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Event News: 2021 PGF Nationals… Order of Finish for All Age Divisions (Premier & Platinum)

ORDER OF FINISH – 14U PREMIERRecordORDER OF FINISH – 14U PlatinumRecord1stVirginia Unity Johnson/Ross11-11stBirmingham Thunderbolts Kemp7-12ndGrapettes McNair6-12ndImpact Gold National Smith6-13rdGA Impact Sampson5-23rdWisconsin Lightning Boydston7-23rdSorcerer Bigley Everett5-23rdAASA Nelson Mortimer5-25thSo Cal Athletics Terrones4-25thai Bandits Breer6-25thI5 North Snyder6-25thCorona Angels FTS7-27thTampa Mustangs Seymour4-27thUSA Athletics Rogers Mathis6-27thBirmingham Thunderbolts 2024 Burns4-27thAASA Macias4-29thPower Surge Berndes3-29thOCBB GT3-29thSelect Fastpitch4-29thAASA Escobar Diggle3-29thAtlanta Vipers Tamborra5-29thFirecrackers Brashear Thornburg5-29thUSA Athletics Davis3-29thEmpire Ensey4-213thOhio Hawks Joseforsky3-213thAtlanta Vipers Olofson4-213thBirmingham Thunderbolts 06 Kaplan3-213thTampa Mustangs Bo3-213thBeverly Bandits Michalski4-213thAthletics Mercado Walling3-213thAthletics Mercado Carroll3-213thOC Batbusters McGowan Marchetti3-217thRhode Island Thunder Lotti3-217thAthletics Mercado Sabo4-217thSorcerer Schroll3-217thEC Bullets DeBus4-217thIllinois Chill3-217thGrapettes Kappmeyer3-217thHotshots Premier HTX2-217thSparks Red Premier3-217thSo Cal Athletics Siofele Mulipola2-217thBreakers Labs AJ3-217thNW Bullets Englehorn2-217thLA Bombers Savant3-217thCal Nuggets Woods4-217thFirecrackers Redmond5-217thCA Breeze Warren3-217thColorado Angels Agnew3-225thExplosion AZ Mabrey2-225thTitans Buettner3-225thSo  Cal Choppers Fausett4-225thWest Bay Warriors3-225thTop Gun National2-225thI5 South3-225thGrapettes Medina2-225thLincoln Loaded Hamilton3-225thLil Rebels RC/LW2-225thAASA Johnson3-225thAZ Thundercats2-225thIntensity KOD Wilmot2-225thMojo Abernathy2-225thGeorgia Impact Sullivan3-225thSo Cal Athletics Cooper Marinakis2-225thAZ Storm Steverson3-233rdFirecrackers Leles Enyart1-233rdSouth Bay Sabotage3-233rdChicago Batbusters2-233rdTN Mojo Lewis2-233rdLady Magic Boykin1-233rdDirtdogs Vazquez2-233rdTeam Seattle1-233rdSo Cal Athletics Alyward/Ditimus2-233rdPower Surge Walling Perez1-233rdBownet BSA Shults2-233rdLTG Carda/Cat2-233rdSan Jose Sting Afanador2-233rdIllinois Stars Pusateri1-233rdAthletics Jendro Barnes2-233rdOhana Tigers Indian 061-233rdCal Gold Fields2-233rdBeverly Bandits Scibelli1-233rdCal Cruisers Watson2-233rdLTG Oliver1-233rdUtah Fastpitch2-233rdSuncats Jimenez1-233rdHeartland Havoc2-233rdNewtown Rock National1-233rdOhana Tigers WPL1-233rdSo Cal Choppers Tiumalu1-233rdOhana Tigers Indian 071-233rdAZ Hotshots Isaacson1-233rdLil Saints1-233rdExplosion Flores Gomez1-233rdIrvine Sting Knapp1-233rdUtah Heat1-233rdOC Batbusters Edmonds1-249thSuncats Jimenez Gutierrez0-249thSo Cal Athletics Guillenavila2-249thLady Dukes Torres0-249thEC Bullets Delameter2-249thDesert Thunder Basaldua0-249thD1vision Softball2-249thIntensity KOD DeWaters0-249thCal Nuggets Gold1-249thCC Dietdogs Close0-249thCal Thunder Milton1-249thSo Cal Choppers Gurule0-249thLady Wolfpack1-249thFury 2024 Sewell1-249thAZ Storm Sheehan1-249thFirecrackers MGV Phillips0-249thCal Cruisers Nekritz1-249thBatbusters 2K60-249thAthletics Mercado Shea1-249thAZ Storm Munoz Holtorf1-249thLocomotion Greene1-249thCal Cruisers0-249thSanta Ana Xtreme1-249thBatbusters Berger0-249thBatbusters Kendrick Lastrapes1-249thTX Sudden Impact0-249thSo Cal Choppers Fausett 13U0-249thUSA Athletics Rogers/Mathis0-249thSundodgers Breidenbach0-249thWA Ladyhawks Wicker0-249thLady Hustle Ermitano0-249thI5 Ventura0-249thIntensity KOD Miller0-265thUniversal Garcia0-265thCal A’s Salter0-265th805 Elite Martinez1-265thOC Hustlers0-265thAthletics Mercado AMA0-265thExplosion Flores Aleman0-265thRogue Fastpitch Bearden0-265thSo Cal Athletics Hill0-265thTeam Freeman Natividad0-265thExplosion Lee Walker0-265thFirecrackers HB McVeigh Besson0-265thBat Company0-265thVA Glory Sternbeck0-265thExplosion UT Rollin0-265thSo Cal Athletics Acosta0-265th510 Pride Dixon0-265thExplosion Webb Whetton0-265thNW Bullets Muir0-265thCal A’s Heen0-265thExplosion Jackson0-2

