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Minecraft: 10 Easy House Design Ideas For Beginner Builders

The first house most players build in Minecraftis little more than a wooden box built in a panic as the sun sets for the first time. Everyone has to start somewhere, however, people will quickly look for a lot more beyond the basics as they seek to build something visually interesting in Minecraft.

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There are plenty of beautiful designs out there, but many are extremely complex and would be difficult for beginners to get to grips with, even with a tutorial. These players need a middle-ground, a set of smaller and easier house designs that have their own little techniques and intricacies to teach them how to build the massive stuff and come up with cool ideas.

10 House With Storage Space

Uploaded by Zaypixel.

The main section of the house doesn't do much to improve on the box with a roof design that most players will have already built. However, the extra features around this house are what make it much nicer to look at.

Raising the main section of the house makes it nicer to look at and safer from Creepers, not to mention it gives lots of space underneath. This space below can be used to keep animals, store lots of items, or as a bedroom for a 2nd player. It allows the space around the house to be extended for other purposes, as shown in the image, which has attached a stable and a couple of farms.

9 Remodeled Village House

Uploaded by Rizzial.

Villages are a brilliant place for new players to hunker down. They already have pre-built houses and beds aplenty; they're a safe place to spend the first few nights. However, the houses aren't the most interesting to look at, no matter what wood they're built with. Thankfully, they can be improved with a few simple additions.

Changing the ratio of wood to stone gives a lot less grey in the building, and adding in more logs and trapdoors gives the design plenty of variation. The roof gets spiced up, too, with sections protruding for windows, making the house prettier on the outside and brighter on the inside.

8 Roundhouse By The River

Uploaded by Jeyger.

What's the easiest way to ensure players avoid the box design? Build a circle! As expected in a game all about cubes, building circular structures takes a bit of finesse. Thankfully, there are plenty of tools online that can give players blueprints to work from.

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This building has a smaller circle on top of a bigger one to add some layers and variation to the interior design. The open feel this design gives the interior is perfect for people who like everything they need in one centralized location. If more space is needed, it would be effortless to build another layer underground or make the existing layers bigger and go further upwards.

Uploaded by Architecture Style.

For the players who didn't build a wooden box on their first night, it's likely because they dug into the side of a mountain instead. Hollowing out a few rooms in a mountain is a fairly easy task, and the interior can be designed pretty much any way the player likes. However, the exterior can be so much more than a door on a mountainside.

This design extends the room's overall feel out onto the side of the mountain and made the whole thing open with a window. Not only does this look nice on the outside, but it means that players no longer have to rely solely on artificial lighting for the inside. Everything can have a nice sunny feel.

6 Multiplayer Bunkhouse

Uploaded by One Team.

Minecraft is lots of fun to play with friends, especially if everyone is experiencing the game for the first time. However, it means that whatever house someone builds (unless built separately) will need to have enough room for both players, which is where this design shines.

A satisfyingly symmetrical design, this raised house gives each player their own space, complete with a living area and bedroom. The open walkway is positioned to be safe from monsters and providing fresh air, while a neat little farm is tucked underneath. Players could also use the bottom layer to make more interior space, like a communal area, for example.

5 Over The Sea

Uploaded by Shock Frost.

Want to be safe from monsters at night? The sea is the place to be! As long as players aren't foolish enough to build near an ocean monument, living a short distance from the shore in Minecraft will be a rather peaceful existence.

This design can be quite a modular one, as whenever players need more space, they can build off what they've already created. In the image, there is the main house, a smithing area, and a farm, but so much more could be built on top of that. It could be layered outwards and upwards infinitely, creating a towering raft with lots of intricacies.

4 Roomy House With A Basement

Uploaded by Greg Builds.

There are no fancy building techniques on this house. However, it still manages to look fairly interesting, which is mostly thanks to its shape. It's rectangular, but the way it dips inwards and outwards gives the impression of several rectangles stuck together, making for a great house when combined with the solid roof design.

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The basement layer is well done too. The small amounts of stone poking out through the leaves add some color variation without overwhelming it with grey, and the windows make it visually interesting both inside and outside.

3 Tiered Farmhouse

Uploaded by JUNS MAB Architecture Tutorial.

