didn't, wants to know what they're doing always. And, if possible, walks around with them all the time as well.

The obsession type doesn't necessarily want to monopolize you. They'll let you hang around with friends, etc. but wants to know everything you do. They probably want to go with you, too. If they can't go somewhere with you, they might stalk you.

If they learn a person is too close to you, they might attack.

sutookaa-gata (ストーカー型)

Stalker type.

"Although you don't know it, I'll always be with you!"

Will follow a their interest around, often without them knowing. May be in broad daylight or at night, when they're walking alone on the streets, or even online if relevant. A person of this type is also often of the obsessive type.

dokusen-gata (独占型)

Monopoly type. (This is the most common type.)

"Who is that person you were talking to?"

They want to monopolize their love interest. And will ask who they're talking to and hanging with, in extreme cases won't let them be with anyone else, regardless if they are well known as a mutual friend.

This type of behavior is unfortunately common in real life. It displays insecurities and lack of trust in the relationship which might develop into much worse yandere behavior.

ison-gata (依存型)

Dependence type. ("Dependence" as in addiction, alcohol dependence, chemical, etc.)

"No, don't leave me! Please! I can't live without you!"

Can't live without their love interest, and will beg them to not leave or throw them away. Claim that they will die or kill themselves if they leave. May lose will to do anything if they aren't watching. If their love interest does, in fact, leave; they might go full crazy and end up doing something crazy like going on a murderous rampage.

touei-gata (投影型)

Projection type.

"You're just like them."

After their former love turned out to be a completely different person than they loved, got a partner, died or something of the sort, and the yandere can no longer stay with them, they will search for someone who was just like what their love was.

This type of yandere is very innocent at first, but if they're given power to dominate their new beloved, they might end up trying to make them more and more like what their old interest was. For example, wearing the same clothes, doing the same things, etc.

Sometimes, this yandere might project their ideal lover not on someone else but on the same person. That is, they might say "you are not them, they do this," even though they actually are them and they do not do "this".

shoushitsu-gata (消失型)

Disappearance type.

"They will never love someone like me... why exist?"

They love their beloved, maybe they know that, maybe they don't, but not knowing this gives them a crushing depression. They think they'll never love them and they have no chance, but they can't stop their unhealthy feelings of love. They think their interest is too good for them, or that they're too worthless for them. This makes them slowly fade away, disappearing from their life. Until they completely disappear forever. (Usually suicide)

This is an atypical yandere, since it has so little effect on other characters' lives.

shuumatsu-gata (終末型)

Final type. ("final" as in "the end")

"I don't need a world where they don't exist."

After learning their love died, they lose their purpose in life. The world for them was their love, and they're now gone. What this results vary. Most of the time, they become broken emotionally, as expected. They might also commit suicide. Or sometimes, they might become a terrorist and destroy the world that let them die, or just go on revenge serial killing.

DV-gata (DV型)

Domestic Violence type.

"It hurts? That's your fault! Next time learn your lesson and stop looking at other people!"

When jealous, feeling ignored, etc. uses violence against their beloved. They'll beat them and claim it's their own fault. This can be either discharging pent-up rage through violence and they just happen to be their favorite punching bag, or deliberately punishing them for doing something they didn't like.

Both cases, unfortunately, are also common in real life.

bouryoku-gata (暴力型)

Violence type.

Another name for the "domestic violence" type above.

They "use violence" (bouryoku wo furu (暴力をふる)) towards you.

sokubaku-gata (束縛型)

Restraints type.

"Let's stay together forever! You'll never leave my side, not ever again!"

They want to be with their love always, and always, and always, AND ALWAYSAND ALWAYS. That means they'll probably kidnap them and lock them into their house so they're forced to stay with them.

There are variations, some lighter, some worse, but the general idea is that they want themselves and their love to be inseparable.

mousou-gata (妄想型)

Delusion type.

"Why are you running? Darling, you just told me that you loved me, remember!?"

Similar to the "wrong idea" type above, but far worse.

When their insane love is unrequited (for obvious reasons), and they start running away from the crazy person, they'll think it's because they're embarrassed, and not because they don't want them. Their love distorts the reality they perceive. They see a bunch of delusions instead.

The delusion type may also be in denial something unpleasant happened. They'll just forget it happened. Their memories may also be replaced with delusions: they'll remember a love being extremely nice to them when they were actually indifferent, or them saying saying they liked them before they even met.

jishou-gata (自傷型)

Self-harm type.

"Hey... look at me... look at me... look, there's so much blood coming out..."

They harm themselves, cutting wrists, etc. in order to get their interests' attention. This often happens when they're ignored. The "dependence" type might evolve into this if they are abandoned.

There are two sub-types to this;

First, the one where they harm themselves in secret and have a love notice their injuries, then they say "it's nothing to worry about" hoping they worry about it more. This is usually something light like a knee bruise.

Second, the one where they harm themselves in a love's face as a way to say "I'll kill myself if you leave me", forcing them to stay by their side by guilt.

haijo-gata (排除型)

Removal type.

"You don't need other people. You have me."

They will remove everyone they think their love doesn't need, which means everyone else. This can include things like excluding their contacts and messages to even murdering everybody who approaches.

This type of yandere has two sub-types:

First, the one that removes people secretly. They see them hanging with someone, the next day that person has mysteriously disappeared. They, a main character, are probably as clueless as a sheet of sudoku in blank about this incident, and the next several incidents like it.

Second, the one that removes people openly. This also ranges from removing messages to killing people. They might be expecting their love to agree with them, "Yeah, you're right, I don't need other people", or they might just want to show them what they're capable of.

shinjuu-gata (心中型)

Double Suicide type.

"Let's die together! So we can stay together FOREVER in the afterlife!”

Why be always together in life if they can be forever together for all eternity? This type of yandere will propose what no sane person would: let's die!

Sadly, suicide pacts are a thing. Double suicide, lovers' suicide, too, is a thing. One of the most famous pieces ever, Romeo & Juliet, (spoilers) sort of ended up in a double suicide.

One thing different in a yandere double suicide is that, often, their beloved don't really want to suicide. It's more likely this yandere wants them both dead and they'll kill them then themself. Although there are also actual consensual attempted double suicides involving yandere characters.

jiko-gisei-gata (自己犠牲型)

Self-Sacrifice type.

"If it's for you I wouldn't mind dying!"

They'd make any sacrifice for you, as long as it means getting you to love them. They don't even mind dying for you or fighting bloody battles, sustaining multiple injuries, etc. as long as it means staying with you.

Unlike the self-harm type, the self-sacrifice type isn't seeking attention with their suicidal behavior. Instead, they want to make themselves useful and support the one they love.

This is easier to visualize in anime where fighting monsters, etc. is normal. However, this kind of sickness also exists in real life. Some people do sacrifice themselves for a beloved one in an extremely unhealthy and unrewarding way, just because they "love" them.

suuhai-gata (崇拝型)

Worship type.

"I'll do anything for you! I'll even kill for you! Please use me however you want!"

They worships you and will do anything for you. Sometimes even without you asking. And more: They don't even mind if you love them or not, or what will happen to them. Killing, dying, committing crimes, losing respect of others, they'll do anything it means providing support to your infinite greatness.

This is one of the least-harmful type of yandere to one self since they would never do anything to harm you and will never be in your way. Nonetheless, it's also one of the most depressing types; it makes you feel sorry for the yandere, who thinks of themself less like a person and more like a tool who might get thrown away if they're not useful enough.

The difference between the "worship" type and the "self-sacrifice" type is that the "worship" type is also like the "disappearance" type. The "self-sacrifice" type wants to be useful so they can be loved, the "worship" type doesn't mind if they are not loved back, in fact, they probably thinks they are not worth being loved by the delusive greatness they consider you.

They wouldn't, for example, attack your partner or other people out of jealousy, but they might attack a person approaching you because they thinks this person is stepping out of their boundaries and being presumptuous by daring to talk to your greatness without proper respect.

choukyou-gata (調教型)

Training type.

"Say you love me... come on, say it. Say you love me. SAY YOU LOVE ME! Yay! You're so good! Here's your reward."

(the word choukyou was once only about "training [animals]" or "breaking [animals]". It has nothing to do with training for sports)

They'll break you into loving them. Sometimes using torture, a punishment/reward system, brainwashing, blackmail, etc. This probably involves you getting kidnapped and forced into it, although there might be more subtle ways to accomplish this.

koritsu yuudou-gata (孤立誘導型)

Loneliness Induction type.

"Shhh... it's ok. I'm here. You don't need anyone else. You can just count on me."

They will make, induce, you to feel or be alone. By spreading malicious rumors about you that make others alienate you, by murdering your friends and family, etc. Then they'll jump in and present themselves as the only one you can count on when you're most fragile mentally and in need of company.

Inducing things that don't make you feel lonely but give some sort of mental damage, trauma, also count as this type. Conversely, if your friends and family get killed on their own and you're alone but they have nothing to do with it, it's not the same thing since they didn't induce it, although a yandere might abuse your condition to get closer to you.

