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Just Flight Air Hauler 2 Released for Microsoft Flight Simulator

Just Flight's Air Hauler 2 is designed to put users in control of their own passenger or cargo airline, or join another's company virtual airline network. "Take charge of operations in the boardroom and in the cockpit," reads the product description.

"The limitless possibilities and flexibility of Air Hauler 2 will let you immerse yourself totally in every operational detail of your company - each crucial flight will have an effect on the reputation and reach of your expanding empire."

The software had previously been available for ESP platforms and as of May 2020, for X-Plane as well. Today's release also brings compatibility with Microsoft Flight Simulator, though the products appear to only work on one platform each - seemingly requiring multiple purchases for different sim platforms.

Just Flight provided the following, very detailed feature list:

  • Cargo jobs – more variety, better paid jobs, and much, much faster generation than in Air Hauler, including access to an online global shared job board.
  • Passenger operations – fly single passenger jobs between any airport you choose, or set up a schedule and routes for your airline to fly. You can let your AI pilots fly these routes or you can fly any of them at any time.
  • Missions - take missions from new contacts you meet as you travel to new airports and destinations.
  • Virtual Airlines – create your own Virtual Airline and recruit other AH2 pilots from around the world to fly passenger and cargo jobs!  Advertise your airline on the Air Hauler 2 Hiring Bulletin Board. Accept and fly jobs from the Global Job Board and compete with other airlines for the best hauls
  • Humanitarian missions - respond to real-world disasters by manufacturing and delivering relief supplies to local airports.
  • New AI pilot skills tree system – AI pilots can now be ‘trained’ in over 18 different skills which bring benefits to your company. As the AI pilots improve, they ‘level up’ in rank which gives them more skill points to spend. There is a skill tree which has five different tracks with individual skills in each and these can be unlocked by spending points. So, for example, an AI pilot who has five points in ‘Bungee Warrior’ will be subject to less in-flight cargo damage as a result of rough handling than one who has less (or no) points in that skill. Other examples are ‘Rocketman’, which provides a more efficient cruise (lower fuel costs), and ‘Short Stripper’ which lowers the runway landing requirements for AI pilots.
  • Take missions from clients at airports – supply them with rare commodities or perform photo recon flights or private charter flights.
  • Commodity trading – buy and sell commodities rather than just move them for clients. Make your own fortune trading between airports!
  • Upgrade your bases – upgrade them with fuel depots and commodity storage facilities, allowing you to hedge fuel prices and store commodities long term.
  • Factories and production – build factories at your bases and use them to produce desirable commodities which can’t be bought on the open market.
  • Find aircraft parts from vendors – find these at larger airports and use them to repair your fleet or build new aircraft yourself rather than buying them!
  • New type rating system – get qualified on aircraft before you or your AI pilots can fly them.
  • Buy and fly aircraft in your personal fleet – you can also transfer money from your company into your own personal account.
  • Buy new aircraft direct from the manufacturer, or buy second hand – have the aircraft shipped to you or go and collect them yourself and fly them home.
  • All-new Map views with great circle routes – several map tile choices are available.
  • Create ‘custom airports’ – create custom landing locations in scenic hotspots, or for new airports which haven’t been added to MFS yet.
  • Included database of common aircraft – designed to populate the stats while importing – no more searching for fuel burn figures!

The software, which weighs in at a 216 MB download, also comes with a new user interface reminiscent of Microsoft Flight Simulator's home screen.

You can purchase Just Flight's Air Hauler 2 for $49.49 USD from the group's online store.


Air Hauler 2 Updated

Just Flight - Air Hauler 2

Changelog v2.0.0.27

  • This fixes an issue which was affecting job generation (so people weren't seeing jobs to/from their bases).