Players will need a farm fairly quickly in their world, and they'll eventually need quite a big one, so why not build it into the house? This tiered design makes it pretty to look at and practical for whatever crops need to be grown. Players could even trade some of the crop space for animal pens if they wanted.

The house itself is long and thin, but there's nothing to say that can't be altered easily. For example, in the image, the section underneath everything is left hollow, which would look weird from the back, but players could easily build the house downwards into the ample space available there.

2 Modern House On Stilts

Uploaded by Greg Builds.

Modern Houses are often quite easy to build in Minecraft as they have square designs. Compared to medieval houses, which have a lot of complexity, modern houses just have weaved rectangles. This is an example with a few less complicated weaving to get players familiar with the style.

The way each section slowly fans outwards and backward gives a feeling that is simultaneously sharp and rounded while still leaving plenty of interior space and working in windows for lots of light. If that isn't enough, there are a couple of skylights too that make the roof more visually interesting and light up the interior.

1 Easy Castle Living

Uploaded by A1MostAddicted Minecraft.

A castle is a very common desire for Minecraft players. However, those who have seen the ridiculously complicated and massive ones may think there's no way they'll ever achieve that dream. That's not the case, though, as nothing says a castle has to be massive or complicated.

While it's not quite the same as living in a complicated weave of rooms and corridors, there are plenty of ways for simple buildings to still feel like a castle. This design has the essential turrets, which give way to a big entranceway to an open middle room. If this feels too simple for players, then it's simple to add more turrets or extend the gaps between the existing ones for a more interesting shape.

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Minecraft Mountain House

Minecraft Mountain House. Feel free to give feedbacks and sugge. A house inside of a mountain with a living room kitchen 2 bathrooms and 2 bedrooms. Minecraft Mountain Houseshorts minecraft. I show you how to build it block by block AND in TimelapseIn todays episode of sma. I give you a World Download of a Small Mountain House in Minecraft 116. This Minecraft build tutorial shows how to build a skull mountain base with a mansion style interior designed for survivalMaterial listExteriorDark Oak P. This Minecraft Tutorial will show you how to. This shows you how to build a Minecraft Bas. For every Minecraft client including Java 117 and 116. Ad Epic Minecraft Survival Servers.

Minecraft Mountain House Mountain House Minecraft Mountain

----- - Redstone Games HERE MORE REDSTONE HOUSE --- - Redstone House NEW - Top 10 Redstone Creations. Follow me On Twitter. MOUNTAIN HOUSE TUTORIAL How to BuildIm going to show you how to make a Minecraft Mountain House. This Minecraft Tutorial will show you how to. Here If do you like the redstone mechanisms dont forget check out the link of my collection. This Minecraft Starter House has eve. Fun Minecraft SMP Survival Servers you must join. A lot of interior decorations including an aquarium and some carpet ideasIf you enjoyed it leave a like and cons. Some redstone is involved which includes the entrance and a secret room hidden in the. A modern mountain house built underwater.

This shows you how to build a Minecraft Bas.

Im Juns who majored in a. MOUNTAIN HOUSE TUTORIAL How to BuildIm going to show you how to make a Minecraft Mountain House. Ad Epic Minecraft Survival Servers. For every Minecraft client including Java 117 and 116. A house inside of a mountain with a living room kitchen 2 bathrooms and 2 bedrooms. Fun Minecraft SMP Survival Servers you must join. Minecraft Mountain Modern House How to install Minecraft Maps on Java Edition. This Minecraft Starter House has eve. A modern mountain house built underwater. A safe mountain house not to be surprised by creepers anymoreIf you enjoyed leave a like and subscribe to support us. Ad Epic Minecraft Survival Servers.

Sours: http://video.wtxl.com/9gag/minecraft-mountain-house.html
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minecraft mountain house designs 3d models

Minecraft Mountain House


Its a Minecraft mountain house! Like, follow and comment for more! ...Also, comment on what you think i should make next!

Minecraft Mountain #9


Another mountain formation from Minecraft How I Designed This Exported from Minecraft amplified world with Mineways and Meshlab

mountain house


mountain house

Minecraft House


Minecraft house for miniatures

Minecraft House


A simple house from Minecraft. ...It was converted to STL using http://www.mineways.com/ .