This type is similar to the "dependence" type, except it's not what the yandere can do for you, it's what you can do for the yandere.

kyouki-gata (猟奇型)

Bizarre-Seeking type.

"I love you, so... can you give me your fingernails? I want them so I can always have a part of you with me.

Undeniably the worst type of yandere, they will murder you, and not by accident, not by jealousy, not by revenge. they will murder you because they love you. And then they'll keep your rotting corpse on bed or preserved inside a glass because there's no way they'd throw you away.

In a sense sane people are better off not even trying to understand, the bizarre-seeking type of yandere is purely insane, mad way beyond explanation.

The word kyouki, used in the type's name, is normally associated with disturbing imagery involving gore, blood and worse stuff. It's also related to "grotesque" art, guro (グロ).

Likewise, nobody in their sane mind can relate to the grotesque love of bizarre-seeking yandere. Ranging from murder, mutilation, and maybe something even worse us mere mortals can't even begin to imagine, their bizarre displays of love can only be summed up by: "What on earth!?"


A map to help you figure out what type of yandere you  don't want to mess around with.



The types of yandere above were based on the following articles in Japanese:

Variations and Similar Japanese Archetypes

Yangire (ヤンギレ)



Starts normal, becomes violent and psychopathic.

"Yangire" (ヤンギレ) character is a yandere devoid of love and filled with rage, which is some pretty bad combination considering the yan of yandere means "mentally sick." So now you have someone who is mentally sick and that has snapped.

A common type of yangire character is the one that has gone through some sort of trauma and then snaps and goes on a killing spree after getting triggered. Generally speaking, yangire characters have no faith left for the world so they don't care much about killing or getting killed. They just want to watch the world burn.

As one would expect, a yangire character doesn't necessarily have a romantic interest. A yandere would have one, and would go around killing everyone around their lover in a very jelly genocide, but a yangire is a strong independent character who needs no romantic interest in order to start a massacre.

Yangire characters are pretty much crazy and crazy violent. All you need to know is that they are crazier than yandere characters and that ought to say a lot.

A "yangire" is a Japanese term used to refer to normal people who seem innocent at first and suddenly become violent outside.


Yangire is very similar to yandere; they both suffer from a personality disorder and can easily become violent and extremely dangerous. However, yangire

Sours: https://the-dere-types.fandom.com/wiki/Yandere
When You Bully A Cute Girl But She's A Yandere

Top 30 Yandere Characters in Anime

On one hand, Yandere characters in Anime are cute, they are endearing, kind and loveable. On the other hand, they can flip a switch and become murderous and violent in a second. While we love to love these characters, they are ones to watch out for. However, they do offer the element of surprise, which is what you want out of a good anime!

If you have a love for all things Yandere, here are the top 30 to have a look at.


1. Lucy – Elfen Lied

Also known as Kaede, Lucy was one of the first proper Yandere to hit the anime scene. Lucy was tested upon and put through ruthless torture by government organizations. She was forced to use her powers to torment subjects. She manages to escape her captors and tormentors, but in the process is injured. This injury causes her to gain a new personality – Nyu. Nyu is childlike and gentle, whereas Lucy can be violent and homicidal. The switch between these two happens in a snap, and those who expect the childlike personality of Nyu can be hit with the sadism of Lucy in an instant.


2. Mikasa Ackerman – Attack on Titan

Mikasa is gentle and kind. She is the adoptive sister of Armin. Through her past she has an unbreakable bond with Eren and helps him whenever he needs her. Her timid and genius mind does not attest to her incredible fighting skills and physical strength. She lives her life to protect Eren, and her kindness becomes obsolete when he is in danger.




3. Sekai Saionji – School Days

Sweet and cheerful are perfect words to describe her. She even goes out of her way to help her crush and hopefully-sweetheart, Makoto, try and get close to the girl that he is after – Kotonoha. While they are mostly positive, her emotions rule her and this can cause her to be quite a loudmouth and erratic at times. Even though she is small and cute, she can ruthlessly turn down any suitors who are not Makoto. She stands her ground, but is cute at the same time.


4. Anna Nishikinomiya – Shimoneta

Anna is the daughter of revered and respected parents. They enforce strict public laws and are incredibly influential. As a result of this, Anna takes on a similar responsibility. She is the president of the Student Council, but is soft spoken and naïve. However she is strong, headfast and determined. She used any means possible – sometimes even seen as lewd or obscene – to get rid of any materials within the school. Her soft spoken manner is no match for her strong sense of just getting things done.




5. Megumi Shimizu – Shiki

She is pretty and full of life. She feels her village keeps her down and so desperately longs for a life in the city. Her one-sided crush on Natsuno sees her daydreaming about him constantly. She is sweet and ambitious, but do not get on her wrong side.


6. Tsukiyama – Tokyo Ghoul

Tsukiyama is a fourth-year student studying Social Welfare at the Department of Human Sciences, he is also the infamous Gourmet Ghoul. He comes across as a gentleman, an intellectual and a man with opulent taste for the finer things in life. This façade very convincingly hides the darker side of his personality. He is narcissistically minded, he is disturbed and dark. When he takes on the form of a ghoul, his arrogance of being strong shines through. He like only eating the finest of specimens and prides himself as being at the top of the food chain. His high-life and opulence are no match for his sadistic and cunning darker side.




7. Katsura Kotonoha – School Days

Katsura is as shy and quiet as they come. She is beautiful, and this pushes away many females. It has also caused her to be shy and wary of boys. Her more reserved and cautious personality does not speak to her actual strength when push comes to shove. She is strong at heart, and her beauty hides this well.


8. Alois – Black Butler

Earl Alois Trancy, as he is more formally known. He is the head of the household and should be referred to as “Your Highness”. He is rather young, only 14 years old, so he looks childlike and weak. In reality though he is unpredictable and is demanding. He has a deep connection with his butler Claude, but pushes him to his limit as well. He has serious mood swings which often result in violence, after he is easily angered and pestered. He also tends to use harsh and foul language in these moods. Though through these darker traits, he has a cheerful disposition that many fall prey to.




9. Yuno Gasai – Future Diary

Yuno Gasai is unique and attractive. She has long pink hair and big pink eyes. Her hair is often pulled back in pigtails with the front locks adorned in bows. She is incredibly sweet and very feminine. Sometimes she can even be shy when around boys like Yukiteru. Below this mask of gentleness is a dark, cold and calculating character that will do anything and use anyone to get what she wants. She even resorts to violence and cruelty to achieve her goals, often leading to death and destruction. She is still super cute to look at though!


10. Ayase Aragaki – Oreimo

Sweet and friendly, Ayase is friends with Kirino and works alongside her as a model. She has an incredible hate for being lied to, and often becomes angered and violent if she suspects that someone may be lying to her. She has a distaste for anime, and from the news she believes that anime leads to otaku becoming criminals. She changes friendships and loves because of this view, altering her life.




11. Belarus – Hetalia Axis Powers

The story of Belarus and her brothers Ukraine and Russia is very complicated. She is young and naïve and is in a way, in love with her brother Russia who does not return the favour. Lithuania loves her however, but she quite openly hates him. She comes across as docile and very youthful, but beneath this there is a harsh and mad woman. Some claim that she is bipolar. She lashes out violently, even breaking all Lithuania’s fingers when out on a date. She carries a knife around and is a big fan of the occult. Her sweet and innocent looks in no way define her wild personality.


12. Takami Minatsuki – Deadman Wonderland

Minatsuki is the youngest of three – Yoh Takami and a Deadman Hummingbird. She has a dark past and upbringing. She seems to many to be a little girl who has no taste for violence and turns her back on her past. However, this is not the truth. She is an incredibly twisted individual who takes pleasure in seeing others writhe in pain. To show her violence and sadism – she uses blood from her ears to create whips to strike and restrain victims. These are her Branch of Sins. She is one of the more evil characters around, but hides it very well behind her appearance.




13. Misa Amane – Death note

Misa is a famous model. She is small and beautiful. Though she is one of the possessors of her own Death Book. She supports Light in his quest to rid the world of evil, using his Death Book. She cuts her lifespan in half twice to receive the Shinigami Rem, the ability to know someone’s name by just looking at their face. By having their name, she can end their life by writing it down in her Death Book. Her relationship with Light is not even, he simply uses her to fulfil his own goals. But her lust for death and power over life and death make her a dangerous character.


14. Shouko Kirishima -Baka to Test – Summoning the Beast

Shouko comes across as soft-spoken and reserved. She is the class representative and is highly intelligent. She is completely infatuated with Yuuji. This infatuation brings out the crazy in her. She is very assertive and possessive. When she sees him looking at girls, she would often poke his eyes to blur his vision. She has resorted to chains and locks to keep him with her, and even tasers him if she feels he is unfaithful. At one point her craziness drives her to submit a marriage certificate for the two of them, which is ultimately unsuccessful because she is underage. She is a good example of how a mix of love and possessiveness can lead to a bad end.




