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Vintage comment from August 23, 2006 – Hey Henry, President Bush, bless his heart, says the economy is doing good. Recently I bought three-dollar-a-gallon gas, drove to the supermarket and saw $9.99 a piece watermelons. Can President Bush, bless his heart, spell inflation?

Hey Henry, The county is being overrun with distribution warehouses – especially between McDonough and Locust Grove. The result is that Interstate 75 is constantly choked with semi trucks. Sometimes I can walk along I-75 faster than the traffic is moving.

Hey Henry, I told you not to vote for Biden and the Democrats. Now they’ll be monitoring all of your bank transactions. They’re hiring an army of IRS agents, not to go after big business, but to regularly audit you and me to get every nickel and dime they can take. They must think they own us and our money.

Hey Henry, regarding the post urging people to “stop following the zombies who watch and listen to CNN,” you forgot to urge them to stop following the violent insurrectionists who watch and listen to Fox, One America News, NewsMax, Infowars, Breitbart, etc. Both sides pick and choose content to support their favorite positions, but only one side has actually attempted to violently force its agenda on America.

Hey Henry, The truly educated never graduate.

Hey Henry, Commissioner Thomas thinks county employees should ride the Henry County Transit buses. Wouldn’t that take rides away from the citizens?

Hey Henry, I really enjoyed the article on Lorene Lindsey’s 99th birthday in the October 6 edition of the Times. These are the people that I enjoy reading about – who share their wisdom and knowledge. I hope to meet someone like that someday, who will share their knowledge and stories about their life.

Hey Henry, Headline – ‘Waffle House customer pulls gun on waitress over cheese eggs’ – um, what?

Hey Henry, It’s funny how the principals at area schools scoffed at the idea of gardens at schools, but now they’re running with it.

Hey Henry, Why can we not be unique? We already have Atlanta, so what’s the purpose of being named Atlanta South?

Hey Henry, When will the commissioners get involved with fixing the traffic problems in the county and City of McDonough? 45 minutes to get around town is certainly ridiculous!

Hey Henry, rainbow hair woman here. I love it too. It’s my favorite style so far. I hate to inform you but I am a college graduate, working in IT. I make a comfortable income and own my own home. My employer realizes my hair doesn’t contribute to my job performance. Is now a good time to tell you I have tattoos?

Hey Henry, it’s sad you have to drive above Atlanta and go through the worst traffic in the United States to get a job that pays halfway decent. The south side has no good-paying jobs.

Hey Henry, I live on New Hope Road and the people throwing trash in the roads, speeding, and riding 4-wheelers at all hours is getting out of control. Police can’t be everywhere, but we want to have a quiet, safe place to call home.


Vintage comment from August 2, 2006 – Hey Henry, we should lighten up a bit. We take too much to heart when it comes to trivial things like money, social status and influence. A good person in his or herself has no walls, no boundaries. This place is not as constricted as we feel. Really, lighten up!

Hey Henry, if drivers are required to maintain their vehicles in road-worthy status, why is the county not required to maintain its roads in safe-driving status? We have far too many roads with invisible lines!

Hey Henry, I had polio as a child in early 1950’s. There were four of us kids, but I was the only that was stricken by polio. Our house was quarantined.

Hey Henry, why do so many people wait until their last breath to encourage people to get the vaccine?

Hey Henry, wondering why liberals and conservatives can’t see eye-to-eye on anything? Both sides have their heads in the sand (that’s the nicest way to say it).

Hey Henry, to the person responding to me about the pink hair, rainbow huh? Maybe, you would be a great candidate getting a job at Walmart or better yet, they’re hiring in some stores at Little Five Points most likely.

Hey Henry, what happened to Rob DeMarco’s column? We look forward to it each issue.

Hey Henry, the comment “how bad Henry County is in 2021” is spot on. When, if ever, will the building stop? The infrastructure of Henry County is taxed to the limit, it can’t sustain this. I loved it here, but it’s time to leave, to where, I will figure that out in due time.

Hey Henry, Commissioner, the proof is in the pudding.

Hey Henry, maybe I blinked last week when Kemp, his wife, and Monica Kaufman did the public service announcement. The only one I remember urging citizens to get the vaccine was Monica. Am I mistaken?

Hey Henry, I sympathize with the person who posted that all politicians are liars. Lately, it is hard to trust many of them. We have to be careful, however, and avoid stereotypes and generalities. Your vote does make a difference so be careful how you cast it. Do your own research and stop following the zombies who watch and listen to CNN and believe what they are told by this marxist run network intent on dividing and destroying America.

Hey Henry, we used to believe that the world is flat, now we believe that a worldwide conspiracy of scientists is faking the climate crisis.

Hey Henry, to the person who commented “the craziest situation I can imagine in the US is the number of people who vote Republican despite their lies and corruption.” You must be deaf, dumb and blind to NOT see that is EXACTLY what Democrats are doing right NOW! Were you paying over $ 3.00 a gallon for gas when Republicans were in office, or 4 times the price for a piece of lumber? I may not agree with everything Trump did, but things certainly were MUCH better than they are now!!

Hey Henry, “Happy Belated Birthday” doesn’t make any sense. The birthday wasn’t belated – it happened right on time. It’s the birthday wishes that are late. Therefore, it should be “Belated Happy Birthday” wishes.


Vintage comment from July 26, 2006 – Hey Henry, somehow, I was given the impression that economic development was in favor of economic prosperity for All of McDonough, not merely the ‘chosen.’

Hey Henry, the vintage 2006 comment about “how it used to be” is funny considering how bad Henry County is in 2021. I doubt the writer feels the same way now given the changing demographics, horrid traffic, nonstop warehouses with tractor trailer chaos, nasty litter, increased crime, and terrible political leadership. It wouldn’t surprise me that they’ve already left Henry County.

Hey Henry, when in the world is Henry County going to widen and pave Hampton Locust Grove Road going from 155 all the way past Luella Middle? This has been a rough and dangerous road for years.

Hey Henry, are we stupid or something? The Coronavirus is on the rampage again and hospitals are running out of beds. Did we not learn something last year? Why in the world didn’t every healthcare facility in the nation purchase more ventilators, acquire more space, etc. etc. We sat back and now we’re in the same mess we were last year.

Hey Henry, after almost fifty years in Washington and everything he did was a disaster, President Biden has risen to the level of his incompetence. The Peter Principle for sure.

Hey Henry, a young friend received a wonderful job opportunity, salary $45,000 to start, great benefits. Interviewing manager, “you have to get vaccinated to be hired.” “Keep your job, I’m not taking that vaccine.”

Hey Henry, with all the construction in the county, the wildlife has very few places to go. Planning and Zoning and the county commissioners are not concerned about keeping green space. Remember this when it is time for elections. Planning and Zoning board members are appointed. Go figure.

Hey Henry, I would like to praise God for keeping my family and me safe during the pandemic. I thank God for my adult son and daughter who check on me and my husband throughout the day. The Bible states for parents to train a child in the way he should go: Meaning to teach your children right from wrong, and when they are grown they will still do right. I love my family. I am a mom of two and grandma of seven.

Hey Henry, to the person who said polio was not contagious, please do some research and you will learn that Poliovirus is very contagious and spreads through person-to-person contact. It lives in an infected person’s throat and intestines. In fact, we did practice social distancing and our parents lived in fear that we would contract polio. When the oral vaccine was introduced, school children lined up in school to receive their dose on a sugar cube. I know, because I was one of those children.

Hey Henry, for the person who dislikes my pink hair, I had second thoughts. You might be right. So, I’ve changed my hair. It’s rainbow colored now. Hope that makes your day a little brighter!

Hey Henry, let’s set the record straight on politicians and lying. They all lie, they can’t stay elected if they don’t lie, they can’t convince anyone without lying. We should honor anyone who won’t enter politics for the very reason they don’t want to lie.

Hey Henry, Afghanistan is what happens when you enter a war with no intention of winning it. Throw Vietnam into the mix also.


Vintage comment from June 28, 2006 – Hey Henry, excuse me Henry County but to all those people who complain about how Henry “used to be.” Next time you’re sitting down with your child in McDonald’s or going to the gas station up the street from your house, think about how nice … and quick it was to get gas in the expensive SUV you’re driving these days … and how happy your son or daughter was to get that cheeseburger and toy. And next time you’re in the grocery store, think about how nice and quick it was to stop on your way home from work and get those eggs and bacon you need for breakfast in the morning. I’m tired of all the complaining of “How Henry County Used To Be.” Instead, let’s try and compliment Henry County. Like, thanks Henry County for … that park up the street so little Molly can go play with her friends next week. We all need to grow up and face the facts that this is the year 2006, not 1945 anymore. Things change … face it.

Hey Henry, You stayed inside during the polio outbreak? Polio is NOT contagious. We never lost a day of school, we didn’t stay inside, nor did we wear masks.

Hey Henry, I would like to personally thank all the Democrats on behalf of the Republican party. You guys will never and I mean never occupy the White House again. What Joe Biden and Kamala have accomplished so far, will go down in history as the biggest blunder ever, bordering on treason.

Hey Henry, Locust Grove and McDonough used to be like “Mayberry” too. I loved living there until 10 years ago – the traffic is horrible, warehouses on both side of ST42, and dozens of trucks passing by day and night. I moved to another small town that hasn’t changed a bit since I moved here. We are not hiding. We have a great social life, friends, and a local movie theater. We also have peace and quiet 24/7. And most of the stores are actually closed on Sunday, the LORD’S day.

Hey Henry, when in the world is Henry County going to widen and the pave Hampton Locust Grove Road going from 155 all the way past Luella Middle? This has been a rough and dangerous road for years.

Hey Henry, the craziest situation that I can imagine in the United States is the number of people who vote Republican despite their lies and corruption.

Hey Henry, the government wants to create utopia for all in America. Trouble is, you have to take from others to create it.

Hey Henry, after all the hype and giddy behavior over having Joe Biden as our President I can’t help but think of Toby Keith’s popular song of 2000, “How Do You Like Me Now.” Well, voters, how do you like me now. Now, that I’ve abandoned American citizens in a war zone. Second thoughts?

Hey Henry, to the person who said she doesn’t care about what people say about her pink hair, good, I’ll say it again, it’s ugly!!

Hey Henry, so, a Republican state government takes over a Democratic voting stronghold’s election process. Now there’s a conspiracy that’s actually true!

Hey Henry, yes Sen. Paul, hatred for Trump is the exact reason unproven methods are not being researched to treat COVID. It has nothing to do with the fact that they don’t work.

Hey Henry, to the person that found my cell phone on Monday evening and made sure it was returned to the proper owner – Thank you and God Bless You!


Vintage comment from March 8, 2006 – Hey Henry, I want to give a special thank you to the lady at Helping in His Name Food Pantry in Stockbridge. Just when I gave up all hope and thought no one cared, these sweet people gave it back. Thank you so much; I will never forget you. And thanks for all your prayers.

Hey Henry, isn’t there a law against loud music in your vehicle after certain late hours in the evening? We live near a major traffic light and we have to put up with the loud music that shakes our windows 24/7. We can overlook the problem during the day, but between the hours of 9 p.m. and 7 a.m. please have some respect for others.

Hey Henry, to the person who thinks my hair is horrible because it’s pink – know that we are obviously very different. I don’t care what random strangers think about me. I love my hair. I feel bad for anyone who walks around in life concerned with what others look like. Do what makes you happy. Love yourself and stop concerning yourself with what others think of you. Rock that colored hair!

Hey Henry, I did some research and it turns out Navy women have lower pregnancy rates than civilian similar-aged women. Good to see the old misogynistic sailors are fading away to more respectful real men. Don’t think women can serve? Please read about Chief Shannon Kent, then ask God for forgiveness.

Hey Henry, let’s just remove all stop signs, speed zone signs, and traffic signals. People do not obey them anyway.

Hey Henry, men charged with inappropriate behavior with women are as dumb as they come. Every man knows, you never touch a woman, period, nor do you speak to them inappropriately and you certainly don’t extend your hand to shake unless they extend theirs first. Wise up men or spend your life in exile.

Hey Henry, impeachment proceedings should be initiated against President Joe Biden and Kamala Harris for putting the American public at risk, ignoring our Constitution, flooding the U.S. with coronavirus infected illegals and criminals, ignoring our immigration laws, the list goes on. Is this the craziest situation you could imagine happening to us, the citizens of The United States of America?

Hey Henry, we all want this Covid crap to be over so please just take one for the team and go get vaccinated! We can still argue over dumb stuff, but this way our neighbors will stop dying.

Hey Henry, to the parents complaining about the buses being late, you’ve got to realize that a lot of the drivers are out quarantined with Covid and they are doing the best they can.

Hey Henry, I love my soft-close cabinet doors and drawers until I get angry about something and need to slam one.

Hey Henry, teachers will receive a $1000 bonus if they get vaccinated, did I hear this correctly? Make it ten thousand and I still won’t take your vaccine!

Hey Henry, after the school board meeting my heart was broken by all the parents that don’t want their kids to be safe and wear a mask. I know it’s your choice, but would you rather not have your child? I’m a retired teacher and I promise your child will be fine wearing a mask once they get around all the other kids. I didn’t like staying in all day because of the Polio scare but we did!


Vintage comment from March 1, 2006 – Hey Henry, what ever happened to that guy who drove around in the white van with “Super Geek” written on it? Come back, Super Geek, come back!

Hey Henry, when the Chinese rule America in 15 years or so, which is their stated goal, just watch what they do with the woke, rioters, drug addicts, flag burners, criminals et al. Has anyone heard of the Weagers [Uyghurs]? Wake up people.

Hey Henry, another old-school, mid-sixties sailor here. A dollar to a donut says 20 year retired Navy had a sweetheart aboard ship more than once when he was deployed. U.S. Navy has and always has had a major pregnancy problem for deployed women. Check the facts.

Hey Henry, if you’re a Democratic voter, our Republican politicians expect you to be too lazy to bother to vote now that they’ve passed their Georgia voting bill. This bill passed because Republicans are in mortal fear of losing their political clout. They figure a little inconvenience is too much of a challenge for a liberal. If you want more politicians like Donald Trump and Marjorie Taylor Greene, go ahead and prove them right, don’t bother to vote.

Hey Henry, “I’m from the government and I’m here to help you.” Now, that’s scary.

Hey Henry, any man that doesn’t see the obvious with thousands of men, many 18, 19 and 20 on a U.S. Navy ship in the middle of the ocean with hundreds of women on board, definitely should have listened to Mom and Dad reciting the birds and the bees.

Hey Henry, Henry County DOT, do you plan on doing anything about all the mud on L G Griffin and Wilson Road where they are clearing the land in Locust Grove? Besides all the pot holes we have to maneuver around, now the mud. Someone is supposed to be following up on this. Let me guess, tax payers fault. I don’t think so.

Hey Henry, I’ve seen people sometimes posting pictures of Biden riding in the short bus, “special needs bus.” These are so-called adults, but I’m not surprised that they are idiots and stoop that low to make fun of the special needs. If you do that, you’re a coward and a moron!

Hey Henry, you people going around with this color hair such as red, blue, pink, it looks horrible! You look like you’re trying out for the circus. It doesn’t look good at all!

Hey Henry, how embarrassing to hear police officers of the Capitol Police whine, boo hoo and describe how traumatized and scared they were during the assault on the Capitol. For crying out loud, you’re a policeman. You’re trained to expect violence, it’s in your job description. We hear the favorite gimme money phrase, PTSD. I guess the entire force will be on disability and sitting home getting the greenback poultice soon.

Hey Henry, So happy to see the Confederate Memorial Fountain relocated to a place of prominence in front of the Polk Museum on the Square, before the County Commission had the chance to steal it too.

Hey Henry, folks that think the Covid vaccine is actually the result of a government conspiracy sure do have a high opinion of the government’s ability to run a program with staggering efficiency and a remarkable degree of cooperation between thousands of people who have nothing to gain in the process.

Hey Henry, the not-so-recent collision of a U.S. Navy ship was caused by two women refusing to speak to each other. FACT.


Vintage comment from February 8, 2006 – Hey Henry, vote for Mother Earth!

Hey Henry, the problem is that crazy people don’t know they are crazy.

Hey Henry, to the old school Navy guy who said that women don’t belong on ships – you didn’t say why. You said it was a big mistake, but you didn’t give any examples or cite any facts to base your statement. Then you turn around and say the reason is obvious. Do you know what obvious means?

Hey Henry, “keep Kelleytown rural?” I live in Kelleytown and I think it’s a little late in the game. The traffic is horrendous and it’s getting worse by the week. It was Mayberry 26 years ago.

Hey Henry, so if politicians are creating the problems, why did Ben Carson want to be one?

Hey Henry, raise your children to respect law enforcement and the flag, otherwise you’re playing into the hands of the crazies hell bent on destroying everything about America. Keep up the desecration and we will be a lawless wasteland in fifty years.

Hey Henry, I saw a sign on I-75 at Christmas that said keep the season bright. Use your turn signal. Gosh, I thought it was illegal to use your turn signals in Georgia. Just saying.

Hey Henry, I saw a young boy walking down the road swinging a fishing rod and reel. I had to think, this young man has his head on straight.

Hey Henry, it’s not that I don’t trust the government, it’s that I don’t trust the government.

Hey Henry, marriage is made in heaven, but so are thunder and lightning.

Hey Henry, to the person who responded to my Henry County growth comment, I like your comment as well. All these people leaving Henry County to escape growth make me laugh. Where are they going where there’s no growth? They can run, but they can’t hide.

Hey Henry, for the Old School Navy vet lamenting women on combat ships and submarines. As a 20 -year retired U.S. Navy Sailor, I appreciate the great job women do in service of our country and many have given their lives doing so. Go put your old school self in a Naval Inactive Ship Maintenance Facility with the rest of the out-of-date Navy ships.

Hey Henry, go ahead and make fun of people who talk about seeing UFOs. The government was blind like you until they released the declassified documents. The two military aircraft that tracked the UFOs need to do your research. Sounds to me like you know what exists and doesn’t exist. You’re not God, so you have no clue!

Hey Henry, I thought the gravy train had stopped, but I guess not. My garbage pickup driver told me the reason my trash didn’t get picked up is because they are short of drivers. My daughter just received a huge payment for having three children. My 70+ family hasn’t gotten two dimes, don’t we count?

Hey Henry, every citizen in the United States should be scared out of their pants. Our military is woke and has been going steadily downhill since Vietnam. Don’t believe it. Talk to any veteran or active military member.


Vintage comment from Jan. 25, 2006 – Hey Henry, this is for everyone who moved to the small town of Locust Grove to get out of the city. Now we have to find a place to live in a small town to get out of the city. L.G. used to be a great place to live.

Hey Henry, since President Biden was responsible for rising gas prices, is he now also responsible for them coming down?

Hey Henry, the earth’s rotation makes my day.

Hey Henry, thanks to the Board of Education for holding graduations at Atlanta Motor Speedway so more family members could attend. I just wish people had been more considerate and I could have heard my daughter’s name announced when she received her diploma.

Hey Henry, the wonderful fifties and the dreaded sound of Mama, “go get me a switch.”

Hey Henry, to the person who posted “… let’s hope the aliens flying around the U.S. lately favor us over our enemies …” Thank you for the laugh – I needed it so badly.

Hey Henry, you jerks that get in a turning lane, then jump back over into the fast lane, need to get a ticket. You know what you’re doing! Your just too impatient to wait. JERKS!

Hey Henry, can anyone guess why Hunter Biden’s so-called works of art are selling for $500,000+? Hunter is no Picasso, Warhol or Rockwell, but rather a profiteer selling access to the Biden regime.

Hey Henry, keep Kelleytown Rural.

Hey Henry, great comment, “I just have to laugh at all the people who move to Henry County and then complain about the growth.” I just have to laugh at all the people who complain about the growth and move out of Henry County.

Hey Henry, can Henry County government follow the science and drop the mask mandates in its buildings? Infection rates are way below target rates given.

Hey Henry, a half dozen or so of my senior friends are obsessed with moving away from Henry County. Very disturbing that anyone wants to leave this paradise. I’m staying.

Hey Henry, Old school Navy here. Women do not belong on Navy ships, period. Shore based installations, but not combat ships or submarines. Biggest mistake the government ever made. It doesn’t work and the proof is obvious.

Hey Henry, “We’ve been conditioned to think that only politicians can solve our problems. But at some point, MAYBE we will wake up and recognize that it was politicians who created our problems.” (Ben Carson).

Hey Henry, I wonder if those living well in the U. S. who choose to protest the American Flag will be celebrating the 4th of July. If you don’t like America, why are you here? I sure do miss when everyone took pride in the USA, achieving the American Dream through hard work, not living off the government was something to be proud of; personal responsibility, ethics, and character mattered, and neighbors knew each other and worked together.

Hey Henry, Henry County streets have become lawless race tracks. In all my driving experiences I’ve never seen anything like this. Who are these people?


Vintage comment from January 4, 2006 – Hey Henry, my husband’s doc must be a mime, because when I ask him what the M.D. said, the answer is always “Nothing.”

Hey Henry, I just have to laugh at all the people who move to Henry County and then complain about the growth!

Hey Henry, the aliens are about to invade or show themselves to the world. I doubt they want to harm us because if they did have the technology they would have have wiped us off the globe decades ago. This should be interesting, much better than the news berating Trump constantly.

Hey Henry, congratulations to the Class of 2021! We’re proud of you, and we look forward to seeing what you accomplish next!

Hey Henry, wake up folks, we are in the midst of communism. Free speech is no longer free speech. You are exposed to a multitude of consequences if you voice any opinion or thought not acceptable by the crazies.

Hey Henry, GREAT article on Aerosmith! What a wonderful piece of previously unknown trivia.

Hey Henry, if President Biden will crack down on the Social Security fraud and the VA disability fraud, we can save a trillion instead spending it.

Hey Henry, keep the crowds coming Henry, my house is climbing in value like a rocket. I’ll buy a big diesel RV with the equity and live the road life.

Hey Henry, the U.S. uses 111 billion plastic shopping bags a year; ONLY 16 billion are recycled! It’s so easy! When you unpack your items, just put all the bags into one bag, save them up and return to any store that uses them! So simple.

Hey Henry, the most stupid, idiotic, moronic, lamebrained, foolish, goofy, silly, dangerous suggestion ever conceived is to defund the police.

Hey Henry, can we get a vote on a transit system in Henry County. A bus would fit the bill.

