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The Best Creatures to Tame in Ark: Survival Evolved

There is a serious amount of dinosaurs to deal with in Ark: Survival Evolved. This guide highlights some of the best animals to tame in game.

If there was ever an argument for biodiversity in video game form, it would be Ark: Survival Evolved. From its far-from-humble origins as the premier dinosaur-based survival game, Ark has expanded through a chain of expansions that can only be described as, well, expansive, to include a whopping distinct creatures. Players can now fight, hunt, and tame animals ranging from the prehistoric to the fantastical. Want to build a base on the back of a turtle? Bring a T. Rex into a fight against a pumped-up ent? Do it all from the comfort of your Switch on a long bus ride? Ark has you covered. There is a veritable (and linguistically apt) boatload of beasts to meet, seat, and eat in Ark, which means an equivalent boatload of decisions and approach changes for players.

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The breadth of choice of tameable creatures means that there is a lot to consider before throwing precious meat at a new dino. How will this creature benefit the base? How does it stack up against other creatures in terms of abilities? Will it win in battles or wither in the face of more imposing fangs? What is there even to do with this thing? These are the questions that this guide attempts to answer. Once you've mastered the basics of surviving the wild landscape, check here for a break down of the best monsters for fighting, some of the top choices for explorers, and the utility beasts no fortress should be without (and some that can be a fortress). While this is by no means and exhaustive or definitive list, the following are some solid choices for the creative dino wrangler.

The Best Battle Beasts in Ark: Survival Evolved

Getting into a fight is unavoidable in Ark: Survival Evolved, whether it's against marauding wildlife, menacing bosses, or even fellow players with ill intent. The following dinos are some solid choices for joining the fight on land, sea, and air.

When it comes to battle mounts, it's hard to top the Therizinosaurus. With a lightning-fast attack, some genuinely staggering damage, and claw strikes with armor-piercing capacity, Therizinos are a great choice for combat, faring as well in a hard-hitting raid as they do sprinting around the field in a more head-on battle. For a more durable choice, players can't go amiss with the classic Tyrannosaurus Rex. The Rex boasts a very beefy health pool, making them a great choice for eating up damage that other beasts would wilt from. The fact that they put out some solid damage as well makes them among the top tier tanks, able to deal out damage as handily as they can take it.

For a battle in the sea, the go-to choice for many players is the Mosasaurus. The Mosasaurus has a deadly combination of high health and damage from the jump, making them a solid choice even before applying desired upgrades. This capability is amplified by the ability to strap cannons to the creature, transforming them into something resembling a bio-battleship. Another choice for those with a taste for speed is the Icthyosaur. While lacking the punch and health pool of the Mosasaur, the Ichthyosaur makes up for this in speed. Ignored by most predators and able to outrun most of the rest, the creature makes an ideal combat scout.

Battles in the air are more often than not dominated by the massive Quetzalcoatlus. Though lacking in an inherently high attack, the proto-bird can be bolstered with cannons, which, paired with its fairly high speed and big health bar, make the beast a difficult to humble flying fortress. For more direct and in some cases literal firepower, the Wyvern is an excellent choice. Fairly quick and healthy, the Wyvern is taken to the next level by its environmental breath attacks, able to play to the weakness of airborne opponents. Assembling a fleet of these across their environmental spectrum creates a de facto air force for sky-hungry players.

The Excellent Explorers of Ark: Survival Evolved

There is a lot of world to get around in Ark, meaning having a way to get from point A to a distant point B is critical. These critters are some excellent choices for those looking to map the world and bring home the bits and pieces they want to keep.

For land travel, nothing beats the pure speed of the Gallimimus. Perhaps the fastest land creature in the game, the Galli carves a roadrunner path across the world, their escape ability making up for their fragile constitutions - a go-to choice for first looks and scouting missions. When the player does find something they wish to retrieve, the Mammoth is the easy choice. Relatively fast for its size and boasting some serious physical resilience, the mammoth's excellent carrying capacity makes it ideal for scavenging expeditions, getting collected resources where they need to be quickly and safely.