Changelog v2.0.0.26

  • Fixed issue with Owned Parts causing a DBNull error during transit
  • Fixed issue with missing country identifiers in scenery
  • Fixed issue whereby in-flight menu hotkey was not saved
  • You can now edit the aircraft Title and Manufacturer from Aircraft Details
  • You can now input a Type for an Aircraft which has no Type listed on import
  • Resolved issue with high fuel prices at airports (do a full default scenery import to re-base the costs)
  • Removed Save-in-flight function while it is re-written to account for Pax changes
  • Fixed an issue with the in-flight menu not displaying job status correctly
  • Resolved issue where the "Downloading Charts" splash wouldn't close
  • Added Humanitarian Delivery logging
  • Fixed issue with labling when editing aircraft details
  • AH2 now allows cargo loading up to 110% MTOW
  • AH2 will auto select aircraft at start airport when Fly Now on a cargo job
  • Fuel to load in the Network mode screen now shows the correct values
  • Aircraft Management now sorts correctly for the range and max pax columns
  • Fixed issue when importing Aircraft with no ICAO Type and subsequently purchasing/leasing one
  • Fixed issue when offloading cargo from an Aircraft which has ferry fuel as cargo on-board
  • AH2 now supports scenery importing in P3D4.5+
  • Fixed an error which could appear when constructing bases
  • AI pilots can now use pax config aircraft for cargo jobs
  • Added an indicator on the Cargo Loading screen to show if onward transport by road is available
  • Added a fix for non EN/US Windows installs for number settings showing incorrectly
  • When creating pax routes, the previously selected aircraft is re-slected after adding or removing a sector
  • You can now toggle on airport names along side the ICAOs in the Fleet Cargo tab
  • Added a "Fly self" button to the Cargo tab so you don't need to swap back to the details tab
  • Renamed the drop down on destination selection, to "Quick Find" and added the ICAOs of Cargo onboard to the dropdown
  • Added Kgs in addition to Lbs on the Cargo Loading screen for more stats
  • Add Kgs to Fuel Loading Complete dialog
  • Fixed issue with Distance not sorting correctly on the Available Missions screen
  • Adjusted decimal places on fuel capacities on several screens
  • Fixed with an issue with location reporting when flying future Pax sectors/routes.
  • Fixed issue which prevented random jobs from being generated
  • Resolved issue with buying and selling commodities
  • Fixed issue with assigned pilot not showing in Pax config aircraft
  • Fixed issue with production time for commodities not updating correctly on the manufacture window
  • You can now batch add ICAO codes to exclude from a text file (*.txt), ICAOs on individual lines
  • Added +/- zoom buttons to Stock and Parts finder map
  • You no longer loose the cash if you don't have permission to donate to a VA
  • "Crew Required" renamed to pilots required to avoid confusion on Pax Sector list
  • Pax Sector grid now selects first aircraft rather than "All" to reduce load times for large schedules
  • Pax sector map now defaults to first entry in list
  • The Ledger has now been separated from Company Finance to improve performance
  • Supply missions no longer show the "To ICAO" on the grid to avoid confusion
  • Fixed an issue where pax flights would continually be processed incorrectly so the company was paid multiple times for the same sector
  • Fixed issue where 1% of cargo would be lost when loading/unloading onto an aircraft with insufficient space available
  • Added ATM button to the new Ledger screen

About Air Hauler 2

After the addition of numerous new features and countless updates and enhancements during the Early Access period, the full release version of Air Hauler 2 is now available!

Air Hauler 2 builds on the addictive first edition to give you even greater control of your own global freight and passenger company, with more options, wider opportunities and infinitely greater flexibility. Fly jobs between bases, buy or lease aircraft and create your own virtual airline. Recruit pilots, build routes and look out for special humanitarian missions. Trade cargo commodities, open factories at your airports and buy parts - the possibilities really are endless!

Air Hauler 2 lets you immerse yourself totally in every operational detail of your company - each crucial flight will have an effect on the reputation and reach of your expanding empire.

For P3D v1-v4, FSX and FSX: Steam Edition and priced at £29.99 / €37.95 / $44.99

See the Air Hauler 2 page at the FlightSim.Com Store for all the details and lots more screen shots!

Purchase Air Hauler 2

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OnAir - another VA app that mixes Air Hauler 2 and FSEconomy

Welcome back!

Setting up a company in OnAir is relatively straight forward. There are a few confusing options that can lead to a few early mistakes, but I will try to cover those when they come up. Well, I will try to cover the ones that I ran into when they came up - there are likely others but I have not ‘discovered’ those yet.

Remember, your first company has access to the tutorial flight. So after you get past a few of these screens, there will be a tutorial icon on the bottom right that will set you up on an initial flight from your home base to a destination somewhere relatively close. Once you accept and complete that mission, you will be automatically returned to your home base with the 172 that they set you up with plus the staring $170k investment money. If you restart, you don’t get that option - or at least I couldn’t find the option.

