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Reddit users expose most savage replies from 'nice guys' after rejecting them

When it comes to dating apps, you're bound to get countless messages from eager lads.

But one thing that might shock a few women are the texts from the blokes who claim to be "nice guys".

Now ladies around the world have shared the most savage messages they've ever been sent after rejecting so-called "nice guys".

In a Bored Panda gallery, it shows a series of questionable exchanges from men and women on dating apps.

Under the Reddit thread, in r/NiceGuys, scores of women posted their brutal conversations.

And it might be that you'll be able to spot a "nice guy" after reading a few of these.

The man was not happy when he was ignored
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In one conversation, the man sent four messages before writing a savage fifth after the woman hadn't responded.

He said: "Hey cutie.

"You're beautiful.

"Don't ignore me.

"Am I not worthy of even a simple hello?

"I take that back. You're actually just a b***h."

Another message from a guy that was shared on Reddit
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Then the woman responds with: "I was peeing chill."

And the so-called "nice fella" replied: "Do you think a guy wants to hear about that? You're disgusting."

To which the female then said: "For performing a normal bodily function."

On another occasion, a woman was stunned when she shared her job news to a guy she was friends with.

It started with: "Great news! I got the job and I'm starting training next week! Thanks so much for all your help!"

The man's brutal message after the woman took time to reply
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But the guy had something else in mind.

He replied: "Netflix and chill to celebrate," to which the woman responded with: "No! WTF."

And he simply asked: "Why not?"

Sadly for the fella, the woman revealed she had a boyfriend and that's when things got a bit savage.

He said to her: "So? I've known you for way longer and not to be a d**k but you do kinda owe me."

This conversation soon turned ugly

Then when the woman said "excuse me?" before the man got even more brutal on text.

He added: "I'm just saying you never would've gotten the job without me putting in a good word for you.

"I figure this is the least you can do to say thank you for everything I've done for you.

"Other guys have had you on your knees for nothing but I get ghosted after everything I've done for you really?

"This can be the dream job you've always wanted or I can making it a living hell, it's up to you?"


Do nice guys really finish last Reddit?

No. And there is no ‘last’ at which to finish. There’s not even a race. Nice guys DO stay single.

Why do nice guys finish last?

The “nice guys finish last” view is that there is a discrepancy between women’s stated preferences and their actual choices in men. In other words, women say that they want nice guys, but really go for men who are “jerks” or “bad boys” in the end.

What does nice guys finish last mean Reddit?

Nice guys finish last. A cynical view that being selfless and respectful of certain rules will allow selfish people to win. It’s used by people who feel that they did everything ethically correct and aren’t any better for it when compared to others.

What does nice guys finish last mean sexually?

A nice guy will let his partner cum first before he does. So he doesn’t leave them unsatisfied. The nice thing to do is get your girl off first before getting yourself off. Thus nice guys finish last.

Do girls like sensitive guys?

“Women may say they want a sensitive man but they don’t always love one,” said Harvey Mansfield, professor of political philosophy at Harvard and author of “Manliness.” “They are sometimes much more attracted to a manly man. He may be more oblivious of their needs and their desires but impresses them more.”

What are the traits of a nice guy?

Here are a few tell-tale characteristics of a Nice Guy™:

  • He Makes Rejection A Moral Issue. Getting bummed out about rejection is totally normal for people of all genders.
  • He Touts His Own Kindness.
  • He Doesn’t Sympathize With Women’s Trust Issues.
  • He Puts Down Other Men.
  • He Views Dating As A Meritocracy.

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What hairstyles do guys like best on a girl?

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What is the most attractive scent to a man?

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Do you think you are a nice guy? Are you a pushover? Do you go out of your way for other people even when you do not get the same in return? Do you look for validation from other people? Are you always in the friend zone with all the women you like? Are you wondering why your relationships do not work out? If you answered yes to any of the questions, you are what most people refer to as a nice guy. If you are feeling stuck with the Mr. nice guy syndrome, this article will show you how to get unstuck.

Hi. My name is Sean Galla. I have been facilitating men’s only forums for more than 10 years. Part of my work involves facilitating no more Mr. nice guy (NMMNG) forums, like the no more Mr. nice guy Reddit forum. In these groups, a lot of people get the advice and help they need to shed the Mr. nice guy persona to be able to achieve greatness in life. If you are not getting what you want out of your career, social life, or love life, this article will show you how to change your life.

Table of Contents:

Written by

Sean Galla

An experienced facilitator, community builder and Peer Support Specialist, Sean has been running men's groups for 10+ years. Read Sean's Full Author Bio.

