Round mirror wood trim

Round mirror wood trim DEFAULT

Round mirrors

A round mirror is a stylish detail in any room. Round mirrors with gentle curved shapes can give the room a softer touch as well as adding space and light, the way that mirrors do.

A cleverly positioned mirror can make any room seem bigger and brighter. It’s like an optical illusion. They reflect more light into the room and trick the eye by creating the illusion of space in the wall behind the mirror.

Bring space, light and style into your home with a round mirror from our selection.

Round mirrors for style and practicality

Mirrors are not only a stylish decoration they are also a practical necessity in your everyday life. From the bathroom mirror where you do your makeup, floss or shave to the large bedroom mirror where you try out your outfit for the day. Or from the kitchen mirror that brings light and space to the room, to the stylish hallway mirror where you have a last look at yourself before leaving home.

Some of our round mirror also include a shelf, which can come in handy when you put makeup on, take a selfie or just need your hands free for other things.

Find the round or oval mirror that fits you

Are you looking for something small and stylish, or large and practical? Do you like a bold, distinctive frame or a more subtle and elegant one? Perhaps you like a light thin mirror to emphasize brightness, or a thick, dark one to make an impact in your room. Our wide selection offers round and oval mirrors to satisfy any style or preference.


Let me begin by explaining the story behind this Round Wood Mirror DIY and how it came to be!

While planning the design for our master bathroom makeover I knew I wanted a round wood mirror above the vanity because it would be the perfect statement piece to help add style and function to our tiny bathroom!

Specifically, I wanted one with a thin wood frame because it just fits my style perfectly.

I can be really indecisive when it comes to design decisions, but I knew exactly what I wanted for this mirror and so I searched everywhere for a thin framed wood mirror (and it also had to be 22″-26″ in size).

Round Wood Mirror DIY

I found a few that fit what I was envisioning, except they were all $300-$500. Ugh not budget friendly!

Round Wood Mirror DIY

I swayed back and forth in my mind with trying to decide what to do. Idea 1: I could buy a thin framed metal mirror for around $100 but it wouldn’t be wood. Idea 2: I could build a wood framed rectangle mirror pretty easily for really cheap…but it wouldn’t be round… Ok Idea 3: Build exactly what I want, a round wood framed mirror… who am I kidding, that sounds so complicated and time consuming, why do I get these thoughts in my head? Out of my stubbornness to change on what I wanted, and with one week left until the bathroom reveal and a zillion other things to do, I started researching how to cut wood circles and came up with build plans to make my dream mirror come to life!

And my plans worked! Also, this mirror cost me less than $50 to make! Amazing! I bought the mirror on sale for $35 and the frame materials I needed to buy cost less than $15. The final size of this mirror is 25.5″ x 25.5″.

Here are the steps on how to build a round wood framed mirror:

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How to build a Round Wood Mirror

Note: Before building, review all steps below. There are many tools you can use to cut a circle out of wood, including a router, jig saw, circular saw, etc and there are many ways to join wood pieces together. I have chosen the below tools and steps based on ease of use and my preferred methods.

1. Cut the 2x6x10 to size

First let me show you my diagram I created in Adobe Illustrator in order to determine what size my wood frame cuts needed to be for a 24″ mirror. So, if you’re using a different size mirror, this is a good way to determine your measurements.

Round Wood Mirror DIY

Using a miter saw, cut four wood pieces 26″ long with 45 degree mitered ends from your 2x6x10 lumber (which is already 5.5″ tall).

Round Wood Mirror DIY

Round Wood Mirror DIY


2. Mark & Drill Pocket Holes

First, layout your four wood pieces in a square and then lay your mirror on top centered and trace its shape onto the wood with a pencil.

Round Wood Mirror DIY

Chance loved looking at his reflection in the mirror on the ground haha!

Anyways, after tracing my mirror shape onto the wood, I measured and marked about 7/8″-1″ from my mirror edge on each corner. And then I marked a line (towards the inside of the square) 1/2″ from my mirror tracing line. These markings were used to help me visualize the thickness of my wood frame so I could determine where to drill my pocket holes.

Round Wood Mirror DIY

Next, mark a line in the center of those two lines to mark where your pocket holes need to be drilled for your Kreg screws. Finally, drill your pocket holes with the Kreg Jig.

Note that it’s really important to drill these pocket holes exactly centered in the middle of your frame because two of my pocket holes were too close to the edge and the pocket holes ended up showing some after I cut my circle frame and I had to fill them with a lot of wood filler! Also, I just used 1 pocket hole per corner.

*Tip: See my how to use a Kreg Jig post for an easy, step by step tutorial and video tutorial on how to use the Kreg Jig!

Round Wood Mirror DIY

Round Wood Mirror DIY


3. Attach frame together with Kreg Screws & Wood Glue

Attach your square frame together with 2 1/2″ Kreg screws and wood glue.  Use a generous amount of wood glue, I could have used even more than what I have shown in the photo below.

Round Wood Mirror DIY

Round Wood Mirror DIY


4. Prepare a router circle jig

You will need to make a circle jig for your router or you can buy a router circle jig like this one if you don’t want to make one or you want to save time and effort. I chose to make my jig out of some scrap 1×6 wood that I cut to about 17″ in length. You could also use plywood that is 1/2″ or 3/4″ thick.