For literal deep-dives into ocean exploration, the Basilosaurus is a solid choice. Though a little on the sl0w side, the Basilosaurus is uniquely resilient, offering the rider protection from extreme temperatures and immunity from shock, toxin, and grapples. Being night untouchable in most of the sea makes the Basilosaurus effectively a living submarine. For those expecting some variety and choice in their ocean voyages, a great choice is the Sarcosuchus. Fairly strong and speedy in water, the big selling point of the Sarco is its amphibious nature. Able to smoothly transition from sea to land, the Sarco is never not dangerous and allows the easy exploration of both sea and shore.

If getting a grasp of the world from the sky is the goal, the ideal all-arounder is the Argentavis. The great bird has a little bit of all things desirable for an airborne explorer; it is fast and hardy, able to transport needed resources with a fairly high carry capacity, and small enough to maneuver through challenging gaps. Able to defend itself and get around well, the Argentavis is an incredibly versatile flier's choice. The Wyvern, too, is no slouch in the exploration department. As well as the aforementioned combat capabilities, the Wyvern is seriously quick, able to cover ground effectively (most effectively in straight lines - as the Wyvern flies, they say). Safety is guaranteed exploring with a Wyvern.

The Super Support 'Saurs of Ark: Survival Evolved

There are some animals in Ark that fill the roles necessary to move from survivor to master of the land. These animals are key for those interested in building a base, stockpiling supplies, and establishing a solid foothold in the rugged terrain of the game.

No modern base in Ark is complete without the humble Dung Beetle. The inauspicious little bug has the unique ability to transform feces into oil and fertilizer, making them a cornerstone of both basic farm building and advanced equipment crafting. As the proud owner of a dinosaur army, feces will not be in short supply - a nice herd of Beetles will help keep the least pleasant form of clutter down. A similar necessity for aspiring farmers is a good flock of Dodos. A consistent source of raw meat and eggs, having a pen of Dodos to hand can nearly eliminate the need to hunt for basic food resources. Just remember to farm sustainably - that mistake has been made with the Dodo before.

For more industrial resource connection, having a dedicated team of Doedicurus can be extremely handy. The burly armadillos are excellent miners, tearing through rocks to collect vast quantities of stone and sand effectively while remaining safe and sound within their shells - the ability to tuck into their shells when damaged makes for a long-lasting beast. For more organic resource collection, the Brontosaurus is a solid staple. Brontosaurus ordered to attack plants will hoover up loads of organic material, backed up with its excellent carrying capacity. Similarly durable to the Doedicurus, the Brontosaurus is a one-dino forestry installation.

Bases need not be fixed in Ark, especially due to magnificent monsters like the Titanosaur. For those looking to take the show on the road, the Titanosaur can carry a sizable fortress on its large saddle which, laden down with cannons, can act as a roaming fortress. In addition, the creature's unique ability to destroy metal structures in a few strikes makes it the perfect siege beast. The Quetzal, too, can serve this purpose admirably with the desired addition of access to the Y-axis. Loaded down with friends and cannons, the Quetzal can act as an airborne base of operations, allowing for quick settlement of new areas.

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Ark: Survival Evolved is available now on PS4, Xbox One, Switch, PC, OS X, and mobile.


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Top 16 Creatures To Tame First In Ark: Survival Evolved

Ark: Survival Evolved is one of the leading survival games out there. As with most survival games, you're going to die. A lot. One of the best ways to improve your survival odds is to start taming creatures.

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Depending on what you tame, they can give you many benefits: extra resources, help carrying resources, mobility, and even protection.  However, it can also be dangerous to try to tame creatures. To improve your odds, it's a good idea to start with easy tames and move to more complex and dangerous creatures.

Updated December 25th, by Lee Juckiewicz: With the exciting news of not only Ark 2 but the voice acting talents of Vin Diesel to go along with it, there's a reasonably good chance that the original game is going to see a surge of new players in the coming months. When you're starting out, it can be tricky to know what creatures to tame first, so we've added a few more to keep an eye out for.

16 Dodo

Dodos are about the easiest creatures to deal with on The Island. They are slow and not very dangerous. While you might be tempted to mostly kill them early on for a supply of meat and skin, consider taming one, too.

They act as mobile chests to increase your carrying ability and females can supply you with eggs, which can be used for kibble to tame other creatures. Knock it out with your fist or a club, and then put mejoberries in its inventory.

15 Lystrosaurus

Lystrosaurus is a common sight on the beaches of The Island. They're not very dangerous, and they're easy to tame. You don't have to knock them out, just feed them mejoberries. Or use rare flowers if you can find them.

