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Try Not to Laugh challenges are an old idea that’s made a big comeback recently. Of course, the genius of trying not to laugh is that the harder you try, the more likely you are to laugh despite your best intentions — which makes this a great activity for family dinners! On especially busy or stressful nights, a try not to laugh challenge is a quick and easy way to break any tension.

There are a few different ways you could play:

  1. Classic Try Not to Laugh
    In this version of the game, two people face off against each other. One of them is the “jester” and has to try to make the other person laugh with silly faces, noises and gestures. The “straight man” is the person who has to try not to smile or laugh, no matter what the “jester” does.
  2. Group Variation
    You could play the Classic game, but allow the whole group to try to make one person laugh!
  3. Jokes Only Version
    In the jokes only version, family members take turns telling jokes or reading from a joke book, and either one person or the whole family has to keep from laughing or smiling.
  4. Tech at the Table Version
    If you’re up to it, you could allow the use of devices at the table to show funny videos and memes for your challenge. There are even “Try Not to Laugh” compilations online — just make sure to search for “clean” or “kid-friendly” compilations and preview them if you’re concerned about content.

We recommend having a time limit for your challenges. If you can’t get another person to laugh in 1-2 minutes, the challenge is over and it’s time for someone else to give it a try!


What Is The Try Not To Laugh Challenge On Instagram? Here Is Everything You Need To Know

With Instagram filter trend picking up pace during the lockdown phase, there are many who indulge in spending their time making goofy videos with these filters. One such trend is the ‘try not to laugh videos’. This Instagram trend can be done by anyone who has an updated Instagram account. All that is needed is a front face camera and the filter. The challenge was created by Antony Tran.

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What is the try not to laugh challenge?

If one has an updated Instagram account, then this filter will flash in the browse filter icon in the add story feature of Instagram. It is the drop-down menu right under the record button. Or you can head to someone’s account who has already shared the try not to laugh videos on his/her story. Click on the top left of their story.  Then you will have the option of trying the effect. The challenge needs you to do two things. The first is to press and hold the video mode and the second is to not laugh. If you laugh, you lose.

Check out this following try not to laugh videos created by Antony Tran 

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Here are a few steps on how to engage more people in the try not to laugh challenge Instagram filter

  1. Save the filter.
  2. Upload it on your story.
  3. Share it on various social media accounts. 
  4. Tag people to participate in the challenge.
  5. The more the merrier in this try not to laugh challenge Instagram filter

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Try not to laugh challenge Instagram filter is loved by many; watch these videos.

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TRY NOT TO LAUGH CHALLENGE - Ultimate EPIC FAILS Compilation - Funny Vines Videos July 2018


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