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Call of Duty Warzone tips and tricks: Essential hints to dominate Season 6 of the COD battle royale

(Pocket-lint) - Call of Duty: Warzone has had a rip-roaring first year, and it doesn't show any signs of slowing down, with more than 100 million players over the world finding themselves with more time on their hands at home than before. And what better way to while away the days than with a free-to-play battle royale game, tied to an already dominant franchise?

The good news is that the game is also a cracker, and that's continued through past the release of Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War, the latest mainline COD game. Now, Warzone's fully tied in with Black Ops - there's a shared progression system between the two, as well as 2019's Modern Warfare, and Season 6 has launched to add even more content and details to Verdansk.

We've dropped more times than we can count into the zone, practising and squadding up to figure out some useful strategies and tips that you can take into your own sessions. Say it quietly, we're even winning a few games. So, here are our top tips to become a better COD Warzone player.


1. Check the map before you drop

Your choice of landing zone is a key variable at the start of a match. The second you see that cutscene of the cargo plane starting up, you can bring up the map screen for your match and see where the shrinking gas circle will start. That can help you to gain a sense of where people are more likely to land, and for where you'll have to aim for as it approaches.

It's important that, as your confidence grows, you can tailor your tactics on this front. If you don't fancy yourself in chaotic gunfights, maybe go more remote in order to get some solid equipment. Alternatively, go for the "trial by fire" approach and train yourself in fighting by seeking out crowded areas like the ever-popular Superstore. It's up to you, but make sure you do pick a spot.

2. Pop and cut your chute to drop more quickly

Pretty much the minute Warzone went live, players figured out a cheeky way to get a bit of a headstart in a match. As you drop from the cargo plane over the map, you can pop your parachute whenever you like to glide down more slowly. What people realised, though, is that you can actually cut your cord to dive again and re-pop your parachute as many times you like. Now people are using that to their advantage.

Firstly, as you fall, popping your chute then cutting the cords seems to give you a short speed boost, and throws you forward more aggressively, letting you cover ground more quickly to get to your chosen landing zone. 

Secondly, after you cut your parachute away you get a few seconds where your starting pistol is drawn, potentially letting you get some shots away at other people falling, to get that first little advantage. 

Finally, you can also drift sideways to cover more ground without losing altitude - a great way to make huge long drops to get away from crowded spots. 


3. Don't hoard your cash

Warzone has a cash economy at its heart. You'll collect money as you run around and earn more for completing contracts (more on those later). Some matches you'll hardly find any, while in others you'll be swimming in the stuff soon enough. Either way, be sure not to sit on your cash too long. 

In the battle royale mode, there's no bonus for collecting cash, so it's really only there for you to use at the Buy Stations marked on your map. These let you buy a selection of killstreaks like UAVs and Cluster Strikes, as well as more armour plating and loadout drops. Our advice would be to be proactive on buying these rewards - you can't take the money with you, after all, and a well-timed UAV could win you a gunfight really easily. 

That said, if your teammates are dying a lot, you might want to keep hold of $4,000 to buy them back in, should they fail to win their redemptive Gulag fight. 

4. Loadout drops are the way to go

Cash is important, then, but when you hit up a Buy Station it might be worth knowing what your priority should be. As we said, a UAV can be a huge help, but the absolute top priority in your squad should be for someone to buy a Loadout Drop as soon as possible. These airdrops let your whole squad pick one of their personal loadouts to swap into, getting their customised guns and equipment. 

That's like slipping on a glove in this context, letting you get in the groove with a loadout you're comfortable with, and all of the best players use it to dominate. Follow suit, if you can!

Once you do, pick your loadout as quickly as possible to avoid sitting-duck danger. While you can obviously feel free to experiment with perks, too, we'd highly recommend running with Ghost by default, which will hide you from UAVs and heartbeat monitors. It's pretty much a mandatory pick unless you want an Overkill class to get two of your favourite guns at once. 


5. Pick up contracts whenever you can

If you're daunted by the $10,000 price tag of a loadout drop, though, there are some good ways to earn cash and loot while you move around the map - contracts. These are marked out for you, and fall into five types: Bounties, Scavenger, Recon, Most Wanted and Supply Run.

Bounties mark out one player on the map for you, in a radius that gets smaller as you get closer to them, giving you a set amount of time to locate and kill him or her, and rewarding you if they die. Usefully, if you take out a bounty and someone else kills that player, you'll still get rewarded. There's no downside to picking one of these up - it'll tell you where a player is and you get XP just for starting it. 

Scavenger contracts mark out a succession of three loot boxes for you to find and open, with solid loot in them and a cash reward when you finish the set. You'll also get a guaranteed drop of an Armour Satchel when you finish it, too, letting one player hold up to 8 plates. Again, these are no brainers.

Recons, meanwhile, point you towards a capture point for you to lock down, and can feel a bit riskier. They require you to stay still for a little while, sometimes out in the open. They'll tell you where the circle will next close, though, as a huge tactical benefit, and are favourites for experienced players.

Most Wanted is a double-edged sword. You're marked as a target for everyone on the map, for three minutes, but if you survive that time limit not only do you get a cash reward, any dead teammates instantly drop back into the game, whether they're in the gulag or spectating.

Finally, Supply Run gives you limited time to make it to a specifically marked Buy Station. Get there in time and you'll enjoy personal discounts on your next purchase (including a free self-revive kit or buyback) to give you an advantage moving forward. 

The final word, though, is that these contracts aren't just good for loot and money - they also give you a short-term objective to aim for, and are a great way of making a match feel more structured and less like guesswork. Frankly, blazing out in a game where you ticked off a couple of contracts is more fun than hiding in one place for 20 minutes and then dying. 

6. Share your resources

We keep mentioning squads, and while you can play Warzone in Solos mode, the aim is clearly still for most players to join a squad in the main battle royale mode. We'd encourage you to think tactically as a squad, therefore. If you're sat with full armour and five spare plates, while your squadmates are down to nothing, drop some plates for them to pick up.

The same goes for cash and ammo - it's often the case that only by pooling your cash can a loadout marker be bought, for example. This will encourage more selfless play in the long run. 


7. Ping everything

Just like every other battle royale game since Apex Legends came out, Warzone has a ping system to let you communicate with your squaddies. It lets you show them what you're looking at or where you're aiming for. This is an easy tip, but use it all the time, whenever you can, and map it to a button you're comfortable with to make that easier. The more information you share, the further your squad will go. 

8. Get creative with equipment

There's also a range of field equipment that you can find around the map as you go, which can help you out in a pinch. Whether it's field cover to block an enemy's sightline, the Dead Silence field upgrade to make you quiet for a spell, or more, there are a lot of ways these can help.

One fun tactic that was quickly discovered involves the field drone you can find. If you use the drone, and a teammate has C4 equipped, they can actually drop the C4 on the drone to turn it into a miniaturised, mobile bomb.

Another top strategy is to pop a Trophy System onto your vehicle before driving anywhere - it'll protect you from a few rockets or grenades and could see you to your destination more safely. Frankly, we don't like to drive without one. 


9. Exploit the Gulag

One of the most refreshing parts of Warzone is that death doesn't have to be the end at all. Firstly, unless you die right near the end of the game, you'll be sent to the Gulag, a jail where you'll await a one-on-one gunfight to earn re-entry to the battlefield. Even if you lose, your squad can still buy you back if they have the money. 

If two of you go to the Gulag at once, though, you could be able to help each other out. Often our teammate has been able to give us callouts while they watched our gunfight, helping us to win then getting back into the game. Take every advantage you can get!