Hey Henry, you’re right! Trump’s heart is where his wallet is, and his mind is gone! Yet he’s no longer President.

Hey Henry, what’s with the ugly black fence recently put up behind the Courthouse?

Hey Henry, masks are about as effective at stopping viruses as a chain link fence is at stopping mosquitos.

Hey Henry, great submission last week– “America is becoming what we all dislike about every other country on the planet. Where will we go,” what will we do, will we be able to escape and to where?” The same applies to Henry County

Hey Henry, my daughter was a tiny girl when we smelled this awful scent in her bedroom for days. We had recently had a similar odor in our foyer and it was a dead bird stuck behind the drywall. I assumed we had the same predicament in her room. I literally destroyed all four walls looking for deceased mister bird. What a mess I created. After finding nothing I happened to look in her closet and there in a Easter Basket were four or five terribly rotten Easter eggs, odor mystery solved. Now, to put the walls back together.


Vintage comment from December 28, 2005 – Hey Henry, Chuck Norris does not sleep. He waits. Chuck Norris sleeps with a nightlight. Not because Chuck Norris is afraid of the dark, but because the dark is afraid of Chuck Norris. Chuck Norris counted to infinity – twice. Chuck Norris CAN divide by zero. When the boogeyman goes to sleep every night, he checks his closet for Chuck Norris. And the last random fact about Chuck Norris is … Chuck Norris tells time by staring directly into the sun.

Hey Henry, I have 40 rolls of toilet paper I will gladly trade for a tankful of gas.

Hey Henry, the President’s heart is where his wallet is, and his mind is gone!

Hey Henry, if you knew anything about economics, you’d know about the law of supply and demand. Better economy under President Biden, more demand, higher gas prices.

Hey Henry, mandate the virus vaccine and we are in for a rude awakening. Millions upon millions refuse to be vaccinated. Will they be tied down and vaccinated? A friend told me she won’t take the shot and that no way on earth are her children going to be vaccinated.

Hey Henry, I tell you the Trumpsters stick out like orange thumbs with their comments. Especially the people talking down about the immigrants. Just be thankful you were not born in one of the countries they were born in. I’m sure you would be trying to get to a better place also.

Hey Henry, President Obama told the interpreter, “tell Putin I’ll have more flexibility after the election.” President Biden told the interpreter, “tell XI Jinping I’ll expect more money for my son Hunter and myself since I’m the President now.”

Hey Henry, to the so-called patriots who have refused to wear masks during the pandemic: You’re not a patriot if you don’t care about the well-being of your country’s most vulnerable citizens. You’re just selfish and ill-informed.

Hey Henry, let’s hope the aliens flying around the U.S. lately favor us over our enemies. We need all the support we can get with Joe Biden not leading the nation. Any help is warranted, even if it is out of this world.

Hey Henry, America is becoming what we all dislike about every other country on the planet. Where will we go, what will we do, will we be able to escape and to where?

Hey Henry, the Geranium Festival has been rescheduled for the end of July? I can’t imagine anyone thinking this is a good time to have any sort of outdoor festival. Besides the oppressive heat and humidity, a lot of people will be getting kids ready to return to school. Fall would be a lot better.

Hey Henry, in the Buckhead restaurant “incident” the person who should be apologizing is Dominique Wilkins. The incident was based on a long-established dress code of the restaurant (which many have) and had absolutely nothing to do with his race. There should be serious consequences for individuals falsely screaming racism and continuing race baiting. Dominique, you should be ashamed. Be a man; admit you made a mistake, apologize, and do better!

Hey, Henry, I believe it’s time that the seniors can graduate at their own schools now. Henry County Schools are spending thousands of taxpayers dollars holding graduation at the Atlanta Motor Speedway. Someone is getting a kickback off of this.


Vintage comment from December 7, 2005 – Hey Henry, to the person who said Jesus hates people who speed: Check your bible, Jesus does not hate people. He does not like the sin, but loves the sinner.

Hey Henry, I am deeply concerned about my Party, (The Party of Lincoln), but even more worried about my Country. Democracy is a delicate system and can easily be lost. Once you remove truth to power, you don’t have a real party, rather simply a collection of lies and conspiracy theories . We all witnessed an attempt to overthrow our government—we cannot call it anything other than Treason and an insurrection. Stand up for the Constitution and what is morally and legally right.

Hey Henry, if you would like an antidote for being exposed to all of the mean, ridiculous, neverending political comments in our society, why not visit one of our local libraries that we are so fortunate to have in our county. “With a library you are free, not confined by temporary political climates. It is the most democratic of institutions because no one – but no one at all – can tell you what to read and when and how.” ~ Doris Lessing

Hey Henry, with everything in America just follow the money. Many are getting wealthy building houses on every inch of Henry County. Homes don’t just pop up out of the ground, someone has to approve the permit. When Henry is overgrown, over populated, over crime-ridden, overtaxed, then as now, citizens will move out.

Hey Henry, who do we thank for the increase in fuel prices? $1.85 a gallon this time last year and now over $3.00. Can we blame Trump? He gets blamed for everything, but since he’s gone, can we still lay the blame on him?

Hey Henry, my goodness, talk about a monster pay day. Women harassed and propositioned at work by Bill Gates. Why wait 20 years, I would have immediately been appalled.

Hey Henry, in case you haven’t been listening, there have been 300 confirmed deaths in Henry County from this virus. It is serious.

Hey Henry, when are we going to stop paying for emissions. I work in Griffin and it’s not even required there. Just to get three tags, roughly $75 up before the tag. How about paving the potholes before my attorney pays you a visit. I was reading where one county decided to take the asphalt and pave someone’s driveway, I hope that’s not going on in Henry County. Before long, someone is buying me tires and getting my alignment done. It will not be coming out of my account.

Hey Henry, Henry County citizens should be aware of a scam being circulated on Facebook Messenger involving the Corporation for National Community Service (CNCS, or AmeriCorps), an independent agency of the federal government.

Hey Henry, the panic buying at the gas pumps is making the gas/pipeline situation so much worse. It reminds me of the toilet paper “shortage” of last year. How many people have rolls and rolls of 1-ply toilet paper they never needed?

Hey Henry, I’ll take the North Georgia roads over the potholes and ridiculous traffic nightmare in Henry County any day of the week and twice on Sunday! Drivers from other states even complain that Henry County traffic and roads are a nightmare.


Vintage comment from November 30, 2005 – Hey Henry, maybe this “Early Childhood Literacy Program” that the Board of Education has come up with is a good idea. But what about all of the students at my high school that can’t read?

Hey Henry, illegal immigrants have never stopped coming here since the forties and they never will. The easy way to stop something, is to stop paying for it. Provide no money, no jobs, no housing, no nothing, immigration problem solved.

Hey Henry, at least the President’s heart is in the right place, Trump was zero for two.

Hey Henry, I too have fond memories when thinking or speaking of Miss Willie Varner! She has been a life-long friend to my family and I played in the High School Band with her son, Henley. I can remember when she worked at the drug store and seeing her many times around town. If you’re a long time Henry Countian, you’ve met Miss Willie at one time or another, either by You speaking to her, or Her speaking to you if you didn’t. Love you Miss Willie!

Hey, Henry, to the person commenting about the shortage of trash cans and mowers … welcome to Clayton County phase 2. It’s going to get worse, just you wait and see.

Hey Henry, today’s modern work ethic motto, “If you pay me not to work, I won’t work, even if it’s less than I could make working.” America Proud.

Hey Henry, face it, illegal workers put us to shame in the work ethic mode. Either grant them citizenship or send them packing. It’s only fair.

Hey Henry since the Democrats got control gas prices went up from day one. So don’t complain if you voted Democrat.

Hey Henry, have you heard of the group Hidin’ from Biden?

Hey Henry, “can’t we enjoy the Times, especially Hey Henry, and read the different viewpoints without making everything political? “Answer: No. Judging from the content, the Henry County Times usually bleeds blue.

Hey Henry, it is sad when administrators do not recognize their paraeducators as teachers. They seem to see them as just bodies to watch students and do work that most others would not do. If they are not needed then why employ them?

Hey Henry, I know the Shriners do great things and I love to donate! But they are on Mill Road and Mt. Carmel Road every Friday and Saturday and it holds up the traffic so bad it is backed up nearly to Highway 81.

Hey Henry, it would be great if y’all would quit building all these houses out in Ola and the Lake Dow area. We moved out here cause it was country and not city and now there is a house or clear cutting everywhere. Here’s an idea, quit building these houses we don’t want and fix the roads that can’t handle the amount of traffic in Henry County.

Hey Henry, I keep living in the past because I see nothing but turmoil, dissent and hatred now and in the future. We are destroying the America everyone loves.

Hey Henry, if it’s raining, then turn your lights on. It’s not an option. Quit being stupid.


Vintage comment from November 9, 2005 – Hey Henry, would it be a crime to stop and let somebody turn or get out at an intersection? Let’s show a little Southern hospitality and give other drivers a break.

Hey Henry, so President Eisenhower deported fewer than 1.3 million illegals, sounds wonderful, sad our President can’t seem to deport half a dozen. What do you say to that?

Hey Henry, I know how we can reach herd immunity. Make being vaccinated a requirement in order to vote.

Hey Henry, can’t we enjoy the Times, especially Hey Henry, and read the different viewpoints without making everything political?

Hey Henry, I’m going to quit loaning my reading glasses to everyone who is too vain to wear them out in public … and stop asking me to read the menu to you.

Hey Henry, a well-known home improvement store with a sign on the door: We Will Interview You Right Now On the Spot. This is sad. Jobs opening up and a company can’t fill them. Government, STOP doling out money to not work!

Hey Henry, have you heard about the new support group – Q’Anon Anonymous?

Hey Henry, I don’t need Joe Biden to tell me I don’t have to wear a mask inside or outside. “Come On, Man.”

Hey Henry, regarding the comment “the only thing Biden has done is scare the H— out of half the population with his stupidity.” Really now? Your comment shows your Republican partiality and level of intelligence.

Hey Henry, Red Skelton once said, “Atlanta will be a pretty city if they ever get finished with it.” Ever driven up north on those roads? Stop complaining.

Hey Henry, here are some handy summer fashion tips: Don’t like flip flops? Don’t wear them. Don’t like short shorts? Don’t wear them. Don’t like yoga pants? Don’t wear them! Think showing less than perfect body parts is repulsive? Don’t look. And don’t expect anybody to dress to suit you in the 100+ degree heat. Hope this PSA saves you some stress! Easy-peasy solutions to all your fashion conundrums!

Hey Henry, kudos on Henry County awarding a bid to pave 96 roads. I just have one question: why did they let it go that long? Reminds me of the question, how do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time, unless you’re Henry County, in which case you swallow it all at once!

Hey Henry, to the person whose car was damaged from debris thrown by a mower. Sounds like you were driving too close to the edge of the road to begin with. Why don’t you do what 99% of other drivers would do. Go around the mower when it’s safe to do so. Sounds like you were driving too close to to the mower. Just move over and stop whining!

Hey Henry, there seems to be a major shortage in trash cans and lawn mowers in our county. Litter and unkempt yards everywhere. Time to open the Snapper plant back up.


Vintage comment from November 2, 2005 – Hey Henry, there are not enough homes for all of them! Spay or neuter your pets!

Hey Henry, so President Biden has done more for ordinary Americans than Trump did in four years. Really now? The only thing Biden has done is scare the H— out of half the population with his stupidity.

Hey Henry, the police are quitting in droves and our country continues this anti-police nonsense. I’m afraid we are going to get what the insane want very soon and it’s not going to be good. When you call 911 and the dispatcher says, “Sorry, we are really shorthanded, we can’t send anyone, do the best you can and good luck.”

Hey Henry, the truth really hurts at times, but Democrats don’t hurt, they love spreading a lie, living a lie and condoning a lie. Republicans lie too, but when is America going to stop believing all the lies?

Hey Henry, boycotting Home Depot? Wow really? Have you been to any of the warehouses in Henry? They are mostly black workers! You’re not going to hurt the big guys in management; you’re going to hurt all of the black families that rely on that paycheck. Think this through!

Hey Henry, I think Georgia should give at least two free alignments a year and free tire repairs because of all the terrible roads we have. So many pot holes, the interstate is ALWAYS under construction. When will it end?

Hey Henry, we’d be worse than Venezuela if Trump and the Republicans had their way. We’d be RUSSIA!

Hey Henry, sanity will surely prevail in 2022.

Hey Henry, I am an American of German descent not a German American. What are you?

Hey Henry, don’t believe what you hear or read, believe what you SEE.

Hey Henry, a big thanks to all of the County Commissioners for ruining another Saturday by renting out Nash Farm for another Mariachi concert. My house vibrates all day long and I live a half mile away!

Hey Henry, the masses ignore the fact the politicians they follow and admire all got rich being public servants. Does anyone see serving the public as serving themselves?

Hey Henry, to the person who was cutting grass on Hwy. 81 E. on April 23 – my car was hit by flying debris due to the fact that you were cutting grass and blowing it on to the road. Now my car is damaged. You’re not supposed to cut grass blowing it into the road. This is why you cause damage to other people’s property.

Hey Henry, anyone 45+ is not surprised about what is happening in Portland. I heard decades ago how crazy and nutty Portland was.

Hey Henry, since when is it okay to use the center lanes on Westridge Parkway as a passing lane? Henry Co. PD needs to monitor it more. It is an accident waiting to happen. By the way, the speed limit is 35 folks.


Vintage comment from October 26, 2005 – Hey Henry, you know what I think is really stupid? The traffic around the Square. I don’t have a solution, but someone somewhere does. And they should speak up.

Hey Henry, there sure are a lot of COVIDIOTS out there.

Hey Henry, I clean my neighborhood weekly, in McDonough, of neighborhood trash. I collect around 200 beer bottles, beer cans, etc. I’d like a little relief from this. I don’t understand how people can throw their trash everywhere. Where is their pride in their community?

Hey Henry, a young man in his twenties asked me about living in the sixties, he had heard it was wonderful. He asked me because he could tell I had been there. The sixties were different for everyone, but compared to America right now, no comparison. We are so close to becoming exactly like Venezuela. Hard to believe the Democrat voters were duped by their own party.

Hey Henry, if your business is destroyed, it’s a riot. If it’s just a little bit destroyed, it’s a riot. If it’s unscathed, it’s a protest.

Hey Henry, let’s once and for all put this issue to rest. Defunding and/or disbanding the police would result in total anarchy and collapse of the country and any reasonable person will agree it should never happen.

Hey Henry, President Eisenhower removed fewer than 1.3 million illegal immigrants during his time in office. Get your facts straight before commenting, please!

Hey Henry, “who is the only man to serve as vice president and president without being elected to either office?” I got it! That’d be #38, Mr. Gerald Ford!

Hey Henry, when will we get some decent roads to ride on out here in Fairview instead of these bandaids you’re putting on roads? You think you’re saving money but you are not … Y’all need to work for us, instead of us working for y’all.

Hey Henry, why is it that every time an elected politician breaks the law they are “protecting their constituents’ civil rights?” Being elected doesn’t give you any right to break the law to voice your opinion. As a representative of the American people you should NEVER break the law or act like a fool. Doing so should guarantee you won’t be re-elected.

Hey Henry, wondering when the bus loads of migrants are going to show up in Henry County. “Come on Man.”

Hey Henry, I wonder which county commissioners would like to step up and volunteer to let me come blare loud music in front of their home every Saturday and Sunday until 11 p.m., because that’s what we’re having to endure from Nash Farm. Thanks for ruining any chance of tranquility on the weekends. Our house vibrates all day long and you couldn’t carry on a normal conversation outside with your child if you tried. Thanks for nothing, commissioners! … Waiting on volunteers.

Hey Henry, it won’t be long before thousands, maybe millions of Democrat voters regret putting Joe and Kamala in the White House.

Hey Henry, I watch my 8-year-old grandson play ball in another county and no masks, none, not one. Feels so refreshing.


Vintage comment from October 19, 2005 – Hey Henry, don’t assume the political candidates with the most signs have the most support … last time I checked vacant land, empty houses and public property can’t vote!

Hey Henry, I have to say hands down that Henry County has the worst roads in the state. I have never ridden over so many potholes in my life. Locust Road needs paving bad, but all the county does is apply band aids. Where is our tax money going?

Hey Henry, overheard in a store, a former Henry County police officer saying he quit the force after many, many years, “I couldn’t take any more of the crazies.” They said that crime was off the charts.

Hey Henry, who is the only man to serve as vice president and president without being elected to either office?

Hey Henry, I don’t understand all the fuss about voter I.D. Every time I vote in Henry County I jokingly ask the pollster, “what if I don’t show you my driver’s license,” well then, you don’t get to vote, simple as that. Why no uproar in Henry County about having to show a driver’s license?

Hey Henry, President Biden’s heart is in the right place, but his mind isn’t.

Hey Henry, hey Krystal, how about going back to the old French Fries? The new crispy ones are not good!

Hey Henry, President Eisenhower saw the danger and took quick action by sending over 3 million illegals packing. I wonder if Ike would faint or laugh hysterically at President Biden and his ridiculous plan of opening the U.S. border. Does anyone understand how crazy this is?

Hey Henry, President Biden has done more for ordinary Americans in his short time in office than Trump did in four years. President Biden could do more except he’s busy cleaning up Trump messes everywhere. Trump incompetence is incomprehensible!

Hey Henry, while voting at the Hampton Library during the last election I noticed vegetation growing in the gutters at the library. It can be seen from across the street at the Bear Creek Senior Center. This is a poor reflection on our elected officials and those who we trust with our tax dollars and assets.

Hey Henry, come on Henry police – why are you not giving tickets for loud music and what about the cars with the dark windows?

Hey Henry, if you continue to do what you’ve always done, you’ll continue to receive what you’ve always gotten.

Hey Henry, when I served in the Navy we often docked in the Philippines and I remember vividly how young women wanted nothing more than to marry a U.S. Sailor and live in the United States. Well, here’s your chance, you don’t have to marry anyone. You’re welcome here and bring your friends and family.

Hey Henry, regarding the recent letter to the editor – Whoopi Goldberg is a NYC dropout of Washington Irving High School. She’s not highly educated, She’s uneducated.

Hey Henry, why do people want to drive the wrong way in parking lots and park facing the wrong way? I would like to hear from someone who does this. Is it simply to create chaos?


Vintage comment from October 12, 2005 – Hey Henry, local restaurants and fast food places; we’re checking those health department scores and won’t be dining there if you’re under 90. Clean it up!

Hey Henry, to the guy who loves to burn, pollute and bother his neighbors: it’s time to change that policy. Let’s Vote on it. You’ll LOSE!!

Hey Henry, ah, the good ole days when your automatic transmission car with a dead battery could be pushed 35 MPH and it would start in gear.

Hey Henry, does anyone in the Fairview area know what all of that loud noise (possibly music) is in the evenings near Fairview and Panola? Trying to watch TV and much less go to sleep with that booming bass sound going outside is near impossible. Our county needs to remember that there are families and senior citizens living in that area.

Hey Henry, to the person who said teachers are catered to … can you please expound on that? How are teachers catered to exactly?

Hey Henry, I cringe to think the Captain of the aircraft carrier I served on during Vietnam could be relieved of command for talking hateful and rude to me. With today’s poor me atmosphere in the military I doubt we could sustain an assault from some rogue nation.

Hey Henry, mousetraps work because mice don’t know why the cheese is free until it’s too late. Socialism is no different.

Hey Henry, warehouse upon warehouse in Henry County seems so odd and out of place. Unattractive and Fulton Industrial clone of decades ago.

Hey Henry, the difference between children playing decades ago and today – you couldn’t drag them inside then and now you can’t drag them outside.

Hey Henry, the people complaining about the burning in Henry County probably don’t do any yardwork or get outside. I support allowing burning in Henry County and residents that take pride in their yards and property. If everyone here cleaned up their neighborhoods instead of throwing trash everywhere, Henry County would be a lot nicer to live in … I agree, if you don’t like it, move to a county that doesn’t allow it!

Hey Henry, to the person from South Carolina, why in the world would you want to move here in this overcrowded, warehouse building, traffic place?

Hey Henry, I wouldn’t be surprised that in five to ten years an ad on TV, “Did you or a loved one take the COVID-19 vaccination?” You could be eligible for a huge cash settlement.

Hey Henry, what this country needs is more unemployed politicians.

Hey Henry, Trump was bad, but Biden is as bad or worse. We voted for one and the same.

Hey Henry, “Suppose you were an idiot and suppose you were a member of Congress, but I repeat myself.” ~ Mark Twain.


Vintage comment from September 21, 2005 – Hey Henry, I am so sick and tired of being told as a county employee that “We don’t have any money.” You commissioners are going to have to think of a better one than that, this county is entirely too lucrative to think that the smarter people here are going to believe that. This should be called the “pocket lining capital of the South;” why do you think they call it “the jewel of the Southern Crescent?”

Hey Henry, I am a widow and moved to Henry County a few years ago from North Carolina. My smoke detector started going off and with me being inside more than usual, it was not a pleasant sound. Someone told me that I could call the fire department for help. Lt. Gene White and Daniel Ward came out, took the smoke detector apart, bought a new battery and installed it. Their help was such a blessing and I want to give them a big thank you!

Hey Henry, as a county, state and federal taxpayer, I would like to see our tax money stay in America and help our people, not the people who hate us.

Hey Henry, regarding the comment about the Sheriff’s Department patrolling the McDonough Square – don’t you think it’s kind of late, since they already stole the statue?

Hey Henry, instead of paying for all this patchwork and putting band aids out towards Fairview Road – why don’t you just take the money and bust up the road and repave from Hwy. 155 out to Anvil Block Road? You’d save the taxpayers money. I think we should vote no on the SPLOST.

Hey Henry, now that those always catered to teachers can get the Covid-19 shots (when the elderly/high risk cannot even get their shots), there is absolutely no reason that ALL students cannot return to the classroom immediately and teachers can get back to work! Administration and school board open the doors! Parents send them to school!

Hey Henry, why is it that builders come in and tear up roads with their construction and only have to “repair” the portion in front of their development? Flippen road is pot hole city due to construction trucks and the subdivision near the golf place, except for new resurfacing in front of the subdivision. Construction companies should be required to have the entire road resurfaced when they are done tearing it up!

Hey Henry, I may not have to “by law” show my receipt at the most popular department store, but when you have nothing to hide, what’s the problem with doing so? Considering the amount of merchandise stolen, I’m all for measures the keep the cost to PAYING consumers down.