Minecraft House


I made the structure in Minecraft, extracted it from Minecraft using Cura, 3D Printed on a Ultimaker 2, normal print setting Print Settings Printer Brand: Ultimaker Printer: Ultimaker 2 Rafts: Yes Supports: Yes Resolution: .1mm Infill: 20%

minecraft house


it is a Minecraft house! Go into thing view if you want to see it fully. Like, follow and comment for more! ...Also, comment on what you think i should make next!

Minecraft house


House inspired by playing hours of MineCraft. Without a pattern the model just look boring. Thus I choose an easy to print one. You can design your own by placing 1's and 0's in the array in the OpenSCAD-file. Leave a row of 0's around it because...

Mountain Bike Mud Guard, Various Designs


Front mountain bike mudguard to be printed in PETG and zip tied to forks. The logo is raised allowing for filament color change. I printed mine with 0.4mm nozzle and 0.2mm layer height.... Enjoy!

mountain river house


small house in the mountains near a river for a get away

Mountain House (Low Poly)


This is the low poly model of the mountain village style house with textures.

Minecraft Medival House #1


A little minecraft house in medival style.

Mountain House 3D model


project of a mountain house, you can find more projects on my website, www.disename3d.com Thank you for the purchase, I hope you like it

Minecraft house key chain


A small Minecraft house made into a key chain. ...How I Designed This Made in Minecraft

Toothman Minecraft House


This is the house I built in our Minecraft server.

Small Minecraft Island house


a small simple island house made in minecraft Instructions Created on Printcraft server IP: us1.printcraft.org Site: http://www.printcraft.org/

Cool Minecraft House


I built this house in minecraft!, its pretty cool and we printed with no supports and it still came out quite well.

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This is just a quick model of a Minecraft house. Nothing special, I didn't print it.... Feel free to remix.

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Minecraft Small House I stuck a poundshop led light inside and turned it into a small night light, I am planning to make more minecraft related prints in the near future. ... Instructions Not much to...

Minecraft Village House


Unlike most other Minecraft builds, this house is not completely solid, allowing you to look inside to the small table thru the windows and the door. The pathway in front of the house is included as well, being (Minecraft-) realistically a little...

Small First Minecraft House


It is a small minecraft house Pictures are from in game. ...Printed on a printrbot simple metal Instructions I used the Printcraft server to create this house IP: us1.printcraft.org website:...

minecraft lake house


it is 1.8"x1.3"; 0.8" heigh or (in minecraft units): (64x47, 28 heigh) blocks @yupimcecil pictured, exercising his timeshare Instructions printed on a makerbot replicator using the following settings: raft + full support infill: 0 layer height:...

Minecraft Modern House Design


This is my first Model for Thingiverse, and this is a custom modern house I have made in Minecraft, that through many processes, I made it 3D printabe. I suggest to use V.2 because it has thicker legs. ...Please comment for any possible suggestions.

Minecraft simple house


... ...I was just starting out with Mineways (Link):http://www.realtimerendering.com/erich/minecraft/public/mineways/downloads.html And I saw a video on what to make first and this was it. So enjoy. ...if you have any other ideas they are all welcome.

Owl House | King in Minecraft


Owl House | King in Minecraft

Mountain house design 3D model


The mountain house has in ground floor bedroom, bathroom, big livingroom with the kitchen and in up floor has master bedroom. This design allows you to enjoy with your family on the mountain places also with outside on terrace living area. ...

Modern Mountain House 3D model


This is a design of a modern mountain style house. It has 6 bedrooms, 5 bathrooms, fully equipped open plan kitchen, underground garage and a garden with a pool. Trees and hedges are included. Textures are included in the zip file. File conversions...

Chinese mountain house 3D model


... models created in 3D Max.(.max) . ...All scene and texture map are included in Zip file. Final images rendered with Vray. Available files: chinese_mountain_houseA.rar 3D Max Image file(.jpg) Polygons:5890016 Vertices:7392110 VRay version:3.40.01

Chinese mountain house 3D model


... in 3D Max.(.max) . ...All scene and texture map are included in Zip file. Final images rendered with Vray. Available files: chinese_mountain_houseD.rar Wavefront(.obj) 3D Max Image file(.jpg) Polygons:7544129 Vertices:12894855 VRay version:3.40.01

House mountain refuge ¨Maple Leaf¨


House mountain refuge, exterior walls in brick seen, ceiling slab concrete inclined decorated with faux wood beams of maple wood.Bamboo wood flooring with frames on wooden doors and windows Maple.Floor in marble bathrooms, rustic kitchen floor in the...

