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What to Expect

If this is the first time your are planting a bare root rose, you may be surprised by their brown roots and dormant stem. However, bare root roses provide the easiest and fastest way of planting roses without the concern of transplant shock.

Bare root roses may appear to be dead upon arrival, but the plants actually have the advantage of being able to focus their energies on strong root development rather than having to support an extensive and stressful growth of leaves right after planting.

Bare root roses are the best option for early-season planting. In fact, late winter is the best time to plant. Our bare root roses are fully established plants that meet the highest industry standards. They arrive dormant, which makes them ideal for planting. The roots get to acclimate to native soil, as opposed to the packaged soil. Of course, since they are not in soil when you get them, there's no mess to contend with.

Bareroot Roses

You can plant your bare root roses earlier in the growing season, since there are no leaves to get nipped back by frost. They can typically be planted as early as six weeks before your area's last frost date in the spring and no later than two weeks after that average date. Since they don't have to provide water to leaves or flowers, they usually establish faster than those that arrive in containers.

Due to the nature of plants and the fact that some are younger than others, there will be some variance in the size of our bareroot roses. However, they have all gone through the same quality inspections in order to make sure they meet the high standards we expect from all of our roses.

Gold Standard Stamp of Approval

Each Jackson and Perkins rose is individually inspected and graded to meet our standards for shape, viability, fragrance, and disease resistance.

Jackson and Perkins Exclusive Preservation Process

Our roses are maintained in a suspended state of growth utilizing a state-of-the-art wet cooler. By providing a uniform storage temperature just above freezing and employing a fog system to provide a consistent humidity of 100%, we are able to ensure that each of our roses remains fully hydrated and does not come out of its dormancy before leaving our facility. Bare root roses ordered elsewhere often arrive dry and shriveled. Through our exclusive preservation process, Jackson and Perkins is able to provide a fully hydrated premium bare root rose. Prior to entering the shipping container, we carefully wrap the root system to preserve the moisture and to provide a top-quality rose that is in optimal planting condition.

Gold Standard Stamp of Approval

Our Superior Bare Root Rose Growing Process

Our roses are hand budded by professional rose budders to ensure you receive a true-to-variety quality rose. This takes a special skill. These professional hand budders make sure the bud union lives and the rose plant becomes the premium Jackson and Perkins rose variety desired.

At the end of the rose growth cycle, when the rose plant has hardened off and is ready to be harvested, the roses are hand selected according to our top-quality Jackson and Perkins rose standards.

World's Finest Roses

Beautiful Hell (Trinity High #2)

Elias was forced to hate.
Forced to fear love.
Forced to make me enemy number one.

It’s not like my tale is any different.
Our families spent their lives trying to remake Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet.
We were pitted against each other from birth.
We were taught just how to throw punches and where to land them for ultimate effect.
I’d always been a fast learner.
Never beElias was forced to hate.
Forced to fear love.
Forced to make me enemy number one.

It’s not like my tale is any different.
Our families spent their lives trying to remake Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet.
We were pitted against each other from birth.
We were taught just how to throw punches and where to land them for ultimate effect.
I’d always been a fast learner.
Never been weak.
Never had to pick myself up from ground zero, but somehow, someway, I found myself there. Right at the bottom, struggling for air, uncertain of whether or not I wanted that last breath.
Until he showed up.
Until he reached out a hand that I was sworn against taking.
I couldn’t have the enemy save me. And I sure as rain couldn’t fall for a man I’d spent my entire life hating.
But I did.
I fell fast and I fell hard and I learned that no matter how good I was at taking punches, I didn’t have a clue how crippling it was to take a punch to the heart.

Kindle Edition, 294 pages

Published September 30th 2019

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Today we’d like to introduce you to Brenda Powell.

Brenda, can you briefly walk us through your story – how you started and how you got to where you are today.
Savannah Rose Punch Causes a Ruckus, it’s a known fact that one of the most powerful elements on earth is water, because all living things depend on this element. It’s a known fact that one of the most powerful elements on earth is water because all living things depend on this element. However, when I added tea and a host of secret ingredients to a pitcher of water that a beverage so delicious would have H-E-B judges demanding more? That’s exactly what happened when I entered into H-E-B’s Quest for Texas Best competition. My primo beverage is the creation of me (Brenda Powell), who is a veteran in the catering business, a former postal worker, and entrepreneur.

