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50 Amazing Elephant Tattoos with Meanings

Elephants are called as the largest land animals on earth. Just like other animals, elephants also have unique traits like beautiful unique structures, creative communications, impressive memories, intelligence, and loyalty which have always fascinated the human race. Because of all these qualities, the elephant tattoos are very common among people. Generally, an elephant tattoo symbolizes good luck, prosperity, and wisdom, but there is an endless list of different types of elephant tattoos, each having their respective meanings and explanations. Here, in this article, you will be going to know the different elephant tattoos along with their meanings. Scroll further to know the details.

1. ‘Tribal (Polynesian) Elephant’ Tattoo

tribal elephant tattoo

Meaning: Tribal tattoos (Polynesian) are originated from the Polynesian culture, where Polynesians used the distinctive signs and symbols in the form of tattoos to express their respective personalities. Such tattoos consist of geometric designs, shapes, repetitive patterns of different figures, etc. which represent the rituals, cultures, and beliefs of the wearers. These tattoos are also called as the symbols of social status and family identification. It signifies cultural beliefs, traditions, family values, unity, good times, good luck, nature, and society.

2. ‘Baby Elephant’ Tattoo

baby elephant tattoo

Meaning: Baby Elephant tattoos represent innocence, creativity, optimism, gratitude, curiosity to learn new things, and growth. These tattoos come in different colors and styles depending upon the choice of the wearer. Many people get ‘baby elephant’ tattoos inked on their respective bodies to express love for their children. If this tattoo is accompanied by a balloon then it serves as the symbol of new beginnings and growth.

3. ‘Family of Elephants’ Tattoo

family of elephants tattoo

Meaning: These tattoos are mostly worn by the people who are attached to their families and friends. It represents family love, care, attachment, unity, emotions, feelings, bonds, ties, compatibility, children, blessings, etc. Getting a ‘family of elephants’ tattoo is a sweet gesture to express love and feelings for the family and loved ones.

4. ‘Elephant with Crown’ Tattoo

elephant with crown tattoo

Meaning: Though a lion is considered as the king of the jungle, but an elephant is also not less than a king. Compassion, royalty, honesty, faithful, loyalty, and trustworthiness are some of the characteristics of an elephant. Getting a tattoo of an elephant with a crown often symbolizes such characteristics of the wearer. These tattoos are available in different designs, colors, and patterns to give them a unique royal look.

5. ‘Mandala Elephant’ Tattoo

mandala elephant tattoo

Meaning: The word ‘Mandala’ is a Sanskrit word which means circle. A mandala tattoo is in the form of the circle comprising of different geometrical shapes and patterns which denote the whole universe (with its different stars and planets), the connection between soul and body, and the birth cycle. The mandala elephant tattoos have a great significance in Hindu, Buddhist, and Christian culture. It represents spiritual growth, protection, positivity, progress, and rebirth. This sort of art is also used as a symbol of protection from evil forces.

6. ‘Elephant with Trunk Up’ Tattoo

elephant with trunk up tattoo

Meaning: An elephant with a trunk up tattoo represents growth, good luck, blessings from the universe, positive vibes, happiness, good health, wealth, success, respect, and prosperity.

7. ‘Elephant Couple’ Tattoo

couple elephant tattoo

Meaning: The elephant couple tattoo is a unique way to express love for respective partners. Elephants are considered as the most trustworthy, kind, loyal, truthful, and faithful animals. So, getting an elephant couple tattoo is a unique way to express the happiness to have a partner with such characteristics.

8. ‘Elephant with Butterfly Wings’ Tattoo

elephant with butterfly wings tattoo

Meaning: An elephant tattoo with its ears as butterfly wings denotes new beginnings. These tattoos are very common to express the beginning of good times after a lot of struggles. These tattoos are decorated with floral patterns to give them a distinctive look. Most of the people get such tattoos inked on their backs to get more space for this beautiful art.

9. ‘Past Remembrance Elephant’ Tattoo

past remembrance elephant tattoo

Meaning: Past remembrance elephant tattoo is a unique way to remember the good old times. There is a quote that perfectly suits the theme of this tattoo, which says,

All grown-ups were once children but only few of them remember it.”