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Once you have them tamed, they can add an XP bonus to you and your creatures. Plus, they act as mobile chests and provide you with eggs to make kibble. They're also loyal companions like dogs. If you're good,  you can even teach them tricks.

14 Dilophosaurus

In the early game, dilophosaurus is a terror. These small, fast, aggressive predators can kill you many times early on, so you might be reluctant to approach it to try to tame it early on. However, it's worth it.

Once they are on your side, dilophosaurs will use their speed, aggression, and poison to protect you and your camp. Early on, the easiest way to tame it is to hit it with a club to knock it out, then fill it with meat. You could also try to knock it out with your fists. If you have a slingshot or boomerang, you can also try to knock it out from a distance.

13 Carbonemys

These turtles are a relatively common sight on the beaches of The Island. They can seem like a dumb, easy kill, but the beach is practically littered with the bones of people who underestimated these creatures. They can be vicious when provoked and they are tough; so put that toughness to use.

Use a slingshot to knock it out. Start from a good distance and make sure you have a clear area behind you, because once you shoot it, it will come for you. But it's still a turtle so you can walk backwards and keep your distance as you knock it out. Then feed it mejoberries. You can technically ride these, but they're not the best mounts.

12 Parasaur

Once you've tamed the above creatures, it's time to really start improving your capacity. Parasaurs are large herbivores, and though they can be hard to kill in the early game, they are easy to tame. Once tamed, you can ride them and they can carry large amounts of supplies making them a favored early game pack mule.

Hopefully by this time, you've developed the bola, which will stun them and keep them from running away. Then knock them out with a slingshot or boomerang. The boomerang is better tool. It's faster and less likely to kill it.

11 Raptor

Your first encounter with a raptor will likely be terrifying. Partly this is learned from Jurassic Park, but it's partly earned. Raptors are fast, aggressive, and tough. Most of the time, you'll be happy to just escape from a raptor. But taming one is a big step toward moving up in the world of Ark, so you'll have to face it.

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Use a bola to stun it, then knock it out with the best tool you have. Toxic arrows and tranquilizer darts work best, but in a pinch you can use use a club, slingshot, or boomerang. Then give it meat. Mutton works best, but otherwise prime meat or regular meat will serve. Approach with your tame carbonemys for protection in case things go south.

10 Iguanodon

Iguanodons are good mounts, nice harvesters, and decent fighters. You can bola it and then knock it out with arrows. If you've already tamed a raptor, maybe you got a female and used its eggs to make simple kibble, which is a preferred feed and easy way to tame the iguanodon.

Otherwise, feed it crops if you have them or mejoberries. In addition to its harvesting ability, iguanodons lay medium eggs, which can be used to make kibble for taming some larger creatures.

9 Dimorphodon

With all the above creatures, you've developed a decent little army. Now it's time to add an air force. Dimorphodon is one of the easiest flying creatures to tame. Use a bola, and/or tranq arrows to knock them out of the sky, then feed them meat.

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Once tamed, dimorphodon is a great attacker, especially in packs. They can be especially helpful in PVP combat because they attack the rider, not the mount. Spyglass lets you see opponents and order attacks from a safe distance.

8 Ichthyosaurus

You've added an air force, so why not a navy? Taming this aquatic reptile is a great start to your water adventures. Ichthyosaurs are fast. Very fast. Few things can match them on land or under the water. Plus, they're stealthy and let you slip past many potential enemies.

You can't knock them out, but you can tame them by feeding them meat or fish. However, it's best if you can make some simple kibble, thanks to your raptor eggs. If you can't consider making an area to trap them so they don't wander off in the middle of taming.

7 Triceratops

A triceratops is a walking tank, which makes it a great addition to your army when you're ready to stop running from fights and begin starting them. The armored head makes for a challenge, so it's a good idea to find a high place to shoot from and hit them in the body until they're knocked out.

If you can craft a saddle, that's great. Otherwise, walk around with you as a defender and harvester . But once you do get a saddle, you will be able to ride around from a much safer position, exploring The island and taking on dangerous dinosaurs with relative ease. A high level triceratops is even a match for T-rexes! You're in the big leagues, now.