Sours: https://www.stlfinder.com/3dmodels/minecraft-mountain-house-designs/
Minecraft Easy Mountain House Tutorial [How to build]

Introduction: Minecraft Mountian House

Hello Instructables!
This is Kingkuma, and for my first instructable, I will be showing you how to make a mountain lodge in minecraft! I tried to make this tutorial as complete as possible, but feel free to comment on it to ask any questions.

Step 1: Step 1: Find a Seed

You are going to need a seed with an extreme hills biome / extreme hills + biome. You can easily google this, but I used the seed “IMAFORTRESS”. If you are on minecraft 1.9 (for pc, by the way; - I’m not sure this works for the console edition, and I know pocket edition won’t work at all.) You should spawn in a forest biome and nearby (around 100 to 200 blocks away) there will be an extreme hills biome.

Step 2: Step 2: Find a Slope

To make this mountain lodge have a real feel of ruggedness, you will want to find a slope like the one in the picture. If you are building this on a flat area, you may be able to skip the next 2 steps.
For the best look, you want to find one with this isometric stairstep look. (English translation - The hill will look like the platform from the game “Q-bert”.)

Step 3: Step 3: Place Down Your Logs for the Foundation.

Measure out an area of the hill (the sides must be odd numbers for the windows and roof to work,) and put a log pillar in each corner up to the height you want your floor at. Then, place a log pillar every other block along the edge. I used oak, but feel free to use other logs. (Tip - Acacia, birch or jungle logs don’t look as good as oak, spruce or dark oak.)

Step 4: Step 4: Place Down Your Stone Pillars.

Then, fill in the gaps with some kind of stone brick. Any kind will do. If you want to, put some vines for ivy growing on the wall.

Step 5: Step 5: Put Down the Floor.

This is kind of self - explanatory, just use some kind of planks.

Step 6:

Step 6: add walls.
Get some wood (again, spruce, dark oak or oak looks best,) and build rows of logs as the walls. MAKE SURE THE END WITH THE RINGS IS ON THE ENDS OF THE WALLS! Also, extend the logs 1 block over the foundation, as shown. This will make it look like a decent log cabin.

Step 7: Step 7: Add Some Windows

Again, this is kind of self - explanatory, just use some kind of glass, not pumpkins or some other opaque block. (Don’t use ice, either. This house will have a fireplace.)

Step 8: Step 8: Build the Porch.

Add a door on one of your walls and build a covered porch. It doesn't need to be fancy like mine, just cover it so the snow won’t get on the porch. (if you built yours on overhang, like mine, you can add a walkway and some supports later. I recommend making your porch face east, so it faces the sunrise. Press f3 to see which direction you are facing.

Step 9: Step 9: Build the Fireplace

In one corner of your house opposite your, porch, take a 3x3x3 area and substitute the kind of stone bricks you used on the foundation for the wooden walls. Then, put a block of netherrack in the middle and fence it off with some stairs.

Step 10: Step 10: Add the Windows.

This is why you made the floor’s perimeter an odd number. Find the middle point of each side and build a pillar of logs up about 5 - 10 blocks. Then put a pillar in all of the corners but the one with the fireplace. If you have it there, your house might burn down. Then add the windows up to the top of these logs. (Yes, I KNOW I have a wooden section on my chimney on my picture of my finished house. I fixed that after I finished because I remembered that no matter how high you are above fire, your wood will still burn. I just didn't want to take my top floor off and retake all of my pictures.)

Step 11: Step 11: Extend the Chimney.

Extend the chimney up to the level of the windows.

Step 12: Step 12: Place Down the Upper Floor.

Again, this is kind of self - explanatory, use some kind of liquid block. JUST KIDDING! Use the same kind of planks you used downstairs. (I was checking if you were paying attention. I feel bad for you if you actually flooded your house.) Then add a staircase or ladder going up to his floor.

