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Maybe it's the turn of the season, or maybe it's my ADD playing tricks on me, but I'm in the mood to cut all my hair off. This is no common occurrence for me; as a coily-haired queen who routinely heat styles my shoulder-length locks, I'm constantly seeking out ways to retain length, not get rid of it. But, there's one haircut I keep seeing that is so chic and appealing that it's got me seconds away from scheduling a hair appointment at any given moment: the blunt bob.

You might be wondering why this particular cut speaks directly to my soul, and the answer is simple. Aside from the fact that every single celebrity currently wearing the stark yet playful cut looks impossibly cool, the time has come for me to cut off some heat damage, and I'd like to do it in style. So, like a true beauty editor, I scoured the internet for the best blunt bobs to add to my "new hair, who dis" vision board. Ahead, 27 styles that are absolutely to die for.

Oh, and I'll be sure to keep you posted on my personal style switch-up, too.


50 Spectacular Blunt Bob Hairstyles

Blunt bob haircut claimed its right to fame several decades ago, when it first emerged from the skilled scissors of stylist extraordinaire Vidal Sassoon. Haute couture and regular fashionistas haven’t looked back since then. This dramatic, angular style, is suited for a wide array of face shapes and hair textures – but this only partly explains its appeal and staying power. For more proof, check out the forty picture-perfect hairstyles lined up below.

Blunt Bob Haircuts and Hairstyles

Blunt cut makes your hair look healthier, stronger and thicker. Most blunt cuts are worn in straight hairstyles to show off the accuracy of lines and sleekness of texture. But that doesn’t mean you can’t style waves for a blunt cut when you are in the mood.

#1: Chic Gray Blunt Haircut

If your hair is thicker, but still straight, you might want to try out this cut. Its chin length makes it suitable for square and round shaped faces, since it will help you to conceal some of those features you’d rather not draw attention to.

#2: Straight Bob with Ombre Highlights

Here’s one style that will work just as well with highlights as it will with ombre hair. That’s because its classic cut will act like a blank canvas framing your face elegantly – it’s ready to be creatively enhanced.

#3: Chocolate Brown A-Line Lob

This last style just goes to show that blunt bobs don’t require too much in terms of maintenance. Being a perfect base for various hairstyles, they are also quite easy to style.

#4: Blunt Cut with Bangs for Thick Hair

This style is actually an updated version of a cut that was very popular in the 1970s. The heavy mass of hair is allowed to follow natural sweeping lines, creating the smooth geometry and perfection of the silhouette.

#5: Asymmetrical Side-Parted Bob

Here, you have a chic bob, cut with asymmetry, angled to perfection and finished off with a side part that allows the hair to fall mysteriously over one eye. The best thing about this haircut is just how incredibly polished it looks, with not a hair out of place.

#6: Sleek Pointed Bob

Remember the French film hit Amèlie? This blunt cut is very similar to the one showcased by Audrey Tautou as Amèlie. The pointed tips frame the face beautifully, especially if its shape is square or inverted triangle.

#7: Textured Bob with Chunky Bangs

With bangs that are chunky and impossible to miss and subtle waves throughout the length, this chin-length bob has a bit messy appearance, but it still looks chic. There is also an overall texture applied to the hair which adds depth, volume and showcases the beautiful silhouette of the cut.

#8: Wavy Gray Ombré

Yes, the blunt bob can be worn wavy as well. Now this might not show the precision of the cut as much as if it was worn straight, but you can still see the dense ends which are naturally disconnected. With a medium length and a slightly off center part, this wavy, gray ombré bob is ideal for all edgy girls out there.

#9: Shaggy Blonde Bob

There is just something about blonde hair color that allows it to flatter practically any type of haircut, bob included. Here, you have a blonde, medium length bob that is worn with a side part and wavy texture. The blunt cut at the ends gives the hairstyle a precise and finished appearance.

#10: Black and Burgundy Style with Side Part

Slightly angled, accurately chopped and styled with a side part, this cute short blunt bob looks polished, while communicating a hint of mystery as it falls softly over one eye. The black hair color with dark burgundy highlights adds depth and dimension to this absolutely chic hairstyle.

#11: Precision Cut Perfect Blunt

Clean, sleek and auburn perfection lies within this cut. The hairstyle is a minimalist, modern-day twist to the classic, medium length bob. Use shine and no-frizz spray to reveal a look so beautiful, it’s hard not to touch!

#12: Purple Fade-Away Bob

Purple is making its residency in the world of modern hair color, and this fade is a gentle, yet noticeable way to play with it. This is even better than a root fade, because your roots remain natural and the purple will be slowly moving down as your hair is growing out. Whatever color the remainder of your blunt bob is, the purple will be a stylish pop of pizzazz.

#13: Colors of the Rainbow Blunt

Who says blondes have more fun? This technicolor look on black hair is sure to tell everyone you know how to take beautiful hair to a whole new level. Best applied to straight, dark, short blunt cut, so the color spectrum displays perfectly as you move about your day.

#14: Blonde, Blunt, and Layered

So modern, yet so simple. This cut allows for the ease of layers to fall as they may. The pretty caramel blonde color is easy to maintain for the girl-on-a-budget. Give the layers texture with a dab of styling product, and you are ready to shine with this bob.

#15: Chin-Length Cool Toned Bob

This blunt haircut allows for soft, cool tones to fall gently around the sides of your face. From the frozen lavender roots to the icy pink lengths, this hairstyle is both feminine and whimsical. With a pearly blonde as a base, this is almost too pretty for words.