6 Otter

Equipping yourself for every environment on The Island can be a tricky task. While it’s easy enough to take off your cloth armor when you get too hot, it’s harder to have a good medium temperature that you can also add to without carrying around excess clothing.

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You can get around this by wearing an otter. And no, we don’t mean skinning the little cuties! Drag some whole fish out of the nearest body of water and keep that little fuzz ball fed until they’re cuddling up to you, and then carry them for a little bonus to your resistance to cold. Plus, they’re too adorable for words.

5 Argentavis

By now you’ve probably worked out that pteranodons are difficult to catch, and a little disappointing once you’ve got them. If you’re in the market for a new flying mount with a little more kick — or claw — and stamina, why not try for an argentavis? This baby can store so many resources on it!

There isn’t really a safe place to find one, but if you have some sturdy raptors to protect you head to the cliffs of the volcano (if you’ve hit lava you’ve gone too far). Take a lot of narcotics, and some prime meat if you have it. Your first argent will be your pride and joy, both as a hunter and a traveling companion.

4 Hesperornis

Although colloquially referred to as ‘murder penguins,’ a hesperornis is useful when you’re looking to tame some fancy creatures later on. They are, however, a little fiddly to tame. Though it’s ‘just’ a matter of bringing them live fish, if you get too close they’ll swim away at the speed of light — luring them into a pen so they don’t run off is your best bet.

Once tamed, your hesperornis will occasionally lay golden eggs, which can be ground down to make kibble. Kibble is the best taming food for any creature. They can also be fed to your tames for a little EXP boost.

3 Dimetrodon

Once it’s time to start breeding your existing creatures, you’ll quickly learn how hard it is to keep eggs at the right temperature. There are late level engrams that can help, or you can head to the swamp and tame a dimetrodon. Bring some meat and a bodyguard.

Resembling stubby-legged spinosauruses, these slow-moving creatures require a lot of narcotics to keep them unconscious but they’re invaluable in the long run. Leave them ‘sitting’ on eggs and like a good flask, they’ll keep them the perfect temperature to hatch.

2 Castoroides

If you’re paddling around in the rivers, you might see a beaver dam below the surface. You’ll find some wood, rare flowers, silica pearls, and cementing paste inside if you loot them, but you’ll also find the front teeth of an angry casteroides.

While casteroides can be a good source of early game pelt, they’re also a surprisingly effective combat mount. Decent on land and very quick in water, they are also excellent lumberjacks. Tame one with some berries or vegetables for a good mining buddy.

1 Anklyosaurus

So you’ve been beating away at those rocks with an axe and pick for hours, and you’re getting tired. Wouldn’t it be more fun if you had a friendly creature to do the work for you? Load yourself up on taming tools and go look for an anklyosaurus.

These clobbering dinosaurs are excellent miners of flint, crystal, metal, and obsidian, and their tail is a pretty good defense against low-lever predators. If you’re looking to improve the thatch walls of your first hut, you can’t go wrong with an anklyosaurus.

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[Top 10] Ark Survival Evolved Best Tames And Why They&#;re Great

Therizinosaurus ( best for collecting different resources )

Check out the next video for details on how to find and tame a Therizinosaurus:

ARK: How to tame Therizinosaurus (Trap/Bonus levels/Gathering!)

This dino is an incredible all-rounder tame. You will find out how many uses he has once you get it. You can use it to collect stuff like berries, wood, hide, thatch, and even meat. It’s also an incredible mount to take into battle with you, because its claws hit multiple times per attack, dealing huge amounts of damage.

This dino is great because:

You can collect lots of materials with it

  • Decent speed
  • Great battle dino
  • Decent taming difficulty

The next map will show the location and the spawn-rate of this dino on the Ragnarok map:

Explore the map and find the therizinosaurus!

9. Doedicurus ( best for collecting stone and obsidian )

Check out the next video for details on how to find and tame a Doedicurus:


The doedicurus, or the doed for short, is a really cute mammal that is a must for everyone in Ark. From small tribes to alpha tribes, you will always find one of these guys laying around in the base. It is the best stone collector, and this material is one of the most important ones throughout the entirety of the game. 

This dino is great because:

  • You can collect lots of stone and obsidian 
  • Great transport dino because of the rolling ability that it has
  • Easy taming difficulty

The next map will show the location and the spawn-rate of this dino on the Ragnarok map:

You can find this dino all over the map, but can you tame it?

