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The best Samsung Galaxy Note 10 screen protectors

The Samsung Galaxy Note 10 packs everything we want from a phablet in a smaller, more affordable form factor than the Note 10 Plus. If you’re still rocking Samsung’s powerhouse, keeping its beautiful display safe is going to be necessary, especially if you want to avoid high repair charges. Here are some of the best Galaxy Note 10 screen protectors you can buy right now!

1. IQShield clear film

The IQShield screen protector is made with an optically transparent film to maintain the viewing experience and touch response while keeping the screen from scratches. A wet installation method lets you align the screen guard perfectly and keeps bubbles away as well. A self-healing layer removes minor scratches, and the film doesn’t yellow over time either.

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2. amFilm tempered glass

The amFilm tempered glass screen protectors for the Galaxy Note 10 are shatterproof and keep the display damage-free. It also works with the ultrasonic fingerprint scanner (you’ll have to register your fingerprints after applying the protector). It’s one of the more expensive options on this list, but it’s worth it.

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3. Armorsuit Militaryshield

The Armorsuit Militaryshield is made with a scratch-proof transparent film. It’s able to heal minor scratches over time and manages to reduce smudges from fingerprints and oil significantly. It is also resistant to yellowing and provides edge-to-edge protection for the Galaxy Note 10 display.

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4. Skinomi Techskin full-body film

Like the other film screen guards on the list, the Skinomi Techskin is made with a scratch and puncture-proof TPU that won’t yellow over time. What makes this version stand out is that it comes with extra pieces to cover the glass panel on the back and the frame of the phone.

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So there you have it for this roundup of some of the best screen protectors you can get for the Samsung Galaxy Note 10!

The BestSamsung Galaxy Note 10


Best Screen Protectors for Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus in 2020

So, you have your hands on a new Samsung Galaxy Note 10+ device. Exciting, huh? So many features with a big screen to enjoy them. What more could one hope for?

When you have a phablet like Samsung Galaxy Note 10+, there’s a great chance it could get damaged from dropping or scratches, which makes it look ugly. Moreover, you don’t always want to be focusing on carrying it safely or preventing it from dropping and getting damaged. Here is when screen protectors come in- helping you safe-keep your device and allowing you to enjoy the full features without any thought of you dropping it accidentally.

Among a multitude of options available in the market, it might become difficult to choose the one that suits you the best. In this article, we will list out some of the best screen protectors for your Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus in 2020.

ESR Gear Tempered Glass Full-Coverage Screen Protector_2 Pack ($13.99)

Galaxy Note 10 Plus Tempered Glass Screen Protector


  • Full coverage
  • 3 times stronger
  • Easy Installation
  • Oleophobic glass

Though this product has mixed reviews, I personally would prefer going with this one. Reason being, it comes without a camera cutout. These circles get annoying when dust or something like that accumulates in them making them hard to clean, plus makes the phone look ugly. Fortunately, with this one, you won’t have to face that problem.

Another thing that works best for this tough guy is the full coverage with curved edges so you don’t have to worry about the edge damage or dust accumulating on the sides. Though the product doesn’t support in-screen fingerprint recognition, it is responsive with the S-Pen and works smoothly. You might lose some screen area due to the black borders but that’s fine when you are looking to protect your device.

IQ Shield Screen Protector_2 Pack ($8.99)

IQ Shield Screen Protector


  • Anti-bubble installation
  • Self-healing and long-lasting
  • Lifetime Replacement Warranty
  • Outer case-friendly design

Screen protectors from IQ Shield are smart like their name. This product here also features some great characteristics like touch accuracy which helps in seamless functioning of your phone screen. Unlike other TPU films, this one doesn’t turn yellow with time.

With the installation kit, spray solution, lint-less cloth you can install the product easily on your device without encountering the bubble problem. Furthermore, this product is functional with the in-screen fingerprint sensor so it doesn’t interfere with the user functionality. This protector also has a lifetime replacement warranty and that’s another reason to go for it.

