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~ Monthly Horoscope November ~



Monday, November 2, starts a fiery week and month when bright ideas are abundant and there are more than enough tactics to make your plans happen. You can even sweet-talk people into helping out with your agenda. Some new business ideas or maybe real estate opportunities come with the New Moon on November If you&#;re looking for a new residence, you could find something nice now. Work is booming, so money should be there. Get ready to celebrate with the Full Moon on November Nearby relatives and favorite neighbors may be part of your Thanksgiving Day plans.




Pleasant social times and romance may be yours on the weekend starting November 6. You may not warm up to everyone at first, but the atmosphere mellows on Saturday. New love comes your way with the New Moon on November If you&#;re happy as is, you may rethink some facet of your relationship to make things even better. Around the November 25 Full Moon your thoughts turn to money and all your favorite things to do with it. Holiday shopping and food could be high on your list. With much already to be thankful for, more is on the way.




While everyone around you may be getting emotional and loud, you&#;ll see through all the silliness and figure out why people are upset. You know what&#;s real and you&#;ll be able to calmly deal with it all. There could be an addition to your work routine around the New Moon on November Or perhaps you&#;ll think of a great hack to some part of your domestic routine that makes everything easier. You don&#;t have to volunteer to do all the Thanksgiving Day preparations. The Full Moon on November 25 energizes you and brings you lots of cheerful helping hands.




Be at your most psychic on November 1 and find a comforting solution to an emotional problem. If you haven&#;t been having enough fun lately, the New Moon on November 11 will change all that. It may not be raucous party time all month, but you&#;ll definitely see more and do more with people who lift your spirits. The Full Moon on November 25 may bring you some peace and quiet during a busy holiday weekend. Participate as much as you please, but don&#;t feel obliged to do more than that. If family or friends want to confide in you, listen and keep your peace.




You&#;re on fire on November 2. Pick carefully what you choose to do and then go and blast through it. Be ambitious but under control and don&#;t get baited into emotionally defending yourself. Home life takes a turn for the better around the November 11 New Moon. Even if you&#;re content, things can be much better, more relaxing, and pleasing for you. It&#;s possible you&#;re working so much that you don&#;t think about how things are functioning at home. It&#;s a bright, maybe boisterous Full Moon on November The Thanksgiving holiday weekend may start early for you, so be prepared.




Accomplish a lot on Friday, November 6. If there are a number of loose ends you&#;ve wanted to tie up, do them all now. Friends and neighbors have plans for you during the November 11 New Moon. Listen to some new fun ideas, all close to home and free (or almost free). Be prominent at work and in any public setting around the November 25 Full Moon. If you have a long weekend, get any necessary work out of the way and face a work-free holiday weekend. Get some well-earned rest on the weekend of November You&#;ll need it for the coming week.




People will have a very hard time denying you even the smallest request on Sunday, November 8. Use that extra charm with discretion and win lots of affection. Don&#;t be afraid to spend a little money, especially on something you need anyway, under the New Moon on November There&#;s always going to be a reason to deprive yourself, but it&#;s dispiriting, especially if more money is coming in. The Full Moon on November 25 may inflate your plans for the Thanksgiving holiday weekend. Let your neighbors, friends, and family keep things under control and entertain you for a change.




You can solve some sticky problems on November 2. Your thinking is sharpest and your desire is high. Be tactful and avoid direct confrontation. A sense of humor helps. The New Moon on November 11 lights up your cleverness and shrewd assessment of money, friends, and how other people image you should do things. But you aren&#;t them &#; you&#;re you. You may get several invitations for the long holiday weekend, and the Full Moon on November 25 will make several of them appealing. You&#;ll want to be a gracious and helpful guest. This will win you admiration, affection, and maybe some material gifts later.




