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McGraw-Hill &#; Integrating McGraw-Hill Connect With Canvas

In order to integrate a McGraw-Hill Connect course with your Canvas course, you will need to enable McGraw-Hill Connect in your Canvas course, pair your Canvas course with your Connect course, and then deploy Connect assignments.

Step 1: To enable McGraw-Hill Connect in your Canvas course

  1. Log into Canvas (, go to Settings (A).
  2. On the Navigation tab, click the arrow next to McGraw-Hill Connect (B), select Enable, and then click on Save (C).
    Enable McGraw-Hill Connect from Canvas Settings
  3. McGraw-Hill Connect (A) is now available from the left course navigation.


Step 2: To pair your Canvas course with a new or an existing Connect account:

  1. Select McGraw-Hill Connect (A), and then click on Authorize (B).Authorize McGraw-Hill Campus First Time in Canvas
  2. On the next screen, select Pair with a Connect Section (B).
    Pair with a Connect Section from Canvas
  3. On the Connect login page:
      • ​​If you have an existing account, enter your email address and password, then click on SIGN IN (A). Note: Skip #7,8,9,10 and jump to #11 for further instruction.
      • Or click Register for Connect account () if you are new to Connect. McGraw-Hill Connect Login Page


  4. To create a new Connect course, search by title, author or subject (A), and then click Search (B).  If you wish to pair with an existing Connect course, skip #4, 5, 6, and 7 and go to #8.Create a Connect Course by Searching Title, Author and Subject
  5. Select the title you wish to use (A) and choose a bundle if available (B).
    Create a Connect Course by Selecting a Title
  6. Complete the course creation process by entering required information on the screen (A), and then click Create Course (B).
    Complete the Course Creation Process
  7. Once your Connect course is created, it’s paired with Canvas.  Then you can return to Canvas (A) or click go to Section home page (B) to your new Connect course.
    Confirmation page of successful pairing
  8. If you have an existing Connect course, once you log into Connect, you have the option to pair with a section in a new Connect course (A) or a section in an existing Connect course (B).
  9. To pair with an existing Connect course (B), select the course (C).
    Pair with an Existing Connect Course
  10. After you select your Connect course, choose the section your wish to pair (A), and then click on Save (B).
    Select a Connect Section to Pair wtih Canvas
  11. On the confirmation page, you can return to Canvas (B) or continue with your Connect course (A).

Pairing Confirmation Page with Links to Go back to Canvas or Continue with Connect



Step 3: To deploy Connect assignments to Canvas

  1. From your Connect course, select the assignments you wish to deploy by checking the checkbox in the right column (A). Then Click on (B) and select Deploy/manage (C).
    Deploy Connect Assignments to Canvas
  2. Set your Grade Type (A), which determines which submission to be sent to Canvas gradebook for assignments allowing multiple attempts. You have the option of setting the option individually for each assignment (B).
    Set Grade Type and Individual Assignment Option
  3. The Canvas icon (A) will appear next to each successfully deployed assignment. Click (B) to return to your Canvas course.
    Successfully Deployed Assignments and Link to Return to Canvas
  4. In your Canvas course, select Assignments (A), you will see a list of assignments including those you just deployed from your Connect course (B).
    Canvas Assignments with Deployed Connect Assignments


McGraw-Hill Connect Instructions


Note: The instructions below apply to courses using integrated assignments.&#; If your course is using the etext but not assignments through McGraw-Hill, see McGraw-Hill Etext Instructions.



- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -&#;


Before starting:

  • You must have made prior arrangements with the UNM Main Campus Bookstore to use the McGraw-Hill Connect/Higher Education building block in UNM Learn.
  • You will want to make sure you have already grouped your course (if you are using section groups in UNM Learn).
This setup should be done prior to your course opening to students in Learn, so that they have time to access the materials (work out any technical issues), and if they choose to do so, time to opt-out before the opt-out period has ended.


Create a "Course Materials" content area

1.&#; Click the &#;+&#; sign above the course menu and select &#;Content Area&#;.

Click the plus sign at the top left corner of your course menu. Choose Content Area.