Whitestone Dome Glass Screen Protector ($49.99)

Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus Screen Protector


  • Liquid Dispersion technology
  • Easy installation
  • Strong Construction

Though the price gets a bit on the higher side, the quality this protector has to offer is unmatched. With one push super easy installation, the Dome Glass screen protector makes for an amazing deal. The advanced liquid dispersion technology works to avoid any interference in the in-screen fingerprint feature and keeps your phone touch sensitivity at its original. One thing which makes this protector glass stand out is the blue light cut technology. This helps filter the blue light which damages your eyes and causes them to strain faster. Therefore, this one here offers protection in two ways, one for your screen and another for your eyes

ESR Gear Camera Lens Protector_2 Pack ($10.99)

Galaxy Note 10 Plus Camera Lens Protector


  • Bubble-free installation
  • Ultra-thin and super clear
  • Scratch Resistant
  • 9H hardness

When you are looking to protect your device, I think the rear camera screen should not be forgotten. That’s why this product is specially designed to offer protection against scratches, and other damages to the rear camera lens. Rated 9 on the hardness scale means it can easily absorb forces of up to 6 kg. With its 0.15mm thin glass structure, it ensures it doesn’t interfere with the camera clarity and the picture resolution as well.

This camera screen protector is easy to install with the installation kit which is provided in the package.

Spigen Neoflex TPU Screen Protector film_2 Pack ($9.99)

Spigen NeoFlex Screen Protector


  • Bubble-free installation
  • Flexible and Super thin
  • Case Friendly Design

The Spigen Note 10 plus screen protector offers super clarity with bubble-free installation and no rainbow grain effect. Made out of a flexible film, this protector film covers almost the complete area of your phone screen. The product is easy to install and allows for a bubble-free installation. This film here is oleophobic and you don’t have to worry about sweat or oil residue from fingerprints. Another reason to get this one for your Galaxy Note 20!

IVSO Black Tempered Screen Protector ($7.99)

IVSO Screen Protector for Sumsang Galaxy Note 10 Plus


  • Compatible with in-screen Fingerprint
  • Bubble free installation
  • Case friendly design
  • Oleophobic Coating

The IVSO black tempered screen protector covers almost every corner of your phonescreen and provides for complete protection. This tempered glass screen is tough and rated 9H on the hardness scale meaningit can counter a force of up to 6 kg. This 0.3mm thin glass doesn’t feel like its there, theefore has 99.9% transparency allowing for zero interfernece with your photo taking abilities.

ESR Gear Liquid Skin Full-Coverage Screen Protector_2 Pack(+1 for free) ($10.99)

Galaxy Note 10 Plus Liquid Skin Screen Protector


  • Innovative flexible design
  • Maximum coverage
  • Highly responsive
  • 2+1 package

Now this one here is highly recommended for those who don’t know how to apply a screen protector on to the surface. This package is 2+1, meaning, one extra screen protector for you to practice applying the protector. The feel of the screen protector is smooth and it doesn’t interfere with the touch sensitivity at all. It covers almost the complete screen area which is a good thing.

Since it is a liquid skin protector, you might observe a little grainy effect when using it on white backgrounds, but it manages to keep the basic phone functionality going well. The description on the website claims the product TPU to self heal itself over time which is a plus point as it gives the product a long life. The product is easy to install and you won’t face any problems while using it.

The final word

If you own a phone like the Samsung Galaxy Note 10+, it is wise to protect it from damages that may incur your additional cost. The screen protectors listed above are tested and proven by experts. You can choose them for protecting your phone without any second thought.

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Samsung has finally released Galaxy Note 10 and Galaxy Note 10+ with an infinity-O display. It goes without saying that Samsung makes the best display in the world and it’s the same case with the Note 10. The screen is absolutely beautiful and it’s the standout feature of the phone. So if you have already pre-ordered Galaxy Note 10, you should consider protecting the display with a screen protector. So in this article, we have compiled a list of 10 best Galaxy Note 10 screen protectors. All the Galaxy Note 10 screen protectors are compatible with the in-display fingerprint sensor so no worries there. With that said, let’s go through the list.

Best Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Screen Protectors

1. Spigen Neo Flex HD Screen Protector

Spigen has made one of the best Galaxy Note 10 screen protectors on the market. The Neo Flex HD is a great screen protector which can protect the display from scratches and dust. Unlike the tempered glass, it’s a thin film of layer which is quite flexible and molds over the display down to the curve. This screen protector does not have any rainbow effect or touch sensitivity issues. Spigen screen protector is known for providing great clarity so you don’t have to worry in this department. Further, it is also compatible with in-display fingerprint and reverse charging so that’s great. If you are looking for the best Samsung Galaxy Note 10 screen protector, you can pick Spigen Neo Flex and be done with it.


Buy from Website: $24.99

2. Olixar Screen Protector for Samsung Galaxy Note 10

Olixar Screen Protector is another great screen protector for Galaxy Note 10. The screen protector is made of PET material and it’s very similar to a thin layer of a protective film. The screen protector covers the whole screen and goes right to the edges. It can help you protect your screen from scratching and minor bumps. Apart from that, it retains the sensitivity of the screen and provides a crystal clear view. And yes, it does support in-display fingerprint and reverse charging like the Spigen screen protector. Overall, Olixar is an excellent screen protector and you can go for it without any hesitation.


