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The Kip Up also called the Flip Up or Kick Up is a movement used in tricking. Originating in martial arts, it consists of kicking up from a supine position to a standing position. The hands are often placed beside the ears to push off with.


  • No-handed kip up The hands are not used to push off with. While generally considered harder, some actually find it easier than the regular kip up.
  • Rolling kip up A combination of a somersault (not a roll) and a kip up. Rather than rolling forward onto the feet, a kip up is performed immediately following the roll.
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  • Prone kip up A kip up preformed from a prone (face down) position. The legs are kicked down and the hands are used to push off with, propelling the body upwards and then landing on one's feet.
  • Starfish kip up, rising windmill, or spin up The legs are swung in a rotational motion, and the practitioner rolls onto the shoulders with the hands placed by the head. The hands are then used to push off; this combined with the momentum of the legs should be sufficient to get onto one's feet.
  • 180 Kip-up a kip-up with 180dgree rotation added in the air, before the feet come in contact with the ground.


Kip Up Kick Up Tutorial

Kip Up Kick Up Tutorial

Kip up tutorial

No Handed Kip Up Kick Up Tutorial

No Handed Kip Up Kick Up Tutorial

No-handed kip-up tutorial

Starfish Kip Up Tutorial

Starfish Kip Up Tutorial

Starfish kip Up tutorial



KICK UP / KIP UP Tutorial [Fully Explained]2020
This kick up/Kip up video will explain How to do a Kick/Kip up effectively.
Start practicing in a soft surface.
Kick/Kip up is a classy Move you can show to your friends while playing any Sports.
You need to practice it daily for at least 20-30 minutes for a week or two in order to Master the Kick ups.
Record yourself to see your Mistakes and improve them.

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Kip-Up Tutorial: Get Your Bruce Lee On

I remember the opening scene of Enter The Dragon when Bruce was dodging a kick from Sammo Hung. He flung himself backward onto the ground—flat on his back—and then sprung up back to his feet.

🤯 Uhhh, how’d he do that?

If you’re like me, you may have tried to imitate Bruce and ended up with a sore tailbone after a few tries. This was before Google and YouTube, so I couldn’t just do a quick search for a tutorial.

It wasn’t until years later that I learned this move has a name: the kip-up, or as we call it, the Floor Kip*.

*Note: We make this distinction so you don’t get it confused with the kipping movement used in the muscle-up.

Here’s GMB Lead Trainer Rose doing the Floor Kip:

The Basic Floor Kip Progression

No one just does this trick on accident. Here’s a quick breakdown of what you need to learn.

There are 3 positions you’ll need to consider when working on your Floor Kip:

The Plow

Ryan doing the plow

This is the first position you’ll need to get comfortable in.

You’ll rock back with your knees up and tucked, with your head flat on the ground. The further you bring your knees back toward your ears, the more power you’ll be able to generate as you kick your feet up and then downward toward the ground.

Next, you’ll work on the bridge.

The Bridge

This is the second position you’ll want to get comfortable in. See that Ryan has good flexibility in his shoulders and wrists to stretch them back while getting his upper back off the floor.

From here, you’ll want to work on bailing (abandoning the movement safely when you know you won’t stick it).

To do the Floor Kip properly, you will always benefit from more flexibility. To get loose in all the right places, 👉 download our 15-minute Mobility Boost.

The Bail

You’ll want to learn how to fail safely, that way you don’t bruise your body (and ego). Since this is difficult to show in a single image, watch the video tutorial below. 👇

Floor Kip Tutorial:

By the way, we teach the Floor Kip inside our Vitamin course, among many other movements. Our programs are delivered straight to your 📱 phone or 💻 computer with our web app, Praxis, and we guide you through each movement from warm-up to work sets to the cool-down.

✅ To get started exploring what your body is capable of, check out Vitamin.

🤔 Troubleshooting The Floor Kip

When you see Ryan or Rose do it, the kip-up looks effortless, but despite how fluid it is, there are quite a few moving parts.

And just like any skill, the Floor Kip can be learned with a little practice.

To do it, you need a good mix of strength, flexibility, and body control, which makes up the groundwork of all our programs.

