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30 Spiky Hairstyles for Men in Modern Interpretation

Spiky hairstyles for men are so nineties—except that they are totally not. While the spiky hair movement did reach the high point of its popularity during the time when The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air was on TV and everyone wore their baggy pants too low, it never faded away like all the other fads. In fact, it only got better with time!

Cool Present-Day Spiky Hairstyles for Men

Since then, men have perfected the look, trading in their dollar store hair gel for something a little lighter, allowing for a softer take on the classic style. If you want to rock the spikes but aren’t sure how, read on. We’ve got twenty different and unique takes to guide you through it. By the end, you should know exactly which will suit you best.

#1: Side and Up Spiky Hair

This is one well-groomed, stylish male look. The combination of the trimmed beard and mustache, thick eyebrows, shaved sides, and spiked hair is something to stop and admire. With some workable styling clay, his dark hair is styled into a perfectly imperfect texture – 100% envious style, indeed!

#2: Soft, Short Spikes on Top

Everything just flows with this gorgeous face! First, it’s the maintained mustache flowing into the short lined-up beard. Then there’re the buzzed sides leading to the simple upward spike. This spiky hairstyle is both tasteful for work and play.

#3: Bare Faced Spiky Cut

Facial hair is not for all men. With this long spiky hairstyle, all eyes will be on top! Attention to the longer strands must be given right after the shower in order to make sure the product applied to the spikes stays in place all day.

#4: Young, Disheveled Spiked Hair

If you are able to get away with a cool boys style that requires minimal effort, then this is the look for you. Brushed forward, tousled to the left, to the right, straight up… no matter the direction of the spikes, it all works well with this messy cut.

#5: Edge-to-Edge Spiky Cut

They say the shortest distance between two points is a straight line. This rule works awesomely for this fresh, spiked hair style. The precise line up from the forehead to temples and across the cheek to the corners of the lips is noteworthy. Top it off with spiky tips, and this male hairstyle is the new definition of trend-worthy.

#6: Spiked Mohawk-Inspired Hair

Combed forward and to a point, this look means serious business. With a short buzz on the sides and the combed up side spike, the hairstyle is fierce any way you look at it.

#7: Piecey, Spikey Hair

It’s all about the length on top with this style. For the best results, blow-dry until damp, and then apply a product so the hair is not heavy. Finish blow-drying with a round brush until the hair holds straight up and voila. Who said growing up meant simple hairstyles anyway?

#8: Highlights and Spike with Side Buzz

The attention to strands of color is what this image displays. Applying a strong hold product allows for the dimension of the highlighted strands to shine through, while the spikes remain elevated and perfectly defined at the tips. With the sides and back shaved shorter, this look lifts men’s spiky hairstyles to the stylish levels they have never been before.

#9: Wave of Spiked Hair

This style is for those who have hair and know the latest ways to wear it! With a medium length on the sides, burst fade around the ears and longer top, pushing forward to the upward flip, one must have patience and dedication with this style. But the results speak for themselves.

#10: Wild and Spiky on Top

Shave everything but the top and let it flourish like wildfire! This style is best on thick, light-colored hair as it allows for the different sun-kissed highlights (natural or gained) to show. Full of volume and texture, this is a playful look when you want to have a good style but look like you did not spend a ton of time in the morning on it.

#11: Non-Committal Textured Top

What’s great about this haircut is its simplicity and neat look. If you don’t like the spiky top, you can always go shorter without having to disrupt your entire cut. The front spiked hair is longer and strategically tapered to blend with the buzzed sides and back.

#12: Spiky for Fine Hair

Focus on what you’ve got over what you don’t! Thinning hair does not need to be left behind when styling a spiked up look. Using a shine men’s hair paste, this look is healthy and fashion-forward while taking the focus off the fine hair.

#13: Fade-a-Way Spiked Hair

Short spikes with a blended undercut and burst fade. This style does not require much product or any commitment at all. Perfect for the on-the-go man who wants to make his look a tad spicy!

#14: Spiky Pompadour

Not every guy wants to spend their morning on their hair, and we get that! This look is perfect due to the ease of the cut from all ends. No matter which way the wind blows, this is one of the easiest spiky hairstyles for men out there.

