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36 Modern Grey & White Bathrooms That Relax Mind Body & Soul

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Our bathrooms are often used as a place for peaceful recuperation. In order to fully relax in a hot bubble bath or under a steaming waterfall shower, it’s helpful if our surroundings are conducive to a quiet mind. A grey and white bathroom scheme ranks high on the style metre but also provides a calming neutral backdrop in which the stresses of the day can fall away, and will give a smooth start to a new day without an overly jarring wake up call. See how these 36 white and grey bathroom ideas use simple grey and white bathroom decor combined with a little wood tone, greenery and lighting to evoke many different looks and atmospheres.

Gold faucets add a look of luxury and expense to the otherwise minimalist pair of bathroom sinks. Two marble side tables match the half height wall surround.

This grey and white master bathroom uses a darker floor tile to visually anchor light walls. The slate tiles are highlighted with floor level LED lighting that acts as a safety marker along the edge of a step. A plain white vanity unit has a chunky marble top that gives it a high-end finish.

Stark contrast is key in this black white and grey bathroom. A black cistern wall backs a modern white toilet, and a black shelving unit holds a selection of grey towels and natural woven baskets.

A modern bathroom vanity spans the entire width of this room. Open bathroom shelving holds a menagerie of black, grey and white bathroom accessories. A colour coordinated trash basket sits beneath it.

Deep rustic wood tone adds a completely unique feel to this bathroom that also incorporates a utility area within the bathroom vanity itself.

A wooden bathroom vanity unit adds a flash of character to completely grey walls. An expanse of patterned tiles inside the walk in shower unit, like a patchwork quilt, complement the cosy character of the wood.

A simple modern wall sconce lights a small vanity unit nestled in a nook. In contrast to the rest of the white and grey bathroom decor, the utility area is lined with wood grain panels and shelf.

Elegance abounds in this small grey and white bathroom. A marble pedestal sink pushes through a slimline glass vanity shelf. A textured feature wall is lit from around the perimeter of a frameless mirror.

Crisp white and grey bathroom ideas translate perfectly into a minimalist bathroom. This one adds just a couple of wooden accents for good measure, complemented by a simple gold pendant light.

Two bathroom pendant lights adorn the vanity area of this grey white and blue bathroom. However, just about everything inside this bathroom is upstaged by the stunning geometric tile pattern that covers much of the walls and floor.

Grey and white bathroom rugs are a great way to introduce texture to a sleek bathroom scheme.

A picture window onto a private garden affords a beautiful connection with nature and the outdoors. A streamline shelf by the shower unit provides a handy spot for soap dispensers without obscuring the view.

White and grey bathroom designs provide opportunity for high contrast areas, like this white shower area that glows like a lightbox at the end of a fully grey room.

Bold green fronds feather the edges of modern tiling. Coupling greenery with wooden accents has a feel of the tropics.

White and grey bathroom tiles have a smart look that appears crisp and clean for when visitors swing by.

Black white and grey bathroom ideas benefit greatly from the introduction of woodtone, and don’t be restricted to bathroom furniture only. This cluster of wooden pendant lights make an unexpected addition.

A single shade of grey geo tiles provide subtle pattern on this bathroom feature wall. The white bathroom vanity with grey top melds softly with the hue.

By using grey grout with these white bathroom tiles, the pattern becomes stronger.

Heavily patterned tiles make a wonderful feature of even the very smallest shower wall.

This bathroom is chock-full of pretty grey and white bathroom ideas. Patterned white and grey bathroom tile covers a vanity feature wall from edge to edge. Traditional bathroom lights with black shades are suspended over leather strap mounted mirrors, near an elegant wrought iron towel holder. The double sink bathroom vanity has chunky white basins of a Belfast style, set into a wooden top. Bathroom organisation comes in the form of wooden boxes beneath the basins, painted with blackboard labels.

Atmospheric lighting washes over this concrete grey and white tile bathroom.

  • 22 |
  • Visualizer: Yevhen Zahorodnii & Archiplastica
Dark and light areas visually play with the proportions of a narrow family bathroom design.

