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Scale model sales spike as people look for pandemic antidotes

PARIS — He hunches at the dining room table, putting the finishing touches on his miniature World War II tank. Deep in concentration, he keeps his hand steady as he works to make the scaled-down plastic model look as realistic as possible.

And as he does so, Maxime Fannoy — locked-down husband and father riding out the coronavirus with his family in Belgium — feels the outside world's unremitting pandemic nightmare slip thankfully out of focus.

“It’s an escape. When you are building a kit or a scene, you really plunge into it," Fannoy says. "Everything else loses its importance, and in the current context, that is a real help.”

Rejuvenated by quarantines and lockdowns, the old-school pastime of creating miniature worlds by assembling and decorating scaled-down models or running mini trains on mini tracks is enjoying a revival — plastic therapy against the pandemic blues.

Sales are booming as families shorn of their social lives keep idle hands and minds busy by making models and dusting off train sets. British brand Airfix saw a run on plastic kits for Spitfires, the iconic World War II fighter plane. Hornby, which owns Airfix and also makes an array of model trains and cars under other brands, has become profitable again with sales soaring.

The analog pleasures of gluing and painting, fixing and fiddling, are also peeling some members of the digital generation away from their screens. Teens are catching the modeling bug from parents and grandparents who suddenly find themselves with time again to indulge in hobbies many had been too busy to pursue since childhood.

In France, 70-year-old retiree Guy Warein says his lockdown-time renovations on a model train set that had been gathering dust in his attic have helped him connect with his video-gaming grandkids, pulling them "from the virtual world to reality.”

On a visit when school was out, the eldest, aged 16, said: "'Come on Grandpa, let’s go and see the trains and make them work.’ So we put them together and did things together,” Warein says. “It’s a coming together of generations, and that can only be beneficial.”

So he repaired the HO-scale locomotives and rolling stock inherited from his father-in-law and fixed up the room where he intends to run them on a U-shaped track layout that he's designing. The activity helped Warein, a former educator and municipal councilor, tune out the pandemic and its anxieties.

“You fill your time and forget what’s happening around you," he says. "Turning on the radio or the television is like being hit with a truncheon, because they systematically talk about the virus and the misfortunes it has brought. ... Having a hobby allows me to think of other things.”

Manufacturers have struggled to meet the global surge in interest. Hornby's CEO, Lyndon Davies, says he had to airfreight 10,000 Spitfire kits from a factory in India when Airfix's stocks ran dry for the first time in the company's 71-year history.

“What you don’t want of your kids, your grandchildren, is them sitting watching the TV or staring at phones all the time. This pandemic has really brought families together at home," he says. "They have used the types of products we make to try and forget what was going on in the outside world.”

Another British manufacturer, Peco, has hired extra staff to satisfy surging orders — up by 50% in some markets — for its miniature trains, tracks and modeling accessories.

“This is happening everywhere: Our markets in the UK, across Europe, in Australia, North America, in China," says Steve Haynes, the sales manager. "People are making far greater use of their spare time, their free time, their enforced time stuck at home to tackle the boredom, to tackle the isolation and do something creative.”

In Belgium, Fannoy calls himself a “model-maker made from lockdown.” He had long bought plastic kits, because they reminded him of childhood, but had never had time to build them. Instead, he hoarded them away in a wardrobe.

When the pandemic shut down his busy life and forced him to do his job as a business developer from home, he set to work on his stash, stocking up on brushes and paints in the final days before lockdown.

He first completed a series of 1/24th-scale rally cars. A WWII Tiger tank, painted to look weathered and mounted in a wintry scene with troops and a jeep, followed at the end of 2020. He posted photos of the diorama, the fruit of 50 hours of handiwork, on Facebook.

“I generally start in the evenings at around 8 p.m. and stop around 11 p.m. to midnight," Fannoy says. “I can no longer do the things I would normally do. So what do I do? I open a kit and work on it. In fact, it’s my wife who comes and pulls me out of this mini-world I live in."