How Most People Attempt This Trick

You might find yourself searching Google, watching YouTube videos and following a tutorial that breaks down the steps of the movement from start to finish.

But many tutorials only show you how it looks, while glossing over the building blocks that make it possible.

So you might give it a go, but you can’t quite get it because you lack the upper body strength or flexibility in your back and wrists.

Look at the upper back, shoulder, and wrist flexibility that enables Rose to get her hands in position to spring upward:

wrist and shoulder flexibility

Or you don’t have the hip and ankle flexibility to land properly and get your weight shifted over your feet.

For instance, good ankle and hip mobility will allow for a proper squat position. See Jarlo’s and SheenRu’s squat form here:

ankle mobility

Understanding your weaknesses will let you know what to start working on. By determining a strength deficit or a lack of flexibility, you can begin to work on the building blocks that allow you to learn this skill.

Unlock The Floor Kip: Requisite Strength & Flexibility

The Floor Kip requires your entire body to work through various flexed and extended positions.

Think about it; from start to finish, you need a good amount of strength in your legs and arms, at least enough for a squat and push-up.

You’re using your legs to kick your body up and forward and then using your hands to spring your body off the ground with your arms and shoulders, all in a fluid motion.

Since this movement requires a good mix of strength and mobility, you may have to do some dedicated work on various areas of your body before you can start practicing the movement.

For example, if your lats, shoulders, and/or wrists are tight, you probably can’t get your hands onto the ground while lying on your back without some strain or compensation.

Addressing Your Tight Back, Hips, and Ankles

For a healthy range of spinal extension, you’ll want both a strong and flexible back.

spinal extension

If you’re stiff, give our back stretches routine a try.

For a great squat, you need good ankle, hamstring, and hip flexibility. Without adequate ankle mobility, you won’t be able to get your knees over your toes far enough.

And if your hips and hamstrings are tight, your lower back is likely to round as you squat down, throwing you off balance.

If you have restrictions with your squat, you’ll first want to work on improving your flexibility in your lower body before you’ll be able to safely spring upward and land properly.

Enhancing Your Lower Body Mobility:

  • Improve hip mobility with these 8 focused stretches you can do any time of the day.
  • Increase your ankle mobility with a simple routine for your feet and ankles.
  • You can improve your hamstring flexibility with 6 tips we use to release tight hamstrings, making the squat position more comfortable.

How To Improve Upper Body Mobility:

  • Use our shoulder mobility routine to increase your upper body range of motion.
  • Pay attention to your wrist strength and flexibility too.

Now that you know how to make the improvements physically, let’s talk about the confidence portion of the Floor Kip.

You can be the most athletic person in the world, but if you don’t have the confidence, you may not try it out. And if you do and fail, you might get scared and never revisit it again.

While even the strongest of people lack adequate flexibility in their hips, ankles, back, shoulders, and wrists, they can still get more flexible without lengthy and boring static stretching routines.

👉 We recommend our Mobility program if you want to loosen up all over.

Building Confidence By Learning How To Bail

The way we build confidence is through practice. Competence is confidence, if you’d prefer a nice cliché.

Think about when your parents finally removed the training wheels from your bike. You probably crashed and burned a few times.

But after enough tries, you were riding around without a second thought about falling.

👋🏻Know this: you’re gonna screw up your first few tries. You’re going to fall. It’s inevitable. Even Ryan and Rose still make mistakes. Everyone does.

Learning how to fall is a great skill in and of itself. We also recommend learning the Floor Kip on a very soft surface, like training mats, soft carpet, or the grass outside.

Don’t try this on concrete or hard surfaces until you are absolutely sure you’ve mastered this movement. Even then, be careful.

How to Practice and Work it into Your Training

After you’ve gone through a session of Elements, Vitamin, or your preferred style of training, you will be fully prepped to start playing around with this movement.

Here’s GMB Trainer Eduardo working the Floor Kip into his session of play:

Don’t Stop With The Floor Kip

Skills, like the Floor Kip (kip-up), handstand, or cartwheel, are all built on basics and attributes.

When you create a strong foundation in the basics, like adequate mobility, strength, and coordination, you’re then able to acquire more difficult skills as a result.