No More Mr. Nice Guy Reddit Forum

Inspired by the book No More Mr. Nice Guy by Dr. Glover, the no more Mr. nice guy Reddit forum is a free activity support forum where male friends come together to help each other overcome Mr. nice syndrome. As the group tag suggests, it is a place for Nice Guys to work through their issues and become integrated males.

The no more Mr. nice guy Reddit is created for men who are tired of playing by the rules to get love and success in real life with no success. It is a place to learn how to set boundaries and improve your social skills.

If you are a typical Mr. nice guy, you probably believe that you can get the love and life you dream of by being nice. However, this is not how the world works. The no more Mr. nice guy Reddit forum is a support group meant to help men develop a different way of thinking and living. The subreddit focuses on helping the nice guy overcome self-esteem issues and focuses on self-improvement.

The no more Mr. nice guy self-help forum offers a safe space where men can break free from the Mr. nice guy syndrome and truly learn to enjoy life.

On the other hand, if you’re searching for No More Mr. Nice Guy Quotes, then follow now.

No More Mr. Nice Guy Reddit

Joining No More Mr. Nice Guy Reddit

Going by the Dr. Robert A. Glover book available on Amazon, being the nice guy will never get you what you want out of life. You spend most of your time neglecting your own needs while trying to be too nice and too kind to people who do not care. The nice guy is obsessed with getting approval from others. This stops you from enjoying a better life quality because you are always trying to be liked by close friends.

Nice guys are not always honest since they are always hiding their dark side as a way of avoiding conflict and ensure they are liked. Nice guys are passive-aggressive as an indirect way of expressing their resentment. This can take a toll on their mental health and most times end up hurting the people they are trying to please.

Without a safe space for expressing themselves, young men have suffered mental breakdowns from the nice guy syndrome. Others have lost their homes, partners, and jobs. Most nice guys are broken and need support to overcome this syndrome and lead a happier, healthier life.

The no more Mr. nice guy Reddit forum teaches men how to channel their feelings positively for the first time and live a free life. In this subreddit, you do not have to be a nice guy to get what out want out of life. No more Mr. nice guy Reddit can help you to become a better man, a better spouse, and a better father by accepting you are an imperfect human being.

In the NMMNG forum, you will be in the company of other men struggling with the same issues and others who have previously walked in your shoes.

So if you’re looking for information about How to Stop Being a Nice Guy, then join today!

What You Learn in No More Mr. Nice Guy Reddit

How to stop looking for validation

One of the core needs of nice guys is validation. From high school, young men have been conditioned to do things for validation. You want your friends to like you, so you never do things for yourself. To be able to break away from the Mr. nice guy syndrome, you need to start doing things for yourself. For instance, you can start doing things alone without posting on social media. This allows you to be present at the moment without worrying about what people will think or how many likes your pictures will get.

Learning to say no

As part of shedding the Mr. nice guy persona, you need to practice assertiveness and authenticity. Learn to honor your needs, wants, and values without feeling like you are offending others. Assertiveness does not mean being aggressive or rude towards other people. It simply means being ready to stand up for yourself.

This will make it easy for you to say no to things you disagree with instead of doing them to please others, even when it is your best friend’s offering. Being self-assertive means that you refuse to be fake just to be liked.

Saying no is a common problem most nice guys have, as they imagine this does not please people. To be able to live your best life, you will need to learn how to say no to activities or ideas you disagree with. Saying no does not make you mean, rude or selfish; it means you are committed to self-care and self-dignity.

On the other hand, if you’re searching for information about Nice Guy Syndrome, then follow now.

No More Mr. Nice Guy Self-help Forum

How to stop being a stickler to rules

A universal strait for nice guys is the willingness to follow the rules consciously and unconsciously. Nice guys believe that following all society’s rules and living up to societal expectations makes them better people. This is not always the case.

While it is important to follow rules and laws, there is no guideline on how to live life. Life is disorderly and chaotic and requires people to be able to adjust to the changes. When you follow a strict guideline for living, you have a hard time with change. This is how most nice guys end up with unhealthy coping mechanisms like masturbation, alcoholism, and addiction, and mental health issues.

To shed off the Mr. nice guy syndrome, you need to learn to live life by your own rules. You need to be able to make your own way and maximize the opportunities for change that come your way. This is the only true way to enjoy life’s success and enjoy the journey. This is what you learn in the no more Mr. nice guy Reddit group.