15. Nadeko Sengoku – Bakemonogatari

Nadeko is the main character of the show Nadeko Snake. She is shy and unassuming. She hides behind her bangs while fall down to almost cover her eyes. When she pushes them aside one day, she reveals a glare that resembles a serpent and thus she shows the whole other side to her personality that nobody could ever have imagined.


16. Seijuurou – Kuroko no Basket

He is the captain of the Generation of Miracles and wields great power. Akashi holds power and a winner’s mentality, but also shows respect and reverence to his team and followers. During middle school, he developed a split personality which does not have any tolerance for those who stand against him or belittle him. He gains a new rule that only those who follow him or earn his respect can look him in the eyes. He goes from respectful and thoughtful to harsh and violent, thanks to his two vastly different sides.




17. Shion and Mion Sonozaki – Higurashi: When They Cry

Shion is the second born of the Sonozaki family. Her and her twin, Mion, often swap places to attend family meetings in preparation to lead the family. However the twins ended up swapping roles on the day that Mion, the first born, was to receive the branded demon tattoo. This left the wrong sister permanently branded as the leader. Mion uses skill and a little cheating to win games at the club and even adopts a tomboy personality. This however cannot be seen through her formal and responsible role as the headship of the family. Her severity comes through when she forces Shion to rip off three of her own fingernails, even though her love for her as a twin remains.


18. Asakura – The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya

So Ryoko Asakura first appears as a social and intelligent high school student. She even runs as class president. Little does anyone know, before revealing it herself, that she is actually a Data Overmind Humanoid Interface. She has murderous intentions and is definitely not as perky and sweet as she seems. Her once popular and happy demeanour is replaced with darker intentions. She is Yuki’s back up, and just like him, she battles to feel and empathize with humans. She does however possess social skills that help her fit in and helps hide in the crowd. She kills without thought and is a mastermind calculator.




19. Revy – Black Lagoon

Revy is also sometimes known by her full name Rebecca. She is very secretive about her past and is one of the main fighters for the Lagoon Company. She was raised in Chinatown and is half American-Chinese. She grew up as a thief and a murderer, setting her up for a life similar to this. She is secretive and dark, as well as ruthless and unwavering when killing on a whim. She is a great shooter and will threaten anyone who steps in her way.


20. Rolo – Code Geass

Rolo works for the Britannian Secret Intelligence Service. He is quiet and reserved and doesn’t attract attention or friends. He spends his time in the background listening and learning. He can be blunt when he needs to be, but his withdrawn personality hides his ruthless killer instinct who is detached when it comes to taking human life. He is very attached to Lelouch, which is a complete contrast to his attitude towards killing, and shows his softer, loyal side. Sometimes even possessive.




21. Medusa – Soul Eater

In disguise, Medusa is supportive and kind. But in true form she is manipulative and heartless. Mother to Crona and witch, she manipulates Crona to believe that is okay to take any soul they wanted to, and even goes as far as to plant a spell in Crona’s mind when Crona begins to falter. She resides at Shibusen as a nurse and teacher, but she does it to have access to records and to study the students to see which ones can become Kishin, demon gods. She will use anyone and any means to accomplish what she wants and feels nothing when doing so. She is quite terrifying when not in disguise, and has thousands of snakes ready to follow her commands, all hiding in her body.


22. Rena Ryuuguu – Higurashi: When They Cry

Rena is the definition of cute. She even obsesses over cute things and collects all the cute things she can find. She is kind and naïve, and is happiest when out collecting and treasure hunting. Her famous phrase when seeing something she likes is “I wanna take it home!” But when she is in this mood she becomes stronger and faster, all in a light-hearted way. Mion, Rena’s friends, does warn that even though she is adorable, she can be scary when angered and should not be crossed.




23. Haru – My Little Monster

Haru is known for showing up out of nowhere and popping up in situations unexpectedly. He is very passionate with helping others out and goes out of his way to please. However, he is a trouble maker and has incredible strength. His bad temper does get the better of him at times, but he does learn to deal with it. His calm and passionate demeanour make way for his outbursts and strength, which nobody wants to be on the receiving end of.


24. Mika Hirama – Durarara!!

While sitting next to Seiji and Mikado during the Raira Academy entrance exams, Mika falls in love with Seiji. As soon as the exams are done, she beings collecting information about Seiji. Things escalate when Seiji saves Mika and a friend Anri from a group of bullies, but this only fuels Mika’s obsession with Seiji and she starts stalking him. Her passive demeanour and quietness keep her obsessive nature hidden below and nobody quite knows the extent this quiet girl will go to in order to possess what she wants, or who she wants.


25. Griffith – Berserk

Griffith is revered for his intelligence and is incredibly charismatic. He is the leader of the mercenary group the Band of the Hawk and leads well. He is very handsome and knows how to lead well. At the other end he is very skilled with the sabre and considers himself invincible. This legendary status made him a favorite of the Midland King, who used him in the century long war with the Empire of Chuder.


26. Hotogi Shirayuki – Aria The Scarlet Ammo

The perfect girl – she is head of the volleyball cub, gardening club, handicraft club, she is the student council chairman and is really beautiful. She does have one major flaw though. She is incredibly jealous and she becomes a complete berserker that will attack any female who tries to approach Kinji, who she loves. She even tries to kill Aria when she learns her and Kinji are living together. She possesses a Japanese sword that she named Irokane Ayame, and that is her weapon to avenge her jealousy.




27. Kaede Fuyou – Shuffle

Kaede is a beautiful girl. She grew up with Rin after their parents died in a car accident. She takes care of Rin, doing his housework and cooking all his meals. She is polite and modest, and more often than not she is very soft-spoken. Throughout the series she shows signs of psychosis and violence after being shocked by sudden news. After the death of their parents, she blamed Rin for her mother’s death and abuses him, which he lets her do to stop her from falling deep into a depression. She atones for this by looking after Rin, and now has a romantic love towards him that he does not feel. She can be harsh and almost psychotic, but her soft-spoken passiveness and loyalty keeps this hidden.


28. Lindo – Dance with Devils

Lindo is an exorcist, and a vampire. He is the older brother of Ritsuka Tachibana. His role as an exorcist and his reputation as a vampire make him seem foreboding and powerful, however his love for his sister is really remarkable, and he will do anything to protect her, even throwing his own life away to save hers.




29. Nina Einstein – Code Geass

Nina is smart and a bookworm. She is a student council member at the revered Ashford Academy. Although through her studies, she has a xenophobic attitude towards Elevens and feels intimidated by Suzaku. She develops an almost obsessive desire on the Third Princess Euphemia and then looks to Euphemia for emotional support. Her smart mind and researched knowledge doesn’t stop her feelings towards Elevens and does not stop her unrelenting obsession for the Third Princess Euphemia.


30. Levi Ackermann – Attack on Titan

Levi Ackermann is a popular anime character. He is sometimes awkward and can have OCD tendencies to things around him and does not like being touched as he might get dirty. His past is one of tragedy and suffering, he loses his mother and best friends, and this pushes him to his anti-social behaviour. He is sarcastic and can be funny, but despite his awkwardness he is fiercely loyal and will do anything to protect those he cares for, especially his squad members and does feel deep emotions for them.



There should be more than enough Yandere characters to choose from. Fall in love with heir sweet dispositions and kind hearts, and watch as the smallest of ticks throw them into a frenzy of jealousy, violence and sadism.

Yandere characters show us how sometimes the most unassuming of people can be the most dangerous, and at our core we are all human who have emotions that override even the kindest of hearts.



AnimeLindsey Leetop 30 yandere characters in anime, yandere, top, anime, yandere characters

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Anime characters yandere

Yandere’s, unlike Tsundere’s, have a higher chance of being in a relationship with the person they’re into. And staying in a relationship compared to Tsundere’s.

Maybe it’s their aggressive attitude and forceful behaviour. Or the simple fact they won’t take no sh*t from anyone.

Whatever the case – Yandere characters and their cliches are popular for a reason.

This list of Yandere characters will give you more than you need.


1. Esdeath ()

esdeath blue hair akame ga kill
esdeath childhood

Esdeath is a stunning blue haired character, and better yet – an unlike the common school girl character you tend to see.

She’s raised to believe the weak die, and the strong survive. This harsh lesson is forced against her will and it becomes her motto in the main story of .

Esdeath’s the type of Yandere who’s unusually and smart. Strong enough to overwhelm most Men she falls for.

And her twisted bloodlust only makes her more dangerous, especially when she’s able to use beauty as a weapon.


2. Senjougahara Hitagi ()

senjougahara sexy e1584897281679
senjougahara monogatari

Senjougahara is a complex Yandere compared to your average, run of the mill Yandere cliché.

She’s not overpowered because she has no super strength.

She’s not in control of a army compared to a character like Esdeath. But Senjougahara does have the attitude, the cold demeanour, and the cold sarcasm to make her stand out from most Yanderes.