#15: Extra-High Men’s Spikes

Sometimes bigger is better, especially when it comes to hair! As with all of these images, if you think you can rock this sky-high, front spikey look, then try it out. You need to use a stiff sculpting clay and give yourself time to grow out your hair to get to the perfect long length.

#16: Shark-Fin Spikes with Facial Hair

These spikes can catch just about anyone’s attention. Thanks to the long, fierce flip up on top, polished skin fade, perfect line up and flawless facial hairstyle, images like this give tons of inspiration for modern eclectic men’s hairstyles. The razor line breaking into the cut is the finishing touch to this statement style.

#17: Work Appropriate Spiky Hair

Our careers keep our style decisions in check, and so it goes for hair. In regards to spiky haircuts for guys, this is a safe and simple cut that is suitable for the office. With a clean part and side spikes, this look can be accomplished straight out of the shower with a comb and styling paste.

#18: Short Spiky Haircut

Brush it forward, and you are on your way! Not everyone is ready to wear longer hair due to maintenance and styling commitment. Enter an extra short cut, inspired by your favorite high and tight but allow for some texture up top. Easy to maintain, and it makes you look like you have a lot of hair. Great for men who are thinking about growing their hair out from the traditional buzz cut.

#19: Thick and Forward Spiky Style

Dyed blonde hair on a man with dark facial hair is sexy. Make the contrast stand out by embracing the latest trick in the spiky hair trend – the very front of the hair combed straight up. The color gives dimension to this modern style.

#20: Acicular Taper Fade Haircut

Spike hair with gel and don’t worry about the direction the spikes go. This cut looks so sharp; you are almost afraid to touch it! With a buzz cut leading into longer, disconnected spikes, this style is edgy yet manageable.

#21: Edgy Disheveled Mens Hairstyle

Check out Matthew Atkinson and his messy spikes. It almost looks as if he has just rolled out of bed and stepped out with a perfect, wearable bedhead. We all know that’s not actually possible, so how did this hunk achieve the style? Simple: take some light hair wax and run your fingers through your hair. It’s really that easy on condition that you’ve got a nice razored cut.

cute spiky men's hairstyle

Helga Esteb / Shutterstock.com

#22: Spiky Hairstyle with a Maximum Lift

This Twilight star (who will gladly roll his eyes at any mention of the young adult fiction adaptation that skyrocketed his career) lives, breathes and sleeps big hair. Volume isn’t just a thing for your girlfriend to fawn over—just look at Rob and that picture perfect mane of his. If this is the type of hair, you’ve got, and you want to duplicate this bold look, start blow-drying with a high-hold sculpting wax to keep your strands out of place.

edgy men's hairstyle

Helga Esteb / Shutterstock.com

#23: Cute Spikes for Shorter Hair

For all you dudes out there with shorter hair, spikes aren’t totally out of reach. Take Douglas Booth as an example; he’s pulling off this shorter cut with a low maintenance take on the spiky trend. The shorter the hair, the easier it is to style. If you’re someone who likes a nice head of hair but doesn’t want to shell out the necessary time in the morning to fix it up, go shorter.

textured short hairstyle for men

DFree / Shutterstock.com

#24: Spiky Hairstyle with Textured Top

Spiky hair is great, but you may not be willing to wear it like that every day; that’s why you absolutely shouldn’t allow your stylist to cut your hair in a way that only works with spiky styles. In this picture, Michael rocks the spikes with a style that could just as easily be worn right out of the shower. This technique requires a little more hold for the extra thickness and length, but a nice matte pomade paste will do the trick.

men's razored short haircut

Helga Esteb / Shutterstock.com

#25: Refined Messy Spikes

In this picture, good old Colin Farrell has a haircut that’s longer on the top and shorter on the sides. This long and modern take on the high-and-tight is the key to achieving a proper spiky ‘do. The shorter sides are unassuming and unnoticeable without having to be slicked down while the top is ready for styling fresh from the shower.