10. ‘Half Lion and Half Elephant’ Tattoo

half lion and half elephant tattoo

Meaning: Both lions and elephants are considered as the most dominating animals in the kingdom of the jungle. Both the animals have their unique qualities which makes them different from others. On one side, a lion represents authority, power, aggression, and strength. On the other side, an elephant represents patience, faith, intelligence, trust, loyalty, and royalty. Getting a half lion and half elephant tattoo is a unique way to express ones’ personality of having the traits of both animals.

11. ‘Symbol of Laos Elephant’ Tattoo

symbol of laos-elephant tattoo

Meaning: The Indian elephant is the national animal of Laos (Land of a Million Elephants). Getting a tattoo of ‘symbol of Laos’ is a unique way to express love for both, the country Loas and the elephant.

12. ‘Lord Ganesha’ Tattoo

lord ganesha-elephant tattoo

lord gaesha-tattoo

Meaning: Lord Ganesha is an elephant-headed Hindu God who is not only worshiped in India but also in different parts of the world. Ganesha is also known as Ganesh, Ganapati, Vinayaka, etc. He is considered as the ‘God of new beginnings.’ Ganesha tattoos are available in various poses, each representing different meanings. Having a tattoo of Ganesha in standing position in which he is standing above a rat denotes ‘Ganesha will remove all the obstacles of your life.’

13. ‘Elephant Hamsa’ Tattoo

elephant hamsa-tattoo

Meaning: A hamsa tattoo symbolizes the hand of God that has spiritual powers. It is believed that the Hamsa tattoo brings good fortune to the wearer. Generally, it consists of patterns of flowers, shapes, beads, etc. with an eye (Eye of Horus) in the center. Sometimes instead of the eye, an elephant’s face is inked in the center which denotes good luck, protection from all evil forces, guidance, direction, progress, growth, and wisdom.

14. ‘Geometric Elephant’ Tattoo

geometric elephant-tattoo

Meaning: In this tattoo, different color themes and geometric shapes are inked to give the shape of an elephant. It’s a form of beautiful art that represents good luck.

15. ‘Elephant with Floral Tiara’ Tattoo

elephant with tiara-tattoo

Meaning: The most common meaning of a floral tiara is royalty, growth, powers, authority, and responsibilities. An elephant with a tiara means positive growth, royal family, power, strength, good fortune, and courage.

16. ‘Elephant and Lion with Motivational Quote’ Tattoo

elephant and lion with quote-tattoo

Meaning: This is a unique way to give a different look to your elephant tattoo. It represents the qualities of both an elephant (loyal, faithful, and respect) and a lion (powers, strength, strong, and courage). A motivational quote, “Be brave be strong” acts as a source of motivation during difficult times.

17. ‘Ornate Elephant’ Tattoo

ornate elephant- tattoo

Meaning: An ornate elephant tattoo is the one in which the elephant is decorated with beautiful patterns, designs, shapes, and symbols to give it a different unique look. These tattoos come in different color themes. It is a symbol of positive energies, excitement, the playful nature of the wearer, spiritual growth, and prosperity.

18. ‘Half Elephant’ Tattoo

half elephant tattoo

Meaning: An elephant is a universal symbol of loyalty, growth, and good luck. The meaning of a half elephant tattoo is the same as the meaning of a general elephant tattoo. It’s just a unique way to give a different look to your tattoo. There is no specific reason or meaning behind it.

19. ‘Mum and Baby Elephant’ Tattoo 

mum and baby elephant-tattoo

Meaning: It denotes the lovable bond between the mother and her child. This tattoo is inked as a symbol of love, loyalty, faith, trust, growth, positive aura, and emotions towards the family.

20. ‘Multicolored Elephant’ Tattoo

multicolored elephant-tattoo

Meaning: Multicolored elephant tattoos are the symbol of creativity, growth, passion, joy, and growth. It also denotes the interest of the wearer towards creativity.

21. ‘Elephant holding a bunch of Flowers’ Tattoo

elephant with bunch of flowers-tattoo

Meaning: An elephant holding a bunch of flowers denotes growth and good times after facing struggles in life. It denotes the divine love for God. This tattoo is a unique way to show love towards spiritual growth.

22. ‘Elephant made of Branches’ Tattoo

elephant of trees-tattoo

Meaning: This is one of the most beautiful elephant tattoos which you can choose. Several branches are formed in the shape of an elephant representing growth and progress.