2.&#; Enter &#;Course Materials&#; for the name, check the option to make the area &#;Available to Users&#; and then click &#;Submit&#;. (Optional:&#; Mouse over the new link, click and drag to any location in the course menu.)

Name it Course Materials. Be sure to check Available to Users. Submit


Add the RedShelf and McGraw-Hill Higher Education tools to the course&#;

1.&#; In the Control Panel, select &#;Customization&#; and then click &#;Tool Availability&#;.

&#;From the left-hand course menu Customization - Tool Availability

2. In the Tool Availability screen, locate the &#;McGraw-Hill Higher Education&#; tool and check the box in the &#;Available&#; column. Leave any other McGraw-Hill or Connect options as is at default.

Scroll down until you see McGraw-Hill Higher Education. Put a check in the available box.

3. Locate&#;the &#;RedShelf&#; tool and check the box in the &#;Available in Content Area&#; column.

Now scroll down to Redshelf and put a check in the Available in Content Area box.

4. Click the "Submit" button.


Create the RedShelf link in the Course Materials folder&#;

1. Click the link from your course menu to open the Course Materials content area.

2. Click the "Build Content" button and select "RedShelf."

Click Build Content, then select RedShelf.

3. Type "RedShelf Course Materials" in the name field, then click "Submit".

&#;In the name field, type RedShelf Course Materials

Finished link pictured.



How to pair your Learn course with your Connect course

Before pairing your Learn course to Connect, build your course on the Connect site first.

warning-well-small-round.pngFor instructors who previously used Connect:&#;
  • IMPORTANT:&#; Review your Connect course and make changes to any assignment dates or permissions PRIOR to pairing.
  • If in the past you manually created columns in your Learn Grade Center to import Connect assignment grades into (old method), you will want to delete those columns. (Caution:&#; only do this prior to the class starting; you do not want to delete columns after the class is live as this is irreversible if you make a mistake). If you do not remove those old columns, then when you deploy your Connect assignments to Learn, the deployed assignment(s) will create a duplicate column(s) in your Grade Center.&#;

1.&#; Under "Course Tools," select "McGraw-Hill Higher Education".

From your Course Tools menu, select McGraw-Hill Higher Education

2. Choose "Pair Course with Connect Section".

Pair Course with a Connect Section

3. Click "Continue".

4. Sign in using your Connect Email and Password (you only need to do this once).

Log in using your Connect email and Password.

5. Select pair with "A section in an existing Connect course" (NOTE: Build your Connect Course before you pair it with your course in Learn.)

Select Pair with A section in an existing Connect course.

6. Connect displays ALL textbooks that you have used in Connect.&#; Select the textbook that you will be using for this Learn course.

7. Select the section you will be pairing with your Learn course.

Select a section.

8. Your Learn course is now paired with Connect (BUT, assignments MUST be deployed using Connect in order to appear in your Learn course).

Pairing completed.



How to deploy Connect Assignments in Learn

1. Access your Connect course. access the area for assignments.

2. From your list of assignments, click to select the ones you wish to link in your Learn course.

3. Click the paper stack icon (located above the assignment list.) Select "Deploy."

&#;Select the desired activities, then from the second icon from the right select Deploy

4. In Learn, click "Browse" to select the place you wish for the Connect assignments to appear.&#; Click "Submit".&#;&#;

Click the Browse button to select the spot you want the activity linked.

If assignments are not grouped in Connect under a heading, the assignments will come into Learn as separate links. If your assignments are grouped in Connect under a heading such as Orientation, Chapter 1, etc., the assignments will be placed in a folder in your Learn Course with the folder using the Connect heading title and the assignments will be under the Learn folder.



How to get Help - Support Resources for Instructors


TOP ACCOUNT EMAIL: [email protected]


SUNDAY: 12 PM &#; 12 AM EST

LOCAL HELP: Traci Hertrich: ()

LOCAL EMAIL:[email protected]

&#;- - - - - -

UNM LEARN SUPPORT:&#; () or 1 ()

Use "Create A Support Ticket" through your Learn course.&#;&#;



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The McGraw-Hill Campus service automatically connects students from their CarmenCanvas course to assignments and homework related to their McGraw-Hill textbook.

