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lightning delivery 4X 180 Degree Steel End Plate Sling Adapter Mount Fr .223/5.56 Stock Buffer Tube new style

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Sprinco AR-15 carbine buffer springs are made from high quality Chrome Silicon wire stock which is used in a variety of applications from Formula One to motor valve springs which can see up to 15,000,000 compression cycles in a single race. This makes it the perfect choice for a carbine which will see far less cycles than that over it’s lifetime. In order for this carbine buffer spring to retain its strength, Sprinco heat treats, shot peens, and treats each spring with a proprietary formula that retains spring efficiency for as long as you have your rifle. The Sprinco carbine buffer spring is a great option to improve the long-term reliability of your AR-15.

  • For carbine length buffer tubes
  • Color coded white
  • Standard power
  • Made from chrome silicon wire stock
  • Heat treated and shot peened

This recoil spring is color coded white indicating that it is optimal for use with 5.56 AR-15s with a carbine length gas system and buffer tube. Sprinco has extensively tested this setup and have concluded that it works great with 10” SBRs when used with an H2 buffer. It also helps you to easily identify which power spring you have in your AR-15 if you have a habit of changing your setup constantly.
Sours: https://www.primaryarms.com/sprinco-m4-ar-15-white-standard-power-carbine-buffer-spring
  1. Used jaguar xf
  2. Xda g6
  3. Ucr psychology

Click on a color to see description


Standard Power Buffer Spring. Equivalent spring load to a brand new Mil-Spec M4 Carbine Spring. This spring will perform reliably in any properly configured and maintained 5.56 Carbine, if you wish to maintain the performance of a "fresh" Mil-Spec load spring without concern for replacement. This is the best choice for shooters and purists that wish to maintain the performance of most factory supplied new Mil-Spec springs, but do not wish to be concerned with frequent replacement of same or do not have the time or inclination to seek enhanced performance options. Just consider it as permanent new Mil-Spec spring. Color Coded WHITE.


Reduced Power Buffer Spring. We collaborated with two prominent commercial ammunition manufacturers and two prominent gunsmiths to arrive at the design for the Yellow spring. It’s approximately 20% lighter than the White spring, and was the consensus choice out of 4 different evaluation samples provided to all parties. They all added in their final evaluations that if a particular gun needed a lighter spring, that the gas port should be enlarged for overall reliability. The Yellow spring is also appropriate for with low power SRTA training or SIMS Rounds for training operations. Color coded YELLOW.


Intermediate Power Buffer Spring. The Hot White spring came to life as an accident that turned out to be a valuable solution for certain platforms. We did a production run of White springs where the loads came in perfectly between the design loads of the White and Blue spring, so we sat them aside and did another run of White springs to the proper load specifications. When we had some calls from customers wishing for a spring that was in between the performance of a White or Blue spring, we had them try out the discarded springs on a trial basis, and they turned out to be perfect for their needs, thus, the evolution of the Hot White spring for tuning purposes. If you are among those who are advocates of using Mil-Spec carbine springs rather than tuning to perfection, this is also a good choice in the vast majority of instances to enhance performance. Color coded RED & WHITE.


Enhanced Power Buffer Spring. The design loads of the Blue spring are approximately 15% greater than the White spring for one of the considered Load Constants in the spring design. Refer to provided tuning procedure reference documents prior to calling for recommendations. We were encouraged to manufacture the Blue spring by Mike Pannone of CTT Solutions, who modified one of our Red springs and recommended that we offer a spring with the loads of the Blue spring to address the high performance demands of other specimen platforms. While contemporary internet forum lore leans towards the use of the Blue spring with an H2 or ST-T2 buffer for 14.5 - 16” ML carbines, nothing is set in stone due to the vast range of gas port values in the wild that have come into play since we first entered the arena. Color Coded BLUE.


Extra Power Buffer Spring. This was our first AR buffer spring solution that we were tasked to design back in 2006 for a Force Modernization Team to specifically address spring-related M4 carbine reliability function issues for operating challenges in the Eastern Asia Theatre. The design loads of the Red spring are approximately 25% greater than the White spring for one of the considered Load Constants in the spring design. Refer to provided tuning procedure reference documents prior to calling for recommendations for use. The Red spring is commonly used in 9mm, 6.8 SPC, 6.5 Grendel, .450 BM, .450 SOCOM, .500 Beowulf, and Colt LE6920’s specimen carbines, but certain specimen guns can deviate from the norm depending upon port values and the power factor of your chosen ammunition loads. Color Coded RED.

