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babe, baby, sister

(slang) sometimes used as a term of address for attractive young women


a young woman who is the most charming and beautiful of several rivals


a young woman indulged by rich and powerful older men

chachka, tchotchke, tchotchkeleh, tsatske, tshatshke

(Yiddish) an attractive, unconventional woman


a dismissive term for a girl who is immature or who lacks respect


an Irish girl

bird, chick, dame, doll, skirt, wench

informal terms for a (young) woman


a young woman in the 1920s who flaunted her unconventional conduct and dress


alliterative term for girl (or woman)


a girl of impish appeal

Gibson girl

the idealized American girl of the 1890s as pictured by C. D. Gibson

jeune fille, lass, lassie, young girl

a girl or young woman who is unmarried

maid, maiden

an unmarried girl (especially a virgin)

May queen, queen of the May

the girl chosen queen of a May Day festival


a girl who works in a mill

party girl

an attractive young woman hired to attend parties and entertain men


a beautiful and graceful girl

ring girl

a young woman who holds up cards indicating the number of the next round at prize fights


(a literary reference to) a pretty young girl

sex bomb, sex kitten, sexpot

a young woman who is thought to have sex appeal

shop girl

a young female shop assistant


a pert or flirtatious young girl

sweater girl

a girl with an attractive bust who wears tight sweaters

hoyden, romp, tomboy

a girl who behaves in a boyish manner

valley girl

a girl who grew up in the tract housing in the San Fernando Valley

working girl

a young woman who is employed

bobby-socker, bobbysoxer

an adolescent girl wearing bobby socks (common in the 1940s)

damoiselle, damosel, damozel, damsel, demoiselle

a young unmarried woman


a sexually precocious young girl

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girl (n.)

mid-13c., boie "servant, commoner, knave" (generally young and male); c. 1300, "rascal, ruffian, knave; urchin," mid-14c. as "male child before puberty" (possibly an extended sense from the "urchin" one). A word of unknown origin.

Possibly from Old French embuie "one fettered," from Vulgar Latin *imboiare, from Latin boia "leg iron, yoke, leather collar," from Greek boeiai dorai "ox hides." (Words for "boy" double as "servant, attendant" across the Indo-European map -- compare Italian ragazzo, French garçon, Greek pais, Middle English knave, Old Church Slavonic otroku -- and often it is difficult to say which meaning came first.)

But it also appears to be identical with East Frisian boi "young gentleman," and perhaps with Dutch boef "knave," from Middle Dutch boeve, perhaps from Middle Low German buobe. This suggests a gradational relationship to babe. For a different conjecture: Used slightingly of young men in Middle English, also in familiar or contemptuous use of criminal toughs or men in the armed services. In some local uses "a man," without reference to age (OED lists "in Cornwall, in Ireland, in the far West of the U.S."). Meaning "male negro slave or Asian personal servant of any age" attested from c. 1600. Extended form boyo is attested from 1870. Emphatic exclamation oh, boy is attested by 1917. Boy-meets-girl "typical of a conventional romance" is from 1945; the phrase itself is from 1934 as a dramatic formula. Boy-crazy "eager to associate with males" is from 1923.

In Old English, only the proper name Boia has been recorded. ME boi meant 'churl, servant' and (rarely) 'devil.' In texts, the meaning 'male child' does not antedate 1400. ModE boy looks like a semantic blend of an onomatopoeic word for an evil spirit (*boi) and a baby word for 'brother' (*bo). [Liberman]
A noticable number of the modern words for 'boy', 'girl', and 'child' were originally colloquial nicknames, derogatory or whimsical, in part endearing, and finally commonplace. These, as is natural, are of the most diverse, and in part obscure, origin. [Buck]
Sours: https://www.etymonline.com/word/girl
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a female child, from birth to full growth.

a young, immature woman, especially formerly, an unmarried one.

a daughter: My wife and I have two girls.

Informal: Sometimes Offensive. a grown woman, especially when referred to familiarly: She's having the girls over for bridge next week.

a girlfriend; sweetheart.

Older Use: Usually Offensive. a female servant, as a maid.

Older Use: Usually Offensive. a female employee, especially an office assistant.

a female who is from or native to a given place: She's a Missouri girl.

girls, (used with a singular or plural verb)
  1. a range of sizes from 7 to 14, for garments made for girls.
  2. a garment in this size range.
  3. the department or section of a store where these garments are sold.

girls,Slang. one's breasts (usually preceded by the, my, etc., and primarily used self-referentially by women).



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Origin of girl

First recorded in 1250–1300; Middle English gurle, girle, gerle “child, young person”; compare Old English gyrela, gi(e)rela “item of dress, apparel” (presumably worn by the young in the late Old English period, and hence used as a metonym)

usage note for girl

Some adult women are offended if referred to as a girl, or informally, a gal. However, a group of adult female friends often refer to themselves as the girls, and their “girls night out” implies the company of adult females. Also, a woman may express camaraderie by addressing another woman as girl, as in You go, girl! or Attagirl!
Referring to one's female office assistant or housekeeper as the girl or my girl, once in common use, is now considered unacceptable. Working girl, meaning “a woman who works,” girl/gal Friday, meaning “a female office assistant,” and other occupational terms such as career girl and college girl, are also dated and often perceived as insulting. Working girl as a slang term meaning “a prostitute” is sometimes used by female prostitutes as a euphemistic self-reference. See also lady, woman.