2021 PG Softball Tournament Rules

PG Softball will follow the National High School Federation Softball rulebook with the following exceptions. If there is a contradiction with language found in any printed copy of this addendum and the version most recently updated online, the online version shall supersede.

The NFHS Softball rulebook can be purchased on Amazon.


  • Perfect Game reserves the right to amend these rules at any time for specific tournament play.


  • Non-Approved bat list will follow the National Federation State High School Softball Rules.
    • A damaged bat is defined as a bat that was once legal, but is broken, cracked, dented, rattles or has sharp edges that might deface the ball (Rules 1-5-1, 7-4-2, 2-4-3).
    • A damaged bat is considered an illegal bat, with the penalty being, the bat is simply removed from the game without penalty.
    • Information on the “GHOST BAT“.
    • DEFINITION OF AN ALTERED BAT “A bat which has been subjected to change in its physical makeup outside the original manufacturers’ product”
    • At any point, a Perfect Game Director or UIC may request to inspect a bat that is at a Perfect Game sanctioned event. If the owner/user refuses to allow the requesting body to inspect the bat the owner/user accepts an automatic three-year suspension from Perfect Game sanctioned events. Alternatively, the owner/user can allow the bat to be inspected so a conclusion can be formed as to whether the bat was altered.
    • The owner/user of the bat have the responsibility of having knowledge whether a bat is altered.
    • Bats that are damaged in any way, including but not limited to cracked, warped, missing a knob/cap, having a rattle, etc. are not legal for Perfect Game sanctioned events.
    • Bats may not have any certifying markings or graphics worn off the bat. Bats that have certifying or identifying markings worn off the bat shall be removed from play.
    • No substance shall be added to the bat barrel. The barrel of the bat and all identifying marks or graphics shall be free of any foreign obstruction. If a foreign substance is discovered as being used or identifying marks on the bat are not visible the bat shall be removed from play.


  • The legal 12” ball must have a red stitch, optic yellow covering, must not exceed .47 max COR, not have a greater compression than 375 lbs max, have a weight between 6 ¼ to 7 ounces, and be between 11 7/8” to 12 ¼” in circumference. 12U Divisions and older shall use a 12” ball.
  • The legal 11” ball must have a red stitch, optic yellow covering, must not exceed .47 COR, not have a greater compression than 375 lbs max, and have a cork core. 10U Divisions and younger shall use an 11” ball.
  • A Blue stitch ball is permissible for the 2021 Spring/Summer season. Red stitch will be required for the 2021 Fall season. Players in 12U and younger divisions must wear a catcher’s helmet that fully covers both ears.