Framed grey and white bathroom pictures elegantly decorate a tiled cistern box.

An orchid in a decorative vase delicately adorns one side of a wooden vanity shelf. A matching wood panel cuts around the room to divide the upper white half of the walls from grey decor around the base.

A living wall and a courtyard garden of indoor plants brings a breath of fresh air to rustic natural stone and wood decor.

This white and grey marble bathroom gains added visual warmth from a single wooden side table.

A grey white and yellow bathroom is lively and bold.

Mosaic tiles create a sparkling effect, while water-themed bathroom wall decor brings a touch of calming color to the grey and white theme.

Mosaic tiles can also serve as an unusual alternative to large grey and white bathroom floor tiles, like the ones surrounding these truly unique sinks.

This grey and white subway tile bathroom is brought upmarket with gold fixtures and fittings.

A huge gold modern chandelier is suspended over a white freestanding bathtub, set on a grey marble floor inlay.

  • 33 |
  • Designer: Haji Guliyev & Ulker Mirzaliyeva
  • Visualizer: Vusal Abbasov
Gold bathroom basins add more grandeur inside this grey black and white bathroom decor.

Tipping the balance over to a darker decor scheme makes for a much moodier atmosphere, where pale grey and white bathroom vanities can be used to add a stripe of light relief.

Don’t be afraid to apply a dark palette to small bathrooms too.

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One of our favorite ways to decorate a space, our gray bathroom tile ideas combine practicality with a subtle chicness.

Tiles are the go-to option for bathroom walls and floors – and for good reason, too. Being hardwearing, water-resistant and with a huge variety of designs to choose from, you can find bathroom tile ideas to reflect your own style no matter how much space you have to work with. 

Gray, meanwhile, is an extremely versatile neutral shade that works in classic and contemporary homes alike, so it’s no wonder that gray bathroom tiles are a popular choice today. Pair with pops of color, or make it monochrome – the final look is really up to you. Quite frankly, there are so many bathroom ideas to choose from.

Gray bathroom tile ideas

Take a look at these stylish gray bathroom tile ideas for serious design inspiration. 

1. Add interest with mosaics

(Image credit: Claybrook)

‘Gray need not be used as a solid color when tiling.’ explains Rob Whitaker, Creative Director at Claybrook.

‘Mosaics are a great way to bring movement and visual interest into a space when utilizing more neutral shades. Marble mosaics are a case in point – the natural material means even within one shade there are variations in tone.’

Likewise, the 2021 tile trend of grayscale terrazzo tiles creates a captivating canvas when used on the walls or for bathroom floor tiles.

2. Scale up

(Image credit: CP Hart)

Large format tiles are ideal for bathrooms and wet rooms – if you're looking for shower tile ideas.

Often seen in luxury spas, oversized stone gray tiles add a sense of grandeur, but are also practical. With less tiles to work with, they are quicker to lay and minimal grout lines mean they are easier to clean too. 

3. Mix your materials

(Image credit: Drummonds)

When it comes to decorating the walls of your bathroom, you may want to consider using a combination of materials.

Tiles are sensible for wet zones – think around the bath, above the basin and in a shower enclosure. We have a handy guide on how to tile a bathroom wall if you need some help. 

You could add some feature wallpaper elsewhere in the space. Water-resistant wallpapers are available, or ask your decorator to apply Decorator's Varnish for added protection in case of splashes. 

4. Play with texture

(Image credit: Lapicida)

If you plan to keep the color scheme neutral with gray bathroom tiles, you can add interest by bringing different shapes and textures into the design.

Look out for tiles with repeating patterns or unusual shapes that will work with the style of your space. 

Play around with the options too. You can often create a variety of different looks simply by repositioning the layout of the tiles.

5. Use tiles to zone

(Image credit: Amtico)

Enhance your bathroom layout by using tiles to help zone the space. 

Place a border of patterned tiles within a shower or around a bath to highlight these areas, keeping the rest of the bathroom neutral with a plain yet complementary tile. 

And if you are looking to cover a large amount of floorspace, consider alternative materials such as Luxury Vinyl Tiles (LVT). They're worth considering if you're looking for bathroom flooring ideas, since they mimic the look of real stone, but are often easier to maintain and won’t feel as cold underfoot on those early mornings.