Friday, November 6, is your day to have all the little things go your way. Think positive and keep expectations modest. You&#;ll keep a lot of things to yourself around the New Moon on November It&#;s not so much being secretive and slinky. You&#;re just getting more information and having a firmer plan before talking about things that aren&#;t yet started. Love shines into your life with the Full Moon on November Thanksgiving Day may be primarily a family holiday, but romance won&#;t be far away. Be helpful and respectful on November 29 and make some well-placed friends.




People are riled up on November 2, but you should have no trouble getting heard and respected. Go out and have fun with some new people in some new places at the November 11 New Moon. It won&#;t take you long to think of fresh amusements, especially if some old favorite place or activity isn&#;t available anymore. Solidify part of your daily routine at home with the Full Moon on November 25 and have a smoother, more peaceful, long holiday weekend. You don&#;t need to work so hard doing so much that never sees the light of day anyway. Enjoy the weekend.




November 1 could be an emotional day when nobody understands you or people just want to be difficult. The month improves after this rocky start. Get serious and smarter at work or in some public place with the November 11 New Moon. If you want to start something new at work, you can figure out the right way to proceed now. The November 25 Full Moon shines on good times and maybe some crazy fun. Have big fun and surround yourself with lively, lighthearted people. It&#;s a long holiday weekend for many people and everyone will appreciate blowing off some steam.




November 6 starts a lucky, emotional weekend when you can have a pleasant time at home. Keep plans small and see big enjoyment. The New Moon on November 11 may inspire a lot of dreams and big ambitions. It&#;s always good to look at the big picture and want to live a bigger life. You can do all this and still complete whatever daily life requires. Sweet family emotions can surface with this Full Moon on November It&#;s the day before Thanksgiving, so nerves and any unresolved family stress could be in the air. You can make it a good experience for everyone.


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~ Monthly Horoscope November ~
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November is a fantasy-fueled month — for better and for worse. You can’t help but surrender to someone’s sweet gestures, even if you suspect you may be under the spell of a charmer. Wait until the sun heads into Sagittarius for a month on the 23rd before making any firm decisions about your future. One exception: Mars and Venus align on the 2nd, and you could meet your match or hit a major milestone with your boo. After the 12th, both Mars and Venus will have moved on to your 11th house of community. You could fall head over heels for someone you meet at a group activity. Brains will be the biggest turn-on now, so sign up for an evening workshop or discussion group where you might lock eyes with your intellectual equal. The full moon on the 25th lights up your partnership house, helping you wrap November on a romantic high note. But with the sun and stern Saturn aligned in your sign on the 29th, assert your boundaries. You don’t have to lose your individuality to be part of a couple. Your Beauty Forecast: Take The Ice

To get the look, start with luminous skin. (You can give your foundation a glowy boost by mixing it with a dime-sized amount of liquid luminizer.) Using a small, domed eyeshadow brush, blend a shimmery, taupe shadow across your lids, from lashline to browbone. Then, coat your lashes in a healthy dose of mascara for a flirty pop against your sparkling lids. Contrast your cool-toned eyes with flushed lips and cheeks. Add a bit of bronzer just under your cheekbones for chiseled definition, then apply a nude-toned blush to the apples of your cheeks. A matte red lip is a fierce complement to your otherwise icy glow. All products by Revlon. PhotoReady Skinlights Face Illuminator in Bare Light, $; PhotoReady Insta-Fix Makeup, $; PhotoReady Powder, $; Brow Fantasy, $; ColorStay HR Eyeshadow Palette in Romantic, $; Grow Luscious Mascara, $; Highlighting Palette in Desert Bronze (Available in store only); Highlighting Palette in Rose Glow, $; ColorBurst Matte Balm in Standout, $; Nail Enamel in Pure Pearl, $ Photographed by Jens Ingvarsson; Styled by Laura Pritchard; Makeup by Ashleigh B. Ciucci; Hair by Casey Geren; Manicure by Rachel Shim for Artists by Timothy Priano; Set Design by Kate Landucci at Mary Howard Studio; Illustrated by Sydney Hass; Modeled by Xuchao Zhang for Muse Management; Model wearing Sass & Bide top, Sea top and Kendra Scott ring.