NOTES: The RED spring is appropriate for moderately gassed .308 / 6.5 CM / .260 Rem heavier caliber carbine platforms using AR-10 / SR-25 Pattern (Armalite, LMT, LaRue, KA.C, etc. receiver extensions and 3.25” carbine buffers. NOT for use in “DPMS Pattern”.308 Carbines using standard 7" deep M4 extension tubes and short, 2.5” buffers. (Use our "ORANGE” Spring" for that specific platform approach application.)


Extra Extra Power Buffer Spring. The Orange spring is much stouter than the Red spring. The Orange buffer spring was originally engineered for the demands presented by.308 / 6.5 CM / .260 Rem, etc., heavy BCG carbine DPMS Pattern applications using standard 7" Depth M4 extension tubes and short 2.5" buffers (Including aftermarket "heavy buffers") in robustly gassed 16” - 18” ML gas carbine platforms, but has been proven to be a requirement for tuning over gassed carbines of any equivalent heavy calibers in AR-10 pattern tubes with 3.25" buffers or lesser calibers (5.56, etc.). Color Coded ORANGE.

Don't clip coils from any of our other buffer springs in order to yield a lighter spring load for DPMS pattern applications. Doing so will result in an unknown spring load and might damage the gun.

NOTES: If your build is yielding a solid 1:30 to 2:00 O'clock ejection trajectory, then start with an Orange spring and tune it with the buffer weight. Empirical evidence has shown a heavier spring and lighter buffer produces better performance than a lighter spring and heavier buffer.


Standard Power Rifle Length Buffer Spring.The Green spring is for use in A1 / A2 fixed stock rifle length receiver extensions (buffer tubes) with rifle length buffers. It is also extremely popular in intermediate depth (7.75 “ deep) VLTOR A5 buffer tubes with 4” A5 buffers. The spring design loads of the Green spring are those of a BRAND NEW mil-spec buffer spring. While the Green spring is primarily for use with lesser calibers such as .223, 5.56. 6.8 SPC, 6.5 Grendel, 7.62 X 39, etc. in A2 rifle length tubes, it may sometimes be appropriate for use in long BBL (20”+) rifle length gas BBL’s in heavier calibers such as .308 and 6.5 CM, .260 Rem, etc.. (May not be effective for unsuppressed 7.62 X 51) In the latter scenario, an H2 or H3 carbine buffer has been used successfully in rifle length tubes with the Green spring. Over gassed heavier caliber guns with rifle length tubes may be addressed with our Red or Orange carbine springs and standard length 3.25” carbine buffers along with a spacer to yield the appropriate tube depth for the longer BCG’s. Our line of enhanced spacers will be available in the 3rd Quarter of 2019. Color Coded GREEN

Sours: https://www.sprinco.com/ar-buffer.html
Milspec vs Commercial Buffer Tubes

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Sours: https://www.opticsplanet.com/jp-enterprises-silent-captured-spring-system-rifle-buffer-tube-spacer.html

Buffer tube white



  BUFFER TUBE: Complete Pistol Buffer Tube Kit  Ambi One Point Sling End Plate, Castle Nut, 3 oz CAR Buffer, & Spring T6 Aluminum Cerakote Artic White Finish Foam Tube Cover Also Included US Made PISTOL GRIP: T6 Aluminum  Total Weight: 3.6 oz! Ultralight Series  Cerakote Artic White Finish Lightweight Ergonomic Finger Grooves For Comfort Perfect Width Enhances Trigger Pull Skeletonized Cut Out Design Very Durable Just Released! HANDGUARD: US Made T6 Aluminum Body Cerakote Artic White Finish Ultra Lightweight Proprietary Lightweight Aluminum Barrel Nut Included Total Weight Including Barrel Nut is 6.5 oz KeyMod System Rail System Slides Over Barrel Nut , And Is Locked Up Against Receiver With 6 Screws Tight Fit Up Against Receiver, Which Allows For A Monolithic Top Rail 7" Carbine Length Heavy Duty Internal Diameter: 1.34"      

Sours: https://www.highimpactmfg.com/
AR-15 Build: Installing the Buffer tube


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