Hey Henry, other than signing a bunch of executive orders (that Democrats screamed about Trump doing), Biden has accomplished nothing. No surprise there.

Hey Henry, to the person complaining about burning permits: you chose to live in a county that issues burn permits. If you have a problem with it, move to one of the other places that don’t allow burning. The rest of us adjust for a few smoky days, and burn as needed.

Hey Henry, bravo to the citizens that apprehended the robbery suspect at Chick-fil-A. Job well done.

Hey Henry, a president has little to no control over gas prices. The current situation – OPEC extending production cuts (limiting supply) and more people on the road (increasing demand) – is “driving” costs up.


Vintage comment from September 14, 2005 – Hey Henry, Hey red Vibe driver, some of us were considering calling the police or breaking in before your two dogs died. You try sitting in there a while, it doesn’t matter if the windows are down an inch.

Hey Henry, I do not support racism. I do not support censorship. I do not support burning books. I do not support re-writing or erasing history. I do support freedom of speech.

Hey Henry, another Henry County public works truck in Locust Grove coming out of the Post office turning left onto 42 – no blinker being used. When the speed goes from 35 to 45 they go 30, they didn’t like me blowing my horn. Would you use the blinker in your personal vehicle? Henry County, do something about the stupidity of your employees.

Hey Henry, it’s a real stretch to find “racist imagery” in Dr. Seuss books. Seriously? When is enough ridiculousness enough?

Hey Henry, kudos to the person commenting about college degrees. My son did attend about a year, but told me later, “Dad that is your dream, I don’t want to go to college.” He’s in a skilled mechanical trade now, owns his own company and has been in six figure income for many many years. The comment was spot on, the trades keep the wheels rolling in America, not a degree in basket weaving.

Hey Henry, does anyone know why you can’t pick up Henry County Fire on the scanner app anymore?

Hey Henry, we have been told the stimulus checks are not taxable, but you’ll notice if you got a stimulus your refund is lowered. Our Government’s nose keeps growing.

Hey Henry, ask your Republican representatives where your stimulus check is. They are the ones holding things up, as usual.

Hey Henry, as long as we continue to wear the masks while in stores, we will never have our freedoms back. It is a means of control. The longer you blindly wear them, this pandemic nonsense will never end. Refuse to wear a mask – for those who are afraid, they should wear them, but those of us who have played the game for a year have had enough. If Biden can let these illegals in our country with no masks or social distancing, then evidentially it’s not too important for the rest of us to wear them.

Hey Henry, if you think that gas prices increased because Trump is no longer president, you’d be right. People are optimistic again about our country and it shows.

Hey Henry, I agree with the March 3 comment about burning. There are so many lawn care and tree removal businesses on my street, that we can’t enjoy being outside. A neighbor burns their trash every Saturday which contains plastic. Ugh! Probably none of them should be running a business from their homes. Yes, please BOC, ban the residential burning!

Hey Henry, isn’t Bill Cosby in prison? Why is his show still on TV?

Hey Henry, I grew up in the fifties and sixties, served in Vietnam and in all this time I have never been more fearful and concerned about the state of the country. These are dangerous times for America and are becoming more dangerous as weeks go by.

Hey Henry, to the comment about moving out of Henry County years ago. Give us a break. Where did you move and how is it? The citizens of Henry County want to know, was the grass greener or did you make a big mistake?


Vintage comment from September 7, 2005 – Hey Henry, are we really so worried about how high the grass is cut in McDonough? Get real. We need elderly housing. We need real jobs – not at Wal-Mart. We need healthcare coverage for all children. Can you people be any more self-centered. I mean, really, how high the grass is cut? You need to volunteer your time. You have way too much time on your hands!

Hey Henry, nobody wants to hear my opinions, but they certainly want me to hear theirs.

Hey Henry, what does it say about your community if you need “Do Not Litter” signs posted everywhere to try to keep people from littering? And people still litter.

Hey Henry, Hey Joe, where’s my stimulus check you promised right before you were elected?

Hey Henry, the Democrats get in control and gas shoots up in price. Thanks to everyone who voted for them.

Hey Henry, college is nothing more than a big scam! They rip you off with book prices, classes etc. and when you graduate, nobody wants to pay you anything. Then you have student debt. Get into a trade, you make more money.

Hey Henry, I moved out of Henry County a few years ago. Best decision I have made in a long time. I still read Hey Henry and have submitted several comments but none have been published. Your little “rag” of a paper is pathetic and you refuse to print anything but trash about Trump and the Republicans, so I’m sure this will not be printed. People write nice things – be nice, be kind, be tolerant, but you only print one side of the political story. When Henry County becomes overcrowded with illegals, let’s see who moves away. It will be the Democrats because all of the Republicans have already moved away.

Hey Henry, thank you for the two wonderful Letters to the Editor in the February 3 issue by Hannah Evans and Smitty Phillips.

Hey Henry, my ten-year-old grandson and I were walking past the women’s lingerie on our left in a well-known store and as I look over at him, he has his left hand covering his eyes. I asked him, hey what’s up with that? He replied, “Mama told me not to look at that.”

Hey Henry, Board of Education, get the administrators out of our meetings! They do NOT know what we teach, how we teach, are at a loss for our actual working schedule, and are just adding to the already huge frustration we’re going through. Veteran teachers who have been through almost everything are almost quitting because you are blind leading the sighted. The deterioration of our county’s educational leadership is saddening for our children.

Hey Henry, Obituary: The Henry County Times. Editor’s Note – The reports of my death have been greatly exaggerated.

~ Samuel Clemens.

Hey Henry, you DO NOT have to show your receipt when leaving the most popular department store on earth. Let them know it, even the employees don’t know the laws we have in America.

Hey Henry, the greatest threat to our freedoms is the mask and the closing of any business.

Hey Henry, Commissioners WAKE UP. The Neanderthal Age is long over, STOP the burning permits. We can’t even open a window on a gorgeous spring day. Other states banned this in the 1970’s.


Vintage comment from August 24, 2005 – Hey Henry, when it rains…slow down, slow WAY down. I’ve lost two cars to speeders hydroplaning, saw four more headed for the junk yard after a spectacular chain-reaction on Hwy. 42 in Locust Grove. Rain and speed don’t mix.

Hey Henry, I am in total agreement about putting red lights up in Henry County, but if I am not mistaken, I think it is up to the state of Georgia to authorize installing red lights.

Hey Henry, to the person who put pepper up their nose when they were young: In the 60’s, when I was quite young, I decided to see how small a bee could still sting you. I found out quickly that small bees can still sting you. But to make it worse, as an adult I saw a bumblebee struggling to stay alive in a water dish. I thought I would be kind and save it from drowning. I put my finger under said bee and that bee stung me! To my surprise! I was being nice! Jerk bee. I let him go on his/her merry way. To live another day. Another lesson learned the hard way.

Hey Henry, so the governor and Royston want to give the federal government employees a $1,000 bonus if you make under $80,000 a year. There is around $51 million dollars waiting to be distributed to different agencies according to WSB News. So, if you don’t fulfill your critical job duties, and serve the people that need the governments help, why should it be that critical to just hand that money out? That’s right, the so-called Government knows best.

Hey Henry, thank you Henry County Sheriff’s Department for making rounds on the McDonough Square.

Hey Henry, the panic surrounding COVID-19 and the vaccine shows us who are assured of their reservation in Heaven, and who are uncertain.

Hey Henry, no one is more deplorable and despicable than Benedict Donald.

Hey Henry, since Georgia and Henry County are so proud of becoming predominately Democratic, I think the humanitarian thing to do is petition Washington to send a couple of thousand of our new immigrant citizens to live here in Henry. It’s only fair, you know Republicans won’t do it.

Hey Henry, the reader commenting about the Space Force has no clue what they are talking about. Perhaps they need to do some research before commenting. Instead, they have bought into the Trump lie.

Hey Henry, our roadsides are covered with litter, the roads are full of potholes, our green spaces are covered by warehouses full of Chinese goods, but one thing we can be proud of, we don’t have that hurtful old statue in the Square any more!

Hey Henry, it saddens me to see so many houses and subdivisions going up in an already over-built county. Henry County is becoming just another ho hum busy, crowded metro Atlanta area community.

Hey Henry, I am glad you published the Casual Observer article about the lies that the American people are subject to and do not deserve. I actually expect to be lied to these days. What is the problem with dealing with the truth?


Vintage comment from August 10, 2005- Hey Henry, I really would like to see our Crossing Guards use neon flags while directing traffic. This would help drivers to better see them, instead of using their hands.

Hey Henry, I found out a way to get rich. Sell most of the drivers in Henry County a gallon of blinker fluid.

Hey Henry, I cringed when President Biden’s press secretary made the snarky mocking reference to “Space Force” recently. She and others will wipe that sarcastic grin off their faces when in less than 20 years China has a missile base on the moon and will dominate us and the rest of the world.

Hey Henry, to the person who commented about people not wearing masks and added, “too many Democrats around here.” The majority of people who don’t wear masks are Republicans. If you don’t believe it, observe who goes without a mask and ask them if they are Democrat or Republican. It is very obvious to me that most are Republicans. Why is everything that Republicans do blamed on the Democrats?

Hey Henry, what happened to the “Do not litter” signs? What happened to the convicts picking up trash along the roads? What happened to respect for others? What happened to pride in our communities?

Hey Henry, I am really sick and tired of disrespectful drivers. Henry County has some of the worst. Police departments, are y’all giving up? You’re not seen anymore and these people think there are no more laws when driving.

Hey Henry, I have a hard time deciding where there is more trash … on our roads or on TV?

Hey Henry, why are our administrators running and re-processing our planning meetings? They haven’t taught, don’t know the curriculum, tools, nor gone through our process in a long time. The process you’ve forced us into is creating a non-productive planning period, confusion, and we’re not able to get planned properly for our students with the hindrance/interruption.

Hey Henry, attaboy to the person commenting President Biden and VP Harris won the election fair and square. Maybe they won fair and square and maybe they didn’t because our judicial system refuses to look carefully into obvious voting irregularities. I will never believe the election was fair.

Hey Henry, the Republicans are so far to the right that conservatives look liberal.

Hey Henry, how stupid can you be? For many years, Bethlehem Road at Hwy. 42 has needed a traffic light and y’all still haven’t put one there. Someone was killed there recently. Isn’t this a wake up call? Of course a light went up for the warehouses right up the road that we didn’t need built in Locust Grove.

Hey Henry, as a sixteen-year-old in 1963 I worked at a well known fast food restaurant still in operation today and was paid 55 cents an hour. With today’s mention of $15 dollars an hour – to cook French Fries in 1963 I could have purchased a new corvette, bought my parents a new house and lived the high life.


Vintage comment from July 26, 2005 – Hey Henry, to the mom in the white van at Food Depot, you taught your pre-teen son a bad lesson Saturday morning when you had him leave the grocery cart in the parking lot. Be ashamed. Be very ashamed.

Hey Henry, vote no on E-SPLOST. Look at your tax bill and see what you already pay in school tax for a failing system. Vote no! Enrollment has leveled off so no new buildings are needed.

Hey Henry, Commissioners, how about your “Urbanization?” Did you see the shootout on Jonesboro road?

Hey Henry, what’s up with stores suddenly charging an additional 5% to use credit cards? Why the sudden change? It seems in these days of having to have less interaction with people, that a single card would be a preferred method of payment.

Hey Henry, kids have been competing at the Steve Lundquist Aquatic Center in Clayton for years, right next to the jail. It’s not that big of a deal.

Hey Henry, the person talking about Hillary Clinton was right about her saying the deplorables took over the capital. They were Democrats. They are deplorables! It was set up by them to get at Trump.

Hey Henry, the election is over and President Biden and VP Kamala Harris won fair and square. It’s time to give it up and take your yard signs down. They are becoming a public nuisance. Isn’t there a law against campaign signs staying up so long after the election?

Hey Henry, when the chat among teachers is all about feeling unappreciated, disrespected, put down, etc. for too long, the talk becomes, where do I go next year? The “where do I go” is about other counties that are treating their teachers better, offering higher pay, pulling things off plates instead of adding more, and supporting them with parents.

Hey Henry, hats off to the nice person who paid for my breakfast and my mother’s at the Huddle House on Hwy 81 in McDonough. Then they paid for the couple sitting behind us. Thank you very much. We will be paying forward. By the way, it also happened to me and three friends on Wednesday night at the Corner Café in Griffin. It’s great to live in a country where people still care about others.

Hey Henry, attention slobs: STOP littering our roads. Attention fast food restaurants: Put up anti-littering signs. It’s your garbage that’s going out of their windows. Enough.

Hey Henry let’s have more of Rob DeMarco. This guy is a modern day Mark Twain.

Hey Henry, I want to thank Officer Jason Valentine for the amazing professionalism he exhibited  in helping me with an issue at New Hope Methodist Church Voting precinct on January 5.  Thank you for your protection and kind words. Sandy Ridge #27.

Hey Henry, I was ten or eleven in the fifties and was curious if pepper would make you sneeze. I stuffed pepper up both of my nostrils to solve the mystery. I found out very quickly it did not make me sneeze, but it did put a firestorm in my nose that water and nothing else could quench. I never did that again.


Vintage comment from June 15, 2005 – Hey Henry, you people have been giving me a headache.

Hey Henry, if they sold common sense at Wal-Mart, maybe more people would have some.

Hey Henry, people aren’t wearing masks and the people working in the stores aren’t enforcing these rules. That is why they will never control this virus. Too many Democrats around here.

Hey Henry, Hillary Clinton was right after all. The whole ‘basket of deplorables’ showed up at the Capitol on Jan 6, 2021.

Hey Henry, we are over 65 and just got our COVID-19 vaccination at Atlanta Motor Speedway. I want to give a big thumbs up to the District 4 Health Department. They have done a fantastic job. The process was smooth, the staff was friendly and it was well organized. We’re looking forward to getting our second vaccination there.

Hey Henry, can anybody do anything about the wait times at the McDonough Post Office?

Hey Henry, in these days of hungry people trying to get fed, I think it’s a sin for the school system to just throw away their leftovers at the end of the day. Why can they not go to a shelter or some organization to feed our community hungry with the food? It’s just wrong and the school board should consider more compassion for our families.

Hey Henry, headline from the AJC – Henry proposes warehouse moratorium as growth overwhelms roads. Ya think?

Hey Henry, flip flop time is coming!

Hey Henry, my baby was American made, born and raised in the USA.

Hey Henry, why did it take the deaths of a teacher and parapro to make you wake up and care about our teachers’ safety? We’ve been saying it all along. We were set-up well for remote learning already due to our foresight in 1-to-1 devices, but our county leadership is losing valuable people due to their lack of foresight.

Hey Henry, our county commissioners want to spend millions on land for the Aquatic Center when they were given a beautiful piece of property! What is their excuse? People would have to drive past the jail to get to the Aquatic Center! What about the ball fields across the road from the jail? I guess people drive a different way to get to those fields with their children!

Hey Henry, if the government would hand the vaccine over to the public sector, we could have everyone in the U.S. vaccinated in short order. Typical fashion for the government, dragging their feet and making up lame excuses why everyone can’t get vaccinated. I see influence and position in life gets to the head of the line.

Hey Henry, would someone please explain to me why Georgia is number one in having given the LEAST vaccinations in the US? This state seems to make a habit of taking first place in things that we should not be proud of.

Hey Henry, the Casual Observer is right on the mark in his article on analog still having a place in our fast-paced digital world, especially when it comes to reading. I prefer printed books and newspapers to electronic media. Thanks!


Vintage comment from April 27, 2005 – Hey Henry, I have finally figured out the solution to McDonough’s traffic problem: Make all roads one-way leading out of town.

Hey Henry, I love the Fortson library in Hampton. The staff is friendly and very helpful. However, I will not go after dark. There are no lights in the parking lot and it’s scary. I feel bad for the staff having to leave and walk to their cars in the dark. The county needs to make it safer for patrons. I noticed the senior center across the street is well lit.

Hey Henry, in regards to the comment about turning the covered complex at Heritage Park into an ice skating rink during the holidays – I LOVE THAT! Right now it’s a waste of space.

Hey Henry, to the person who was tired of the hillbilly, good ole boy culture – at least back then we didn’t have the crime that we do now.

Hey Henry, B.I.D.E.N. Biggest Idiot Democrats Ever Nominated 47+ year career politician who has accomplished nothing. How do voters expect him to get anything done in 4 years?

Hey Henry, “what will our kids think?” Hopefully they will stand up for what is right and strongly disapprove of cheating to win.

Hey Henry, do you think all of the affidavits of voter fraud are wrong? How could they be? How can the counting stop basically at the same time in the battle ground states? Asking for a friend.

Hey Henry, please detail who exactly is the “left wing media” and the important stories they ignored. Most media has been very fair to Trump, using euphemisms to describe his lies because they’re unsure if he’s really lying or just insane.

Hey Henry, Joe Biden and the Democratic party condemned President Trump’s use of sanctions. Now Biden states he’ll use those same sanctions while he’s in office. The hypocrisy never ends.

Hey Henry, let’s follow the lies: There’s election fraud. There’s election fraud and the folks running the elections are part of the conspiracy. There’s election fraud and the judges are involved, too. There was no election fraud. Trump is the fraud.

Hey Henry, I wish dogs lived longer, life wasn’t so expensive, people did their own research instead of believing everything on the Internet and printed by biased news organizations, and society still believed in good character, integrity, and doing the right thing even when no one is watching. I sure do miss the America I grew up in.

Hey Henry, are y’all ready for round two of ‘he’s not my president?’

Hey Henry, first things first, outlaw these cars with bright blues lights, especially these new ones and the idiots that put these light beams on their trucks. Second, outlaw these cars with the loud exhaust! They must love to hear their own vehicles make ridiculous noise.

Hey Henry, it was surprising to read the “longtime resident” praise the diverse, multicultural county while dismissing a large population of “backward redneck hillbillies.” Talk about divisiveness! I hope this person learns to be more “inclusive.” Can’t we all just get along? From another longtime resident, not going anywhere else.


Vintage comment from April 20, 2005 – Hey Henry, dear commissioners, old Chinese proverb: He who rides the tiger cannot get off.

Hey Henry, the Henry County Zoning Advisory Board keeps approving more and more multi use developments, apartments, townhomes and cluster housing despite the obvious fact that Henry County is overcrowded and traffic is a nightmare. No accountability. People can’t leave here fast enough.

Hey Henry, Georgia, if you love Hollywood’s money, you better learn to eat its politics. Pretty soon you won’t enjoy the taste. Just take a look at California.

Hey Henry, our doctors and nurses are at the breaking point. They have dealt with so many deaths and Covid cases and unfortunately there are a lot more to come. Those who do not wear masks are selfish and uncaring. They are the same type of people who do not evacuate during a hurricane then sit on their roofs waiting to be rescued. Grow up and do your part.

Hey Henry, if anyone stole or influenced the election it was the left wing media ignoring important news stories to not upset the candidates’ chances of winning. I watch and listen to all news regardless of content. It gives me a perspective of what these knuckleheads are thinking and up to.

Hey Henry, our schools are filled with Covid cases. Scores of teachers out in many buildings. You’ve had to send in central office staff, tons of subs, make class sizes more unsafe than ever. Isn’t it time to follow some common sense and finish the year like we started, all remote?

Hey Henry, since when did the I-75 20/81 exit become a huge haven for drug addicted bums? They are getting quite aggressive lately. This sets a poor image, for a county already “in the decline.” I wish this could be addressed soon.

Hey Henry, as a long time resident of Henry County, I would like to welcome all the new families who have chosen to move to Henry County. Finally this is a diverse, multicultural county! I am tired of all the backward redneck hillbilly, good ole boy idiots that lived here and ran this county. To all that have moved out of this county or plan to move – good riddance! This county is better off without you.

Hey Henry, sports teams should follow the method set by other sore losers. If they don’t win the game, go to the court to have the opposing team’s scoring plays thrown out until they do win. Litigate those touchdowns. It may be the only hope for the Falcons and Cowboys.

Hey Henry, we should not be surprised when overnight the government passes a bill to keep running. People are going hungry, yet you don’t have any concerns. Stay behind your walls at home, you have no remorse whatsoever to help Americans out.

Hey Henry, why do women insist on wearing stretch pants so tight when their rear looks like two hippos trapped in a bag fighting to get out?

Hey Henry, I think  Henry county should turn the covered complex at Heritage Park into an ice skating rink during the holidays, complete with hot cocoa and projector movies and music!


Vintage comment from April 6, 2005  – Hey Henry, why can’t SPLOST money actually go to roads in need of repair?

Hey Henry, to the people that leave a nice warm house and go to a nice warm office to work, remember the ones outside freezing their cans off. You should have no complaints!

Hey Henry, what’s up with all the dump trucks, from Hwy. 42 to Jonesboro road to McDonough Parkway? Where is code enforcement? These dump trucks are fully loaded with no tarp covering like the law says. Not responsible for falling debris – you wanna bet?

Hey Henry, the most important election of the century and no cameras, no security, no cameras in the parking lot, and nobody monitoring the cameras. This was a setup from the get go. Our grandchildren will hear the truth in 50 or 60 years. Someone will spill the beans.

Hey Henry, when will Trump go somewhere and quit trying to make a fool out the people of Georgia? Kelly Loeffler needs to hop on her horses and continue farming. David Perdue needs to go check on his chickens, that’s where he is needed. It’s disgusting for the three of them to be down right ignorant. What will our kids think? If you lose a game, or fail a test – that it’s okay to fight or pout? You lose some, you win some.

Hey Henry, Trump avoiding the draft during Vietnam comes up occasionally, but if you dig a little deeper, you’ll find Bush, Clinton and a host of other Republicans and Democrats who pulled shady deals to avoid the service. Washington has been the home of draft dodgers for decades.

Hey Henry, in response to the ER visits and not being able to use a primary health provider because someone doesn’t have insurance. What happened to the hyped up Obama care? It’s free if you can’t afford it, or is it? By the way, a nurse whispered in my ear at the ER one night, “you’re better off coming in here without any insurance because the hospital eats the cost and it’s written off.”

Hey Henry, Donald Trump is the only person who can save America from total destruction. Don’t believe it? Watch the chaos and stumbling. Biden will do damage from day one.

Hey Henry, I see a lot of people having the attitude “I would survive the Coronavirus. I’m taking my chances.” The way I see it, yeah, I’d survive it, but I might carry it to someone who wouldn’t. And that, people, is the problem.