Buy from Amazon: $12.99

3. VitaVela Galaxy Note 10 Screen Protector

VitaVela offers a premium screen protector for Galaxy Note 10. Unlike Spigen and Olixar screen protector, the screen protector uses a 0.26 mm tempered glass and covers the display edge to edge. While the tempered glass is not as thin as a film layer, it does protect the display from hard falls. In terms of clarity, it’s quite transparent and there are no bubble issues. VitaVela claims that the tempered glass has 9H hardness rating so that should save your Note 10’s screen against accidental drops. Further, it also supports in-display fingerprint so that’s great. All in all, if you want to protect your Galaxy Note 10 from scratches and drops then you should go for VitaVela screen protector.


Buy from Amazon: $10.99

4. Whitestone Dome Glass Screen Protector for Samsung Galaxy Note 10

Whitestone Dome Glass Screen Protector is a premium tempered glass built on liquid glass technology. Since the glass is built on advanced technology, the tempered glass feels very thin and light. It’s unlike any tempered glass in this list with a thickness of just 0.1 mm. The tempered glass is capable of surviving hard drops and abrasive scratches. Also, the protector is designed in such a way that it disperses over the screen as if there is no protector installed. Further, it is compatible with in-display fingerprint sensor so there is that. Simply put, if you want a premium screen protector for your Note 10 and don’t mind the steep price, Whitestone Dome Glass screen protector is worth your money.

whitestone dome

Buy from Amazon: $49.99

5. IVSO Screen Protector for Galaxy Note 10

IVSO makes some of the best screen protectors for Samsung devices and this time too, it has brought its screen protector for the Galaxy Note 10. It is a full-display tempered glass screen protector which covers the whole screen and does not break the touch sensitivity. The tempered glass is quite good in terms of clarity and retains the true color of the display. Since it’s tempered glass with 9H hardness, it protects the display from both scratches and drops. Besides, it is also compatible with the in-display fingerprint sensor. The quality of the tempered glass is really good and you should check it out.


Buy from Amazon: $9.99 [Pack of 2]

6. RockFlim Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Tempered Glass Screen Protector

RockFilm tempered glass is among the best screen guard for Note 10 with special attention given to the ultrasonic in-display fingerprint sensor. It uses a different kind of adhesive called Advanced Liquid Optical Clear Adhesive so that there is no micro space left between the display and the tempered glass. Apart from that, it is 9H hardness rated glass so you don’t have to worry about accidental drops or scratches. The tempered glass covers the entire screen from edge to edge and does not leave any air gaps. To sum up, RockFilm is a premium tempered glass and you can go for it if you want one of the best Galaxy Note 10 screen protectors.


Buy from Amazon: $36.99 [Pack of 2]

7. TyZHL Screen Protector for Galaxy Note 10

TyZHL Screen Protector is an excellent tempered glass screen protector for Galaxy Note 10. The tempered glass covers the whole screen from edge to edge. It’s a 9H hardness rated, 0.3 mm glass so your device can easily survive heavy drops without any damage to the display. Further, the transparency of the glass is great and does not have any smudges or light dispersion effects. The good news is that it’s compatible with both, in-display fingerprint sensor and reverse charging. So to sum up, if you want a durable tempered glass for your Samsung Gaalxy Note 10, this screen protector can be a great alternative.


Buy from Amazon: $7.59

8. UniqueMe Screen Protector for Galaxy Note 10

If you want an ultra-thin screen protector for your Galaxy Note 10, UniqueMe has the best screen protector for you. It is made of Polymer and TPU material which makes it quite flexible and as a result, covers the whole screen including the curved edges without any issue. The clarity is on par with other screen protectors and the touch sensitivity remains good. But what I love about this protector is that how well it gels with the screen without any protrusion. Besides that, the screen protector is compatible with both in-display fingerprint sensor and reverse charging. To sum up, if you want one of the thinnest Galaxy Note 10 screen protectors with decent scratch resistance, UniqueMe is the one to pick.


Buy from Amazon: $7.99 [Pack of 3]

9. Thin Film Galaxy Note 10 Screen Protector by Ferilinso

Ferilinso Screen Protector is another great screen guard for Galaxy Note 10. It’s a thin layer of polymer which can protect your screen from scratches and minor bumps. The good part is that it covers the complete screen from edge to edge. Besides that, the clarity of the protector is absolutely top-notch with no bubble or smudge issues. Since the protector is a thin layer, it does not interfere with the in-display fingerprint sensor or reverse charging. To conclude, if the above screen protectors don’t cut for you, Ferilinso can be a good alternative.