23. ‘Elephant with a Barn Owl’ Tattoo

elephant with barn owl-tattoo

Meaning: Barn owl is a symbol of ultimate strength, knowledge, and wisdom, whereas an elephant is a symbol of growth, patience, and loyalty. So, a tattoo of an elephant with a barn owl represents that you will be able to overcome all the obstacles of life with patience and dedication. God will lead you to the correct path, just stay loyal and dedicated to your goals.

24. ‘Lines Pattern Elephant’ Tattoo

lines pattern-tattoo

Meaning: An elephant tattoo with patterns of lines and different shapes has no specific meaning behind it. It’s just a unique way of getting an elephant’s tattoo on the body. You can also opt for different color themes to give your tattoos a unique and different look.

25. ‘Elephant reading Books’ Tattoo

elephant reading books-tattoo

Meaning: It denotes the love for acquiring knowledge.

26. ‘Elephant Lover’ Tattoo

elephant lover-tattoo

Meaning: If you want to express your love towards elephants, getting a tattoo of ‘elephant lover’ is one of the best ways to do. This tattoo denotes the ‘animal lover’ trait of the wearer. It can also be inked to express love towards any other pet or the memories you share with them.

27. ‘Babar The Elephant’ Tattoo

babar the elephant-tattoo

Meaning: Babar is a fictional young elephant character who wears a green colored suit, who leaves the jungle in the process when his mother was killed by a hunter. After escaping from the jungle, he visits the big city, learns many things, and return to the jungle to bring the benefits of civilization to his fellow elephants. On his return, he is selected as the king of the elephant kingdom. The book was first published in 1931. Later, the shows were also telecasted.

28. ‘Baby Elephant holding a Shamrock Leaf’ Tattoo

elephant with shamrock leaf-tattoo

Meaning: ‘Baby Elephant with a Shamrock Leaf’ tattoo represents holy spirits, spiritual guidance, and good luck. This tattoo is generally small in size and can be inked on wrist, fingers, behind ears, etc.

29. ‘Realistic Elephant Portrait’ Tattoo

realistic elephant portrait-tattoo

Meaning: The black and gray realistic portrait tattoos are very common. If you want to give your tattoos a realistic dark-colored look, such types of tattoos are best. It denotes spiritual growth.

30. ‘Kewpie Elephant’ Tattoo

kewpie elephant-tattoo

Meaning: Kewpie is the brand name of dolls which were first created by Rose O’Neill, an American cartoonist, as comic strip characters in 1909. A Kewpie elephant is an animal series of Kewpie brand. It’s a form of an elephant with a babyface.

31. ‘Jungle-Theme Elephant’ Tattoo

jungle theme elephant-tattoo

Meaning: If you love nature, this type of tattoo is best for you. These types of tattoos are called jungle theme tattoos which depict the true beauty of nature. You can add different colors, trees, animals, rivers, etc. as per your choice to give it a uniquely beautiful look.

32. ‘Elephant with Crescent Moon and Lotus Flower’ Tattoo

elephant with crescent moon and lotus-tattoo

Meaning: Lotus flower is considered as a symbol of divine beauty and purity. Crescent moon represents the cycles of birth, psychic abilities, spiritual aspects, and intuition powers. A tattoo of an elephant with lotus and crescent moon denotes spiritual awakening.

33. ‘Simple Elephant’ Tattoo

simple elephant-tattoo

Meaning: This type of tattoo is very simple which consists of just the outline work. Generally, an elephant outline tattoo is small in size and is inked on either on the wrists or near ankles. It signifies good luck and new beginnings.

34. ‘Elephant with a Turban’ Tattoo

elephant with turban tattoo

Meaning: An elephant with a turban and jewelry is often seen in Indian Culture, where any royal religious ceremony is conducted. In Indian culture, an elephant is considered as the divine figure of wisdom and knowledge. It is believed that elephants are symbols of spiritual growth.

35. ‘Old Elephant’ Tattoo

old elephant-tattoo

Meaning: These tattoos are inked to express love, care, affection, and respect, for grandparents or any other old member of the family.

36. ‘The Chained Elephant’ Tattoo

chained elephant-tattoo

Meaning: It’s a beautiful art that denotes the realities of the circus. On one side the animals are seen performing the incredible stunts and dance for entertaining the people. But, on the other side, the reality is that the animals are being tortured for such performances. They are being tied up and humiliated. This tattoo gives the message that we should not humiliate and torture innocent animals.

