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I love these pots! SoKarrinaI love these pots! So affordable and plants look so great in them.5

Fit the plant perfectLORNAFit the plant perfect5

Great itemElizabethHandy to have for a multitude of purposes, not just plants.5

Well made , ideal forJohnWell made , ideal for my needs5

Perfect little potEastcoastmomPerfect pot for one of the succulents.5

Simple cheap pot covermike404bought this with a small tree for my desk plant , style points are low but it does the job vs the black plastic that the plant comes in.5

Perfect for plant and house useMiataNoExcellent quality for plant and around the house use5

Perfect plant potROSHI711Hope to see lot more different sizes4

DidUIKEATodayI got it for some 4 potted plants that I recently split from the 'parent' plant - perfect size and it's simple decor makes it a winner! Plus the price point - who can complain for .99c, I can share my new plants with friends in an inexpensive yet decorative pot.5

very beautifulMashalI am very happy with the purchase I get so many compliments on this5

good pot without holezhaoxx55This is the first time I bought the metal pot because of the promotion.I am satisfied with it but its style seems not fit to my room.Still good.5

Love this Little PotNanBThe price is excellent and it has a nice aesthetic.5

perfect table piece with flowersRevMary44I used 10 if these items to help create very beautiful and elegant garden party .5

Heart MomI bought 3 of these for succulent plants. perfect drop them in & no more worrying about water leaks on my counter. I like the simple farmhouse look as well5

Perfect gadget storageHmg18Bought 4 to use as storage containers for gadgets in a deep kitchen drawer. Paring knives, pastry brushes, can opener cork screw, peeler, creamer etc. Perfect height.4

Plant potCB1011Great quality, awesome price!!!5

great for plantsKeziahgreat for plants or for decor5

Good pot, needs drainageAnonymous reviewerThe Ikea plant pots are all very stylish and good. One thing that I find annoying is that very few of the stylish ones come with drainage holes. I wouldn't really even consider this a plant pot, maybe a decorative cover for a plant pot, but until you drill some holes in the bottom I wouldn't dream of planting anything directly into this. ESPECIALLY if you think you can leave it outside - one strong storm and your plant will drown. I wish they had a wider range of pots with drainage. Although, the clay pots Ikea sells are a good price compared to Home Depot or Canadian Tire. But there are only two sizes available. Ikea, if you are listening, your plants are a great price, but please please please put drainage holes in more of your plant pots. Otherwise, they are pretty much useless to anyone who knows anything about plants.3

perfect size for the ikea cactuscc10sturdy pot that the ikea cactus palnts fit in perectly5

ColinThe best part about this planter is that it looks stylish while being extremely cheap.5


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Re: galvanized steel pot

Postby boda getta » Tue Jan 03, 2012 6:26 am

Yeah, in this part of the country (Alabama) they would usually build what they referred as "ground-hog" stills where the bottom was a circle of ply board, with the top the same but with a round hole cut out for the head to fit in. They would then nail galvanized roofing material around the top and bottom. They would dig out a hole in the side of a stream-side bank and set the still in the hole with the ply board bottom on the ground. They would use "hog shorts" feed for the mash and work it out in the cooker pot. They would fire it from the side. This type of still was easy and cheap to build, but the main reason was they were very easy to hide until it was time cook and only then would they bring in the head and condenser. I have a friend who is retired from the ATF who told me they had the state routinely test seized shine and ground hole shine often tested not safe for consumption because the galvanizing material would burn off into the wash and end up in the shine. The reason they often tested the shine was because it was common that they would return portions of "safe" shine to local law enforcement to "pay" informants with. Don't know if this type payment is still the case.

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Galvanized Steel Pans

Galvanized drain pans are versatile spill containment solutions that can be used in exterior, industrial environments, or any application where corrosion resistance is required. The galvanized coating applied to these durable, steel drain pans keeps them free from rust or corrosion. These pans are great for catching oil, water, or any other potential spill hazard.

Galvanized Steel Drip & Drain Pans

The galvanized steel pan is the workhorse of spill containment systems. These drip & drain pans are made out of galvanized steel which is durable, corrosion-resistant, and cost-effective. The term ‘tray’ typically refers to drip pans that have sides less than 1”, but is often used interchangeably with ‘pan’. If you’re looking for a galvanized drip tray or drain pan, we have a wide selection of products to meet your needs.

How to prepare your galvanized container garden with soil and rocks

HolderMaddysonHolds all my paint brushes5

nice to display with smallraymondnice to display with small & big pot pair option5

Smaller than the original-will need to returnChrystyI have 2 of the socker plantstands, which has been discontinued. I thought I was buying the pots which would fit into the holders (I was 10 short). I bought both of the plantstands online and ended up having to order the appropriate sized pots online also.They were delivered in boxes labeled SOCKER-so IKEA missed out on a sale.2

Perfect for the costAlexandraIt fit my plants perfectly and is quite lovely!5

Does not leak, and isRalphDoes not leak, and is a good size for smaller, starter plants.5

Great little tin for kitchen stuffMarkPlanned on using it for a plant but now great for kitchen sponges, etc.5

Good price.ARACELIGood price.5

Fantastic Plant PotJENNIFERLove this and I've even spray painted some to match the decor in a specific room.5

Perfect for the little dracaena.FeylayI use these for sympathy gifts at our school. Very affordable.5

Vi10I bought this intending to use it for plants but I needed somewhere to store my makeup and this works out perfectly for my makeup brushes.5

Great value!Jenn13I use it for a faux plant holder above my kitchen cabinets. Looks great for a decent price!5

Workshop Tool HolderLyndonI bought these for my work shop to help me organize my tools. These are very sturdy and when hung on the wall I can keep my workbench clear for projects. Great price too!5

ORDJvery good, I used for silver ware y my dauther quinciañero5

Looks great with the plant I also purchased.CatskiPurchased this for the artificial plant I also bought. Looks great and feels beachy.5

KityaGreat look with any potted plant!5

Excellent price!Judy25I bought 2 socker plant pots for .99 each to go with the 2 artificial green plants I bought also on my first trip ever to an IKEA store. The pot and plants look awesome together and are in my living room and look fantastic!5

AuldscutieSmall enough to fit above my cabinets but big enough to hold a plant. They are perfect.5

Perfect fit!CollorThis plant pot holds my small greenery plants perfectly! Adds so much charm to my living room.5

Great valueKydanBought this for a bathroom redo. Wanted to use it to hold potted plant for decor. Looks very nice and excellent price!5

Good purchasegop215Good purchase.I love its] design and how my plants look.5


Pot galvanized steel


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