Ignoring a character like Senjougahara when it comes to Yandere’s is like ignoring Goku when it comes to Shounen.

She’s relevant and has her own flavor.


3. Yuu Ibara (Ryuugajou Nanana)

yuu ibara yandere
yuu ibara ryuugajou

Yuu Ibara is a savage, especially when she first shows up in Ryuugajou Nanana.

The first thing we see is Ibara kicking the living daylights out of Juugo, the main character.

Unlike Esdeath or Senjougahara, Yuu Ibara isn’t in a relationship and never insinuates or forces her way into one. She’s protective of the man she’s fallen for, and will kill for him if the situation calls for it.

Ibara’s a lot more sensitive and goes out of her way to cry for attention more than some Yandere characters.


4. Yuno Gasai (Future Diary)

yuno gasai crying
yuno yandere crazy

Yuno Gasai is the queen when it comes to Yandere characters. Especially if we’re talking about female characters in particular.

Without Yuno – there wouldn’t be so many memes about Yandere’s in the community.

Yuno, just like Esdeath has been though a f*ck load of pain, agony, hardships and emotional damage in her childhood.

None of Yuno’s parents gave a F about Yuno’s happiness.

This is the reason Yuno Gasai is so messed up psychologically, and is the motivation for her Yandere, possessive tendencies. And violent, jealous behavior.

Even for the most petty reasons.

She’s one of the most famous Yanderes to keep the trend going.

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5. Rem (Re:Zero)

rem yandere
rem cute season 2

Rem is a low-key Yandere.

She’s not as obvious, blatant or “text book cliché” as other Yandere characters. Probably because of Re:Zero’s plot and how it moves forward. As well as Rem’s involvement and how it plays out.

But if you’re a fan of Re:Zero and you pay attention to what’s happening in the story, there are subtle hints, sometimes more obvious hints of Rem’s Yandere behavior.

We see a little more of this in the 2nd half of Re:Zero.

The fact that Subaru’s in love with Emilia is what degrades Rem’s role as a Yandere to begin with.

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6. Toga Himiko ()

toga scary yandere
toga yandere smile

Toga’s one of the newest Yandere’s on the block. And she’s made it clear from the moment she’s shown up in .

One of the times Toga’s “Yandere” comes out the closet is when she’s disguised as Camie (a little spoiler).

This is during the little tournament when she finds Deku alone.

Toga’s got the Yandere smile down to a T as well. It’s blatant from the moment she shows her face in .


7. (Elfen Lied)

lucy elfen lied angry sadist
lucy dress elfen lied

from Elfen Lied is a Yandere from the horror genre. And another Yandere who can overwhelm most of anyone who tries to resist or challenge her.

is a Diclonius, a creature with vectors that vibrate at high speeds (similar to Accelerator from Railgun or Index).

She has one of the most tragic backstories and endings of any character, not just Yanderes.


8. Anna Nishikinomiya (Shimoneta)

anna senpai yandere
anna shimoneta yandere

Anna Nishikinomiya is like the Yandere version of Zero Two in some ways.

As a student council president she plays the part, but has sexual tendencies she hides from the public.

She’s insane over Tanukichi Okuma (main character) and acts like a drunk person with no hesitation or boundaries. And will walk through the gates of hell and back for the man she “loves”.

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9. Rolo Lamperouge (Code Geass)

rolo code geass anime
rolo lamperouge eye

Rolo is a surprising Yandere. Not just because he’s a male character, but because of his shocking level of devotion, blind faith and love for Lelouch (the MC).

In Code Geass season 2 Rolo plays the role of little brother. With the exception of his Yandere tendencies and the drama that comes with his actions later on.

Rolo’s actions do make sense just like with Yuno Gasai, because of his past and the way he’s treated.


10. Mikasa Ackerman (Attack On Titan)

mikasa ackerman yandere
mikasa ackerman long hair

Mikasa Ackerman is a soldier (pun intended) when it comes to doing what needs to be done. Even if it’s grim, harsh or uncomfortable.

We see this from Mikasa in the first episode with the “flashback” childhood with Eren.

In the Attack On Titan plot – Mikasa Ackerman will jump through fire for Eren Jaeger. And won’t hesitate to get violent if anyone F’s with Eren.

It’s clear Mikasa’s a little unstable emotionally, especially when dealing with Eren in particular. A bit of an extremist.


11. Mion Sonozaki (Higurashi)

mion sonozaki smile
mion sonozaki yandere

Mion Sonozaki is a girl who’s wise beyond her years, and has the kind of personality I love the most in Higurashi. She knows how to play dumb if needed, and is hiding a lot of secrets.

She’s not the typical Yandere from a romance point of view, but all the traits and extremes are definitely there.

Even more so when her childhood is revealed, and the disturbed lifestyle of the Sonozaki family.

Both Mion and her twin sister Shion are psychologically messed up in some way shape or form.


12. Rena Ryuugu (Higurashi)

rena higurashi yandere
rena ryuugu cute

Rena Ryuugu is another disturbed character in this horror series. Unlike Mion, Rena is more reserved and innocent on the surface. But she knows how to play dumb no different to Mion.

Her “Yandere” characteristics show up a couple of times in the series. But in general she has a taste for violence because of her unstable home life.

Rena turns out to be the more violent character out of all the relevant Higurashi girls.


13. Mikaela Hyakuya (Owari No Seraph)

mika owari no seraph serious face
mika smile owari no seraph

Mikaela Hyakuya is the best friend of Yuichiro Hyakuya, the main character. But they’re both separated after a tragic event in the first episode.

Just like Yuu, Mikaela starts as a child slave. Captured by vampires. But Mikaela is turned into a vampire and becomes somewhat of a Yandere for Yuu.

It’s so intoxicating it’s almost as if Mikaela see’s Yuu as a boyfriend, even though that’s not the case.

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14. Medusa Gorgon (Soul Eater)

medusa gorgon smirk
medusa soul eater yandere

Medusa The Witch, or Medusa Gorgon is as savage as she sounds. She’s a literal witch and one of the most original characters with a thirst for power, and a psychotic way of viewing the world.

She goes out her way to create her own child, and then treats that child as if it has no worth and doesn’t deserve her love or affection.

From a romantic stand point – Medusa is crazy for Dr Frankenstein, and has an intoxicating desire for him.

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15. Shion ()

shion tensei slime angry
shion yandere tensei slime

Shion is Rimuru Tempest’s right hand woman. When sh*t goes down, she’s one of the first to step in and take care of business.

In the case of this – Shion isn’t in a relationship with Rimuru Tempest.

In fact she’s part of the low-key harem in . But there’s no mistaking her Yandere characteristics.

Shion’s inner-Yandere just isn’t as heavy-handed and extreme compared to other Yandere types.


Honorable Mentions:

  • Sekai Saionji (School Days).
  • Megumi Shimizu (Shiki)
  • Katsura Kotonoha (School Days).
  • Ayase Aragaki (My Little Sister Can’t Be This ).
  • Alois (Black Butler).
  • Takami Minatsuki (Deadman Wonderland).


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Top 14 Best Yandere Characters in Anime

35 Insane Yandere Characters In Anime

Today we are going to talk about yandere characters yes all those mad lovers that won’t be silent if they see anyone wandering around their crush.

We all can agree love make us a lil bit crazy we push our limits while we are in love but these yandere characters will not hesitate to kill someone if they see them as a threat to their crush.

Lets dive into the list of these insane yandere characters from the anime universe.

Waring From Senpai

I will try to keep this list spoiler free but as you know some of these yandere characters are late bloomers so maybe i will mention some spoilers down below.

35. Mizuki Himeji From Baka to Test to Shoukanjuu

Mizuki Himeji From Baka to Test to Shoukanjuu yandere characters

This yandere character name is Mizuki and she is a gentle and well-behaved bishoujo who was Akihisa Yoshii’s first love ever since when they were in elementary school.

According to her love letter revealed in the light novels she has had similar feelings for Aki since elementary but did not realize it was love until the summoning exams.

When she is drunk however, or her emotions are stirred, her actions can cross the line. Because of her innocent character, she believes in others’ words too easily. 

34. Konishi From Charlotte


This yandere character name is Konishi and she is madly in love with Oikawa, another student of Ayumi Otosaka’s class.

Because the boy was attracted to Yū Otosaka’s sister, Konishi wants to get rid of her rival.

Konishi is a yandere; she apparently seems to be a polite, shy and kind girl, but she later turns out to be a sadistic, violent and aggressive girl.

33. Shuu Tsukiyama From Tokyo Ghoul

Shuu Tsukiyama

Tsukiyama is a sohpisticated, intelligent, and well-read yandere character. He has a spoiled and narcissitic nature and is always loud and flamboyant when meeting with other characters.

He has a deep obsession with Kaneki and does whatever it takes to taste his flesh and gets more obsessed after he hears that Kaneki had commited canibalism and has a kakuja.