During one of many catering events, I grew tired of the same old sweet tea, and the waste that followed because there would always be an excessive amount left un-served. I went into the kitchen and just started grabbing things and mixed up a pitcher of punch that had the guests continuously asked for re-fills. After that day, and perfecting her recipe, I started serving this newly created beverage at all of her catered events. Almost every occasion after introducing this punch, I received numerous compliments from guests that were of various ages, sizes and ethnicities.

Almost every person who had a glass of the punch would keep insisting on how they could not seem to get enough of it. Consequently, 12 years have passed since Savannah Rose Punch made its debut and it was my son who insisted that she enter here concoction into H-E-B’s competition. My son is a loyal customer of H-E-B and was not surprised that the liquid goodness made it to the top 25 of products selected to the final round of judging. I’m now a HEB Primo Pick for Texas Best. Currently, I’m packaging and distributing to all the local HEB’s throughout Texas. Details of the Savannah Rose Punch while working vigorously in her busy catering business. She has 25 employees, two on-site chefs, and steady work with the City of Humble/Kingwood, local churches, schools and hospitals.

Has it been a smooth road?
Most of my struggles was finding a hot-filled company to co-pack my tea.

So, as you know, we’re impressed with Savannah Rose Sweet Tea Punch – tell our readers more, for example what you’re most proud of as a company and what sets you apart from others.
Most most prize possession as a company is becoming one of the top finalist at the largest grocery store chain in Texas, HEB. My tea is set apart from other teas because of the fruit flavors added. It’s Bursting, Bright and Refreshing Flavor set itself apart. Once it hits your palate you can’t get enough of it!

Let’s touch on your thoughts about our city – what do you like the most and least?
What I like most about Houston is regardless of the season, you can rest assure summer is always near.

The least is Houston is not recognize for only for southern food.


  • Savannah Rose Sweet Tea Punch 64 oz $3.47

Contact Info:

  • Website:
  • Phone: 2816526291
  • Email: [email protected]
  • Instagram: savannah_rose_beverages
  • Facebook: savannahrosebeverages

Image Credit:
Nancy Riley

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Rose hot savannah

Girls On Motorcycles – Savannah Rose – Moto Story –


My buddy Nate @n8biccum immortalized my ride to BRO – original photo by Haydee – @themouseandthemoto

Name: Savannah Rose

Location: Rural Wisconsin

Job: Social Media Coordinator/Photo& Video for S&S Cycle (performance motorcycle parts – @sscycle)

Motorcycle: 2000 Sportster Chopper, 1994 Honda XR250L, 1975 Honda CB360, 1981 Honda XR100






Down in Mexico,on El Diablo Run, I stole my buddy Brad Gregory’s bike and went for a trip – @themouseandthemoto



When did you start loving motorcycles? Has anyone transmitted this passion to you?


Growing up, I always thought motorcycles were cool.

At 15, I desperately wanted to start on a Vespa, but somehow ended up in classic cars instead – I bought a 63 Mercury Comet. But I always wanted to ride, and between finances, and being nervous to ride in So Cal where I grew up, I put it off.

Later, my mother bought a Rebel, and eventually her Sportster, and I figured if my mom could do it, I could. I still kept putting it off.

Then I met my friend Emma B, and she rode a Triumph. Finally, it was time.

I bought a CB360, took the MSF Rider Course, and here I am…




Savannah Rose_5939 (2)

Photo by Virginia Cagney, Black Iris Photo @blackirisphoto for Progressive DarkRoom – @themouseandthemoto




First ride experience: feelings, sensations.


My first technical ride was in the MSF course, on the shortest 250cc bike there was in the class.

But my first real ride was on my CB.  Yearly, I went on a vacation to Nor Cal, up in Bass Lake (near what’s now Bandit Town) and trailered my little Honda all the way up. As soon as I was there, I unstrapped it and ripped around the lake. Bass Lake is beautiful in the summer, with giant pine trees, deer, and warm temps.