cool spiky hairstyle for men

Tinseltown / Shutterstock.com

#26: Long Top, Short Sides Hairstyle

For the younger men out there, Brett Davern’s style may be a little more up your alley. His spikes are uniform and controlled, all leaning towards the right in perfect consistency. It can be tough to avoid awkward pieciness when aiming for this more advanced look, but we’ve got your back, bro. Wait until your hair is semi-dry to apply your strong-hold pomade and use a comb to make the front stand straight up.

men's spiky blonde hairstyle

Helga Esteb / Shutterstock.com

#27: Fairly Neat Spiky Hairstyle for Men

Tyler Hilton, the actor and singer who stole the hearts of teen girls everywhere on One Tree Hill, has a rep to uphold as Dreamy Musician. The dude takes his hair seriously, all right? You can tell by this photo. Short and neat, but styled carefully with some spikiness and volume. This is the perfect prom look for all you high schoolers out there in desperate need of haircut inspiration.

short hairstyle for men with a backswept quiff

DFree / Shutterstock.com

#28: Acicular Texture In Spiky Hairstyle for Men

Here’s another short and simple style, this time modeled by handsome Freddy Rodriguez. This photo shows off what a great combination spiky hair and facial hair can make when worn together. Each on their own are okay, beards are cool and spiky hair is flattering, but put them together and you’ve got an unstoppable force to be reckoned with!

formal spiky hairstyle for men

Helga Esteb / Shutterstock.com

#29: Cute Piecey Spikes

Josh Dallas is wearing a unique spiky look in this red carpet photo. It sort of resembles a military style, shortly trimmed and uniform. This clean look is the perfect choice for an everyday work style. It’s just the right mix of casual and professional to get you through your business-casual dress code in one sophisticated piece.

short textured hairstyle for men

Helga Esteb / Shutterstock.com

#30: Mildly Spiked Men’s Hairstyle

Some people aren’t crazy about sticking their hair up in the air and that’s totally fine. Spiky hair isn’t for everyone. If you want a more low-key style that won’t attract as much attention, try out this slightly spiked ‘do from Max Lloyd-Jones. It works best on short hair and only needs spiking in the middle.

short textured men's hairstyle

Helga Esteb / Shutterstock.com

What do you think, fellas? Any of the spiky hairstyles catch your eye? Try out something new, you’ll be glad you did.

Sours: https://therighthairstyles.com/spiky-hairstyles-for-men/

Spiky haircuts and hairstyles are one of the top men’s hair trends. Like other long-lived looks, spiky styles have changed over time.

Like many other hairstyles, spikes started with a military haircut – the flat top. Then the look entered the mainstream and then went counterculture in the punk world.

Spiky hair was on trend again in the 80s and 90s with crunchy spikes and blonde tips. Spiked hair has a long way since then with faux hawks, crops haircuts, and the texture trend.

Check out these 17 cool ways to spike up hair with popular, trendy, and retro styles plus how to style spiky hair and some of the best products.

Spiky Hairstyles

1. Spiky Hair

Spiky hair

This short sides-longer top haircut is ideal for spikes. Hair is short around the sides and back with a small temple fade.

2. Short Spiky Hair

Short Spiky Hair

Shorter hair can be easier to spiky up. Work your product through fingers, work it through hair, and pull it up. More on that later.

3. Spiky Haircut

Spiky Haircut

Famed beard model Chris John Millington has traded in his signature full beard style for this leaner lock with tall spikes that mirror a groomed beard.

How To Style Spiky Hair

Most of a hairstyle’s shape comes from how hair dries. The product simply holds it in place. To get the most vertical spikes, use a blow dryer.

How to get spiky hair

While blow-drying hair is recommended for spiky styles, everyone is different. Air-drying may work for you, especially with more tousled, messy spikes.

A hairdryer sets hair where you want it. Then, dry hair will fall back into where it was blow-dried. Product helps keep that look all day long.

Before blowing, use a heat spray to protect hair from heat damage. This product comes in a wide range of price points but in our experience, the lower end drugstore brands work as well as more expensive options.

4. Spiky Hair + Fade

Spiky hair fade

The goal of blow-drying is to train hair in place. For spiky hair, that means up. Shoot air upwards while finger combing hair up into spikes as well.

Keep going until hair is completely dry. The type of hair products that are best for spiky hair, clays, waxes, and fibers, are best applied to dry hair.