Hey Henry, Biden is going to jump start the economy? You mean the way Obama jump started it.

Hey Henry, after the elections are over, your neighbors will still be your neighbors. Trump or Biden won’t be there to ring up your groceries, fix your car, help you with your yardwork; your neighbors will. We the people are what makes a country great. We are the ones who choose to be decent, loving, caring and compassionate human beings. Stop allowing politicians (including local ones) with their own agendas divide us and encourage hate. Be responsible for your own behavior and character. #AlwaysChooseKindness

Hey Henry, Henry County voted almost 60% for Biden. To those 60%, enjoy the socialism coming our way. No griping, please. You wanted it, you got it.

Hey Henry, politicians are like fleas. They are parasites that live off our tax money and they are impossible to get rid of.

Hey Henry, I guess $2.8 million is not worth saving for the HCWA. Our Commissioners are losing sight as to whose money they’re losing.


Vintage comment from March 2, 2005 – Hey Henry, somebody called in to the vent saying their spouse can speak 200 words per minute; with gusts, 250. I didn’t know they knew my husband.

Hey Henry, you can’t even go to the veterinarian on the weekdays or holidays unless you wait several hours because this county is so overcrowded.

Hey Henry, to the person taking the pictures of people’s tags while on their phones in their cars – aren’t you using your phone to take those pictures? The law is “Hands Free Georgia.” Look it up and PUT YOUR PHONE DOWN!

Hey Henry, ever wonder why McDonough is the only city in the County that has a city tax and is also the only city in the county that charges for parking?

Hey Henry, ok, so if you are stupid enough NOT to wear a mask and you die from COVID-19 then that leaves us with less stupid people.

Hey Henry, isn’t the news supposed to be unbiased? Your blue is showing.

Hey Henry, if you do not have insurance the last place you should be going for minor medical issues is the Emergency Room. A primary care doctor is far cheaper and quicker.

Hey Henry, I know I said it was nice to not have Alexa, Echo, and Siri yapping at me, but the truth is, I’m kind of lonely. So I decided to say hello to my refrigerator (yes, it talks and its name is Bixby). I said “hey Bixby,” and, I kid you not, the screen showed this message: “Bixby is no longer in the country!”

Hey Henry, only when you’re older and wiser do you realize how much control the government has over our lives. Trump had the right idea, step out of the way and let us handle it. When Biden steps up, look for more regulations and laws you can’t imagine.

Hey Henry, Trump has done more for everyone and everything than anyone who has ever lived … and if you believe that load of garbage, I have a bridge to sell you.

Hey Henry, have a good day!

Hey Henry, Public Safety, please monitor King Mill Road from 42 to 155. Drivers speed and pass in the middle lane, which is a turning lane. I so want to buy a big truck with steel bars around it and ram the crap out of these idiots.

Hey Henry, I don’t see how anyone could be surprised at the actions of the Ola Elementary School principal. Schools no longer educate, they indoctrinate, that’s their job.

Hey Henry, you sure showed your true colors when you objected to a school Principal educating about, and celebrating the diversity of our top elected officials.

Hey Henry, Stacy Abrams’ nonprofit groups are giving millions to help defeat Loeffler and Perdue.

Hey Henry, Biden. Come on man, you want more security clearances, you’re not the President, since you have not been sworn in yet. You are not my President. Get over it.


Vintage comment from February 16, 2005 – Hey Henry, the definition of an optimist: a driver with his/her blinker light on anywhere along Highway 81 East.

Hey Henry, I wish someone would go shake the paw of the giant dog sitting on the pedestal on Jonesboro Road. He looks so sad and in need of some love.

Hey Henry, do you have confidence in the voting system in place for the senate races?

Hey Henry, someone needs to come up with a distribution plan in the paper so I can have a place for all my pictures of all the tags and photos of people on their phones texting or talking on them, also of drivers being disrespectful of others. They know who they are.

Hey Henry, President Trump has done more for African Americans than any other President (including Obama) and he wasn’t re-elected. No more complaining when Biden doesn’t do, or accomplish anything.

Hey Henry, Trump lost the popular vote both in 2016 and 2020 so half the country did not vote for a man incapable of anything, much less being Commander in Chief.

Hey Henry, the real winners in this election are the businesses that sold all the signs.

Hey Henry, I agree with the fellow “anti masker.” This nonsense has gone on long enough. If people are afraid of this virus, you need to wear a mask and do what ever else you need to do to feel safe. However, don’t criticize me because I am over this and choose to move ahead, mask free.

Hey Henry, the only legal thing Trump did was the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act – and boy, did most Americans get jobbed on that one!

Hey Henry, has Jon Ossoff held a real job? How can a 33-year- old with little experience hold down a senator’s position?

Hey Henry, I came close to being nailed broadside by an Amazon van at “the most dangerous intersection in Henry County – Hwy. 155 and East Lake.” He ran the red light. How long before something is really done about this intersection?

Hey Henry, politicians don’t worry about taxes, guess who writes the tax laws.

Hey Henry, I am sure that the people that you were complaining about using the ER for minor complaints would much rather go to a Primary Care provider. My guess is that they do not have insurance, or cannot afford some of the outrageous copays that are charged by those that have insurance. Complain to Gov. Kemp who refuses to expand Medicaid, not to the people who have no other choice but to go to the ER.

Hey Henry, follow the money on Henry’s expansion and subdivision building en masse.

Hey Henry, Board of Education, please ask presenters for Professional Development days not to read slide shows to us. We teach reading, and know how to read. It’s almost insulting.

Hey Henry, I get it when businesses require me to wear face coverings, but when I visit area Wal-Mart stores, more times than not, I see employees in the deli with masks below their noses or totally off. These folks are handling food. What is going on here?


Vintage comment from February 5, 2005 – Hey Henry, everyone should treat people the way you want to be treated. It only takes a second to smile and say hello. Hello everyone. God loves you!

Hey Henry, could it be over half of the country is willing to vote for a man not capable of being the Commander in Chief?

Hey Henry, make America intelligent again.

Hey Henry, there is no national, state, or local laws for wearing those masks. If you want to wear one, that’s ok with me. Don’t try to shame me because I don’t.

Hey Henry, you’re already going to get a tax hike compliments of Trump and the Republicans. The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act tax cuts were temporary. I see that Trump and the Republicans forgot to mention that fact this election.

Hey Henry, it has become quite evident how ignorant the American voter is and has become.

Hey Henry, President Trump did exactly what he said he would do before becoming President. Listen carefully at what Biden and Harris have said now and in the past and list their accomplishments. For Biden list any in 47 years. You see where our country is headed. We get the government we deserve.

Hey Henry, even President Carter has said Trump was put in office by the Russian interference. Hillary Clinton has said Trump is not a legitimate President. The list goes on forever, but now, when Trump questions interference in the vote, everyone is shocked.

Hey Henry, to the person who complained about the traffic around Tanger Outlet. You must not be a Henry County native. If you were, you would know that Henry County builds, builds and builds some more. Reason and logic says that you widen and improve the roads first. You can’t build all those warehouses, but choose to ignore the road system.

Hey Henry, whose bright idea was it to close the railroad crossing on Bowden Street in Locust Grove? All they had to do was put two poles on either side of the tracks, with a sign overhead that only cars can go under, saying ‘low crossing’ to keep the trucks from turning there. Now the intersection at Peeksville Road is a traffic jam.

Hey Henry, I sure hope the political signs will be gone real soon so I can have an unobstructed view of the garage sale signs again. I’m serious!

Hey Henry, to all of the rude, reckless, drag racing maniacs on our once-safe roadways – if you brought your driving “skills” here from whatever state you moved here from, you should have left them there. We are tired of it.

Hey Henry, thank you for repairing the pot holes on Hosannah Road. It doesn’t feel like an obstacle course any more!

Hey Henry, Henry County Times, who on our school board owns you? I ask because you’ve put nothing about our school board in your column for months, yet I know many of us district employees are writing in. Shame on you!

Hey Henry, in these difficult, tumultuous times … I like bacon, I like beer, but not bacon beer.


Vintage comment from January 19, 2005 – Hey Henry, I just love it when customers in the express lane, with too many items, wait until the cashier gives a total before they start digging for a credit card.

Hey Henry, move to Australia and live in the bush the rest of your life and forget the day to day bickering and nonsense over the President and the government. You’ll live longer and happier, nothing is going to change for anyone in America whomever sits in the White House.

Hey Henry, people talk about the economy not being good, heck, you could have fooled me. People shopping like crazy, eating out, taking two or three vacations a year, and buying new vehicles. Sorry, I don’t believe it.

Hey Henry, we are always concerned about texting and driving, which is a pandemic in itself. People who drive, eat, read, or put makeup on should also be ticketed.

Hey Henry, I feel compelled to comment about the car dealerships selling expensive parts. I have been a mechanic over 40 years and I can tell you it is a fine line between buying expensive factory parts and Chinese junk. If the part goes inside the engine, I buy the best part available regardless the cost, otherwise I take a gamble of buy what’s best for the repair. Not all cheap parts are bad, just some of them.

Hey Henry, we sure could use some resurfacing and new lineage on Plantation Road from New Hope to Laney at the stop sign. It has many potholes and has narrowed over the years. With no lights on that road (to speak of) it is becoming a real hazard, especially after dark.

Hey Henry, well, things are looking a little better for me. Alexa and Echo want to stay at the warehouse forever. Siri never has an answer for any of my questions, so I’ve quit talking to her. Without all of them yapping at me, I’ve begun to notice things I’ve never noticed before – like the beautiful Pink Muhly Grass on the medians on Jonesboro Road.

Hey Henry, we live in a 55 and older community. It is very quiet, but all the stop signs in our neighborhood mean nothing to the homeowners or their guests. I walk in the neighborhood, and these people are so disrespectful. Running stop signs and even speeding. 25 miles per hour is max.

Hey Henry, I go in the grocery store and maybe 2 or 3 individuals are not wearing a mask. I’m not fond of wearing one either, but being over 70, I feel compelled to. I wear it out of respect for my fellow citizens as every citizen should. Shame on anyone not wearing a mask, regardless of who you are.

Hey Henry, please stop using our wonderful Piedmont Henry hospital as your primary healthcare. The emergency room is over crowded from minor ailments a primary doctor could have taken care of. Anyone in the ER lately can understand.

Hey  Henry, I see that some people fail to read what’s written. Republicans have been stacking the courts since Nixon. Trump has had multiple bankruptcies and stiffed so many banks that no one will lend to him. That’s a business failure, not a success. No one is a bigger failure than Trump.

Hey Henry, if Biden wins, get ready for tax hikes, national mask mandates, and more socialism.


Vintage comment from December 15, 2004 – Hey Henry, the most powerful weapon ever made … grandchildren.

Hey Henry, my sister has sewn and given away over 1,800 masks to the Veterans Administration, The Red Cross, churches and some schools. I think that is very good.

Hey Henry, why are male cats and male turkeys both called a tom?

Hey Henry, kudos to the caste system in high school. The same folks at the top of the caste are still floundering on classmates, reciting their resumes and posting pics of their trips to far off places. Decades ago and they are still reliving their teen years. No one cared then, and no one cares now.

Hey Henry, I see no one else cares about the awful pot holes on Hosannah Road. Again, they have been marked with white paint. I guess that’s the new fix it method for the pot hole problem.

Hey Henry, my father used to tell me it’s no different today than yesteryear. The only difference is today you can borrow all the money you want to buy whatever, but back in the hard times you couldn’t borrow two dimes. For once I will agree with my dad.

Hey Henry, when is Locust Grove going to make the left turn at the corner of Tanger Blvd. and the KFC an illegal turn? If not, why don’t they put a turn lane there. Locust Grove is a mess as it is, and it backs up traffic when driver’s want to turn left at that light. There is going to be a major accident there one of these days.

Hey Henry, finally the media is asking Joe Biden the tough questions similar to the ones asked of President Trump. “Hey Joe, what flavor ice cream did you get.” I got vanilla and a chocolate.”

Hey Henry, darn right that it is a travesty that Trump ended up president. He’s unable to complete a sentence even if his life depended on it.

Hey, Henry, to the person who says Republicans have been stacking the SCOTUS since Nixon, you are so wrong. The SC has consisted of eight justices and one Chief Justice for many, many years. The Republicans have no desire to add additional justices, unlike the Democrats who want to stack the SC so they can gain leverage by doing so.

Hey Henry, it takes a special sort of idiot to bankrupt a casino but it’s only your money if you want Trump to run your business. It’s our lives that Trump has been playing with for four years.

Hey Henry, Donald Trump is a successful business owner. Whether you like his personality or not, he gets results. Kind of like Teddy Roosevelt.

Hey Henry, attaboy to our wonderful Henry Piedmont Hospital and all the nurses and doctors. I spent three days there and felt safe and comfortable with the concern and care I received. That goes for the EMT’s that picked me up by ambulance.

Hey Henry, having seven yard signs and a five foot billboard in your yard will not convince me to vote for your favorite candidate. It just looks tacky.


Vintage comment fro November 24, 2004 – Hey Henry, to the fast food customers who dine as you drive; did your Mama REALLY say it was okay to throw your empty containers and cups in the road? I don’t think so!

Hey Henry, thank you HC Transit Department for the free shuttle service from the courthouse parking lot to the Elections Main Office for early voting. And thank you to all the workers at the Elections office for such an easy early voting process. I’m proud of the professionalism displayed by all.

Hey Henry, the traffic and congestion continues to get unbearable and the building of subdivisions keeps welcoming more and more people. It will never stop.

Hey Henry, we can’t get “Enough” of the Casual Observer. Lol.

Hey Henry, I believe car dealerships that sell parts for ridiculous sums, should investigated.

Hey Henry, a stop sign at Sloan street and 42 – really? What are you thinking? Traffic is really backing up there since the stop sign has been put up. What is going to happen when there is a wreck on 75 and all that traffic is coming through here? Get real! This is not going to work!

Hey Henry, China, Iran, North Korea and every other two bit dictator country is watching with keen interest awaiting Biden as President. We will be in a position they want to see us in. This is a travesty, electing a man who can’t complete a sentence.

Hey Henry, who really believes Trump can spell prognostication, much less has a clue what it means? Obviously, someone assists him in writing his tweets. How dare he insult Dr. Fauci. I guess he wants us to listen to Dr. Atlas, Radiologist, not an Epidemiologist.

Hey Henry, if you watched the townhall on Thursday night, you could see how the media favors Biden. No hard questions, nothing about the emails. What has Biden done for the country in his 47 years?

Hey Henry, the Republicans have been stacking the courts since Nixon.

Who would you want to run your business, Biden or Trump? I say Trump.

Hey Henry, the poll numbers are real. What do you think that they do, make stuff up like Trump?

Hey Henry, all you people waving because you want the public to vote for your candidate, please quit waving! Just because your waving, does not mean we are going to vote for your candidate.

Hey Henry, I appreciate the fact that Chris Christie is man enough to admit when he makes a mistake.

Hey Henry, fist bumping is still a physical touch. It does nothing to prevent the spread of germs.


Vintage comment from November 10, 2004 – Hey Henry, thank you, Bethany Baptist departing worshippers, for coming to the aid of a stranded Methodist. As the song goes, we’ll “pass it on.”

Hey Henry, Washington works well for the rich, but not for the common people. It has always been this way and will continue to be that way. It’s the American way.

Hey Henry, cigarette smokers – quit throwing your cigarettes on the ground. People don’t want that crap in their yards or businesses.

Hey Henry, after reading the Times’s article about in-person commissioners meetings, I have to say you hit the nail on the head. Some don’t ever want a public meeting where they will face the public. Henry citizens are quickly getting fed up with racist politics and personal desires. I just hope the people in these districts wake up before it’s too late.

Hey Henry, only in your adulthood do you realize high school is a caste system and has been forever.

Hey Henry, look up the definition of politician in the dictionary. Politician: usually someone drunk on power and control who thinks they know what is better for you than you do.

Hey Henry, this county ain’t gonna be happy until every tree is cut down to build something.

Hey Henry, while I am grateful for the job that both law enforcement and fire/emergency services do, I have noticed something odd recently. I saw a Henry County fire engine with a blue flashing light on back. I thought State of GA code was that blue lights were reserved for law enforcement and red lights were reserved for emergency services. This seems to blur the line a little. This is not something that is needed during these unsettled times.

Hey Henry, tomorrow’s forecast: mostly sad with intermittent rays of hope.

Hey Henry, a big shout out to the sales force at Harbor Freight on Jonesboro Road. They are friendly, knowledgeable and personable; give it a try.

Hey Henry, to those who wear jeans with rips in the front: how do you put them on without getting your toes stuck in the holes?

Hey Henry, if Joe Biden wins, get ready for the Supreme Court to be stacked. Get ready for Elizabeth Warren to be treasury secretary. Get ready for the completion of the change to communism.

Hey Henry, why are the Republicans intent on pushing through a Supreme Court nomination prior to an election? We have already had many demonstrations of their hypocrisy, so there’s no need for another. Maybe they should be trying to help ordinary Americans. Remember us? The ones who’ll be voting November 3.

Hey Henry, if you are naive enough to believe in polls Vice President Biden is on track to win 49 states in a landslide. I have never in my entire life been polled by phone or in person. Where do they get all these fictitious poll numbers?

Hey Henry, it will be chaos if President Trump wins the election and every voter knows it. Rioting, looting, burning and destroying property will be on the grandest scale and it will take national guard troops to stop it. Don’t believe it, wait and see.


Vintage comment from September 1, 2004 – Hey Henry, in the time it takes me to go from my house to the airport, check my bags, and fly to Guatemala, I got from Jodeco Road to Hudson Bridge on I-75. This county’s out of control.

Hey Henry, the debate was a total joke and we should be ashamed. What on earth was that? The world is watching and it’s not good.

Hey Henry, election signs by code should be on private, not public property. If the candidates cannot follow the law why would we want to elect them? Observe and see which candidates are so blatantly breaking the rules. They are desperately trying to win. My fear is what rules will they be willing to break if they win.

Hey Henry, I watched Kennedy and Nixon debate in 1960. No comparison in what took place then and the spectacle we endured last night. My gosh, this country is in serious trouble.

Hey Henry, you know things are rough when Democrats actually admit there is a budget. By the way, there is such thing as Federalism (high school civics class) and Trump can’t restore order when Governors and/or mayors don’t ask for federal assistance.

Hey Henry, a cop killed a black woman and was only charged for the shots missed. Arrest the killers of Breonna Taylor. 

Hey Henry, I would like to know how many of the people that belong to the white supremacy groups have actually been in the military, and spent time in a war zone. They dress up like soldiers, with their weapons, uniforms, and chants, all the time playing soldiers.

Hey Henry, Simon and  Garfunkel said it in 1968. It’s still true: Sitting on a sofa on a Sunday afternoon. Going to the candidates’ debate. Laugh about it, shout about it, when you’ve got to choose. Every way you look at this you lose.

Hey Henry, they put a crosswalk in front of the shops in Locust Grove with blinking lights and half the people don’t even mash the button to turn on the caution lights when they cross the street. How dumb can you get?

Hey Henry, for those who read the opinion column in the September 30 issue, please do your research about ACA. It is not as wonderful as some think. So many do not qualify. There are very high premiums and costly regulations. It really is not working. Thousands are without insurance, as we speak. So, Medicare for All  will fix the problem? Just asking.

Hey Henry, if Trump remains president, we will be like Russia. Those who think otherwise are delusional just like Trump.

Hey Henry, why won’t Biden answer if he will stack the Supreme Court or bring Puerto Rico and DC in as states?

Hey Henry, Georgia’s governor, Brian Kemp, was featured prominently in Doonesbury last Sunday in the AJC. I’m sure it will be remembered when he tires of Georgia and tries for the Big Leagues. Be sure to look for it.

Hey  Henry, my sister is a hoarder. To gain some insight into her problem, I started watching a TV show called “Hoarders.” It completely backfired on me. I found her a hoarding buddy, and now I want to start hoarding.


Vintage comment from August 25, 2004 – Hey Henry, why does every ladies magazine that advertises a new diet on the front cover always have an incredible dessert that you can’t have on the diet?

Hey Henry, this county should be in the record books, because it surely holds the record for red light running for the entire state. I have been driving over 55 years and on a regular basis I see someone running a red light. It has become common place to see it weekly. A footnote, a knucklehead almost killed me running a red light in 2017!

Hey Henry, certain commissioners use meetings to promote themselves for reelection. They are campaigning on our time and the chair allows it every meeting. Yet it must not seem important to some so I guess we will just become more divided.

Hey Henry, a shout out to Taco Bell at Price Quarters Road on the best drive thru ordering system. What do they know that everyone else is missing.

Hey Henry, the person who commented that Trump is a dictator must have received a failing grade in civics. Dissent and elections are not permitted in dictatorships. Furthermore, Obama gets first place for presidential pardons which totaled 1,927. Of these 504 were life sentences and 330 were on his last day in office.

Hey Henry, when is “Make America Great Again” going to start?

Hey Henry, since Trump became president everything is better. The economy is higher, social security, health care. You people who don’t think so need to stop drinking the kool aid. Think about the future with the Democrats. No police, no social security, no health care. We will be living in a Communist nation. Read your history on Germany and Hitler. God Bless this great country.

Hey Henry, Trump is the President now. So why doesn’t he restore order now? Will he be a different person if he is re-elected? I don’t think so.

Hey Henry, amazing in this decade the police are the criminals. Police being charged with crimes, indicted, fired, relieved, laid off, belittled, attacked, injured, shot at, the list goes on and on. Did you ever think in a million years the police would be the bad guys, not the criminals.

Hey Henry, the Democrats are blasting Trump for not paying enough in taxes. If it’s legal, it doesn’t matter if you never pay a dime in taxes. I’ve never heard of anyone writing a check to the IRS for taxes they didn’t have to pay.

Hey Henry, Trump’s only major legislative accomplishment in four years is lining his pockets along with the rest of the rich with his Tax Cuts Act. Of course, it has ballooned the deficit by $8.3 trillion, but who’s counting? Not his followers.

Hey Henry, McDonough council member Vincent needs to stop “rocking the boat” at council meetings. Evidently, she does not understand how city courts operate as police officers only appear in court after the defendants plea “not guilty” to try cases.

Hey Henry, has anyone seen the middle class? Where did they go?

