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Goldendoodle Grooming: 7 Secrets to Happier At-Home Care

Hello, my Doodle loving friends! Whether you’re searching for a complete at-home Goldendoodle grooming routine or you need some tips to help you through until your dog’s next professional grooming session, you’re at the right place.

There are so many Goldendoodle grooming options! In fact, it seems like there are as many ways to groom a Goldendoodle as there are types, colors, and sizes of Doods!

But with so many choices, you may feel a little overwhelmed. In this post, I’ll guide you through the basic principles of Goldendoodle grooming.

Medium, red Goldendoodle's face after grooming. Photo.

While I’m not a professional groomer or vet, I am a Goldendoodle dog mom who loves to research, learn about all things Doodle, and master DIY dog care. I tell you this because if I can figure out Goldendoodle grooming, you can too!

Goldendoodle Grooming: Setting the playing field

First, grooming is an essential part of caring for our Goldendoodles. While all dogs need regular grooming to keep their coats clean and free from dirt, the adorable Goldendoodle requires more grooming than some other breeds that naturally rid their coat through shedding.

GOLDEN” doodle tip: Grooming is a critical part of caring for a Goldendoodle.

For example, I puppy sit a Labrador Retriever—a high shedding dog. I’m constantly finding adorable white hairs floating through the air like angel wings and landing on the sofa, on the wood floor, and on my black leggings.

Smiley faces of an F1B Goldendoodle and a Labrador Retriever pup. Photo.

On the other hand, Happy-Go-Doodle Chloe sheds much, much less (i.e. dust bunnies here and there). But that means her curly Goldendoodle locks must go somewhere. Her coat needs to be brushed and groomed to keep loose hairs from getting trapped in her coat and causing matting. Brushing with my favorite slicker brush rids her coat of loose hairs, rids it of bits of dirt, and keeps the mats away.

Why I ❤️ grooming my Goldendoodle at home

Before and after photo of a Goldendoodle pre grooming and post grooming. Photo.

Now that we’ve established that grooming is an essential part of Goldendoodle care, let’s talk about why you may find grooming your Goldendoodle at home personally rewarding. For me, it’s truly a chance to bond and enjoy one-on-one time with Chloe.

Beyond that, I can groom her on my own schedule and work toward achieving the cute teddy bear Goldendoodle look that I think suits Chloe best! (Plus, I’m saving money on professional grooms that, understandably, cost $80 or more.)

I have to say, I think it’s in my nature to want to try my hand at dog grooming. There is something creative and fulfilling about accomplishing a goal together with my dog. I guess Chloe and I have more “high paw” moments when we work together.

So I’ve watched videos, joined Facebook Goldendoodle grooming communities, purchased grooming tools, talked to a pro groomer specifically about how to trim a Goldendoodle’s face, and practiced. Over the last few years, I’ve come to the conclusion that grooming is an art!

Since Goldendoodles are a cross between the Golden Retriever breed and the Poodle breed, there is a lot of variation in Goldendoodle coat types. Some coats are a plush curly, some loose wavy, and some straight. That’s why there isn’t a one-size-fits-all answer to the trimming piece of the grooming puzzle. And it’s why I have so much admiration for pro groomers who groom all types of Doodles. Your groomer (or even your vet) may help you determine what’s best for your Doodle’s specific coat type.

Chloe is an F1B Goldendoodle and her coat is loose curly to wavy. It’s not super hard to take care of because it’s not a thick coat.

Medium F1B Goldendoodle lying on chair after her grooming. photo.

Goldendoodle grooming principles: My “3Ps”

Before we get into the nitty-gritty, you may want some basic principles of Goldendoodle grooming. So I created the “3Ps” of grooming:

  • Positivity: Much like our sweet, enthusiastic Goldendoodles, having a positive attitude goes a long way toward the goal of giving your Goldendoodle tender loving grooming care. Make every single step positive and enjoyable. Use heaping amounts of love and praise, and make sure your dog is enjoying every step in the process.
  • Pace Dividing the Goldendoodle grooming process into shorter sessions can make the experience a happier one. For Chloe, I space out grooming tasks across the course of a few days. Also, pacing is important within one session. Your Goldendoodle may need a break, a quick romp, a drink of water, etc.
  • Patience: Grooming is an art. The ultimate goal of grooming is good health— for your dog to be happy, mat-free, and well-cared for. Plan to take your time and view grooming as an enjoyable bonding time with your Dood.
Red Goldendoodle after being groomed. Her tongue is licking her muzzle. Photo.