(Image credit: Stone and Ceramic Warehouse)

Most bathroom tiles will come in two finishes – matte or gloss. Which you go for is really down to personal preference. 

Matte tiles don’t show up marks and smudges as obviously, and tend to be less slippery. Gloss tiles, on the other hand, have a more reflective surface that enhances light. 

These work particularly well when applied to the walls by making the room feel brighter, great if you're looking for small bathroom ideas. 

7. Take an all-over approach

(Image credit: Verona)

Using the same gray bathroom tiles throughout your space can create a sleek, seamless look. 

Some tiles are more suitable for floors than others, so check if the design you like can be applied to both floors and walls to avoid any costly mistakes when buying tiles. 

Keep an eye out for appropriate slip ratings, and if you wish to have underfloor heating make sure your tiles can sit on top of your system – most porcelain and ceramic tiles should be able to. 

8. Create a two-tone effect

(Image credit: Walls and Floors)

‘When it comes to gray bathrooms, why not mix two coordinating shades to add visual interest to your walls and floors,’ suggests Katy Black, Marketing Director at Verona.

‘For example, you could select lighter shades for walls and darker tones for floors.’ When deciding on a combination, try warm tones together for a relaxing feel, or cooler shades for a fresher look.  

9. Use pops of color

(Image credit: Ca'Pietra)

Gray tiles can be a subtle backdrop that allow colorful items in your bathroom to shine.

Introduce pops of color to your design through towels and accessories, or go one step further and commit to bold brassware and statement sanitaryware.

If you love the bathroom above, you could even consider incorporating some of these pink room ideas into your scheme.

10. Find the right shade

(Image credit: West One Bathrooms)

While lighter gray tiles can create a softer, more feminine look, deep graphites and charcoals can instantly add a more contemporary edge to your bathroom scheme. 

Where possible, request to see samples in person so you can visualise different combinations and scales of size to find what works for you.

What colors go with gray bathroom tiles?

‘Gray tiles are a blank canvas, so your accessory options are endless,’ says Katy Black, Marketing Director at Verona.

‘If your gray tiles have a softer, warmer undertone, try using earthy, organic bathroom colors such as dark greens or deep auburns with natural timber. For cooler shades, choose crisp white towels and mats with a strong matte black accent, or add a flash of color with teal or navy.’

Should floor tiles be darker than wall tiles?

It is a popular approach, but not necessarily the only option – in fact doing the opposite can create a strong effect.

‘Darker wall tiles add impact and mood to a space, and pairing them with a pale floor simply adds to the drama,’ advises Rob Whitaker, Creative Director at Claybrook. 

Another idea is to use the same shade across both the walls and floors, as this can make the bathroom look sleek, seamless and bigger – a great tile idea for a small bathroom. Many tile ranges are now available in the same design but different formats to achieve this look. 

Should grout be darker or lighter than a tile – and what grouts go with gray tiles?

Using a grout that is a similar shade to your tiles can help to create a premium finish, and matching your grout to your tiles will also help disguise any discoloration that inevitably occurs over time. 

While white grout is often seen as the conventional choice, if you are aiming for a modern look then you could opt for a dark grout against light gray tiles. Just be sure the tiles have been appropriately sealed or glazed, otherwise excess grout may stick or sink into the tile.

  1. Aba tech show
  2. Reddit stimulus check
  3. Modern fire column
  4. Fabric stars pattern
  5. Haley tactical chest rig

As you head into a bathroom renovation, you want to know what is the best wall color to match with gray tiles. You’ve heard things about cool colors versus warm colors, but doesn’t gray go with absolutely everything? For the most part, it does, you can pair many colors with gray tile, but you do want to think about the right tone for the space you’re trying to create. You also want to think about the overall light or darkness you want for your room.

We’ve gathered some super examples for you to peruse as you choose a paint color to match with gray tile.

An orange colored modern bathroom with huge mirror, Gray Tile Bathroom: What Color Should The Wall Be? [Inc. 26 Photos Examples]

Gray Tile Bathroom With Monochromatic Walls

Neutral spaces are all the rage these days, which is why similarly neutral paints work well with gray tile.