4. Short Spiky Hair For Men

Short Spiky Hair For Men

This fresh looks pulls short hair up into messy spikes while hair from the crown is pushed forward.

5. Spiked Mullet

Spiked Mullet

The mullet is back in a big way. This look says it’s party time.

6. Punk Spiky Hair

Punk spiky hair mohawk

It’s not just spikes that make this look punk but the mohawk cut. And green hair color.

7. Spiky Styles For Asian Hair

Spiky Asian Hair

Spiky looks are a popular look for Asian guys with thick, straight hair. Here are 4 cool ways to get the look for short and medium length hair.

8-10. Short Spikes + Fade

These three looks combine short spikes with a fade haircut, yet they are very different from each other.

11. Long Spiky Hairstyle

Long spiky hairstyle

This medium-length faux hawk shows how long hair cut be when spiked. For even longer hair, check out the sugar water or egg white methods.

12. Blonde Spiky Hair

Blonde spiky hair

Not that the hair color matters, but here’s blonde hair in messy spikes.

13. Messy Spikes

Messy spiky hair

These frosted tips are a fun throw-back to another era of spiky hair. The fine, messy style and fade modern.

14. Textured Crop Fade

Textured crop fade

The crop haircut has been one of the most popular ways to wear short hair. It can be styled many ways but these full spikes are one of the best.

15. Spiky Haircut

Spiky haircut

This spiky look has a pompadour shape with fine spiky texture. This look is all about the cut that is longest at the front and gets shorter toward the back.

16. Scumbag Boogie

Scumbag boogie hairstyle

Another pompadour-adjacent style, the scumbag boogie keeps that vintage slick look but takes it straight up. Use a water-based pomade and comb hair up to get the lines and spikes.

17. Textured Spikes

Modern textured spiky hair

These textured spikes over a low fade are another way to wear a heavy crop.

Spiky Hair Products

Modern spiky styles have a natural finish. The best products to get the look are clay, wax, and fiber pomades. Here are a few of our top picks for textured, shine-free spikes.

Pete & Pedro Clay is an As-Seen-On-TV products that lives up to it’s promises. It adds volume and thickness to hair as well as all-day hold. It works well for all hair types, with enough strength for thick hair and thickening thin and thinning hair.

18.21 Man Made Hair Wax Pomade with beeswax, quinoa, diatomaceous earth, and macadamia glycerides almost sounds good enough to eat. This high hold, low shine product combines the properties of pomade and clay for separation, definition, and a touchable and frizz-free finish.

GIBS Grooming Tactical Texture Texturizing Fiber Paste gives all the texture and hold needed for spiky styles. The days of crunchy spikes are gone with this re-workable product. As a bonus, this fiber strengthens and moisturizes hair.

Hanz DeFuko Claymation is a clay-wax hybrid with a touch of grit. With super high hold, this is for the thickest hair types as well as straight and wavy. In addition to conditioning hair, jojoba and castor oils open clogged pores and nourish the scalp.

OGX Flexible Fiber Wax is cheaper option that compares to waxes at higher price points. The medium hold product also thickens hair, making it a great option for thin hair.

Like every pomade, start by working a small amount between the palms to heat up, emulsify, and activate the product. With a thin coating over the palms and fingers, rub your hand over from back to front and vice versa a few times. Or as the Claymation instructions state, “aggressively push and stroke fingers through hair.”

Hair should be textured and spiky. Finish up by pushing hair in the desired direction and pinch together some individual spikes at the front and side.

This post may contain affiliate links. Please read our disclosure for more info.

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101 Epic Short Spiky Hairstyles for Men [2021]

Spikes are in style! The reason for their popularity is very simple. It doesn’t take long to make them. Men appreciate hairstyles, which are easy to create and don’t require too much hassle in the morning. The hair can be left short, while the spikes can be as long as the man wants.

Short spiky hairstyles have been considered fashionable for a long time. All they take is some hair gel and creativity. While some might think that there is not much variety to this haircut, they are very wrong.