When to start grooming a Goldendoodle puppy

Set the stage for a lifetime of happier grooming for your Goldendoodle puppy by starting a routine early. If your little Muppet baby is just a couple of months old, now is the time! Try simply finger-combing as the very first step. Handle or gently massage those cute puppy paws daily.

Just like training your Goldendoodle to go potty outside, teaching grooming is part of the responsibility of caring for your sweet pup. Even if you plan to take your Goldendoodle puppy to the groomer, you need to set your puppy and your groomer up for success by helping your puppy get accustomed to the process. If your Goldendoodle is comfortable and used to being handled, then you’re on the right track!

Recipe for Goldendoodle grooming

Many Goldendoodle owners wonder which comes first, bathing or brushing? Trim first or brush first? Here is how I organize Chloe’s at-home grooming schedule:

STEP 1: Brushing and combing before bathing

Brush then bathe or bathe then brush, which? This is an important question which, in my opinion, has only one answer: Brush then bathe.

“Golden” doodle tip: Brush then bathe.

Here’s why: If your dog has any mats, bathing will “set the mat” and make it tighter. After I brush using the best brush for Goldendoodle grooming that I’ve found, then I comb using a fine-tooth comb (starting at the bottom and working up) to make sure the tangles are out. Also, I’ve learned that grooming is a happier experience for both of us when we use a dog grooming table.

Close-up of curly coat of a red, F1B Goldendoodle. Photo.
Close up of red, F1B Goldendoodle's coat after brushing and grooming. The hair is fluffy. Photo.

Days of the Week Goldendoodle Grooming

Dividing brushing into shorter sessions may work better than tackling a head-to-tail brushing session in one day. So I put together a days-of-the-week brushing schedule that breaks brushing up by sections. Plus, I gave each day’s activity an alliterative name. Please use mine or come up with your own!

  • Cute Mug Monday: Groom your Dood’s face!
  • Two Paws Tuesday: Brush your Dood’s front paws and legs.
  • Waggy Tail Wednesday: Brush your Dood’s tail.
  • Lovely Legs Thursday: You guessed it. Today’s the day to brush your Dood’s back legs and paws.
  • Fannie Friday: Focus on brushing your Dood’s body and fluffy butt.
  • Saturday Saves: Save some time on Saturday for a quick brush and touch up any places you missed.
  • Sunday Funday! Just have fun with your sweet Dood today!

Even with consistent brushing, you may come across mats especially under the ears, around the collar, and on the inside of the legs. Using cornstarch for matted dog hair is one of my favorite hacks that helps gently remove small mats.

STEP 2: Bathing a Goldendoodle

Once you have completely brushed your Goldendoodle’s hair, it’s bath time. Some Goldendoodle moms and dads prefer to hop in the shower with their Goldendoodle dogs. Since you’re going to get wet anyway, why not get soaked!

“GOLDEN” doodle tip: For safety, use a bath mat in the bottom of the tub or shower so your dog doesn’t slip.

I give Chloe a bath in the bathtub. She gets excited for bath time because she loves drinking from the tub spigot. Remember, the concept of “no more tears” applies to gently shampooing our sweet fur babies too. Use dog shampoo (no human shampoo), avoid getting shampoo in your dog’s eyes, and keep water out of your dog’s ears. My complete guide, How to Bathe a Goldendoodle, includes my favorite tips and ideas along with an entire section on bathing a Goldendoodle puppy.

curly, wet 40-pound Goldendoodle dog after a bath. photo.

STEP 3: Towel dry. Work with the grain of the coat.

After a bath, gently towel dry your Goldendoodle working with the grain of the coat rather than ruffling it up or working against the direction of the coat. Why? Everything we’re doing is in an effort to avoid mats and tangles.

“GOLDEN” doodle tip: Your Goldendoodle will probably shake all that water off. Be prepared for your own mini shower!