37. ‘Elephant holding a Bicycle’ Tattoo

elephant holding a bicycle tattoo

Meaning: A tattoo of an elephant holding a bicycle with his trunk signifies the good times, good fortune, blessings, spiritual growth, good health, correct decisions, and positivity all around.

38. ‘Elephant with Hearts’ Tattoo

elephant with hearts-tattoo

Meaning: Tattoo of an elephant with hearts signifies the positive love relationship of the wearer. Generally, such a tattoo is inked along with the names of the lovers to express the love, affection, care, feelings, emotions, and respect towards the partner.

39. ‘Elephant with Floral Pattern’ Tattoo

elephant with floral pattern tattoo

Meaning: The floral pattern signifies natural beauty, love, passion, growth, and positivity. An elephant tattoo with a floral pattern denotes spiritual growth, divine love, divine love for nature, love in between the partners, and blessings.

40. ‘Watercolor Elephant’ Tattoo

watercolor elephant tattoo

Meaning: In a watercolor elephant tattoo, the splashes of different colored inks are applied, each denoting the colors of life. This tattoo has a very positive sign. It denotes that you have lived your life to the fullest which others aspire to achieve.

41. ‘Elephant Memorial’ Tattoo

elephant memorieal-tattoo

Meaning: A memorial tattoo is a way to express your feelings for a loved one. It symbolizes peace and good memories.

42. ‘Tiny Mandala Elephant’ Tattoo

tiny mandala elephant tattoo

Meaning: A mandala tattoo represents the whole universe. These tattoos are worn by the people not only for fashion but these also act as a protection against evil forces. It denotes positivity, growth, progress, and protection.

43. ‘Heart-Shaped Elephants’ Tattoo

heart-shaped elephants tattoo

Meaning: It signifies love, passion, sacrifices, feelings, emotions, soul mates, and divine love.

44. ‘Little Dumbo Elephant’ Tattoo

little dumbo elephant-tattoo

Meaning: Dumbo is an American fantasy adventure film released in 2019 which involves the story of a family that works at a circus and encounters a baby elephant with extremely large ears who is capable of flying. If you want a cute baby elephant tattoo, this is one of the best options to choose from.

45. ‘Giraffe-Elephant’ Tattoo

giraffe and elephant-tattoo

Meaning: This is one of the most common ways to express the bonds. Many people opt for this tattoo to express their feelings, love, emotions, bond, and attachments.

46. ‘Sugar Skull Elephant’ Tattoo

sugar skull elephant-tattoo

Meaning: Sugar Skulls are the symbols of ‘Day of the Dead.’ These are the ink in unique designs with beautiful vibrant colors, which are used to honor the dead ones. Sugar skull elephants are also inked in the memory of the loved ones who have passed away.

47. ‘Origami Elephant’ Tattoo

origami elephant tattoo

Meaning: Origami is an art of folding colorful papers into decorative shapes. This form of art is widely used all over the world to develop hands coordination, skills, thinking abilities, and mental concentration. Origami elephant symbolizes strength, powers, good luck, and wisdom.

48. ‘Cosmic Elephant’ Tattoo

cosmic elephant tattoo

Meaning: A cosmic elephant tattoo signifies endless possibilities, divine powers, and spiritual growth.

49. ‘Salvador Dali Elephant’ Tattoo

salvador dali elephant tattoo

Meaning: ‘The Dali Elephants’ is a painting by Salvador Dali, painted in 1948. Dali elephants are depicted with long legs and are shown carrying a heavyweight on their backs. It is a symbol of strength, powers, wisdom, immortality, and courage.

50. ‘Dream-Catcher Elephant’ Tattoo

dreamcatcher elephant tattoo

Meaning: A dream-catcher is in the form of a circle representing the circle of life. It is often decorated with beads, feathers, and colorful decorative strings, which are used as s protection against evil forces and bad dreams. A tattoo of a dream-catcher elephant symbolizes positive energies, spiritual guidance, protection against evil forces, and angels’ blessings.

Celebrities with Elephant Tattoo

1. Cara Delevingne


Cara Delevingne got an ‘elephant face’ tattoo on her right forearm which she got inked in July 2016 by Los Angeles based tattoo artist, Dr. Woo.

2. Melanie Martinez

melanie martinez-elephant tattoo

Melanie got the tattoo of ‘Elmer Elephant’, a fictional cartoon character from ‘Elmer Elephant’ which was released in 1936. She got this tattoo inked by the tattoo artist, Shon Lindauer in October 2015.