In Tokyo Ghoul:re, however, his personality dramatically changes. He’s now sad and depressed as Kaneki is gone and Sasaki replaces him. He continues to obsess over him and stays indors and isolated fromt he rest of the outside world constantly.

32. Hisoka Morow From Hunter x Hunter

Hisoka is portrayed as entirely self-serving, self-absorbed, and selfish yandere character. He does whatever he likes as long as it pleases him in some way.

His insatiable love for spilling the blood of powerful fighters in combat and his enjoyment of extreme pain while doing so fuels his seemingly sadomasochistic desires.

In order for them to grow to their full potential (so as to improve the pleasure of killing them later), Hisoka allows the main protagonists to live in situations wherein he is easily able to kill them.

31. Kurenai Rin From Big Order

Kurenai Rin

Kurenai Rin is an audacious and impulsive yandere character whose primary goal is to seek revenge against Hoshimiya Eiji for being the reason behind her parents’ deaths.

She is willing to resort to any means to kill him, and persistently attempts to through violent procedures such as stabbing Eiji in the hand with her sword.

Even after being subjugated under Eiji’s Bind Dominator, Rin continues to try to kill him, stating that although she is to obey him, she will never allow him to control her heart.

30. Mikasa Ackerman From Attack on Titan

Mikasa Ackerman

Before joining the Yeager family this yandere character, Mikasa appeared to be a cheerful, outgoing, and gentle child.

Her innocence allowed her to push anxious thoughts to the back of her mind, continuing to live with her parents and loved ones happily. Growing up, Mikasa has become emotionally withdrawn and noticeably dangerous, sometimes intimidating her enemies or even her comrades.

She is quite stoic and level headed, rarely seen to lose her cool or be at a loss of what to do, no matter how bleak the situation seems to be.

29. Belarus From Hetalia Axis Powers


Belarus is quite obsessed with Russia. She always looked up to him since they were little.

However, when she grew older, she wanted to “become one” with him and had constantly tried getting him to marry her.

During the debut of this yandere character, it showed her cornering him in one room, trying desperately to get in while he cowered in fear and yelled at her to go away.

28. Senjogahara Hitagi From Bakemonogatari

Senjogahara Hitagi

This yandere character possesses a sharp tongue and can be quite blunt when speaking to others and while doing so she keeps a straight face making her seem quite frightening.

This trait of hers makes interacting with her a challenging task, if not impossible, and is something that Araragi discovers first-hand. In spite of this, she is sincere in everything that she says.

She calls herself a tsundere (but she is more of a kuudere) and probably has some understanding of otaku culture, as she once mentions how “moe” Meme’s name was to Araragi.

27. Hotogi Shirayuki From Aria The Scarlet Ammo

Hotogi Shirayuki

This yandere character is raised as a Shrine maiden and acting as the current president of Butei High, Shirayuki is usually very calm, reserved, and shy to some degree.

Often times she can be viewed as a Yamato Nadeshiko, or “the idealized Japanese woman,” due to her demeanour and, her rather morbid loyalty to Kinji.

Because of her extreme loyalty, she gets jealous very easily when other girls come into the picture. Upon learning Aria and Kinji were living together, she broke down Kinji’s door than assaulted Aria calling her “a thieving cat.”

26. Akane Hiyama From Renai Boukun

Akane Hiyama

At first glance this yandere character is a model student, but when it comes to Seiji Aino, she can change her sweet personality to totally psychopathic, as she is madly in love with him.

She would be willing to attack anyone who tries to date Seiji, as well as eliminating them if they hurt him; since she is the only one who can harm him, thus classifying her as a yandere.

It’s been proven that she will kill herself for Seiji, when he died in episode five. She shows a bit of Mayadere too. She doesn’t hesitate to stab Seiji if she feels betrayed.

25. Kaede Fuyou From Shuffle!

Kaede Fuyou

Kaede is a very modest, polite, and a soft-spoken yandere character who is clear-headed, has attractive looks, and is excellent at housework.

However, she frequently prioritizes Rin Tsuchimi to the point that she neglects herself.

At times like this, she is seen shown to have severe mental distress and acts violently when a great shock upsets her.

24. Nadeko Sengoku From Bakemonogatari

Nadeko Sengoku

Nadeko has a shy personality, and can be easily amused as a yandere character.

She’s quite protective of her hair (particularly her forelocks) thinking that it’s her place to guard more than her panties.

She later develops a dependence towards Koyomi (whom she calls “Koyomi-onii-chan”) which slowly intensified as the events relating to the snake curse puts a pressure on her.

23. Anna Nishikinomiya From Shimoneta to Iu Gainen ga Sonzai Shinai Taikutsu na Sekai

Anna Nishikinomiya

The name of this yandere character is Anna and she is a responsible person and student council president.

Despite her status, she has been shown to be quite naive and clueless when it comes to lewd materials, due.

However, when it comes to Tanukichi Okuma, after they accidentally share a first kiss, she attempts to collect his “love nectar”, which is shown throughout the series progressively.

22. Mika Hirama From Durarara!!

Mika Hirama From Durarara!!

Normally this yandere character is hyperactive, cheerful, and obsessive. As evidenced by her relationship with Seiji, Mika is very possessive of the person she loves and will go to great lengths to gain their affection, even to the point of invading their privacy.

She is said to change the truth to whatever suits her, and was even willing to abandon school, her family and friends, and her own identity for Seiji’s sake.

While most would be quick to write Mika off as a stalker, Mikado states that it is not entirely accurate.

21. Yukako Yamagishi From JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: Diamond is Unbreakable

Yukako Yamagishi

This yandere character is introduced in the midst of a date with Koichi Hirose,initially acting demure and sweet around him.

This visage quickly dissipates when she reveals her bad temper and obsession with him, which occupies the majority of her initial role in Diamond is Unbreakable.

20. Kurumi Tokisaki From Date A Live

Kurumi Tokisaki

Kurumi is a yandere girl who is difficult to read. She possesses a dislike of humanity that borders on mistrust, which is something that she shares with most of the other Spirits in her debut.

She is a skilled actress as she is capable of putting on the facade of an innocent, curious young girl when she needs to.

This skill of hers is shown when she registered as a student at Raizen High School and spoke in a polite manner.

19. Touko Fukawa From Danganronpa: The Animation

Touko Fukawa

Toko is intellectually gifted, yet she has problems in social behavior.

It’s been stated that she either never learned or never bothered to learn social skills.

She even considers herself a ‘gloomy outcast’, often deciding to distance herself from others.

18. Ringo Oginome From Mawaru Penguindrum

Ringo Oginome

Ringo is a pale-skinned yandere character with chin-length dark brown hair and light brown eyes.

Although Ringo socializes with her school friends, going to school, and eating with them.

In actuality, she is quite withdrawn and secretive. 

17. Rolo Lamperouge From Code Geass

Rolo Lamperouge From Code Geass

Rolo is seen to be kind-hearted and innocent to Lelouch and others around him at the beginning of Season 2, of course this is only his disguise as Lelouch’s little brother while Nunnally is captured.

However, after Lelouch regains his memory of Nunnally, Rolo shows his true, more ruthless side as yandere character, he is shown to be cold, if not heartless.

After a while, he starts to become attached to Lelouch and becomes more of a brother to him. It is shown that after the death of Shirley, he seems proud to claim that he is the one to shoot her.

16. Megumi Shimizu From Shiki

Megumi Shimizu From Shiki

Megumi could be self-centered and often thought only about herself.

She hated Sotoba and felt like she didn’t belong there, made worse by the fact that the other villagers made fun of her for dressing nicely in a place like Sotoba.

Though she acted polite and respectful to the villagers, she looked down at them for their lack of self-consciousness of how people outside the village would view them and would often get frustrated with their view that anything outside of Sotoba was weird and that her dreams to one day live in a big city were a waste of time and ridiculous.

15. Balder Hringhorni From Kamigami no Asobi

Balder Hringhorni From Kamigami no Asobi

Balder is a cheerful god, who attracts a lot of people because he is the god of light.

He often trips where there is nothing to be tripped on. He absolutely loves meat and will eat it for every meal if he could.

Balder has a carnivorous yandere character personality and is very forward when it comes to making his advances on Yui Kusanagi. He cannot be harmed by any object because his mother Frigg made a pact with all objects on earth not to harm him. He is said to be very naive and direct.

14. Mana Ouma From Guilty Crown

Mana Ouma From Guilty Crown

At first, Mana is portrayed as a sweet girl, gentle, kind, and a loving sister to Shu as a yandere character.

When she became infected with the virus, she became sadistic. So much so that she tried to have Triton kill himself in order for her to be with Shu.

When infected, she wanted to “tie the knot” with Shu and mix their genes to make a new world together only to have Shu push her away and cause an uproar in December 24th 2029, “The Lost Christmas” incident.

13. Kanato Sakamaki From Diabolik Lovers

Kanato Sakamaki From Diabolik Lovers

Kanato’s disturbed, A yandere character personality is a fact and he has had a very weird and eccentric personality even as a child, usually staying alone, talking to his dolls, self-harm, or turning others into wax dolls.