STEP 4: Blow dry

Before going on to step five, clipping your dog’s hair, you’ll want your Doodle’s hair to be 100% dry. Blow drying smoothes out the coat so that the hair is straighter, which results in a more even trim.

“GOLDEN” doodle tip: Love the ragamuffin, Muppet look more than the fluffy look that comes from blow-drying? Don’t worry. The cords or ringlets will come back after a few days.

STEP 5: Trimming

Many Goldendoodle moms and dads use dog clippers for trimming the hair. Learning to clip Chloe is on my “to-doodle” list! Others, like me, use round-tipped grooming scissors. Even with a round tip, use grooming scissors carefully! To ensure that I do not ever accidentally cut her skin, I hold the hair that I’m cutting in between the fingers of my free hand. This way, my hand is always a buffer between her skin and the round-tipped scissors.

“GOLDEN” doodle tip: Unlike a human sitting quietly for a hair trim, your dog may be excited and wiggly. Acclimate your Doodle to each step first. Your Dood’s comfort and safety are more important than perfection.

Step 6: Dog nail trims

Don’t forget, Goldendoodle grooming includes caring for your dog’s toenails. But even the most confident dog mom can be fearful of nail trims. I know I was!

I took a super-easy online course and now I’m trimming Chloe’s nails and Little Bear’s puppy nails toenails too. To learn more, check out my article: Searching for How to Cut Your Dog’s Black Nails? I Was Too Until I Tried This.

“GOLDEN” doodle tip: For the price of about two nail trims, you can learn to trim your dog’s nails yourself at home. My readers can take the online e-learning course, Dr. Buzby’s Nail Trimming Without Fear, for $39 with the code HAPPY.

puppy's paw showing toenails after a toenail trimming as part of grooming. photo.

7 days a week: Toothbrushing

If you have a Goldendoodle puppy, you may be asking, “Do I need to brush my dog’s teeth?” “Is there such a thing as doggie toothpaste?” The short answer is, “Yes and yes!” Daily toothbrushing is one of the best ways to keep your Doodle healthy over his or her lifetime. And you should only use dog-safe toothpaste—never use human toothpaste.

BTW…dog toothbrushing is my thing. Here’s why: When Chloe was two, my vet explained that Chloe’s teeth had enough plaque build-up to look like a 7-year-old dog. After a professional dental cleaning under anesthesia, I’ve made it my mission to take care of her teeth through daily brushing. It’s working! You can watch my video and learn more here: How to Brush Your Dog’s Teeth: A Dog Mom’s Pearl’s of Wisdom for Pearly Whites.

Additional Goldendoodle dog grooming resources

If you’re searching for more tips, pointers, and support from both Doodle parents and professional dog groomers, I encourage you to check out the Facebook community, DIY Doodle Groomers. This is a fun community of both Doodle parents and professional groomers supporting and encouraging one another. The purpose of the group is to provide information to Doodle parents who want to learn to groom their Doodle dogs at home.

That’s Goldendoodle grooming 101! I hope that I’ve guided you along the way and that you feel encouraged. Most of all, I hope you ENJOY every moment with your cute Goldendoodle by your side.

Are you thinking about grooming your Goldendoodle at home?

Please share your tips! We can all learn together.

Note: These are tips that have worked for me. I share this information for reference only. Of course, it is not a substitute for the care or treatment of your veterinarian or other professional. Always seek competent, professional advice from your vet if you believe your dog has a grooming or medical problem.  


Goldendoodle Haircuts & Goldendoodle Grooming

A slicker brush is handy for fluffing your goldendoodle’s outer coat. A quick run over with a slicker will make your goldendoodle’s coat look soft and puffy. Slickers aren’t great at detangling your goldendoodle’s undercoat though. That’s where the metal comb and grooming rake come into play. A metal comb works best for curly coated goldendoodles while a grooming rake may work well for wavier coated goldendoodles. It’s also important to trim your dog’s nails in between grooming appointments. Either a cordless dremel or nail clippers can be used for this, whichever you prefer.

