Audi s4 2007

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Technical Specifications:
2007 Audi S4 4.2 quattro

Air Conditionning

Dual-zone auto climate control


Glass-printed antenna

Cargo Net

Trunk cargo net

Courtesy Dome Light

Courtesy lights with ambiance lighting

Driver Vanity Mirror

Illuminated driver vanity mirror

Front Wipers (Option)

Variable intermittent wipers with rain sensor

Front Wipers

Variable intermittent wipers

Fuel Door Operation

Remote fuel door release

GarageDoorOpener (Option)

Garage door opener

Heated Washer Nozzle

Heated winshield washer nozzles

Illuminated Entry

Illuminated entry with theatre dimming

Interior Air Filter

Interior dust and pollen filter

Navigation System (Option)

Audi Navigation plus

Number of Speakers

10 speakers

Passenger Vanity Mirror

Illuminated front passenger vanity mirror

Power Outlet

2 power outlets

Premium Sound System (Option)

Bose premium sound system with AudioPilot noise compensation feature

Reading Light

Front and rear reading lamps

Rear Heating

Rear heater ducts

Rear Sunscreen (Option)

Power rear and manual side sunshades

Rear View Mirror

Day/night rear view mirror

Rear View Mirror (Option)

Auto dimming rear view mirror

Remote Audio Controls

Multifunction steering wheel

Single CD

In-dash 6 CD changer

Smoking Convenience

Illuminated lighter and ashtray

Steering Wheel Adjustment

Tilt and telescopic steering wheel

Trunk/Hatch Operation

Remote trunk release from inside and key module


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AUDI S4 2005 - 2007

Along with the new generation A4 and A4 Avant, Audi introduced its refreshed performance model, the Audi S4.

While considered a completely new model, the differences were more cosmetic, even if Audi made a few mechanical upgrades.

The S4 was initially available as a saloon body style, and compared to the previous generation, its exterior design became more stylish and sportier.

For 2005, the S4 joined the big grille family with the newly-designed trapezoidal singleframe grille. Other styling updates included differently-shaped side panels, new sweeping clear-glass HID headlamps, redesigned taillights, and quad exhaust pipes.

Inside, mild retouches have been made to enhance practicality and to offer a more luxurious feel.

Audi fitted the 2005 S4 with a better-looking 3-spoke steering wheel with a rectangular metal finish trim surrounding the four silver circle badge. The carmaker repositioned the steering wheel-mounted buttons for easier action. Its gear-stick was restyled with chrome accents, and the infotainment display was slightly moved toward the driver's side.

Under the hood, the 2005 S4 featured the same old 4.2-liter V-8 powerplant with 339 hp. Even if the S4 was a heavy car weighing 1705 kg (3759 lbs), there was more than enough power to push the aggressive car close to super sports performance levels.

Mechanical upgrades included stiffened springs and dampers, sharpening the S4's dynamics.

TEST: AUDI S4 AVANT 4.2l V8 quattro 344KS


Had I no knowledge of the near-perfect awesomeness that is the Audi RS 4, I might have enjoyed the S4 a bit more. As it is, however, I constantly felt cheated out of the extra 80 hp that the RS 4 provides from its similar 4.2-liter V-8—until I remembered the price difference. The S4 can be had for something near $20,000 less than the RS 4, in which case it begins to look like a far more palatable option. After all, how much is too much to pay for horsepower?


Since when did S4s start wearing PS2s (Michelin Pilot Sport PS2 tires)? Looks like these are becoming the tire to have on your sporty car, although I dare anyone to drive an S4 in the snow with these babies—you'll see how much all-wheel drive doesn't do for you.

This is still a strong and solid sport sedan with comfortable and supportive front seats (including grippy Alcantara inserts), although the shifter could be a touch more precise, the steering more communicative, and why is the refined V-8 so muted? As it is, the S4 seems biased slightly more than we'd like towards high-speed highway manners, which are impeccable, and it's perfectly suited to everyday use with this caveat: fuel economy. I averaged 21 mpg in the S4 on a couple-hour mostly highway trip. The bad news is I made the same trip in the Mercedes CLK63 AMG Black Series a couple weeks ago and, despite having an extra 160 horses and two liters of displacement—and even outweighing the all-wheel-drive Audi—that Benz got the same 21 mpg.

Download this car's window sticker for pricing information.

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2007 audi s4


2007 Audi S4


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