Around others, Kanato usually acts very spoiled, childish, and demanding, usually emotionally blackmailing others, either with tears or hysterical tantrums to get his way. 

In fact, Kanato is quite mentally unstable and shows signs of psychotic behavior when angered. He is shown to be moved to tears easily which can quickly be replaced by loud yelling. He adores sweets and hates things that are bitter.

12. Yuka Minase From 11eyes

Yuka is a somewhat child-like but also gentle yandere character. Despite the fact that Yuka herself suffers from anemia and frequently passes out during classes, she is deeply concerned about Kakeru’s pessimistic look on life and always try to be cheerful around him to make him feel better.

She also tries to get on good terms with other people around Kakeru. However, after the incidents of Red Night, seeing Kakeru get close to other girls, Yuka began to show signs of jealousy and desperately tried to close the distance between her and Kakeru again, to the point where she even attempted to create a world

where Kakeru know no one but Yuka herself. On the other hand, when she remembered her painful memories of the orphanage, she began slowly to hate herself as well as her helpless toward Kakeru.

11. Toma From Amnesia

This yandere character, like all the others, cares deeply for Heroine. In his route, Toma has a dark personality that which results in him lying to Heroine about him being her boyfriend after he took her to the hospital.

He used it as an advantage to keep her inside of his home, and he kept this from everyone including Shin.

At first he drugged her food and drinks which caused her to sleep throughout the day, but after she found out about this and tried to escape he caught her and then he locked her in a cage and left stuffed toys to try and keep her more comfortable.

10. Shuka Karin From Darwin’s Game

Shuka Karin From Darwin’s Game

Shuka is typically friendly with people but can become deadly if needed like a yandere character.

Originally, she became interested in Sudou Kaname because he was a rookie and because he managed to defeat Banda-kun, though she later falls in love with him after he beats her.

Because of this, she obeys anything that Kaname tells her, and doesn’t appreciate it if other men touch her, as shown when she used her sigil to sever the hand of a student that tried to flirt with her.

9. Nina Einstein From Code Geass

Nina Einstein From Code Geass

Nina begins the series as being very timid and shy, as well as distant from other people. She is very insecure, as well as a paranoid xenophobe towards peoples outside of Britannia.

When Euphimia stands up for her, Nina becomes unhealthily obsessed with her, even to a point of sexual desire and emotional reliance. After her death, Nina becomes emotionally and mentally unhinged and threatens mass violence in order to gain revenge.

After her recruitment, she becomes more outgoing, but at the same time more wrathful and violent. She lashes out and friends just trying to help, and has a murderous breakdown just seeing Zero.

8. Haruna Niekawa From Durarara!!

Haruna Niekawa From Durarara!!

It is made very clear that Haruna was driven half-mad by Saika’s influence and has deluded herself into believing she has control over the demon blade, when in reality it is the other way around.

Under the influence of a daughter blade of Saika, Haruna fell in “love” with her teacher, Nasujima. She was caught trying to injure Nasujima with Saika’s daughter and afterward had to transfer to another high school in West Ikebukuro.

As of volume 8, while she still holds an unhealthy obsession with Nasujima, her mental state seems to be more stable than it was when she was first introduced.

7. Minatsuki Takami From Deadman Wonderland

When Ganta encounters her for the first time, she appears as an extremely shy and gentle girl who stands at odds with the place she is held in.

This was also seemingly confirmed by her love for flowers. Overall, she displayed a very kind and caring personality. However, this reserved and quiet personality is just a disguise to hide her true nature and to deceive those around her into feeling secure.

Her true nature is that of a sadistic psychopath so twisted that she becomes sexually aroused by witnessing others suffer. Later on in the series, it is shown that some of these nice personality traits weren’t all farced though she does try to keep them hidden.

6. Esdeath From Akame ga Kill

Esdeath was a sadistic, barbarous and manipulative woman who lacks empathy for people of whom she deems weak despite appearing to care about those working under her.

Ever since she was motivated by her father’s philosophy (“The strong survive and the weak die”), she has gone through torturous activities that involve putting her enemies through great pain, both physically and emotionally.

She has no qualms about killing innocent people to get what she wants, and rationalizes her behavior with her father’s old creed.

5. Lucy From Elfen Lied

Lucy From Elfen Lied

Her original personality (Kaede) was that of a depressed, distrustful, withdrawn and frustrated kid. She was discriminated against by others, because of her horns.

Thinking that she was abandoned by her parents, she was also ostracized by the staff of the orphanage, bullied and treated contemptuously by other children, all this because of her horns.

She didn’t understand why such discrimination happened, and so she also suffered from self-hatred from having horns. 

4. Misa Amane From Death Note

Misa Amane From Death Note

Misa is very outgoing yandere character and is shown to be quite popular due to her career. She attracts a large crowd while visiting Light near his school.

She is hyperactive, impulsive, and otherwise childlike, evidenced by her tendency to speak in the third person. Despite being considered idiotic by many, Misa is shown to have moments of intelligence, such as when she successfully tricks Kyosuke Higuchi into revealing himself to be the Yotsuba Kira.

However, even though she is more powerful than Light as Kira, she is very careless in her acts as the Second Kira, which leads to her being arrested and put in confinement on suspicion that she is is the second Kira.

3. Satou Matsuzaka From Happy Sugar Life

Satou Matsuzaka From Happy Sugar Life

This yandere character is a manipulator. She is willing to lie, cheat and even kill if that means that she’ll get what she wants which is being able to stay with Shio.

She puts on the facade of a friendly high school student when at school and a helpful maid at work. However, if she is pushed, she can lose control and go on a killing spree.

She however understands that killing would reduce her chance of being with Shio and refrained from bashing Asahi’s head in with a crowbar.

2. Shion Sonozaki From Higurashi: When They Cry

Despite her being seemingly more girly and refined than Mion, thanks to schooling at St. Lucia, this yandere character is incredibly shrewd, cold, manipulative, and delinquent, more so than Mion.

She hated St. Lucia, calling it a “factory for manufacturing ladies” and got in trouble with the administration numerous times for various misdemeanors.

To escape, she studies all of the school’s security systems, guard schedules, and behaviors of the administration staff, to the point where she manipulates them by propagating a rumor of her having a love affair with a male teacher.

1. Yuno Gasai From Mirai Nikki

Yuno Gasai From Mirai Nikki

Yuno’s personality is ambiguous. For the most part she is sweet, feminine, and sometimes shy when around Yukiteru.

But, this masks her dark and sanguinary side—ruthless, cold and calculating. She has little, if any, problem with using others for her goals: her and Yukiteru’s survival.

She will resort to cruel and usually violent methods, most of the time coming out of nowhere, that generally end in bloody deaths, of either a Diary Holder or their followers.

Sours: https://myotakuworld.com/best-yandere-characters/

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Love can turn us all a bit crazy.

However, I honestly hope it wouldn’t make us massacre an entire school because our significant other complained about it once.

Yep, here we’re talking about yandere characters. All those nutjobs that won’t bat an eye when harming or killing someone if they see them as a threat to their crush.

We’ll be ranking some of the best yandere characters anime has to offer, basically ranking them on our very own nutjob scale.

But be warned: most yandere characters show their craziness in the late game of the show, so some spoilers are unavoidable.

35. Mizuki Himeji

Mizuki Himeji Pink-haired yandere girl

Anime: Baka to Test to Shoukanjuu (Baka and Test)

I want to start off with Mizuki because she does come from a comedy series, hence her yandere nature is made to be more on the funny side and less on the “I now fear intimacy and will carry a gun” side.

She does get jealous quickly, bonus points if she’s drunk, and can lash out.

But again, it’s mostly death glares and ominous threats vs. cutting anyone’s family jewels off.

I think this does well to constitute what a yandere is… but definitely can’t hang with the big boys.


34. Konishi

Konishi with cutter in hand in Charlotte anime

Anime: Charlotte

I want to put Konishi on here because man did she develop early, in all the worst ways.

She’s Ayumi’s classmate, meaning that she’s only about twelve years old… and she was already prepared to attack Ayumi with a box cutter over some Chad in the making.

First, I am deathly afraid to see what she would have been like if she was a teenager.

Second, you have to be all kinds of messed up to look at the angel herself, Ayumi, and wish harm upon her.

Low tier but if the show had a major time skip or something I could see her going fully psychotic.


33. Shuu Tsukiyama

Anime man in orange suit - Shuu Tsukiyama

Anime: Tokyo Ghoul

The next two are definitely a bit more out there when it comes to the definition of yandere.

This tissue sniffer for example is, without a doubt, obsessed with Kaneki.

It seems that his sole purpose in life has become to just eat the one-eyed emo. And whenever he gets some of Kaneki’s belongings, and by proxy his smell, he just goes to town… making probably the most terrifying and unpleasing ahegao faces a person can physically make.