1. Gray Tile With Soft White Walls

Pick a beautiful shade of just off-white to go with your grey tile. A good pro tip is to buy several samples and paint poster board squares. Hold them up with the flooring and the room’s lighting to see how they look. Whites can change colors when paired in different ways, and this can help you pick the perfect shade.

Grey and white interior of a house bathroom with modern design

2. Pick A Cool-Toned White For Charcoal Gray Walls

Gray is usually on the cool end of the color spectrum. If you have a bathroom without natural light, consider picking an equally cool-toned white to pair with your tile.

Modern grey bathroom with shower, wooden cabinet, round, white basin and toilet

3. Pick Ivory Paint for Greige Tiles. 

If your gray tiles tilt toward the cooler side, pick an ivory white with warmer tones for your walls.

Bathroom interior with gray tiles, white walls, big rectangular white wash basin and bath tub

4. Gray On Gray On Gray

This bathroom is a symphony of grays. Light gray paint on the ceiling reflects the other tones of grays in the room.

Modern bathroom in gray and white colors with large rectangular mirror

5. Light Gray Subway Tile With Dove Gray Paint

This classic light gray subway tile looks beautiful with a barely dove gray paint on the walls. The mirror frame and vanity in darker gray complete the monochromatic look.

Modern bathroom in country house with gray bathroom vanity

6.  Why Not Choose Tile Instead Of Paint?

This bathroom forgoes the paint for an all tile look. Charcoal gray and white tiles pair well for a cool, contemporary look.

Modern bathroom interior with white tiles on wall and gray tiles on floor

7. Dark Charcoal And Light Gray Combined

Are you looking for something a bit more dramatic? Choose an almost black charcoal gray to pair with lighter grays, and you’ll add drama to your space.

Modern bathroom with dark gray concrete tiles and off-white geometric tile floor and shower wall

8. Stark White Walls Against Dark Charcoal Tile

Love the look of dark gray tile, but don’t want your bathroom to be too dark? Pair it with stark white paint to keep things light and airy.

Bathroom in conjunction with bedroom with structural beams, dark wood and granite tiles

9. Medium Grays and Cremes

In this all tile bathroom, the ceiling shines with light-medium gray paint.

Modern grey and white bathroom interior with sink and shower with glass panels

10. Wood Tone Grey Tile With Marbled Grey Tile And White Ceiling

Here’s another bathroom that’s skipped the paint altogether. Instead, sizeable marbled grey tiles cover the floor and two walls. An accent wall of wood tone rectangular tiles, also in grey, draws the eye.

Modern bathroom interior with concrete textured wall, toilet seat, sink and wooden paneling wall in the background

11. Mix Up The Grays

In this sleek bathroom, darker gray tiles in the shower play nicely with the medium gray cabinets and floor tile. Even the towel warmer is in a gray tone.

Modern bathroom design with gray tile floor and white tile walls

12. Use A Tile Border For Direction With Wall Color

In this darker grey and warm-toned ivory bathroom, the tile border contains both colors. Drawing from an existing feature in a room is a great way to choose a wall color.

Gray and beige master bathroom in modern style

13. Drama In Dark Grey Tiled Walls, Black Painted Door, And White Ceiling

This dramatic bathroom breaks up the vast expanse of wall tile with a horizontally striped barn-style door in black. The color echoes the colors of the towel rack and sink fixtures.

Contemporary bathroom with light gray honeycomb ceramic tiles and dark gray concrete like large tiles

14. Bright White Ceiling And White Trim For A Medium Gray Bathroom

Here bright white paint applied to the window and mirror trim, and the ceiling provides a stark contrast for the gray tile. It’s a fresh and clean look.

Grey colored bathtub in a modern grey and white bathroom interior

Gray Tile Bathrooms With Colorful Walls

For people in love with color, gray tile could seem too blah. There’s no rule against mixing colored paint with gray tile in your bathroom. We’ve gathered examples of various combinations for you to look at here.