  • Players in the 12U and younger divisions will be prohibited from wearing metal cleats.
  • Any player catching must wear all necessary protective gear including a catcher’s helmet with a facemask, throat guard (separately attached or built-in), chest protector, and chin/leg guards.


  • A team’s lineup card must include first name, last name, jersey number, position, and
    the batting order of each starting player and substitute.
  • Name shall supersede number regarding lineup errors. Incorrect lineup numbers are
    correctable without penalty.
  • At the pre-game meeting with officials the team representative must declare which
    batting option they intend to utilize for that game.
  • Roster Batting Option: Teams may utilize additional EP’S (Extra Players) to bat their
    entire roster. Roster batting must be declared at the pre-game conference. Eligible
    substitutes may be added to the lineup as they arrive.
  • Traditional Batting Option: A traditional line up can consist of up to two EP’s (Extra
    Players) with or without the incorporation of a DP/FLEX.
    • EX: Batting straight 9, 10, or 11
    • EX: Using a DP/FLEX with up to two EP’s (up to 11 batters)
  • Any eligible players not present at the start of the game can be:
    • Roster batting: added to the bottom of the order
    • Traditional batting: added as a legal substitute


  • Roster Batting Option: If any player becomes sick or injured throughout the contest,
    they may be removed from the line-up and the lineup condensed. No penalty will be
    recorded until falling below 9 batters. If any player is ejected an out will be recorded
    each time the ejected player would be due to bat.
  • Traditional Batting Option: A team may play with only one batting position unfilled. If a
    team falls to more than one batting position unfilled for any reason and no eligible
    substitute is available a forfeit shall be declared. If any player is ejected an eligible
    substitute may be inserted into their position in the lineup and an out for future at-bats
    will not be recorded. However, if there are no eligible substitutes the team will take an
    out each time the ejected player would be due to bat.
  • In both batting options, playing shorthanded if the injured/sick player is a batter-runner or runner, the player may be replaced by the LCAB (Last Completed At Bat) to fulfill baserunning responsibility. However, this does not apply to any future at-bat. The
    injured/sick player may not return to the lineup unless they left due to blood.
  • A team may not start a game with less than 8 players. Also, any team that falls below 8
    players during a contest will forfeit the game.


  • Roster Batting: The courtesy runner for the pitcher and catcher will be the LCAB (Last Completed At Bat). The same Courtesy Runner cannot be utilized for both the pitcher & catcher in the same half-inning.
  • Traditional: 1) Any eligible substitute. The same Courtesy Runner cannot be utilized for both the pitcher & catcher in the same half-inning. 2) If no eligible substitutes then the LCAB may be utilized. The same Courtesy Runner cannot be utilized for both the Pitcher & Catcher in the same half-inning.


  • A regulation called game will consist of a minimum of 3 innings.
  • Pre-game meeting shall take place 5 minutes prior to game time and the head coach must be identified however not required to attend.
  • Game time will begin at the conclusion of the pre-game meeting.
  • Run spreads will be: 10 runs after the 3rd inning, 8 runs after the 4th inning, 6 runs after the 5th inning.
  • Tie Breaker shall be utilized in bracket games in games tied after regulation time limit or after 7 innings. In a tie breaker situation, the player who had the Last Completed At Bat shall be placed at 2nd base. A substitute may be inserted for any player or a courtesy runner for the pitcher/catcher. This will be repeated until a winner is declared.