This is the company creation screen. One limitation of OnAir is that you can only have one company at a time - and you have to destroy it to start another. I don’t think that Flight Experience has an impact on anything but I may be wrong. Pay attention to the 2 Difficulty Options though. Difficulty Level is described in the manual and refers changes the starting investment money you have available, the max initial load that you can get (if you choose to unlock the appropriate skill - more below), and your starting reputation. This closely matches the AH2 experience. The Jobs Bonus is adjustable after you start (even though it says that it is not on this screen - at least it is when paired with the Classic level I chose) and provides a ‘bump’ in revenue for all the missions/deliveries that you do.

OMG! Did I miss that big ‘Tutorial’ icon there? I.I. I think that I did…

Anyway. Look over here! This is your standard entry to your OnAir company. You can select the world in the top left (more info a little bit later), and you can click on that big ‘Online Persistent World’ button to ‘log in’ and get your details.

Note: There is no ‘offline’ world, so it’s off to AH2 if you want that.

Here is the ‘World Selection’ screen. It does not give you a good information about the differences but, from left to right you go from ‘game’ world to full ‘realism’ on the right. To understand some more about the worlds, let’s head to the ‘Global Settings’ page.

On this page you can change your flight sim integration, in addition to a few options. Some of these are … weird. For example: UTC offset lets you modify the UTC timezone for your flights. I think. Like, if you want to fly mostly during the day, but you also want to fly in your local area and in the evening hours, you might modify this value to adjust the time. I think.

The other options in the top middle make sense in the obvious way. I have enabled jobs at Small Airports and turned off the Flight Tracking sounds and announcing the Wind On Final options. The section below that is the ‘complicated’ section. This section is the one that relates to the server choice. If you pick the left most server (‘Cumulus’, if you don’t want to scroll back), these options are enabled. The other two server choices ((‘Stratus’ and ‘Thunder’) have these this section disabled. The values here are, in essence, game cheats. Most of them are covered well in the manual (Checkride difficulty refers to the number of tasks that you have to do and enables some more complex ones (like slowing during a turn) and Minimum Aircraft Renting changes the minimum number of hours you can rent for). The ‘Don’t Force time in sim’ one is a little weird and it seems like OnAir is sensitive to the way time progresses in the sim. Please check the manual for more in these.

At the top, you can select your sim of choice (MSF, P3D, X-Plane).

2020-09-09 18_58_59-Window

I am not 100% sure,but as I mentioned above, I think that you can bounce back and forth between sims. I think that does not work for AH2 (even if you have the corresponding product for your other sims, but I a may be wrong) and is how FSE works.

The menus are the top are fairly self explanatory as well. First up is the My Company menu

Which provides access to most of the actions and information related to … you guess it.

The World menu option is more general and provides access to information and actions related to the entire ‘world’ that you are playing in.

The Options menu is self explanatory.

Next up we have the company dashboard.

Each icon here sends yo to the obvious detail pages, but if you are looking for something specific, chose it from one of the menu options in the top left. For my current startup, clicking on the ‘Current Cash’ icon leads to the Balance sheet. Not much to see here … yet :slight_smile:

Clicking on the ‘Jobs’ icon (the one in the middle of the grid, shows you your pending jobs.

This is a little weird, too. If I understand correctly, the Mission I have here is a ‘repeating’ mission that mirrors the Tutorial mission (without the free 172) and it regenerates - which I think is to allow new players to always have something familiar that they can do. The Logistic Center tab is where you will spend most of your time looking for jobs and planning your tasks.

Back to the Dashboard, the only other icon with do data is the Employee one in the bottom right.

This should be fairly self explanatory but hopefully I can add some AI employees once I get a few missions under my belt. Clicking on your pilot should show the details.

Here you can see that I have the default ‘check ride’ certification for Single Engine Piston Land aircraft. These have to be renewed each year and you have to rent and perform one for any other types that you want to fly.

Next thing I want to point out is the Skill Tree page.

At the start, you get one point to invest in unlocking part of the tree. Be a little careful with this. If you unlock the Passengers Licence option, you can fly passenger flights (obviously) but you will not be able to take out loans, which requires the Bank Loans Agreement skill to be unlocked. So if you want to just up to a bigger (ie: more expensive) aircraft at the start, you may want to consider that option. I think that those are the two biggest choices in the early game. The others are fairly self explanatory.

Once you unlock one, you will need to gain more experience and, presumably go up a level, to be able to unlock another (or bump up the level of an already unlocked skill that allows this (ex: FBOs Agreement)).

On the aircraft side if things, if you do the Tutorial, you will have a 172 in this page.

I didn’t … and maybe I can go back and do it just to be able to sell it later. In my case, and maybe for the respected readers, it may be good that I don’t have one, because I can jump to the aircraft search part of this, right away.