Your goldendoodle will need to be taken to the groomer regularly for the duration of her life, so regular handling when she’s young will help her become familiar with it as a part of life. You may choose to take you puppy to the groomer for a bath, nail trim & sanitary clip prior to 6 months just to familiarize her with the routine, people, and smells.

When you bathe your goldendoodle at home, it is important to ensure that all of the shampoo is washed out to avoid drying your dog’s skin. It’s also vital to keep your goldendoodle’s ears dry! Since goldendoodles have ears that hang down, they are prone to ear infections if water is left in their ears or if their ears are not cleaned regularly. Your groomer will clean your dog’s ears with each grooming visit, however your dog will benefit from you cleaning her ears in between grooming appointments.

It’s never a bad idea to bring a picture to the groomer. You can even pull this page up on your phone to reference when you drop your goldendoodle off. Once your goldendoodle is all groomed, be sure to post a picture to our Facebook group for other people to use as a reference!

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When should a goldendoodle puppy go to the groomer?

If you’re wondering when to take your fluffy goldendoodle to the groomer for the first time, you’re not alone! She’ll only have cotton-ball-like puppy coat this one time, and you’re not quite ready for her to look all grownup. But she seems kind of hot and, if you’re honest with yourself, you know her hair is looking a little out of control. What do you do?

The first trip to the groomer

Your puppy has (hopefully!) had her nails clipped and hair trimmed during her time at the breeder before joining your home. She should have already had her initial introduction to her lifetime of being groomed.  Your goldendoodle puppy should visit a professional groomer for the first time after her 16-week immunizations. Be sure to request a “puppy clip.” The groomer will bathe her, trim the hair out of her eyes, give her a sanitary clip, and trim her nails. Since she will need regular grooming throughout her life, both she and her groomer will benefit if she is accustomed to being groomed from a young age.

The first big girl (or big boy) haircut

The wavy, curly adult coat will start replacing the soft, fluffy puppy coat around 5-6 months of age. You’ll notice the new hair coming in is kinkier than the pure fluff on top. Waiting to cut the hair until the adult coat makes its debut beneath the layers of puppy fur helps ensure that the adult coat remains soft. Poodle groomers and poodle fanciers claim that shaving a poodle or goldendoodle down before her adult coat starts coming in could damage the adult coat, affecting the texture. While there isn’t any substantiated evidence that this is true, it’s worth avoiding just in case. Take your goldendoodle puppy for her first full big girl haircut at 5-6 months of age, once her adult coat has started coming in. That doesn’t mean that your puppy might not benefit from a puppy clip in the meantime! Don’t let your puppy’s hair get out of control! As aforementioned, take her to the groomer for a puppy clip after her 16-week immunizations.

Before your first big trip to the groomer for that full haircut, spend time looking through pictures of goldendoodle haircuts. We’ve also broken doodle clips down into face, feet, tails, and body styles so you can mix and match for design precisely the perfect haircut for your furry friend. You can also read about what to expect when you take her to the groomer and how to avoid a poodle-style haircut.

Grooming at home

Waiting until 6 months for the first full big girl clip does not mean you’re off the hook for grooming at home! You should regularly groom your puppy: brushing her hair, cleaning her ears, brushing her teeth, clipping her toenails, and checking her for any anomalies (i.e. ticks, cuts, etc.). You want your puppy to become accustomed to being brushed from a young age. Do the brief bonding exercise with your puppy each night before bed to ensure she is used to being touched and handled. Your groomer with thank you. Trust me. You’ll find two videos of puppy bonding exercise at the end of thePuppy Owner Resources post.

Still have questions about goldendoodle puppy grooming?

Learn more about what shampoos and brushes to purchase for grooming your goldendoodle from a professional goldendoodle groomer. Want to trim your goldendoodle’s face yourself? This step-by-step guide has pictures to walk you through trimming the hair out of her eyes and eliminating that Santa Clause beard she’s been growing.

Like this:


Grooming Mini Goldendoodle At Home // 20 weeks old // Puppy Vlog

Goldendoodle Teddy Bear Haircut + Grooming Tips

We frequently get asked “When should I take my puppy to get groomed for the first time?” and “What type of haircut should I ask for to get the perfect teddy bear look?” Since we are not professionals when it comes to grooming we thought we would ask someone who is. We interviewed our grooming artist, TeAnna who is the owner of Ruffledales Pet Resort & Paw Spa and asked her several of those questions.