Attractive & Classy Short Spiky Hairstyles for Men

Some men might not have a flair for creativity, but still want a simple, yet fashionable hairstyle. Short spiky haircuts are the best way to go when you don’t know what to do with your hair. They combine a standard short hairstyle with an original twist. Since all men are different, each haircut will be absolutely special. All it takes is a little imagination.

If nothing comes to mind, we are offering you a little help. We have prepared a very interesting list of the best short and spiky cuts out there. Choose the one you like best and go for it!


1. Thick spikes

Best Short Spiky Hairstyles for men

If your hair is thick, then you can easily go for short spikes. They will look great with the help of some hair gel. Ask your stylist to leave enough hair on top to create medium sized bangs and use them to make nice thick spikes.


2. Very short spiky hairstyle

Best Short Spiky Hairstyles for men 2-min

This haircut is perfect for men, who want spikes, but don’t want them to stand out too much. Your classy hairstyle can easily be turned into very short fashionable spikes, if you add some hair gel on top and run your fingers through your hair upward.

Best undercut styles for men

3. Spikes in the middle

nice Spiky Haircut

If you don’t like the classical frontal spikes, you can go for another stylish look. This hairstyle is created by sweeping the hair to the middle and then upwards. It can easily be done with minimal amount of hair gel.


4. Spiky comb over

Best Short Spiky Hairstyles for men 4-min

This is actually a mix of short spiky cut and a comb over. The hair is swept backwards while styled to have spikes in front. Apply some hair gel to your fingers and start combing your hair backward. While doing that, make some upward spikes as well.


5. No shaving allowed

Best Short Spiky Hairstyles for men 5-min

While some men like to have their sides shaved or trimmed very shortly before making the spikes, there no reason not to leave some hair intact. Spikes look great even when there is hair left on the sides. In fact, the overall look is very special.


6.  The classics

short spiky hairstyles for young men

This classical haircut is known to many guys. However, the bangs are usually neatly brushed. Diversify your look by adding some spikes! All you need to do is let your fingers do the job. Messiness is not just allowed, it is encouraged.


7.  Messy and stylish

Best Short Spiky Hairstyles for men 7-min

Another reason why guys like spiky hairstyles is that they can legally make a real mess on their head and call it stylish. Forget about neat brushing. Work you fingers through your hair to make it as messy as you always wanted.


8.  Devilish look

Best Short Spiky Hairstyles for men 8-min

If you want to get creative, no reason to wait. Try the devil horns! They are made by sweeping the hair to the top and in the middle. The front part is left short and neat. The overall devilish appearance will surely be turning some pretty heads your way.


9. Spikes for widow’s peak

Best Short Spiky Hairstyles for men 9-min

If you have a widow’s peak and your hairline is receding, the spikes can be your saviors. Make the sides short and create the spikes on the front of your widow’s peak. It will create an appearance of volume and hide the receding hairline.


10. Soft and spiky

brown spiky hairstyles for boy

Guys with straight and thick hair can go for a soft and spiky look by using just a little bit of gel to create their spikes. This haircut doesn’t look outrageous as some of the spiky styles do. It can easily be worn to school or office.


11. A circle

Best Short Spiky Hairstyles for men 11-min

A popular way to deal with middle spikes is to make an appearance of a circle with hair inside it. Such hairstyle is very neat and suits modern businessmen. However, you must make sure that the circle is perfect and there are no stray strands.

Popular Hairstyles by Soccer Superstars

12. Windblown spikes

Best Short Spiky Hairstyles for men 12-min

This hairstyle looks truly amazing but requires a little maintenance. The spikes are created in front as usual and then swept to one side to create one thick wave. This amazingly sexy look will surely help you stand out of the crowd.


13. Textured and short spiky hairstyle

mens spiky hairstyles you like

This popular hairstyle is often chosen by the younger generation. So, if you want to be in style, shave the sides and leave the top long enough for a textured look. The spikes are created by dipping your fingers into some gel and then running them through your hair.


14. Medium-high

Best Short Spiky Hairstyles for men 14-min

When you go for a spiky cut, you need to choose the length of the hair you leave on top. The longer it is, the more time and hair products you will have to spend. So, if you are not sure what you need, start with a medium-high hairstyle and go from there.