For example, when you’re able to do a Kip-Up, the strength and mobility you gained in the process will lend itself to making other skills like handstands much easier to accomplish.

In our Vitamin program, we explore moving in different ways and help you add to your current capabilities.

So if you can’t do the Floor Kip right this instant, practice at the level you’re at now and focus on building up to it. Because let’s be real, you probably won’t get it down in one afternoon. (unless you’re a freaky athlete)

Not only will you make progress on the Floor Kip, you’ll get stronger, more limber, and have the confidence that transfers to everything else you want to do.

To level-up with more athletic-style skills, you need Vitamin. 👇

Skill-Based Training for Slick Tricks and Skills

Build confidence and creativity in your movement by practicing fun skills every day (even the Floor Kip), so you can enjoy real freedom of movement.

GMB Vitamin Details

JC Deen

Hi, I'm JC Deen 👋

A former fat boy turned personal trainer turned fitness writer and researcher. JC likes to teach people how to use their brains to reach levels of health and fitness they never thought possible.

Much of his time is spent reading, writing, and thinking about thinking.

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Learn How to Kip Up In 5 Minutes

Become Superhuman – Learn How to Kip-Up

You consider yourself an athlete. I get it. Regularly showing up at the gym and moving some heavy things isn’t exactly easy. I know, I know.

But, really, how athletic is a squat? A deadlift? Now a clean and jerk or a snatch is a different story. Mark Rippetoe once said that a snatch is gymnastics with a barbell, and for good reason. But with the traditional lifts, how athletic do you need to be?

Anyone from a neighborhood computer programmer to a professional athlete can learn the basic barbell exercises. A cartwheel, though? Different story.

Hitting the gym isn’t making you athletic if you’re all about squatting, deadlifting, and benching. What’s that doing for your movement capacity? Your coordination?

By all means, keep getting bigger and stronger. There’s something to be said about a big guy that can move well. And if you want to be that guy—that superhuman feeling kind of guy—start here.

In 2001, I came across “tricking,” which is a mesh between martial arts and gymnastics. Back then, it was a small group of teenagers jumping, kicking, and flipping in their backyards. No equipment. No shoes. No formal training.  No safety precautions.

Not exactly parentally advised stuff.

Although tricking seems chaotic, there are foundational movements from gymnastics and martial arts. Things like cartwheels, kip-ups, handstands, and rolls are gateway drugs for tricksters.

Call me crazy, but I incorporate some of these movements into my “regular” training routine, as discussed in The Jackedthlete. You never really forget where you came from, right?

It’s amazing what a cartwheel reveals about someone. Are they coordinated? Are they confident? Are they mobile?

We are on the dawn of a new training age. Nothing is static anymore. It’s about movement patterns that intertwine flexibility, mobility, and coordination.

Of the skills mentioned above, the kip-up is the flashiest to the Average Joe. It’s a total body explosive movement that uses the arms, abs, and legs, requiring flexibility, mobility, and coordination. If that doesn’t catch your attention, perhaps being on par with Jackie Chan and Bruce Lee will.

The kip-up is the quintessential way for a martial artist to rise after being knocked down. Generally, it’s done lying face up on the ground with the hands next to the head. The legs kick in the air and hook underneath of the body to land in a standing or squatting position.

Before trying your luck with these, understand a few things. First, expect sore abs. Second, warm-up. A few rollovers, wrist rotations, fingers pulls, and neck work do the trick (see video). Third, crashing is expected. Especially on your back. Land gently. Fourth, you won’t land this on your first try. Many won’t land it within the first week. Or month. Or months. (It took me five months, I think.) Don’t get discouraged. Fifth, have fun.

Step #1:  Initial Position

legs bentarmreach1
Lay flat on the ground with the palms of your hands next to your head. Knees can be straight or bent at 90°. If lacking wrist mobility, tilt your body to the side to position your palms flatter.

Step #2:  The Chamber

The next step is the chamber. Bring your legs off of the ground and towards your head so that your weight is on your mid-upper thoracic area. Don’t shortchange the chamber; it’s what provides the recoil and explosion. Think of it as the dip right before a vertical jump.