10. Play Plunder or Resurgence for a change of pace

Of course, Warzone isn't just pure battle royale - there's also Plunder, a mode that sees you buzzing around the map looking for cash and cash alone, before sending it away at designated points. It's much more chaotic and frenetic than battle royale, especially because respawns are enabled and there's no gas circle to worry about. 

If you want a change from the nail-biting tension of battle royale rounds, it's a great option to switch it up with, and you might even find that you prefer it. It's particularly great for levelling up your guns - drop into Plunder with a double weapon XP token live, and concentrate on Supply Runs with vehicles and you'll zip through the rankings. 

Alternatively, Season 1 saw the addition of a second smaller map, Rebirth Island, modelled on Alcatraz. It's a frantic game map that packs the action into a far less expansive space, and is another great option if you want to swap your pacing up. 

11. Vary your squad size

Since launch there have been plenty of changes to playlists in Warzone already - we've got a Solos mode, if you fancy taking on the map on your lonesome, and the launch of (the original) Season 3 saw the addition of Quads, raising your squad size to four. That's perfect if you were always excluding a mate to get down to a three-man squad.

Still, though, if you don't have four people and don't want a random in your team, you could always change your Squad Fill settings to make sure that it's just your friends, and take your chances with a smaller squad. It's a disadvantage, for sure, but it can be fun to see how your tactics have to change under duress. 

12. Stack your UAVs

Even though the late-game will see many players rocking loadouts that make them invisible to the scanners, UAVs are still a hugely powerful tool in Warzone, helping you to stay aware of where enemy squads are around you.

Moreover, you might not have realised that they can actually stack - if your squad calls in three UAVs at the same time, you'll be blown away by the detail you receive. You'll get an advanced look at every enemy on the map, not only showing you where they are but also which direction they're pointing in, in real-time. It won't last long, but if you've completed a few contracts and have the cash to burn it could give you some lasting insights into positions and tactics. 


13. Watch for flares

You might not have realised it, but there are two situations in Warzone that send up a signal flare into the sky for nearby players to see. One is starting to capture a Recon contract point, which sends up a white flare, while the other is buying back a squadmate, which sends up a red flare.

Keep an eye out for these signals as you move around the map, and you could get the drop on a team camping at a capture point or waiting for an unlooted squadmate to return to the fray.

14. Vary where you drop

It's tempting and easy to find a couple of spots on the map where you love to drop, whether because they're generally isolated or loot-laden, but fight the urge to return to them too often. You'll improve more quickly, and learn the map much faster, if you switch up your drop points and occasionally go for locations you know will be busier. It'll also change the rhythm of your play session, which we think is a good thing. 

15. Beware the gas mask

As you enter the endgame of a match, a popular and powerful tactic is to hug the gas ring's outer edge as it closes, picking off fleeing targets and staying just ahead of it yourself. This basically requires you to have a gas mask, so that you're less at risk yourself, but be aware that the mask's on-off animations are hugely disruptive. 

The first time it happens to you, it'll ruin your day, but your character pulling the mask on and off can interrupt you firing and reduce you to useless hip fire for a couple of seconds at key moments, so be sure to plan for it. It's not necessarily something you'll ever be able to reliably control, but if you learn to expect the disruption you'll at least stop being quite so annoyed by it. 

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16. Watch out for in-match events

Season 4 (meaning the first Season 4, not the current one, sigh) launched back in the day to groans about file sizes worldwide, and its major initial addition comes in the form of in-match events. These can happen randomly during any match, and there are three types:

  • Jailbreak: Everyone who's eliminated respawns by airdrop - whether they've lost in the Gulag or are waiting for a fight.
  • Fire Sale: Buy stations suddenly get heavy discounts on many items, and buying back fallen squadmates becomes free for the 60-second duration.
  • Supply Chopper: Armoured helicopters will patrol the map. Destroying them will drop rare loot, including three UAVS, two armour boxes and munitions boxes, a gas mask, a grenade launcher, plus some money, as a minimum.

These events can be game-changing, so if they occur in a match, be sure to adjust your tactics accordingly, and watch the skies!

17. Don't lose hope

It might sound a bit trite, but we really mean it. Whether you've never won a game or haven't for weeks, keep playing sensibly and making tactical decisions and the wins will come at some point. We'd know - we hadn't won a game for a week or two, but our most recent win was farcical. We died early, got through the Gulag without any opponent after an anxious two-minute wait, dropped near the final circle with no gun and hid for five minutes before sneaking in, picking up a single SMG and firing three shots to finish off the last player standing, who never even saw us. 

One kill, a lot of tension, and a huge slice of fortune, and we're back in win-town. Warzone is a game of skill laced with a lot of luck and situational awareness, so don't be disheartened if you're on a bad run, basically. 

Writing by Max Freeman-Mills. Editing by Britta O'Boyle. Originally published on .

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Call Of Duty: Warzone: 15 Pro Tips To Winning Plunder

Call of Duty: Warzone gives players two options for gameplay, each with their own strategies and tips for winning. Players can choose a classic battle royale or decide to play a game of Plunder, where money is the key to victory. The goal is to make it to $1 million before your opponents and it can be earned in a variety of ways.

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Some tips can help any player succeed, and maybe even have a chance at victory. It takes a combination of strategy and skill to win, but this goal is attainable for every player who decides to play Plunder in Call of Duty: Warzone.

Updated April 27th, 2021 by Rebecca O’Neill: One of the game modes that has existed since the start of Call of Duty: Warzone is called Plunder. It has been revitalized after the release of Call of Duty: Cold War as it introduced new weapons and map changes. The new dynamic has made Plunder even more enjoyable, especially for long-time fans who have been playing since the beginning.

However, with the release of this new installment in the franchise, also came new players. There are some tips and tricks they can use to start winning Plunder in no time in Call of Duty: Warzone.

15 Equip Cold-Blooded And Ghost

Plunder is focused on players finding one another to collect the most cash, maybe even more so than the classic battle royale. This is why you need to have Cold-Blooded and Ghost equipped so players can’t locate you with a UAV or Heartbeat Sensor.

You automatically spawn in with your perks and the best beginner weapons in your loadout so from the start you will have an edge on the competition.

14 Communication Is Mandatory

If you have a headset then it is mandatory that you chat with your teammates as you will not win without their help. You need to talk to one another to come up with a plan of action, whether you are deciding to deposit your cash or push a team.

However, those who don’t have the ability to chat with their voice can still use the ping system to make their thoughts known or agree with what the others are saying.

13 Heartbeat Sensors Are A Great Tool

Some love to use Proximity Mines in case they need to hunker down with their cash, but others find the Heartbeat Sensor is a more useful tool. You are constantly searching for players or trying to see who is around you that could take your cash.

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This tool will detect anyone nearby who doesn’t have Cold-Blooded equipped, and chances are that at least one member of a team chose to forego this perk.

12 Utilize Buy Stations

It might seem wrong to spend money at a Buy Station when you need cash to win, but there are some items you can buy that will help you achieve victory. One of the items is a Cash Deposit Balloon which can keep your earnings safe and out of enemy hands.

You might also find that a Kill Streak, like Foresight or a UAV, can come in handy when encountering an opponent.

11 Always Deposit Your Cash Before Taking Risks

You need to take risks to reap the rewards, but always make sure your pockets are empty before attempting them, even if you do have an awesome finishing move. This usually entails pushing an opponent who is sitting on a big pile of cash, and the last thing you want to do is add to their coffers.

There are times where depositing your cash is not an option, but make sure to be extra cautious in these situations so you come out on top.