I’ll never forget that ride or the feeling of getting squirrely in the dirt around the lake – that was sketchy!




The bike in version 3.0, before I chopped it. Photo by Michael Lichter – @thamouseandthemoto


What do you ride? Details.


I currently have a small stable of motorcycles…my main girl being my 2000 Sportster.

It’s my mom’s Sporty that I mentioned above – when the time came she decided to retire from riding, I bought it and quickly tore it apart (sorry, Mom!) I started building it when I was still in So Cal with the help of some friends (Roy of Helmet Division and Rene of Primo’s Helmet Design) – and then I scored the job at S&S.

I packed up and moved across the country, and had to start over on my build. With the help of my bestest newest friend Skippy, and some of the crew at S&S, I installed a hardtail section, and set to work customizing EVERYTHING on the bike.

I learned welding, some fabrication, how to completely rebuild the engine, and finally painted it myself – most of which was done in my kitchen (hey, Wisconsin winters are cold, and garages aren’t heated here!) I ended up being involved in Michael Lichter’s Motorcycles As Art show in Sturgis at the Buffalo Chip, where the bike was on display for Bike Week (a HUGE honor, Michael is THE moto photographer and has been for near 40 years!)


Here’s the rundown on my bike:


2000 Sportster – named “KitchenMade”


1200 S&S Super Stock  – .482 cams, Super Stock Heads, Teardrop Air Cleaner, fully rebuilt and powdercoated silver


Road 6 Customs Hardtail Section


Zombie Performance “Titty Bars”


Shaved and chromed front end


Performance Machine Brakes


TC Bros – Moto Iron Controls


Biltwell Throttle, Mirror and Model B Taillight


Throttle Addiction Wassel style tank


Saddlemen custom solo seat and p-pad


Lowbrow Customs StingRay fender


Paughco headers with Emgo mufflers


Custom sissy bar by me


Led Sled Customs oil tank and kickstand


Chrome by AIH Chrome in Iowa


Paint is House of Kolor white with lavender pearl topcoat, by me.


Tons of other little details, if you see me at a show, I’ll show you everything!


Also in my stable are a CB360 I bought from a coworker – completely untouched and original.

A 94 XR250L, my enduro – she’s all white, and perfect for both on and off road – and we’ve had some experiences together for sure – like getting stuck in the WORST mud, downhill on a mountain. That bike is a trooper, and goes wherever I want to take it.

And of course, a little XR100 for ripping around the yard, through the snow, and that one time I raced it at Mama Tried’s Flat Out Friday.




What is the place you love the most to enjoy your motorcycle?


I do miss riding the deserts of So Cal, and very much miss Nor Cal, Wisconsin has INCREDIBLE riding.

So for the Sporty, I’d say my favorites are the twisty backroads here in Wisco. Surrounded by farmland, cornfields, and forest, I’m in the Driftless area – incredibly hilly, twisty and gorgeous.

As for the dirtbike, I’d have to say Colorado – where the terrain can go from arid desert like with rocks, to big mountains and farmland in between.




I rode my work’s race bike TO El Diablo Run, that was a rough ride, this bike is meant to go left on the track – @themouseandthemoto


What about your local motorcycle community?


Rural wisconsin doesn’t have a huge motorcycle scene, but I am fairly close to Milwaukee – which is the heart of Harley Davidson country!

The midwest riders are dedicated and will ride even with snow on the ground.

It also breed INCREDIBLE shows, like Mama Tried and Fuel.



My XR250L on the beach in Daytona, Florida

My one experience flat track racing at Flat Out Friday – photo by S&S





What is the most beautiful motorcycle adventure you’ve experienced so far?


That’s a hard one – part of my job for S&S is attending, and photographing (and of course, publishing on our Social Media channels!) all of the big motorcycle events.

I travel to Sturgis, Daytona Bike Week, Babes Ride Out, Born Free, and so many more events. The riding at each event, and location, is totally different and killer in it’s own way.

Sturgis has the Black Hills, Daytona has “The Loop” – a short jaunt through swampland, Babes Ride Out is in Joshua Tree National Park…but I’d have to say my two favorites have been El Diablo Run – that goes from So Cal down to San Felipe, Mexico – riding along the Baja beach, experiencing a different culture, language, and of course, incredible tacos.