#16: Flipped and Fabulous Blunt

Parts down the center can get boring after a while. By simply moving a few inches to the side, the side part adds volume and amazing texture to an otherwise simple style. The flip naturally creates hair with layers that fall upon other lengths of hair to give a carefree feathered style that is anything but.

#17: Waved and Wisped Bob

Pictures say a thousand words, but the mix of lowlights and highlights is the real gossip in this bob. Creating a sea of natural color on a soft brown base, this look is perfect for going straight from work to play, day to night. Use a curling iron or seasalt spray to add loose curls to the ends for a spray-and-go look that is sure to turn heads at yours.

#18: Blunt Bob with a Chevron Undercut

This blunt cut bob is for the talented of hairstylists. When left down, the style is chic and simple, but when pulled up, you get drama and art! If the half shaved head is too much for you to commit to, why not look into shaving the nape? You can always cover it up by letting your hair down.

#19: Connect the Dots Bob

This bob with bangs is for the child at heart. With colored polka dots strategically placed all throughout the cut, one can find themselves involved into a rainbow of uniqueness. Looks best on a lighter based hair color. Your stylist and you have endless possibilities to the number and color of dots you choose to have painted.

#20: Fall into a Blunt

As pretty as leaves changing colors, this short choppy hairstyle is perfect when transitioning into the fall/winter months. Longer pieces in the front, shorter layers towards the back, with a warm color spectrum of lowlights and highlights, this chin length cut and color is a seasonable masterpiece.

#21: Highlighted with Romantic Waves

This bob cut is manageable for any day and any style. Whether in jeans and a t-shirt or a LBD, the soft wave and natural looking fade is the perfect look to complete an outfit. For all the girls who want to look good without trying too hard, this bob cut is for you.

#22: Straight and Soft Bob

Not every woman wants to spend hours on her hair every day. Most of us want it simple yet stylish. This medium length blunt bob is exactly that. With one length and evenly distributed color, it’s refreshing to see so much elegance in one minimalist style.

#23: Sleek Dark Fade

Ombre will be around for a while, and this take on a black to chestnut brown is no exception. Whether worn straight and sleek or loose with curls, this center part blunt is fashion forward. Pair it with deep, dark lipstick, and let no one stand in your way!

#24: Brunette Classic Bob

The middle part bob is classy and perfectly symmetrical, but if you have a slight asymmetry in your face, such as, for example, asymmetric eyebrows, go for an off-centre part. Use a round brush to get that perfectly edged blunt cut style that will move with you all day. Tuck a little behind the ear for dimension.

#25: The Fine Yellow Line

Fierce and bold, this look is not for the weak at heart! The all-over dark color, with bangs to match, allows the yellow line to create a striking appearance of someone who knows what she wants. The yellow will work on the darkest of dark, but if you are lighter as a base, pick a dark line color that will boldly work for you.

#26: Dark, Long and Blunt

Shorter in the back as it tapers longer in the front, this style is daring and sexy. However, you must commit to the middle part, or it won’t look as accurate and perfectly symmetrical.

#27: Caramel Fade Blunt with Bangs

A chin length bob can easily blend in with everyone else’s casual hairstyles, but with addition of bangs and a sophisticated fade, this look is one-of-a-kind. Suitable for work or play, this hairstyle will make you the trendiest gal in town. It’s ideal for those fine haired ladies looking for an easy style with a lot of volume.

#28: Fade to Blonde Bob

Bright and blunt, this bob is a natural pick-me-up. The shorter lengths make it a quick and easy care/easy wear style that is on trend. #Short hair/do care!

#29: Rock and Roll Red Blunt

If Jessica Rabbit were in the market for a new hairstyle, she would be choosing this, guaranteed! The bright red color makes this long bob something to take a second glance at. High maintenance? Maybe, but well worth it in getting noticed for setting the style bar high!

#30: Sophisticated Bob

A straight bob of a classic medium length is something that all face shapes can wear. Pair it with a pop-of-color lipstick and minimal makeup, and this look is in-vogue material! The healthy shine and perfectly cut ends are striking at every angle.

#31: Shoulder Length Center Part Bob

This blunt bob haircut works particularly well with triangular and diamond faces, as well as lighter hair colors. It compliments your cheekbones and the symmetry of your face. While it’s not necessarily recommended for round faces, it may elongate your face, if you opt for an off-centered parting.

#32: Icy Blonde and Steeply Angled

This expertly angled, medium length bob is the stuff that haircut dreams are made of! The accuracy of the cut is a must if you want to succeed with those sharp front angles. The finishing touch comes in the form of a flattering part that is right in the middle of the head.

#33: Short Red Cut with Cropped Bangs

If you were to look up the definition of a blunt bob, you would find pictures of this bluntly cut style and its varieties. Worn extremely short, with bangs that are thick and chunky, this bob is edgy, daring and ideal for those of you who love to take risks with your hair.

#34: Chocolate Brown Textured Lob

The rich chocolate brown color is what initially draws your attention in this cute bob, however, the standout blunt cut with choppy ends is what makes jaws drop. Complete with a side part and subtle highlights, this shoulder length style is suitable to a variety of hair types.

#35: Pastel Purple Straight Bob

Purple is always a fun color to experiment with, in clothes or even in hair hues. Here, you have a pastel purple hair color for a short bob that is bluntly cut all around and finished with an off-center part. Note also: the hair is all cut at one length without any layers.

#36: Wavy Lob with Caramel Highlights

Blunt haircuts are created in a variety of ways, and there is no assigned way to cut or wear a bob with bluntly cut ends. This wavy, medium length style is punctuated with flattering caramel highlights that are sprinkled through the unfinished waves to boost texture.