10 Land In Hot Zones

When playing the typical battle royale, it is best to land away from the hot drop points on the map. Plunder is the opposite as landing in these spots will guarantee you the most cash no matter the strategy.

They tend to carry bigger bags of cash, more loot boxes, and plenty of enemies to destroy, which can all lead to a payday that will win you the game. It can seem smart to land in a secluded area, but the cash will be found quickly and it can be quite a hike to find some more.

9 Seek Out Your Opponents

Several strategies exist within the game, but defeating enemies with your best operator skin equipped is the best way to make quick money. Players will automatically earn cash every time they kill a player, but they can also pick up the dead player's money as well.

This allows players to pad their bank accounts at a faster rate than looting ever would, but it does come with its own amount of risk. The top earners are marked on the map, so these serve as waypoints, especially when your team might be lagging behind the rest.

8 Complete Contracts

Contracts are a great way to earn some extra cash in this game mode, and the bounties always pay nicely. They generally choose a player that is close by, but it can be risky as it warns them of your fast approach.

The player's general location will be marked on the map and completing the challenge will give you cash and the bonus of picking up all of the opponent's cash who you terminated. It is one thing to keep in mind when your team works well together and has guns that can quickly destroy enemies.

7 Stick With Your Squad

The best plan of attack is to stick with your squad and take out opponents together. It does become more difficult after a player dies and has to wait for redeployment, but working in tandem will give you the best odds of success.

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It can be tempting to run off on your own to search a few buildings, but this will leave your team vulnerable to attack. One simple act of going lone wolf could cost you the game, and it won't leave a good taste in anyone's mouth.

6 Utilize Cash Deposit Balloons

Cash deposit balloons can be bought at any Buy Station and it allows your team to deposit a small number of your funds. It is a great way to quickly save some of your money before heading off into another fight.

The only downfall is that they can be destroyed before they take off, but choosing a secluded location can help ensure that this doesn't happen. It is also important to understand that dying with one of these in hand will cause it to drop and the enemy can pick it up for themselves.

5 Retrieve A Dead Teammates Cash

When a teammate dies, a player on the same team can pick up their cash before an enemy has time to take it. This can be risky if they died out in the open or if the opponent is close by, but it is better than losing a large sum of money even if you are trying to raise your K/D.

It is something many forget during a fight as they try to gather their bearings and the cash of their enemies. It can also be useful to go back for a teammate's things if they were carrying extra armor plates or ammo that you need for your own safety.

4 Deposit Helipads Are Nice, But Often Too Risky

A Deposit Helipad allows a team to deposit as much cash as they want, but they only appear after a team reaches $300,000. It can seem like a great idea, but they are marked by a piggybank icon and many teams choose to ambush these locations.

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If the reward is worth the risk, then it is best to have two teammates watch while one deposits their cash to avoid any premature deaths. It can be nerve-wracking and doesn't always end well, but it could be the difference between a win and a loss.

3 Choose A Loadout You Can Move With

Players are permitted to use a custom loadout in this map and a more tactical loadout should be used, along with these recoil tips. This means that snipers should be put away and guns like assault rifles, submachine guns, and even shotguns should be used.

Players will find themselves in more close-quarters combat than long-distance shootouts as it is easier to collect cash in this fashion. The loadout you choose will also determine how fast you can run, so a light machine gun might also be a poor choice.

2 The Bonus Round Could Turn A Win Into A Loss

When a team reaches the $1 million goal, then everyone enters into a bonus round where they rush to collect cash. The few minutes during this time could be the difference between a win and a loss if an opponent happens to collect more than you do.

It can be rare, but it is important to remember not to stop playing until the very end. Teams have blown a win for much less, which is why it is best never to forget this tip.

1 Banks And Cash Drops Are Full Of Cash

Planes will periodically drop cash throughout the game and several banks across the map are filled with cash. It serves as a great way to collect cash, but it also a huge risk for teams to take.

The banks are loaded with cash, although their alarm systems are still active which can warn enemies of your location. Some choose to play it safe, but the more risks you take the bigger your reward.

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Top 11 Tips To Help You Win Call of Duty Warzone

It is safe to assume that it is currently the most popular group game there is. Of course, Battle Royale games are no easy feat, and each is different, but we love them all the same. That is why we’ve decided to help you win the fight, with some important tips and tricks.

Make it more quickly to the battlefield

You can shorten the time it takes you to get to the battlefield, and be the quickest to touch down by deploying your parachute, before going back to the free-fall mode. Keeping your parachute deployed all the time could slow you down a bit. Of course, being the first to land means you’ll find better equipment. This will also save you from players who open fire during parachute drops.

Call of Duty Warzone

Start killing your enemies before landing

If you can do away with a few players before even starting, why not?

In a Battle Royale game that can accommodate up to 150 players, every player you put out early on, will make your win easier. Hence the trick that some players came up with; they would start killing their rivals while still in the air. To do so, you’ll need to cut the parachute for a while during your descent, and use your gun to shoot your enemies, before deploying your parachute again.

Call of Duty Warzone

Get a sophisticated UAV and spot all your enemies on the map

The surprise element is in and of itself a weapon. While gaming, you may purchase vital items from the BuyStations, such as the UAV, which displays part of the map, and shows you enemies that are close by. Yet, there’s another trick you can try with this tool: If used by all three teammates in the same time, the UAV will display the positions and orientation of the other 147 players. But nothing is for free; the tool’s cost amounts to $4000, and it can only be used for a limited amount of time.

Call of Duty Warzone

Use the Ping

The Ping is very important. It helps you mark your enemies and situate the plunder. It is a way to inform your teammates of what’s around them. Do not forget to double-click the Ping key to warn your teammate from a nearby enemy.

Share the loot with your teammates

Don’t be mean! On the bottom left of your screen, you can see the finances of your teammates. This is useful, because if you get killed, you will need your teammates to buy you back in by purchasing the proper items from the BuyStation. Therefore, you must always make sure they have the $4500 necessary to make the purchase. This is why you need to share the plunders with your teammates.

Optimize the use of weapons

Try to fix your weapon to a base or to anything you find around in the battlefield. By doing so, you would reduce the gun’s recoil while shooting, which will grant you more aiming accuracy. This can be a life saver during the fight.

Call of Duty Warzone

Don’t forget to complete your Contract tasks every now and then

It is the best way to make cash money. Contracts are a new and welcome addition to the game. Tasks vary from collecting loot boxes to killing a specific enemy. Contracts would still be of use even if you do not manage to fulfill them. For instance, they may reveal an enemy’s position, or show you the way to a substantial plunder. However, honoring these contracts generates cash money, or grants you special abilities, such as an insight into the next shrinking zone before other players get to see it. Still, it is important to recall that a team may not activate more than one contract at a time.

Call of Duty Warzone

Make use of your own loadout packages

You’ve probably spent some time picking your equipment, and selecting additions for your weapons while playing online. You’ve certainly obtained some perks as well, which is why Warzone gives you the option to purchase the loadout pack, thus allowing you to call-in your set of online equipment. This way, you can benefit from your various abilities, to expedite recovery, or increase running speed.

If you do not have enough money for that, you can follow the loadout drop signs, and rush to plunder their content, namely the Perks, which are very useful, and give you the upper hand over your rivals. Do be careful though, as you’ll find that many other players are heading towards the drops to plunder them as well.