Step 13: Step 13: Build the Upper Windows

Use the same method used on the lower ones, just make them only 3 blocks high.

Step 14: Step 14: Build the Roof.

Place 2 lines of wooden planks on the sides of your house that are not the porch side or opposite to the porch side. Then, go up and over one block closer to the middle , and place a line of planks there. Go up one block and place another line. Repeat these 2 steps until the sides of the roof meet.

Step 15: Step 15: Guess What? Extend the Chimney. Again.

Tear out a 3x3 hole out of the roof above the chimney and build the chimney up to the roof height. Add the windows in on the open spaces.

Step 16: Step 16: Place Down Your Stuff.

In my house,: 1 jukebox , 3 paintings, 1 furnace, 1 crafting table, 1 enchanting table and 2

double chests. I also made my bed face east so i can see the sunrise when I wake up. Set the time to 23000, stand in your upper room facing east, and watch the sunrise from your new MOUNTAIN HOUSE!

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Sours: https://www.instructables.com/Minecraft-Mountian-House/

Mountain minecraft house simple

An Easy Step by Step Minecraft Mountain House Tutorial!  

Hello, all my Minecraft fans! Are you ready to construct a new structure? Today we’ve come up with a totally unique Minecraft house idea: Minecraft Mountain House! Say no to the old type of house construction; it’s time to create your own house in the high mountains. Isn’t it a cool home to live in? These days, these Minecraft houses with different types of construction are very popular in Minecraft. 

These builds look really luxurious, modern, and they’re also quite fascinating and simple to build. Today we’ll be showing you how to build a mountain house in Minecraft within 10 minutes or less! 

This structure isn’t too demanding, and plus, you don’t need too many resources; still, this house will look really ravishing and Captivating in the far mountains. If we talk about the overall theme, this Minecraft mountain house modern look has two floors with an open design concept, but it will also have more cool-looking features. Keep reading this step-by-step Minecraft mountain house tutorial to learn more. In this blog, we’re going to tell you how you can make your dream mountain villa in just seven simple steps.

How to Build Simple Mountain House In Minecraft

This incredible Mountain house is created by a Youtuber, MAB JUNS (Channel name: JUNS MAB Architecture tutorial). This spectacular home is situated on a high mountain. This two-level mountain house has two bedrooms, and yes, it is a small mountain house, but it still looks aesthetically impressive. This Minecraft house is made inside of a giant mountain. Don’t worry; this is super easy to create, and you’ll have a lot of fun. We have also put the full tutorial link so that you can get detailed visual instructions. So are you ready to construct your small mountain house in Minecraft?

Let’s get building,

Step 1: Layout and Materials Needed

First, let’s talk about the basic materials you’ll need to construct this Minecraft mountain base. Below is the complete layout or design in which we’re going to build our house:

Minecraft Mountain House

Source: youtube.com

Talking about the materials, below is the complete list of materials, so gather all the required materials in a good amount if you build want to build this Minecraft mountain house survival:

Minecraft Mountain House

Source: youtube.com

  • Spruce planks
  • Spruce Stairs
  • Grass Blocks
  • Stone Button
  • Ladder
  • Spruce door
  • Glass Pane
  • Spruce Trapdoor
  • Dark Oak Sign
  • Oak Slab
  • Oak Leaves
  • Oak Fence

For interiors and decorations you’ll need:

  • Lantern
  • Bookshelf
  • Crafting Table
  • Chest
  • Black Bed
  • Painting
  • White Carpet

Step 2: Find a Right Mountain 

Minecraft Mountain House

Source: minecraftforum.net

After you have collected your materials, it’s time to find the perfect location for your perfect Mountain House. Find a mountain, whichever you like the most, then start building

So once you’ve discovered such a place, you can start the construction process.  

Step 3: Build The Frame

Minecraft Mountain House

Source: youtube.com

After you found the right mountain, look at the layout, and start creating a circle or frame. You can use spruce planks and stairs to create two circles. Carefully finish the whole frame. 

After this, extend the frame by one block. Just place another layer of blocks along with the frame. Now, free up some space in the frame. Start breaking stones or part of the mountain inside of your frame. Go for only five blocks deep. 

