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LMT .308 Semi-Auto BCG bolt carrier group


Lewis Machine (LMT)



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LMT .308 Semi-Auto BCG bolt carrier group
  • LMT .308 Semi-Auto BCG bolt carrier group

did you know that the LMT and Knights Armament BCGs are interchangeable in either manufacture's 7.62 semi-auto weapons ?

The LMT® .308 BCG was designed with the same materials and principles as the 5.56 Enhanced Bolt Carrier Group.  This bolt carrier group is exceptionally durable, and it’s no mystery why the system it belongs to has been selected by military units around the world.

Sours: https://charliescustomclones.com/lmt-308-semi-auto-bcg-bolt-carrier-group/
The Lewis Machine and Tool .308 bolt carrier group is based on the same design as the 5.56 enhanced bolt carrier group only beefed up to withstand the higher pressures of the 7.62x51 cartridge. The carrier is made from 8620 steel and comes with all the same enhancements. This LMT 308 BCG features the modified cam pin path, which helps to increase dwell time for more reliable extraction. It also has a modified gas port for directing gas around the bolt tail more efficiently as well as an additional side gas port for directing excess gas away from the shooter. The carrier has multiple relief cuts to keep dirt and carbon from building up and causing reliability issues. Whether you are shooting full-auto, suppressed, or with a short barrel, the Lewis Machine & Tool AR-10 bolt carrier group will keep your rifle running reliably.

  • Carrier machined from 8620 steel
  • Modified cam path for longer dwell time
  • Modified gas ports with an additional side port
  • Relief cuts to prevent dirt and carbon buildup
  • Properly staked gas key screws
  • Proprietary bolt steel and finish
  • Dual ejectors
  • Enhanced extractor with dual springs
  • MPI and HPT
  • Made in the U.S.A.

The LMT .308 bolt is machined out of a proprietary material with an extremely slick finish that is easy to clean. It features dual ejectors and an enhanced extractor to reliably eject spent shell casings from the rifle. The extractor utilizes two springs in a “lobster tail” shape that increases strength and doesn’t wear as quickly as single spring extractors. This full-auto rated .308 BCG will make a great addition to your next build.
Sours: https://www.primaryarms.com/lewis-machine-and-tool-308-bolt-carrier-group
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LMT .308 Bolt Assembly

  • Small firing pin hole5 Star Review

    Posted by Unknown on 26th Jul 2018

    Looks great but haven't been able to test it. Requires a thinner than normal firing pin. I don't know if the JP high pressure pin will work, so I ordered a pin straight from LMT.

  • Great product, great service!5 Star Review

    Posted by Unknown on 7th May 2018

    Customer service is fantastic and shipping was ridiculously fast! Highly recommend!

  • Only bolt for my MWS5 Star Review

    Posted by Unknown on 26th Jan 2018

    Bolt design and quality is excellent. Have several barrels and bolts for my MWS.

  • Sours: https://www.strongsidetactical.com/lmt-308-bolt-assembly/
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