Watch out for the Redeployment Signal Flare

We’ve already indicated how a team can respawn a teammate that’s been eliminated, by purchasing the Redeployment item from one of the BuyStations. Therefore, watch out for the signal flare that starts flashing once the tool is used, in order to ensure your teammate’s safe comeback, and avoid them being killed by your rivals. Remember that they will be back with hardly any guns at all, and will often be ambushed by a rival team in an attempt to kill them in this very moment. It is therefore important for you as player to watch out for these signals, whether to eliminate a weak rival, or to protect your revived teammate.

Shield yourself at all times

Unlike in other Battle Royale games, shields in Warzone do not consist of helmets or special protection gears. They are rather a sort of armor plates that are applied under the uniform. The player may apply up to 3 plates to increase the health pool from HP100 to HP250. However, each player may store up to 5 armor plates, so they can offer the extra plates to teammates with low HP when need be.

How to help a teammate in the Gulag?

You can help your teammate in captivity in their battle to come back to the field by accurately showing them the enemy’s position, or by using the stone trick while on the balcony. As a matter of fact, many players were able to kill their teammates’ rivals by throwing stones on the C4 explosives in the battlefield, or by directly shooting rivals in the face.

Call of Duty Warzone
Sours: https://www.redbull.com/mea-en/top-11-tips-to-help-you-win-call-of-duty-warzone
HOW TO WIN IN SWEATY LOBBIES!! Breaking Down Winning Strategies \u0026 Pro Gunfights! [Warzone Academy]

Call of Duty: Warzone guide with tips and tricks to win the war

Call of Duty: Warzonelaunched in March 2020 and has seen over 80 million players since then, making it one of the most successful battle royale games to date. Since launch, it has gotten multiple seasons of content, bringing its community new weapons, contracts, and things to do around the large open world of Verdansk.

Recently, Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War was integrated into Warzone, unifying the progression systems of both games. That means all of your weapons in Cold War are usable in Warzone, giving you more options at your disposal. However, there are some issues that are still being worked on when it comes to the integration — such as incorrect weapon stats and odd animation bugs with Cold War firearms.

Before you can jump into the latest last-person-standing shooter, you’ll have to fight through a hefty update for the game, even if you’re an existing player. It’s comically smaller for current players at 15GB to 20GB, depending on whether you’re playing on PC, PS4, or Xbox One, but the download size is no laughing matter for those who haven’t already played Modern Warfare. Prepare yourself for a giant download between 80GB and 100GB. We’ll see you online tomorrow (or next week)!

Once you’re in, there’s quite a bit to learn. Warzone includes the best aspects of other popular battle royale games, but with some unique twists and a Call of Duty spin on the genre. In this guide, we’ll walk you through some essential tips and tricks to ensure you hit the battlefield running and can keep up with the competition.

Further reading:

What is Call of Duty: Warzone?

CoD Warzone locations

Warzone is a standalone Call of Duty game that borrows heavily from 2019’s Modern Warfare. It consists of three main semi-open-world modes — Battle Royale, Rebirth Resurgence, and Plunder — that are all available for free, with or without Modern Warfare or Cold War. It runs on the same engine as Modern Warfare, features the same controls, and even gives you the option to use your precious loadouts from the main games.

Battle Royale

Call of Duty’s new take on the rapidly successful battle royale genre isn’t all that different from something like PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds. It’s a some-versus-many scenario, but it’s ever so slightly less realistic. Players can be brought back from the dead, and you can buy ammo and other perks from buy boxes scattered across the land, taking popular elements from Fortniteand Apex Legends.

Fifty squads of three players drop into a massive map stitched together with some classic Call of Duty locales. Once you and your squad mark a position on the map, it’s time to vault out of the plane and do your best to parachute down and land somewhere safe. You load up on equipment littered on the floor and get to hunting down your fellow man. The aim is simple — be the last squad standing.

Rebirth Island Resurgence

This is the newest mode introduced alongside the Cold War integration. It takes place on a new, smaller map called Rebirth Island, though the same rules apply as Verdansk. Since it’s a smaller map, the mode features fewer players and is often more hectic than what you’d experience in one of the main modes. The catch with this mode — aside from the new map — is that players can respawn infinitely, as long as at least one player on the squad remains alive. There are many variations of this mode, from Duos and Trios to Squads, but the rules are typically the same. Be the last team (or person) standing.


Plunder takes place on a smaller section of the same map with fewer players. Less tense and more casual in nature, the race is on to bank the most amount of cash before the lengthy timer runs dry. Money is earned through missions and drops, and defeated players pony up their hard-earned dough to drop back in after a defeat. Top earners are marked on the map, and the massive bank chopper gives other players the opportunity to intercept and steal cash drops. It’s a riot and a good training ground for the more deadly battle royale chase.

Essential tips

Now that the basics are out of the way, it’s time to dive into the less obvious methods of being crowned the victor. There’s no sure-fire way to guarantee victory, but if you follow these tips, you should be better off. Warzone does factor in skill, but there’s a lot of luck involved, and even the best players get caught in sticky situations. Nonetheless, here are some essential tips for being the last person (or team) standing in Warzone.

Familiarize yourself with the weapons

CoD Warzone guns

This one might sound glaringly obvious, but it’s something that needs to be said. Familiarizing yourself with the weapons you’ll find in Warzone is one of the most important aspects of the whole operation. Not knowing your FN Scar 17 from your FAL can easily cost you a fight — and one fight is all that separates you from getting booted back to the main menu.

There is an insane number of guns in Modern Warfare, and they’re all in Warzone, too. Find which weapon best suits your style and learn how each handles and operates. Getting the drop on another player is no good if you pull the trigger expecting a barrage of bullets only to take one potshot and get blasted down. Don’t go thinking a semi-auto assault rifle is a full-auto, or that a bolt-action sniper is a semi. Trust us, it doesn’t feel good to lose a fight because you didn’t understand your weapon.

You can absolutely pick this all up as you go. After all, it’s a matter of learning from your own mistakes. But those mistakes will cost your whole squad a match, so do them a preemptive favor and spend a bit of time learning how each gun operates in the main menu.

Which are the best Warzone guns, you ask? It’s down to personal preference for the most part, but some do stand out. Hybrid fire-mode assault rifles like the SCAR can adapt to many situations, with the trusty MP5 making close-range encounters trivial. If you’re after sniping, the EBR-14 (with a scope) and AX-50 are great options.

Get those loadouts sorted

CoD Warzone best weapon loadouts

Warzone doesn’t start everyone off on the same foot. All Warzone modes allow players to bring their typical multiplayer loadouts from Modern Warfare and Black Ops Cold War into the fray. In Battle Royale, you can pick one of these up by coming across a loadout box, while in Plunder, you start with your preferred loadout each and every time you drop in.

So, what’s the big deal? Well, the guns, perks, and attachments you can slot into your loadout are locked behind level gates. You don’t have access to everything right off the bat. But those of us who’ve been grinding away since Modern Warfare launched last year have some very fancy weapons and daunting attachments. Are newcomers at a disadvantage? Sort of. These weapons are still “Player” ranked as opposed to the rare, epic, or legendary equipment anyone can pull out of a cache in the field, but starting out with a scope or optical sight is better than staring down iron.

We highly recommend you come packing with silenced weapons, Heartbeat Sensors, and perks to keep the enemy from spotting you like Ghost and Cold-Blooded. In addition, having some sort of weapon that includes large magazine sizes (like a 60-round assault rifle or light machine gun) will ensure you don’t run out of ammo as often. Though, it also pays to have a sniper on hand to pull off those long-range shots. There are no “bad” weapons, but you should choose ones you’re experienced with — and the more versatile, the better.