Mark and drill a circle out of your wood circle jig for your router bit.

Round Wood Mirror DIY

Round Wood Mirror DIY

Next, secure your router down to your jig with screws.

Round Wood Mirror DIY

Finally, secure a scrap piece of 2×6 to the center of your work surface. I secured mine with a screw that I counter sunk below my wood surface so it wouldn’t stick up.

Round Wood Mirror DIY


5. Prepare circle jig for cutting the circle frame

This is one of the trickiest parts of this tutorial and you may need to adjust your measurements compared to mine to ensure an accurate circle cut.  I wanted my final frame size to be 25.5″ tall, so using some geometry terms here, if my circle diameter is 25.5″, my radius (for my circle jig) should be 12.75″. Therefore, from my router bit to where my jig needed to be secured should be 12.75″ but I also had to account for my 1/4″ thick router bit.

So, I drilled a small pilot hole 12 5/8″ from my router bit (on the bottom side of my jig).

Round Wood Mirror DIY

Then, I drilled a screw through that pilot hole into the center point of my work surface (which was the center point of the opening of my square frame).

Round Wood Mirror DIY

The circle jig is all set up now! To ensure all my math and measuring was correct, I checked to make sure my router bit lined up with where the top edge of my circle frame needed to be.

Round Wood Mirror DIY



6. Cut the circle frame with router

Before cutting, I secured my square frame onto my work surface with counter sunk screws into the section I was going to be discarding.

Round Wood Mirror DIY

Make sure your router bit is only exposed about 1/4″ deep and begin making very shallow circle pass cuts in your frame. After each pass or two, lower the depth of your router bit another 1/4″ – 1/2″ deep and make deeper passes. I had to use a vacuum to suck up all the sawdust between passes (there was a lot of it)!

Round Wood Mirror DIY

Round Wood Mirror DIY

And here is a little video showing this part in action!


The outer edge of the round mirror frame is complete!

Round Wood Mirror DIY

Next, cut the inner edge of the circle using the same steps as step #5 except that you want your radius or distance between your router bit and screw center point to be about 1″ to 1.5″ less, so around 11 5/8″ but again test it out by lining up your router bit to make sure it is going to cut exactly where you want your inner frame edge to be. My final frame thickness was 1″ thick.

And here is the round wood mirror frame all cut out of the wood:

Round Wood Mirror DIY


7. Cut a rabbet in the back of the round mirror frame

Using the same methods as step #5 and 6 above, cut a shallow rabbet (about 1/4″ deep) in the back of the round mirror frame (like you would would see on the back of a picture frame) for your mirror.

Round Wood Mirror DIY



8. Finish your round wood mirror DIY!

Before staining your mirror, make sure you sand it really well! I used both my orbital palm sander and corner cat sander. I also fillled my pocket holes that were too close to the edge and showing, as well as the 4 cracks where my circle frame was connected with stainable wood filler which worked wonderfully to conceal those imperfections!

For finishing I used a pre-stain wood conditioner, this stain color, and this polyurethane. For more tips on staining wood for a beautiful finish, check out my post here.

Finally, I attached my mirror to the back of my frame into the rabbet with screws and mirror clips. I do plan on using my Dremel or drill to notch out some shallow holes for the mirror clips to go into and sit flush with the back of the frame soon so they aren’t showing when resting against the wall. Also, the mirror came with pre-attached hanging hardware which we used to hang it on the wall.

I’m just in love with the end result!

Round Wood Mirror DIY

Round Wood Mirror DIY

Master Bathroom Makeover Reveal

What do you think of our round wood mirror DIY? Do you want to build one for your home?! If so, I’d love to see photos of your build! Feel free to share with me on Instagram @angelamariemade, Facebook, or e-mail pictures to [email protected]!

Thanks for stopping by!

As always you can follow along with all of my DIY and home decor adventures on Instagram and Facebook.

Round Wood Mirror DIY






























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I love projects that “look” complicated, but are secretly easy. Take this round mirror frame made from just ONE 1×8 board! I created it as part of a cool #OneBoardChallenge. Click HERE to see my post about the challenge and see what crazy, awesome ideas the 16 other woodworking bloggers came up with!


Pssst: Click the image above to rotate it to the Free Building Plans!


Time: 2 hours

Difficulty: Moderate. Arranging the pieces is easy, but cutting the circular shapes with a jigsaw takes some finesse.

1 x 8 Frame Sides – 6 @ 15 3/8 inches (Ends mitered at opposing 30-degree angles)




1. Cut the Frame Sides


Using a miter saw and the cut list above, cut the 1 x 8 frame sides to size with opposing 30-degree miters.

DIY Round Mirror Frame by Build Basic - Step 1

2. Arrange the Frame Pieces


There are several ways to arrange the pieces to make a circular frame. To create our frame, we positioned the short edge of each Frame Piece facing outward, and butted the right side of each piece against the long edge of the piece beside it.