1. Charcoal Gray Tile Paired With Wedgewood Blue

Blue and gray are a natural go-together combination. Here a light Wedgewood blue complements the darker gray tile and acts as an intermediary between the tile and the natural wood vanity.

Bathroom in gray and blue colors with bathtub and shower

2. Medium Blue Walls And Bright White Trim With Gray Tile

If you want a darker wall with bright white fixtures and light gray flooring, this medium blue is a great tone. It doesn’t overpower or darken the space, yet gives the feel of something more than neutrals.

A dark blue colored bathroom with a white colored door and cabinet with a huge rectangular mirror

3. Lime Green And Gray Tile

It’s not a common color combination, but we love the fresh and funky fun of this duo.

A green themed bathroom with a corner shower area and a bathtub on the side

4. Lavender Paint With Soft Gray Tiles

This delightful mix of colors works to soften this bathroom. The result is a soothing and calming space for washing away your cares.

A light colored violet and grey bathroom with indoor plants on the window

5. Turquoise Walls With Soft Grey Floor Tile

This beachy bathroom pairs soft gray floor and tub splash tiles with light turquoise paint and tile trim. This combination is cheerful and inviting.

A nautical blue and grey colored bathroom with a bathtub

6. Orange And Charcoal Tile For A Bold Statement

Love color AND drama? This combination of bold orange and deep charcoal turns a bathroom into a statement.

An orange colored bathroom with a square shaped toilet and lavatory

7. Pink And Gray Are A Natural Combination

Besides blue and gray, we love the vibe of pink and gray. The two shades go together, no matter which level of lightness and darkness you choose. Here Fuschia and medium gray are divine.

A pink colored bathroom with a bathtub on the side and a corner toilet

8.  Red-Orange And Light Gray Tiles

Here’s another bold color combination if you’re looking for the wow factor. Light-medium gray tiles are paired with a fire engine red wall and black fixtures. It’s bold and beautiful.

A red and grey colored bathroom with a red towel and a glass door shower area

9. Red, White, And Medium Gray Tiles

The family of reds and oranges provide contrast with gray. Spend a day playing with color swatches in these tones to find the perfect fit for your space.

A red tiled bathroom with plants placed on the awning window

10. Rose Pink With Multiple Shades Of Gray Tile

This is another variation on the pink and gray theme. Here a muted rose pink creates a soft romantic bathroom when paired with gray and white marble tile and a dark charcoal tiled shower. We particularly love the rose carried over to the trim paint.

A light pink and grey colored modern bathroom with two huge circular mirror

11. Orange Accents, Ivory Walls, And Gray Tiles

If you want to use orange for your fixture and backsplash, ivory tones of white are an excellent choice for the walls. It’s warmer color acts as an excellent medium to bring the orange and gray together.

A modern bathroom with an orange outline and an orange cabinet

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Top 60 Best Grey Bathroom Tile Ideas – Neutral Interior Designs

Grey often gets a bad rep, frequently–and unfairly–associated with melancholy and unappealing weather that drives one indoors when they’d rather be out in the sun.

However, those with more enlightened aesthetic sensibilities beg to differ. Grey is more than just a storm cloud or kinky bestselling book franchise, it’s the shade of brooding elegance and unforced privilege, of warm cups of Earl teat and slate beaches, and those quiet moments of contemplation apart from the influences of the outside world.

The grey bathroom tile scheme evokes sea passages and nautical getaways, at once handsome and simple to implement into your design scope. Grey never overwhelms the greater picture, and your personal effects and preferred splashes of color will only enhance the overall effect of your bathroom abode. From floor to ceiling and most certainly within the shower and bordering the bathtub, grey tiles elevate your bathroom to a new standard of fine living.

Unforced and unequivocally elegant, your grey tiled bathroom welcomes you and your guests alike with the promise of absolute serenity. No drama or drab skies here; your grey bathroom is a gentleman’s retreat, a place to revive and restore, and return to the world a new man.

Grey has long been embraced by nouveau designers as the ideal counterpart hue for any home or interior room. Whether it’s a simple detail you’re looking to upgrade or an entire do-over, grey is the go-to choice of the man who prefers minimal drama and a lot of allure.