When should a puppy go to the groomer for the 1st time?

After the puppy has received at least two sets of DHPP, one bordetella, and the veterinarian agrees it’s safe to be groomed. Typically it is around the 10-12 week mark. We recommend coming in for a bath and brush so the puppy can feel safe and confident with the grooming process.

A few tips to get your puppy familiar with getting groomed:

  1. Brush your puppy at an early age. Get the puppy familiar with the brush and comb so when they go to the groomers it’s a positive experience.

  2. Play with your puppy’s feet. As groomers, we see a lot of puppies that are really freaked out when we touch their feet. If the owners of the puppies played with their feet and got them comfortable with people touching that area it makes our job a lot easier.

How often should you brush your Goldendoodle?

This is tricky, all goldendoodles have slightly different coats and some are more prone to matting due to genetics. We definitely recommend brushing out the coats daily or three times a week. If you are noticing little mats and only brushing three times a week, definitely increase the brushing schedule.

How do you prevent matting?

Get a good quality comb! Sometimes brushes only go over the beautiful top coat and don’t fully get the mats. Mats start at the skin and are likely to hide under all the fur. We recommend using a hard wire comb and starting at the skin and combing the hair out. It’s very important in areas of high friction, where the collar is, around the armpits, where the tail meets the body and around the face and behind the ears. After combing your doodle, we recommend using a high quality brush.

“If you keep up on combing and brushing, then you can keep your doodles hair any length.”— TeAnna

A matted goldendoodle.

Why is combing and brushing so important?

This picture says it all! Matscan be extremely painful for dogs. If a small mat is not properly addressed, it can turn a small issue into a much bigger one for your doodle. Mats have the ability to lock down against a dog’s skin. With every move your dog makes these knots can get tighter and harder to comb through.

If these mats are left untreated, they can be a great place for fleas and other unwanted parasites to hide and live. In fact, sometimes groomers find mold and yeast infections under the coats.

How often should you groom your Goldendoodle?

This depends on how you choose to keep their hair. The longer lengths really need to be groomed more often due to having a higher risk of matting. The matts are just like dread locks and can be very difficult and painful to brush out. There is also a risk of hematoma to the ears if they are badly matted and have to be shaved. If you’d would like to leave your doodle long, we recommend getting bath and brush outs between grooms around every 3-4 weeks and getting grooms 6-8 weeks apart. If you like your doodle shaved short, then every 6-8 weeks is usually adequate, as long as you are doing your part and brushing them at home.

How to get the Teddy Bear haircut on a Goldendoodle?


The best advice is to be very specific to your groomer!! Everyone has a very distinct style and like different looks. If you are wanting a certain look make sure to talk to the receptionist and show pictures of what you have in mind. If you are wanting the teddy bear hair style ask for the following:

  • Small notch shaved between the eyes

  • Short hair trim around the ears and eyes

  • Have the groomer use round scissors around the dogs muzzle

  • Use blending shears to help blend the hair evenly around the face and ears

  • Evenly shaved throughout the body – Approximately 1.5-2 inches in hair length

  • Round feet trimming

  • Long tail feathering and tapered towards the tip

  • Show pictures of teddy bear styles that you like!

Photo’s are taken by Ruffledale Pet Resort & Spa

How much does it cost to groom a Goldendoodle?

Depending on the size of the doodle it can range from $40-$120. If you have a doodle weighing 80 lbs or more it will be in the $80-$120 range. Please note when scheduling to be groomed, be aware of hidden added charges. Some grooming facilities will give you a base price that doesn’t include: nail trimming, ear cleaning and anal gland expression. They add these charges on after and the groom ends up costing you double. Not fun! Ruffledales doesn’t believe in adding charges on so that is another reason why we recommend them.

We hope you find this information helpful and don’t forget to ask for the teddy bear cut next grooming! We would love to see your photos. Email us at [email protected] or tag us on instagram @matthewslegacyfarm.

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Mini goldendoodle grooming

Goldendoodle Grooming Guide (2021) – With Pictures!