15. Side swept

Best Short Spiky Hairstyles for men 15-min

If you are ready to deal with long hair, you will immediately have a myriad of options to work with. One of them is long bangs, which are spiky and side swept. Make sure the rest of your long hair is neat and no stray hair sticks out to ruin the look.


16. Thick and neat

Best Short Spiky Hairstyles for men 16-min

If you are into neat haircuts, but still want some spikes, you can mix the two. Make your spikes as neat as possible and keep them close to each other to create a homogeneous hairstyle. You can easily wear it to work.


17. Sharp and fashionable

Best Short Spiky Hairstyles for men 17-min

If you like obvious spikes, go for sharp and fashionable. This will require a lot of hair gel and some work in front of the mirror. Try not to overdo the messiness. Stick with just the front part. Use some hairspray for a better fix.


18. A fohawk

Best Short Spiky Hairstyles for men 18-min

Men, who go for fohawks, often appreciate spikes. So, mixing these two hairstyles together is a great idea. If your sides are shaved, leave the rest of the hair long enough to play around with all types of spikes.


19. All around spikes

Best Short Spiky Hairstyles for men 19-min

If you have a classical medium-length haircut and want something different, you can make the spikes all over your head. Depending on your mood, they can either be sharp or soft. In any case it will be a really fresh change.


20. Amazingly disheveled

Best Short Spiky Hairstyles for men 20-min

Guys, who like bold styles, will appreciate this disheveled look. But don’t be fooled, it is not easy to make. You will need to spend some time shaping this disheveled hair to make it look stylish. The result will surely exceed all your expectations.


21. Long and angled

mens short spiky hairstyles

Spikes look great when they are just made in front. The rest of the hair can be cut very short to outline the long strands on top. Many fashionable spiky hairstyles for men start with growing bangs and keeping the rest rather short.


22. Highlights

Best Short Spiky Hairstyles for men 22-min

If the colors for highlights are well chosen, the spikes will look truly amazing. If you don’t know where to start, go for brown and blond combination. If you are bold enough to try it, you will surely appreciate the result.











































short spiky hairstyles for men




short spiky hairstyles





short spike hairstyles with mid fade



dyed short spiky hairstyles for guys


short spiky hair with side part





short spikes with undercut




short spiky hairstyle with fade





dyed short spikes hair with side shaved



short spiky hair with low fade




short spiky hair with mid fade





short spiky haircut with fade for guy





short spiky hair with side part





short spiky haircut for men


Choosing the right spikes for your hair is easy. Just take another look at these 101 options, find the hairstyle you like best and give it a try. If you are not ready for bold changes, start with shorter and softer options. Once you acquire the taste for the spiky haircuts, you’ll be unstoppable!

Sours: https://hairstylecamp.com/men-short-spiky-hairstyles/
- Curly to spike - hairstyle - men's hair cut -

The spiky fringe style creates a windblown look thanks to the help of a high-quality hair product. The result is a slightly messy appearance that places emphasis on the hair on top.

Since this style makes your bangs the focal point of your haircut, so it’s ideal if you have a square or oblong face shape. If you have defined facial features, such as strong cheekbones or a prominent jawline, this is also a good style for you. You’ll need some sort of hair product for this style; mousse, gel, and wax all work well.

To start with, you’ll want shorter hair with length in the front. To achieve this, ask your barber or stylist to trim the back and sides while leaving length on top and on your bangs. 1 to 3 inches on top is best for this style, with the bangs having the longest length. This cut also looks great with a fade.

Once you have the right cut, it’s time to style. Start with towel-dried and slightly damp hair. Start with a small amount of product, about the size of a penny, and work it into your bangs thoroughly.

You can use a comb or brush to help you style, and once you’ve got a style you like, you can blow dry it into place. The key to most spiky hairstyles, including this one, is experimentation. It will take some time to figure out exactly what style you like and how to get it.

There’s no substitution for devoting some time to styling and playing around with different amounts of product and different ways of styling.

Sours: https://haircutinspiration.com/spiky-hairstyles/

Cutting hairstyle spike


Textured Quiff Haircuts For Guys 2018 - Skin Fade With Textured Top Haircuts For Boys 2018


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