And he’s still a ghoul. So if he decides to whittle down the competition and have Kaneki for himself, he can more or less do just that.


32. Hisoka Morow

Hisoka Morow smiling in Hunter x Hunter

Anime: Hunter x Hunter (2011)

You can kind of already see what my reasoning is for Hisoka based on the last entry.

I mean, mister clown man is really into his young meat… a bit too much if I do say so myself.

I’m looking at the writers and the animators for this one.

His perverse quest to make Gon as strong as possible just so that he could kill him is definitely yandere-esque.

Plus, how can you not enjoy the occasional Bungee man killing spree?


31. Kurenai Rin

Kurenai Rin in Big Order anime

Anime: Big Order

If you’re still reading that means you don’t mind stretching the definition of yandere a bit, and that’s good.

Because with Rin it’s a similar story.

She does not love Eiji. In fact, she hates his very being.

But she’s very obsessive over him, meaning only she can kill him.

And she has definitely tried, with lots of stabbings and some good old hostage-taking, who also got stabbed a bit.

Losing her parents and blaming Eiji for it was the catalyst that simply made Rin a one-note type of a character. And that note is bloodied and crazy. Still low tier though.


30. Mikasa Ackerman

Mikasa Ackerman battle in Attack on Titan

Anime: Attack on Titan

Mikasa took the most badass approach when it came to yandere.

She’s just this strong independent woman who’s like a one-man army and keeps her cool 99% of the time.

However, there’s no doubt that she’s practically obsessed with Eren. I mean for god’s sake, I am pretty sure that if he ever actually died, Mikasa would probably single-handedly wipe out all of the titans just so she could fulfill his wish.

She’s far from insane. But definitely has an unhealthy attachment there.


29. Belarus

Belarus anime girl - Hetalia Axis Powers

Anime: Hetalia Axis Powers

The anime did this, I’m just pointing it out okay? don’t send me to the gulags.

In the show, Belarus just really wants to be with big brother Russia, yes literally be with and literally big brother.

She also carries a knife around, classic yandere right there. And will break your fingers if you ask her out because no one other than Putin himself may have that privilege.

She’s low tier compared to some others. I just never thought I would put down an entire country as a yandere… ah the beauty of anime.


28. Senjogahara Hitagi

Red-haired Senjogahara Hitagi

Anime: Bakemonogatari

Okay, I know that Senjogahara likes to call herself a tsundere and that should be a -dere type cannon confirmation right there.

But there’s like no way a tsundere would go to the lengths and the school supplies that Senjogahara does.

Don’t get me wrong, she’s an S-tier when it comes to waifu material.

I’m just saying that she is a bit koo-koo and really likes resorting to violence.

I can’t place her higher up here, because she doesn’t have a body count nor a torture cave. But I can at least throw an honorable mention to her on this list.


27. Hotogi Shirayuki

Hotogi Shirayuki in Aria The Scarlet Ammo anime

Anime: Aria The Scarlet Ammo

This one is definitely a lowball. Sure she does get extremely jealous quickly. And she might threaten your life here and there.

She also might be carrying weapons on her.

But the thing is, the show itself is rather light-hearted. So her fits of rage are more comedic than a stranger-danger situation.

And there’s a fine line between cute and scary, and Hotogi barely even dips her toes into the latter.

Don’t get me wrong, I would definitely not want to make her angry. But most other characters are “live in a bunker to avoid” levels.


26. Akane Hiyama

Akane Hiyama in Renai Boukun anime

Anime: Renai Boukun (Love Tyrant)

Akane is your cookie-cutter yandere in all respects.

She’s definitely a high threat, as we’ve seen that she’s willing to stab a person over and over again if she gets riled up.

Even though she was stabbing the person she would eventually fall in love with.

And when it comes to her obsession over said character, Seiji, it’s quite extreme.

If we pass the spoiler gate we see that she would gladly go down the path of Juliet if it meant being with her loved one. No real flavor to her, but she checks all the yandere boxes.


25. Kaede Fuyou

Kaede Fuyou with an umbrella in Shuffle! anime

Anime: Shuffle!

I find Kaede to be down to earth. As I can understand her yandere nature, at least somewhat.

I mean, she and Rin have a very tragic past of losing their parents. Which leads her to initially despise Rin and blame him for everything.

She also nearly cost him an eye that one time.

But further down the track she falls in love with him, as a kind of overcorrection, and is now willing to slam any chick that gets too close to her crush.

So no decapitations and torture scenes here. But still psycho, although a lower tier for sure.


24. Nadeko Sengoku

Nadeko Sengoku in Bakemonogatari anime

Anime: Bakemonogatari

As far as crazy chicks go, Nadeko is a soft mid-tier.

This is because she was originally just a full-on dandere, she barely even had the courage to talk to her crush.

And then in a biblical turn of events, a snake manages to mess with her head and she goes haywire. She somehow deduces that is she can’t have Araragi, she might as well kill him, and some other people while she’s at it.

If she had always been like that she would have ranked higher here.

But because there’s some mind-control at play she’ll have to stay right here on our list.


23. Anna Nishikinomiya

Anna Nishikinomiya in Shimoneta anime

Anime: Shimoneta to Iu Gainen ga Sonzai Shinai Taikutsu na Sekai

It’s wild looking back at old episodes and seeing how innocent Anna initially seemed.

I feel like yandere are usually just bursting with love, or at least their version of love, to the point of no return.

Anna on the other hand just seems extremely horny. I mean, the things that get this women off are truly remarkable. And the ways she goes about getting that satisfaction really border the taboo/legal line.

She hasn’t killed anyone yet. But I feel like the second she discovers BDSM someone is definitely going to be on the brink of death.

High tier obsessive, low tear threat, so middle-tier yandere.


22. Mika Hirama

Mika Hirama in Durarara!! anime

Anime: Durarara!!

I will never get how Seiji managed to have not one, but two crazy women after him.

One is his sister, which is already like come on, but the other(Mika) is just insane.

Then again, Seiji is also insane for falling in love with a severed head.

But then Mika topped his insanity by literally getting surgery so that she could look like that severed head.

And Seiji was just alright with it!

I swear, for a subplot this story is really pushing some boundaries. If you’re prepared to permanently change your face for a guy to like you, that has to be somewhere on this list, right?


21. Yukako Yamagishi

Yukako Yamagishi in JoJo's Bizarre Adventure

Anime: JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: Diamond is Unbreakable

It’s not every day that you see a reformed yandere.

When she’s first introduced, she lands a date with Koichi that quickly gets out of hand when he doesn’t reciprocate her feelings.

Her feelings are a pure obsession, so rather difficult to reciprocate on the first date if we’re being honest.

She then kidnaps him, tries to brainwash him, and may or may not have even wanted to kill Koichi.

But then he saves her from some trouble and she gets a little closer to a normal infatuation. I don’t know man, there’s a lot going on in this list already…


20. Kurumi Tokisaki

Kurumi Tokisaki in Date A Live

Anime: Date A Live

Kurumi is at the edge of this category, in my opinion.

She definitely has the danger part of yandere down to the r.i.p. as she has literally slaughtered over ten thousand people.

But her reasons for the murders are usually either self-interest, in the form of turning back her clock, or because they’re animal abusers and she’s doing humanity a favor.

Her relationship with our male MC can definitely get a bit yandere-y.

But she isn’t as gung-ho about her love interest as most of the others on here.

If she just cranked up the hormone levels I’m sure she would be near the top.


19. Touko Fukawa

Afraid Touko Fukawa in Danganronpa: The Animation anime

Anime: Danganronpa: The Animation

Split personalities show up here and there on this list, because a full out yandere is a bit harder to write, I guess.

Touko is one such character, usually being very quiet and a book worm… while other times she’s just a mass murderer who goes by the name Genocider Syo.

On top of her criminal coefficient, her hormones also get supercharged. And what was initially a crush turns into an obsession.

All in all, since she’s nutty only half the time, but still nutty.


18. Ringo Oginome

Ringo Oginome in Mawaru Penguindrum

Anime: Mawaru Penguindrum

I was not going to include Ringo on here, were it not for one certain scene.

To give you the short of her character, she’s devoted to becoming her sister who passed away, in order for fate to go in her favor.

One aspect of her sisters she keeps trying to replicate was is sister’s crush on Tabuki. But for the most part, it was just stalking and obsessing, no threat.

Then she literally pulled a Bill Cosby, or at least attempted to do so.

Now that’s all kinds of messed up, somehow even more so than all the killers on this list!


17. Rolo Lamperouge

Rolo Lamperouge from Code Geass

Anime: Code Geass

I for one wouldn’t usually pair up the titles of assassin and yandere. But hey, that’s just me.

Rolo is ruthless. He will kill anyone if he sees them as any kind of potential threat.

I mean, he killed his own colleagues, in large quantities too.

However in the arc where Lelouch lost his memories, Rolo becomes extremely attached to him, prepared to lay down his life for his bro.

And of course, murdering anyone he thinks is a danger to Lelouch. That’s just how he Roll(o)s.