8. Carnotaurus ( best for early fights )

Check out the next video for details on how to find and tame a Carnotaurus

Fast Carno Taming Guide - Ark Survival Evolved Tips and Tricks

This dino is a great mid-range predator which you can easily tame and use for decent fights. He is fast and inflicts good amounts of damage ( way more than a raptor for instance ). You can also use it to collect meat that you can use as food for other tames. 

This dino is great because:

  • You can collect lots of meat 
  • Great for fighting
  • Decent transport mount ( decent speed )
  • Easy taming difficulty

The next map will show the location and the spawn-rate of this dino on the Ragnarok map:

Here little help for you in finding the perfect Carno to tame 

7. Ichthyosaurus ( best for water bases )

Check out the next video for details on how to find and tame an Ichthyosaurus:


This dino is a great early-mid game water tame. Due to its exceptional speed, it allows you to move with ease and escape almost everything that’s threatening. You can use this creature for starting an underwater base and for basic material farming that is hard to access without a water tame. 

This dino is great because:

  • Exceptional speed
  • Easy transportation
  • Very easy to tame

The next map will show the location and the spawn-rate of this dino on the Ragnarok map:

Would love a water dino in your collection? Check out this map!

6. Beelzebufo (best for taming creatures and farming cementing paste)

Check out the next video for details on how to find and tame a Beelzebufo:


This creature is a large amphibian that is native to the swamp biome. It is useful as a taming mount, due to its ability to torpor prey. It’s also useful for transport because of its hopping skill. Everyone uses this creature to farm large amounts of cementing paste and chitin, which are very important materials in the late game.

This dino is great because:

  • Impressive Speed
  • Great for farming cementing paste and chitin
  • You can tame other creatures with it
  • Useful hopping skill

The next map will show the location and the spawn-rate of this dino on the Ragnarok map:

A real treasure is hard to find. Try out your luck

5. Ankylosaurus (best for farming metal)

Check out the next video for details on how to find and tame an Ankylosaurus:

Ark Basics Ankylosaurus - EVERYTHING YOU NEED TO KNOW

This spiky dino that has a club for a tail is capable of gathering huge amounts of metal (which is the most important material that you’ll need in abundance), crystal, and flint. It’s really easy to tame as it moves slowly. It also has decent amounts of health so you can use it for protection.

This dino is great because:

  • It has decent damage output
  • Great for farming metal, crystal, and flint
  • You can use it as a tank because of the amounts of health it has

The next map will show the location and the spawn-rate of this dino on the Ragnarok map:

Ankylosaurus spawn locations on Ragnarok

4. T-rex (best for fights)

Check out the next video for details on how to find and tame a T-rex:


There are many great predators in Ark, but the t-rex is the best one by far. It has huge amounts of stamina and health and extremely good damage output. You can use it to fight almost everything there is on the ark. Of course, you can encounter some problems when trying to tame it.

This dino is great because:

  • It has huge amounts of damage
  • It has huge amounts of health and stamina
  • Exceptionally good for fighting almost everything
  • It can be taken into all boss arenas (unlike the Giga)

The next map will show the location and the spawn-rate of this dino on the Ragnarok map:

I can give you the spawn locations, but I can' t give you the courage to tame the T-Rex!

3. Mammoth (best for collecting wood)

Check out the next video for details on how to find and tame a Mammoth:

Fast Mammoth Taming Guide - Ark Survival Evolved Tips and Tricks

The reason you find this creature on the list is for being one of the best animals in the game for gathering wood. You can find it in  snowy areas, but it is surrounded by dangerous animals so it can be a little difficult to tame it. This is also a great fighting mount, as it has excellent damage, health, and speed.

This dino is great because:

  • It has good amounts of damage
  • Best wood collector
  • Exceptionally good for fighting wild animals

The next map will show the location and the spawn-rate of this dino on the Ragnarok map:

Climb the hughest mountains and tame the magnificient mammoth

2. Quetzal (best for transportation)

Check out the next video for details on how to find and tame a Quetzal:

Quetzal Taming Guide - Ark Survival Evolved Tips and Tricks

The quetzal is indubitably the best creature you can get to move things around. If you have a platform saddle, you can transform everything into a flying base. You can even arm it with turrets and move resources around. You can also use it to transport slow dinos around, like the ankylosaurus.