We go into greater detail about the best loadouts here, but suffice it to say you will do better with a loadout that is great in all situations — not just one. For us, we like using a silenced Grau 5.56, which is one of the most accurate weapons in the game. Add a 60-round mag, silencer, and other attachments to improve stability, and you’ve got yourself a beast of an assault rifle that can take out enemies from long and short range.

Check your sound settings

CoD Warzone best sound settings

Since the days of the original Modern Warfare, the idea of using sounds of player footsteps to our advantage has been a big selling point for companies trying to peddle “gaming” headphones onto people who don’t know any better. Of course, using aural cues to track just about anything is a very real and basic practice that has been a thing in gaming far longer than the previous console generation. Still, it’s a massive part of the game, and one you can tweak in the sound settings.

Sitting right at the top of the Modern Warfare sound settings menu is a drop-down box. Here, you can quickly switch between sound mix presets to fine-tune the game’s audio to your own listening preference and equipment. Expand the option and you’ll see a more detailed look at the frequencies you’re working with.

If you’re using something like the Home Theater option on your $20 cans, you’re probably botching your ability to pinpoint precious enemy movements. Listen to the music change as you flick between settings, and find the one that has a good mix of highs and lows. You want clear highs to hear bullets fly by your head and lows to hear footsteps and engine roars. On our end, we actually turned the game’s music off completely, because it gets really distracting when trying to listen for other players.

And update your other settings while you’re at it

While adjusting your audio settings is important, it’s equally as crucial to ensure the rest of your settings are to your liking. You’ll want to adjust your sensitivity, the button layout, as well as Armor Plate behavior, and others.

There are a ton to mess with, but the main ones are as follows:

  • BR Button Layout: Again, personal preference, but we like Tactical
  • Sensitivity: Personal preference, so experiment with a setting that feels right
  • Armor Plate Behavior: Apply All
  • Slide Behavior: Tap
  • Parachute Auto-Deploy: Disabled
  • Mini Map Shape: Square

There are lots of other settings you can alter, but these are the main ones you should change.

Bring the rocket launchers

CoD warzone rocket launchers

There’s a lot to cover when it comes to the weapons you’ll use in Battle Royale. After all, what are you going to do without them? This one can be a bit controversial, but it’s a move we’ve personally had a lot of success with — and that is to bring a rocket launcher with you.

Modern Warfare has a few different launchers to choose from — the PILA, Strala-P, JOKR, and RPG-7. Most of us are familiar with the RPG-7: It’s long and looks funny but packs a serious punch. It’s not the one we’re recommending here, though. The Battle Royale map is huge, and when you’re on the run from the enclosing circle of deadly gas, a vehicle can sometimes be your only option. The thing is, people are either very lazy or incredibly impatient. They want to get out of the field and into combat as quickly as possible.

You’ll see people driving vehicles at all times in a match, so if you’ve foregone a secondary weapon in favor of a launcher like the PILA, you can do the whole “fire and forget” job to almost always wipe out an entire team in a flat second. The payload pays off.

Take note of bullet trails

CoD Warzone bullet trails

Here’s another that might sound patronizingly obvious, but it’s a minor detail that can sometimes skip the mind when there are a dozen or so other things to focus on in a match. While audio cues can alert us to nearby threats, visual cues can fill in the blanks.

Bullets travel a good distance, and they’re not small enough to be completely invisible to the naked eye. You can use the bullet trails to get a good idea of your enemy’s position. Not only that, but you can also gauge the whereabouts of their target.

Before you go running in, note that if you’re seeing a bullet fly from one side of your vision to the other, running right in will put you between the enemy and their enemy — who is also your enemy. That’s two enemies. Wait for a victor to emerge, and use their greed to knock them down.

Learn where to drop

CoD Warzone fast drop

Things can go wrong in a Battle Royale match almost immediately — even before you hit the ground, in fact. The announcer scans the skies, warning you of anyone about to parachute into your area. That means anyone who lands fast will absolutely grab a gun and attempt to shoot you out of the sky, and there is absolutely nothing you can do to stop it. Though, with so many players thinking the same thing, it’s not always in your best interest to drop alongside 20 other enemies, so instead, you’ll want to know how to decide where to land.

Warzone gives you manual control over your parachute. You can open it as close or far away from the ground as you want, cut it halfway, and redeploy it again as you please. Heck, you can vault off a building whenever you want, too. It makes sense to dive toward the ground and play chicken with the terrain, opening the parachute at the very last second to cushion the blow, right? Not quite. If you want to land quickly, there’s an effective strategy you can use that doesn’t involve opening your chute at the last second.

While the game was probably designed with that idea in mind, savvy players quickly worked out that the quickest way to get onto the ground — and snag first dibs on the best loot and positions — is to continuously deploy and cut your chute. Why? We have no idea. It makes you fast and that’s all that matters.

But again, landing fast isn’t always the best option. Sometimes, you’ll want to land at a specific hub or close to a contract so you can start earning cash, loot, and XP right away. The key is to look at how the gas is forming in conjunction with the plane’s path. You might find it useful to drop straight away, while others might have a longer tail plan. Either way, landing in the right spot can set the groundwork for a possible victory.

Close the doors!

Another visual cue is an open door. There’s a reason you can tag an open cache to scream “someone’s been through here.” They might still be around or they may be long gone, and you can use that simple mind game to your advantage.

If you don’t want to alert encroaching enemies of your rough whereabouts, close doors as you walk through them. It’ll give approaching opponents the thought that they’re the first to pass through the area, lowering their guard. Hold still, listen to them charge through the building, and blast them down as they get too close and overconfident.

Be aware that it’s not always a good plan. Open doors can provide cover in a pinch, and a shut door is a closed escape route. If you’re not all too confident yourself, it might be best to leave your doors ajar. If you know you can finish the job, however, set the trap and reel in the serotonin.

When in doubt, stop and listen

Things can get hectic very quickly in Battle Royale — particularly from an auditory point of view. You’ll hear gunfire, the announcer, explosions, and, loudest of all, your own footsteps. If you’re overwhelmed, especially toward the later portion of a match, just stop and listen. You might hear some nearby gunfire or even someone running close by. The key is to make sure you aren’t being so loud that it overpowers the sounds of other players.

That’s why we typically crouch-walk when possible, so we can pick up on the footsteps of enemies. You’d be amazed how careless other players are as they sprint, jump, and bash open doors. If you know someone is nearby, crouch and wait for them to get close so you can surprise them. Players who run around like that are likely not expecting someone to be listening in, which serves as a perfect time to strike. They won’t know what hit them.

Complete contracts

There are lots of strategies and things to do while in Verdansk, but a surefire way to ensure you’re keeping up with the competition is to complete contracts. Currently, there are five contracts to choose from:

  • Bounty (crosshairs icon): This contract will pick a nearby enemy for you to take out and will reward you with cash for doing so. It doesn’t pinpoint the enemy’s exact location, but a large yellow circle will highlight their general position. Keep in mind that the bounty will be alerted when you’re nearby, so be careful when rushing in.
  • Most Wanted (crown icon): The Most Wanted contract goes hand in hand with Bounties. Instead, this one places a bounty on your head, and everyone in the game will be notified of your general location. If you survive within the time limit, you get rewarded with cash and any of your dead teammates will be instantly revived, free of charge.
  • Scavenger (magnifying glass icon): Upon initiating a Scavenger contract, you’ll have three supply boxes to open, which generally include useful loot. Nothing too complicated with this one, but we highly recommend you complete them if you need loot.
  • Recon (flag icon): Recon contracts are unique in that completing them will reveal the next layer of the gas before it’s shown to the rest of the game. That makes them incredibly valuable. To complete them, you’ll need to visit a nearby location and capture a point, similar to Domination in the base multiplayer mode. You’ll also get some loot for capturing the point, though it’s usually not as good as what you’d find when finishing a Scavenger contract.
  • Supply Run (stopwatch icon): You’ll want to make sure you try out the Supply Run contracts because they can come in handy, especially if you’re low on cash. What it does is give you a time limit to reach a nearby Buy Station that features hefty discounts on most items in the store. We see people ignore these for some reason, but they’re easy to do and will reward you handsomely for it.