Step #3:  The Kick


Welcome complication. Once chambered, kick your legs straight in the air towards the sky. Pick a spot that’s directly above your eyes so that you have a target. The harder and faster you kick at the target, the easier it will be.

People go wrong because they kick out and not up. This is the only chance you have to get height. Everything goes up.

Step #4:  The Push
The kick is the powerhouse, but the arms are important too. The timing is what makes the move difficult. The arm push happens after the momentum from the kick propels you in the air. Press off after the kick in one small explosive burst.

Step #5:  The Hook


To this point, everything was vertical. The hook, however, brings the body around so that you land on your feet.

Immediately after the arm push, hook the legs underneath your body and violently raise your torso upright.  At first, your hook will be out of sync and you’ll land on your back. As you get better, your feet will hit first, but you won’t have enough momentum to stand. Eventually, you’ll land in a deep squat.

Hello mobility work.

Step #6:  Stand Up

finish2 Well, stand up.

Before you spam the comments with questions about prerequisite strength and power numbers, know this: there are none. When I learned this, I was an out of shape teenager.

Coordinating the movements is key. More is never better, so I’m apprehensive with this tip. But if you’re struggling, try rolling into the chamber from a standing position to give yourself extra momentum.

Tricking is an aesthetic blend of flips, kicks, and twists. Looks matter. Making a trick flawless is known as making it clean. To make your kip-up clean, land as upright as possible—preferably standing.

To land standing, abandon the hook. Instead, hollow after the kick. Squeeze the glutes and arch  the lower back. When the feet hit the ground, use your abs to stabilize the torso and keep the body upright.

The next progression is learning the no handed kip-up. It’s much more difficult, however, because the timing changes. Everything needs more speed and precision to cover for the decreased air time.

Since the hands are taken out of the movement, the head is responsible for the last push off the ground. So beware: your neck will take a beating. Warm-up and expect soreness. Here are the adjustments when going to no hands:

#1: Synchronize the arms and legs. They mimic each other through the entire motion. They rise together, chamber together, and push together.

#2: Your neck becomes your arms. In the regular kip-up, the hands push right after the kick. In the no hand kip-up, the neck pushes after the arms and legs fly in the air.


#3: Aim for the tip toes. Forget about landing straight up. Height is scarce, so plan to land in a deep squat position on your tip toes. Hook extra hard.

The kip-up is a great athletic move that can be used in any training program. Mesh it with other skills to form badass combinations. How about a clapping pushup, to groiner, to kip-up, to vertical jump? Or a kip-up to the knees followed by a forward rolling kip up?

It’s not only a gateway to tricking, but also a gateway to both training and fun. It’s not totally superhuman. But it’s a damn good start.



Photo Credit: Nanna Ward


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    Kip Up / Kick Up - Tutorial - Anfänger / Basics (deutsch)

    Learn to Kip Up Like A Ninja in 3 Simple Stages

    We are often told that the hips are the true athletic engines of the body. Well, if you want to strengthen your hips and increase your explosive power, you should focus your attention on the kip up.


    In the kip up, you lie on your back and generate enough force with your lower body (along with some help from your hands) to explode upward and land on your feet. You will need wrist flexibility, healthy joints, and core strength to accomplish this, plus a well-padded surface on which to practice.


    RELATED: Basic Tumbling Skills You SHOULD Have


    There are three basic components of the kip up. You should practice each one in separate drills before stringing them all together:


    1. Place your palms on the ground and roll your hips up quickly. Your knees will be just inches from your forehead. This gives you room to be able to accelerate the explosive motion.
    2. Push your legs upward with explosive power. Your hips should rise even higher, and your lower back should leave the ground, too. This gives you a feel for how much force you must create to achieve a kip up, and helps you learn the motor pattern.
    3. Land safely on your feet and stand up from there. Only the balls of your feet should touch the ground, and there should be a straight line from your knees to your chest.


    Before trying to get your whole body momentarily airborne, practice landing in a bridge after pushing your legs upward. This is how you land in the actual movement, but you will use momentum to help you stand up.


    It can be frustrating to learn the kip up, but you must persist and experiment with it. Don't be afraid to mess up or even devise alternatives that work better for you. The payoff is great, and you'll be able to get up strong when life knocks you down.

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