Buy from Amazon: $10.99 [Pack of 3]

10. ESR Tempered-Glass Note 10 Screen Protector

ESR is our final pick for the best Galaxy Note 10 screen protectors in this list. As the name suggests, it is a tempered glass screen protector which offers good protection. It also offers complete coverage of the display including the curved edges. The screen protector shields your device from scratches and can also withstand drops and falls. ESR tempered glass also has Oleophobic coating which prevents fingerprints and smudges. But the screen protector is not compatible with the in-display fingerprint sensor so keep that in mind. All things considered, ESR is a really good tempered glass for Galaxy Note 10, but lack of support for the in-display fingerprint sensor is a real bummer.


Buy from Amazon: $13.99 [Pack of 2]

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Guard Your Phone with The Best Galaxy Note 10 Screen Protectors

So that is our list of 10 best Galaxy Note 10 screen protectors. We have included both tempered glass and thin film screen protectors to protect your screen. While many prefer thin film for light protection from scratches, I would suggest you to go with tempered glass as it provides more drop protection. It will significantly prevent screen damage. So that is all from us. If you liked our article and picked a screen protector from this list, do let us know in the comment section below.

Note 10 Plus Glass Screen Protector : This One Works!

The best Note 10 screen protectors

So you’ve got a Samsung Galaxy Note 10. Your phone takes everything fantastic about Samsung’s Note 10 range — the S Pen, an expansive display, and flagship specs, to name but a few — and shrinks it down to a slightly smaller package that you’ll find easier to fit into your hand.

Whether you’ve just bought your Note 10 or it’s now your well-worn pocket companion, you’ll still want to keep it protected. We’ve covered the best Note 10 cases, but what about the screen? The 6.3-inch Dynamic AMOLED display is a window into your wider world, and you don’t want it to become dirty — or worse, break. A screen protector can help stop that, whether it’s a film protector to protect against dirt and scratches or a heavy-duty tempered glass protector. Here are some of the best SamsungGalaxy Note 10 screen protectors.

OtterBox Clearly Protected Film Screen Protector

OtterBox Clearly Protected Film Screen Protector for Samsung Galaxy Note 10

OtterBox’s screen protector for the Galaxy Note 10 is made of high-quality polyurethane film, which will keep your phone’s display looking sharp while also defending it from sharp objects. Given that it’s a film-based protector, it’s ultra-thin and retains all of the responsiveness and vividness of the Note 10’s screen. It’s also smudge-resistant and offers 100% compatibility with OtterBox’s cases. Comes with a limited lifetime warranty.

ArmorSuit MilitaryShield Screen Protector

ArmorSuit MilitaryShield Screen Protector best Samsung Galaxy Note 10 screen protectors

It may be film-based, but this Note 10 screen protector from ArmorSuit is seriously tough. It’s scratch-resistant and features self-healing technology, capable of removing minor scratches and marks gradually over time. It’s supremely thin, so it won’t interfere with the normal operation of the phone, and it has been laser cut to ensure the closest possible fit. On top of this, it prevents yellowing and also reduces smudges. Comes with a solution spray, squeegee, and microfiber cloth for easy installation.

XClear 3 Pack Screen Protector

XClear 3 Pack Screen Protector for Samsung Galaxy Note 10

Sold in a pack of three, this screen protector from XClear combines a number of enticing features. It has been built using scratch-resistant materials, and it has been treated with hydrophobic and oleophobic coatings, so it will repel water and greasy fingerprints. Made of film, it’s also highly transparent and sensitive and will provide full compatibility with the Note 10’s fingerprint scanner. Comes with an alignment frame and wipes for more straightforward application.

Olixar Tempered Glass Screen Protector


Olixar is a brand you can trust when it comes to phone accessories, and their tempered glass screen protector for the Note 10 is no exception. It’s ultra-thin at just 0.27mm yet provides tough protection and is scratch and shatter resistant. Although it’s tough, it won’t decrease the brightness of your phone display or interfere with its sensitivity. It’s also easy to achieve a bubble-free installation as it comes bundled with a cleaning cloth, wet-wipe, and dust-removal sticker.

amFilm Glass Screen Protector


AmFilm produces screen protectors for a wide range of phones, and its 3D curve glass protector for the Note 10 is worthy of mention. Measuring just 0.33mm thin, it provides protection from scratches and scrapes and has an oleophobic coating to repel greasy fingerprints. It’s also a breeze to install thanks to the easy installation tray, wet wipes, and microfiber cloth — and a handy installation guide too. One downside to this screen protector is that it won’t work with the in-screen fingerprint scanner, so if this is something you use regularly, you might want to give this one a miss.