Words nearby girl

girdle sensation, girdle-tailed lizard, girdle traverse, gird one's loins, Girgenti, girl, girl band, girl Friday, girlfriend, girlfriend experience, girl guide

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Where does the word girl come from?

The word girl, meaning “a female child,” originally meant any “child” or “young person,” regardless of gender. Girl, for “child,” is recorded around 1250–1300.

However, the original source of the word is uncertain. Scholars point to Old English words like gyrela, “an item of dress, apparel,” presumably of a type worn by and popular with a young person back then.

Guess what other word has obscure roots? Boy. Discover why in our slideshow “‘Dog,’ ‘Boy,’ And Other Words That We Don’t Know Where They Came From.”

Did you know … ?

While it is usually used to mean “female child,” the word girl is also sometimes used in reference to young adult or adult women, such as in girl bands or a girlfriend. Parents also use the word girls for their daughters of any age.

While it is often used in a similar manner to its male counterpart boy, the word girl can have sexist implications that boy does not—although boy has its own racist past. For example, the idea of “a boy acting like a girl” is often used as a sexist or even anti-gay insult that doesn’t have an exact equivalent in “a girl acting like a boy.” The word tomboy, in fact, can often carry a positive connotation.

Similarly, referring to adult women as girls can have demeaning or sexist implications that aren’t always as prevalent when using boy to refer to an adult man (e.g., “Boys will be boys”).

That said, please note that referring to a Black adult man or other male members of minority groups as boy is racist.

Words related to girl

daughter, adolescent, teenager, lady, she, schoolgirl, damsel, mademoiselle, lassie, young lady

How to use girl in a sentence

  • Another cheer parent, April Grant, told VOSD she also found the reasoning they cut Ingalls’ daughter suspect, because several other girls caught vaping in recent years made the team.

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  • Data from the CRISPR’d baby girls, for example, showed that the experiment littered their genomes with off-target edits at the embryo stage.

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  • The good news is that the Malala Fund and its partners are working to mitigate some of the current challenges to girls’ learning.

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  • The brother of a girl who made her debut in New Orleans society was shaking his fists in excitement.

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  • Once upon a time, a girl named Onika Maraj dreamed of being an actress.

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  • But religious tolerance would be a wholesome goodie for every boy and girl.

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  • They made quiet plans together, saying that when they had a child together, they wanted a girl called Grace.

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  • Was he really condemned to an eternal solitude because of the girl who had died so many years ago?

    Bella Donna|Robert Hichens

  • The two little Pontelliers were with him, and he carried Madame Ratignolle's little girl in his arms.

    The Awakening and Selected Short Stories|Kate Chopin

  • "I hope you don't think I speak always to strangers, like that," said the girl in the rose hat.

    Rosemary in Search of a Father|C. N. Williamson

  • The young man smiled at the girl, as he crushed up the notes and stuffed them into his pocket.

    Rosemary in Search of a Father|C. N. Williamson

  • Sometimes it was a young girl, again a widow; but as often as not it was some interesting married woman.

    The Awakening and Selected Short Stories|Kate Chopin

British Dictionary definitions for girl


a female child from birth to young womanhood

a young unmarried woman; lass; maid

informala sweetheart or girlfriend

informala woman of any age

an informal word for daughter

a female employee, esp a female servant

Southern Africanderogatorya Black female servant of any age

the girls(usually plural)informala group of women, esp acquaintances

Word Origin for girl

C13: of uncertain origin; perhaps related to Low German Göre boy, girl

usage for girl

The use of girl as in meaning 4, to refer to a woman of any age, is highly likely to be considered old-fashioned or to cause offence

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Girl dictionary word

\ ˈgər(-ə)lHow to pronounce girl (audio)\
1a(1): a female child from birth to adulthooda seven-year-old girl
(2): a person whose gender identity is female… narrator Taylor Meskimen draws listeners into the emotional life of Zenobia July, a tech-savvy trans girl who's facing a new year at a new middle school.— Rebecca Honeycutt
b: daughterPapa's answer was quiet. "I thought I taught you to read, my girl."— Markus Zusak
c: a young woman… most guys like to spoil a girl. It makes them feel all-powerful and manly.— Jonathan Small
dsometimes offensive : a single or married woman of any age
3US, informal
a: a female friendI love going to a spa and dinner with my girls.— Karen Clifton
b—used as a friendly way of addressing a woman or girlHey girl, I like your taste in Christmas gifts.— Miranda CraceGirl, you need to give yourself some credit.— John Van Meter
4: a woman or girl native to a given placea local girlShe was a city girl at heart.
5: a female domesticated animal and especially a petShe … is still mastering the art of being a good girl, as any 3-month-old puppy is. — Rotorua (New Zealand) WeekenderKeeping low-key when leaving and returning is essential. Just a "Bye!" and "Be a good girl!" when you leave is plenty. Your dog will be busy with her goodies dispenser, anyway, and probably won't notice when you leave.— Ed BaileyEve is a 10-year-old female kitty who is an independent pretty girl … — Jackson (Michigan) Citizen Patriot: Web Edition Articles
6dated + often offensive : a female servant or employee
Sours: https://www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/girl
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