Ensure you surround yourself with men who enjoy success in the areas you hope to succeed in. This will give you a good idea of the best rules to follow to achieve your goal. This is why it is important to join a no more Mr. nice guy forum like the red pill (trp) or  

So if you’re looking for information about No More Mr. Nice Guy, then join today!

Other No More Mr. Nice Guy Groups You Can Join

Grace counseling

This is a support network for men dealing with different issues in life. Part of being Mr. nice guy is dealing with different issues alone without a way of seeking help. Grace Counseling offers support to men dealing with anger, anxiety, relationship issues, addiction, and compulsivity caused by the Mr. nice guy syndrome. Seeking help is the key requirement of shedding the Mr. nice guy syndrome. is a self-improvement forum for men that derives its teachings from the Robert Glover book. Through this forum, members can post their reviews on the book. There are numerous new posts by members every day on this forum. This online forum is a place for the members to achieve result-driven personal development. You also learn helpful tips on how to lead a successful life and how to invest in yourself.

This is a no more Mr. nice guy online support group specifically for men. It is tailored to offer emotional and social support to men of all ages. This positive community focuses on self-improvement, self-awareness, and self-development.

Men’s Group is a free space where men can share their life stresses without fear of judgment or ridicule. If you are looking for the best place to learn how to shed the Mr. nice guy syndrome and overcome procrastination, this is one of the most active safe males online forums to join.

On mensgroup, you get to interact with successful people who have overcome the Mr. nice guy syndrome and managed to lead a happier, healthier life.

Mr. nice guy online support group


For you to completely break free from Mr. nice guy syndrome, it is important to learn of different ways of doing things. Joining a no more Mr. nice guy forum like no more Mr. nice guy Reddit,, or, you learn how to break away from the syndrome and lead a better, more fulfilling life.

 Mensgroup is the perfect place if you need to talk to male role models who are not your family or co-workers, especially in this pandemic. During the online sessions, you can join virtual forums or chat rooms where you can share with other men instead of bottling it inside.

*Sources: 1. How to Stop Being a Nice Guy and Start Living the Life You Deserve 2. How to Cure Nice Guy Syndrome: 5 Tips on Overcoming Nice Guy Syndrome Without Having to Become an Asshole 3. How to Beat ‘Nice Guy Syndrome’ 4. No More Mr. Nice Guy Challenge: Becoming a Stronger Man. (Dudes Only) 5. The 2 Biggest Ways to Overcome The Nice Guy Syndrome
r/niceguys Top Posts of All Time [12]

Nice guys finish last.

And frankly, it’s because they’re not actually nice. They claim to be “nice guys” and then Reddit has to put them on blast for treating women, well, less than nice.

Gents, if you’re reading this article, please remember that the people receiving your messages can screenshot and save them. Also, try to be better.

Lastly, if you’re reading this and you’re thinking “well, I’m a self-proclaimed a-hole whose never claimed to be ‘nice’ in the first place,” you definitely need to learn how to be better. You don’t get a pass for admitting how you act. Sadly, that’s step one of many.

The brave souls who chose to collect these texts from nice guys are doing a public service. Frankly, it’s too easy to push send on a mean or disgusting message. These people found out the hard way, however, they had the foresight to save the messages first so we could see for ourselves how not to act.

Anyway, who wants to rewrite Promising Young Woman but make it more violent?

Here are some guys who claim to be “nice guys” but who are actually awful:

1. Let’s start with the old “you took too long to reply guys.”

2. Slow down, buddy.

3. Seems like the conversation is going well so far.

4. Hmm, somebody can’t take a compliment.

5. The standard.

Now, another classic type of “nice guy”: The “Why was I friend-zoned?” sad sack!

6. Seems like a real catch!

7. Why not give it a whirl with this gem?

8. They’re definitely making money so I don’t know what the criticism is here.

9. Must be something, my guy.

10. You’re killing it, buddy!

11. You both seem nice.

Another classic that’s in the same vein as “why was I friend-zoned?” is the old “I’m nice and every other man is garbage, yet these bad guys keep getting women. WTH?”


13. May I offer a critique, ma’am?

14. I’m a male and have never once thought this.

15. Complain that you’re nicer than everyone while also sounding like the saddest dude on the planet. Not a good look.


Reddit nice guy

8 Of The Funniest Posts From Everyone's Favourite Subreddit, r/NiceGuys

If you've been active on the internet this past few months, you've probably heard of a popular subreddit called r/NiceGuys. With almost a million members and constant flooding of posts, this subreddit is one of the more well-known and popular pages.