Under My Company (top left), select ‘Aircraft’ under the Operations Management section.

In this case I am selecting my Aircraft class on the top right, and that populates the table on the left. If I select one of the columns with the little filter icon in the top right of the column label field, I can limit the search somewhat.

2020-09-09 19_02_29-Window

Above, I am dropping my search down to just MFS aircraft.

Once I go to the second page of results and select the Aircraft that I am looking for, I get some details on the type availability.

This is different than AH2 in that I am not sure how to purchase ‘new’ aircraft but it mimics the functionality in both for me to look at the ‘pre loved’ aircraft pool. Like FSE, I can rent aircraft from this as well (which is something AH2 does not have).

For me, Bonanza G36 with registry code N6634U is jumping out at me. It is not too expensive, has low hours, is in good condition and is not too far away from my home base at CYXX. Lets take a more detailed look at it.

I like what I see. I could go with the cheaper, slower 172 (or other MFS aircraft) but I like the speed and playload capability. I am going to jump on this one because it could be gobbled up by someone else. There could be a better deal with N3598X or N5570A but seeing as I am spending $150k of my $170k investment funds, I want to avoid and maintenance issues for a little bit. I am taking the safer route in the hope that I can earn enough, fast enough, to get me ahead of the maintenance costs.

Back to the operations map and I get automatically relocated to the location of my new aircraft. That happens once per company for free unless you have the ‘Instant Transport Player’ option selected and you are on the Cumulus server.

That is a good spot to stop for now. My next task is to relocate to my home base, so I will be searching for a job that I can fly that returns me home while providing some income. I could just start flying jobs out of 0WA42, or I could just fly it back home without making any money on the way, but that seems like a waste.

Until next time, my Virtual Airline Friends!


Air Hauler 2 - New Airline Career - MSFS

Air Hauler 2 for Microsoft Flight Simulator


Air Hauler and Air Hauler 2 were designed specifically to give structure to your flight simulator sessions by giving you something meaningful to do by creating a company, and to get the you flying to new interesting airports, rather than shuttling between the same old scenery add-ons. 

Air Hauler 2 expands on things to do in the AirHauler world by adding passenger flights, commodities, crafting, and aircraft construction. Air Hauler 2 allows you to create, or fly in a Virtual Airline to co-operate with other Air Hauler 2 players. Or, if you just want to barnstorm without bases, you can opt for a nomadic lifestyle, hunting for and flying cargo jobs as they appear.

Air Hauler 2 runs from outside the sim, it controls events and interacts via screen messages in the sim as your flight progresses. Unlike Airhauler, Air Hauler 2 cannot automatically start MSFS so you set the flight sim up with the route and aircraft before connecting Air Hauler 2. This is the same as working in network mode, although Air Hauler 2 is running on the same PC as your as MSFS. 

The Air Hauler 2 interface has improved tremendously over the original, on opening, you are presented with a MSFS menu style "My Office" within the main screen, this makes Air hauler 2 more inclusive and enhances the MSFS experience. From here you can click through to the main maintenance and operations screens. 

Starting a new career

In cargo and passenger modes, everything in AirHauler 2 revolves around your company - you need a company to take jobs, fly scheduled passenger routes etc.  Your company can own bases, factories and construction facilities, and you can upgrade your bases to help you grow your fleet and expand your empire.

Success is all about finance and reputation, as you complete cargo jobs, missions, and fly passengers around, you'll be rewarded financially, and your reputation will increase. There are 3 types of reputation, for cargo, passenger and missions respectively.  These are also averaged into an "Overall Reputation". Reputation affects many aspects of your AirHauler 2 company.  

In addition, you can start your adventures in “Nomad” mode. In Nomad mode you cannot own bases or hire pilots.  It's just you, and your plane.  It's designed as a mode where you constantly roam around the world in nomadic fashion picking up jobs and missions as you find them.

Budding Branson’s set their business up using the set up wizard which sets the company name, owner, pilot handle, and a level of difficulty which can be set to match the player’s experience and aspirations. You can select between Easy, Medium, Hard or Career mode from the standard difficulty levels.

Career and Hard mode are the most difficult levels.  You're provided with a light aircraft, and limited funds. You also have a low reputation value, which you'll need to increase before you can hire pilots or take out loans.

Medium and Easy offer a simpler starting option, with a larger aircraft or a light jet, and much more money. You also end up with much more reputation so you can start building out your fleet and pilot roster immediately.