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Bathroom floor grey

Shop By Colour

Whether you’re planning a bathroom renovation or just looking to update your space, our range of bathroom tiles makes it easy. Our bathroom wall tiles and bathroom floor tiles include classic and trend-led designs, colours, and finishes. Shop by style to find minimal or ornate Victorian tiles. Or, explore eye-catching designs with patterned, high-gloss, split-face, and metro brick tiles.

Choose high-quality tiles in a colour that suits your style. Explore timeless white, blue, and grey bathroom tiles right here. Why not select some matching wall and floor tiles for a seamless space? When it comes to materials, browse ceramic, porcelain, natural granite, marble, slate, and more; get creative with your bathroom tile ideas!

Shop mosaic tiles and create feature designs around your shower, bath, or basin splashback. Or choose border tiles to add decorative flair to your space. Forget stepping on chilly tiles and enjoy a luxurious bathroom experience when you discover our electric underfloor heating, the perfect finishing touch.

5 Bathroom Flooring Ideas on a Budget!

7 Grey Bathroom Floor Tile Ideas That Are Anything But Blah

Hexagon or penny, marble or poured concrete. There are so many ways to make grey bathroom floor tiles interesting. In Michelle Gage’s Philadelphia home, the subtle shade elevates eclectic wallpaper. Jenni Li used simple grayscale squares to break up an all-white palette in her Brooklyn townhouse. Equally as versatile as classic white, the soft color offers a boost of warmth and depth. Plus when you put it in a room that’s meant to function as a relaxing escape (like a bathroom), it’s the perfect match for a soothing environment. 

Do you want a zen bathhouse or a hotel-like vibe? Choose the feeling you hope to emulate and then start collecting inspiration for your next renovation. We can help in that department: These seven spaces are proof that grey is anything but boring. 

The Spa-Like Retreat

With its tall sloped ceilings and massive tub, this Emily Henderson–designed room feels like the ultimate luxurious escape. This is due in no small part to the dark grey tiles: With marbled detailing, they look extra opulent. 

Try: Clé’s slate-hued natural stone option—a durable material that features an organic texture and almost looks like moving water. 

Screen Shot 2020-06-02 at 2.33.17 PM

Slate Natural Stone, Cle Tile ($5/square foot)


The Industrial Charmer

Rustic floating shelves, subway tile, and exposed plumbing: Nadine and Matt Abramcyk expertly styled their space, opting for pared-back hex tiling on the ground for something more polished than concrete slabs.  

Try: Porcelanosa has a perfect dupe, which even comes with the same natural gradient so no two shapes are exactly alike. 


Amsterdam Hexagon Tile, Porcelanosa (Price varies)


The Modern Discotheque 

Nothing about Roberto Baciocchi’s Tuscan villa is expected—least of all his jaw-dropping bathroom, which includes rich charcoal floor-to-ceiling tiles flecked with shimmering turquoise that make it seem like the world’s chicest disco. If you’re not one to shy away from drama, we found the template for you to follow. 

Try: For a similar terrazzo vibe, go with Concrete Collaborative’s Pacifica design. Placed on every surface of a smaller room, it will really make a splash. 

Screen Shot 2020-06-02 at 11.30.38 AM

Pacifica, Concrete Collaborative (Price varies)


The Wabi-Sabi Delight

In Carly Nance’s home, stylish practicality rules. And in her master bathroom, it’s the organic materials and unfussy imperfection that draw us in. Take, for example, the mix of materials: Marble, raw wood, and cement–look-alike flooring combine for a minimalist dream that’s not too bothered with being matchy-matchy. 

Try: Tilebar’s pale grey porcelain, which looks like concrete but is much easier to maintain; no pesky upkeep necessary. 


Rift Grafito Semi-Polished Porcelain Tile, Tilebar ($8/square foot)


The High-Contrast Design

If you’re worried about one continuous tint of grey coming off as one-note, try incorporating two. Emily Henderson carefully laid this floor so that every other square would have an inverted colorway; it’s a simple trick that really makes the room pop. 