Hey Henry, the grass on the right of way at Loop road between Westridge and Nail road is so high we can’t see the stop signs and other cars approaching. Our school buses are using these roads and it is becoming very dangerous. If you can’t mow these roadsides I will be glad to, just bring me a tractor and a mower.


Vintage comment from August 18, 2004 – Hey Henry, to the kid (and his mom) who wish to ignore the no-body-piercing rule at Henry County Schools … remember the Barney Fife way of life? Rule # 1, obey all rules, Rule # 2 … see Rule # 1.

Hey Henry, too many tailgaters in this county; we need some social distancing between cars!

Hey Henry, here’s my opinion. Mind your own business.

Hey, Henry, due to pain was forced to go to Piedmont Henry late Friday night. I want to give a shout out to ALL the people working in ER! I was treated with efficiency, respect, by registrars, nurses, and doctors! In and out in less than two hours with all the care needed to put me on the road to recovery! Thanks again for all the great care I received!

Hey Henry, I second the motion, please no more apartments. And as a footnote, please no more cracker box houses, row upon row, 8 feet apart with no end in sight.

Hey Henry, why don’t cows get hay fever or allergies to ragweed?

Hey Henry, who is in charge of keeping emissions at a not-so-standard rate? They are charging us $13 up to $25. Can’t there be a standard rate?

Hey Henry, can the BOC please start meeting in person in their meeting room? The same room employees had to have blood drawn for biometrics testing. There is a lot of plexiglass already installed.

Hey Henry, I will make a prediction and stand on it. Kelleytown Road at the intersection of Airline will be a four lane highway before you know it.

Hey Henry, on my property tax bill I am charged for Fire Dept. protection, yet we do not have a hydrant near our home. The Water Dept. says it is the responsibility of the Fire Dept. and the Fire Dept. says it is the Water Dept. HELP!

Hey Henry, does anyone miss that comfy home town feel of Henry County?

Hey Henry, ladies – take it easy with those false eyelashes. Some of you are beginning to look like cartoon characters.

Hey Henry, just watch NFL Red Zone; it shows the scoring plays. Then, if you’d rather watch entire games, hit the mute – so refreshing. Or read a book or spend time with family. Me? I’m a huge Hockey fan and have yet to watch a playoff game.

Hey Henry, I’m so sick of all this political bickering in the Henry Times. Let’s do away with parties and that will take care of Democratic and Republican chatter. Good lord people, y’all talk about something else!

Hey Henry, Trump kept his promises and did more in a year than Obama and Uncle Joe did in eight years. I guarantee the people complaining about Trump not doing anything are enjoying their 401k, the raise they received, the bonus and their friends companies in the red.

Hey Henry, every time I listen/see what Trump has said or done I simply make another donation to Joe Biden’s campaign. It makes me feel GREAT!


Vintage comment from August 4, 2004 – Hey Henry, does anyone know how many family Mom-and-Pop businesses Wal-Mart has happily run out of business? I don’t, but Ibet the numbers are astounding.

Hey Henry, a local radio station interrupts its 15 minutes of uninterrupted news four times to say the 15 minutes of news is uninterrupted.

Hey Henry, y’all enjoy the Scarecrows this year. Charles T. Zachary won’t be there, so neither will I or my money.

Hey Henry, my brother would say quite often, “we are running out of time.” I would tell him repeatedly, that’s not funny. He turned 75 last month and although I am 18 months behind him, I winced when he told me his doctor said to him the other day, “you’re out of time.”

Hey Henry, brilliant article on opinions by the Casual Observer. Sadly we can’t even discuss issues anymore.

Hey Henry, the 25 mph speed limit on Phillips Road is ridiculous.

Hey Henry, we have become lawless and reckless like the wild west. Police chiefs are resigning in numbers. There is violence and anarchy in the streets, looting, burning, injuring police officers and to top it off, not one sentence from the Democrats about it. Not a word.

Hey Henry, I am one of the three million Americans who stutter as Joe Biden does. And for Trump to mimic him is a direct insult to me and I don’t like it.

Hey Henry, professional football coming back means more kneeling when the National Anthem plays and the same old tired round table analysis of who did what and why. Pro ball will never ever be the same in America. Some fans will leave and never come back.

Hey Henry, please, don’t take the vaccine if you don’t want to. There will be that much more for those who do want to take it. Thanks for your sacrifice!

Hey Henry, I don’t give my opinion anymore. It’s my business and you can’t change people’s minds anyway.

Hey Henry, stop printing the political submissions! It’s boring. Plus, y’all’s political stance is showing.

Hey Henry, as soon as President Trump wins the election in a massive landslide, order will be restored overnight. The violence, looting, burning and destroying cities will stop immediately. Bank on it.

Hey Henry, you asked, “how are we in a dictatorship?” Trump breaks the law and no one holds him accountable. The Justice Department acts like his personal lawyer instead of representing the interests of the American people. Let’s not forget Trump’s pardons/clemencies for guilty cronies and medals for supporters. Every day there’s a new example.

Hey Henry, you’re always good for a laugh. The individual who requested a list of President Trump’s accomplishments, which wouldn’t fit on this page, must be getting their news from CNN.

Hey Henry, I’m at the tag office today in Stockbridge and it was crowded. I’d like to know why people cannot put their phones down and pay attention? How inconsiderate of some people.


Vintage comment from July 28, 2004 – Hey Henry, I think after reading the Letter to the Editor by Herman Talmadge in the July 21, 2004 edition of The Times that that is compelling evidence that every individual who aspires to be elected to public office should be required to file a psychiatric evaluation for public inspection at the time they pay their qualifying fees.

Hey Henry, some people actually listen and others are just waiting to talk.

Hey Henry, there is a shortage of Superior Court Judges in Henry County. There are non-contested divorces that were filed back in June that still have not been signed off on, and no idea as to when they will have a judge to do so. Please subcontract a retired judge to sign decrees. There are many out here that have to live in fear of the spouse we are divorcing.

Hey Henry, everything people told me about getting old was true.

Hey Henry, thank you for listing the comment about some of our elected officials personal finances. This should be known! When leaders manage our tax money, but have numerous bankruptcies under different aliases – this is a problem.

Hey Henry, I never knew we had any mountains in McDonough until I saw the foothills cropping up in Bridges Road.

Hey Henry, wouldn’t it make more sense for the new aquatic center to be in the city of the county seat? It would be more accessible to many more people in the middle of the county.

Hey Henry, to all the progressives, leftists, Democrats etc. – go march yourself down to the voting booth like the simple minded (can’t think for yourself) sheep and cast your vote for a white candidate who stated if you don’t vote for him then you are not black. Is that who you really want representing you? A do-nothing racist politician who has hurt America more than he has helped?

Hey Henry, if you’re so sure that Trump has kept his promises and accomplished so much, please list said promises kept and his accomplishments. Otherwise, it’s just more Trump lies.

Hey Henry, New York mayor DeBlasio said he wants redistribution of wealth. Restaurants to open for 25% for inside dining in New York for now. They are behind. Businesses closing. People leaving in droves. This is what the socialist Democrats will give you.

Hey Henry, have you heard about Kemp setting up his own task force to meet the CDC’s deadline for having Covid-19 vaccine doses ready to distribute for the Nov. election? I don’t know about you, but I will not be taking any vaccine that has been rushed to make Trump look good for his election. It is too late for him to try to correct his mistakes. Ask the families of the over 186,000 (that’s just today’s number) people who have died.

Hey Henry, how are we in a dictatorship? Use examples rather than parroting what others say. And don’t say he uses executive orders, because that was the trademark of that last disastrous administration.

Hey Henry, Republicans used to be the anti-slavery party back in the Civil War days. Trump Republicans now stand for white supremacy and wage slavery.


Vintage comment from July 21, 2004 – Hey Henry, Hubba-Bubba bubblegum is back! Hallelujah!Now if only Bubble-Yum would bring back the lemon lime flavor they used to have.

Hey Henry, after looking into public records, it is very disturbing to see just how poorly some of the leaders and elected officials handle their personal finances. We need to do criminal and financial investigations BEFORE someone is put in charge of our hard earned money.

Hey Henry, Locust Grove desperately needs several nice restaurants. I don’t like driving to McDonough to eat a nice meal.

Hey Henry, after watching the Democrat and Republican conventions, whom do you think will do a better job for Americans? Trump or Biden?

Hey Henry, please, please, no more apartments.

Hey Henry, where is the Confederate monument? Where is it’s “place of similar prominence” where by law, it will be re-erected?

Hey Henry, Alexa and I will be sharing custody of Echo, so I will be driving to the warehouse for visitation. I really miss Alexa; but on a positive note, at least I don’t have to buy her custom-made face masks anymore.

Hey Henry, the person commenting about Trump not keeping promises must be in the twilight zone. President Trump kept dozens of promises. He did exactly what he promised he would do if elected. Facts are facts.

Hey Henry, you must be rich if you feel that Trump is sharing wealth and prosperity with all Americans.

Hey Henry, about the Trump accomplishment that a reader said he is repeating because he never accomplished. Before you post something so idiotic, did you look at what he HAS done? Obviously not, as your hatred overrides all common sense.

Hey Henry, we should give Trump, his administration, and Republicans their own private island: Alcatraz!

Hey Henry, in the 90’s our equivalent of the comments on “social” media was graffiti on a bathroom wall.

Hey Henry, have all of your tractors and mowers died? The weeds are covering the stop sign at Plaza Parkway and also on Nail Road. Help please!

Hey Henry, keep in mind that FAKE NEWS also includes media that has an agenda and chooses not to run stories that hurt their cause. If it is a story they cannot ignore, they may edit it and/or use a part of it out of context to suit their purpose. Beware. Just because it’s reported, doesn’t means it reported truthfully.

Hey Henry, before long, Crumbley Road will need four lanes. Progress and growth prompts citizens to leave and go elsewhere.

Hey Henry, why is it that the fire department cannot accompany police officers to spray the demonstrators? I’ll bet they won’t burn and loot businesses with a hard splash of H2O. If you peacefully demonstrate with a permit, that’s fine. When you destroy my hard earned tax dollars, I have a problem with that. A big problem with that.


Vintage comment from July 7, 2004 – Hey Henry, rumor has it that developers can just ignore building regulations in Henry County.

Hey Henry, I’m glad to have the new pizza place, but someone needs to tell them about social distancing. The place was packed shoulder to shoulder.

Hey Henry, the biggest challenge to any business today is hiring someone that wants to work and will work. Young people don’t know how to work, want big salaries right out of the gate and think sweeping the shop floor is beneath them. God helps us.

Hey Henry, the following is above politicization from either side: an asymptomatic patient infected Dr. Frank Lockwood (52) and he lost a 7 week battle with COVID-19. The disease robbed this county of a wonderful treasure.

Hey Henry, a lot of people who are voting for Biden are doing so because they hate Trump so badly. Perhaps they need to look at what Biden and the Democrat party stands for. After all, the Democrats were the ones who led the old Confederacy.

Hey Henry, anyone who votes for a man that believes in QAnon, maybe could benefit from a mental evaluation. I imagine these are the same people that are waiting on Trump to wave his magic wand so the virus will just disappear.

Hey Henry, ask yourself – why am I here on earth? The answer isn’t puzzling at all.

Hey Henry, I agree with the comment last week. I am 70 years old. I had nothing to do with the Civil War era.

Hey Henry, the residents who live on Hosannah Road appreciate whoever marked the pot holes with white paint. However, we would be happier if they could be filled. Come on Henry County, help us out.

Hey Henry, ah, the really good old days, vacuum wipers and a generator instead of an alternator. You could drive all week on a dead battery with a generator and don’t speed up suddenly in a rain storm, your wipers will stop in their tracks. Ask anyone at least age 65.

Hey Henry, I’m torn between voting for Biden and getting some free stuff for myself or voting for Trump and sharing the wealth and prosperity with all Americans.

Hey Henry, remember the Trump campaign promises from 2016? Have you noticed he is making the same promises in 2020, because he didn’t keep the ones from 2016. Seems his sister is correct (not that she told us anything we didn’t already know).

Hey Henry, do you really want a president that has dictators for best friends? I am tired of feeling like I live in a country run by a dictator.

Hey Henry, I understand the fear and health concerns, but all the parents who want online schooling for their kids fail to realize the negative impact it has on their learning. COVID-19 is accelerating the dumbing down of America. 


Vintage comment from June 9, 2004 – Hey Henry, how can you notice there is light if not for the shadows to point it out? Thank you.

Hey Henry, to the people who complain about masks: I am about to give birth alone and have to labor in a face mask for HOURS. So think of the mothers wearing masks next time you complain about wearing one.

Hey Henry, the Democrats are embarrassing themselves with Joe Biden as their candidate. Are the people behind this charade out of their minds, or are the people who would vote for Joe?

Hey Henry one of the biggest lies ever told in Henry County is “we are not raising taxes.” Yet almost everyone has higher taxes each year. They don’t raise the millage rate, they just raise the value of our property.

Hey Henry, if you’re easily offended, you’re easily manipulated.

Hey Henry, I have been watching America in a downward spiral. I have long felt that America is fast becoming a fascist state, but with the nomination of Kamala Harris teamed with the good and moral man, Joe Biden, things are looking up again. Lets restore America’s rightful place in the world as a shining beacon for justice and freedom.

Hey Henry, to the comment “what happened to Historic McDonough?” Let me answer that. The same thing that happened to our Nash Farm Civil War Battlefield.

Hey Henry, masks are effective yet nothing is 100%. Why put visitors, patients, and healthcare professionals at unnecessary additional risk?

Hey Henry, there are several things taking place in McDonough that are puzzling at best, but one that continues to baffle me – what’s up with the completion of 200 feet of pavement connecting Sims Road across John Frank Ward Blvd. to Keys Ferry Street? Its been three years in the making.

Hey Henry, my ancestors didn’t get to America until 1925. They struggled to find jobs and make a life by working hard at menial jobs. I was born in the 1950’s and we were poor. Stop blaming me for all the problems I had nothing to do with. Stop making me out to be a bad person. I’m sick of it.

Hey Henry, to the Henry Board of Education – thank you for making the right decision in terms of safety for our children, teachers, and staffers. For a while there, we didn’t think you had it in you.

Hey Henry, in Pike County, not too far from here, school is in session, no masks are being worn by students or teachers and they aren’t social distancing. Do they know something we don’t?

Hey Henry, whoever made the comment “anyone who supports the statue in McDonough supports slavery” is not originally from Henry County. Otherwise, they would not have made such a comment!

Hey Henry, Georgia has once again made the news. We are now the state with the highest transmission rate of coronavirus. What’s up with Kemp and Toomey? In my opinion they do not make a great team based on our statistics.


Vintage comment from June 2, 2004 – Hey Henry, I see we had EMTAwards Week. I just want to say we appreciate all the EMT’s firefighters and police officers for all the work they do. We love ‘em.  

Hey Henry, the Earth is traveling at a little over 17,000 miles an hour in its orbit around the sun. If it were to suddenly stop, what would happen? 

Hey Henry, I don’t have any problem giving President Trump a gold sticker. The question is, what do you give Biden for his cognitive abilities? A participation trophy?

Hey  Henry, regarding the photo of the crowded hallway in the Paulding County School – did anyone really think this wasn’t going to be the case?

Hey Henry, no more statues. We should install a pothole with a plaque honoring the four commissioners who made the space available and the potholes available.

Hey Henry, anyone that supports that statue in McDonough supports slavery. Get out of town. 

Hey Henry, if I don’t have to wash my feet before I go to the dentist then it stands to reason that I don’t have to brush my teeth before I go to the podiatrist.

Hey Henry, the night McDonough died – Tuesday, July 28, 2020.

Hey Henry, to the woman who drove the light blue Fiat who parked in the handicapped space in front of Ross in McDonough: I owe you an apology. I was rude and not kind at all. After I drove off, I felt convicted as I drove home. It has continued to bother me. I hope you read this. I am sincerely sorry. I was wrong and out of line.

Hey Henry, I sure would like to know how much it cost the tax payers to have the monument removed. The money would have been better spent on ROAD repairs in Henry County. We the people would like to know.

Hey Henry, we are all being drugged by fake news. We’re starting to look like a nation of Stepford Wives.

Hey Henry, why is it people think they can use church dumpsters for their trash? I see this most days. It is not like one small bag, they put in a lot of trash. Do they not know that the church has to pay to empty these?

Hey Henry, if McDonough and other surrounding cities keep clear cutting trees, they will look like the Sahara Desert with a bunch of ugly houses everywhere! How environmentally friendly is that? Where does the wildlife go if all the forests are gone? I guess it doesn’t matter.

Hey Henry, if the masks are so effective, why not let family members visit in hospitals and long term care facilities? You can’t have it both ways.

Hey Henry, looking for a truly effective weight-loss solution? Watch the TV show “Hoarders.” You will not want to eat.

Hey Henry, new county ISO 2 rating – YAY! Lower homeowners insurance premiums – YAY! Higher Millage Rates – wait a minute, what?


Vintage comment from May 19, 2004 – Hey Henry, without the French there would be no U.S. of A. Thank you for the French. Look at your history.

Hey  Henry, we would like to thank two amazing people, Mrs. Beverly and Ms. Amanda for their great service at Blessings Thrift Store. They will be missed tremendously. We wish you all the best in your future endeavors.

Hey Henry, it seems odd to spend $377 million to renovate the White House during an economic crisis.

Hey Henry, what happened to historic McDonough?

Hey Henry, the purpose of a debate is to win. The skill used to win debates is rhetoric (the area of effective or persuasive speaking or writing). Socrates, the great philosopher, renowned for his keen intellect and upstanding moral character, believed in dialect. Dialect uses logic and reasoning to find the truth. Politicians and political parties engage in rhetoric, propaganda, fake news, and noise to win. Be like the wise Socrates and use logic, reasoning, and research to find the truth.

Hey Henry, where is our confederate monument? We have the right to know. The BOC moved it. The people whose ancestors fought for it deserve to know. We matter too!

Hey Henry, don’t believe in the virus? Go visit Piedmont Henry.

Hey Henry, well, it’s over for me and Alexa; she wants to go back to the warehouse. She’s asking for half of the counter space and most of the electrical outlets.

Hey Henry, the center of the McDonough Square is a little empty now. How about a county wide invitation for suggestions of a replacement statue, symbol, or artwork? Narrow it down, then let Henry residents decide.

Hey Henry, I can’t wait for Kamala Harris to be President …I mean Vice-President. Given the insane hatred and political rhetoric Trump has had to deal with, can you imagine what is in store for the next President?

Hey Henry, with any luck, and by the grace of God, we may still be around this November and able to cast our vote in this America defining election. If one party wins, this America will continue to fester and rot. If the other party wins, he will be faced with the most problems any past American President has had to address in his first term. I’m just hoping to still be here and see how it plays out.

Hey Henry, I sure do hope the vacationer to Jekyll Island is quarantining for 14 days and not spreading the virus in Georgia.

Hey Henry, I don’t get it. Why can’t people mow their yards, pick up their trash and be courteous and friendly? Seriously – they have to be told to wash their hands!

Hey Henry, enough is enough. Make it simple and just plant a magnolia tree where the statue was on the McDonough Square.

Hey Henry, rest in peace, Herman Cain. Thank you for all the things you accomplished in you lifetime. You will be missed!

Hey Henry, fun fact: it was more difficult hanging two pictures in the dining room for my wife than building the Golden Gate Bridge.


Vintage comment from May 12, 2004 – Hey Henry, to the people of Henry County: You have a Home Depot and you have a Lowes. However, neither of these establishments can hold a candle to Planter’s Warehouse. They have been in business in McDonough for 98 years. How long has Home Depot or Lowes been here?

Hey Henry, congratulations to my granddaughter, Misty McClelland, who has received a degree in Master of Science in Nursing/Nurse Practitioner. She has worked long and hard to achieve this goal while working full time as a Registered Nurse. Our family is very proud of Misty and wish her good luck in the future. From Her Nana.

Hey Henry, Georgia mayors mandating mask wearing and fighting with the Governor is just another waste of taxpayer money. Seriously? Politicians are never held accountable; they are like misbehaving children with no parental supervision.

Hey Henry, politicians who claim to have a close relationship with the Lord are the biggest example of hypocrisy.

Hey Henry, how can Democrats not be totally embarrassed that Biden is their nominee for President? By November, he won’t even know his own name!

Hey Henry, the pandemic is still here but our hazard pay is not.

Hey Henry, what are we going to do about the increased littering in our community? Particularly on Davidson Parkway and Tye Street. 

Hey Henry, so are we going to close down the schools, churches, businesses because the virus is still out there? Are we going to shut everything down when someone gets it? When will this overreaction stop?

Hey Henry, a lot of people only support the freedom of speech when they agree with the “speech.”

Hey Henry, McDonough City residents – Is it just me or is it normal for the power to go out inside the city limits, a lot!

Hey Henry, the people saying that online school means no need for teachers should think again. The teachers will still be teaching. They are setting the course work, making out the tests, grading the papers, averaging the grades, and communicating with the students face-to-face through Zoom. The only difference is that they and their students are doing it separately and safely instead of all crammed into one classroom.

Hey Henry, some of our County Commissioners say they are ‘leading us’ but how can they ‘lead’ looking back?  

Hey Henry, would someone please give Trump a gold star sticker so he will stop talking about passing a cognitive test ? You would think he actually passed his SAT’s.

Hey Henry, my family just returned from a short trip to Jekyll Island. We wore our masks out and about and to my amazement it was as if the virus didn’t exist. You could count the number of masks worn in the area on two hands. How selfish and arrogant. It was somewhat scary. I looked up the statistics and Glynn County had over 2000 cases. If you visit, be forewarned.

Hey Henry, attention squeaky wheels: there are 350 million people in America. There is still a Silent Majority and we all vote.


Vintage comment from April 28, 2004 – Hey Henry, with the burn ban and the watering ban about to take effect, what are we supposed to do if a fire gets out of control? Tell it there’s a ban on it?

Hey Henry, an admission by a county commissioner that he/she is only working for “their people” and not all people, clearly shows their racism. They should be removed by all people immediately if racism is to be eradicated. After all, racism works both ways.

Hey Henry, how convenient that online classes for the school year were announced after the school set the milage rate for county taxes. Of course it’s at 20 mills, which is as high as it can be. Given the online forum; teachers and excess staff should be furloughed. 