  • The rulebook is prohibited on the playing field.
  • Addition of the Post-Game Ejection: A Post-Game Ejection is determined by game officials to be in effect after a member of one of the playing teams exhibits conduct that would normally result in an ejection if the game had not ended. Post-Game Ejection results in the offender being ejected until their next played game is completed.
  • Coach ejections resulting in the final game of a tournament will carry a suspension into the succeeding first game of their next PG Softball tournament.
  • If ejected personnel refuse to leave the vicinity of the playing field or ballpark in a reasonable amount of time after being ejected the contest may be forfeited. Ejected personnel should leave expediently to the parking lot (out of sight and sound).
  • The UIC (Umpire In Charge) and GM (General Manager) of the site have the ability to levy game suspensions for coaches/fans as the result of poor conduct.
  • Appeals can be made to ask officials to come together on a call; the UIC may be called to the field to rule on rule discrepancies.
  • Protests are to be allowed for player eligibility only. The team protesting must make a cash payment of $100 to the GM at the time of the protest. If the protest is ruled in the protesting team’s favor the $100 will be refunded. Protests must be filed and ruled on before the next pitch if during a game, or before umpires leave the field if after a game.
  • The site GM has the final say regarding the fitness of the playing field and the decision to play, delay, or cancel based on his/her evaluation of the field.


  • The batter has no requirement to avoid being hit by pitch. The batter must not make a movement in an attempt to intentionally get hit by a pitch. If the batter moves intentionally to get hit by a pitch, a “Dead Ball” shall be declared, and the pitch is a strike or ball depending on location.


  • The NFHS definition with the inclusion of the following: If a runner elects to slide headfirst her torso and/or arms must be on the ground prior to contacting a defender.


  • The definition of “Lying on the Ground” shall be: A player whose physical position is no longer upright, and their front/back plane of the body is in contact flat with the ground. (Front Plane: Chest, Stomach, or Legs. Back Plane: Shoulder blades, back, glute, or legs.)


  • Perfect Game shall utilize officials who are registered with Perfect Game and administer the contest in accordance with Perfect Game rules and expectations.
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Traveling Teams Housing Info Continued


Upon acceptance to the tournament, all teams traveling 75 miles or more to participate, must reserve their rooms through Traveling Teams and stay in a Premier Girls Fastpitch approved property, at the tournament rates, or your team will be subject to a $650 housing buyout fee.

There is a mandatory 8 room minimum per team (not organization), per night, during the teams stay for tournament play. Once the team is eliminated from tournament play the 8 room minimum requirement will be lifted.

Do not book your Hotel through any other travel agent.

Any team that falls under the 8 room minimum per night during their stay for the tournament will be subject to a pro-rated hotel buyout fee.

Each team is required to make Hotel Reservations with one of the Premier Girl Fastpitches’ Hotel sponsors listed on the tournament site. Failure to use tournament hotels will jeopardize your team’s participation in future events.



We ask you to please use our sponsored Tournament Hotels. Please keep in mind that the Hotels that are providing College Coach discount rates are also the Hotels that have provided rooms to the teams. Please submit your request at least 30 days prior to the Tournament date to confirm Discounted Rates.

PGF Player Series Podcast Episode 1 *All American Games*

Diamond PGF 12" Softball - Dozen

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  • Raised fastpitch seam
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Questions & Answers


Softball pgf


Games will start approx 8AM THURSDAY. 

Registered Teams per level- Do not wait to register!

U10 -

U12 - 3

STiKS Academy

PBA - Konzel

JBA Clutch

U14 - 7

VA Glory - Gagliardi

STiKS Academy

Fire Pro Gold 13U

PBA - Juga

PBA - Clancy

Rhino Softball

JBA Clutch

U16 - 14

Bronco Select - Black

Thunderstix U16 BA

Polar Bear Fastpitch - Black

Illinois Impact - LG

STiKS Academy

Fire Pro Fastpitch - Fink

Delta Sports Performance

PBA - Utz

PBA - Wright

Gurnee Ghost

CW Edge

Rhino Softball

Golden Aces

Premier Fastpitch

U18 - 4

Central Wisconsin Edge

Fire Pro Gold 18U

Wisconsin Fear

STiKS Academy

All Schedules, Standings, Brackets, Results are will be on Tourney Machine --> 


Teams are accepted on a first-come, first-paid basis.



Please fill out the ONLINE Registration -----> 


Entry Fee ($550) due with entry only paid entry fee guarantees spot.


