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Two weeks ago I purchased a Whyte E160 S. I thought it might be useful for the community and myself to state my reasoning for the purchase and discuss the sizing decision. I'll follow up late with early experiences of an E-MTB in general and the Whyte in particular.
Here I'll state why I went for the Whyte.
Buying an E-MTB was a huge leap for me. I have ridden MTBs badly for decades. Enjoy building and maintaining them. I usually buy cheap second hand bikes and resolutely repair, maintain and upgrade. Not necessarily a wise strategy in the long term, but that is who I am. At 59 years old and an rotund 95Kg I cannot keep up with most of my riding buddies or my sons, so E-bikes have been in the corner of my eye for some time. I guess like a lot of people I feared their high price and also the impact on my already compromised fitness. Then on 1 Jan 2020 I discovered I had a blood clot in my leg, few months later I was made redundant and de-facto retired. I suddenly had some money and a lot more time. The E-bike discussion took on a new momentum.
the ideal bike for me seemed to be the Spesh Turbo SL - what a great idea for new entrants and I started studying in earnest. What I deduced after sooooo many reviews, forums and comments was that it is not great value. A brilliant idea, but typical MTB industry where you will pay more for less. I fully understand why people make the choice, but when I am already spending 10 x my usual budget it better be great VFM which is not the case for the SL IMHO.
Next the YT Decoy 29er. This was going to deliver the full package a better price. The doubt of course was the support. Have to say that YT responded very well to my enquiries, but I still had images of couriers and boxes ya de ya in the case of any issues.
Then I realised that a new MTB only shop was opening in my town (Ace Monmouth) and that they will sell Whyte bikes amongst others, which also happen to be available for hire at Pedal a Bikeaway in the Forest of Dean. They haven't opened yet, but one of the owners also has an interest in Ace in Guildford. After confirming that Ace in Monmouth would cover warranty issues for any purchase via the Guildford store my options seemed to be narrowing - phew.
I hired a Medium E150 from PABA and had a great day out in the FOD. All set to place an order I was still a bit concerned over sizing. At 175cm I am at the top end of the M sizing. The M bike felt great on the trails, but when I sat on a Large in the car park afterwards it just felt right. I spoke with Toby at Guildford Ace who understood my thinking but still recommended the M as the best bike on the trail for my size. I initially agreed, but couldn't get past that car park feeling and thought I was crazy not to try the L. Luckily the other partners in Ace Monmouth have an interest in PABA in the Forest, so let me take a L out for a spin one evening free of charge. I confirmed my feeling that the Large was for me. The 'in rather than on' the bike seemed a very apt statement. I am right at the limit for stand-over clearance with e dropper not quite able to comfortably reach full extension. The L was a bit less playful of course, but I looked back to recent crashes and though that the more planted feel of the L would save me from myself on the steep stuff. These bikes are also massively heavy. The stability is undeniable, but I still managed to manual off my favourite drops and take off on ladders and stumps, not like an acoustic bike exactly, but considering the uplift benefits of the EMTB it is a very acceptable compromise.
Upshot I ordered a size L E-160 S. It is the lower spec, but still cost more than 5K. For a BIKE! Some sleepless nights in the interim, but the guys at Ace got the bike to me as per promised schedule and did a good initial set-up. Not bad for a shop that isn't even open yet!
I'll talk about my reasons for going with the lower spec model and also my initial experiences of my first 75 miles E-biking and of the Whyte in future posts on this thread.
I'll also explain the Mr President pseudonym, although the photo might be sufficient



