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Golf Course Letterhead

Golf Course Letterhead

This golf letterhead pattern has an ariel view of a beautiful green golf course. It will be perfect for golf party invitations, announcements or a listing of tee times.

Proudly made in the USA!


Printing Methods: What's This?

When you choose this option, we will send you the designed piece that is ready to be run through your home or office printer. Our printable papers are laser, inkjet and copier compatible unless noted otherwise. Print as many or as few as you need, whenever you need them!

25 or 100 Sheets per Pack
8.5" x 11", Premium 28lb/70T Paper
Laser and Ink Jet Compatible

Mix & Match Like Products and Save!
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Golf Course Personalized Letterhead

Click the CUSTOMIZE IT! button below to begin your mastepiece.

Finished size: 8.5" x 11" Printed on our premium 70lb opaque text

When you choose this option, you can customize this product online and leave all the hard work to us. We'll print your finished design and ship it to you. Please allow an extra 2 days production time in addition to the normal shipping time.

Letterheads as low as $0.16 per sheet. Buy More - Save More

Discounted prices will be displayed in your shopping cart (you may also adjust your order quantity there). Quantity Discounts

Quantity Discounts are displayed once you add your customized product to your shopping cart. At this point, you can also increase or decrease the quantity ordered.

For your convenience, here is a listing of the discounts available:

  • 1 pack (100 Sheets) are $18.99 per pack (just 5¢ more per sheet to personalize)
  • 5 packs (500 Sheets) are $17.99 per pack (just 4¢ more per sheet to personalize)
  • 10 packs (1,000 Sheets) are $16.99 per pack (just 3¢ more per sheet to personalize)
  • 20+ packs (2,000* Sheets) are $15.99 per pack (just 2¢ more per sheet to personalize)

  • We think you will find that it less expensive than printing them yourself.

  • **Pricing is compared to the normal price of a pack of print-it-yourself letterhead.

Some products will have a choice of different papers stocks that we can print on. Not all stocks are offered on all products though. For example, letterheads aren't generally printed on card stock so you won't see that as an option (but if you really want it that way, we can do it, just contact us).

For your convenience, here are descriptions of the various stocks available:

  • 70lb Opaque - This is our go to paper for letterheads and certificates. Much heavier than your regular copy paper. It is one step up in weight from what most of our competition uses.
    Weight equivalents: 70 lb text = 28 lb bond = 104 gsm.
  • 80lb Opaque - One step heavier yet. We use this for brochures. The extra thickness helps with show through on double sided products.
    Weight equivalents: 80 lb text = 32 lb bond = 118 gsm.

  • 80 Cover Opaque - This is the heaviest sheet that will safely run in most home/office printing equipment and is what we use to make our "print it yourself" card products. It also makes a great upgrade for your certificates.
    Weight equivalents: 80 lb cover = 216 gsm = 11 pt.
  • 100 lb Cover Opaque - This matte, smooth finish stock makes a great looking card or invitation. It is the most economical of our stocks but, don't be fooled by the price. It prints wonderfully and has a substantial feel.
    Weight equivalents: 100 lb cover = 270 gsm = 14.1 pt.
  • 130 lb Gloss Cover - This heavy weight sheet boast a gloss coating that make your images and photos shine.
    Weight equivalents: 130 lb cover = 350 gsm = 13.3 pt.
  • 199 lb Coated Cover - This is the thickest of our stocks. Weighing in at a hefty 18 points, this sheet has an ultra smooth surface coated on both sides.
    Weight equivalents: 199 lb cover = 360 gsm = 18 pt.
  • 110 lb Linen Cover - Linen is the traditional choice when you want to give your invitation that luxurious feel.
    Weight equivalents: 100 lb cover = 270 gsm = 12.6 pt.
  • 100 lb Techweave Cover - This sheet is much like the linen in that it is textured except it has a modern diamond weave. Give your invitation a fresh, hip look and feel.
    Weight equivalents: 100 lb cover = 270 gsm = 15 pt.
  • 111 lb Ice Silver Cover - The metallic finish on this white sheet shimmers subtly with changes in the light. Adds a touch of magic to your invitation.
    Weight equivalents: 111 lb cover = 300 gsm = 16.4 pt.

  • A note about quality and paper weight.
  • One common misconception is that heaver paper is of a higher quality. This is not the case. All of our paper stocks are premium examples of their grade and type. You'll notice that the thickest stock is not the most expensive one. So, whichever one you choose, you will receive a premium product printed on a premium paper stock. It's like the old adage of comparing apples to oranges - they're both fruits and they both taste good but who is to say that one is better than the other.