#37: Blonde Ombre Bob with Center Part

If you want your cut to be the focal point of your look, then the best thing to do is to wear it completely sleek and straight, so that it remains the center of attention. This blonde angled bob with a center part definitely follows those guidelines and the result is quite lovely.

#38: Long Hair with Swoopy Bangs

This long, shoulder length bob allows you to keep a longer length, while also embracing bluntly cut ends. The deep side part sets the stage for the long, swoopy bangs that frame the face, offering some extra height and a nice silhouette line that works as an accent.

#39: Rosegold Bob with Lowlighlights

All future blunt haircuts should definitely take inspiration from this one because it is pretty perfect. This A-line bob is lightly angled, featuring a medium length and worn totally straight to ensure that the precision cut is seen with no distraction. The only extra touch is the soft side bang that completes the look.

#40: Natural Brown Lob

If you are looking for hairstyles to flatter your beautiful brown hair, then this shoulder length bob may just be exactly what you need. The middle part is the best if you want a symmetrical style that is optimal to compliment classic, symmetrical facial features. The great thing about this haircut is that it is simple yet chic, and it looks good with practically any outfit.

#41: Chin-Length Cut with Highlights

The blunt cut bob is a hairstyle that has been around for quite a long time, but it will never go out of style or look dated, because you can upgrade and customize it any time you want. You can do that with an acute or right angle of the front pieces, your most flattering length and some personalized hair color solution, of course.

#42: Sandy Blonde Straight Lob

Bright, sandy blonde hair color sets the stage for this medium length lob, finished off with a sleek side part. There is also a combination of blonde highlights and lowlights to give the hair more depth and definition.

#43: Short Bob with Square Cut Bangs

The color, texture and the angles make this chin-length cut with bangs unique. It’s a perfect frame for a cute face and a worthy cut choice for straight hair. If you can pull it off, why not to try this bright, statement style?

#44: Black Sleek Lob

There are no frills or extra touches to this classic bob hairstyle, and that’s perfectly fine. The classic bluntly cut ends and the silhouette of this bob are flattering to a wide variety of face shapes and most hair types.

#45: The Silent Film Star Bob

If the name Clara Bow means anything to you, then you’ll recognize the reference in the name of this hairstyle. If not, you can just call it ‘The Cleopatra’. It features a rounded, wide fringe and super straight cut at the tips, that’s also a valid reference.

#46: Classic Rounded Blunt Bob

It features no bangs and a very simple cut that’s ideal for straight hair. It’s suited for most face shapes and hair textures. It’s a very versatile cut, which allows you to experiment with highlights, bold colors, and anything in between.

#47: A-Line Bob with Elongated Front Pieces

This ultra-elegant style stirs thoughts of timeless Parisian chic. It’s laconic, classy and perfectly angled. This is the right cut to wear with a solid hair color without a risk to look too plain.

#48: Tousled Bob for Straight Hair

Want to jazz up straight hair? There’s no better way to do it than with this cut, which manages to be both finely cut and messy at the same time. In fact: this ‘do doesn’t require any particular styling. You’ll be looking fabulous even with a simple wash-and-go.

#49: In-Curled Feminine Blunt Bob

Blunt bob haircuts are often styled super straight which gives a rather strict feel that doesn’t flatter everyone. If you want a softer and more feminine look, slightly curl the edges in and add long side bangs to complete the look.

#50: Blunt Cut for Natural Hair

If your mane is naturally curly and frizzy, this cut is going to require chemical straightening. However, after all is said and done, it will amply compensate with its sophistication.

Both contemporary and classic, blunt bob hairstyles are among the few medium length styles that have stood the test of time and trends. There’s probably no woman out there who has never sported a blunt bob cut. Seeing how they work with most face shapes and hair types, it’s easy to understand why.

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50 Cute Blunt Cut Ideas That’ll Convince You to Ditch Those Layers

Release your inner ‘biker babe’ by opting for a blunt cut. The main trend among the haircuts without layers is the blunt cut bob. However, if you are the type of gal who loves your hair long, you can still get those blunt ends – no worries! Luckily, blunt cuts look amazing on all hair textures and lengths.

You just have to find the right style for you. Think if you want a one-length look or one of those cute angled cuts that are longer in the front and shorter in the back. To see these and other marvelous styles, check our curated list of blunt cuts below!

1. Blunt Pixie Bob. We love the texture in this bob because it adds the perfectly imperfect touch inherent to the trendiest cuts of today. Blunt cuts tend to be more universal than layered chops. You decide which one is more appealing to you.

2. Neck-Length Blunt Bob. Stylists refer to these new trendy piecey no-layer haircuts as ’soft blunt cuts’, and they are really chic. No wonder why women love this trend so much. It looks feminine, professional, and flirty at the same time.

3. Side Parted Short Blunt Bob. A style that looks amazing on all women but especially the ones with thinner hair. Just check how much volume you may have with such a basic cut.

4. Chin-Length Blunt Bob. We love this bob because it hits the jawline and creates a crisp bottom and an edgy overall look. You can style it straight or wavy for 2nd-day hair.

5. Blunt Bob with Side-Swept Bangs. Show the world your romantic side with a blunt cut and side-swept bangs! Classy and vibrant, this hairstyle is a perfect match for any hair color and hair texture.

6. Blunt Bob with Bangs. A blunt-cut bob with curtain bangs is a gorgeous option for ladies with straight hair. This style looks sleek and elegant and is a perfect fit for any occasion – festive or casual.

7. Cute Jaw-Length Bob. The middle part blunt cut bob looks stunning with curled front strands. The lifted crown creates beautiful volume and makes heads turn.