3. Lucy Hale

lucy hale-elephant tattoo

Lucy got a tiny elephant tattoo on her right forearm. She got this tattoo inked at the time of her visit to Cambodia in May 2018.

4. Paris Jackson

paris jackson-elephant tattoo

Paris got this tattoo in the memory of her father ‘Michael Jackson’ who died on June 25, 2009. The design of this tattoo is from the cover of Michael Jackson’s album ‘Dangerous’ which was released in 1991. Along with the tattoo of eyes of Michael Jackson, an outline of beautiful animals is inked including an elephant. She got this tattoo inked in May 2016 by the tattoo artist, Justin Lewis. After uploading the picture of this tattoo on her twitter account, she tweeted,

Never forget your roots. Always be proud of where you came from.”

5. Jackie Cruz 

jackie cruz-elephant tattoo

Jackie got a tiny elephant tattoo on her left forearm.

6. Ashley Greene

ashley greene-elephant tattoo

Ashley Greene got this beautiful elephant tattoo with an ‘Om’ symbol on it on her right wrist. She got this tattoo inked by the tattoo artist, Dr. Woo in July 2013.

7. Shawn Mendes

shawn mendes-elephant tattoo

Shawn Mendes got a tiny elephant tattoo on the middle finger of his left hand.

8. Eleanor Calder

eleanor calder-elephant tattoo

Eleanor Calder got an elephant tattoo near her right wrist.

9. Renee Phoenix

renee phoenix-elephant tattoo

Renee Phoenix got a colorful elephant tattoo on her left hand.

10. Brandy Norwood

brandy norwood-elephant tattoo

Brandy Norwood has got Hindu God ‘Lord Ganesha’ tattoo on her left arm. She got this tattoo inked in 2010 by the tattoo artist, Peter Koskela.

11. Jessica Plummer

jessica plummer-elephant tattoo

In an interview, Jessica expressed her love for animals and said that elephants are one of her favorite animals. Not only this, after getting this tattoo, she tweeted,

I wanted a tattoo to represent Neon Jungle and also family, #ohana AND THEY LOVE PEANUTS!”

She got this tattoo inked in November 2013.

12. Tay Jardine

tay jardine-elephant tattoo

Tay Jardine got ‘Mandala Elephant’ tattoo on her left arm.

13. Molly Brazy

molly brazy-elephant tattoo

Molly got an ‘Ornamental Elephant’ tattoo inked just below her chest.

14. Scout Taylor

scout taylor-elephant tattoo

Scout Taylor got ‘Elephant Footprint’ tattoo on her left leg.

15. Samantha Maria

samantha maria-elephant tattoo

She got a large elephant tattoo on her right arm.

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100 Mind-Blowing Elephant Tattoo Designs with Images

Elephant tattoo designs have always been well known not only for men but also for women. Elephants are considered as the largest and strongest creatures on this planet. They weigh up to 8 tons and are known to be very dominant. However, elephants can also be graceful and tempered. But they do not easily get aggressive unless when they are provoked. Elephants are always loyal to their family. In most cultures, elephants are considered sacred. Despite its huge size and power, elephants are also endearing.  They are identified by their huge bodies, big ears, and a very long trunk.

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So why is it that a lot of people are rushing off to obtain an elephant tattoo? Well, it’s because they are one of the most beautiful creatures ever created. Baby elephants are so cute while the bigger ones are very powerful. They have unique features that can make us curious. Are you considering to have a small tattoo on your hand? Or maybe a large tattoo on your back? If so, then an elephant tattoo is the perfect choice for you.

There are several reasons why people want to have animal tattoos on their bodies. Sometimes they discover common attributes with themselves. Elephant tattoos represent a lot of meanings. Generally, elephant tattoos represent faith, compassion, and strength. Elephant tattoos are created in small sizes, realistic designs, watercolor inks, and other styles. Here, we have compiled 100 of our favorite elephant tattoo designs for your inspiration. Some of these are very detailed while others are done in a simple way. Take a look at them and tell us what you think.

Best Elephant Tattoo Designs and Ideas

1. Small Elephants Tattoo 

Elephant Tattoo Designs Ideas

Elephant tattoo designs are available in different sizes – small, medium and large.

2. Elephant Tattoos Meaning

Elephant Tattoos Meaning

The small elephant symbolizes good luck, persistence, wisdom, determination and solidarity.