Try: A basket-weave motif from Marble Online—it’s made from Carrara marble and includes two-tone shading that will make even the tiniest powder room look layered. 


Carrara White Basketweave Mosaic Tile, Marble Online ($12/sheet)


The Breezy Oasis 

Shea McGee knows how to create modern California–style gold. Start with a sleek wood fixture, keep the backdrop neutral, and pepper in some woven details and maybe a plant (or two). We love the grey subway tile arranged in a contrasting pattern; it brings depth to the clean white space. 

Try: Salerno Porcelain Tile from Build Direct is both budget-friendly at $3 per square foot and durable, thanks to its moisture-resistant makeup. 


Salerno Porcelain Tile, Build Direct ($3/square foot)


The Consummate Minimalist

white and grey bathroom with long ceiling pendant

The lack of clutter in this little bathroom is downright inspirational; there’s no shower curtain to cut off square footage or unnecessary knickknacks. However, instead of a plain white box, there’s nuance to the design—and it’s all thanks to the tonal mosaic flooring, which breaks up the room. 

Try: Carrara marble from Stone Center Online offers a hint of luxury and some welcome tone variation. Even a cookie-cutter space deserves a bit of charm. 


Carrara White Hexagon Mosaic Tile, Stone Center Online ($10/sheet)


See more ideas for your bathroom renovation: 9 Ways to Refresh the Humble White Subway Bathroom Tile12 Porcelain Bathroom Tiles That Will Make You Forget About Paint11 Ways to Transform Your Bathroom Into a Bathhouse


Now discussing:

Grey bathroom ideas are classic and have been up there with all the most popular bathroom trends for decades. And it makes sense, grey is so versatile and comes in so many different forms it a shade that can suit all styles and all sizes of bathroom. Love light and airy modern bathroom ideas? Pick a barely-there grey and pair with crisp whites. After something more moody and dramatic? Charcoal walls in a contemporary space works a treat. 

As with any room, there is the potential for the wrong shade of grey to totally wash out a bathroom, making it feel dull. But that's easily avoided if you choose the right shade for your space and pair it with the right colors and textures...

1. Add texture with raw concrete walls

(Image credit: Anna Stathaki)

Thought these grey bathroom ideas would be all about paint? While paint is a really simple option, we are all about concrete walls, bringing in loads more texture and interest. Plus adding an industrial vibe to whatever space you throw at it. 

2. Or fake the look with painted plaster

(Image credit: Paul Massey)

In fact, you can recreate a very similar look with paint if cladding a wall with concrete isn't an option for your space. Done right, you can barely tell the difference. It's a look you can DIY too, just use different shades of matte grey, applying the paint with a mix of brushes, damp sponges and crumpled newspapers – remember it's meant to look rustic and unfinished so don't be too neat with it. 

3. Add panelling for a classic feel

(Image credit: James Merrell)

Paneling can look great with any style of bathroom modern or traditional, it just adds some nice texture and is an alternative to bathroom tiles. If you like a more traditional look, copy this grey bathroom idea and opt for a soft light shade, paired with off whites and weathered copper. For something more dramatic we'd go really dark, almost black with the wall panels and pair with some equally bold patterned floor tiles. 

4. Go classic with grey metro tiles

(Image credit: Interior Design by Studio Peake.)

Grey metro tiles are a classic. You can go floor to ceiling with them and they never look too fussy or overbearing. If you are concerned about them looking too flat, pick a gloss option that will give them more texture and they just feel more luxurious. Think about your grouting color too, it's something that often doesn't get much thought but makes a huge difference. If you want the tiles to pop individually, opt for a contrasting grout like white or even black, for a more minimalist look, match the grout to the tiles. 

And if you are wondering what colors go with grey – note how well the bright pink goes with the cool greys in this bathroom.

5. Layer shades and textures

(Image credit: Paul Massey)

Loving the layers of grey going on in this bathroom, it feels so simple and serene. If you are sticking to solely grey, make sure you add interest not only by bringing in a few different shades but by adding plenty of texture too. Easiest way to do that? A lovely natural grey toned stone floor. 