Hey Henry, I personally don’t know of anyone with the coronavirus. I don’t know anyone that knows anyone who has or has had the virus. I, nor my friends and relatives believe one word of the statistics and spread of the virus. It’s not a hoax, but it sure is being manipulated.

Hey Henry, those of you who are hell bent on voting for Trump -do you really want to live under a dictatorship where Trump and whomever he wants are above the law?

Hey Henry, the statue may need to be taken down on the Square, but isn’t it democratically fair to let the citizens, all 225,000+ decide by vote?

Hey Henry, someone needs to tell Keisha that she’s not the Governor. You cannot force people to wear masks. Georgia already has a long list of “laws” they cannot enforce. Governor Kemp is advised by a large group of professionals and he knows what he’s talking about.

Hey Henry, to the person speaking about being “Southern born and Southern raised,” you obviously never truly looked into what the truth of the matter is, and it shows.

Hey Henry, since Henry County Schools is going to online learning, the school budget, resources, and staffing need to be cut. Taxpayers should not be on the hook for funds that aren’t needed because teachers and students aren’t utilizing classrooms, cafeterias, media centers, buses, etc. 

Hey Henry, a friend of my nephew had a appointment to be tested for coronavirus. She cancelled the appointment, but a few days later the office calls her informing her she tested positive and she needs to come in right away. She could not convince them that she was never tested.

Hey Henry, it was a good decision by the Board of Education to delay school and go to virtual learning. Let’s hope all churches and private schools in Henry do the same.

Hey Henry, let the knuckleheads who want the police defunded and the insane notion of not having a police force spend some time in a country where lawlessness is the norm. I have spoken to people from such countries and guess what? They are here now. You see where I’m going with this.

Hey Henry, we have a big problem that is getting worse. The amount of people on the street begging is a nuisance. I feel sorry for some of them, but you can’t help every day! McDonough needs a shelter where these people can get a hot bath, as well as a meal. I know that some are scheming, but they will never get far in life. If you look at what you have in life, you’ll always have more. If you look at what you don’t have in life, you’ll never have enough!


Vintage comment from April 21, 2004 – Hey Henry, I would like to commend all of the emergency personnel who made it so quickly to the explosion in the science lab at HCHS on Friday [4/16]. It took them only three minutes to get from the station into the classroom, and they did one heck of a job. Way to go HCFD!

Hey Henry, thank you to Henry County Police Officer M. Robertson and Officer Dixon for helping us through a 3-car accident at Hwy. 81 West and Nail Road on June 30. Thank you also to the off-duty police officer, whose name I did not get, for helping direct traffic around the accident to keep us safe until the police arrived. You are all appreciated.

Hey Henry, it is disturbing, and at the same time enlightening, to hear our commissioners admit that they are only working for their people and not everyone.

Hey Henry, it seems like school could start after Labor Day or at least delay until later in August. There is no safe way to begin. It is going to spread as soon as students begin to meet.

Hey Henry, I am Southern born and Southern raised and I am glad they are taking down the statue on the McDonough Square. It’s about time.

Hey Henry, I think it is time for the citizens of this county to have their voices heard on the removal of the statue on the Square. Four commissioners are deciding for the whole county. Put a referendum on the next ballot and let everyone have a say!

Hey Henry, it took: “Click it or Ticket” to get people to wear a seatbelt, I wonder if: “Mask it or Casket” would work.

Hey Henry, I get most of my exercise these days from shaking my head in disbelief.

Hey Henry, I wonder if sales of mouth wash have increased due to all the mask wearing.

Hey Henry, I don’t mind you pulling out in front of me like a bat out of Hades. But I do mind you slowing down or, worse, putting the brakes on after you pull out. Maintain your speed for the sake of the drivers behind you.

Hey Henry, those of you hell bent on voting for Biden, might want to take a look at his proposals. Is that honestly what you want?

Hey Henry, wearing a mask is a proven preventative measure and there are very few medical conditions that prevent one from wearing a mask. Listen to knowledgeable doctors, not Donald Trump and his Republicans.

Hey Henry, I am so glad I grew up in the fifties and sixties. The memories keep me grounded. Young people today are about to have bad memories if the path we are seeking comes true.

Hey Henry, so now Trump is saying Dr. Fauci made a lot of mistakes? It is just like Trump to appoint someone to a task force, and then throw them under the bus to deflect his failures. We desperately need leadership in this country.

Hey Henry, two things you can always count on: there are at least two sides to every story, but the squeaky wheel gets the grease.

Hey Henry, maybe if the media showed photos of people on respirators sick with coronavirus, folks might take the situation more seriously.


Vintage comment from April 14, 2004 – Hey Henry, shame on you lazy %&*&%$%$ who don’t put shopping carts in the area that plainly says, RETURN SHOPPING CARTS HERE. Where are your manners?

Hey Henry, why are commissioners allowed to use the meetings to campaign for the elections? It’s shameful. Patting themselves on the back and talking about how much they have done. All they are doing is campaigning. 

Hey Henry, how much did that lawsuit cost the taxpayers that was filed against the school system? Just another example of the county’s incompetence by our so-called elected officials.

Hey Henry, don’t blame the government for the virus outbreaks, blame arrogant self centered citizens for not taking the pandemic seriously and ignoring the warnings.

Hey Henry, it is time to stop worshipping a movement, a cause, a candidate and a party. Only one person is worthy of worship.

Hey Henry, we all hate people pulling out in front of us. But I’m always amazed at the people who almost cause an accident because they won’t hit their brakes. You may hurt yourself or others trying to prove a point that will have no effect anyway. People drive the way they drive, you can’t and won’t change it.

Hey Henry, racism works both ways. Until ALL races acknowledge that and change their behavior, it will never change.

Hey Henry, I take it that cannabis oil is one of your pet peeves; that is fair enough. The so-called hate crime bill has been in the works for years. Get over yourself.

Hey Henry, so, couples counseling for me and Alexa did not go well. Ends up she knows I’ve been talking to Siri. This is not looking good for me.

Hey Henry, Confederates were traitors. Those statues should have never gone up in the first place. When was the last time you saw a Benedict Arnold statue?

Hey Henry, when you complain about that person not wearing a mask, consider they have a medical reason not to. Sometimes it’s not worth endangering one’s health for unproven measures.

Hey Henry, find the word that doesn’t belong in this sentence. Peaceful protesters damage a public safety building in Atlanta. How much longer is the law going to be ignored?

Hey Henry, Flakes Mill Road in North Henry County has turned into a race track and it’s all night long. Yes, they go over the Dekalb line, but it’s beginning to get scary. They know that no-one is watching or listening.

Hey Henry, I predict many members of the military dissenting, protesting and going AWOL in numbers. It has happened in the past and the country is ripe for it.

Hey Henry, the T-Splost rumored to be on the ballot in November is just another form of taxation with false promises from politicians. Stop voting yes to more and more taxation (that YOU are paying.) The money is never spent on what it is collected for!

Hey Henry, the county that you live in when you purchase a vehicle receives the TAVT money from your purchase. Clearly, Henry County doesn’t spend it on roads. 


Vintage comment from April 7, 2004 – Hey Henry, we got our dog from the Humane Society, and I’ve got to tell you, I will never get another animal anywhere else. I like all animals, but there’s nothing like a mutt. If you’re going to get a dog or cat anyway, why not save one’s life?

Hey Henry, every night there is another murder. Eastpoint, Lithonia, College Park, SE Atlanta, NE Atlanta. Where is the outrage?

Hey Henry, what this country needs is more unemployed politicians!

Hey Henry, what we are witnessing today is a perfect example of a poor education, or lack thereof.

Hey Henry, it took two days to pass the hate crime bill. It took three years (if I’m correct) to pass the bill allowing cannabis oil for kids with seizures. Parents were moving to other states, even driving to other states and driving back to Georgia hoping they didn’t get caught. I can’t wait for election time. Hopefully y’all will be looking for another job.

Hey Henry, I learned the SPLOST lesson when I first moved here in the early 90’s. I voted for SPLOST because of a particular project’s funding. Once passed, the Commission immediately cut that project by half. I’ve never voted for another. Fool me once…

Hey Henry, much more dangerous than the era of “not being offended,” is the era of the thought-criminal.

Hey Henry, how many dollars are collected each year from the vehicle Title Ad Valorem Tax (TAVT) and where is it spent? Is the money dedicated to roads and related infrastructure? Is a portion of the TAVT proceeds shared with Henry County?

Hey Henry, dear police officers, you can’t hear us now because of all the noise, but there are millions of Americans who love and appreciate you!

Hey Henry, oh the hypocrisy – the same people advocating for acceptance and respect fail to accept or respect the differing political views of others. When did we get to the point in this country that when you support the President, you are considered a racist?

Hey Henry, I believe the reason Trump is so against mail-in voting is because it would make it more difficult for his pals Putin and Xing to help him get elected. There is no proof of fraud with mail-in voting, and with a pandemic as well as flu season in November, it is outrageous that he would require our citizens to stand in lines to vote. His disinterest in this pandemic, and the lives of the U.S. citizens, should be enough to put him on the street.

Hey Henry, the 4-way-stop at Hampton/Locust Grove Road and Lester Mill is a joke. The traffic was backed up to the pond on Bill Gardner the other day to allow a couple of cars to go by on Lester Mill. A roundabout would have made sense. Maybe whoever made the decision needs to go down that road so they can be proud of the waste of taxpayers money on this project.

Hey Henry, here’s the answer to the question about why it’s not acceptable to tear statues down. It’s for the same reason we don’t burn books we don’t like, destroy paintings that are displeasing to the eye, or assault people with different opinions. We don’t live in communist China.


Vintage comment from March 24, 2004 – Hey Henry, quick primer – If an ambulance is behind you with its lights on, PULLOFFTOTHESIDE! Sick people are inside and they need transportin’.

Hey Henry, Bertha Combs was a God-loving woman. Even as an adult I would go by her house to hear her pray in tongues. If she were alive today, she would pull so many kids in, give them a good tongue lashing and just put the fear of God in them. She was a great woman. There will never be another one like her.

Hey Henry, shame on the members of congress, on both aisles, who took small business loans for businesses owned by their families or those that have a CEO who is their spouse. 

Hey Henry, everyone who is a Bible believing Christian needs to pray for the next president, if you enjoy your religious freedom.

Hey Henry, littering is usually the first crime of a career criminal. Stop the litter, stop the other crimes. Get tough on small crimes and the big ones won’t happen as often.

Hey Henry, welcome to the era of the right to not be offended.

Hey Henry, I’m somewhat educated (two degrees) and voted for Trump last time. He wasn’t my favorite, but he was the only choice and I’ll have to do it again for the same reason. Biden can’t complete sentences. By the way, instead of parroting what CNN, says (I watched that segment), how about listing the “blatant mistruths.”

Hey Henry, please provide support for your assertions that Father Robert Hendrickson is leftist and that his comments are disparaging, misleading and inaccurate. It’s easy to throw mud and hope that something sticks.

Hey Henry, remember, you are not voting for Joe Biden as the next president, you are voting for his Vice President nominee. 

Hey Henry, it’s interesting that anyone who disagrees with President Trump is labeled as a disgruntled sensationalist. And there have been quite a few of them.

Hey Henry, why does the U.S rank 17th in the world for high school graduation rate yet rank second in the world for spending on education? Is it time we started holding some parents accountable?

Hey Henry, when are we going to get a stop light at Hwy. 42 and Walmart in Locust Grove? It would also help the conjestion at Bill Gardner and Hwy 42.

Hey Henry, before anything is done with the excess SPLOST funds, voters need to vote on what it is used for (Isn’t that they way SPLOST money is regulated?). Commissioners don’t just get to pony up the funds the way they want to. I vote the nearly $20 million in SPLOST funds should be put towards road repair and the removal of the disastrous I-75 Express lane.

Hey Henry, Decatur took their statue down the right way. Why is it not a crime for protesters to tear a statue down?

Hey Henry, politicians do not represent us. They think we hand them the keys to our country. STOP their entitlements. No life pensions and health insurance. Limit them to one term. End career corruption.

Hey Henry, speaking for four generations of NASCAR fans, you just lost my family’s business. Freedom of speech goes both ways. Defund NASCAR!


Vintage comment from March 17, 2004 – Hey Henry, hey workaholics, Sunday is a day of rest, not a workday. Even GOD took one day off.

Hey Henry, thank you to the Kroger pickup employees on East Lake Parkway. They do a great job! Especially Katrina and Nick who make returns very easy. Inside employees have always been helpful too, but at this time I am not venturing inside to shop.

Hey Henry, I feel so out of touch when I read or hear a celebrity name, a singer or an actor and I haven’t a clue who they are.

Hey Henry, if SPLOST has extra money to distribute, how about portioning some to the Library system and for more police protection in the North end of the county? The airport is a drain on Henry County and Clayton County is still laughing at us.

Hey Henry, the quote from the leftist priest Robert Hendrickson you printed last week screams for a response. The disparaging, misleading and inaccurate comments about President Trump, whom he knows little if anything about, are repulsive coming from a so-called man of God.

Hey Henry, you mean poorly educated voters love Trump. Educated voters realize what a trainwreck he is.

Hey Henry, I am in total agreement, Trump has to go, but if you think we are in turmoil now, elect Biden and his handlers and you are in for one big disappointing surprise. I’m beside myself that in these United States, not one politician wants to step up and lead this country out of chaos.

Hey Henry, social media has conditioned people to believe their words don’t have any consequences. We are currently seeing the result of this action.

Hey Henry, the new norm from the pandemic crisis is discarded face masks in the parking lots along with the other garbage. You would think people would learn something about the spread of germs.

Hey Henry, given the very strict guidelines under which SPLOST money can be used, why is it proposed that the excess funds of 19+ million be split up among the county and district commissioners to use as “they” see fit? That seems like a direct violation of the regulations for SPLOST funds.

Hey Henry, protestors should have looted the book stores instead of leaving them unscathed for weeks. A little reading and many would have realized what statues shouldn’t be torn down.

Hey Henry, the June 3 edition of The Times is just more “proof” that Henry County is not what is used to be! I’ve never heard of any “police brutality” occurring with any of our local police or sheriff departments! I’m not saying they haven’t HAD to “manhandle” a few people, but after 25 years in the line of work, I understand why! 

Hey Henry, liberal fanatics are barking mad hypocrites. Judge not lest thou be judged. They have to stop trying to convert the world to their agendas. Everybody gets one vote so shut up.

Hey Henry, what is the point in Trump giving the commencement speech at West Point when most, if not all, he says are blatant mistruths? His statements are easily disproved. As a woman that voted for Trump in 2016 said, this time I want a President that is sane, kind, and decent. Wouldn’t that be a nice change?


Vintage comment from March 3, 2004 – Hey Henry, if getting on your wife’s nerves is funny, in another day or two my husband will have his own sitcom.

Hey Henry, “I accept chaos, I’m not sure whether it accepts me.” – Bob Dylan

Hey Henry, why is it that county workers are expected to open up facilities and serve the public passing documents and money back and forth, but our commissioners will not even assemble in a room for a public meeting? Is their life more valuable than ours? I want to do my part, but they are getting a paycheck also. If I have to report to work, they should as well.

Hey Henry, happy birthday Ginny Lou!

Hey Henry, I really enjoyed the column on Lazy Maze. Got a good chuckle out of it. Thanks.

Hey Henry, one race cannot end racism. Think about it.

Hey Henry, “old marine,” you don’t speak for a lot of people. Given the divisive character, rhetoric, and behavior of the Democratic Party; many Democrats are realizing how damaging their agenda is and how good President Trump has been for the US economy. Educated voters support Trump.

Hey Henry, Trump never has to suffer for the consequences of his actions. He’s always the victim to some people. Hey folks, want to buy a bridge?

Hey Henry, at my age I really don’t concern myself with who the President will be or is. I voted for President Trump, but this time around if he doesn’t get re-elected then so be it. I have to admit I will be disappointed to see the Democrats destroy everything good Trump accomplished in his short tenure.

Hey Henry, this is an awful man, waving a book he hasn’t read, in front of a church he doesn’t attend, invoking laws he doesn’t understand, against fellow Americans he sees as enemies, wielding a military he dodged serving, to protect power he gained via accepting foreign interference, exploiting fear and anger he loves to stoke, after failing to address a pandemic he was warned about, and building it all on a bed of constant lies and childish inanity. – Statement from Father Robert Hendrickson, Rector at Saint Philip’s in the Hills Episcopal Church in Tucson, AZ.

Hey Henry, I hope the next elected Sheriff is a crime fighter. We could use one!

Hey Henry, the only trouble America has is critical thinking being ignored.

Hey Henry, the county should use the surplus SPLOST money to resurface some of these awful roads!

Hey Henry, have the misguided souls disparaging the entire police force and clamoring for their disbandment, because of the reprehensible actions of a few, forgotten that the police are willing to give their lives to save lives when necessary? Has everyone forgotten the many police and firemen who rushed into the burning Twin Towers to save lives on 9/11?

Hey Henry, just because the Governor says we are all safe, doesn’t make it so. Wear a mask! Think about others (and your family and friends)!


Vintage comment from February 25, 2004 – Hey Henry, why do they let big trucks and heavy machinery come through that little-bitty, narrow Racetrack Road? They just leave holes all in it, then they leave town. 

Hey Henry, a big thank you to the county roadway crew for cutting the grass on Old Kelleytown and the surrounding streets. It looks great!

Hey Henry, does it make any sense to not allow every state to do mail in voting in light of a pandemic?

Hey Henry, I no longer vote for Democrats. The old saying is true, “the only time a Democratic candidate is concerned about black voters is in the first week of November every four years.”

Hey Henry, Trump wasted two precious months where we could have been preparing for a pandemic. He has plenty to do with the number of deaths and cases. Trump is not the victim of his own incompetence. We are!

Hey Henry, to the people who don’t think teachers deserve a bonus – I do and I’m a taxpayer. You try to teach some of those ungrateful, disrespectful, little brats, and see if you change your mind!

Hey Henry, some people are incapable of staying home. You know who you are.

Hey Henry, politicians are not problem solvers. Politicians are problem makers. ALL of them!

Hey Henry, to the Department of Transportation – on Hwy. 42 where the warehouses are being built, code enforcement needs to let them know they are responsible for cleaning all the dirt and mud off of the highway.

Hey Henry, with regard to the rioting  and demonstrations, I’m reminded of a comment made by Harold Robbins in one of his books 30+ years ago, “There is no one as dangerous as someone who has nothing left to lose.”

Hey Henry, well, it looks like Alexa and I will be going to couples counseling next week. She thinks I’m not speaking to her; actually, she just can’t hear me from 6 feet away wearing a mask.

Hey Henry, I heard Megan Fox is single. Here’s my chance!

Hey Henry, we “the people” are idiots for allowing an 80-year-old grandma to wield so much power in our government. How did this happen. She should have been retired 20 years ago.

Hey Henry, Donald, this old Marine thinks both Democrats and Republicans alike can agree – you have been weighed, you have been measured, and you have been found wanting. In what world of fantasy that you live in could you ever imagine that we the people would ever allow you four more years of mass destruction of our country. I ask people everywhere to please vote, whether you mail it in or walk in. Our lives and the life of our country depends on us!

Hey Henry, Trump isn’t worried about being re-elected; he’s forced to handle a pandemic that he had nothing to do with and keep Americans safe. Meanwhile, the Democratic Party is using the pandemic to destroy America and push their own agenda. Democrats need to give some serious thought to the character and clear agenda of their Party.


Vintage comment from February 4, 2004 – Hey Henry, the ostrich’s eye is larger than its brain. I wonder if politicians are the same.

Hey Henry, Henry Police, the straight away at the top of the hill on Flippen Road has turned into a racetrack. How about putting one of those fancy flashing speed detectors there to possibly slow people down? Thanks.

Hey Henry, does anyone remember Bertha Coombs, the red hot lips of God?

Hey Henry, traffic is crazy, stores are busy, Georgia has essentially returned to normal. Nobody seems to be staying home; it’s time to allow all businesses to open, end the Federal supplement to unemployment and people to get back to work.

Hey Henry, most thriving downtown areas have a Starbucks. McDonough needs one in the old Wells Fargo building! Stat!

Hey Henry, thank you Henry Gant, Lamar Wesley, Wayne Stokes and Charles Bogart for your ultimate sacrifice.

Hey Henry, can we stop with the overuse of the words “icon” and “iconic”?

Hey Henry, I just want to say thank you for giving us all an opportunity to speak freely. Let’s all remember that this right has been provided to us by our constitution and by the blood of hundreds of thousands of Americans over the past 200 years who gave their lives to preserve it.

Hey Henry, keep the children reading by visiting a Little Free Library, like the one in front of Pleasant Grove Elementary School!

Hey Henry, have you noticed, especially up north, the Constitution being trampled upon? We can all be civil and respectful during the pandemic, but is the Constitution being ignored? Funny thing about power. Give politicians power over the citizens and they tend to abuse it.

Hey Henry, I saw 2 EMS workers at Kroger not wearing masks yesterday. Polite young men, but just wow.

Hey Henry, the locals near Airline Road and Crumbley Road are about sick of the hot rodding, loud noise from motorcycles and wanna be drag racers raising cane nightly on each of these roads. It happens so often it shouldn’t be hard to catch them. The police really need to hide in the bushes for nights on end and catch these clowns. They are going to kill or injure someone if this isn’t stopped.

Hey Henry, too many stupid people get promoted here when they are not worthy of promotion. That’s Georgia’s problem.

Hey Henry, I find this hard to believe, but an acquaintance thinks the coronavirus is a hoax, no virus exists, all made up by the government. A relative up in the hills of North Georgia thinks its all hyped up to control the public. I think the left has us where they want us, dependent on the government money and handouts as long as they can keep it going. Why work when you can sit at home playing video games and getting a nice paycheck each week.

Hey Henry, why do we change student’s grades? We’re fostering and enabling a dishonest society where students are learning to “play the system.” This is not in their best interest and also ends-up with us losing dedicated, quality teachers due to feelings of being dishonest.


Vintage comment from January 21, 2004 – Hey Henry, you can no longer tell someone to turn at Zack’s, because there is no more Zack’s.

Hey Henry, if your pet were suddenly given the power of speech, what would be their first sentence? My cat Ruffles would say, “Can I get some service over here?”

Hey Henry, neighbors please stop burning leaves and yard waste. We can’t even open our windows because I have asthma. Please take it to the recycling center.