Minecraft Mountain House

Source: youtube.com

Now we’ll make the second floor of the house, and for that, you have to create the second frame. So, look at the layout carefully and start making one frame that overlaps the existing one, as shown in the photo. 

Step 4: Add the Flooring & Ceiling  

Minecraft Mountain House

Source: youtube.com

After you’re done with both of the floors, it’s time to replace all floors, ceilings, and walls with spruce planks. That’s totally on you whether you want to do this while constructing the floors or do it after completing the whole structure. 

Here we have used the spruce blocks, but you can always use any blocks of your choice. Enjoy a variety of architecture using various blocks such as oak and quartz. 

Step 5: Build a Doorway + Add Windows & Doors

Minecraft Mountain House

Source: youtube.com

First, you have to make way for your main entrance. For that, you have to break some blocks in an L- shape on the first floor. Just make sure that you’re building this slowly and accurately.

Minecraft Mountain House

Source: youtube.com

Now it’s finally the time where you can put your doors and windows in your Minecraft mountain top house. Here I’ve used pretty simple doors, but obviously, you can put the fancy ones.

Minecraft Mountain House

Source: youtube.com

Here there are two windows, on the ground floor and the first floor. So for the ground level, fill the frame with glass panes from the floor to all the way up to the ceilings. But make sure that you block the inside from the outside. 

Step 6: Design the Minecraft Mountain House Interiors

Minecraft Mountain House

Source: youtube.com

Now we’ll do the interiors and make our home luxurious and incredible. So are you ready for it? First, we’re doing the ground floor. So let’s start with the lighting and bed, aka the basics. 

Ground Floor Minecraft Bedroom: 

Minecraft Mountain House

Source: youtube.com

Place some lanterns on various points of your living cum bedroom. After that, place a double bed on one of the sides of the room. You can also make side tables and put lanterns or oak leaves on them. 

Minecraft Mountain House

Source: youtube.com

Place a bookshelf and a chest to the right side of your bed, and above them, put some fence for safety. After this, make a table with some slabs and trapdoors and put two chests on it. 

Minecraft Mountain House

Source: youtube.com

Here in this house, we’ll be adding some landscaping for pleasant interiors. Use oak blocks and sandstones or blocks near the bed area. They’ll also act as a carpet and look really pleasing. You can also add Tv or paintings in your interiors. 

Minecraft Mountain House

Source: youtube.com

Lastly, put a simple ladder to go up to the second floor. Also, don’t forget to install the fence and lighting for safety.

First Floor Minecraft Bedroom: 

Minecraft Mountain House

Source: youtube.com

Now let’s create a second bedroom on the first floor. Here the entrance is in the open so that we can go out to the terrace. 

Put a side table and a lantern on it. Right behind it, put a single bed, a bookshelf, and a chest. You can also put the oak leaves on the ceiling to bring some greenery to your house. Lastly, put some paintings and a few sandstone blocks on the side of the bed as a carpet. 

Also Read:Cool Minecraft House Ideas – 9 Brilliant Inspirations to Build Your Dream Home

Step 7: Finish the Outside

Minecraft Mountain House

Source: youtube.com

The last step is to decorate the outdoors. Just with some lighting and simple decorations outside the building, you’ll see a lot of transformation in your outside area. Now your house will look more eye-pleasing and luxurious. 

Here, the main lighting of the buildings are lanterns, but again you can change it according to your taste. We have tried to decorate the entire structure simply with trapdoors and buttons. And ta-da… Your Minecraft mountain house is ready! 

Keep Minecrafting!

Now you know how to make a small mountain house in Minecraft. You can literally create any type of hill house or structure with this procedure. First, start with the small structures like this small Minecraft Mountain house, don’t go with the bigger ones as you can end up creating a mess. More importantly, your design should look realistic. It should look like a real house, not like an imaginary residence in any game, right?

I hope this step-by-step guide has given you some Minecraft Mountain House ideas and inspiration for your next Minecraft Construction. If you find this blog helpful, don’t forget to share it with all the Minecraft fans so that they too can make a perfect Minecraft Mountain House! 

For more architectural guidance and home decoration ideas, keep coming to Architecturesstyle.

Sours: https://architecturesstyle.com/minecraft-mountain-house/
Minecraft: How To Build a Simple Mountain House


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