6. Create a grey scheme with mismatching tiles

(Image credit: Matthew Williams)

When choosing tiles for a grey bathroom a lovely way to make the space feel exciting, despite it being monochrome, is to mismatch patterns and textures. Case in point with this gorgeous space. 

The color scheme is really simple, just whites, light greys and charcoals, but there are lots of lovely textures going on with the marble tiles in a chevron pattern, the concrete sink, the geometric floor tiles, even the terracotta pot and wooden stool throw in extra depth  – lots of really inspiring grey bathroom ideas going on here. 

7. Choose a darker grey for dramatic feel

(Image credit: Paul Raeside)

Loving all the soft hues, but after some grey bathroom ideas that offer something more... dramatic? Be inspired by this stunning space. Deep, velvety grey walls match the statement bathtub, the true white used of the ceiling and fireplace keep it feel cool-toned, even the wooden bathroom flooring has a tinge of dark grey. It all feels very cocooning, in an oh-so-glamourous way. 

Word of warning though, these bold dark shades won't work in every bathroom. In the wrong space they can come off gloomy and shrink a room. What you ideally want is a room that gets a lot of natural light, so south-facing. The cool light of a north-facing room might just tip this over into dull grey territory. Just be sure to order swatches, test out your colors in your space before you commit. 

8. Go halfies with grey wall tiles 

(Image credit: David Lovatti)

This is a great little hack if you are after grey bathroom ideas for a small space. Tiling halfway up the walls with a deeper grey, and painting the rest with a lighter shade really adds height to a small bathroom. Plus, it's of course a practical choice in any size of bathroom. 

9. Warm things up with warm metallics

(Image credit: Paul Massey)

There's a reason grey and gold are everyone's favorite color duo. They obviously look so elegant together, but gold or brass is perfect for warming up an all-grey space, preventing it from becoming cold and un-inviting, which is always a risk with grey rooms. See in this marble bathroom, adding accents of gold brings out the warmer tones of the grey walls and looks beautiful with the grey veined marble. 

10. Create a modern look with poured floors

(Image credit: Paul Raeside)

Poured concrete flooring is a huge bathroom trend right now. Simple, chic, and more often than not, grey, this new alternative to tiles gives a bathroom an industrial edge. It works perfectly with the simple white sanitaryware and black details in the grey bathroom. And we love how all the clean lines going on here are contrasting with the fabulous, towering banana tree. 

11. Pair grey walls with blues 

(Image credit: Paul Raeside)

Another match made in interior design heaven, blue and grey go together in pretty much every shade. It's usually quite a cool combination and blue normally instantly brings out the coolest of any grey shade you pair it with, but this bathroom is breaking the rules. The deep petrol blue of the skirting and the soft light blue in the tiles, paired with the light grey in fact creates an overall warmth to this space. 

12. Pick out a statement grey bath tub

(Image credit: Paul Massey)

If you want to add a darker shade of grey to a lighter scheme to create some depth, rather than go with the obvious feature wall, opt for a deep grey freestanding bath. It really grounds all the softer hues going on in this grey bathroom and adds a focal point too. When layering greys like this, just be sure to pick shades that have a similar undertone so they work harmoniously together.  

13. Paint the bathroom ceiling

(Image credit: James Merrell)

It's a bold look, but it definitely works in this grey bathroom. Painted ceilings are an emerging trend and they work particularly well in bathrooms if you don't want to add bold color on the walls. Plus bathroom walls are usually at least partially tiled so taking paint to the ceiling makes sense. 

Be brave and opt for a velvety dark shade like the blue-grey going on here. It creates a really cocooning feeling, especially when paired with matching floor tiles and lots of greenery. 

14. Go for a monochrome scheme

(Image credit: Paul Raeside)

Create a very modern, minimalist look by going for a monochrome scheme – one tone of grey all over. That needn't mean something as boring as just painting your whole bathroom the same shade of grey, take notes from this grey bathroom idea and instead match a grey paint to the grey of marble tiles. Stop the room from looking too flat by adding plenty of well-curated decor, as can be seen with all the dreamy pottery here, a gorgeous contrast with the modernity of the bathroom.


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