IQ Shield Film Screen Protector


When it comes to screen protectors that are easy on the budget, our pick is this film protector from IQ Shield. You can pick up this durable, crystal-clear film protector for just $7 — and it’s a dual pack, so you’ll have a spare to hand. Installation is easy too as a handy kit is included in the box. If you’re watching the pennies, this is the screen protector for you.

Tozo Tempered Glass Screen Protector


If you simply need strong protection, then Tozo’s Tempered Glass Screen Protector has you covered. It’s made from 9H hardness glass that should resist a wide variety of threats, and it has been treated with an oleophobic coating to resist fingerprints and oily substances. The edges match the Note 10’s curves, and it has been designed to be compatible with many cases. Thanks to the full-coverage design, it also covers the selfie camera and keeps it safe from harm, and it’s totally compatible with the in-display fingerprint scanner. The only issue is that Tozo recommends you turn on the Touch Sensitivity option to ensure full touch sensitivity, but that’s not much work to do when it costs just $7.

Skinomi Matteskin Film Screen Protector


The Note 10’s display is bright and vivid, but glare from strong lights can still obscure your view while you’re outdoors. If that’s a common problem for you, consider Skinomi’s Matteskin film protector. It’s been treated with a matte layer that reduces the chance that light will bounce from your display, making it much easier to see in strong daylight. As it’s film, it won’t be as protective as glass, but it will protect well against dirt and minor scratches, and it has oleophobic and self-healing properties too. It even resists the yellowing effect that afflicts many film protectors as they age. Best of all, it’s just $8 for a two-pack.

Magglass Privacy Glass Screen Protector


The Note 10 has so much screen it’s easy to be productive, but what if you’re doing some mobile banking, reading an embarrassing book, or are a member of a super-secret spy agency? A privacy screen protector like this one from Magglass is a great idea. It’s made from hard glass, so it’s resistant to scratches, drops, and bumps, but the headline attraction is the privacy-protecting layer. When viewed from the front, it’s clear and easy to see. But as soon as you move to an angle, the screen fades to black, protecting your privacy. Magglass recommends you turn on the Touch Sensitivity setting to reduce a loss of sensitivity. Still, if your privacy needs protecting, this is a good $17 investment.

Ringke Dual Easy Film Screen Protector


Ringke’s Dual Easy screen protector always deserves a place on our list. The film won’t be the most protective option in the world, but it will guard against dirt, dust, and scratches. It’s thin, and doesn’t interfere with your screen’s sensitivity, look, or the ultrasonic in-display fingerprint scanner. The “easy” in the name comes from the application method, which uses four layers to ensure that dust is removed during installation, reducing the chance of small particles ending up between your protector and display. The low price is a plus, and the dual pack adds to its value and allows you to keep a replacement on hand.

Whitestone Dome Glass Screen Protector


Whitestone offers the best in total glass protection. This is because the Dome Glass protector uses ultra-durable hard tempered glass. This protector can even help prevent your screen from shattering during a drop, although we still recommend using it with a case just in case.

The application is a little complex compared to other options. A layer of liquid adhesive binds the protector and your screen. After curing the adhesive with the UV lamp, a strong bond binds the screen and protector. As a result, the fingerprint scanner still works perfectly.

The liquid application can even help an already-cracked screen. The adhesive can flow into cracks and stop them from getting worse. However, all that comes at a price — the Dome Glass is expensive.

Spigen Neo Flex HD Film Screen Protector


Spigen’s film screen protector doesn’t have any over-the-top features, but it still earned a position on our list of favorites. It has a super transparent, flexible PET film that offers second-to-none phone protection. The protector will mold to your phone’s curves, which helps eliminate air bubbles and results in better overall coverage. It’s also able to heal itself, immediately repairing minor scratches by sealing the inner layer as damages occur. 

It can be difficult to install the protector with the wet installation technique, but we highly suggest doing it this way, as it’s worth the extra time and effort involved. This method will give you a smoother fit and finish, which won’t inhibit your fingerprint sensor. 

This particular film is compatible with all of Spigen’s protective cases, which is great news for current Spigen users. It provides incredible capabilities at an affordable price. You can even purchase a pack of 2 if you’re looking for a value boost.

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