Hey Henry, while we shelter in place, it’s business as usual for mother nature – greenery, flowers, birds. The earth doesn’t need us, but we need the earth. Something to think about.

Hey Henry, am I the only one who has noticed that the fancy robotic lawnmower at the new courthouse in McDonough stays stuck in the ditch most of the time?

Hey Henry, I don’t believe there has ever been a double edged sword quite like the internet. It both connects us and tears us apart.

Hey Henry, I’ve worked in healthcare for many years. I have to admit that the first few weeks of the COVID-19 pandemic were some of the most challenging shifts I’ve ever encountered. I cannot begin to express how much all the community support meant to me personally during that time. The letters of encouragement, food and snacks, kind notes left on my car windshield, and even strangers clapping and cheering for me as I walked to my car after a long shift. The encouragement received was like the second wind needed during a long race. 

Hey Henry, thank you to whomever left $100 to cover meals at Culver’s in McDonough on May 6. It made my day! I paid it forward too. Thanks again for thinking of others.

Hey Henry, to the person criticizing teacher bonuses: you must have never taught or stepped foot in a classroom. Teachers work extremely hard (I know I do), and you should come teach sometime. Otherwise, if you do not have nice things to say…

Hey Henry I think it’s time for Henry County to put an ambulance in Fire Station No. 4 on Keys Ferry Road. This situation threatens lives everyday. I think this serious issue should be addressed immediately.

Hey Henry, Trump isn’t worried about being re-elected; he’s forced to handle a pandemic that he had nothing to do with and keep Americans safe. Meanwhile, the Democratic Party is using the pandemic to destroy America and push their own agenda.

Hey Henry, this old Marine has heard enough of this ‘my way, or the highway.’ Oh I think the virus will just disappear, if not, this drug I was told will be a game changer. I could go on and on about this side show administration we are under. But the truth is, we the people can be the cure! Let us never forget what has happened to this country and its people. For the sake of our children, and their children, let the change start now!

Hey Henry, there have been many silent and unsung heroes during this pandemic. There is a group within the Henry County that are true silent heroes. The Facilities Maintenance group have worked tirelessly to install protective barriers for both the employees and the public. These men and women have continued to labor through even when they were at point of complete exhaustion. We all owe them a huge thank you for all they have done.


Hey Henry, why do some of our administrators feel the need to meet every single day of the week now that we’ve been sheltering in place? It’s just taking up valuable planning, grading, communications time, and seriously slowing us teachers down more than you could possibly understand.

Hey Henry, I saw speculation Hillary might run with Obama as her VP pick. I admit Trump is a terrible disgrace to the office of the Presidency, but I can’t imagine Democrats running this country ever again. I think half of them are seriously mental along with half the news reporters.

Hey Henry, has anyone noticed the raw sewage smell in the Kings Mill Road area on Hwy. 42? 

Hey Henry, you can tell Henry County isn’t as serious as it should be. Instead of stabilizing or remaining stable the virus cases continue to keep climbing fast.

Hey Henry, the world is fighting a COVID-19 pandemic, people are losing their lives, jobs, homes, and livelihoods … and teachers think they should get a “well deserved” bonus due to school shutdown savings?

Hey Henry, it is a sad state of affairs when the coronavirus crisis brings out the hoodlums and scam artists ten fold. I’m sick to my stomach of criminals in general. I believe every criminal act deserves a jail sentence. I don’t care if you steal a Kit Kat at the store, you need some jail time.

Hey Henry, coronavirus deaths were preventable, too, if not for the incompetent Trump who’s more concerned about his reelection than Americans.

Hey Henry, the best scenario is four more years of Trump and Republican control.

Hey Henry, politics and ALL politicians of all stripe continue to ruin OUR great country! We work hard to employ these polticians and they use OUR hard earned tax dollars against us and for evil. We need to require/demand more from the ones we elect. Why do we accept what these politicians are doing? 

Hey Henry, surely parents won’t release new 16-year-old drivers on the streets and highways who just received a drivers license without a driving test. (It is irresponsible and an absolute insanity to do so.) Give it a few months of supervised parental driving first.

Hey Henry, it is the second week into the reopening and I have yet to step over a corpse!

Hey Henry, COVID-19 does not give you a license to be rude. My sons were at Walmart, both wearing masks, and some random guy yells, “hey, shouldn’t you two be six feet apart?” No, they shouldn’t, they live in the same house. If someone isn’t doing something to you personally, please mind your own business.

Hey Henry, during this difficult time, remember everything the government touches has consequences. The consequence is us.

Hey Henry, I want to give a big thank you to the businesses that have kept us going. This includes Zaxbys, McDonalds and Kroger on Fairview Road near Ellenwood Village. Oh my goodness, they are wonderful! We have had some of the nicest people bring our orders to us. And thank you to all of the people who are keeping us safe. God is in control!


Hey Henry, I want to wish Miss Willie Varner a belated happy birthday! She and my mother shared the same birthday month, and her son, Henley, and I grew up and played in school band together!

Hey Henry, all I continue to see is the constant bickering between Democrats and Republicans over who’s right and who’s wrong. Bottom line Henry County? If you continue to serve a Party and their ideology as your “Master,” and not reach out to each other as humans for interaction that matters, we’re all doomed. We cannot pretend to be diverse and continue to be at each other’s throats.

Hey Henry, teachers are employed by local BOEs, but if you look at the salary schedule, there is a state line and local supplement line. The majority of the salary comes from state government, with the rest (and benefits) coming from local government. By definition, that’s a government employee.

Hey Henry, Colorado’s governor opened his state under virtually the same standards as did Governor Kemp. I’ve not heard one complaint from the news or the Democratic sheep in Henry. Is there some reason that he isn’t irresponsible and Kemp is?

Hey Henry, the scariest scenario is four more years of Trump and Republican control.

Hey Henry, stop blaming Trump for the virus, blame China. Blame the greedy Americans who sent manufacturing to China and who lined their pockets while we suffered with inferior products at inflated prices.

Hey Henry, a prime example of how the virus can sneak up on you. A relative was tested today. He was exposed at work. It’s difficult and disheartening to stay away from family and friends, but my wife and I have done so since mid March. Do not let your guard down for one second if you value your health.

Hey Henry, the media likes to compare coronavirus deaths to Vietnam deaths. They should mention Vietnam deaths were preventable.

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HENRY COUNTY, Va. (WDBJ) - Virginia State Police have arrested a Martinsville man for the hit-and-run of a Henry County boy Thursday afternoon on Route 57.

Police identified David Paul Walker, 57, as the driver of the white Toyota pickup used to hit the boy, who had just gotten off a school bus. Walker is accused of then driving off. He is charged so far with one felony count of hit-and-run and is being held without bond at the Henry County Jail.

The boy, said by state police Friday to be 9 years old after identifying him as 8 the day of the crash, was taken to a hospital with critical injuries.

Click here for a GoFundMe page set up to help the boy’s family.

The crash happened at 3:23 p.m. September 23 in the 8000 block of Route 57. A Henry County Public Schools bus was stopped in the northbound travel lane to let the boy off. The bus had its flashing lights and stop arm activated at the time of the crash, according to police.

By viewing video pulled from the bus’s onboard camera system, state troopers confirmed and identified the suspect vehicle, which is now in possession of state police.

“Thanks to multiple tips called in by the public and the persistent hard work of our troopers and special agents, state police was able to identify the suspect driver and take him into custody at approximately 1:30 a.m. Friday,” said Capt. Richard A. Denney, Virginia State Police Salem Division commander. “We are keeping the young boy and his family in our prayers as he continues to recover from his very serious injuries.”

Henry County Commonwealth’s Attorney Andrew Nester thanked Virginia State Police for the investigation and arrest. “Our office will continue to work closely with the Virginia State Police as this case develops further and the criminal charges advance through the court system. If anyone has information regarding this case please contact the State Police.”

Copyright 2021 WDBJ. All rights reserved.

Authorities find human remains in Henry County

Stay Updated on Our Weather

11:13 AM Early Morning Domestic Resulted In Major Stab Wound To Male
Oct 23 2021 11:14 AM Rickey Stokes
Female claimed kicked by male - female delivers major stab wound to leg of male

10:59 AM Short Lived Escape
Oct 23 2021 11:04 AM Rickey Stokes
Quick reaction leads to apprehension

Harvest Day Main Street Columbia
Oct 22 2021 11:13 PM Rickey Stokes

Peanut Trailer Overturned On Willie Varnum Road
Oct 22 2021 11:10 PM Rickey Stokes
No Injuries

Multi Family Yard Sale
Oct 22 2021 10:50 PM Rickey Stokes

UPDATED @ 11:45 PM 10:06 PM Motor Vehicle Accident With Injuries and Entrappment - East of Webb
Oct 22 2021 10:15 PM Rickey Stokes
Columbia - Ashford - Headland EMS Units

Truck leaving for Louisiana from Slocomb tonight at 10 pm
Oct 22 2021 6:15 PM

Oct 22 2021 6:13 PM

5:50 PM Food On Stove Caused Multi Engine Company Response To Vaughn Towers
Oct 22 2021 5:53 PM Rickey Stokes
Dispatched as a structure fire

UPDATED @ 7: 36 AM 5:08PM High Speed Chase Beginning In Dothan to East of Ashford Near Columbia
Oct 22 2021 5:23 PM Rickey Stokes
DOTHAN-HOUSTON COUNTY:   4:52 PM   Dothan Police was involved in a high speed chase.rnThe chase started in Dothan, ...

Lee County: Eric Pitts- Wanted for Identity Theft
Oct 22 2021 12:32 PM

Lynn Haven Couple Arrested on Felony Charges of Child Abuse
Oct 22 2021 12:30 PM
Lynn Haven Police ...

The Bait House
Oct 22 2021 12:07 PM
Go by the Bait House at 1505 Columbia Hwy . They have all of you Catfishinh and Bream ...

Dothan City/ Houston County Mugshots 10/21/2021
Oct 22 2021 11:02 AM
All persons are innocent until proven guilty in a court of law.rnTOP-Theft of Propertyrn

Dale County/CoffeeCounty Mugshots 10/21/2021
Oct 22 2021 10:07 AM
All persons are innocent until proven guilty in a court of law.rnTOP-Theft of Propertyrn

Hot Sheet Cases Filed in 20th Judicial Circuit Oct.21, 2021
Oct 22 2021 9:23 AM
Hot Sheet Cases Filed in 20th Judicial Circuit Oct.21, 2021 NOTE: JUVENILE DON’T HAVE PUBLIC ...

Circuit Houston and Henry County COURTWATCH for 20th Judicial Oct,22. 2021
Oct 22 2021 7:49 AM
Circuit Houston and Henry County COURTWATCH for 20th Judicial Oct,22. 2021rn

Three Men Charged with Wednesday Night Shooting
Oct 21 2021 6:09 PM

Oct 21 2021 6:05 PM
WASHINGTON COUNTY, FL;  A 61-year-old woman has been arrested on charges of tampering with witness/victim, which is a second-degree ...

NOT ON MY WATCH - Dothan Police Chief Will Benny
Oct 21 2021 3:56 PM Rickey Stokes
This Community Supports

Oct 21 2021 3:52 PM Glover Funeral Home Dothan
Attend a FREE LUNCH AND LEARN hosted by Glover Funeral Home

Dothan Man Charged in Shooting that Injured Young Child
Oct 21 2021 3:01 PM
DOTHAN: On October 17, 2021, Dothan Police Investigators were called to the 1000 block of Grant Street for a ...

Conflict Still With D-3 Commissioner Ricky Herring and Southeast Alabama Health Care Authority
Oct 21 2021 1:42 PM Rickey Stokes
Health Care Authority Way or

12:28 PM. Kinsey Police Makes Arrest In Drive By Shooting
Oct 21 2021 12:46 PM Rickey Stokes
Drive by shooting in Kinsey - arrests made

11:40 AM. Dothan Police Chief Will Benny Announces Three Arrests In Drive By Shootings
Oct 21 2021 11:42 AM Rickey Stokes
Drive by shootings last night: one several weeks ago where 12 year old stuck by bullets

Dothan City/Houston County Mugshots 10/20/2021
Oct 21 2021 10:30 AM
All persons are innocent until proven guilty in a court of law.rnTOP-Theft ...

Nightmare on Sandy Point
Oct 21 2021 9:47 AM

Kinsey Baptist Church Fall Festival
Oct 21 2021 9:46 AM

Town of Webb Trunk or Treat
Oct 21 2021 9:46 AM

Taylor Trunk or Treat
Oct 21 2021 9:45 AM

The Town of Rehobeth Trick or Treat
Oct 21 2021 9:34 AM

2021 Market of Hope
Oct 21 2021 9:34 AM

09:31 AM New Design On Ozark Police Vehicle
Oct 21 2021 9:33 AM Rickey Stokes
New Ozark Police Pickup

Sunset Trunk or Treat & Food Drive
Oct 21 2021 9:33 AM

Kinsey 2 nd Annual Trunk or Treat
Oct 21 2021 9:33 AM

13 Night of Terror Columbia Manor Haunted House
Oct 21 2021 9:32 AM

First Responders Day
Oct 21 2021 9:30 AM

Dale County Mugshots 10/20/2021
Oct 21 2021 9:28 AM
All persons are innocent until proven guilty in a court of law.rnTOP-Theft ...

Hot Sheet Cases Filed in 20th Judicial Circuit Oct.20, 2021
Oct 21 2021 9:08 AM
Hot Sheet Cases Filed in 20th Judicial Circuit Oct.20, 2021 NOTE: JUVENILE DON’T HAVE PUBLIC ...

UPDATED @ 09:11 AM Major Accident on Hwy 231 and Hwy 27 North of Ozark
Oct 21 2021 8:32 AM Rickey Stokes
Haynes Lifeflight landed helicopter and flew injured out

Circuit Houston and Henry County COURTWATCH for 20th Judicial Oct,21.2021
Oct 21 2021 8:08 AM
Circuit Houston and Henry County COURTWATCH for 20th Judicialrn DOTHAN: These court cases are scheduled in the 20th Judicial ...

Woman Charge with Attempted Murder and Shooting into a Occupied Dewlling
Oct 21 2021 7:40 AM
OZARK ALABAMA: On 3/21/2021 officers Responded to Kolb Avenue regarding a ...

UPDATED @ 8:52 PM 7:57 PM. Middleton Road Structure Fire
Oct 20 2021 8:03 PM Rickey Stokes
Active working fire

7:13 PM. Houston County Deputies On Burglary In Progress
Oct 20 2021 7:16 PM Rickey Stokes

UPDATED @ 6:52 PM. 6:41 PM. NOT A Firearm Assault Marquis Drive Dothan
Oct 20 2021 6:44 PM Rickey Stokes
SHOTS FIRED Into A Residence

Sheriff Departement Chases MotorcycleLost
Oct 20 2021 3:59 PM Rickey Stokes
Lost sight of motorcycle

THANK YOU Local Legislative Delegation and Dothan Mayor and Associate Commissioners
Oct 20 2021 3:51 PM Rickey Stokes
Either Support or get out

Houston County/Dothan City Mugshots 10/19/2021
Oct 20 2021 10:01 AM
All persons are innocent until proven guilty in a court of law.rnTOP-Theft of Propertyrn

Congratulations To Battalion Chief Tracey Johnson
Oct 20 2021 9:47 AM

Dale County/Coffee County Mugshots 10/19/2021
Oct 20 2021 9:20 AM
All persons are innocent until proven guilty in a court of law.rnTOP-Theft of Propertyrn

Hot Sheet Cases Filed in 20th Judicial Circuit Oct.19, 2021
Oct 20 2021 9:01 AM
Hot Sheet Cases Filed in 20th Judicial Circuit Oct.19, 2021 NOTE: JUVENILE DON’T HAVE PUBLIC ...

The Strongest People
Oct 20 2021 8:19 AM
“ The Strongest People Make Time To Help Others, Even If They Are Struggling With Their Own Personal Problems “rnSix weeks ...

Circuit Houston and Henry County COURTWATCH for 20th Judicial Oct,20. 2021
Oct 20 2021 7:42 AM
Circuit Houston and Henry County COURTWATCH for 20th Judicial Oct,20. 2021rn

Southeast Health Continues to Fire Staff!!!
Oct 19 2021 10:44 PM Rickey Stokes
Reader Submitted

9:30 PM Allegations Against Flowers Hospital On Placing Employees On Unpaid Leave If Refuse Testing
Oct 19 2021 10:13 PM Rickey Stokes
IS ALABAMA GOVERNOR KAY IVEY A LIAR ... her statement and the actions are opposite

MPD’s Most Wanted
Oct 19 2021 3:49 PM

DCHS Softball Signing
Oct 19 2021 12:43 PM
Jaci Hagler's softball signing with Central Alabama has been rescheduled to November 5th due to a scheduling conflict with ...

12:34 PM. Ozark Police Pursuit and Wreck
Oct 19 2021 12:37 PM Rickey Stokes
Chase then crash

12:30 PM. Motor Vehicle Accident with Injuries In Ashford
Oct 19 2021 12:34 PM Rickey Stokes
Two vehicle accident with injuries.

Dothan Livestock Market Report
Oct 19 2021 10:13 AM
Report Date October 18, 2021rnReceipts this Week   1,247rnReceipts last ...

Opelika Police Investigating a Theft of Property 3rd at Beat Buy
Oct 19 2021 10:09 AM

Houston County/Dothan City Mugshots 10/18/2021
Oct 19 2021 10:04 AM
All persons are innocent until proven guilty in a court of law.rnTOP-Theft of Propertyrn

Dale County Mugshots 10/18/2021
Oct 19 2021 9:29 AM
All persons are innocent until proven guilty in a court of law.rnTOP-Theft of Propertyrn

Dothan Police need Identity of the Person's in the Picture Below
Oct 19 2021 9:05 AM

Hot Sheet Cases Filed in 20th Judicial Circuit Oct.18, 2021
Oct 19 2021 9:02 AM
Hot Sheet Cases Filed in 20th Judicial Circuit Oct.18, 2021 NOTE: JUVENILE DON’T HAVE PUBLIC ...

Circuit Houston and Henry County COURTWATCH for 20th Judicial Oct,19. 2021
Oct 19 2021 8:12 AM
Circuit Houston and Henry County COURTWATCH for 20th Judicial Oct,19. 2021rn

06:38 AM. Arrested and Booked On Two Counts Of Capital Murder
Oct 19 2021 6:39 AM Rickey Stokes
Female Arrested On Two Counts of Capital Murder

06:25 AM. Attempted Assault In The First Degree At Midland City
Oct 19 2021 6:32 AM Rickey Stokes
Dothan Unit calls for assistance

Shots Fired Calls Tonight
Oct 18 2021 8:56 PM Rickey Stokes

Please Join Zack Burdeshaw On Tuesday - Celebration Of Life Service For His Wife Who Was A Nurse And Contracted COVID
Oct 18 2021 8:31 PM Rickey Stokes
Courtney Burdeshaw was a nurse crying for others with COVID when she contracted COVID and died

UPDATED Alarming Information At Southeast Health
Oct 18 2021 6:37 PM Rickey Stokes
UPDATED Information Concerning Security Director Steve Smith

UPDATED @ 6:09 PM 6:01 PM Firearm Assault On Walnut and Wheat Street In Dothan
Oct 18 2021 6:05 PM Rickey Stokes
Female Shot

5:28 PM Dothan Police Chase Ends On Third Avenue
Oct 18 2021 5:34 PM Rickey Stokes
Brief chase ends peacefully

Dothan Police need Identity of the Person’s in the Below
Oct 18 2021 4:17 PM

Trunk or Treat - Piney Grove UMC
Oct 18 2021 3:39 PM
Trunk or Treat - Piney Grove UMC, Rehobeth, AL -  Sunday 10-23 4-6pm  rn Thank You Larry ...

Dothan City Weekend Mugshots 10/15/2021-10/17/2021
Oct 18 2021 1:31 PM
All persons are innocent until proven guilty in a court of law.rnTOP-Theft of Propertyrn

Dothan Police need Identity of the Person’s in the Below
Oct 18 2021 12:47 PM

Coffee with a Cop
Oct 18 2021 11:17 AM

Two Vehicle Crash Claimed the Life of a Montgomeny County Man
Oct 18 2021 11:16 AM

Nightmare on Sandy Point
Oct 18 2021 11:14 AM

Kinsey Baptist Church Fall Festival
Oct 18 2021 11:12 AM

First Responders Day
Oct 18 2021 11:10 AM

Columbia Manor 13 Night of Terror
Oct 18 2021 11:09 AM

2021 Market of Hope
Oct 18 2021 11:07 AM

Sunset Trunk or Treat & Food Drive
Oct 18 2021 11:05 AM

Rehobeth Trick or Treat
Oct 18 2021 10:58 AM

Kinsey 2nd Annual Trunk or Treat
Oct 18 2021 10:52 AM

Local Business Owners Please be on the Lookout for Fake Currency going around the City
Oct 18 2021 10:48 AM

Taylor Trunk or Treat
Oct 18 2021 10:39 AM

JCSO need the Assistance of the Public in Identity of an Unknown Person
Oct 18 2021 10:25 AM

Sunday Afternoon Shooting injures Three- Police Asking for Help From Community
Oct 18 2021 10:19 AM

Houston County Weekend Mugshots 10/15/2021-10/17/2021
Oct 18 2021 10:05 AM
All persons are innocent until proven guilty in a court of law.rnTOP-Theft of Propertyrn

Road Closure Notification
Oct 18 2021 8:58 AM
Please be advised ...