This dino is great because:

  • It has good amounts of damage
  • You can have a flying base
  • You can easily move around with lots of stuff

The next map will show the location and the spawn-rate of this dino on the Ragnarok map:

Quetzal spawn locations on Ragnarok. Wish you luck!

1. Argentavis (best all-rounder flyer)

Check out the next video for details on how to find and tame an Argentavis:

BEST WAY TO TAME AN ARGENTAVIS | Beginners Guide To Ark | [How To Ark]

The Argentavis is  the best all-rounder flyer creature, as you can use it for almost everything. You can carry decent-size dinos in its claws, you can use it to fight almost everything as it is tanky and has lots of damage. It’s also great for transportation as it has a decent speed (way better than the quetz)

This dino is great because:

  • It has good amounts of damage
  • You can carry lots of dinos around
  • You can easily move around
  • Good fighting mount
  • Not so hard to tame

The next map will show the location and the spawn-rate of this dino on the Ragnarok map:

Argentavis spawn locations on Ragnarok. This amazing flyer is pretty to see and hard to catch

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One of the biggest appeals of ARK: Survival Evolved is the bevy of dinosaurs that are stomping around the island. Not only can you take these beasts head on in a fight, but you can also tame them so that they work for you. You can ride them, make them carry your materials, set them to protecting your possessions, and more. Aside from that, it&#;s just bitchin&#; to have a pet dinosaur, which is all the motivation I need to tame one. Because&#;you know&#;dinosaurs.

Below, we&#;ve selected a handful of the best dinos you can tame. They run the gamut from beginner-friendly assistants to high-level steeds of doom.

If you&#;re looking for some help in the taming department, check out our taming guide!


Ah, the t-rex, the quintessential dinosaur. In ARK, these behemoths are at the top of the food chain, towering over most other major predators.  By taming one of these, you&#;re essentially declaring yourself queen or king of ARK Island. Ride one of these babies around and nothing will mess with you.

  • Preferred taming food: Exceptional Kibble, raw mutton.


Also known as a trike, this is probably the best choice for your very first tamed dinosaur. The triceratops has good defense against other predators, but it&#;s also an efficient harvester, meaning that it can gather more resources in one go than other tamable dinos. Use this beast of burden to farm berries and fend off predators. The biggest drawback is the relatively slow movement speed and low stamina compared to some other dinos.

  • Preferred taming food: Simple Kibble, vegetables.


Flying mounts are an understandably attractive target for early-level survivors in ARK, and the pteranodon is one of the earliest flying dinosaur&#;s you&#;ll encounter. Being able to fly anywhere you want is an invaluable advantage and makes harvesting specific resources loads easier. The pteranodon&#;s abundance in the early regions of the island make it the best choice for your first flying mount.

  • Preferred taming food: Regular Kibble, raw mutton.


Water traversal is also a big concern in ARK which is where the carbonemys comes in to play. If you&#;d like to make aquatic gathering more efficient (and who wouldn&#;t?!), tame one of these beasts and you&#;ll be riding the waves in no time. The Carbonemys is one of the earliest aquatic creatures you can tame, and although it moves a bit slowly, it&#;s still better at getting around under water than your character will ever be on their own.

  • Preferred taming food: Regular Kibble, vegetables.


One of the most frightening creatures that you&#;ll encounter early on in ARK is the therizinosaur, an aggressive, powerful beast that roams the island&#;s beaches. Taming one not only gives you access to a very versatile pet, it also establishes your early dominance of the island. Use the therizinosaur to gather resources very important in the early game, like berries, thatch, hide, and more.

  • Preferred taming food: Exceptional Kibble, vegetables.


For many survivors, the raptor is the quintessential mount. While they do indeed harvest meat and hide better than herbivores, raptors are also very quick, and can act as a deterrent to other players looking to prey on you. It&#;s recommended that you tame a raptor early on just so others get the message that you are not a survivor to be trifled with.

  • Preferred taming food: Simple Kibble, raw mutton.

And those are our recommendations for dinosaurs to tame in ARK: Survival Evolved. Which tamable creatures are your favorite? Let us know in the comments section!