Sours: https://www.emtbforums.com/community/threads/first-experience-whyte-e160-s.16051/
SPECIFICATIONCOLOURMatt Moss with Yellow & GreyCASSETTESRAM XG-1275 Eagle, 10-52, 12 SpeedFRAME6061 Alloy, Hydro Formed T6 Aluminium, Multi Butted, Custom Drawn, Tapered Headtube, Internal Cable Routing for Dropper Post and 12mm X 148mm Boost DropoutsCHAINSRAM GX Eagle, 12 SpeedFORKFox Performance 38 27.5", 160mm Travel, 44mm Offset with Grip Damper, 3pos Adjust and custom tune, Tapered Steerer, 110mm x 15mm Boost, E-Thru AxleCRANKSETSRAM EX1, 165mm, ISIS with X-SYNC 2, Direct Mount 34T for Bosch Gen 4, BlackREAR SHOCKFox Float Performance DPS, Evol LV, 3pos adjustable Compression and Rebound dampingBOTTOM BRACKETN/AHEADSETFSA No. 57E Orbit ZS, 1 1/2" Lower and 1 1/8" Upper Sealed Cartridge BearingsSEATPOSTCrank Bro High-Line 3, 30.9mm, XS/S 125mm Travel, M/L 150mm XL 170mm Travel, High-Line Ball Socket Remote LeverREAR HUBAlloy, e-bike specific, Double Sealed Cartridge Bearings, 12mm x 148mm Boost Through Axle, 32 HoleSADDLEWhyte Custom, Triple Panel DesignFRONT HUBAlloy, Double Sealed Cartridge Bearings, 15mm x 110mm Boost Through Axle, 32 HoleHANDLEBARWhyte Custom 6061 Alloy, 30mm Rise, 35mm Bar Bore, 780mm WideSPOKESDT Swiss Champion 2.0mm, Black Stainless, Brass NipplesSTEMWhyte Enduro Stem, 35mm Bar Bore, 35mm ExtensionRIMSWTB HTZ i30 TCS 2.0 System, Asymmetric, Sleeved Joint, Super Tough Construction, Tubeless Ready, 32 HoleGRIPSWhyte Lock-on V GripTYREMaxxis Assigai WT, TR, 27.5" x 2.5" 120TPI, EXO+ casing, 3C Maxx Terra, Dual Compound, Front, Maxxis Minion DHR WT, TR, 27.5" x 2.4" 120TPI, Double Down, 3C Maxx Terra, Dual Compound, Folding Bead, RearBRAKES FRONTSRAM Code R, 4 Pot with Sintered Metal Pads, 220mm RotorSHIFT LEVERSSRAM GX-E Eagle, Single Click, MMX, 12 SpeedBRAKES REARSRAM Code R, 4 Pot with Sintered Metal Pads, 200mm RotorFRONT MECHN/ABRAKE LEVERSSRAM Code R, MMXREAR MECHSRAM X01 Eagle, 12 SpeedPEDALSNoneWEIGHTTBC  
Sours: https://www.ukbikefactory.com/whyte-e-160-rs-v1-2021-e-bike.html
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Building on the success of their E-150, Whyte have just launched the new Whyte E-160, and it’s even more capable. Bosch Gen 4 motor and Fox 38 fork lead the charge.

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It’s not only Whyte’s understated British Racing Green paintwork that gives the E-160 RS a motorsport connection. By concentrating on getting the bike’s centre of mass as low as possible and central as possible, it has followed the most fundamental rule of race car design. And while many manufacturers claim to place this at the top of their priority lists, few have gone as far as Whyte in trying to achieve their goals. By rotating the motor, Whyte has been able to slide the base of the battery alongside, lowering the mass and bringing it closer to the centre of the bike.

Furthermore, it hasn’t compromised the integrity of the frame by cutting a massive aperture in the down tube. Instead, much like the Specialized Turbo Levo, the battery slides in and out through a hole in the base. Unfortunately, getting it in and out is nowhere near as straightforward. Obviously if you have power in your garage/shed or are happy to wheel a muddy bike into the house then you can skip this bit, but if you need to take the battery out to charge, then for the sake of your sanity, read on.

Whyte E-160 RS V1

Whyte E-160 RS V1 review

Because the battery shares the down tube with all the cables, and they’re loose inside the frame, they regularly get in the way and either stop the battery from inserting all the way, or prevent it from sliding back out. And because there’s no handle on the end of the battery to pull on, you have to turn the bike upside down and bounce it out on the back wheel. Not easy with a 23kg e-bike. During testing the battery got wedged in the down tube on numerous occasions, we had it drop out onto the ground narrowly missing our toes, and even ended up with the wiring caught in the drivetrain at one point. There are a few simple improvements that could be made to the system to vastly improve the user experience, but as it stands battery accessibility is a huge drawback to Whyte ownership.