“The hours fly by. It’s a form of meditation,” he says. “It has helped enormously in getting me through the past year."

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Sours: https://www.autoblog.com/2021/02/07/scale-model-cars-planes-tanks-pandemic-antidote/

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They don't make any diecast model of the 4Runner. I was looking for the same thing because I collect 1:18 scale models. It angers me because they make a lot of other SUV's in 1:18 scale(Jeep Grand Cherokee Limited, Mercedes G and M Class, Lexus RX300, Porsche Cayenne, BMW X3 and X5, Range Rover, Cadillac Escalade, Ford Expedition, Lincoln Navigator, Volkswagon Toureg, and Saturn Vue). If anybody was to do it, I would love to see AutoArt or Maisto do it. I actually emailed AutoArt suggesting they make one and they told me that they consider many SUV's for models and they appreciate my feedback. So that means NO!!

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Nav, XREAS, Adjustable Ride Height, Sunroof, Side Curtain Airbags, Rear Spoiler, Double Deck Cargo, Chrome Exhuast Tip, Bug Shield, All Weather Mats, Driver Side Assist Handle, Audiovox Remote Starter, 2006 Skid Plate, LED lighting- interior and running boards, USA-Spec PA-15
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Where to get a scale model of 3rd gen 4Runner??#9247809/22/0201:47 PM


Hey all,

Is there a place i can get a scale model of the 3rd gen 4Runner??


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Re: Where to get a scale model of 3rd gen 4Runner??#9247909/22/0201:59 PM


I'm looking for one too. Someone on the board has a little mini me but I forgot who. <img border="0" title="" alt="[Cool]" src="images/icons/cool.gif" />

Rich P.

Re: Where to get a scale model of 3rd gen 4Runner??#9248109/22/0206:40 PM

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That website looks like it carries the Tamiya models. Tamiya makes tons or R/C cars, models, etc... Any hobby store ought to carry something like that.

Re: Where to get a scale model of 3rd gen 4Runner??#9248209/22/0208:37 PM


Here's mine: <img src="http://www.toyotaoffroad.net/jnburtman/modelboardwebMiniMe.jpg" alt=" - " />

Re: Where to get a scale model of 3rd gen 4Runner??#9248306/24/0302:04 AM


If anyone is still interested in these models I have about 5 for sale. PM me for more details. Thanks.

Re: Where to get a scale model of 3rd gen 4Runner??#9248406/25/0302:36 AM


i have a remote control one that is a lot bigger if anyone is interested, but it was pretty expensive.

Re: Where to get a scale model of 3rd gen 4Runner??#9248506/25/0306:49 AM


Got a pic of the remote control model?

Re: Where to get a scale model of 3rd gen 4Runner??#9248606/25/0304:06 PM


I still have the 4Runner Diecasts for sale. See my sig line for the site to get info and place the order. <img border="0" title="" alt="[Smile]" src="images/icons/smile.gif" />

Re: Where to get a scale model of 3rd gen 4Runner??#9248708/01/0304:24 AM


I put my Remote controlled 4runner on ebay if anyone is still interested in a scale nodel 4runner.

R/C 4Runner

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Surface Primer for Scale Models






Back in the late 1960's and early 1970's, when the first Japanese cars started coming to the U.S., no one thought to much of it. Except they were small, different, and probably under powered for the time.

Of course, when the 1973 gas embargo happened, everything changed. Suddenly, small cars, with smaller engines, were sought after by millions of Americans. My own mother traded in her Impala and bought a new Mazda RX3 Wagon. Just 3 years earlier, our neighbor across the street had bought a brand new 1970 Datsun 240z (in a silver color, though I would say that was more of a sports car purchase than out of necessity).

That was the foot in the door that the Japanese automakers needed, and suddenly they were almost everywhere. Especially the small pickups, like the Nissan D21s or the Toyota Hilux.