Most Goldendoodles are hypoallergenic and non-shedding because they contain a significant amount of Poodle genetics. The drawback of having a nonshedding dog is you need to groom your Goldendoodle’s hair consistently — this includes brushing your Goldendoodle down to the skin level! Goldendoodle grooming is relatively easy if you do it on a consistent basis and your dog gets used to the hair cutters, scissors, and nail grinders.

If you don’t groom your Goldendoodle, they will develop a significant amount of tangles and mattes in which you will have to completely shave you Goldendoodle. Some tangling and mattes are completely normal, but we will show you the best way to groom your Goldendoodle in order to keep them from matting and always looking their best. We hope you enjoy our Goldendoodle Grooming Guide! At first, it may be very difficult to groom your Goldendoodle, but once you get a system in place it will go much faster.

If you’re just looking for different Goldendoodle Haircut Styles, we also wrote another guide.

Goldendoodle Grooming Tools

Goldendoodle Grooming is extremely difficult if you don’t have the right tools.  We break our list down into Must-Have Tools and Optional Tools.

Must-Have Goldendoodle Grooming Tools

  1. Dog Hair Clippers:  The most popular and widely used Goldendoodle hair clippers are the Andis Proclip 2.  These are a great investment and will save you money in the long-term.
  2. Andis Steel Comb: This is used for brushing out mattes.  These are cheap and every Goldendoodle owner should have one.
  3. Slicker Brush: This is a must-have for every Goldendoodle owner.  Great everyday brush and will be used after bathing.
  4. Grooming Scissors – Ballpoint scissors or blunt-tipped scissors only.  The Moontay Dog Grooming Scissorsare our personal favorite.  Just make sure they aren’t sharp for your dog’s safety.
  5. Cutting Shears: Shaping areas of the dog the razor can’t get.  Great for finishing touches.
  6. Shampoo & Conditioner:  TheMane ‘N Tail has some of the best Shampoo and Conditioner combinations on the market. We also wrote an in-depth article on the Best Shampoo for a Goldendoodle.
  7. Dog Nail Grinder or Dog Nail Clipper:  Low noise nail grinders work the best and ensure you don’t cut to much nail off your dog and make them bleed.
  8. Grooming Table orPet Leash: Most Goldendoodles refuse to be groomed.  This means you’ll have to invest in a grooming table or pet leash to keep them standing while you groom.

Optional Goldendoodle Grooming Tools

  1. Blade Coolant and Lubricant: Most dog hair clippers will come with a small bottle.  You will need more after your first Goldendoodle grooming session.
  2. Thinning Shears: These are super useful because thinning shears blend the short and long hair together.
  3. Detangler:  This is highly recommended if your Goldendoodle is prone to mattes or tangles.  Just spray and brush.
  4. Quick Dry Dog Towel: Quick-drying towels are the best so you don’t have to wait forever after you bathe your Goldendoodle.
  5. Pet Grooming Gloves: These are great for bathing and grooming.
  6. Bully sticks: Bully sticks are great because they buy you a lot of time and provide a great distraction for your dog.

How to Groom a Goldendoodle

goldendoodle haircut before and after

Let’s get started grooming your Goldendoodle.  If this is your first time, I would allocate at least a couple of hours to fully groom your Goldendoodle from bathing to grooming to nail trimming.  You’ll get faster the more times you do it.

Tips Before Your Goldendoodle Grooming

  1. Let your Goldendoodle observe and smell the equipment.  They need to get used to the equipment or they will squirm, squeal, and bite you.
  2. Have lots of treats ready.  Give your dog lots of treats as positive reinforcement.  I always give my dog a bully stick because it distracts them and lets me groom them for 30 to 45 minutes.
  3. Lots of patience.  The first time grooming your Goldendoodle will be hard.  Don’t worry, it gets easier!

Goldendoodle Bathing (Step 1)

bathing a goldendoodle

Step 1 of Goldendoodle grooming is going to be to bathe your Goldendoodle.  Bathing with a shampoo and conditioner makes it easier to brush and comb through your Goldendoodles tangles and mattes.  Chances are you have given your dog a bath before, but if you haven’t then sprayed some water on your dog and get the shampoo and conditioner ready!