Whyte E-160 RS V1

Whyte also offers alternative shock links to tune the geometry


The travel on the E-160 has been pumped-up by 10mm over the previous E-150, but the model name actually references the fork travel. Whyte claims it has 155mm out back, but we measured it at 145mm. Did we hold that against the E-160? Not one bit. Whyte has done a brilliant job of tuning the rear suspension, with a lively, poppy feel on small bumps and ripples but stacks of support to hold you up and push against to generate speed and air across natural gaps. It also felt the most composed on wild, high-speed washboard and never flinched when landing big step downs with minimal transitions. In short, it had our backs wherever we rode, at whatever pace we chose to ride at.

Combined with the Fox 38 Performance suspension fork up front, it’s a match made in heaven. Supple, controlled and superbly solid, the 38 allowed us to smash into sections harder than any other bike, but always left us coming out the other side pointing in the direction we wanted. Overall, Whyte has contrived a beautiful symbiotic relationship between the front and rear wheels that simply inspires sky-high confidence.

Whyte’s signature inboard seat clamp is mud-friendly


Although there’s nothing fancy about the parts on the E-160 RS, everything has been chosen carefully with function and durability in mind. The WTB i30 rims remained straight and true throughout the test, despite being absolutely hammered. They’re laced to e-bike specific hubs with double sealed bearings and shod with superb Maxxis Assegai/DHR II tyres with a reinforced Double Down casing out back – exactly the combo we chose as our control tyres.

Four-piston SRAM Code disc brakes get the extra stopping power of a 220mm rotor up front, and the Crankbrothers Highline dropper post gets a clever remote with a ball-and-socket connection that lets you dial in the perfect ergonomic position. Even the Whyte own-brand saddle is a copy of one of our favourite WTB models and the lock-on grips have just the right amount of padding. The only thing missing is an upper guide for the chainring, as we did drop the chain once during testing.

Fox Float 38 fork has 160mm of much needed travel


As you may have worked out, we loved riding the Whyte E-160 RS as much as we hated getting the battery in and out to charge. Coming from 29in wheels meant that it took a while to get used to 27.5 again, particularly mid-corner, where the extra stability of the big wheels can be really felt. But once we had tuned-in, the Whyte delivered massive fun when we wanted to mess around, and huge confidence when we wanted to go fast. It might be the heaviest bike on test, but it never felt that way, with the poppy suspension making it easy to get airborne. Once on board, you feel right in the bike and close to the ground, making it easy to correct little slides or make quick direction changes when alternative lines open up.

Throw in the Bosch Performance Line CX motor with its clever overrun and there’s as much fun to be had trying to clean technical climbs as blasting flat-out descents. Not only does the Whyte E-160 RS let you have your cake and eat it, with that big 625Wh battery you can keep stuffing your face all day long.

Whyte E-160 RS V1


For those of you with power in your bike storage area, the E-160 RS is guaranteed to supercharge your ride. If not, you’re more likely to blow a fuse. In fact, if it wasn’t for the arduous and nerve-wracking process required to remove and install the battery, the Whyte would easily be a 10/10 bike. It’s in situations like these that we wish we did half marks, because it rides so well that it feels overly harsh to mark the E-160 RS down when it rides so well. But you only need to take one look at the lengths that brands such as Trek have gone to to make the battery easily removable to understand that making an e-bike easy to live with is as important as nailing the ride and handling.With a few improvements the E-160 RS would not only be easier to live with, a perfect 10 rating would be within its reach.


