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The Hanson Rod and Gun Club, Inc. was formed and organized at the home of our first club President, William H. Carey, on September 10th, 1954. Hanson Rod & Gun Club is still true to it's original purpose. The club still is a sportsman's club. Programs for the hunter, fisherman, and marksman still make up a great deal of the event calendar. Our oath of membership that is part of the new member initiation ritual, still stipulates the importance of good sportsmanship and the respect for fish and game laws.

Hanson Rod and Gun Club welcomes applications for new members. Dues are paid on an annual basis and memberships run on a calendar year. New applications will be accepted and interviews held on the FIRST SUNDAY of each month from 9:00am-11:00am.

Sours: http://www.hansonrodandgunclub.com/

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Become a Member at the Hanson Rod & Gun Club

Great News!

We are now accepting new member applications! Please feel free to submit by mail or come in person to a Sunday Breakfast.


Hanson Rod & Gun Club welcomes applications for new members. Dues are paid on an annual basis and memberships run on a calendar year. New applications will be accepted and interviews held on SUNDAYS each week from 9:00am-11:00am.

$300 with your application ($150 standard dues and $150.00 first year only initiation fee)

STANDARD Membership Dues

  • $150.00/year for full membership (known as Senior Membership). Please view infomation about our Work Hours Incentive Program below. Please check out the workhours calendar.
  • $75.00 Associate Membership (must be immediate family of a Senior member)
  • $7.00 Junior Membership (Under 18)
  • All memberships run on a calendar year basis starting in January.
  • All applicants must be interviewed, attend an orientation session that includes instruction on the safety rules in effect at the Hanson Rod and Gun Club, and be voted in by the membership at a monthly business meeting.

Our facilities include a clubhouse, a 100 yard outdoor range with covered shooting stations, an indoor 50 foot pistol range, a shotgun trap range, and indoor and outdoor archery ranges. All ranges have been built with safety as the top priority, and are maintained and operated with the highest standards of safety. Our record stands on its own.

New Member Orientation *MANDATORY*

After you submit your completed application all new members are required to attend a New Member Orientation course before you can be voted on to become a New Member. New Member Orientations are scheduled once a month and the schedule can be found on our CALENDAR page.

You may download the Orientation Workbook Manual here (PDF) here. Please read it, answer the questions in the manual and, bring it with you to the New Member Orientation meeting. Upon completion of the New Member Orientation candidates will be placed on the list to be voted on during the next business meeting which they MUST attend.



Please enter your information by typing it onto our PDF form below, print it, bring the completed form and your applicable payment in on a Sunday morning or mail both to:

Hanson Rod and Gun Club
Attention: Membership
P.O. Box 101
Hanson, MA 02341


Orientation Workbook Manual

Any questions or problems, contact Membership. Questions should be posed via telephone @ 781.293.1953 on Meeting nights, or Sunday mornings from 8-11, in person, or through the U.S. Mail.


Sours: http://www.hansonrodandgunclub.com/join/
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