The other would be Hot Bike Tour 2016 – getting to ride the Blue Ridge Parkway and the infamous Tail of the Dragon – which is 318 curves in just 11 miles. If you’re ever in Tennessee / North Carolina, DO NOT MISS THIS ROAD!

And I can’t forget Babes Ride Out – I’ve attended since it was Babes In Borrego in 2013, and each year I’ve rolled with a different crew. This last year I got to ride my finished chopper with my friend Angelica – a newer rider, and I pushed her to take Ortega Highway out with me, and taught her and helped her build her confidence along the way. It was rad to see her improve each time she hopped on her bike!

I guess I’m really lucky to have my job and get to experience all these crazy rides!





What does it mean to build and modify your own motorcycle?


To me, the passion for the machine is most important.

I love my bike, I really do spoil it…but the knowledge and satisfaction you gain by tearing it apart, getting to know every nut and bolt, and putting it back together – and most importantly, having it work properly…is the key.

When you make every decision on what you want each piece to look like, what color, what shape, the bike is absolutely you in every way. And when you understand how everything functions – what each part does, why it does that, and how it works – it’s not only incredibly satisfying, but when you break down on the side of the road, you’ve got it.

You know how to fix it. You can handle it yourself.  And let’s be honest, when you can school some tough guy who thinks he knows what he is talking about, that’s an incredible feeling too!

I picked every single part on my bike. From picking the actual pieces – what tank, what fender, how the sissy bar should look – to actually working on each piece – grinding the welds, polishing and prepping for chrome plating, sanding and filling the body panels, and finally laying the paint on the bike – it’s MINE.

I know where every bolt goes, I know how everything works.

That bike is totally an extension of me.

There is just an indescribable feeling in knowing that YOU BUILT IT.



lichter kitchenmade display (1)

The bike on display at the Old Iron, Young Blood show in Sturgis at the Buffalo Chip. Photo by Michael Lichter – @themouseandthemoto



What will be your next moto-adventure?


Let’s see, next on my radar is Mama Tried – unfortunately, it will probably be snowy so I will be trucking my bike to the show to be in the S&S booth.

But, shortly after that is Daytona Bike Week, where I get a break from the snow and get to ride in sunny Florida! I’ll hit all the chopper shows during the week and get as many miles on my little Sporty as I can.

And as soon as it’s warm here in Wisco, I’ve got a beautiful ride to work, and there’s nothing better than taking the long way in…



Rebuilding the engine at S&S – installing the new pistons and cylinders

Here’s my job – go to events, take cool photos, post them! This is Prism Motorcycle’s build for Old Iron, Young Blood. Photo by me!




Besides motorcycles what are your other passions?


I’ll be honest, the majority of what I do is motorcycles. Even at work! But aside from that, I’m starting to do art again – I used to paint for a living, and I’m trying to get back into that.

I used to work full time and run a vintage shop, which I sold due to moving across the country. So now that I’m in the country, we find a lot of random ways to have fun.

My friends built a dirt track in their yard, which we ride on motos, golf carts, trucks, whatever we can find with a combustion engine!

Traveling and taking photos is always on my radar – I’m by no means a pro, but I really love taking photos and getting to share my view of things.




Savannah Rose_5914 (1) (1)

Photo by Virginia Cagney, Black Iris Photo @blackirisphoto for Progressive DarkRoom – @themouseandthemoto


Savannah, what is a MOTORCYCLE for you?


Motorcycles have changed everything for me – from my free time now being spent wrenching and riding, to the friends I’ve made in the scene and industry – to my job that allows me to ride, take photos of bikes, and post them on Facebook, to the fact that I don’t stress nearly as much as I ever did without such a great stress reliever!



