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Love these!CHRISTYLove these!5

Good bracketkenEasy to use, hard to find.5

awkward to take the eket offYanThese are great right up to the point when you need to take them off the wall.3

Happy with purchaseSHERRII bought these cabinets to put above my desk. They were easy to put together and feel solid.5

Too tacky n flimsyREEMToo tacky n flimsy1

Easy installation and really makesJamie R.Easy installation and really makes a room pop5

Easy to installDianeEasy to install5

easy to assemble and sturdyKARENeasy to assemble and sturdy5

Why do I have this thing?GREGORYPurchased 6 Eket wall boxes & brackets. 1 Eket box had a manufacturing defect ( was incorrectly drilled ) so you can not put it together. I informed IKEA 3 timeseach time they say the store will phone me to arrange a replacement. They never call despite my repeated attempts to contact them. So I have an unusable Eket box & an extra bracket. Giving a 1 star for the complete disinterest IKEA has in resolving this.1

Very easy to install!LizFrizzleThe instructions were very straightforward to install these! As with all Ikea mounting systems, this does not include screws because different walls require different hardware. We used # size screws from the hardware store, but the largest screws from the Fixa will work as well. The paper that comes with the Eket itself made lining up the holes a breeze. Tap the end of the screw in the center of the mark on the templet, then remove the paper and drill your hole at the mark on the wall. Make sure you have one suspension rail for each Eket unit! For instance, you cannot mount two square Eket units side by side using the longer bracket - you must use two of the shorter brackets because the rail fits into the back of the Eket itself. The little screws on the brackets that connect to the back of the Eket are only used to straighten the unit if it's crooked when it gets on the wall. You really don't need them if you level the suspension rail correctly, but it's nice if you mess up.5

ConfusingOldmaninthek3ysNot sure how to use this item to affix the Eket box to the wall. Instructions are usually easy to follow in prior purchases, but not in this instance. I will need to contact customer service for further assistance.1

Did the job..adingkakiWe purchased this to use with some non-EKET cabinets that I wanted to wall mount so that they would be floating. We had to go with the longer one and cut it to the length since the smaller length was too small for our cabinets. Instructions and installation were easy to follow and understand. The only reason why this DID NOT get 5 stars is because it doesn't come with any hardward to actually mount it onto your walls!! It doesn't even give you any hints as to what to use or what size screws..horrible Ikea!! We ended up purchasing the FIXA piece screw and plug set for this purpose and it works perfectly.4

Should already come with boxIKEA equals poorly madeI’ve purchased the eket in the past and it came with the wall hanger. Also poorly designed as it will require you to use a drywall hanger because most studs are 16” apart while the hanger is only 13”. When did ikea become overpriced garbage?1

TemplatesBudmanThe paper template provided was excellent and made the wall arrangements easy to visualize.5

Easy to Install!Leigh JI purchased two of these rails to mount my EKET cabinets on both sides of my bed for nightstands. It was a perfect fit and super easy to install. It took less than an hour! I will definitely buy this product again, it was an extremely great value for the price!5

Excellent designSissystairsThis is a great system that attaches wonderfully!5

Sours: https://www.ikea.com/us/en/p/eket-suspension-rail/


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IKEA EKET Assembly and Wall Mounting Video


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