As time went by, most of these cars were traded in and ended up in junkyards. But today, things have changed, very much so.

The collector cars market has embraced the older, small, compact Japanese cars from Asia. Sure, most don't have comforts, like power steering, or air conditioning, but their body designs are timeless. And now, classic.

Toyota Corollas, Datsun 510's and 710s. Mazda RX3's. The '78 to '85 Mazda RX7s. Datsun 240 and 280Z cars. Now they are looked upon as cars folks remember them, they and want to own and upgrade them.

At the same time, the Japanese car companies continued development on new types of cars. Nissan created a new GT-R, based on a long history of Skylines from Japan. Now they had a super car on their hands.

Toyota started their TRD (Toyota Racing Development) programs. Honda's have their V-Tec engines. The world was exploding with reliable, but fast machines based on a long heritage of Japanese car models.

Now you can build model kits of a lot of these cars, from the classic older models to the latest Lexus LFA and Subaru BRZ.

Companies such as Tamiya, Hasegawa, Fujimi, and others, keep making new kits of our favorites. In the past, most of the kits were curbside models, but not anymore. Now you can get them with full engine bays and engines, extra wings and hop up parts, and even photoetch.

If you've been wanting to build a classic kit, or just want to explorer some Japanese culture, building one of these model kits can be a lot of fun, and will give you a new model building experience.

But you might also be building a car you grew up with, or remember a neighbor owning.

Hyundai Grandeur HG


Suzuki Cappuccino


Suzuki Cappuccino


Suzuki Jimny Custom


Suzuki Escudo


Suzuki Jimny


Suzuki Jimny


Suzuki Jimny with Figures


Suzuki Cara


Suzuki Alto Cervo


Suzuki Wagon RR Sport


Suzuki Wagon RR


Suzuki Hustler


Suzuki Hustler


Suzuki Carry Truck


Suzuki Ramen Food Truck


Mobile Gaming Truck


Daihatsu Mira Van


Daihatsu Midget


Daihatsu Pandora Copen EVO II


Daihatsu Copen


Daihatsu Copen PANDORA Type 830


Daihatsu Copen


Daihatsu Move


Daihatsu Midget


Isuzu Gemini


Isuzu Vehicross


Isuzu Piazza


Isuzu Bellett


Pickup Truck


Speed Racer Mach V


Speed Racer Mach V






Sours: http://www.rocketfin.com/japanese-model-cars.cfm

Model 4runner scale

MINI-Z 4×4 Readyset Toyota 4Runner (Hilux Surf)



This is an officially licensed product of the
Toyota Motor Corporation.








Injection molded bodies enhanced with accessory parts recreate a level of detail in the MINI-Z 4x4 series that surpasses all MINI-Z bodies that have come before.


The removable roof section of the 4Runner is reproduced in a very scale, high-quality matte finish to simulate the textured finish of the black fiberglass cap.


The removable roof section of the 4Runner is reproduced in a very scale, high-quality matte finish to simulate the textured finish of the black fiberglass cap.


The rear of the 4Runner is reproduced with such excellent detail, including the defroster. At a glance, it almost looks as though the rear door and window can be open separately. Of course they're fixed in place on the Mini-Z 4X4 version, but the detail is unmatched.


A newly-designed one-touch body mounting system is used instead of the mounts commonly used on all previous Mini-Z cars and trucks. The new system uses spring-wire retainers to quickly and easily install and remove the body.



The same ladder frame and multi-link rigid-axle suspension commonly used in popular 1:10-scale off-road models, is condensed into Mini-Z size for the most articulation and performance available in any mini RC truck.


The Mini-Z 4x4 incorporates a ladder frame design with steel vertical plates, in combination with various molded parts, to deliver the ultimate balance of of rigidity and flex for superior performance and durability.


Solid front and rear axles feature links with steel rods and captured rod ends. Ring and pinion gears, in addition to other gears and components, feature metal construction to withstand the heavy loads under the toughest driving conditions.