Simply rinse your dog and lather some shampoo into your dog’s hair. Try to avoid your dog’s eyes as they are usually sensitive to shampoo, even if you are using no-tears shampoo.  Next, rinse the shampoo off your Goldendoodle and apply the conditioners. Once you rinse your dog, make sure to dry them off with a towel.

Setup Goldendoodle Grooming Equipment (Step 2)

goldendoodle grooming setup

  1. Attach your Goldendoodle to the grooming table or pet leash.  Using an elevated surface helps a lot because it will prevent your dog from jumping off the table.  In addition, you won’t have to bend over for a significant amount of time.
  2. Place your equipment on the table so your Goldendoodle can see it.  Once they start recognizing the equipment they will slowly become more cooperative over time.
  3. Give your dog some long-lasting treats like a bully stick or horn if they aren’t cooperating.

Sometimes Goldendoodles don’t cooperate too well and you’ll have to use a muzzle to prevent them from biting you.  I’m a fan of positive reinforcement though, so I try to give my dog lots of treats so they can cooperate with me.

Goldendoodle Brushing (Step 3)

drying a goldendoodle

You’re going to want to brush your Goldendoodle prior to using the dog hair clippers.  If you don’t get the mattes and tangles out, then you won’t be able to shave through them.  Start by using the slicker brush and then switch over to comb. Once you remove most of the mattes then you can get ready to groom your Goldendoodle.

Grooming a Goldendoodle (Step 4)

goldendoodle grooming belly

  1. Attach the blade to the hair clipper.  Always start with a longer blade. I personally like to start with a blade size #10 which correlates to approximately 1 and ¼ inches. If your Goldendoodle’s hair is super tangled and matted, you’ll have to use a smaller size since the blade won’t be able to go through mattes.
  2. Put your Goldendoodle in the sitting position.  This is the easiest position to groom their back.

Grooming a Goldendoodles Back (Step 5)

Grooming a Goldendoodles Back

  1. Once your Goldendoodle is sitting position, start at the top of their back and work your way down to their butt.  Always go in this direction as it easiest for the blade to cut.
  2. Cut as much hair as you can while your Goldendoodle is sitting.  Your Goldendoodle back and sides will be all one size so you don’t have to worry about changing the blade size.
  3. If your Goldendoodle is being cooperative while you’re grooming, try cutting their leg hair in a downward direction.  

Goldendoodle Belly Grooming (Step 6)

goldendoodle grooming belly

  1. Move your dog to the standing position.  This usually involves pushing their butt up or giving them the standing command.
  2. Most people like the belly hair a smaller size since people don’t see it and it prevents debris, mud, and mattes from developing in the belly area.  In addition, during the summer months, your Goldendoodle will likely get hot so it’s a good idea to trim their belly shorter. I usually switch out to a blade size #5 or if you want it longer you can switch to a blade size #7.
  3. Trim as much belly hair as you can starting from the chest area and working your way down.  Be sure to not damage your dog’s private areas. You can switch shaving directions if needed since the belly hair is usually not as dense as the back hair.

Goldendoodle Leg Grooming (Step 7)

Goldendoodle leg grooming

  1. I personally like to groom my Goldendoodles legs shorter because of all of the debris, dirt, sticks, grass, and foxtails always stick to their legs when they are running outside or you go for a walk.  I prefer to use a blade size #7 or #5 and blend this shorter hair in with the longer body hair.
  2. Put your dog in a standing position. Use a dog saddle or dog stand to help your dog stand up if they constantly want to sit.
  3. When cutting your dog’s hair, always start from the top of the leg and work your way down to the paw.  This helps to ensure that you aren’t “pulling” at the hair as much. Pulling the hair will cause a lot of discomfort and your Goldendoodle won’t want to be groomed.