8. Blunt Cut Lob with Ombre. A warm caramel ombre looks especially sweet on a blunt lob cut. This style is good for ladies with naturally wavy hair, making the locks fall effortlessly and look gorgeous.

9. One-Length Blunt Haircut. Bob haircuts are elegant, chic, and are now trending in Hollywood. Such a hairstyle can work almost on anyone, except for the ladies with round faces. Add partial highlights for a stunning effect.

10. Short Blunt Wavy Bob. The shorter the bob, the more volume you’ll have and this style proves it! We love how thick and luscious her hair looks because of the right cut, coloring, and styling.

11. Tousled Blunt Bob. A straight blunt bob without layers is ideal for those with fine hair. With this style, the hair will frame your face with sleek strands, adding up to your sophisticated look.

12. Short Blunt Bob. This style strikes with utter perfection from whichever angle you look at it – the hair ends are accurate, contributing to a neat appearance at all times!

13. Shaggy Blunt Lob. This beautiful hairstyle combines a variety of features that together create a memorable and gorgeous hairdo. Add piece-y bangs and babylights for a cheeky vibe!

14. Shoulder Length Blunt Cut. Whether you are blonde, brunette, or red-haired, this haircut will complement your appearance! It is rather universal and known to flatter all face shapes and hair textures!

15. Wavy Blunt Blonde Cut. Feel refined and quirky at the same time with this simple, lovely hairstyle. You can pair it with wispy bangs and a root fade for an additional posh touch.

16. Blunt Bob Shag with Money Pieces. Sometimes a side part and money pieces are enough to freshen up the whole look. Here is an example of how a classic bob turns into a creative hairstyle in no time.

17. Blunt Cut Bob with Full Highlights. An inverted shape with accurate ends paired with shaggy styling makes this haircut. Perfect for heart, oval, and square face shapes, this hairdo can be complemented with full highlights for a dramatic and timeless look.

18. Blunt Haircut with Sombre. A blunt collarbone cut with sombre is a great choice for ladies with a square face shape. Elongate your cute face and emphasize your beautiful eyes with the help of this pretty style!

19. Short Messy Bob with Highlights. Blunt cut hairstyles come in many variations. This one, for instance, features beautiful ash and silver strands contrasting with the natural hair color.

20. Blunt Cut Long Hair. Whoever says that a blunt cut looks boring on long hair hasn’t seen it styled masterfully. Just look at this beautiful sleek hairdo with a breathtaking balayage complementing the style!

21. Blunt Lob for Wavy Hair. Wavy hair and highlighted face-framing pieces go together so well! Besides, a collarbone lob would complement your facial features like no other haircut.

22. Classy Blonde Blunt Bob. The vivid light blonde looks especially stunning with a classic bob haircut. This style guarantees you a neat appearance and fast styling in the morning.

23. Long Blunt Cut Bob. Out of all lob variations, this might be our favorite. The bright silver is irresistible and makes you look mysterious and sophisticated.

24. Voluminous Short Blunt Bob. Bobs are perfect if you’re aiming for a sophisticated look. This bob also stands out with its volume and flawless shape, not to mention the exquisite blend of highlights.

25. Blunt Bob with Bangs. Two words: very chic! This hairdo has a French vibe to it, and, honestly, once you try it, you won’t get enough of looking in the mirror. The jagged bangs definitely add up to the charm!

26. Medium Length Blunt Cut. Such a stunning cut on straight hair is a new canvas ready for your ideas! Sun-kissed highlights, subtle balayage, or even bright neon accents – choose and try a dye to suit your needs.

27. Inverted Mid-Length Blunt Cut. An inverted shape adds volume to the hair and makes styling in the morning easy. Try experimenting with waves since a blunt cut and layers create an awesome texture.

28. Lob with Korean Bangs. Messy hairstyles are trending like never before. No wonder Korean bangs are a common attribute of a modern look!

29. Blunt Lob with Face-Framing Highlights. The blunt cut with highlighted front strands creates a dreamy modern princess look. It is romantic, cute, yet practical and saves you plenty of time you would spend on styling!

30. No-Bangs Blunt Bob. A short bob with warm and cool highlights is an awesome variation of the blunt cut. Be brave and try new hair color combinations, such as this creative mix of bronze and gray shades.

31. Shoulder-Grazing Blunt Cut. Bangs work for any hair type and actually make thin hair appear thicker if cut right. Add volume to your hairstyle with some waves that curl outward for a flirty look.

32. Combed Over Blonde Blunt Cut. Switch your part to create the extra volume you didn’t know you had. A great trick for thinner hair types.

33. Stacked Blunt Bob.Stacked layers give you the most volume and body you could ask for. Razor cut mixed with blunt cut will help you have that clean look.

34. Subtly Graduated Blunt Cut Bob. For ladies with thin hair, a slightly graduated cut is the way to go because it can help add extra volume and body, especially in the back.

35. Thick Hair Blunt Lob. Our eyes go straight to the back because of how thick and voluminous her hair is! With such a mane, a blunt cut will create the wow-effect.

36. Blunt Cut with Side Bangs. The curtain bangs with an off-center part and subtle waves look thrilling. For softer, looser curls try using a medium-sized curling iron.

37. Blunt Cut Lob with Shadow Roots. You’ll become obsessed with a lob because you will be able to wear your hair free-flowing or half up half down without struggling with length! You get the best of both worlds with a sexy lob.

38. Blunt Textured Bob. Go for a fun, quirky balayage color and play around with blending since you have such a bold cut.