In order to use the CampusConnect service, faculty who have adopted a textbook that uses the McGraw-Hill CampusConnect homework system first need to create their course in McGraw-Hill Campus and then link their Carmen course to McGraw-Hill.

Instructor Login and Setup Information

Setup McGraw-Hill by adding it as a link to the Module area of Carmen.

  1. Login to Carmen and navigate to the appropriate course.

  2. Click Module from the left course navigation.

  3. Click + Module to add a module. A pop-up displays.

  4. Title the module and click Add Module.

  5. Click to the right of the Module title to add an item to a module. A pop-up displays.

  6. Select External Tool as the item type.

  7. Select McGraw-Hill Campus from the list.

  8. Check Load in a new tab.

  9. Click Add item.

  10. Click on the McGraw-Hill link. The first time you click the link in your course you'll need to create or confirm your account with your Ohio State email address and a separate password.

  11. Once you are in McGraw-Hill, set up your course(s) as needed. You can make choices to set up the basic framework of the course. After you've done the initial "link" between the Carmen course and McGraw-Hill, you will not need to login again when you enter from Carmen.

Refer to McGraw-Hill's Getting Started Guide for more information. For information specifically about Grade Sync, see the McGraw-Hill Grade Sync instructions. Additional resources are available on McGraw-Hill's Connect Success Academy site for both instructors and students.

Student Information

The first time students click the McGraw-Hill link in your course, they will need to create or confirm their account. Students will not need to log in again after creating their accounts.

Instructors do not need to send an email invitation to students since students will activate their accounts and enter via the Carmen course.

See the McGraw-Hill's Connect Success Academy site for additional resources.

Technical Support

If students encounter problems when they are still within the Carmen system (i.e. before they click on the McGraw-Hill link), please contact the IT Service Desk at  

If students encounter problems once they are in the McGraw-Hill system (i.e. after they click on the McGraw-Hill link), please contact McGraw-Hill Customer Service at 1 () - To make this number highly visible to students, we suggest that instructors post it as a Carmen News item, as well as write it into the syllabus.

If instructors encounter problems or need more information about working in McGraw-Hill Connect, please contact your McGraw-Hill representative.

Navigating Connect and Completing Assignments

McGraw Hill Connect Instructor Guide: D2L Integration

The McGraw-Hill integration with D2L provides users with single sign-on access to McGraw-Hill Connect. The integration will enable instructors to automatically sync grades and link to Connect assignments within the course content, making assignments easier to navigate for students.

This document will guide instructors through the process of setting up the McGraw Hill widget, pairing a Connect course with D2L, and deploying Connect assignments.

Part I:  Add the McGraw Hill widget to your Course Homepage

  1. Login to D2L and enter a course.
  2. Go to Course Admin > Homepages.
  3. Use the pull down menu by the default homepage and click Copy.
  4. Choose the copy as your Active Homepage and click Apply.

    Course default homepage - copy selected with Apply button circled

  5. Now you have an editable Course Home. Go to the Course Home, scroll to the bottom and click on the pencil icon in the right hand corner.
  6. Decide where you want to place the widget and click Add Widgets.
  7. Select the McGraw Hill Connect widget and click Add.
  8. Click Save and Close. 

The McGraw-Hill widget has been added to your D2L course homepage. The course is now ready to be paired.

Part II: Pair your course with an existing or new Connect section

  1. Go to the McGraw-Hill Connect widget on the Course Home and click Begin.

    McGraw Hill widget with Begin button
  2. Click Continue
  3. Sign In with an existing Connect username (email address) and password. If you do not have an existing account, click on "Register for a Connect account" and return to sign in.

    Note: Be careful to use your own D2L login when creating your single sign-on to McGraw-Hill Connect. Only one D2L login can be synced to each Connect account.

  4. To pair a Connect section, choose to create and pair a new Connect course/section or pair with a section in an existing Connect course.

    Pair options

  5. Create or locate and select existing Connect section and click Save. Course pairing has concluded. To continue, either enter your Connect section and/or return to MSU D2L.

Part III: Deploy Connect assignments into the D2L Content area and Grades.