16. Megumi Shimizu

Megumi Shimizu in Shiki

Anime: Shiki

If human yanderes weren’t bad enough, now there are even zombie/vampire yandere to haunt you beyond the grave.

This’s what gives Megumi that little terror boost and allows her to be higher up on this list.

Plus, she definitely abides by the yandere rulebook and murders anyone that comes too close to her crush. Even people she considered friends while she was still alive.

So she’s dangerous, malicious, and God himself (or herself) according to Bible verse 7-Grande, can’t keep her away from you.


15. Balder Hringhorni

Balder Hringhorni in Kamigami no Asobi anime

Anime: Kamigami no Asobi

We’re truly breaking some barriers with this one, as not only is the yandere in question a man, but he’s also a god. Your move atheists.

And if yandere god doesn’t sound terrifying on its own, let’s just say that although he is a god of light, he can also be the god of destruction.

So when he falls for a girl he charges on her head first, and kind of flops.

Then it’s just an uphill battle as he keeps getting jealous of every other deity that breathes in her direction, completely losing his cool on a couple of occasions.


14. Mana Ouma

Mana Ouma in Guilty Crown anime

Anime: Guilty Crown

Yandere characters are usually created in one of three ways: trauma, a split personality, or they were just born with it.

With Mana we have a slight variation. She was completely normal, but then got infected with a virus that made her insane.

And okay, I know brother-sister relationships are brought up fairly often in anime. But Mana really went for it.

Poor (not Mighty) Gai nearly got killed just for wanting to spill the beans.

So overall, a very dangerous and insane character. One that makes me glad that our world went OOM.


13. Kanato Sakamaki

Kanato Sakamaki in Diabolik Lovers anime

Anime: Diabolik Lovers

Okay sure, Kanato is a yandere. But honestly, everyone in this show is so messed up he hardly stands out.

I mean, that might be an understatement. In short: hella mommy issues, Freud would be proud levels of mommy issues.

She keeps getting it on with different men in front of the little Kanato, and he usually later kills them.

But then when his mother dies he burns her body, laughing like a maniac the entire time, and then stuffs her ashes inside of his teddy bear… which was a gift from one of momma’s men, by the way.

This show makes me sad. High tier insanity here.


12. Yuka Minase

Yuka Minase in 11eyes anime

Anime: 11eyes

Yuka’s mantra seems to be “and they lived happily ever after”.

And boy is she pushing for it to be a reality. And that push becomes a lot easier once she learns that her power does not nullify the power of others as she originally thought, but rather shows them their harshest memories. Or even a reality Yuka herself made up.

Do you want to take a wild guess at how a yandere used such a power to get the boy she likes?

A few people might have also died along the way, just saying.

As far as yandere go, she’s a solid pick. Just don’t Google her name without specifying the anime.


11. Toma

Toma in Amnesia anime

Anime: Amnesia

A few of the characters from this show definitely show yandere-esque behaviour.

But Toma is the most on the nose when it comes to both his obsessive nature and his messed up means of getting affection from the Heroine.

Firstly, he takes advantage of her amnesia and just straight out lies to her, telling her that he’s her boyfriend.

Then he drugs her food so that she would sleep all day and not leave him.

And the final straw that broke the Geneva camel’s back was locking her up in a cage. I mean, he doesn’t have a lot of power. But he is severely messed up.


10. Shuka Karin

Shuka Karin in Darwin’s Game anime

Anime: Darwin’s Game

Kurapika’s evil sister is an oddly pure yandere, if that makes sense.

She falls in love with Sudou because he manages to beat her… FYI he was the first to ever do so, but she doesn’t get as love crazy as some of the others on this list.

She definitely had wedding bells in her head.

But she didn’t lock him up in her basement, which is sanity+ in this department.

However, there’s no doubt in my mind that if anyone actually approached Sudou, she would chop them up into mincemeat in no time.

High damage but relatively sane compared to the others here.


9. Nina Einstein

Nina Einstein in Code Geass anime

Anime: Code Geass

Nina really makes you appreciate the fact that Oppenheimer was not an anime character.

She puts on the typical cute shy girl act initially. But straight away we can see her dislike of men.

Further down the line, she develops a girl crush that’s more of an obsession.

And what happens when she loses her crush, the very person that kept her sane through some turbulent times?

Well, she almost blew up Tokyo.

And when she calmed down, she just made a more controllable bomb.

That on its own is pretty whack. But seeing her mental breakdowns just send chills down my spine. So she is definitely high tier crazy!


8. Haruna Niekawa

Haruna Niekawa - Durarara!! anime

Anime: Durarara!!

Man… a slasher film, zombies, and a yandere, now that’s just a recipe for disaster.

Niekawa was kind of obsessive from day one, as she immediately fell head over heels for her teacher and wanted to be with him forever.

But when that amount of love couples with a Saika blade… a blade that’s designed to spread love through cutting people and subsequently taking control of them, all hell breaks loose.

She attacks Anri out of jealousy, as the teacher obviously wanted to give her some extra classes, if you know what I mean. And even attacks her own father.

So psycho girl + powerful psycho sword = high tier.


7. Minatsuki Takami

Minatsuki Takami in Deadman Wonderland anime

Anime: Deadman Wonderland

Takami is not so much in love with anybody as she is sadistic to the point of an overwhelming perversion.

I mean, she enjoyed watching her own brother suffer under the weight of thinking that he had killed their father.

Not only did her brother save her life, but she also made her brother attack their father by claiming he was abusing her… and then killed the guy herself.

I mean, you really can’t get messed up in the head more than that, can you?

And since she still does have a Branch of Sin she’s definitely a threat to everyone around her.


6. Esdeath

Esdeath anime yandere

Anime: Akame ga Kill

Originally Esdeath was just insane. But in the traditional sense.

The “butcher thousands and make them lick your feet while you smile at their face” type of insane.

Then one day she basically decided to become a yandere.

She was just like “I want to fall in love now”, and that is exactly what ended up happening.

Being that this is probably the first human emotion she had felt in ages, she went all in and would topple a kingdom if it meant being with her new man.

He was not so thrilled about it, though.


5. Lucy

Lucy in Elfen Lied anime

Anime: Elfen Lied

If you watched Elfen Lied a long time ago, like me, you probably forgot all about Lucy’s yandere nature.

Not in the sense that she murders a ton, that will take some therapy to forget.

But that it was at one point love-driven.

Firstly she kills her classmates because they killed her dog, understandable. But she also kills Kohta’s father and sister out of jealousy.

Now that’s definitely some yandere material right there.

And taking into account her huge body count, she definitely fits the bill, folks!


4. Misa Amane

Misa Amane in Death Note

Anime: Death Note

Honestly if Misa was a bit smarter, and Light a bit more human, these two would have made a great couple.

I mean they’re both unhinged completely, and share the same passion. That passion being Light.

However, Light kept to potato chips and genocide. And Misa had to settle for threatening to murder any female that ever gets close to Light.

And I have never less suspected someone of bluffing. She would definitely keep her promise on that one.

The fact that she has a Death note along with her insane adoration for an insane man means she belongs right here in our ranking.


3. Satou Matsuzaka

Satou Matsuzaka in Happy Sugar Life

Anime: Happy Sugar Life

I feel like an entire essay could be written about the mental states of the characters in this show.

The prime candidate being of course Satou.

It’s interesting that she’s like a high-functioning yandere, as in she will hold off from killing someone or saying something rude if she thinks it’ll lessen her time with her loved one.

An amount of self-control you don’t usually see.

But when she can’t control herself, she’ll murder you on the streets, tea-bag your corpse, and let crows pluck at your eyes.

Her love interest Shio is always locked up in her apartment so that she can’t escape. But strangely enough, she does fall for Satou.

Definitely one of the most dangerous on this list, especially in regards to her wild mental state.


2. Shion Sonozaki

Shion Sonozaki - Higurashi: When They Cry anime

Anime: Higurashi: When They Cry

Both the Sonozaki twins are insane. But Shion is so far above the coocoo nest that she can barely see it.

When the topic of yandere comes up, her bloodied smiling face usually pops into your head.

And good lord has she done some terrible things.

Be it a certain taser pitfall, or some biblical dissections of the cross.

One moment she’s laughing about it, the next she’s furiously screaming blaming everyone and everything for the loss of her eye candy.

Definitely God-tier yandere, especially if that God is Hades.


1. Yuno Gasai

Yuno Gasai in Future Diary anime

Anime: Mirai Nikki (Future Diary)

I have to put Yuno at number one because her face has basically become synonymous with the term yandere.

The entire series is just Yuki this and Yuki that, while twitching bodies lay on all sides screaming in agony.

She’s simply the incarnation of yandere.

I think she’ll never bat an eye when murdering someone who she perceives as a threat to Yuki. And Yuki’s happiness will always be the end goal she strives for.

Plus that one scene where she looks through the letterbox haunts me to this very day, and that’s barely even a joke.

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