It’s highly recommended to go for contracts, because they net you useful rewards such as cash, XP, and weapon XP. And, depending on the contract you complete, they have various effects in-game such as Bounties, which reveal the location of a nearby player, or Recons, allowing you to see the next circle within the zone.

The other thing to consider is that you gain a multiplier with each contract you complete. The more contracts you finish, the higher the multiplier — so it pays to keep going for contracts throughout your session. Eventually, after your multiplier is high enough, you can get tens of thousands of dollars from just one contract.

Pay attention to the flares in the sky

This is sort of a nuanced little mechanic that you might not have noticed, but it’s important. Pay attention to the various flares in the sky. A yellow flare indicates a Recon contract is in the process of being completed, giving you the exact location of an enemy.

Likewise, a red flare signifies that an enemy team has just bought back a downed comrade, so keep your eyes peeled for these flares to get a sense of who’s around you. It works both ways — remember that when you trigger a Recon capture point or buy a teammate back, other enemies can see your flares as well.

Don’t shoot unless you’re confident you’ll secure the elimination

This is an important tip — and one that requires some restraint. In any shooter — whether it’s Call of Duty or something else — it’s tempting to shoot at anyone you see right away. In a Team Deathmatch or other fast-paced mode, this is generally okay, but in Warzone, you should never shoot unless you’re 100% certain you’ll secure the elimination. That means if you see an enemy off in the distance that is a bit out of range — even if you have a long-range sniper — you should hold your fire.

The reason being is that all you’ll do is alert the enemy of your position if you can’t take them out completely. In Warzone, especially towards the end of a match, your positioning is key. So you’ll want to make sure you don’t give it away. Now, as you play more and become more comfortable, you’ll be able to take those long-range shots from hundreds of meters away. But as a general rule, let far away enemies pass by so you can live to fight another day. Though, we highly advise to at least mark them on the map by pressing up on the d-pad. This way, your teammates are aware of their position.

Learn the ins and outs of the Gulag

The Gulag has gone through a major change since Warzone launched — following the Cold War integration — but its main mechanics remain the same: Take out the other enemy (or capture the flag in the middle), so you can return to the fight with your squad. The new Gulag takes place in a replica of the famous Nuketown map from the Black Ops games.

Aside from that, the main thing that seems to change periodically is the set of guns you have at your disposal. When Warzone first came out, the weapons you’d get were pretty barebones — things like handguns or knives. Now, the selection is much more varied, but you’ll want to make sure you’re at least familiar with all of them.

A general tip is to make good use of your equipment. You shouldn’t use it as a crutch, but your stuns, flashes, or grenades can be extremely useful when you’re in a bind. Also, try to take things slowly. No sense in rushing out to the middle where your opponent is waiting for you. With that in mind, try to use sound to your advantage. We covered that topic above, and the same rules apply here. Crouch, stay quiet, and listen for your enemy.

The other thing to consider is that you can actually regain all of your health if you touch the flag in the center of the arena. So, if you’re getting shot and can safely make it to the flag, do it and come back out swinging. This is a lesser-known feature that will likely surprise the enemy when you come back with full health.

Finally, if you’ve got a teammate spectating, make sure they give you callouts as to where the enemy is. This can come in handy and possibly give you the edge you need to take them out.

Communicate effectively with your team

If you’re playing Warzone as part of a team, you have to make sure you can communicate with them to optimize their cooperation. Being able to describe or name nearby buildings is critical because it saves time and gets your point across to others. If you take too much time to explain, that could end up costing your team a kill, so learn specific callouts to gain the advantage. 

Typically, refrain from using long phrases like, “There is a person right in front of you.” Referring to “you” is bad because if you’re part of a team, it’s unclear who “you” is. Call your teammates by their names (or colors) and be concise with your directions. For example, say “in front of Player X,” so everyone knows to look to the player in trouble and jump in to help to the best of their abilities. The more you can distinguish your callouts as your creation and discernable to each circumstance, the better.

You might feel like you’re talking too much during the game, but it’s always better to alert your team to any potential problem you see instead of staying silent and think they noticed it for themselves. Constant updates as to the danger’s location in question will allow your squad to engineer an escape plan to ensure a win, and it’s best to have the information before the danger becomes an imminent threat.

In addition to alerting your team to possible issues, check in to see what supplies or upgrades they might need. Since Warzone splits the money between team members (but it’s tradable), you might be able to pool some together to buy upgrades like a UAV or a Loadout Drop. If everyone contributes a small amount of money, such as $2,500 from each player, it’s a much easier pill to swallow.

Get used to pinging important points of interest

Pinging is not unique to Warzone, but that doesn’t make it any less important. You should get used to pinging — or marking — specific points of interest within each match. To do so, press up on the d-pad. Your ping color is dictated by the color of your player name in the bottom left. Use this to differentiate between pings. Throughout each match, you should ping enemy locations, specific pieces of loot, money, the next building you’d like to enter, and even where you think a special item might be.

There are two main types of pings you’ll be using: A regular ping (shown in the image above), and a live ping. Regular pings are the ones that correspond to your specific color and remain in their place until you remove them. Live pings are actual markers above an enemy player’s head. These are red marks and move with the enemy for a few seconds. Always try to utilize a live ping when possible, as it will reveal the location of an enemy player, even if just for a few seconds. You can only use a live ping if an enemy is on-screen.

You can also use a third type of ping, which is sort of a hybrid of the two. By double-tapping up on the D-pad, a red marker will appear — which is useful for indicating that danger may be close. For example, if you know an enemy is in a building, but don’t see them and aren’t 100% where they are, double-tap up on the D-pad to signal a red marker ahead. Though, a regular marker works just as well. However you use them, make sure you ping frequently for heightened awareness.

Familiarize yourself with these items

Scattered throughout Verdansk are numerous tools for you to use — all of which are there to help you achieve victory. Below, we’ll highlight the items you should be aware of, along with their icons that appear on the map.