Tames best ark survival

[Top 10] Ark Survival Evolved Best Dinos (Early-Mid Game) (April )

If you are playing ARK you probably know that  everything revolves around dinos. You can’t really get much done without them. Here are top 10 best early game to mid game creatures to get yourself started with:

1. Equus

  The magnificient Equus

The Equus is something very close to a horse, only a bit bigger. It is good for two huge reasons:

  • It gathers lots of berries ( via its  left-click attack ), and you need huge amounts of them for food and tranq arrows.
  • It is one of the few creatures which applies torpor with its hind legs ( via its  right-click attack ), therefore being able to knock down creatures while riding it. In case you want to use it for this purpose, you should pump up the damage stat.

This is the very first dino that you should get when starting a new game. I advise you to check the spawn zones and start in the same regions ( ex: Highlands NE on Ragnarok )

For more information about this creature, you can check this page out:

The Equus has a unique taming method, which you can see here:

Fast Equus (Horse) Taming Guide :: ARK : Survival Evolved Tips and Tricks

    9. Pteranodon

   Pteranodon - Explorer Notes

In case you’ve got tired of walking, it’s time for you to take flight and hover above the wonderful world of ARK. For this, of course, you need a so-called flyer pet. The easiest one to get is the Pteranodon, which you can find almost anywhere, especially around grassy areas. 

  • This creature is great, as it has one of the fastest speeds amongst any other flyers, decent damage ,and a cute-looking face. You are mainly using it to travel around quickly. Unfortunately, it has very low storage space, so you should not be using it for transportation purposes.
  • It has an easy taming method  that you can put to practice very early into the game. All you need is a bola, some tranq arrows ,and a crossbow ( or bow ). Trap one using the bola, then shoot some arrows, aiming at the head ( as it takes bonus headshot damage ), until it falls flat. Put some mutton in its inventory and ta-daa… you’ve got your first flyer.

For more information about this creature, you can check this page out:

The Pteranodon is fairly easy to be tamed. Check this video out for more information: 

ARK | How to Tame a Pteranodon + Tips (Beginner's Guide)

8. Doedicurus

  This is how Doedicurus looks in Explorer Notes 

The doedicurus is something like an armadillo. It’s an adorable pet that’s very difficult to kill due to its very tough shell. When his health drops below two-thirds, it will crawl into a ball, taking reduced damage. Anyway, this is a nice add-on to your base because of the following reasons.

  • Usually being found around rocky areas of the map, its main use is harvesting obsidian or stone. The Doed is the best stone harvester creature and it is able to hold lots of it, as stone’s weight is reduced in its inventory.
  • Something cool that comes with this creature is the way that it can move… by rolling. He makes himself into a ball that spins around quickly, taking less damage while in this form.

For more information about this creature, you can check this page out:

The Doedicurus is fairly easy to be tamed. Check this video out for more information:


7. Ankylosaurus

   Ankylosaurus - in all his splendor

One of the most iconic dinos, the Ankylosaurus ( or Anky for short ) is a spiky and fierce dino, which is great because of many factors:

  • Despite it being slow, this creature has  incredibly high damage input and lots of health. Because of this, you can use it to kill even bigger dinos!
  • Its main use is gathering metal, crystal, and flint. You can not build a bigger base, or expand your current one if you do not have one of these guys.
  • Because raw metal’s weight is reduced while being in its inventory, this dino can be a walking metal storage room.
  • You do not need much for taming it. Only some tranqs and some food ( preferably Dilophosaurus kibble ). It’s not so hard to be tamed due to its sluggish walk. An Anky will make your life way easier, believe me.

For more information about this creature, you can check this page out:

The Ankylosaurus is fairly easy to be tamed. Check this video out for more information:

Fast Ankylosaurus Taming Guide: Ark : Survival Evolved Tips and Tricks

6. Beelzebufo

   Beelzebufo and his description

This creature, as you can see, is a large frog capable of helping with vital stuff for your Ark life. Beelzebufo is native to the swamp biome, a biome which you’ve probably stumbled upon by mistake. 