39. Rooted Blonde Blunt Bob. Leave your roots your natural hair color so you can get the cool biker vibe. You may choose to have your blunt cut angled or straight – both cuts look great!

40. Tousled Blunt Bob with Balayage. Beachy highlights work on shorter lengths too! If you want to add some dimension to your blunt cut, go for a balayage and create some messiness in your hair.

41. One-Length Blunt Bob. Keep things on the shorter side if you have thinner hair. Choose the same length all the way around, as in this picture, add highlights, ask for slightly jagged ends, and leave your roots darker.

42. Half Up Half Down Blunt Cut. We love how sweet the waves are in this basic bob. Add hair pins or clips to elevate the simple half up style.

43. Super Short Blunt Cut. Get that wispy vibe with an extra short cut without bangs – blunt in front and stacked in the back.

44. Middle Part Blunt Bob. The key to having a perfect middle part is to shadow your roots and use a tail hair comb to define your part. After you’ve got your desired middle part, style your bob with a curling iron or use a sea-salt spray and scrunch your damp hair.

45. Blunt Haircut with a Middle Part. Be versatile and fashionable with a blunt haircut sporting the parting right in the middle. This type of parting makes your face appear longer and frames it in a way that highlights your jaw and cheekbones.

46. Blunt Cut for Fine Hair. Is a blunt cut better for thin hair and fine locks? Yes, but if chosen right. In general, keep things simple and go for a straight medium cut with subtle face-framing layers so you can have some length to style.

47. Cute Blunt Cut with Bangs. If your front bangs grew out, you can turn them into trendy curtain bangs. Keep them layered and the rest of your hair blunt for an eye-catching current look.

48. Blunt Cut Hairstyle for Fine Hair. When you don’t have voluminous hair, try a blunt bob cut with properly placed highlights to give it the necessary depth and lift.

49. Short Blunt Bob with Bangs. Stylish and fun, the feathered bob with bangs highlights the cheekbones and focuses our attention on the eyes. It can also be styled in different ways, such as with waves and shaggy bangs for extra zest!

50. Jaw-Length Gray Bob with Blonde Highlights.Upgrade your gray hair with blonde highlights and go for an elegant blunt bob. The current look that helps you easily embrace your natural hair color with a modern twist.

So, what’s your choice, a blunt cut or layers? Let’s sum up all the information above. A blunt cut bob is a way to go if you are tired of layered locks and want to go bold for 2021. If you are hesitant about making the big chop, you can have a blunt cut on long or medium hair as well, and then go shorter and shorter if you want. Hopefully, our list has given you the desired inspiration and encouraged you to go for the trendy blunt cut!

Blunt Haircut for Women - Short Bob Haircut Tutorial

Excuse us for being *blunt*, but it's time for a new 'do. Lately, celebrities keep popping up on red carpets with blunt haircuts, and we are so ready to head to the salon and try it out ourselves. To investigate this trend further, we reached out to Sanya Keramen, creative director of Nikita Hair, to learn more.

"Simply put, a blunt haircut is a cut without layers — sleek on women who have naturally straight and fine hair, or more textured for hair types with a bit more body," she tells "While sported most often in a lob or bob style, mid-length bobs have also been trending this year."

If you need the perfect transition from summer to fall, look no further. Keramen adds that it's a great option if your hair is dry/damaged from sun exposure or hopping in the pool. Getting a blunt cut can help get rid of damaged ends and improve your overall hair health with a low maintenance style. "Practicality aside, blunt haircuts bring the drama, boldness, and strength," says Keramen.

Needless to say, we're sold. If you need more proof of why you need this dazzling haircut, see our favorite celebrity blunt haircuts below.

2Carey Mulligan

Carey's shaggy bangs and bob are the perfect example of how to make a blunt haircut look lived-in and a little messy. It's casual, but can also pair well with a structured Met Gala gown.

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3Lucy Liu

You really can't go wrong with Lucy Lieu's bob, which falls just above her shoulders. Pairing it with a deep side part, this hairstyle can take you from a movie to the red carpet. Also it's incredibly easy to maintain.

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4Mila Kunis

Most people think the blunt haircut is just for those with short, straight hair. Here to squash that rumor is Mila Kunis, whose wavy lob is the epitome of hair goals. With a curling wand, you can easily recreate this hairstyle.

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5Lana Condor

A cropped blunt cut gets extra style with some volume, as shown here by To All the Boys I've Loved Before's Lana Condor. We recommend finding your favorite on-trend clip or barrette and using it to pull back the front pieces of your hair.

6Tory Burch

The fashion designer's lob is low maintenance and oh-so-low key. If you want a wearable style that will never get old, opt for Tory's blunt lob haircut.


The blunt haircut trend knows no bounds ... our proof? Zendaya's waist-length hair at the Spider-Man: Far From Home premiere.

8Julianne Hough

We typically rely on Julianne Hough for her iconic short hairstyles, and her look at a recent event is no exception. Notice how she's tucked both sides behind her ears, giving emphasis to her smoky eye and statement earrings.

9Selena Gomez

Hair accessories are the new thing, and luckily, we have Selena to give us plenty of hair inspo. Her soft waves are complemented with a subtle barrette. All together, her blunt lob is making us want to run to the hair salon ASAP.

10Kim Kardashian West

Blunt haircuts can be half up, half down too. One of the hairstyle's biggest fans is Kim Kardashian, who keeps her hair at one length fairly often. In June, she gathered the top half of her hair into a super high and sleek half updo.

11Sarah Paulson

Sarah's blonde highlights add warmth and depth to her straight-across haircut. This blunt haircut is versatile, and works well with the air dried waves she had on the red carpet.