  • Buy Station (shopping cart icon) — These appear in random locations around the map and are vital to your success. You’ll likely want to make frequent visits to get stocked up on armor plates, a Loadout Drop, Self-Revive Kits, and more. Make sure you pick up as much cash as you can while exploring so you can spend it at Buy Stations.
  • Gas mask — Sometimes it’s unavoidable; you’re going to have to run through the gas at times. Ideally, you should avoid this at all costs, but sometimes — especially at the end of a match when the zone is very small — running through the gas can help you succeed. A gas mask can be purchased or found around the map. It gives you temporary immunity while in the gas, but it only lasts for 10 seconds or so.
  • Self-Revive Kit (medical icon) — A Self-Revive Kit is invaluable while on the battlefield. As its name suggests, it allows you to revive yourself, potentially freeing you up from danger. Always make sure you have one of these on hand, as it can lead you on the path to victory.
  • Field Upgrades — Many of the Field Upgrades from Modern Warfare make their return in Warzone. These are temporary items that can be used at any time and include:
    • Munitions Box — A deployable box of supplies that restores ammo, lethal equipment, and tactical equipment.
    • Armor Box — A deployable box that grants five armor plates.
    • Recon Drone — A controllable drone that is used to spot nearby enemies.
    • Dead Silence — Grants you a temporary speed boost and makes your footsteps silent.
    • Stopping Power Rounds — Grants you one magazine of increased damage rounds.
    • Trophy System — A deployable item that sucks up any and all projectiles, from stuns, to grenades, and rockets. (Throw one on the hood of your car to make you immune to explosives while driving.)
    • Deployable Cover — As its name suggests, a piece of cover you can place right in front of you.
  • Killstreaks — Much like Call of Duty games in the past, killstreaks can be used in Warzone. You can find them as floor loot or purchase them from a Buy Station.
    • UAV — Temporarily reveal anyone on the map within a certain radius (as long as they aren’t using the Ghost perk).
    • Cluster Strike — Call in multiple airborne mortars that rain down on a specific location.
    • Precision Airstrike — Similar to the Cluster Strike, but much faster and comes in three waves. Best used after you down an enemy from afar. Call in the Airstrike to finish them (and their team) off.
    • Sentry Gun — This is supposed to be a deployable turret that shoots anyone in sight, but it’s currently broken and cannot be utilized.
  • Red Access Card — These keycards grant you access to the various bunkers around the map, which contain tons of loot.

The flow of each match

When starting out in Warzone, it can be very overwhelming. There are tons of icons on-screen, a massive map to explore, over 140+ other players to deal with, a slew of weapons with various attachments, and a deadly gas that inches ever closer to you as you play. While no two matches ever play out the same, there is a flow and rhythm you should be aware of — consisting of several phases that usually remain the same every game.

Having a set of goals to go towards can help you know what to do and if you achieve them — it can lead you to victory. Now, with so many other players against you, anything can go wrong at any moment, but if you keep practicing, you’ll get better at executing the phases listed below.

Phase one: Pick a good landing spot

The very first thing you should do as soon as a match starts is to survey the map, in relation to the plane’s path, along with the position of the first circle. There is no right or wrong place to land, but certain areas are better than others depending on your skill and play style. Some players tend to go for contracts (as shown above), while others might opt to prioritize areas with many buildings nearby. If you go for contracts, be aware that you have a much higher chance of encountering players — especially near Scavengers.

It’s also a good idea to land close to a Buy Station. That way, when your team gets enough money, you can purchase things like a Loadout Drop, a gas mask, and killstreaks to help give you the upper hand.

You’ll want to land in a spot you’re comfortable with — preferably an area with lots of loot. But you also want to make sure you aren’t too far away from the inner circle. It’s often okay to land outside of the first ring, but just make sure if you’re really far from it, that you have a vehicle you can use to get to safety. While you’re skydiving to your position, try to pay attention to where other players are landing so you have a better sense of where your competition might be.

Phase two: Loot and gather at least $10,000 to get your loadout

Wherever you land, your goal should be to hit the ground running, gathering loot, opening chests, and collecting as much money as you can. Keep an ear out for the humming sound of chests and try your best to loot as much as possible.  Hopefully, you’ll encounter a gas mask, armor satchel, and Self-Revive Kit, along with lots of money. The main reason you want as much money as possible is to acquire a Loadout Drop, which costs $10,000. You’ll want to prioritize getting $10K so you can get your loadout quickly, giving you the upper hand against other players who might be moving more slowly.

There are a few different ways you can come across money — one of which is to simply open boxes and explore every nook and cranny. You can find thousands of dollars on the ground or in chests, but typically, it’s tough to guarantee a large sum of money from just looting. The best way to get money is to complete contracts — specifically Bounties. Though, it’s high risk/high reward since you’re forcing yourself to push towards an enemy team that might be more skilled than yours. For best results, a combination of looting and working towards one contract will typically do the trick — even more so with a team of players since you can put your money together to grab your loadout.

As you loot and/or complete contracts, try not to get tunnel vision. It’s easy to stop focusing on your surroundings as you hunt for cash, but it’s important to still be aware of possible enemies who may be near. Loot as fast as you can and once you and your team have at least a combined $10K, head to the closest (or safest) Buy Station to secure your Loadout Drop.

Try and drop it in a location that is not out in the open. Some players opt to drop it on the roof of a building so they can secure it through the ceiling (an unintentional feature) while remaining hidden from nearby enemies. There are lots of techniques for calling in your Loadout Drop that are completely situational. If you know for a fact no one is nearby, it’s okay to throw your loadout in an open spot. But if you know a team will see you if you call it in the middle of a street, head to a building and trigger the Loadout Drop on the opposite side, so the red smoke that emits from the package is not visible.

At this point, it’s important to communicate with your team so you’re aware of who needs what. Make sure everyone has a gas mask, ammo, a Self-Revive Kit, and — if possible — a UAV or other killstreak. If someone is missing one of those things, get enough money so they can afford it and distribute your cash accordingly. If you have to prioritize certain items, we recommend going for a Self-Revive Kit first since a gas mask isn’t as useful during the early stages of the match (though, you will want to grab one soon).

Phase three: Start planning your route in relation to the gas/continue gathering loot and cash

So, you’ve gathered your loadout, a Self-Revive, gas mask, and have a killstreak. Now what? Well, there are a few things you can do at this point, but the first thing you should determine is where the next zone will be. Pull up your map so you can get a sense of where to go next. Depending on your skill level and confidence, you can take this opportunity to start eliminating other players — but be aware that if you have have your loadout, other teams might, too.

Some players opt to complete Recon contracts at this point (as shown in the map above), to reveal the position of the next zone(s). Other players might camp in a safe space to avoid being killed. It’s up to you and your team, but regardless of what you do, you should have a plan. Make sure you don’t leave yourself stranded away from the next zone because you’ll get swept up by the gas. This stage should be used to gather as much money as possible so you’re stocked up on everything you need for the final stages.

Phase four: Get into position in preparation of the final circle

The second to last stage should be used to get into position so you can have the best vantage point of your enemies. Depending on the path you used to get to your current position, it may not always be possible to get the high ground. As you move from one zone to the next, you should rotate in a spiral motion instead of just moving in a linear fashion. This way, you can always use the gas as cover since you know no one will be coming from the side the gas is on.

At this point, you need to take note of how many players there are and try to get a sense of where they might be. In the image above, you can see that even though we were within the zone, there was still plenty of space behind us for enemies to come up, so it wasn’t the best position to be in. Though, based on a series of circumstances, that’s where we ended up. In the example above, an enemy actually did come up from behind, but luckily we got the jump on them.

Once you get a sense of where your foes could be, you need to pay attention to the next zone and watch those potential problem areas as you move to safety. Try not to maneuver in a way that will leave you exposed and if you need to, run through the gas (this is why a gas mask is so important) to get to safety.

Phase five: Survive against the final batch of players

You’ve finally reached the final set of players. At this point in the game, you should understand where they’re located, whether by keeping tabs or the process of elimination. If you aren’t mindful of their location, you’ll be at a significant disadvantage. This is common, but we suggest doing your absolute best in the preceding level to determine where your adversaries will be later. Now, you should be observing their general area with laser focus. 

If you’re fortunate enough to have surviving teammates, make sure you all understand where your enemies are hiding. Put on your full plates and grab enough ammo so you can go to battle with the last gang of evildoers. The best and safest thing to do is fire your shots as your foes are fighting each other. This is called “third-partying.” However, if it’s just your team against another, you’ll want to outmatch them to win the battle.  Take a look around and observe how many players are still standing on your opponent’s team(s). It’s always best to be cautious no matter what, but the amount of caution depends heavily on your given situation.