DIY Round Mirror Frame by Build Basic - Step 2

3. Finish Dryfitting the Pieces


Finish positioning the pieces so that the top edge of each piece runs flush with the mitered edge beside it, as shown.

Build a DIY Round Mirror Frame - Building Plans by @BuildBasic

4. Make Registration Marks


On each joint, mark a unique registration line so that it’s easy to quickly reassemble the pieces later on.

DIY Round Mirror Frame by Build Basic - Step 4

5. Mark the Pocket Hole Placement


On the backside of each piece–along the same edge as the registration marks on the front side–mark lines that are 2- and 4½-inches from the long point of the miter.

DIY Round Mirror Frame by Build Basic - Step 5

6. Drill the Pocket Holes


Using a Kreg Jig (I’m using the K4 Master System) drill two pocket holes aligned with the marks from Step 5. Repeat to prep each Frame Piece for assembly.

DIY Round Mirror Frame by Build Basic - Step 6

7. Assemble the Frame Pieces


On the first Frame Piece, apply wood glue along the edge with the pocket holes from the long point to the second pocket hole. Using the registration marks on the front side, align the joint, and then clamp the pieces to the work surface. Using a drill/driver, secure the joint with 1¼-inch pocket screws.

DIY Round Mirror Frame by Build Basic - Step 7

8. Assemble the Remaining Pieces


Continue assembling the pieces until all the joints are secured with wood glue and 1¼-inch pocket screws.

DIY Round Mirror Frame by Build Basic - Step 8

9. Mark a Pivot Point


To draw the circles on the assembled frame, we’ll need to create a center point. Because the hole of our frame is empty, we’ll mark and position the leftover from the 1×8 board. On the leftover board, mark two parallel lines that are 12 1/8 inches apart. Now draw lines from corner to corner to create a X. The middle of the X will now be our center point.

DIY Round Mirror Frame by Build Basic - Step 9

10. Prep a Paintstick


Now let’s mark a paintstick (or scrap piece of wood) with the radius of our circles so that we can draw the new circular boarders of our Frame. Make a mark near the end of the paintstick, and then mark a second line 7 inches from it, and another line 12 ¼-inches from the first line.

DIY Round Mirror Frame by Build Basic - Step 10

11. Drill Holes in the Paint Stick


In the center of the width of the paintstick, drill small holes at each line.

DIY Round Mirror Frame by Build Basic - Step 11

12. Position the “Circle Drawing” Tool

Position the scrap board under the Frame so that the parallel lines on the scrap board align with two inside edges of the Frame. Drive a nail through the first line in the paintstick, and then into the center of the X on the scrap board. This will be our pivot point.

DIY Round Mirror Frame by Build Basic - Step 12

13. Draw the Inner Circle


Place the tip of a pencil in the hole in the paintstick that closest to the pivot point. Rotate the paintstick around the nail to draw the first circle.

DIY Round Mirror Frame by Build Basic - Step 13

14 .Draw the Second Circle


Move the pencil to the last line on the paintstick, and then pivot the paintstick to mark a second “outer” line on the Frame.

DIY Round Mirror Frame by Build Basic - Step 14

15. Cut the Inner Circle


Using a jigsaw, cut along the inner circle marked on the Frame.

DIY Round Mirror Frame by Build Basic - Step 15

16. Cut the Outer Circle


Using a jigsaw, cut along the outer circle marked on the Frame. Keep the cutoff pieces, as they will be reused to make the edge detail.

DIY Round Mirror Frame by Build Basic - Step 16

17. Mark the Frame Boarder


To create the raised border detail, place the cutoffs from Step 16 under the edge of the Frame, as shown, and mark the arc of the Frame’s outer edge.

DIY Round Mirror Frame by Build Basic - Step 17

18. Cut the Border Pieces


Using a jigsaw, carefully cut along the lines marked in Step 17.

DIY Round Mirror Frame by Build Basic - Step 18

19. Trim the Boarder Pieces


Lay the Boarder Pieces onto the frame with their ends slightly overlapping. Use cutoff to elevate every other piece as needed during this step. Once all the pieces are in place, and flush with the outside edge of the Frame, mark their overlapping ends. Remove this cutoff using a handsaw.

DIY Round Mirror Frame by Build Basic - Step 19

20. Sand the Parts


Number the backside of the Boarder Pieces, remove them from the Frame, and then sand all the parts.

DIY Round Mirror Frame by Build Basic - Step 20

21. Attach the Border Pieces


Apply wood glue to the back of the Border Pieces, clamp them in place, and then nail through the backside of the Frame and into the Boarder Pieces with 1¼-inch finish nails to hold them in place.

DIY Round Mirror Frame by Build Basic - Step 21

22. Attach the Hanger


Using a hammer, secure the sawtooth hanger to the back of the Frame.

DIY Round Mirror Frame by Build Basic - Step 22

23. Mount the Mirror


Position and install four mending plates on the back of the Frame, so that half of each plate extends over the inside edge of the Frame. Flip over the Frame, apply mirror adhesive to the front side of each plate, and then press the mirror onto the plates. Allow the adhesive to dry before hanging the assembled mirror and frame.

DIY Round Mirror Frame by Build Basic - Step 23




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