Savannah Rose_5995 (1)

2000 Sportster, Photo by Virginia Cagney, Black Iris Photo @blackirisphoto for Progressive DarkRoom – @themouseandthemoto

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Savannah Rose • Motorcycles as Art

Meet Savannah Rose and Get to Know S&S Cycle "A Passion For Speed... A History of Proven Performance"

Savannah was a part of our first ride and event ever, before we even knew it was an event...before port o potties, before any entertainment, before the plethora of food and free stuff, before literally anything. We named it Babes in Borrego and it consisted of 50 girls who barely knew each other camping out on government owned land in 2013...yeah 2013, not that long ago right? Since then Savannah has done some incredibly amazing things including taking on a job with S&S Cycle. A perfect fit for someone who loves motos as much as she does. Get to know more about her and one of our amazing sponsors S&S Cycles! 

Savannah's Custom Sportster  

How long have you worked at S&S and what do you do?
I do all the social media – Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, ChopCult, and various forums, along with attending events and taking pictures/getting content. From Sturgis, to Hot Bike Tour, Born Free, Mama Tried, and I get to race my bike at Flat Out Friday coming up, and of course, Babes Ride Out! I started at S&S right after Born Free this year, I hit the road with all my stuff and now I live in Wisconsin.. It’s beautiful out here, my drive into work is 20 miles of twisty back roads!
How did you get into the industry?
Well I sort of forced myself into the industry – I started with my own vintage store, specifically selling Harley shirts and parts, leather jackets and cool old junk. Through that, I attended every show, swap meet, and party I could, and ended up making friends with some really rad people. When the opportunity came up for this job, I jumped on it, even though it meant leaving So Cal where I was born and raised.. totally worth it! The weather isn’t quite what it was back home, but the riding here is beautiful.
What is the history behind S&S Cycle?
S&S has been around a long time, since 1958, and has focused on making performance parts for Harley Davidsons, and other American V-Twins. Back in the early 50’s, George J Smith was determined to go faster. He actually built up his bike, a 1939 Knucklehead, with a 61” engine, called the Tramp, which he upgraded to 91” and it managed to hit 152.02 on the salt flats.  He realized he wasn’t the only one who wanted to go faster, and started the company with Stanley Stankos, who later sold his half to Margie Smith, the wife of George J Smith. Margie used to not only answer phones and tech questions, but she built and tested a lot of the parts herself! Guys used to call in, looking for tech advice, and ask for “one of the guys” – well, they soon learned that Margie dished out all the tech info they needed. She knew her stuff, front and back. There’s pictures of her working on the big machines making parts, and we have her actual Shovelhead parked downstairs. She’s definitely one of the major women in the scene, although she’s not as widely known about.

