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Continuing Education

The UCLA CTSI has developed a system to centralize, document, and enhance continuing education of research teams in Responsible Conduct of Research, Ethics, Mentoring, Federal Regulations and ICH Guidelines, Data and Safety issues, HIPAA compliance and GCP, by providing efficient comprehensive services. The effort is led by Dr. Stewart Laidlaw. The OIS will provide continuing education opportunities to all research team members, including staff and community researchers, who are not undertaking formal degree-level training. We emphasize core competencies in this effort. The Continuing Education Committee, led by Dr. Laidlaw, is actively developing curricular elements for more thorough training in the ethical and regulatory aspects of human subject research that are compatible with anticipated NIH guidelines requiring face-to-face and online educational programs as well as other ongoing changes in research standards. Some current activities sponsored by the Continuing Education Committee include:

  • Numerous courses on responsible research conduct, some of which are posted on the CTSI Virtual Home as well as selected National Resources and CTSA consortium materials. The list of course offerings can be found by clicking here.
  • The certification database of CTSI investigators, which can be used for cross-certification of investigators and research team members will be coming soon.

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Sours: https://www.ctsi.ucla.edu/education/pages/continuing-education

Onboarding & Compliance

Skills Lab in the Simulation Center
Skills Lab in the Simulation Center

As members of the medical profession, there will be numerous compliance requirements throughout your careers.  The information on this site is for the compliance requirements that pertain to you during your medical education at the David Geffen School of Medicine at UCLA. It is the expectation that all students will meet established deadlines for compliance and onboarding requirements.  Lapses in compliance may result in changes to a student's academic/professional standing, may lead to the inability to be enrolled in coursework at DGSOM, and could affect access to UCLA student accounts. 

In addition to these requirements below, many of our affiliated hospitals have extra requirements.  Please go to the following site for more information: Affiliated Hospital Requirements.

Basic Life SupportCareConnectImmunizationsEHS TrainingHealth InsuranceRespiratory Fit TestingSpok MobileBadge Access IssuesHIPAA

Basic Life Support (BLS)

All medical students complete BLS for Healthcare Providers as MS1s and then again during Transition to Clerkships.  Students that deviate from the standard four-year MD curriculum, including all leaves of absence, are responsible for arranging their own BLS re-certification to maintain compliance.  BLS certification must be licensed through the American Heart Association.

Boundaries Training

The online Boundaries Training in Cornerstone must be completed within six months of matriculation and at least biannually thereafter.

For questions related to accessing and confirming completion of the training, please submit an HR Systems Inquiry via the Employee Experience Center.

CareConnect Training and Access

In order to access CareConnect, UCLA's electronic health record, you must complete the eLearning course ELMS380.  Instructions to complete the eLearning course is sent to medical students at the start of their first year. 

Questions?  Call Customer Care! 310-267-CARE (2273). Customer Care Specialists are available 24/7 to provide support.

DGSOM Immunization Requirements

The David Geffen School of Medicine at UCLA requires that all incoming students obtain health clearance from the UCLA Arthur Ashe Student Health & Wellness Center for personal protection and community health reasons.  The health clearance requirements can be found on the Ashe Center's Medical Student Requirements page.

In addition, all students must be monitored for tuberculosis annually during all years. The TB blood test (T-spot or QuantiFERON) is required.  If the result is positive, proof of negative chest x-ray is required.

Students are also expected to receive the seasonal influenza vaccine as this is a requirement for our clinical sites. 

Environment, Health and Safety (EH&S) Training

The following two courses must be completed on Worksafe: (1) Bloodborne Pathogens and (2) Laboratory Safety Fundamentals.  The initial trainings must be completed prior to matriculation.  Thereafter, the refresher trainings must be completed annually.

Initial Trainings

  1. Bloodborne Pathogens Online Training 
  2. Laboratory Safety Fundamentals

Refresher Trainings

  1. Bloodborne Pathogens Online Refresher Training 
  2. Laboratory Safety Fundamentals Refresher

Questions?  Contact UCLA Environmental Health & Safety: [email protected] or (310) 794-1899.

Health Insurance

Health insurance is a mandatory condition of enrollment for all UCLA registered students.

UC Student Health Insurance Plan (UCSHIP)

The UCSHIP fee is billed each term along with other UCLA fees.  The UC SHIP is a comprehensive major medical insurance plan, providing medical, prescription, counseling, vision and dental services.

Students with UC SHIP are expected to seek all non-emergency care at the Ashe Center and they can be referred as needed to other network providers.  For more information on UC SHIP, visit the Student Health Insurance Plan website.

Waiving SHIP

Students that have comparable local health insurance are eligible to waive UC SHIP.  If you are interested in waiving UC SHIP, be sure to first look at the information provided by the Ashe Center for step-by-step instructions.  Once you have determined that you are eligible to waive SHIP, you can fill out the waiver online.