In case you aren't familiar, a nice guy is very different to a "nice guy". A "nice guy" (in quote marks) is somebody who openly pretends to be overly kind and respectful towards women, only to turn completely insane if they happen to be rejected by a girl they were trying to impress. (Although there are variations of what's considered to be 'nice guy' behavior.) These posts are pretty self explanatory, so I'll let you see them for yourself.

2. This is genuinely funny:

Nice guys always get friendzoned from r/niceguys

3. That took a turn.

A friend sent this to me from r/niceguys

4. Calling someone beautiful MUST mean they have the obligation to date you, right?

I swear on my life this isn’t fake. A guy texted my friend this. from r/niceguys

8. Wow.

Holy mother forkballs. Nice Guy from high school messaged me after six years to ask me about my cousin's baby, tell me we can now be together, and to make sure my boyfriend knows what a dumb slut I am. Cool Cool Cool. from r/niceguys

r/niceguys Top Posts of All Time [12]

What is reddit's opinion of No More Mr. Nice Guy?
From 3.5 billion comments
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Welcome to OYS.

>Tested 1 RM's - SQ 135; DL n/a (back problems, need to find an alternative work out, or weight for lats and delts to get stronger); BP 75; Custom program my friend made.

You've already shared your workout plan on disciplecord. It's exactly the path you need to be on. Talk with your friend about other lifts you can do until you get your back right.

Download my fitness pal and start tracking everything you eat. If you need help with your calories/macros ask in disciplecord.

>5/10 - I'm the only Christian in my friend group. I try to sneak in some theological notes in our casual conversation but everyone is so closed off from talking about it. I was able to get through to one friend about how confession and therapy are similar, trying to show him religious practices can have secular merit. This may be an awful approach, I'm not sure. I'm not sure how to get them to warm up to the idea. They are supportive, though, 2 of my atheist friends came to my baptism. Just hard to reach out to them without feeling like I'm pushing them away.

I struggle with this as well. Becoming more confident in my beliefs and scripture memorization has helped me.

>Porn habit came back,

Take a look at these 3 links, a lot of us here struggle with porn. This has helped me curb the habit:




> It's also so freaking reckless to become a drunk while unemployed, so I need to cut this out entirely until I get a job.

Are you an alcoholic? Looks to me like you have a problem. A better goal would be to stop drinking entirely. I think you'll find the root of many of your problems is here.

>There's a CS Lewis book I keep only getting halfway through because I put it down for so long I have to start over.

Don't pickup another book until you finish this one. I make myself complete every book I start, reading only 1 book at a time. If I don't, I end up with many half read books. Finish this book and start on No more Mr Nice guy, nice guy.

>Man, pre-quarantine, I was a confident arguer.

I doubt it.

>But now, maybe it's the unemployment or other factors

Once you begin progressing in your lifts everything else starts to fall in place, frame included.

>I feel like I'm snapping anytime a debate gets heated.

Time to take a step back. Your hurting your witness by snapping like this.

> Maybe it's too much alcohol, or too much stress, or just out of practice talking in person.

Maybe you need to STFU.

>Bible Study - 2/10 - I'll read a chapter of proverbs occasionally but I've let the habit completely fall the wayside. I need to get back on it.

Here's a 1 year bible plan created by /u/rocknrollchuck

>Fitness tests - 3/10 - my friend's fiance was lightly ribbing me

Ok, no big deal, just STFU and everything will be OK.

>and I don't know why but I completely lost frame

Uh oh...

>and started obsessively talking about a recent success of mine.


>Was a total, like, unconfident over-correction.


>I apologized and made a joke about myself after.

This was the weakest thing you did. Stop talking and get to work.

>God's Will - 10/10 - He's guided me so far. He'll get me through this. I just gotta be willing to listen. Stop asking "for this job" and ask for "the job I'm meant for".

Amen. Keep this in prayer and continue to build yourself.

Philippians 4:6 Do not be anxious about anything, but in everything by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known to God.

>Mission - 5/10 - I don't know what it is yet. Part of me is thinking to be wealthy enough to dedicate my time and energy to large non-profit. Part of me is thinking a small home, farm, tons of kids. I am not sure which direction I am meant for, if either. I want to be able to take care of my community.

These are goals not a mission. See the mission tab in disciplecord.

>I'm recovering from a fall. I'm not as good as I was last month but I'm recognizing it. I need to kick my vices completely until I'm unemployed. I need to be less selfish. And I need a damn job.

You are in the right place and you are doing the right things. Continue to lift/read/post OYS and no doubt next month will be better than this month. Every month from now on will be better than the last.


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