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We hope you all had a happy and spooky Halloween weekend and just can&#;t believe that November is already here! The holidays are right around the corner—yippie! Being that it is the beginning of the month, we welcome our columnist Christie Craft and her predictions for the days ahead.

For those of us in the Northern Hemisphere, November is a mysterious, sleepy month nestled between Halloween hangovers and Thanksgiving bingeing. It’s also the birth month for many mid- and late-season Scorpios, as well as their fiery neighbors with early Sagittarius birthdays. But Scorpio—the sign of death, sex, and rebirth, often but less frequently characterized by the Phoenix rising from its ashes—has a big story to tell during this transformative month.

On November 2, the month kicks off with sharp, intense communication as sister Scorpio sits with quick-thinking and incisive Mercury. From now until November 20, there will be nil miscommunications when it comes to speaking from the heart. (And for those of you close to Scorpios, you know their tongues can sometimes be as cutting as they are honest.) On that same day, though, sweet Venus entwines with her cosmic lover, war god Mars, in earthy Virgo—an unparalleled aspect that will illuminate new depths of love and intimacy for water and earth signs.

Days later on November 8, Venus dances into ultra-compatible Libra, harmonizing partnerships and relationships until early December. Mars follows hot on his lover’s heels into Libra on November 12, where he’ll gladly stick his neck out to fight in the name of true love. Sandwiched between this astro-drama is a new moon in Scorpio on November 11, doubling up the intensity and clearing the way for positive transformations. And if that wasn’t enough, on November 13 Venus and Saturn link, alongside Mercury and Jupiter, making it a banner day for professional advancement.

Confusion strikes on November 18 when Neptune ends his retrograde period, lending fuzziness and fog to a bizarre Gemini full moon on November Separating logic from reality—and all the emotions in-between—could seem like a Herculean task by the end of the month. November closes with an air of disillusionment in our most core beliefs, and many of us may start to see irreparable cracks in our foundational values. It’s time to move on.

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A Need for Privacy - Scorpio November 2015 Monthly Love Horoscope

Aquarius (January 20 - February 18)


Now is the time to fulfill your mission—not just in your mind or on your re&#;sume&#;, but in the world, where it matters the most. Be confident that there is a place for your talent and that space will appear.

POWER DAY: November 10

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Aries (March 21 - April 19)

MOOD: Ingenious

You have problem-solving power beyond anything you've experienced before. Remember to be patient with details. Put your head to work on whatever might be vexing you or those you love, and you're sure to win the game.

POWER DAY: November 11

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Cancer (June 21 - July 22)

MOOD: Clairvoyant

It's as if you have a behind-the-scenes view of everything and everyone. That psychological insight will turn challenges into assets. Trust that the flow of your imagination is dependable and accurate.

POWER DAY: November 25

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Capricorn (December 22 - January 19)


Recent developments have freed you from some emotional bog and are pointing the way to the future. You may be wondering whether anyone else is interested in coming with you, but the planets are guiding you on a journey for you alone.

POWER DAY: November 24

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Gemini (May 21 - June 20)


Don't be overly careful, as you're inclined to be. Any insecurities you may be feeling are really a cover for the desire to dare. Experiment more boldly, especially with ideas, projects, and maybe a relationship.

POWER DAY: November 6

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Leo (July 23 - August 22)

MOOD: Emotional

Go deep to understand what motivates you and your feelings. Don't take your responses to people and situations for granted. There are many connections you will make, if you care to look.

POWER DAY: November 13

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Libra (September 23 - October 22)

MOOD: Liberated

After many twists and turns, your life is starting to come together. Everything that's happened recently now makes sense. This is truly a new start for you—choose a bold challenge and rise to the occasion.