BruinCare is a program that gives students who have waived UC SHIP prepaid access to certain core services at the Ashe Center. By purchasing BruinCare, students get access to these services:

  • All Ashe Primary Care Provider and Specialist visits
  • Core Laboratory tests
  • Core X-rays not requiring specialized equipment

Please note: BruinCare is NOT a health insurance policy.

See below for additional information

Respiratory Fit Testing (Mask Fitting)

Respiratory fit testing is an annual requirement.  DGSOM coordinates free sessions each year; students that miss these sessions or deviate from the standard four-year MD curriculumare may be responsible for arranging their own RFT to maintain compliance.  Fitting must be completed using one of the following: PAPR, N95 Kimberly-Clark or N95 Halyard.

Spok Mobile

Spok Mobile is a HIPAA-compliant messaging software that allows confidential patient information to be shared via the hospital paging system in time-sensitive situations.

Prior to the start of your third and fourth year, you should receive an email from [email protected] with your username, one-time password and instructions to complete enrollment on your mobile phone.  Note: Failure to complete the enrollment within 5 business days will result in cancellation of your Spok Mobile registration.

UCLA ID Card Access Issues for Medical Students

All medical students are issued aUCLA Health BruinCard upon matriculation.

If your UCLA BruinCard is not working, please be sure to check your BruinBill to make sure your fees are paid.  An outstanding balance will prevent you from having access to University buildings and services.

If you are experiencing issues with Proximity Card Access in UCLA Medical Centers or Geffen Hall, contact Prox Card Access with your name, title, UID#, Prox#, Expected Graduation Date, and access you are requesting.

If you are experiencing issues with access to CHS or the outer doors to the LRC, contact DGSOM Building Operations with your name, title, UID#, Prox#, and Expected Graduation Date.

If you are experiencing issues with access to the Biomedical Library or the Graduate Reading Room, contact Daniel Contreras with your name, title, UID#, Prox#, and Expected Graduation Date.

If you are experiencing issues with access to Linen Services and Scrub Machines in UCLA Medical Centers, contact Materials Management or your clerkship coordinator for assistance.

Access to the Wooden Center and other Recreation Facilities should be automatic when your fees have been paid.  If your card is not working in one of these locations, contact the Student Affairs Office for further assistance. 

If you have lost your ID card, contact DGSOM Compliance so that a form can be prepared for you.  You will need to take the form to the Cashier’s Office in Ronald Reagan and pay the $23.50, and then take the receipt to the Photo ID Office, B8-153 Semel.  Their hours are 8:30am-11:30am and 1:00pm-4:00pm on Monday through Thursday, and only 8:30am-11:30am on Fridays.

UCLA Health - HIPAA Training

All medical students must complete the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) Privacy & Security Workforce Training annually.  This training is a mandatory requirement in order to have an active Mednet email. 

To obtain a copy of your completion certificate, click here and enter your UID# in the box next to "HIPAA Privacy and Information Security Training".

Additional Required UCLA Health Training

DGSOM medical students must also complete the following trainings found here:  https://www.uclahealth.org/hr/dgsommedstudent-training

  • Infection Prevention & Antimicrobial Stewardship Physician Training
  • MD-CICARE Training
  • Mobile Device Attestation
  • Radiation Safety - General Education

To obtain a copy of your completion certificate, click here and enter your UID# in the appropriate box.

UCLA Title IX Training

UCLA is obligated under law and policy to provide our graduate and professional school students with sexual violence prevention education. Title IX prohibits discrimination on the basis of sex under any federally funded education program. In addition, the University of California’s Interim Policy on Sexual Violence and Sexual Harassment (August 14, 2020 Interim Policy) requires each UC campus to provide mandatory annual training and education about Prohibited Conduct and how such conduct can be reported, to all students, faculty, other academic appointees, and staff per applicable State and federal law, and University policies.

For additional details about the annual online and virtual live training requirements, please visit https://grad.ucla.edu/academics/graduate-study/title-ix-compliance-training-for-new-graduate-students/. 

Sours: https://medschool.ucla.edu/
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HIPAA Privacy and Information Security Training for New Workforce Members

Welcome to the UCLA Health System HIPAA Privay and Information Security Training for New Workforce Members.  In order to receive credit for completing this training, you will need your 9 digit employee ID, 5 digit Physician ID or sign up to receive a temporary ID.  Please note that if you do receive a temporary ID, save the ID number in your records as reference. 

If you are not able to finish this in one sitting there is a bookmark function to allow you to resume your work later on the same computer.  Please be advised that you must bookmark the webpage through your web browser at the point where you ended your session.  Click the link below to begin the training:



Please complete:




Sours: https://www.medstudent.ucla.edu/offices/sao/faculty_resources/hipaa/hipaa_info.cfm
How to be Proactive to be HIPAA Compliant - HIPAA Training Course


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