12Olivia Palermo

While those shades might have a style expiration date, Olivia's medium-length blunt cut is a timeless classic. Her shiny, beachy waves show one way to add body to your blunt cut.

13Ayesha Curry

Ayesha plays with length here, but keeps her ends as blunt as possible. One side is slightly shorter and tucked behind the ear, while the other half of her hair makes it an iconic blunt lob.

14Natalie Portman

When you can't pull all of your hair back into a pony, copy Natalie and give yourself a center part. Then, take one piece on either side, twist it back, and pin ... and boom! You've created an easy half updo that you can wear all the time.

15Vanessa Hudgens

Lobs give you a bit of leeway to pull your hair into a ponytail hairstyle. Vanessa did just that for the 2019 Vanity Fair party after the Academy Awards. Her mini pony is barely there, but made a major statement on the red carpet.

16Regina Hall

Nothing goes with a strapless dress quite like Regina's blunt lob hairstyle. Similar to other notable celebs, she uses a hair tuck on one side to put her hoops on full display.

17Winnie Harlow

Flipped up and fringed, Winnie couldn't have a more ideal blunt cut. She took it one step further when she added a retro flair to her ends, accentuating that single length haircut.

18Naomi Watts

Curly-haired girls, have no fear! The blunt cut works on any hairstyle, and Naomi's hair is proof of that. A classic curling iron or wand can give straight-haired girls this exact same look.

19Anna Wintour

A legendary blunt haircut celeb is the one and only Anna Wintour. Her blunt bangs match her curled in ends, and we commend her for this now-iconic style.

20Constance Wu

Constance is always changing up the length of her hair, but we're particularly obsessed with her blunt lob. There's a little bend in her shoulder-length hairstyle, but you can see how evenly cut those ends are.

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Blunt lob straight

24 Trendiest Long Blunt Bob Haircuts for a Sleek New “Blunt Lob”

Long Blunt Bob Cut

Long Blunt Bob Haircut

Instagram @kendallelisebeauty

A long blunt bob cut on this shoulder-length hair is extra special due to its color. The foilayage provides a fresher result to a one-length blunt bob. If the hair needs fullness, ask your stylist about tape-in extensions.

Blunt Bob for Silver, Fine Hair

Blunt bob for silver, fine hair

Instagram @peacelovehair13

A blunt bob for silver, fine hair is stylish. Similar to the bob cut, this medium straight haircut is a traditional cut that brings style to your overall look.

Blunt Lob for Thin Hair

Blunt lob for thin hair

Instagram @urbanchichairsalon

A flattering blunt lob for thin hair has become the hottest trend. This look will instantly create thicker hair for women with fine hair and will flatter every face shape. A professional tip would be to style this cut using a medium-size round brush or a boar bristle flat brush to straighten.

Blunt Lob with Curtain Bangs

Blunt lob with curtain bangs

Instagram @yukistylist

Consider a blunt lob with curtain bangs if you have fine to medium thick hair. A fringe that rests right around the cheekbone adds softness around the face and falls gracefully into the long textured ends. Adding a root-boosting volumizer before styling gives this cut volume, especially when finishing with a loose, tousled bend to the hair.

Long Choppy Blunt Bob

Long Choppy Blunt Bob

Instagram @hair_by_courtneyheaney

Freshen up a long choppy blunt bob with full head foils. Here, the dimension looks more refined and subtle. It brings out a natural finish, and it’s cuter with soft beach waves.

Long Layered Blunt Bob

Long Layered Blunt Bob Hairstyle

Instagram @beautybyannalargeteau_

A long layered blunt bob with waves appears like a next-level trend. It proves that the bluntness and hair texture make a perfect pairing. The waves give the locks more volume and movement. And, go with a dark-rooted blonde color for a stylish impression.

Longer Blunt Bob

Longer Blunt Bob Cut

Instagram @lewismatthewshair

A longer blunt bob receives a lot of love because of its versatility. This cut looks best on a straight, flat mane because it shows off the perimeter better. However, long blunt bobs can be turned into updos, ponytails, and more.

Long Wavy Blunt Bob

Long Wavy Blunt Bob

Instagram @pinitup_buttercup

Featuring a long wavy blunt bob that looks casual yet stunning! What makes it extra special is the blonde hue painted on the bob with wavy hair. With balayage, the result creates a melting effect at the root area. To reinforce the dimension, create soft beach waves with a curling iron.

Long Blonde Blunt Bob

Long Blonde Blunt Bob Style

Instagram @scarlethair_

Consider a long blonde blunt bob if you’re wanting a refined style. This textured bob is easy to copy and can be worn on any occasion.

Long-Length Blunt Bob

Long Length Blunt Bob

Instagram @robynbelikhair

A long-length blunt bob hairstyle is the best option if wanting a trendy, blunt haircut. Opt for a balayage and create a lived-in vibe. Choose a warm tone of blonde to add to the ends, and it will create depth at the roots.

Blunt Cut Bob

Blunt cut bob for longer hair

Instagram @hairbybreewatts

A long blunt cut bob like this is iconic! This long blunt bob haircut is ideal for most face shapes, but especially round faces. The middle part style and the chop’s length break up the fullness of a face.

Long Angled Blunt Bob

Long Angled Blunt Bob Hairstyle

Instagram @valetsalons

A long angled blunt bob and a classic black or brown hair color make a killer combo! The result is classic and easy to recreate with straight locks.

Long Blunt Bob with Fringe

Long Blunt Bob with Fringe

Instagram @joahhmendes

A long blunt bob with fringe has a sleek style that works best on naturally straight locks. Ask your stylist about blunt lobs if you’re looking for an elegant style.