Margie Smith of S&S Cycle 

S&S makes everything -  new Twin Cams, Evos, and we still make parts for vintage bikes - everything from an improved KN (knucklehead style) engine, PH (panhead style)  the SH (shovelhead style), and we even make a 100” Sportster engine..  We’ve even moved into exhaust, and have an EPA emissions lab (which not many companies can say.) Basically, we have really smart guys in engineering who can look at something, and figure out how to make it better. It’s really cool to see – you can even take a tour – of how we manufacture the parts. Our whole thing is American Made – which is really awesome. It’s great to work for a company I really believe in, making parts that I actually use  – hell, a good portion of us here ride to work daily, and you can see in the parking lot just how much we believe in the products!
What kind of products do you make and how do they make your moto better?
S&S is all about performance. We can’t leave anything stock here, it’s all about going faster. We manufacture pretty much everything for V-twins, from entire engines, exhaust, and more. Want more horsepower? We can do that. Every part, from intake to exhaust, from cylinders and pistons, cams, and everything in between to help you go faster.. Not just faster, but better quality. And not just for Harleys, either. All of our parts are handmade here in Wisconsin, and fit together perfectly – ask the old chopper guy next door, or the dude with 12 motorcycles parked in his garage, and I bet he’ll tell you that S&S makes ‘em best.
Do you have any of the parts on your bike? If so, tell us about them:
I just finished hardtailing my bike, which is a 2000 Sportster, and installing our new Hooligan Kit – I went from 1200 to 1250.  It got new bigger cylinders and pistons, new bigger 482 cams, and new tappets, along with a Teardrop air cleaner. Hiding inside I have the Hi4n Ignition system, coil, and our spark plug wires. Next up is the Super E carburetor!  The Hooligan kit is rad, it gives you more horsepower and torque without a lot of work – it’s all bolt-on. And it means I can go faster on the bike I’ve spent so much time on – I don’t have to upgrade to a bigger bike to get more power.
Modifying your bike can be personal, tell us about why you made your mods and how they changed your bike for the better:
My bike is my baby. Seriously, I didn’t even buy myself a new bed when I moved here until I got all the parts I needed for my bike! I actually bought it off of my mom about a year ago, so she’s still a work in progress. So aesthetically, I’ve always wanted a chopper. This goes against the performance ideals a bit, but they just look SO COOL. I’ve modified nearly everything on this bike! I have a weld-on Road 6 Customs hardtail kit, with a sprung seat, big sissy bar, Wassel style tank, custom handlebars, Hippy Killer pegs and grips, and a handful of Biltwell parts.. and countless other small mods.   She’s still in primer, and will get a pearl paint job this winter. As far as motor work, she was a dead stock 1200.. but that’s changed for sure! Engine upgrades are my favorite part, though. There’s nothing like being able to keep up, and pass, the big bikes on my little Sportster! You should see the look on their faces when a little chopped up Sporty flies past them on their big ol’ Road King..
Have you noticed a significant upgrade in performance?
Every mod I’ve made I feel like the bike is better and stronger.. oh yeah, and faster! A LOT faster.. I can keep up with the guys on Dynas just fine now, whereas before, there were a few times I was left in the dust.
What are S&S’s goals for this coming year? Anything in the works we should know about?
As far as this year, we’re always working on new parts. We have a lot of parts in R&D for the new 2017 bikes, along with always improving on parts for all the years. but my favorite is the new Hooligan Kit. So we named it for the new trend of Hooligan Racing.. you know, Rusty Butcher? Hooligan racing is all about taking your street bike, your daily rider, and getting out there and ripping it around like it probably wasn’t meant to do! Mark jumps higher on his Sporty than I’ve ever seen.. So since Sporties are getting so popular, we put together the big-bore kit. It’s really not just for dudes looking to get crazy, it’s definitely a quality upgrade for any bike. Especially since a lot of us bought a cheap 883 Sportster as our first bike, we’ve modified them and painted them exactly how we want, this gives you a way to get that bike going a little faster without having to buy a whole new motorcycle.
We know you are one of the original 50 who came to the first ever BRO, tell us about how you found out about it and the experience:
Wow, that was so long ago! I actually met a girl named Emma at a party, and she rolled up on her Triumph Bonneville. I thought that was so awesome, I had been wanting so badly to learn to ride. My mom had already been riding for years, and somehow I just never got around to it, as I was a classic car girl. Well, Emma told me about this all-girls campout she saw on Instagram, and I got my ass in gear. Yep, Instagram. Crazy how it took off!  I took the MSF course, and got my motorcycle license and bought a little Honda CB360T, which was quickly replaced with an 883 Sportster, which I rode for the first time all the way down to Borrego.
I had SO MUCH FUN that trip, it was a new thing for me to ride with girls at all, much less 50 other girls! I met up with everyone at the Long Beach meet at Iron Cobras, from which we rode down to meet up with the southern crew. We all rode down to have lunch, then hit the dirt road out to the dry lake bed.  Hanging out around a campfire all night, and sleeping under the stars next to my bike was really an amazing experience I’ll never forget. There’s nothing like the deserts out there, and I’ll never forget Babes in Borrego!
What is S&S contributing to the raffle?
We’re contributing a Teardrop Air Cleaner – it’s a classic, and probably the most recognizable item from S&S – you’ll see it on everything from old choppers, to Dynas and even baggers! It’s also one of the easiest ways to improve your bike,  and the first step we recommend in upgrading  – getting more air to the engine is the quickest way to improve your performance. Oh, and it looks awesome! Come check out my bike to see it in person!

Boost that 883 to 1200cc. Bolt on big bore kits mean easy installation with no machining and no rebalancing. S&S bolt-in cams and premium tappets make the most of the added displacement. Retails for $1499.95

Ashmore EllisS&S Cycle, Babes Ride Out 4, Savannah Rose


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