POWER DAY: November 5

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Pisces (February 19 - March 20)

MOOD: Empathetic

You're highly sensitive to your environment and thepeople around you. Trust the information you get about the direction your life is taking. Your vision is exceptionally clear right now, and time is on your side.

POWER DAY: November 30

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Sagittarius (November 22 - December 21)

MOOD: Introspective

These weeks will offer insights into yourself that will benefit you for many years. Yet you will need to be susceptible and aware. Listen to the whisper of your inner wisdom and you will know exactly what to do.

POWER DAY: November 23

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Scorpio (October 23 - November 21)

MOOD: Enchanted

There will be times this month when you are bestowed with the authentic power to heal. Start with yourself. Take this cue to set your intentions and focus your strength. The door to a better life, and letting go of the past, is wide open.

POWER DAY: November 9

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Taurus (April 20 - May 20)

MOOD: Creative

To do brilliant things, bring yourself to the work every day. Apply yourself with reasonable deadlines. Pacing yourself will lead to a breakthrough, though the timing will surprise you. Just keep going, one day at a time.

POWER DAY: November 18

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Virgo (August 23 - September 22)

MOOD: Clever

Virgo is one of the deep- thinking signs of the zodiac, and this month you are at your brightest. You'll be able to solve any problem you put your mind to, as if some extra burst of knowledge has been granted to you.

POWER DAY: November 10

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2015 november love horoscope

Taurus Love Horoscope for November

Last MonthThis MonthNext Month

Amorous opportunities

by Maria DeSimone

The sexiest day of the year for you will happen on November 2 when Astrology's Lovers, Venus and Mars, hook up in the cosmos. If single, it's possible that you'll meet someone very special. If you're taken, you and your lover will definitely have a night to remember.

Communication with your partner will improve dramatically from November 2 - 20, when Mercury enters your 7th House of Relationships. You'll have an ability to not only hear what one another has to say, but to truly listen as well.

A new opportunity in your relationship will open up after November You and your mate are likely to begin a project together that will help transform your love connection into something deeper and more meaningful.

Not sure what next steps to take in your relationship? Use the insightful wisdom from a Relationship Potentials Tarot Reading!

An Emotional Journey - Libra November 2015 Monthly Love Horoscope

December January 19__

During the first week of November, Venus wraps up her visit to your exploration house, increasing the chances that you'll be attracted to a person who's very different from you or meet someone while you're traveling. If you're already attached, sharing an adventure, trip or unfamiliar experience with your boyfriend can bring you closer. After Venus segues into your ambition angle on the 8th, you'll be more focused on making a good impression in your career, and you could be drawn to an older man or someone in a senior position. Don't forget to balance your professional life with your personal life, though, especially around November , when Venus spars with Pluto in Capricorn and Uranus in your emotions sector. If you're all about getting ahead at the office now, consider whom you might be shortchanging. Saturn in your releasing zone is challenging Neptune in your mindset house on Thanksgiving, sending you a signal that it's time to get closure on something so you can free up space in your head.



January February 18__

Your month starts off on an intense note, with Venus and Mars aligning in your transformation sector on the 2nd, conjuring up sexual fireworks, a profound sense of connection or a breakthrough with an issue concerning trust, jealousy or sharing. Keep in mind that you may be placing very high expectations on another person, putting pressure on your bond. When those planets segue into your expansion house on the 8th and 12th, the tone lightens. You—or your relationship, if you're in one—will benefit from travel, learning, new experiences and unfamiliar people, as they can all enhance your perspective and liven things up. If you're single, book a trip to attend a conference or work for a cause that's important to you. Pursuing new interests and expanding your mind can facilitate and strengthen relationships now. A full moon lights up your pleasure zone on the 25th, luring you to enjoy life and take risks for the sake of your own happiness. If you're stuck in an unhealthy relationship, this could be the push you need to cut the cord.