Blunt Lob with Bangs

Blunt Lob with Bangs Hairstyle

Instagram @heatherdouglas721

A blunt lob with bangs will last a few weeks to months. Lobs are easy to style and may only need quick ironing to achieve a sleek long blunt bob hairstyle.

Long Blunt Cut

Long Blunt Bob Cut

Instagram @reyhairstylist

Opt for a long blunt cut that’s neat, classic, and aesthetically pleasing. Blunt lob hairstyles go well on straight locks that have a lot of density. Straight hair may appear flat and unexciting, so it’s always great to part a lob to one side. This technique adds instant volume to the roots.

Long Blunt Cut Bob with a Side Part

Long Blunt Cut Bob with a Side Part

Instagram @reyhairstylist

A long blunt cut bob with a side part looks appealing on straight locks. The cut’s edges match the flawlessness of the hair’s fine density. Plus, if you’re wanting a fuller look without chopping off the length, long blunt bob cuts are ideal!

Blunt Lob Haircut

Blunt Lob Haircut

Instagram @reyhairstylist

Show off a blunt lob haircut and get that neat, classic style. A chop like this is perfect for women with either a round or oval face shape. It frames the face and creates balance. This lob requires minimal styling when going out, too!

Long Blunt Cut Bob with a Middle Part

Long Blunt Cut Bob with a Middle Part

Instagram @kainandecanine

This messy long blunt cut bob with a middle part is perfect for women who want a new look but are afraid of a drastic change. A shoulder-length wavy lob offers a “cool, stylish girl” vibe.

Blunt Long Bob

Blunt Long Bob

Instagram @gabrielaguardiaa

Here’s a blunt long bob that offers a versatile look. Feel free to part it on one side or in the middle. It appears even more stylish with subtle voluminous waves.

Blunt Lob

Blunt Lob

Instagram @romeufelipe

Pull off a blunt cut lob hairstyle and achieve a new, dramatic look that only offers beauty. Its versatility makes it suitable for ladies with any face shape. This chop is also a perfect match with blonde highlights, creating a chic dimension. It’s sure to look divine on straight locks.

Long Textured Blunt Bob

Long textured blunt bob hairstyle

Instagram @bardot_official

Go for a long textured blunt bob that looks modern and stunning. With its length touching the shoulders, this bob cut elongates a round face shape. It frames the face when parted in the center.

Long Blunt Cut with Layers

This long blunt cut with layers is a very slight A-line with a blunt perimeter on the bottom. It was created by hairstylist Raven Lucero of Spokane, WA.

“There is enough of an angle that when the hair is tucked behind the ear it provides the optical illusion of being one length,” says Lucero. “The front of the cut sits at the collarbone. There was no face-framing, but some weight was taken out by the nape of the neck.”

This length of bob feels both modern and timeless. Grazing the collar bone is the perfect length for trying out short hair. It is important with this haircut to make sure the length does not sit on top of the shoulder. Below the shoulder buys you an extra week or two between salon visits.

Lob with Blunt Bangs

Add waves to a lob with blunt bangs to achieve a stylish, more polished edge. Let the hair shine even brighter by painting it golden blonde. This lob with blunt bangs was created by stylist Stacy Syroka of Des Moines, IA.

If you have thick hair, Syroka says you’re not normally someone who is a good candidate for a blunt cut. She explains, “However, by removing weight in the hair around the nape of the neck, it seems as if this cut is perfect for thick-haired women. It’s also much more manageable for an on-the-go lifestyle.”

Syroka’s key styling tips include:

1. The goal is to create bends, not curls – you can use whichever kind of iron you’re comfortable with (flat, curling, wand).

2. Wait until the ironwork completely cools before running your fingers through.

3. Spray the finishing touches on top of and underneath the hair. Pinch with your fingers to mess it up and make it a little bigger.

Very Long Blunt Bob

Consider a very long blunt bob that’s blunt and crisp, like this one created by hairstylist Caylee of Leawood, KS.

“This blunt, long bob is best for women with fine to medium textured hair,” says Caylee. “Blunt lob cuts are long enough to put up, but also very cute down or half up half down! It looks great straight to showcase how blunt it is but also looks great curled!”

BLUNT BOB -- SLEEK \u0026 STRAIGHT hair tutorial

25 Blunt Cuts That'll Never Go Out of Style

01of 25

Shoulder-Grazing Lob

Joan Smalls wears a blunt cut that goes a little past her shoulders, with an undone texture that is great for when you just can't be bothered to do anything fancy. "You shouldn’t be anxious about blunt ends because hair grows in uniformly, and a blunt edge helps to avoid split ends since there is a sharp clean slice," says Patterson.

02of 25


Hailey Bieber's blunt cut wavy lob shows that a blunt cut looks amazing on nearly any hair type. To ensure it looks as effortless as possible, use a spray with a little grit. We like Ouai Wave Spray, which is infused with rice protein to add texture and hold.

03of 25

Pink Bob

Rita Ora's deep side part adds depth to her bob-length blunt cut. The subtle pink hue (a slightly acid-washed take on the traditional bubblegum look) is the icing on the cake.

To get this look, ask your colorist to lighten your hair with bleach before adding pink over top.

04of 25

Pin Straight

The beauty of Khloé Kardashian's blunt cut is that a few subtle layers help to frame her face. The remaining hair remains pin straight and side-parted, with the blunt ends continuing all the way around her head.