Dale County/Coffee County Weekend Mugshot 10/15/2021-10/17/2021
Oct 18 2021 8:55 AM
All persons are innocent until proven guilty in a court of law.rnTOP-Theft of Propertyrn

08:29 AM In Covington County - Accident Involving Law Enforcement Responding To Burglary
Oct 18 2021 8:34 AM Rickey Stokes
Two vehicle accident - large emergency vehicle presence

UPDATED @ 5:37 PM 08:20 AM Geneva Ambulance In Accident In Hartford
Oct 18 2021 8:23 AM Rickey Stokes
Geneva Rescue accident in Hartford

Circuit Houston and Henry County COURTWATCH for 20th Judicial Oct,18. 2021
Oct 18 2021 7:48 AM
Circuit Houston and Henry County COURTWATCH for 20th Judicial Oct,18. 2021rn

ALARMING DOCUMENT Sent With Questions Concerning Southeast Health
Oct 17 2021 11:16 PM Rickey Stokes
Houston County Commission has duty to investigate and report back to the citizens

Dothan Commission Meeting Agenda For Tuesday
Oct 17 2021 10:33 PM Rickey Stokes
Meet Tuesday at 10 AM

10:16 PM Assault On Crawford Road in Cowarts
Oct 17 2021 10:20 PM Rickey Stokes
Emergency situation cleared shortly after arrival

LISTEN CLEARLY - Public Servants In The 582 Square Miles Of All Houston County
Oct 17 2021 9:07 PM Rickey Stokes

UPDATED @ 10:05 PM 8:17 PM. Henry County - Auto verses Pedestrian
Oct 17 2021 8:30 PM Rickey Stokes
Edwin Community

4:29 PM. edged Weapon Assault In Midland City
Oct 17 2021 4:37 PM Rickey Stokes
Back Up Assistance was requested

UPDATED @ 4:20 PM. :56 PM. Firearm Assault On Grant Street - Dothan
Oct 17 2021 4:05 PM Rickey Stokes
At least two firearm assault victims

Houston County Sheriff's is Seeking the Public's Assistance in Regarda to a Recent Firearm Assault
Oct 17 2021 12:35 PM

Shooting Suspect Apprehended
Oct 17 2021 12:31 PM
JACKSON COUNTY :On October 5, 2021, at approximately 6:30 p.m., the Jackson County Sheriff’s Office (JCSO) responded ...

Single Vehicle Crash Has Claimed the Life of a Enterprist Woman
Oct 17 2021 12:27 PM

Town of Webb Truck or Treat
Oct 17 2021 12:24 PM

Man My Shotgun Missing - Do you Have Your 40
Oct 17 2021 10:58 AM Rickey Stokes
Shot gun and 40

UPDATED @ 10:41 AM 10:03 AM Motor Vehicle Accident - Entrapped - Survival Flight Landing
Oct 17 2021 10:09 AM Rickey Stokes
Critical Injuries

Man My Shotgun Missing - Do you Have Your 40
Oct 17 2021 3:27 AM Rickey Stokes
Shot gun and 40

3:01 AM. Two Vehicle Accident Highway 431 In Henry County
Oct 17 2021 3:15 AM Rickey Stokes
Both vehicles landed in field

Dothan Police Concentrated Police Patrols
Oct 17 2021 1:58 AM Rickey Stokes
Chief Will Benny was on the streets working

UPDATED @ 11:03 PM. 09:10 AM. Gordon Police In Pursuit
Oct 16 2021 9:19 AM Rickey Stokes
Vehicle Chase Now Foot Chase

UPDATED @ 11:16 PM. 06:39 AM. One Dead On Scene - Three Transported Trauma Alert - Shots Fired In Parking Lot of Teaser’s - Vehicle overturned
Oct 16 2021 6:42 AM Rickey Stokes
One dead on scene

A Life So Brief
Oct 15 2021 6:48 PM
rnOctober 15th Is Pregnancy & Infant Loss Remembrance Day rnOne of the many things that I have learned since doing The Angel ...

Graceville Harvest Day Festival
Oct 15 2021 9:44 AM

Houston County/Dothan City Mugshots 10/14/2021
Oct 15 2021 9:36 AM
All persons are innocent until proven guilty in a court of law.rnTOP-Theft ...

Dale County/Coffee County Mugshots 10/14/2021
Oct 15 2021 8:49 AM
All persons are innocent until proven guilty in a court of law.rnTOP-Theft ...

Hartford Woman Arrested for Methamphetamine
Oct 15 2021 8:06 AM

Oct 15 2021 8:01 AM
WALTON COUNTY - Holmes County Sheriff’s Office assisted in a ...

Can you Identify this Person?
Oct 15 2021 7:58 AM

Dothan Police Need your Help in Identity of the Suspect in Picture Below
Oct 15 2021 7:56 AM

Study Shows Alabama As Unhappy - Election 2022 - Need To Begin To Reflect
Oct 15 2021 7:53 AM Rickey Stokes
Election 2022 - Remain The Same or Change

Oct 15 2021 7:53 AM

Circuit Houston and Henry County COURTWATCH for 20th Judicial Oct.15,2021
Oct 15 2021 7:51 AM
Circuit Houston and Henry County COURTWATCH for 20th Judicialrn DOTHAN: These court cases are scheduled in the 20th Judicial ...

Rehobeth Trick or Treat
Oct 15 2021 7:34 AM

2021 Market of Hope
Oct 15 2021 7:33 AM

Sunset Trunk or Treat & Food Drive
Oct 15 2021 7:32 AM

Kinsey 2 nd Annual Trunk or Treat
Oct 15 2021 7:30 AM

13 Night of Terror Columbia Manor Haunted House
Oct 15 2021 7:29 AM

First Responders Day
Oct 15 2021 7:28 AM

Jackson County need help Identifying Vehicle in Pictured below
Oct 15 2021 7:27 AM
JACKSON COUNTY :Investigators with the Jackson County Sheriff’s Office (JCSO) are requesting the assistance of the public, ...

Kinsey Baptist Church Fall Festival
Oct 15 2021 7:23 AM

Two Vehicle Accident Caims the Life of a Barbour County Man
Oct 15 2021 7:19 AM

Two Vehicle Accident Caims the Life of a Coffee County Man
Oct 15 2021 7:17 AM

From Houston County Sheriff Donald Valenza
Oct 14 2021 11:03 PM Rickey Stokes
FROM HOUSTON COUNTY SHERIFF DONALD VALENZArnOctober 9, 2021 Saturday morning normally we’re playing golf this time of ...

Tracy Phillips - A COVID Fighter Has Come Home From The Hospital
Oct 14 2021 9:46 PM Rickey Stokes
GOD BLESS YOU TRACY. And our prayers are with you.

8:23 PM Pedestrian Struck By Motor Vehicle In Columbia
Oct 14 2021 8:26 PM Rickey Stokes
Trauma Alert

8:17 PM Pedestrian Struck By Auto On Mance Newton Road
Oct 14 2021 8:21 PM Rickey Stokes
Injuries Not Serious In Nature

8:09 PM Motor Vehicle Accident With Injuries - Denton Road and Ross Clark Circle
Oct 14 2021 8:14 PM Rickey Stokes
Two vehicle accident

Protest On West Main and Woodburn
Oct 14 2021 6:37 PM Rickey Stokes
Time for those elected to get off their buttocks

UPDATED @ 2:37 PM. Serious Motor Vehicle Accident
Oct 14 2021 11:41 AM Rickey Stokes
There is a serious motor vehicle accident at the rest area on 431 in Eufaula, Alabama.  Please use caution ...

Houston County Mugshots 10/13/2021
Oct 14 2021 10:26 AM
All persons are innocent until proven guilty in a court of law.rnTOP-Theft ...

Newton Man Charge with Sexual Tortur Bond
Oct 14 2021 9:56 AM
HOUSTON COUNTY:October 12, 2021, Investigators with HCSO arrested Michael Scott Barrentine, 30 year old male, Wicksburg Rd. Newton (Houston ...

Hot Sheet Cases Filed in 20th Judicial Circuit Oct.13, 2021
Oct 14 2021 9:46 AM
Hot Sheet Cases Filed in 20th Judicial Circuit Oct.13, 2021 NOTE: JUVENILE DON’T HAVE PUBLIC ...

Circuit Houston and Henry County COURTWATCH for 20th Judicial Oct.14,2021
Oct 14 2021 8:06 AM
Circuit Houston and Henry County COURTWATCH for 20th Judicialrn DOTHAN: These court cases are scheduled in the 20th Judicial ...

11:34 PM. The Headland Annual HomecomingTraditional Along With The Complaints
Oct 13 2021 11:57 PM Rickey Stokes
If there is a leader, someone develop a plan

DHCLS Board of Trustees Elects New Officers
Oct 13 2021 5:51 PM

WEC, Wiregrass RC&D fund purchase of tractor for Cottonwood FFA
Oct 13 2021 5:40 PM
HARTFORD:  Cottonwood High School students can continue to grow their agricultural and wildlife management skills with a new tractor ...

morgageman wallace samples

In breaking henry county news

CBS 46

Man shot to death after a suspected fight at a gas station in DeKalb Co.

DEKALB COUNTY, Ga. (CBS46)—DeKalb County police are investigating a deadly shooting, which they say appears to have been prompted by an argument. According to police, the incident happened around 11:00 p.m. on Friday at the Chevron on Redan Road in Stone Mountain. Investigators say, the victim, a 30-year-old man, was...


Strange happenings inside a Little Caesars Pizza

I should have been suspicious before walking through the door. The sign above this particular Little Caesars, located at the end of a darkened strip mall in the farthest reaches of Stone Mountain, Georgia, wasn’t lit. But the lights were on inside the chain pizza joint, and a multicolored neon sign dangling from the window flashed the word “OPEN” off and on. Mandy and I had been driving for the past five hours and wanted nothing more than to load up on cheap pizza and cheaper beer and then crash at our Airbnb. So inside I went.


Holiday Lights 2021: World of Illumination Unveils Two New Experiences in Georgia

Rockin’ Christmas showcases such elements as gigantic boomboxes, iPods and jukeboxes along with DJ Santa and his sidekick the Little Drummer Boy. ATLANTA, Ga. /Massachusetts Newswire – National News/ — World of Illumination – the producer of the world’s largest drive-through animated light show – is unveiling two new theme parks in the Atlanta-metro area. Atlanta Motor Speedway in Hampton will be home to Arctic Adventure and Six Flags White Water in Marietta will house Rockin’ Christmas. Both shows feature millions of colorful lights and hundreds of animated displays synchronized to popular and beloved holiday music. The shows’ construction is already underway and presale tickets are now on sale.




CDC Chief Pressed On Ongoing Mask Requirements: Don’t Hold Your Breath

(Atlanta, GA) — The director of the CDC is being pressed about when indoor mask requirements will end. On NBC’s Today show, Dr. Rochelle Walensky cited encouraging, ongoing trends in the fight against COVID, but noted the pandemic is not over, again being indecisive. Walensky said more than 60-million Americans still haven’t been vaccinated. She warned about the upcoming winter and said respiratory viruses generally thrive in colder weather.


Take advantage of Sunday sun in Covington

(COVINGTON, GA) A sunny Sunday is here for Covington, but if you haven’t got any ideas for taking advantage of it, don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. Check out these ideas along with a four-day forecast.



4-Day Weather Forecast For Conley

Here’s the forecast for the next four days in Conley: Sunday, October 24: Mostly sunny during the day; while mostly cloudy overnight; Monday, October 25: Chance of showers and thunderstorms during the day; while chance of showers and thunderstorms then partly cloudy overnight; Tuesday, October 26: Sunny during the



Widespread Neighborhood Opposition to Atlanta's Comprehensive Development Plan

Atlanta's Comprehensive Development Plan is provoking neighborhood opposition across the city. "150 of Atlanta’s 242 recognized neighborhoods in Black and white areas of Atlanta signed a letter to formally oppose the city’s proposed comprehensive development plan," reports David Pendered. As Pendered reported earlier this month, the city is slowing the...


CBS 46

Officer hits a car while responding to a suspected drunk driver, no injuries

CLAYTON COUNTY, Ga. (CBS46)-- A Clayton County police officer hit a car while responding to a scene with a suspected drunk driver early Saturday morning. According to police, it happened at Jonesboro and Battle Creek roads in the Jonesboro area. CBS46 News arrived on the scene and learned police had...



Locust Grove, GAStockbridge, GAHampton, GALovejoy, GAJenkinsburg, GASunny Side, GARex, GAJonesboro, GAEllenwood, GAExperiment, GALake City, GAGriffin, GAJackson, GAMorrow, GAFort Gillem, GAWoolsey, GAConyers, GAForest Park, GAPorterdale, GARiverdale, GA


Where to get World Series shirts, hats and other merchandise

KENNESAW - For some baseball fans in Atlanta, being in the World Series for the first time in 22 years is a feeling that's impossible to shake. Fans already have the swag to represent their team after the Atlanta Braves beat the Los Angeles Dodgers in Game 6 of the NLCS.


Forensic psychiatrist breaks down why the notebook is important in discovering Brian Laundrie's remains

ATLANTA - A prominent criminal profiler discusses what the items near the remains of Brian Laundrie could mean as investigators continue to seek answers in the murder of Gabby Petito. Investigators found a notebook belonging to Brian Laundrie. A forensic psychiatrist said those may be key in shining light on...


SPANX founder stuns employees with big surprise to celebrate $1.2 billion sale

ATLANTA — The Atlanta woman who founded SPANX just signed a billion-dollar deal this week -- and celebrated with a huge surprise for her employees. Sara Blakeley is a big believer in women’s entrepreneurship. She turned a dream that started on a whiteboard in Virginia Highlands into SPANX, the popular brand of women’s shapewear.


CBS 46

3 men arrested, charged with unrelated murders in Decatur

DECATUR, Ga. (CBS46) -- The DeKalb County Sheriff’s Office has arrested three men accused of committing murder in Dekalb County. The men are 22-year-old Quavon Shenard Battle, 18-year-old Cortez Damon Florence and 41-year-old Darien Everett Jones. Battle was arrested along Johnson Road in connection to the alleged murder of Decatur...


Shakur Stevenson jabs way to 10th-round TKO over Herring

ATLANTA (AP) — Shakur Stevenson stepped up in weight class and jabbed his way to a second world title early Sunday, beating Jamel Herring by technical knockout in the 10th round of their junior lightweight championship fight. The former featherweight champion applied steady pressure throughout, and Stevenson (17-0) leaned on...


Where’s the most expensive gas in Atlanta?

(ATLANTA, GA) Are you paying too much for gas in Atlanta?. If you choose the most expensive station in the area, you could be paying as much as an extra $0.90 per gallon, according to an analysis by GasBuddy Sunday.


Sun forecast for Rex — 3 ways to hit it head-on

(REX, GA) The forecast is calling for sun today in Rex. Here are three ideas for how to make the most of it, along with a four-day forecast. Have a picnic: With COVID-19 restrictions lingering around the country, this beloved pastime has taken on new relevance. Meeting a friend somewhere pretty with a basket of snacks and a blanket can be a spontaneous way to enjoy a sunny afternoon in a safer environment than indoors. Risk levels should always be taken into account along with advice from health authorities on gathering sizes.


Braves advance to the World Series after beating Dodgers 4-2

Breakdown of Braves win over the Dodgers. Facebook Courtney Dugas Instagram Mr.Dugas_1986 XBox1 Gamertag Dugas1986


1 dead, 7 wounded at homecoming block party near Fort Valley State University

PEACH COUNTY, Ga. — One person is dead and 7 people were wounded in a shooting at a post-homecoming block party in Fort Valley Friday night, according to the Georgia Bureau of Investigation. [DOWNLOAD: Free WSB-TV News app for alerts as news breaks]. The Georgia Bureau of Investigation said the...


Oxford man killed in accident on Hwy. 42 in Indian Springs

A three-vehicle accident on Ga. Highway 42 in Indian Springs in Butts County Thursday night left an Oxford man dead and another man possibly facing charges. According to the Georgia State Patrol, at approximately 8:20 p.m. on Oct. 21, a Nissan Altima driven by Berderricus Donterio Wise, 28, improperly backed out of a private drive on Highway 42 near the intersection of Mt. Vernon Church Road and Rock Creek Church Road.




Henry County officer critical after shot fired at dentist office

TopLatestMost Commented

Martinsville Bulletin

Editorial: Triple homicide of Short family a wound that cannot heal until solved

An entire Henry County family, Michael Wayne Short, his wife Mary Hall Short, and their 9-year-old daughter Jennifer, were killed in cold blood in August 2002, each slain by a gunshot to the head. Their killings remain unsolved 19 years later, a wound in the fabric of this community that...


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What you missed this week in notable Martinsville crimes and court cases

A Fieldale man was sentenced to an active prison term of 38 years after receiving 48 years total in Henry County Circuit Court on Tuesday after pleading guilty to shooting a Bassett woman in the face and killing her unborn child on the porch of a Fieldale residence.


Democratic Party Tour visits Martinsville on Monday

Henry-Martinsville Department of Social Services Board meets at 3 p.m. at the Henry-Martinsville Department of Social Services, 20 Progress Drive in Martinsville. Democratic Party of Virginia Tour at 3 p.m. at the Refuge Temple Ministries new facility on Clearview Drive across from the church. Martinsville School Board meeting in closed...



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COVID-19 claims lives in Henry and Franklin counties

Two new deaths from COVID-19 were reported Friday morning in the West Piedmont District. The Virginia Department of Health (VDH) has recorded one of those deaths as in Henry County and the other in Franklin County. The district comprises the counties of Henry, Franklin and Patrick and the city of...


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Pedestrian struck by vehicle on Virginia Avenue

Police have not identified the person who was struck by an SUV in Henry County on Tuesday night. Virginia State Police were on the scene and say the incident occurred in the 2600 block of Virginia Avenue in Collinsville just after 10:30 p.m. Radio traffic indicated the injured person suffered...


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12 awarded P&HCC Scholars designation

Patrick & Henry Community College has announced its latest P&HCC Scholars. As one of the highest honors P&HCC offers students, the Patrick & Henry Scholar distinction covers tuition, textbooks and fees for up to two years of study at the college. P&HCC Scholars are selected for their strong academic and leadership potential through a highly competitive process. This years’ recipients are graduates of Patrick County High School with grade point averages of 3.7 or higher.



2 new deaths due to COVID recorded in district

There have been two new deaths in the West Piedmont District reported Friday morning. The Virginia Department of Health (VDH) has recorded one of those deaths in Henry County and the other in Franklin County. The district comprises the counties of Henry, Franklin and Patrick and the City of Martinsville.


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Reversion enters final stages but uncertainties remain

The end of the reversion process for Martinsville becoming a town in Henry County is within sight now, but the uncertainties of the outcome remain. The next requirement in the process will occur on Tuesday at 7 p.m. when City Council will hold a public hearing on a voluntary settlement agreement between the city and the county outlining the specifics of Martinsville’s reversion.


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COVID-19 claims one in Franklin County; cluster clinics planned this weekend

As area residents continue dying from COVID-19, vaccination opportunities are increasing. One new death has been attributed to COVID-19 in the West Piedmont District since Wednesday. The Virginia Department of Health (VDH) has recorded that death in Franklin County. The district comprises the counties of Henry, Franklin and Patrick and...



Man who killed pregnant woman sentenced to prison

HENRY COUNTY, Va. (WDBJ) - A man in Henry County was sentenced Wednesday for the murder of a pregnant woman. Thomas McDowell had pleaded guilty to second-degree murder and two other gun charges for the 2020 death of Krystal McReynolds. She was shot in the face. In court October 20,...


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Christmas Cheer accepting applications

Christmas Cheer will begin accepting applications on Monday and will be open weekdays from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. until Friday, Nov. 19. The office will be located at 10 Liberty St., two doors down from Grace Network and near Lester Home Center and Taco Bell. Applications must be completed...


Fieldale man sentenced to 38 years in prison for killing pregnant woman

HENRY COUNTY, Va. — A Fieldale man was sentenced to an active prison term of 38 years after receiving 48 years total in Henry County Circuit Court on Tuesday after pleading guilty to shooting a Bassett woman in the face and killing her unborn child on the porch of a Fieldale residence.


Man sentenced to 38 years after fatal shooting of pregnant Henry County woman in 2020

HENRY COUNTY, Va. (WFXR) — The Henry County man who pled guilty to shooting a pregnant woman in the face back in 2020 — killing both the woman and her unborn child — was sentenced this week to nearly four decades in prison. Thomas Christopher McDowell was arrested on Feb....


VSP: Pedestrian flown to hospital after hit by SUV in Henry County

HENRY COUNTY, VA. (WFXR) — A pedestrian was seriously injured Tuesday night after being hit by an SUV in Henry County, according to officials. Virginia State Police told WFXR News the crash occurred shortly after 10:30 p.m. on Tuesday, Oct. 19 in the 2600 block of Virginia Avenue in Collinsville.



WATCH: Vice President Kamala Harris campaigns for Virginia gubernatorial candidate Terry McAuliffe in Dumfries, Virginia

Vice President Kamala Harris was in Dumfries, Virginia on Thursday campaigning for Democratic Virginia gubernatorial candidate Terry McAuliffe. This came after First Lady Jill Biden joined McAullife last week to host a grassroots event in Henry County. [READ MORE: Virginia’s governor race dead even two weeks ahead of election, poll...


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Fieldale man sentenced to 38 years in prison for killing pregnant woman

A Fieldale man was sentenced to an active prison term of 38 years after receiving 48 years total in Henry County Circuit Court on Tuesday after pleading guilty to shooting a Bassett woman in the face and killing her unborn child on the porch of a Fieldale residence. Thomas Christopher...


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Martinsville-area events Sunday, Oct. 24

Calendar items may be sent to [email protected], brought to the office at 204 Broad St., Martinsville or mailed to P.O. Box 3711, Martinsville, VA, 24115. Dates and times must be included. NA meeting: 8 p.m., Holy Lutheran Church, Martinsville. MONDAY. Henry-Martinsville Department of Social Services Board: 3 p.m., meeting, auditorium,...


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Today in history: Friday, Oct. 22

Today is Friday, Oct. 22, the 295th day of 2021. There are 70 days left in the year. 100 years ago: It was worth an hour of a busy man’s valuable time to watch the big crowd on the square Friday morning scrambling to capture Marks & Co.’s chickens. It was a unique and original advertising stunt and attracted much interest. During the hour eight husky fowls were released from the roof of Marks & Co.’s store, fluttering down over the heads of the mass of human beings, white and black, little and big, male and female, who had been attracted there by the Bulletin advertisement of the event. … To each hen’s leg was attached a tag which entitled each successful contestant not only to the captured hen but to a full dollar’s worth of merchandise at Marks & Co.’s store. There were some elderly folks on hand who demonstrated by flying leaps at fluttering chickens that they were not yet in the disabled class, and the young ones had the fun of their lives.



Henry County man who shot, killed pregnant woman to serve 38 years

HENRY COUNTY, Va. – The 37-year-old man who shot and killed a pregnant woman in 2020 has been sentenced to 38 years in prison. This comes after Thomas Christopher McDowell, of Fieldale, shot Krystal McReynolds in the face on Feb. 18, 2020, according to the Henry County Sheriff’s Office. Authorities say McReynolds was four to five months pregnant when she was killed and her unborn child died due to maternal trauma.



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