February March 20__

Looking ahead to the future will keep your spirits high during the first few weeks of the month. On the 6th, you're apt to connect with someone who brings out the romantic in you, so make an effort to talk to people. With Neptune leaving its retrograde phase on the 18th, you'll feel like you're slowly being pulled out of a fog. Since Neptune has been in Pisces the past few years, you've probably been grappling with a codependent relationship; people projecting their illusions onto you instead of getting to know you; porous boundaries that leave you feeling vulnerable; or seeing people through rose-colored glasses and ending up confused. Interpersonal tension—particularly on the 14th and the 24th—is a reminder to work on such issues. The better you know yourself, the likelier you are to draw in people who are good for you. Sharing and intimacy will be challenging around November , and juggling home and work could add to your stress. Seek relationships that are mutually beneficial, and be open to dating a guy who seems foreign in some way.


March April 19__

No one's more independent than Rams, but with half the planets taking turns in your partnership and sharing houses in November, you won't feel like flying solo. Venus is encouraging good-natured rapport, so let your date pick a meeting spot or give your boyfriend a pass on some minor infraction—then enjoy the peace. But you can still assert yourself: Verbal Mercury in your intimacy zone November greenlights speaking up in the bedroom. Describe what turns you on instead of expecting your partner to be a mind reader. If you're trying to get over a breakup, that also happens to be a great period for processing an emotional issue, so carve out time for introspection, therapy or journaling. Hoping to meet a new guy? Keep an open mind on the 13th, when Saturn in your expansion sector nudges you to consider someone outside your comfort zone. You'll definitely need your space on the 9th, 12th, and 23rd when Uranus triggers your rebellious streak; you're likely to pull away or pick a fight if you overbook yourself on those days.


Similar news:

You love them; you love them not. What’s it going to be, Scorpio? This month you may be more interested in checking out your options than settling down. And with lovebirds Mars and Venus piping through your popularity zone, you’ll have your hands full of admirers. Don’t let a good one slip away just because you’re caught up in the fun. A dashing charmer could come sweep you off your knee-high boots early in the month. But remember — give priority to the person who is both exciting and stable. (This elusive combo does exist.) The Scorpio new moon, November 11, is an “ask, believe, receive” kind of day. Your wish is Cupid’s command, so be bold whether you’re detouring your amour through the jewelry aisle or making a vision board of your future mate. Or if what you really need is to break free, you’ll have the courage to move on. The full moon on the 25th lights up your seductive eighth house. A sexy spark could become an eternal flame that day, keeping you hot all winter long. Your Beauty Forecast: Two-Toned Cat-Eyes

To get the look, prep your skin with foundation, concealer, and powder. Glide a shimmery, cobalt-blue liner along your upper lashline, starting at the inner corner and stopping just past the outer corner. Then, with an icier, more turquoise-blue shade, trace directly above your first line, using an angled brush to wing it out over the darker blue and creating the effect of a double cat-eye. Add two coats of mascara. Then, use your fingers to swirl a rosy cream blush onto the apples of your cheeks. Finish your look with a deep cherry-red lipstick.

All products by Revlon. PhotoReady Skinlights Face Illuminator in Bronze Light, $; PhotoReady Insta-Fix Makeup, $; PhotoReady Powder, $; Brow Fantasy, $; ColorStay Eye Liner in Sapphire, $; PhotoReady Kajal Matte Eye Pencil in Matte Marine, $; Grow Luscious Mascara, $; Cream Blush in Flushed, $; Super Lustrous Lipstick in Black Cherry, $; ColorStay Gel Envy in Double Down, $ Photographed by Jens Ingvarsson; Styled by Laura Pritchard; Makeup by Ashleigh B. Ciucci; Hair by Casey Geren; Manicure by Rachel Shim for Artists by Timothy Priano; Set Design by Kate Landucci at Mary Howard Studio; Illustrated by Sydney Hass; Modeled by Nyamuoch Girwath for Fenton Models; Model wearing Mara Hoffman dress and aUrate earrings.

Sours: https://www.refinerycom/en-us/scorpio-novemberlove-horoscope

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