The newly designed shock absorbers feature 360-degree spring retainers, which means they can't be lost on the trail and the springs are more likely to re-seat when the suspension settles after hard impacts or operating at the extreme limits of the suspension. The spring retainers simply cannot come loose.



The wheelbase can be changed to 110 or 120mm by changing the length of the spacer on the upper A-link. The 4Runner is set to 110mm.


The front axle features ideal Ackermann geometry. Combined with the advanced design of the axle housing and the other steering components, This model features the tightest turning radius in Mini-Z history. It means the Mini-Z 4x4 has exceptional handling capability for anything ranging from casual driving to hard-core crawling.



The steering servo drag link and the rugged molded tie rod are part of a steering system that delivers an incredible amount of steering angle, which results in excellent rock crawling capability.


Tires and wheels that are specific to each model are a major focus of the Mini-Z 4x4. This model features a scale reproduction of Toyo Tire's export brand "Nitto Ridge Grappler" tires mounted on custom wheels.


Four AAA batteries are located on top-front section of the chassis to ensure good ground clearance and achieve realistic rock crawler performance.




The on-board electronics are also unique to the Mini-Z 4x4, with special features that improve the crawling experience. The accessory ports on top of the board allow an optional LED light set (MZW429R) to be easily plugged in to enhance realism.


The component steering servo features its own casing to allow enhanced performance, and it connects to the receiver/ESC with an independent connector.


Use when optional light unit is installed

[ 1 ]


Adjust amount of steering throw

[ 2 ]


Sponge grip of the steering wheel provides comfortable fit for precision control feel.

[ 3 ]

Included KT-531P transmitter operates on FHSS 2.4GHz and features steering/throttle trim in addition to dual-rate adjustment of steering angle and LED control functions. Control feel has improved with adoption of sponge steering wheel. Gyro effect can be fine-tuned through volume adjustment.

*Not compatible with conventional ASF/MHS/FHS 2.4GHz systems. Also not compatible with KO I.C.S systems.

  • [ 1 ] Light Unit Trim


    Use when optional light unit is installed

  • [ 2 ] Steering Duasl Rate


    Adjust amount of steering throw

  • [ 3 ] Steering Wheel


    Sponge grip of the steering wheel provides comfortable fit for precision control feel.

  • [ 4 ] Brake & Reverse


  • [ 5 ] Throttle(accelerator)


Included KT-531P transmitter operates on FHSS 2.4GHz and features steering/throttle trim in addition to dual-rate adjustment of steering angle and LED control functions. Control feel has improved with adoption of sponge steering wheel. Gyro effect can be fine-tuned through volume adjustment.

*Not compatible with conventional ASF/MHS/FHS 2.4GHz systems. Also not compatible with KO I.C.S systems.




MINI-Z 4x4 Toyota 4Runner (Hilux Surf)
Technical Data

Chassis TypeMX-01
Wheel Base110.0mm
Weight223g (excl. battery)
Motor/Engine130 Class
Gear Ratio55.44:134.65:1
Front Tire DiameterΦ42.0mm
Rear Tire DiameterΦ42.0mm
Front Tire Width14.3mm
Rear Tire Width14.3mm
Battery4 x AAA alkaline
TransmitterSyncro KT-531P
SpeedApprox. 3.3km/h~6.6km/h
(Pinion gears 10T~ 20)
Running TimeApprox. 60 mins

Readyset Contents

●Complete chassis with built-in electronics.●Factory-painted body complete with many fine details●KT-531P 2.4GHz transmitter●Pinion gear set(10T, 12T,14T, 16T, 18T, 20T)●3 types of motor spacers●Pairing stick

Required for Operation

●4 x AAA batteries for the transmitter●4 x AAA batteries for chassis(Alkaline or NiMH)

Sours: https://rc.kyosho.com/en/miniz4x4-4runner
RCmodelex Hilux to RC4wd 4Runner, Scale RC, Part 1


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