We recommend positioning yourself behind cover to ensure that your enemies will run toward you. This will lead them out into the open, giving you the upper hand. With a little luck and skill, you’ll secure the right position to wipe out your enemy and snag the win.

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15 Call of Duty Warzone tips to help you win

Some Warzone tips can help fill out areas natural instinct doesn't reach. It's not all about reactions, as wisdom can go a long way. From understanding how other players think, to perfecting positioning for cover and sight lines, and developing string threat awareness - you can increase your chances of survival greatly from the right knowledge. From there, a good gun and a decent loadout can take over the line in a Call of Duty Warzone match. 

The point of these Warzone tips is to give you information you need, and understanding of how things work, to ensure you engage enemies on better odds. The more decisions you assess before pulling the trigger, the more you increase your chances of coming out the other side intact and fit to fight again. Obviously, you'll still have to put the work in - we're not guaranteeing any wins here. But these Warzone tips will help you think smarter and make better choices as you fight, and avoid easy mistakes that can cost you big.

These are 15 Warzone tips and tricks to help you survive in Battle Royale.

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1. Prioritize acquiring your loadout...

Using floor weapons and gear works okay at first, but you’ll likely perform best with your specific loadouts. Make sure you aim to get $10,000 in cash right away so you can buy a Loadout Drop from the nearest (or safest) Buy Station. 

That way, you’ll have your own custom weapon, equipment, and perks, which will prove to be invaluable as the match goes on. Acquiring the loadout should be of the utmost priority, whether you’re playing Solo or with squads.

2. ...but don’t stop looting after you get your loadout

However, even after you’ve acquired $10K to get your loadout, we recommend you continue looting to gather more cash and gear. Specifically, your goal should be to get an armor satchel (which gives you a maximum of eight plates instead of five), ammo, and more cash.

It’s best to get around $20K including the money for the loadout so you can buy a Self-Revive, a gas mask (if you haven’t found one already), and a killstreak of some kind such as a UAV or Precision Airstrike. Getting fully stocked up will help you win the match.

3. Play to your strengths

We’ll be frank - Warzone is hard. Not everyone can pull off back-to-back headshots with a sniper, and not everyone can wipe an entire squad with just one clip of their weapon. It takes hours of practice to get to that point, so until then, play to your strengths.

Some players are better with SMGs, others tend to play more aggressively, and so on. Learn your play style and own it. It takes time to figure it out, but once you do, you’ll find that the flow of matches will start to lean in your favor.

4. Do not shoot unless you’re sure you’ll secure the elimination

This is a big one. Even veteran players make the mistake of shooting an enemy as soon as they appear on screen. It’s easy to see why, but in many situations, all this does is alert the enemy of your position, allowing them to take cover, plate up, and prepare for retaliation.

Instead, wait until there’s less cover for the enemy to hide behind and be certain there are no other teammates nearby who will come in for backup. Unless you’re an experienced player, we highly advise to avoid taking shots unless you’re absolutely certain you can pull off the kill.

5. Landing in the right spot can set you up to succeed

While it’s definitely important to be accurate when shooting, it’s equally important to pick the best landing spot (ideally an area that works with your playstyle). Places like Superstore or Hospital tend to be busier, while other areas like the edges of the map are often less populated.

Some spots are home to many Contracts (which we’ll go over below). Scavenger Contracts are often the most frequently used, so keep that in mind when selecting your landing spot. It helps to base your starting location on the trajectory of the plane in relation to the first circle.

6. Use the gas to rotate around, rather than heading straight to the center

Speaking of the circle, players often tend to work in a linear fashion, making their way from one ring to the next. This is sometimes unavoidable, but if you can help it, we recommend to rotate around in a pinwheel motion instead. The reason for this is so you can use the gas as a shield of sorts - as it prevents enemies from taking you out from behind.

As you continue to rotate in a spiral motion, you can ensure that you won’t get taken out from the sides or behind (as opposed to blindly running to the next circle).

7. Make an effort to complete Contracts

Contracts are an excellent way to rack up money, kills, gear, and - if you do Recons - intel on the position of the next circle. The five main Contracts are as follows:

  • Bounty - Target the general location of a specific player
  • Recon - Capture a nearby point to discover the location of the next circle
  • Scavenger - Open three nearby chests to acquire gear
  • Most Wanted - Mark yourself on the map and survive for three minutes
  • Supply Run - Reach a nearby Buy Station within the time limit to earn discounts

With each Contract you complete, your Contract multiplier goes up, meaning you’ll gain more rewards with each one you finish. Keep going for Contracts for huge bonuses to cash, XP, and weapon XP. 

8. Always plate up

This is just a quick tip, but one that is highly important. If you’ve got plates, make sure you use them whenever possible so you’re full. You can have up to three plates equipped and store an additional five (or eight if you have a satchel). Even during gunfights, try to plate up if possible. And if you don’t have plates, buy some or try to prioritize looting to find them.

9. Fine-tune your settings for maximum efficiency

There are a number of settings you can alter to improve your performance, so make sure you tinker with your sensitivity and control scheme to fit your liking. Outside of that, these are some we advise to change:

  • Armor Plate Behavior - Apply All
  • Slide Behavior - Tap
  • Parachute Auto-Deploy - Disabled
  • Mini Map Shape - Square
  • Music Volume - 0.00

10. Don’t revive a teammate until you’re sure it’s safe

If a teammate goes down, make sure the enemy that took them down is either dead or far away before going for the revive. When reviving, you’re vulnerable and are an easy target for a kill. Also, pay attention, as reviving makes a distinct sound that your enemy can hear!

11. Use sound to your advantage

Speaking of sound, listen for enemy footsteps, plating, coughing in the gas, the sound of an enemy loadout dropping, revives, shooting, reloading, and more. This can help you pinpoint at least the general location of a nearby enemy and can let you know when it’s safe to strike. Also, make sure you use the Dead Silence (AKA “Deddy”) Field Upgrade when sneaking up to an enemy team.

12. Make effective callouts

If you do hear or see an enemy nearby, you should let your team know! Furthermore, you should do so in as few words as possible. This can be hard to implement, but having quick, effective callouts can save time and help communicate as fast as possible.

Say “on me,” instead of “there is an enemy right next to me.” Try “enemy loadout west” instead of “an enemy team just called their loadout to the west of us.” This is especially true in the heat of battle when every second (or even millisecond) counts.

13. Coming back from the Gulag

The Gulag is your one and only chance to come back into the game (without being bought back). After the Cold War integration, the Gulag now resembles a version of Nuketown - forcing you to compete in a 1v1 to determine who will get brought back.

The biggest piece of advice is to utilize your equipment effectively. Things like flash grenades, stuns, and lethals can make all the difference, especially when spawning in with harder-to-use weapons like a crossbow. Again, play to your strengths, use sound, and try climbing up on the roofs on each side of the map to get a better view.

14. Stick with your team

One of the biggest mistakes players make is running off to face enemies by themselves. If you want to engage with another team, you should tell your teammates (and be specific about where and how you’d like to infiltrate). And your teammates should follow suit. If something happens that prevents you from moving forward, say so promptly.

If your squadmates think you’re close but are actually still in the next building over, they’re going to be outnumbered when facing off against the nearby team. Likewise, your team should pay attention and see that you aren’t with them - but in the heat of battle, sometimes this is just not possible. To avoid this, always communicate and stick together when taking on another team.

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