Frame:6061 hydroformed aluminium, 155mm travel

Shock:Fox Float Performance DPS

Fork:Fox Float 38 Performance Grip, 160mm travel

Motor:Bosch Performance Line CX Gen 4 85 Nm max torque

Battery:Bosch 625Wh internal PowerTube

Display:Bosch Purion

Wheels:Sealed bearing boost hubs, WTB HTZ i30 rims, Maxxis Assegai Exo+/Minion DHR II DD 27.5x2.5/2.4in tyres

Drivetrain:SRAM EX1, 34t chainset, SRAM X01 r-mech and GX single-click shifter

Brakes:SRAM Code R, 220/200mm

Components:Whyte 6061 alloy 780mm bar, Whyte Enduro 35mm stem, CrankBrothers High-Line 3 150mm dropper, Whyte Custom saddle

Sizes:XS, S, M, L XL

Weight:25.14kg (55.42lb)

Size tested:L

Head angle:64.6°

Effective seat angle:76.2°

Actual seat angle:69.5°

BB height:332mm


Front centre:815mm


Top tube:625mm


Sours: https://www.mbr.co.uk/reviews/electric-bikes/whyte-e-160-rs-v1
Whyte E-150S 29er E Mountain Bike Live Ride Review

2021 Whyte E-160 RS

Category: E-Bikes MTB
Condition: Excellent
Frame Size: L
Wheel Size: 27.5" / 650B
Material: Aluminium

Original Post Date: Feb-19-2021 1:50:23
Last Repost Date: Feb-19-2021 1:50:23
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Whyte E-160 RS latest model Size Large.

this was purchased last year but has only been ridden a handful of times. After 15 years of mountain biking injury has stopped play and I'm in the unfortunate position of just not being able to ride.

This bike I'm confident in saying is likely the cleanest used example you will come across.

Comes with a couple of upgrades including Carbon Renthal bars, front fender and Crank Bros pedals. A particular highlight, apart from the geomoery which sets it apart from other e-bikes, are the 38 fox forks, not to mention the latest Bosch CX motor.

Spec as follow;

MOTOR Bosch Performance Line CX (Gen 4). 85 Nm max Torque, 250 W nominal power, 2.79 kg 4 Power settings including progressive eMTB mode which automatically adjusts the support BATTERY Bosch 625 Wh internal PowerTube. Reaches full charge in 5 hours with supplied 4A Compact Charger, 80% charge from 0 in 2.5 hours

CASSETTE SRAM XG-1275 Eagle, 10-52, 12 Speed
FRAME 6061 Alloy, Hydro Formed T6 Aluminium, Multi Butted, Custom Drawn, Tapered Headtube, Internal Cable Routing for Dropper Post and 12mm X 148mm Boost Dropouts
CHAIN SRAM GX Eagle, 12 Speed
FORK Fox Float 38, Performance 27.5", 160mm Travel, 44mm Offset with Grip Damper, 3pos Adjust and custom tune, Tapered Steerer
CRANKSET SRAM EX1, 165mm, ISIS with X-SYNC 2, Direct Mount 34T
REAR SHOCK Fox Float Performance DPS, Evol LV, 3pos adjustable Compression and Rebound damping
HEADSET FSA No. 57E Orbit ZS, 1 1/2" Lower and 1 1/8" Upper Sealed Cartridge Bearings
SEATPOST Crank Bro High-Line 3, 30.9mm, XS/S 125mm Travel, M/L 150mm XL 170mm Travel, High-Line Ball Socket Remote Lever
REAR HUB Alloy, e-bike specific, Double Sealed Cartridge Bearings, 12mm x 148mm Boost Through Axle, 32 Hole
SADDLE Whyte Custom, Triple Panel Design
FRONT HUB Alloy, Double Sealed Cartridge Bearings, 15mm x 110mm Boost Through Axle, 32 Hole
HANDLEBAR Whyte Custom 6061 Alloy, 30mm Rise, 35mm Bar Bore, 780mm Wide
SPOKES DT Swiss Champion 2.0mm, Black Stainless, Brass Nipples
STEM Whyte Enduro Stem
RIMS WTB HTZ i30 TCS 2.0 System, Asymmetric, Sleeved Joint, Super Tough Construction, Tubeless Ready, 32 Hole
GRIPS Whyte Lock-on V Grip
TYRE Maxxis Assegai WT, TR, 27.5" x 2.5" 120TPI, EXO+ casing, 3C Maxx Terra, Dual Compound, Front, Maxxis Minion DHR WT, TR, 27.5" x 2.4" 120TPI, Double Down, 3C Maxx Terra, Dual Compound, Folding Bead, Rear
BRAKES FRONT SRAM Code R, 4 Piston with Sintered Metal Pads, 220mm Disc
SHIFT LEVERS SRAM GX-E Eagle, Single Click, MMX, 12 Speed
BRAKES REAR SRAM Code R, 4 Piston with Sintered Metal Pads, 200mm Disc
REAR MECH SRAM X01 Eagle, 12 Speed