05of 25

Half-Up, Half-Down

Cara Delevingne is no stranger to changing up her hair, but this look is a bit more subdued for her. Here, the ends are kept stick-straight, but the top of hair is pulled back, for a modern take on a traditionally preppy look. For a little more pizzazz, incorporate a fun accessory into your hair.

06of 25


Zendaya sports a long blunt look at the Spider-Man: Far From Home premiere. It looks gorgeous with her open-back dress, and the middle part adds a modern touch. Keeping long tresses at one length all the way around the head adds thickness and dimension, so it's especially great for those with fine hair.

07of 25


This sleek bob is great for any kind of formal event. Plus, it's super easy to achieve—straighten your hair if you need to, then smooth it back with some styling cream. "Don’t forget your heat protection products," says Patterson. Try Paul Mitchell Firm Style Freeze and Shine Super Spray ($25) for a shiny finish and serious hold. 

08of 25

Lob With Wavy Texture

Selena Gomez has changed her hair numerous times over her career, from super long to a lob with blunt ends, seen here. This low-maintenance lob is great for everyday and, as Patterson notes, makes hair look voluminous.

"Blunt cuts are my favorite because they make thin hair look strong and full and they make thicker hair look well-groomed and expensive," says Patterson. "Plus, blunt ends make curls look like they are behaving."

09of 25

Platinum and Swept Back

Just like sister Khloé, Kim Kardashian has sported a blunt cut, seen here with platinum hair. Here, she keeps her style pulled back, but not rigid. For a similar look, try a product that offers weightless hold, like Verb Ghost Hairspray ($18).

10of 25

Middle-Part With a Curve

We love Julianne Hough's middle-part in this blunt lob look. Use a blow-dryer to curve hair inward, to frame the face as seen here, and smooth down flyaways with some hairspray or gel for a look as smooth as hers. We like Bumble and Bumble Spray de Mode Flexible Hold Hairspray ($32).

11of 25


J.Lo's long bob is made all the more fresh with blunt ends and plenty of texture. For that "perfectly undone" texture, add a sea salt mist or texturizing spray to your hair and muss it up a bit.

12of 25


Bella Hadid takes the blunt trend up a notch, tying it in a ponytail that perfectly displays the straightened ends. This look works best with extensions or synthetic hair.

13of 25

Dramatic Cut With Volume

Gabrielle Union's voluminous bob is artful, thanks to an A-line shape. For this look, you'll want a product with lots of hold, such as R+Co. Outer Space Flexible Hairspray.

"If you’re afraid of it looking too child-like or triangle-like, ask your stylist to lighten up or remove bulk at the weight line," says Patterson. "This helps keep it looking modern and if you do wear it wavy or curly, it will help to give some push and pull to what appears to be a uniform, one-length cut."

14of 25

Beachy Texture

Margot Robbie's look hinges largely on the texture, which lands somewhere between curled and crimped. For the ultimate beach waves, let hair air-dry before applying a product like Ouai Air Dry Foam ($28).

15of 25

Bouncy Waves

Kacy Hill's bouncy waves are pure drama due to their allover blunt length. Mini bangs add balance and interest.

16of 25

Turned Out

Rowan Blanchard's hair is casual, but still chic. Here, the key is to turn the blunt ends out ever so slightly while leaving a bit of natural wave through the rest of the hair. A little heat and the right product will work wonders.

17of 25

Natural Bob

Kaia Gerber's bob is blunt but still natural, thanks to a bit of wave and texture throughout the hair. For this look, try air-drying hair rather than blowing it out.

18of 25

A Flip With Fringe

Flipped-out hair like model Winnie Harlow's isn't always easy to pull off, but she grounds the look with fringed bangs. Shine through the blunt ends is key. We recommend Aveda Brilliant Spray-On Shine ($31) for a similar look.

19of 25

Bob With Bend

A bit of bend throughout the hair lends Rihanna's lob ultra-sexy movement. The jawline-skimming length highlights the blunt ends, while the shape keeps things a bit more bohemian. According to St. Jean, blunt cuts that swing just above the shoulder are supremely versatile "because you can either wear this sleek and smooth, or add beach waves and texturizing spray to add some personality to the look."

20of 25

Bedhead With Volume

Actress Lana Condor's blunt-cut bob is teased to perfection. For a heavily textured, undone look like this, spritz on a spray like Sachajuan’s Ocean Mist ($34) before scrunching the ends as you rough-dry hair.

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Sleek Lob

Shoulder-skimming hair (like Olivia Culpo's blunt lob seen here) is flattering on nearly everyone, which is part of the reason we love this haircut.

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'20s-Style Bob

Nina Dobrev's 1920s-inspired bob is sharp and sophisticated, with a slight roll-under and a glossy finish. Blunt bangs, which blend into the rest of the hair, add to the look.

23of 25


Jeannie Mai's roll-under with bangs provides a nod to the 1960s. The sleek and glossy texture, however, is pure 2020s. "To wear and style a blunt-line haircut, opt for a flat brush instead of a rounded brush for your blow-dry—and this is true even if you are going to add some wave or bend to your style," says Patterson.

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Mini Bangs

Emma Roberts' blunt cut is defined largely by her mini bangs, which are short and straight across. Here, her eyebrows are darker than her blonde hair, providing an interesting contrast and a more modern look.

For a slightly more natural look, have your stylist cut bangs vertically, which will help them lie better against the face.

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Long With Bangs

Camila Cabello's long, straight locks look great with blunt edges, and the addition of a wide bang helps frame the face. "Finish this look by either kissing just the ends with a flatiron or creating some bends and waves with a curling iron (or the combo of a flat iron and curling iron)," says Patterson, who recommends the Ion Titanium Pro Curling Iron ($40).


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