  • This animal is useful, just like the Equus ( but a bit stronger ), as a taming mount, due to its ability to apply torpor on hit.
  • Another really useful thing is the ability to farm huge amounts of cementing paste and chitin, elements necessary for upgrading to metal. It is very useful to have one of these guys around your base.
  • This is a relatively easy animal to tame to. You need to target the beelzebufo from a distance. Always keep some space between you. Just pummel it with tranq arrows until it hits the ground. Use some raw mutton ( or preferably pulmonoscorpius kibble ) and Voila! 

For more information about this creature, you can check this page out:

Beelzebufo’s taming method can be a bit tricky. Check this video out for more information (even if it’s from , this method still works):


5. Ichthyosaurus

   Ichthyosaurus- the creature of the sea

Let’s swap things to the underwater world. You need a “fish” like the Ichthyosaurus for many useful things. 

  • Firstly, it’s really dangerous under the water, but do not worry!! The ichthy has a remarkable speed, being able to overrun almost any other predator.
  • It’s a very good pearl farmer, as it can take you to the bottom of the ocean and back quickly. Silica pearls are something crucial for the mid-game and you should consider farming them as many times as you have the option.
  • If this is not good enough, you can passively tame this. Put some dodo kibble in the last slot of your hotbar and just feed it. This should be easy.

For more information about this creature, you can check this page out:

The Ichthyosaurus’s taming method is not complicated at all. You just need to get used to the underwater world. Check this video out for more info:


4. Carnotaurus

   Carnotaurus - the feared one

Let’s talk about meat-eaters! You need at least one carnivore for the following reasons:

  • Firstly, this is a very good hide and meat collector, and you will need both of these until the very endgame. 
  • The Carnotaurus is a nimble and fast creature, being able to overrun bigger predators. The good damage input and great stamina make this an amazing hunter. Pump its health and damage and you should have a nice killer in your family.
  • This is one of the easier carnivores to be tamed. Keep some distance, maybe get some height advantage. Climb on a rock or try to juke it. Use the usual tranq arrows, place some mutton or kibble ,and there you should have your almighty destroyer!

For more information about this creature, you can check this page out:

In order to tame this, you need to get used to the power of the carnivores and learn how to combat it. Try this method out:


3. Triceratops

   Triceratops - a need in your dinosaur collection 

Also known as the Trike, this creature is a must in every beginning tribe because of the following uses:

  • This creature is one of the best  early to mid game berries collectors. Why would you need berries? Well, you need narcoberries to be more precise, lots of them. If you want to tame any bigger creature, you’ll need huge amounts of tranq arrows, which are made with narcoberries. 
  • This creature is also a good fighter. Having lots of health and a decent damage input makes this a force to be reckoned with.
  • It’s a slow creature, which makes it a particularly  easy tame. Just run around shooting arrows at it until it drops. Feed it some crops and there you have your own Trike!

For more information about this creature, you can check this page out:

The Triceratops is fairly easy to be tamed. Check this video out for more information:


2. Dung Beetle

   Dung Beetle - little but important

  • This creature is a really important early game tame, as it has lots of assets:
  • It’s use being that it makes fertilizer and oil out of dino poop, this is an essential animal for starting your own farm. Growing crops and berries on your own is a really useful asset that you should consider getting early before you get stuck on some harder stuff.
  • Why is this such an easy tame? Well, all you need to do is to sneak up on them in the crouched position and give them feces. This is the easiest passive tame you can get.

For more information about this creature, you can check this page out:

The Dung Beetle is really easy to tame. Try the following taming method out:

Fast Dung Beetle Taming Guide :: ARK : Survival Evolved Tips and Tricks

1. Argentavis

   Argentavis conquering the sky

Undoubtedly the best early – mid game creature, the Argentavis is a must for everyone. This is the best all-rounder there could be.

  • A flyer with high damage and health makes this for a great fighter. Its decent speed and high stamina make for an amazing explorer. 
  • The best thing is the weight. By having huge amounts of storage, you can carry anything from place to place, shortening your painful time of carrying stuff by walking.
  • You can find this creature mainly near mountains. It’s easy to be tamed, as it is not incredibly fast. You can outrun them easily, and try shooting for the head, as they take bonus headshot torpor. Put some mutton in their inventory and there you go! There’s the dino that you’re gonna use the most.

For more information about this creature, you can check this page out:

Argentavis’s taming method is a bit tricky. Try to follow the next guide:

Fast Argentavis Taming Guide :: Ark : Survival Evolved Tips and Tricks

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