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Replacing Vs Rebuilding Electric Pool Pump Motors

Replacing Vs Rebuilding Electric Pool Pump Motors

About The Author: This article was composed by Joseph from WeThead’s Pump Repair. Joseph has been repairing pumps for over 20 years. Please note this information is provided as a reference to help you, Enjoy!

If your pool pump is starting to make some noise like a squealing sound or maybe even a loud screaming, you may be think that the only way to fix this is to go out and buy a new pump. This is in facet not true, you can repair the pump yourself or have someone do it for you for less then half the price of a new pump.

Inside your pool pump is a few parts that can easily be changed if you have the time and then right tools. Many pump shops would love to have your business and would welcome you with open arms if you were to bring your pump in for repair. Many repair shops usually have rapidly fast turn round time because they realize that this is the heart of your pool filter system if you are in facet bring the pump in for repair during the pool season.
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Electric Motor Pricing: The Last 10 Years

In the last 10 years the price of electric motors whether they are used for pool pumps or not have gone up very high. Back in 1994 the price for a replacement 1.5 HP electric motor was way under the $100 mark. Today in 2011, the price for some replacement electric motor have exceed to the tune of $300+ and up.

If you rebuild the pool pump motor yourself you can do so with about $40 dollars in replacement parts and a few hours of your time. if you are not handy, it is still cheaper to have a pump repair shop or an online pump repair service rebuild the pump and motor for you. The average price of a pool pump rebuild is around $149.00. The repair shop will change your electric motor bearings, replace your seal and then also check your motor windings, clean and spray paint the pump.

So what you want to ask yourself is, “isn’t it worth it to repair or have someone repair my pump for less then half the price vs spending all that money?”

Tools You Will Need To Repair / Rebuild Electric Motors

You will need some basic hand tools and also some specialty hand tools as well to rebuild your electric pool pump motor. Some of these tools are expensive but also can be rented or borrowed from a friend or neighbor.

Specialty Tools Needed:

Bearing Puller

You will need a bearing puller to pull the bearings from the motor armature / pump motor shaft. You can either buy one or rent one from a tool rental store.

Arbor Press / Bearing Press Tool

You will either need an arbor press or a bearing press tool to replace the bearings. Most local auto parts stores will have a bearing press tool you can either buy or rent. You can also stop by a local machine shop and ask then to press on the bearings for you. You may even know someone with an arbor press. Ask around.

Hand Tools Needed:


You will need a basic hammer to bang the end bells free from the motor casing. If you have a ball peen and a rubber mallet that would be a perfect set up for the electric motor repair.


You are going to need both a Philips head and a flat head screw driver, in the #2 (medium tip ) and #3 (large tip) sizes.


If you have a nut driver set that would make your life so much easier when repairing the pump Vs trying to use quarter inch sockets to remove the motor through bolts. i would suggest that you go out and borrow or buy a nut driver set because sometimes if you use brute force like with a socket you may snap the through bolt. If you snap the through bolt of in the end bell, you still will be able to repair the moor but you just created more work for yourself because no you will have to drill that bolt out.

Open End Wrench Set

You are also going to need an open end wrench set. Just a basic set sizing from 3/8″ to 5/8″ will work most of the time.

Preparing For The Pool Pump Motor Rebuild / Overhaul

If your considering rebuilding your electric motor and pump you should also think about the amount of time that your pump is going to be removed from the filter system. If the weather is hot and your pools chemicals are not balanced correctly you could wind up with a green pool.

The best thing to do is to make sure that your water chemistry in your pool is all in the proper ranges.

As a quick tip:

Your ALK should be between 80 – 120 PPM , Your PH should be between 7.2 – 7.4 PPM and your Chlorine should be around 2.3 PPM.

Then you will also want to run the pool filter system continuously for 24 hours before you remove the pump.

Electric Motor Repair Checklist

Here is a quick checklist to see if you have enough time and tools to rebuild your electric pool pump motor.

    Pool Has been chemically treated
    Have enough time to rebuild the pump

Parts Are Available & Affordable

So now that you have been educated and realize that it it was economically sound to have your pool pump rebuilt rather then buy a new once, you should head over to get some new bearings and a mechanical seal for your pump.

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How to Rebuild the Hayward Super Pump


Learn how to completely rebuild your Hayward Super Pump in less than an hour.

IMPORTANT: Follow All Electrical Warnings – Shut Off All Electrical Power to the Pump! Turn off power at the circuit breaker before beginning. Disconnect wiring from the pump and take the pump to a suitable work area.

Tools needed:
green-check 7/16″ wrench
green-check 9/16″ wrench
green-check Rubber gloves
green-check Adjustable channel-lock pliers
green-check Large flat head screwdriversuper-pump-tools

Parts needed

green-checkSeal Rebuild Kit
green-checkU.S. Seal Lube
green-check Magic Lube

Optional parts you may need

green-checkImpeller (key 16)
green-checkDiffuser (key 8)
green-check Seal Plate (key 17)

Screen Shot 2015-10-15 at 4.19.58 PM

Hayward Super Pump Replacement Parts Diagram


1oneRemove Motor From Pump


Unbolt motor assembly


Remove motor and diffuser

Removing the Motor Assembly- Loosen the four 9/16” bolts which connect the motor to the pump housing.

Then Remove the motor from the pump housing by sliding it out. Next, Remove the Diffuser by pulling it off or, if necessary, lightly prying it off with the help of a flat head screwdriver. (Note: if the diffuser is not on the end of the motor- it will be inside the pump housing). The Impeller should now be visible.