happy to answer any questions etc.

located in Maidstone

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160 whyte e

Whyte E-180 S V2 (2021) review

Whyte’s E-180 is designed to be a flat-out bruiser of a bike, ready to tackle just about anything you dare to throw it down.

Its solid spec list, latest-generation Bosch motor and modern geometry all look great on paper, but just how does it handle on the trails?

Inside that massive 6061 alloy down tube sits a 625Wh Bosch PowerTube battery. If you want to remove it, it’s a case of releasing the sump guard/battery cover with a T20 Torx key (followed by the anchor bolt) and then carefully sliding it out of the frame.

It’s this big power pack that gives life to the impressive fourth-generation Bosch Performance Line CX motor, which boasts 85Nm of max torque, up to 340 per cent assistance and four modes, including the impressive eMTB setting, which automatically changes modes based on things such as the pitch of the bike and your pedalling input.

Andy Lloyd / Immediate Media

Whyte E-180 S V2 geometry

Designed around 650b wheels, the E-180 sports some decent geometry numbers.

A slack 63.9-degree head angle adds stability for when things get rowdy, while a 75.5-degree seat tube angle keeps the rider well-positioned for efficient climbing.

I opted for the medium (there are large and extra-large sizes too), which sports a healthy 455mm reach. At the rear, 444mm chainstays promise to help deliver a balanced ride.

One number that’s of significant interest is the bottom bracket height. It sits just 333mm from the ground – very low, when you consider that there’s 170mm of rear-wheel travel on tap (controlled by a RockShox Super Deluxe Select rear shock) and that this type of bike is designed to clamber over some pretty awkward terrain.

Whyte E-180 S V2 kit

Whyte has fitted the most basic RockShox ZEB fork on the S V2, which uses the Charger R damper, not the pricier Charger 2.1 RC found in the Ultimate and Select+ models.

There’s no external compression damping adjustment, but you can alter the rebound speed and add/remove volume spacers to/from the air spring to alter how the fork behaves later in its 180mm of travel.

SRAM provides its Code R brakes, which clamp onto a massive 220mm rotor at the front and a 200mm disc at the rear. It also provides the GX Eagle gearing, which I’ve had few issues with in the past, but struggled to get the shifts indexed correctly on the E-180.

Whyte’s own-brand dropper can be adjusted between 140 and 170mm of travel (on the medium and large bikes), and works well, although the remote lever did get a little spongy and stiff after heavy use in the mud.

DT Swiss ebike rims are shod with Maxxis Assegai tyres, in a 2.5in width and the 3C MaxxTerra compound, which offer loads of traction.

Wisely, Whyte has opted for a reinforced EXO+ casing at the front and even tougher Double Down sidewalls at the rear.

Whyte E-180 S V2 first ride impressions

I spent the majority of my time on the Whyte in Bosch’s eMTB setting, where the motor transitions almost seamlessly between modes based on what assistance it feels you require.

Push on the pedals and the help dished out is punchy but subtle enough and easy to control, even when pulling a wheelie. It helps that the E-180’s geometry makes you feel right at home almost instantly.

With a balanced feel and dimensions, it’s easy to acclimatise to, so you can ride confidently from the get-go. During my winter test rides, I was averaging around 35km and 1,100 to 1,200m of climbing between battery charges, when toggling between the motor’s eMTB and Turbo modes.