You will need to have an existing module(s) in your D2L course before adding Connect assignments.

  1. Under the McGraw-Hill Connect widget, click on “Go to my Connect Section.”
  2. In Connect, select the Connect assignment(s) you wish to deploy. When building a new Connect assignment, you have the option to automatically deploy the items into your D2L course.
  3. Use the pull down menu to select "Deploy/manage."


  4. Set options for grade: Best (max score), Last, or Average. Then select the Destination (Content module) to place a link to the Connect assignment and click Deploy.
  5. Click OK on the next popup.
  6. Upon the conclusion of deployment, a BrightSpace (B) D2L icon will appear to the right of each Connect assignment title. This is an indicator that the assignment is deployed in the D2L course.

    shows symbol for Brightspace D2L

  7. Go to the destination module in the Content area of your D2L course and the Connect assignments will appear as links.
  8. Go to Assessments > Grades > Manage Grades to see the deployed assignments in the gradebook. Click on each grade item or select and use Bulk Edit to modify the item settings as needed.

McGraw-Hill Education Accessibility Policy

McGraw-Hill Education Student Data Privacy Notice


Contact the MSU IT Services Help Desk at () , (), [email protected], for technical assistance or help with the McGraw Hill Connect D2L integration.

For additional training with Connect, go to Connect Implementation Training Options or contact your McGraw Hill representative.


Connect macgrawhill

McGraw-Hill Connect for Students

How to access McGraw-Hill materials

Students should only&#;access Connect via UNM Learn and not through any direct links an instructor may distribute outside of UNM Learn (old method of accessing Connect).

Please note, you will be charged for these materials through your UNM Bursar's account.&#; Instructions re. how to opt out&#;are included at the bottom of the page.


In your first Connect assignment in a course in UNM Learn:&#;

(Note: your instructor will have provided directions about what to expect and where to find either a link to McGraw-Hill or an introductory assignment.&#; If you do not see any of these, probably best to contact them directly.)

1. If you already have a Connect account, enter it and Sign In.&#; Otherwise, click Register.

2. Follow the onscreen instructions to create a new Connect account or link to an existing Connect account. For simplicity, they recommend you enter your UNM email address as your email/username with Connect.

3. When you are finished with registration, click "Go to Connect."


How to Opt Out&#;

1. Click the link to open the "Course Materials" content area.

2. Click the "RedShelf Course Materials" link.

3. Click "View course details to opt out of course materials."

4. Scroll to the bottom to select "I want to opt out of access to all required materials for this course."

5. Follow the onscreen instructions to opt out of the book.

Onscreen opting out instructions page. Opt out link at the bottom one last time.

Getting Help:

For questions related to your Connect account or Connect functionality, please contact them directly:

CALL: ()


SUNDAY: 12 PM &#; 12 AM EST



- - - - - -

For questions about Inclusive Access, contact the UNM Bookstore:
EMAIL: [email protected]

&#;- - - - - -

For UNM Learn Support:
CALL:&#; () or 1 ()
USE "Create A Support Ticket"&#;through your Learn course.&#;&#;

Student Orientation - McGraw Hill Connect® + Proctorio

Textbook Information

Students taking courses which use the McGraw-Hill Connect/LearnSmart program (mostly business and/or accounting courses, but several other courses as well--currently ALH, ALH/, and MA diploma courses in Lancaster) will automatically have access to that program.  (The access is paid for with the Course Materials Fee--see box below on this page.)

However, students will need to register themselves, at the beginning of the term, in each course--essentially joining the class within the program.  (You will only need to do this once for each course.)

  • After accessing the course in Blackboard, access a Connect/LearnSmart assignment.
  • On the course Welcome page, enter your Central Penn email address
  • If you have used Connect/LearnSmart in previous courses, enter the password you used then

**If you have never taken a course which uses the Connect/LearnSmart program, you will need to create an account with McGraw-Hill.  You will only need to do that once to have an account for all courses.

Please see the detailed instructions (with screenshots) in the PDF file below.  If you have any questions or problems, please contact the school's Textbook Coordinator, Karen Jury ([email protected] or )


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