The Easy Pax option is offered for those players who want to get straight into flying passengers in heavy metal, without building their company up through light aircraft and expansion.

You can also set cargo job creation options for your new AirHauler 2 company.  You can adjust the volume of jobs, the sizes or airports the jobs will be scheduled to and from, the size of the jobs, and their distance. 

Once the setup wizard has all the information required it’s time to gird your loins for a great adventure.

Running Your Company

Bases - Your FBO, your company home base, remote bases can be set up later once you have enough money to build them. In order to attract business from your clients you'll need to open a base, which will give you access to many more cargo jobs than those you come across while visiting airports. 

Fleet - To expand your company, you'll want to expand your fleet of aircraft to allow you to carry more cargo or passengers, and for AI pilots to fly on your behalf to complete jobs and flights. The aircraft tab in the program, details the  range, cargo capacity, and other details about your aircraft.  You can also see the configuration of the aircraft - either Cargo or Passenger, and the seating configuration if it's a passenger aircraft.

Type ratings - In order to operate aircraft, you need a type rating for that specific aircraft.  This includes both yourself, and any AI pilots you may hire. When you purchase a new aircraft, if you do not already hold a type rating for that aircraft, AH2 will ask if you would like to undertake the type rating test for that aircraft immediately.  You can accept, and then go to the flight planning screen, or you can decline and add the type rating later.


Once you have decided what type of adventure you want for your next flight, in the "Available Cargo Jobs" screen you can see what types of job are on offer and the rewards. The quantity of available work is governed by your initial settings and current reputation.

The four main money making areas are as follows:

Cargo Jobs - This tab shows all available Cargo Jobs which are to, or from your airport.  You can "accept" cargo jobs from this tab and assign them to AI pilots or transfer them to your Virtual Airline, or fly the job yourself.

Pax Routes - The Pax Routes tab shows any scheduled passenger routes which you have created which depart from or arrive at your airport. 

Commodity Stocks - The commodity stocks tab shows goods available for purchase, or which can be sold. Only larger airports have commodity markets, and at smaller airports this tab may be empty as there is no market present.

Missions - As you travel to other airports, you will meet individuals who may offer you missions to/from that airport.  There are several types of missions, all with different completion criteria. 

Mission types include Courier Missions, Air Taxi, Charter Operations, Commodity Supply Missions, Photo/observation Missions, Smuggling Missions, and Ferry Flights.

Once you have set up your scenario, you must start MSFS manually and configure the flight (as if you were in network mode) then click fly now, AH2 then communicates with MSFS via SimConnect. This also allows you to run AH2 on a separate machine.

Virtual Airlines

The Virtual Airline operates separately from your own AirHauler Company, so you can fly your own jobs alongside VA jobs (even using VA aircraft), or you can fly purely for the Virtual Airline.  You can also (if you have permission to do so), transfer your own company's cargo jobs to the Virtual Airline, or accept jobs from the World Wide Job board.

Flying Air Hauler 2

So once you hit the "fly now" button you make the flight. The next (however) many hours of flight is pure MSFS, you can add to the mix air traffic control and real world weather. En route Air Hauler 2 will offer tips via screen messages which can be annoying as you cannot always dismiss or move them. 

Most aspects of your flight are monitored such as initial climb, handling (bank and pitch), landing, speed and stall etc. all of which affect your reputation if you exceed the flight limits. After unloading your cargo or passengers you are offered flight performance related data detailing the flight and landing.

It can take a long time to establish a really wealthy company from scratch but you can take advantage of leasing aircraft and hiring AI pilots to increase your bank balance quicker. If you are looking for a real cash bonus then dabbling in commodities and production will provide a valuable earner.


What I like about Air Hauler 2 is that it gives you more freedom to run your aviation adventure as you want to. The 181 page user manual is very thorough and you must read it first so you know what you are getting into! You can convert from the nomadic style to the full company game, but you cannot go back!

The program is in constant improvement, Duncan Murray, the developer, is a keen user himself so he really is hands on with the support. I have experienced a couple of unhandled program exceptions myself but the program allowed me to carry on with no loss or corruption to data. Air Hauler 2 is much faster and better at handling data than the original Air Hauler as (if I remember correctly) the original Air Hauler used Access databases whereas Air Hauler 2 utilises SQLite. 

Air Hauler 2 is a seminal program which over the years has inspired and influenced the flight sim community, and long may it continue.


2 air hauler


MAKING MONEY in Air Hauler 2 - Commodities Trading


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