Goldendoodle Paw Grooming (Step 8)

goldendoodle paw grooming

  1. Underneath your Goldendoodle’s paw could be one of the most matted areas since this area is difficult to brush on a daily basis.  I usually try to shave as much hair underneath the paw as possible. Using a #1 blade size or using no blade size is the best option.
  2. If your Goldendoodle doesn’t like their paws groomed and they are constantly moving, you may have to use your shears or scissors
  3. I always use the shears to cut around the sides of the Goldendoodle’s paw.  This gives the hair a nice uniform round look. You can also touch up various areas that you missed with the razor.

trimming goldendoodle paws

Goldendoodle Ear Grooming (Step 9)

grooming goldendoodle ear

  1. The ears are one of the most sensitive areas on a Goldendoodle.  In addition, the ears are also one of the easiest areas to cut so be extra careful when grooming your Goldendoodles ears.  Start with a smaller blade around size #5 or less. Ear hair is typically shorter than the rest of the body.
  2. Start from the top of the ear (near the top of the head) and work your way downward.
  3. Use scissors and shears near the ends of the ear to give the ear and round and uniform look that the razor can’t give.
  4. Make sure to shave underneath the ear as well.

Goldendoodle Face Grooming (Step 10)

grooming goldendoodle face

  1. I leave my Goldendoodles to face hair a little bit longer.  A blade size #9 tends to work well when grooming a Goldendoodle’s face.
  2. Start from the top of your Goldendoodle’s face and work the razor in a downward motion toward the mouth.  Be sure to hold your dog’s ear out of the way.
  3. Use scissors and shears to round out the mustache portion of your dog.  Use the ballpoint or dull end scissors to cut the hair around your Goldendoodle’s eyes.

Goldendoodle Tail Grooming (Step 11)

goldendoodle tail grooming

  1. The Goldendoodle tail hair can be left longer.  If your dog is cooperative, you can use the largest razor blade size you have.  Start from near the butt area and work your way towards the end of the tail.
  2. If your dog isn’t cooperative, you will likely have to use scissors or shears to cut your Goldendoodles tail hair.
  3. I do like to thin my Goldendoodles tail hair out a little bit because all types of debris tend to stick to the tail hair.  Use the thinning shears and thin out the tail hair a little bit.

Goldendoodle Nail Trimming (Step 12)

goldendoodle nail trim grooming

  1. Since you cut the hair around your Goldendoodle’s paw, there should be little to no hair to get in the way of the nail trimming.  It’s highly suggested you do the nail trimming after grooming your Goldendoodle so you don’t cut too much nail and cause your dog’s nails to bleed.
  2. Use the nail grinder or nail clipper to cut your Goldendoodle’s nails.  I prefer using a quiet nail grinder.

Goldendoodle Grooming: Finishing Touches (Step 13)

Goldendoodle grooming finishing touches

  1. Blowdry all the loose hair off your dog.
  2. Brush all the parts of your dog with a slicker brush.
  3. Comb your Goldendoodle.  You should feel no mattes and the comb should go through smoothly.

Conclusion for Goldendoodle Goldendoodle Grooming Guide

If this is your first time, Goldendoodle grooming is an extremely difficult process that will like likely take you a few hours.  Don’t worry, the process does get faster once you have the right tools and your dog gets used to the process. You can usually finish a grooming session in roughly an hour once you know what you’re doing.  In my opinion, grooming your Goldendoodle is not only fun, but it saves you a lot of money in the long run. I used to go to the groomers and pay $120+ per grooming session. Now I can groom my Goldendoodle anytime and save money after the one-time initial investment.

For a full video on Goldendoodle Grooming, watch this:

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Frequently Asked Questions

How often do you groom a Goldendoodle?

It’s recommended that you brush your Goldendoodle every day or every other day to prevent matting.  You should cut your Goldendoodles hair every 6 – 12 weeks depending on when it starts to get tangles.

When should you groom a Goldendoodle puppy?

Goldendoodle puppy fur tends not to matte as easily as an adult Goldendoodle.  In order to prevent any issues with the adult fur growing in, we recommend you don’t groom your Goldendoodle until 5 to 6 months old.  This also allows your Goldendoodle to get all the necessary vaccinations prior to grooming or taking them to the groomers.

Do Goldendoodles have to be groomed?

If your Goldendoodle has a wavy or curly coat that doesn’t shed, they will have to be groomed.  If your Goldendoodle is an F1 and sheds a lot of hair, they may not have to be groomed as much.  You need to groom your Goldendoodle in order to prevent tangles and mattes.

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