Thank you for using our product personalization app. Our goal has been to strike a balance between ease of use and flexibility of design. The app works like a cross between a page layout program and a word processor. Here are a few things to keep in mind:

  • Everything is based on "fields". Each field can have its own unique set of properties. This will allow you to assign different fonts or colors to different areas on the document.
  • You can have any combination of text fields or image fields.
  • An image field can contain a single image. This can be a photo or a logo or a piece of artwork you created. You can download images from your computer or from Facebook or even from Pixabay.
  • The one thing it won't do is check your spelling. One trick, if you have a lot of text, would be to type it all out in a word processor and then cut and paste it into the text fields.
  • Some products will have alternative designs you can choose from under "Background Options".
  • We have also provided additional tips specific to each product within the app itself.

As always if you have any questions or if you would like to see something added to the Helpful Information list, please send us an email at:[email protected]

We want truly want to make you experience with us personal. So if there is a tweak you would like made to an existing design or even if you would like us to create a whole new design, please let us know. Many of our existing products started out as special requests.

For example, we had a customer tell us that she really liked our Balloon Border Letterhead but that she would like us to turn it into a Happy New Year design. Here's what we did:

           We started with this design             and           created this one.

We had another client tell us that she needed an invitation for her daughters birthday. Her wish list included cute owls, pink glitter and a play on the word WHO. We came up with this:

To make a special request,
drop us a note at [email protected]
or call us at

You may mix & match all products on our website to reach the low Free Shipping level. Only $50! (Free shipping only applies to ground shipment in the contiguous U.S.) That's as few as 4 packs of letterhead - what a deal!

You may mix & match different designs of products with the same package count to receive an additional discount. For example, purchase 3 packs of OLH055, 1 pack of OLH234 and 2 packs of OLH491 and save $6 ($1 per pack). Save even more when you buy 12 or more packs plus get free shipping!

The only restriction is that you can't mix different package counts. Our goal was to extend additional discounts for quantity while allowing you the flexibility to choose different designs as opposed to requiring that you buy a bunch of one design to get a discount. This way you can get a smaller amount of your spring, summer and fall designs and still get the discounts.

It's your choice. Printing them yourself works great when you need a few at a time or if they each need to be different. While having us print them is like having a print shop in your office. High quality color printing without burning up all your inkjet cartridges.

  • When you choose "You Print It" you will receive a "blank" printed design that is ready to be personalized using your home or office printer. Everything is laser, inkjet and copier compatible.

  • When you choose "We Print It", you will be taken to our new product personalization tool. You will be able to add text, images, logos or whatever. Work with different styles and colors and even, in some cases, choose from stylistic alternatives of the original background design. Many products also have different options for the paper stock as well.

  • As always, if your perfect choice isn't available, please contact us at [email protected] and we'll see if we can help bring your vision to life.

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Golf Stationery


Our stationery is available in lined and unlined versions for 8.5 x 11 paper. The stationery is provided in JPG and PDF formats (4 files total). These are delivered in a ZIP file. The files are 300 DPI.

Free vs. Paid Comparison

The free version includes a watermark, while the paid version doesn't. Please test the free version prior to buying to make sure it works for your intended purpose.

Delivery Information

A download link will be sent to the email address you provide at checkout. Please make sure you enter a valid address. You should generally receive the email within a few minutes of ordering. However, please allow at least 30 minutes before contacting us about not receiving this email.

This is a digital product that you download. You will not receive a physical item via mail.


Open PDF files in the latest version of Adobe Reader for the best results. Other PDF programs may not display some designs correctly.

We recommend using the stationery on a desktop or laptop. If you don't know how to download and print files on a phone or tablet already, the learning curve may be steep. We are unable to assist with downloading or using the stationery on a mobile device.

Product Limitations

  • Color will only print to the edge if you have a printer that supports borderless printing on 8.5 x 11 paper.
  • The stationery is designed for 8.5 x 11 (letter size) paper. The designs aren't intended for other paper sizes.

Support Article:How to Use Stationery

Support Limitations

If you purchase a premium version of a printable, you are only purchasing the files. We are unable to assist with software, troubleshooting printer issues, or anything similar. Read our support policies for more information.


Your use of our printables is subject to our licensing terms and terms of use.

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Paper golf stationery


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