On the climbs, the E-180 feels well-proportioned, and roomy enough when seated to ensure that things remain comfortable during lengthy drags. Get into more technical uphill terrain and the grippy tyres, incredibly supple suspension and easy-to-control power make cleaning tricky obstacles or steep sections straightforward.

It helps that the assistance doesn’t cut out completely or immediately when you do stop pedalling, so those awkward manoeuvres that require you to do a quick half crank or stop pedalling momentarily while lifting the rear wheel up and over an obstacle feel more natural and easy to execute.

Andy Lloyd / Immediate Media

Wind up the E-180 and hammer into faster, mellower trails where you exceed the speed limit of the motor, and you soon notice the weight of the bike and just how eager the suspension is to track the terrain, which makes it harder – but not impossible – to throw around.

The impressive geometry still means it can be lofted and bounced around the trail, but it takes some effort from the rider. Where the E-180 really comes into its own and shines compared to its competitors is when the going gets steep.

The low-slung chassis, stable geometry and the traction generated from the tyres and suspension make this bike rip around corners with incredible speed and composure.

In deep, rutted sections of trail, there were times when I clipped a pedal here and there, but for the most part I really appreciated the Whyte’s low centre of gravity and the handling it helps to produce.

In rougher terrain, the frame feels taut and stiff, but not uncomfortably so. The RockShox dampers help boost comfort, yet ensure there’s still enough support to keep things feeling relatively reactive when you want to load the bike through the turns or up the take-off of a jump.

If it were down to me, I’d boost the rear brake rotor size to 220mm because when you do start to get tired, it feels like you need all the stopping power possible to bring this hefty speed machine to a halt. Still, this is an easy fix that won’t cost much money.

Andy Lloyd / Immediate Media

On the whole, the E-180 is a great long-travel e-MTB that’s more than at home sliding its way down steep hillsides before quickly getting you back to the top for another go.

There’s a shorter-travel version too (Whyte E-160 or E-150 29er), which uses the same motor and has similarly progressive geometry, if this looks like a little too much bike for you.

Whyte E-180 S V2 early verdict

A downhill bomber of a bike that’s best suited to steeper trails but is no slouch at getting back up.

Sours: https://www.bikeradar.com/reviews/bikes/mountain-bikes/full-suspension-mountain-bikes/2021-whyte-e-180-s-v2-review/
Whyte E-150S 29er E Mountain Bike Live Ride Review

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Reach 403 505 544 565 432
Stack 582 547 541 618 714
Top Tube (effective) 593 650 633 584 575
Seat Tube C-T 356 400 353 420 545
Head Angle 58 73 61 70 77
Seat Angle 60 78 82 71 83
Head Tube 95 119 134 121 166
Chainstay 388 468 435 423 498
Wheelbase 1016 1170 1186 1482 1533
Standover 712 656 749 948 966
BB Height 372 319 270 356 307
Seatpost Diameter 25 36 32 35 25
Data SourceManufacturerManufacturerManufacturerManufacturerManufacturer

Measurements are in millimeters and degrees.

Sours: https://geometrygeeks.bike/bike/whyte-e-160-rs-v1-2021/

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Whyte e-160 RS v2 2022

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Whyte e-160 RS v2 2022

e160 RS v2 2022

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Whyte e-160 RS v2 2022

Technical Specification


  • Uncompromised Whyte OTO geometry combined with an ultra-low centre of gravity means outstanding handling, balance and control. A complete eSystem from Bosch means reliability and unbeatable backup. Our "slide in" battery fitment means maximum structural integrity for minimum weight and torsional rigidity.
  • The high-torque 85Nm Bosch Performance Line CX motor is super-compact with exceptionally smooth power delivery which simulates normal pedalling, and range anxiety shouldn’t be an issue as we fit a powerful 625Wh battery as standard.
  • Each one of our eMTBs delivers more fun in your ride than any other bike we have ever made.

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