LIVE STREAM OF ALL GAMES AVAILABLE AND COLLEGE COACHES WILL BE ON SITE!!                                                                                         

I have included a link to PGF Insurance Effective 9/1/2020 to 8/31/2021

Please note you must register your team for the upcoming season 2020/2021 through Team Connect. [email protected]







NO CARRY-INS.  Full Concession Stand Available.  NO DOGS ALLOWED. 




Website -

Under “Special Rate” select “Promotional Code” and enter “BATTER”.


Or they can call the hotel directly at 262-782-1400 and reference the group name “PGF INVITATIONAL”.

Group blocks should call KARLI NICHOLS directly (262) 787-6145.


Standard 2 Queens - $

Two room suite with king & pull-out - $

Two room suite with 2 queens & pull-out - $


Rate includes:

  • To-go breakfast bag in the mornings

  • Indoor pool & fitness center

  • Mini-fridge and microwave in all rooms

  • On-site restaurant – Champps Americana (large sports bar)

  • Bean bag toss & ladder golf games for groups to play outside

  • Firepit & gathering area in the back of the hotel


PGF High School All-American Game To Air On ESPNU

Premier Girls Fastpitch (PGF) will host its 2021 High School All-American Game on Saturday, July 31 in Southern California. The game, featuring college softball's future stars, will air live on ESPNU at 3 p.m. ET.

In total, 40 players were selected to participate in the game, each of whom had to go through a lengthy selection process. After being nominated by a coach and/or a PGF Selection Committee Member, the National Selection Committee decided on players who earned a spot on their “Watch List.” Following the development of the Watch List, the committee announced six Regional All-American teams (Western, Mountain, Southwest, Central, Southeast and Northeast). Two weeks later, the final All-American team rosters, with the players who will be playing on July 31, were selected.

The final 40 players are divided up into East and West teams, with 20 graduating seniors on each roster. In total, the players selected hail from 16 states, with California being the most represented. Fifteen out of the 20 players on the West roster will be playing in their home state. All 40 of the players selected will be playing Division I softball next year at several of the top schools in the country.

Twenty-six of the 40 players selected were a part of Softball America’s list of the top 100 players in the 2021 graduating class. Several eyes will be on pitcher Jordyn Bahl and catcher Sophia Nugent who are ranked No. 1 and No. 3 in their class, respectively. Although Bahl will be playing for the East and Nugent for the West during the All-American game, next year they will be a pitcher-catcher duo at Oklahoma.

Other notable players to look out for include Washington-bound infielder Rylee Holtorf (ranked No. 2 by Softball America), Oregon-bound pitcher Stevie Hansen (ranked No. 8 by Softball America) and Alabama-bound outfielder Dallis Goodnight (ranked No. 12 by Softball America).

The players selected will have the unique opportunity to be coached by several former All-Americans, national champions, Olympians and professional players. The talented coaching staff includes Natasha Watley, Crystal Bustos, Suzy Brazney, Jennie Finch, Lovieanne Jung and Tony Mascarenas, who will be split up between the East and West teams.

Additionally, this year, PGF announced the addition of a Futures All-American Game, which will include some of the best junior and sophomore high school players in the country. Differently from the East vs. West format being used for the Senior All-American Game, the teams for the Futures Game are divided up by class. The Futures Game will follow a 2023 (rising juniors) vs. 2022 (rising seniors) format. In addition, the Futures Game will include a mix of committed and uncommitted players, many of whom are hoping to find their college destination in the coming year.

For the 2022 roster, much of the attention will be on uncommitted pitcher Taylor Tinsley, who is ranked No. 6 in her class by Softball America.

There will also be a lot of excitement for Florida Gators fans, as three future Gators will be making an appearance in the Futures All-American Game. 2022 catcher Sam Roe (ranked No. 1 in her class by Softball America) will be facing two of her future teammates, 2023 pitcher Keagan Rothrock (ranked No. 1 in her class by Softball America) and 2023 infielder Mia Williams (ranked No. 3 in her class by Softball America).

Across both games, there will be fierce competition among many players who will be the future stars of college softball. With the top players in the country together on one field for the All-American Game, it will be an event you won’t want to miss. 


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