1oneSecure Motor Shaft


Secure motor shaft from turning by sliding wrench on motor shaft

Secure the Motor Shaft. The motor shaft must be secured to prevent it from turning so that the impeller can be unscrewed; To accomplish this you will be sliding the 7/16” wrench onto the flat sides of the motor shaft- Go to the rear of the motor, remove the cover and unscrew the bracket screw holding the large black capacitor in place- (note- leave the capacitor’s wires attached, it is sufficient simply to move the capacitor out of the way). Electrical Warnings- To avoid a possible shock, lay a screwdriver across the two leads to short out the capacitor. ii. Grab the motor shaft with the 7/16” wrench to secure it from turning.

1oneRemove The Impeller


Remove impeller

Remove the Impeller- With the wrench securing the motor shaft to keep it from turning, you can now turn the impeller counter-clockwise to remove. The two parts of the Pool Pump Shaft Seal should now be visible; one part, the white ceramic seal, on the seal plate on the shaft, and the other, the spring-seal, on the pump impeller. Note the way the spring seal is on the shaft, as it will need to be re-installed the same way. Inspect the threads of the impeller, if they are badly worn, you will need to replace the impeller.

1one Remove The Shaft Seal


Remove shaft seals

Remove the Old Seal-. The mechanical seal is in two parts. The white ceramic side is in the seal plate, and the black spring side is on the impeller. Now gently remove the seal plate itself, (you may need to carefully pry it with a flathead screwdriver) and push the seal out from the other side. Remove the spring seal from the impeller side of the pump by grabbing it and simply twisting it off. Be sure the entire seal comes off, including the metal collar (you may need the use of adjustable pliers).

1oneInstalling The New Shaft Seal


Install shaft seal

Installing the New Seal-The new seal should also come in two parts. You should wear gloves, so as not to touch the face of the seal.  b.      The white porcelain seal half should be lubricated on the rubber cup on the ceramic seat and then, then pushed into the seal plate, white-side up.  c.       The spring seal can be pushed onto the pool pump impeller, black polished surface facing away from the impeller.

1oneInstall Seal Plate and Impeller


Install Seal Place and thread impeller on motor shaft

Replace the Seal Plate and Impeller. Reposition the seal plate back onto the motor.  Note the top of the seal plate is labeled “TOP”. Return the Impeller to the Motor Shaft- With the 7/16” wrench securing the motor shaft, hand-tighten the impeller (clockwise). You can now re-install the capacitor and bracket.

1oneRe-installation of the Diffuser and Motor



Re-installation of the Diffuser- Inspect the O-ring on the diffuser, if it is in good condition, re-install the diffuser onto the seal plate.  Next, inspect the ribbin gasket located in a small groove around the housing.  Then  re-place Motor Assembly by slipping the motor assembly with the diffuser into the housing unit. Loosely tighten the 9/16” bolts in a star pattern (top, then bottom bolt, then opposite side top, then bottom) then repeat and firmly tighten, to ensure an even seal and prevent leaks. Note: becareful not to overtighten the bolts as you can pull the brass incert out of the housing by doing so. If this happens you will need to replace the housing.



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Rebuilt Pool Pump Motor

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Diving in your cool swimming pool on a blazing sunny day can create a whole bunch of happiness, but when your swimming pool pump and motor is worn-out, pool diving will become no choice for no one. When your pool pump fails, your water stops circulating, and dirt starts getting in your pool. 

It is worth knowing that your pool pump or motor is not useless when it is no longer functioning. You can choose to either repair or rebuild. In situations when repair did not work, you can reconstruct the entire chassis of the motor. Stripe down the whole engine, re-insulate, install new bearings, test, and finish the body with fresh coat paint. 

Apparently, most used pool pump motors you see in the market have been rebuilt to function like a new one. This is a new technique to help you get into your pool quickly.

This guide will show you the steps involved in replacing your pump motor.

Can I Repair A Pool Pump Motor?

Your pool pump most times does not necessarily require a rebuild or a complete replacement. Sometimes a repair from a professional mechanical engineer would get it back to life. 

Generally, you should consider repairing your pool pump if the cost of getting a new one is higher than the repair cost or the pump’s life span is less than 5 years. As long as  the repair cost is less and it is not close to the end of life, you can go for a repair.

First, before you opt for a repair, you need to find out the problem. Is it the capacitor, bearing or an electrical shortage? If you are handy enough and know how to fix a pool pump motor, this could be an easy problem to analyze and solve. If you are not, you would need to get a tech to investigate and find the actual cause.

How to Avoid Costly Pool Motor Repairs

Electric motors are essential for your pools and are brain power in your pool pumping system. Most people tend to ignore the regular maintenance of their engine for years until the motor completely shuts down. This will incur a high cost that might not be favorable to your pocket. 

To avoid the cost of swimming pool motor repair, you would need to do the following;

Test the Electrical System of the HVOC Motor

This is a critical aspect that needs to be investigated to help evaluate the electrical failures of your motor. It also helps determine if the electric current is flowing as supposed. 

Regular Oil Check 

Oil is vital in any rotating machine. It helps lubricate the engine, reduces temperature and friction. Check for contaminated or low oil before you kick off the pump.

Clean Up the Motor Regularly

As the motor rotates, it gathers dirt and leaves, which clogs inside the engine. When this happens, the efficiency of the fan is reduced and could cause severe damage to the motor. So, unclog regularly. 


Whether you are rebuilding, replacing, or repairing your swimming pool motors, never allow the engine to go damaged at the point to incur unnecessary cost. Follow the maintenance procedure outlined. They will help you keep your motor functioning for many years.

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