3. Elephant Tattoo Designs Ideas

Ganesh Tattoo

The small elephant also represents friendship, sociability, memory, companionship,  as well as longevity of power.

4. Cute Elephant Tattoo

Elephant Tattoo Designs For Men

Elephant tattoo designs are very popular in men as well as in women.

5. Beautiful Elephant Tattoos 

Beautiful Elephant Tattoos Tumblr

Elephants are considered as the largest animals on Earth, and they can be easily identified by their huge ears.

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6. My Elephant Tattoo 

This is a unique elephant tattoo with brown shades and letter ‘M’ on its body.

7. Elephant Tattoo Ideas

Lion Tattoo Images

Elephants are widely known as a subject for tattoos, specifically in the Eastern tradition.

8. Mosaic Elephant Tattoo Design

Elephant Tattoo Images

This is an adorable cartoon style elephant tattoo done in mosaic design with various rainbow colors.

9. Impressive Elephant Tattoos

Impressive Elephant Tattoos

Elephants are famous for their good memory.

10. Nature Tattoo Ideas

Elephant Tattoo Flash

This tattoo is created in one color.  It shows the elephant being surrounded by a wreath.

11. Pictures of Elephant Tattoos

Pictures Elephant Tattoos

Some cultures worship elephants.

12. Elephant Tattoos On Back

Elephant Tattoos On Foot

One of the most typical elephant tattoos which shows a family.

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13. Weird Couple

Elephant Tattoo Pictures

A lovely couple which is quite odd because it consists on an elephant and a turtle, both wearing red hearts.

14. Leg Tattoo

Small Elephant Tattoo On Wrist

The elephant is having a good time drinking beer.

15. Adorable Elephant Tattoo Pictures

Small Elephant Tattoo Pictures

The elephant represents different symbols but it greatly depends on the culture.

16. Small Tattoo

Ganesh Elephant Tattoo Meaning

According to tradition, when an elephant has its trunk up and its back facing the door of the house, it can attract good luck.

17. Elephant Tattoos Pinterest

Elephant Tattoos Pinterest

Typically, elephant head tattoos are inked on the back.

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18. Finger Tattoo

Elephant Family Tattoo

Small elephant head tattoos have a lot of meanings such as protection, justice, and others.

19. Drawing Tattoo

Ganesha Tattoo

If you love elephants then maybe this tiny elephant tattoo is just perfect for you!

20. Elephant Tattoo For Girls

Elephant Tattoo For Girls

Nowadays, elephant tattoos are very famous and most people love to have an elephant tattoo on their bodies.

21. Elephant Hand Tattoo

Tribal Elephant Drawing

Elephants are not only the biggest animal but they are also the strongest.

22. Elephant Tattoo On Back

Elephant Tattoo On Back

This is a Polynesian elephant tattoo.

Urban Body Jewelry

23. Back Tattoo

Elephant Drawings

Elephant Tattoo Designs are loved by men and women and it can be placed anywhere in the body.

24. Colorful Elephant Tattoo

Elephant stands for strength, compassion and empathy.

25. Elephant Tattoo Designs For Men

Elephant Outline

The size of the tattoo will greatly depend on what part of the body you are going to ink that tattoo.

26. Small and Cute Tattoo

Indian Elephant Tattoo Designs

Elephants are also linked to mythology, Buddhism, and philosophy.

27. Three Elephants

Small Elephant Tattoo On Foot

Elephants are considered as very calm animals.

28. Behind The Ear Tattoo

Elephant Tattoos

Elephants are well-respected animals in a lot of countries and continents.

29. Arm Tattoo

Small Elephant Tattoo

Most elephants are found in the large continents of Asia and Africa.

30. Baby Elephant Tattoo

Baby Elephant Tattoo

Baby elephants are so ridiculously cute.

31. Indian Elephant Tattoo Designs

Elephant Tribal Tattoo

Elephants are also a representation of the Lord Ganesha.

32. Iron Elephant Design

Elephant Tattoo Meaning

Geometrical patterns are used as the shades to this amazing elephant tattoo.

33. An Elephant Couple

Back Elephant Tattoo

The good thing about elephants is their association with God such as Lord Ganesha and Buddha.

34. Elephant Tattoos Designs

Elephant Tattoos Designs

Elephant tattoos can be placed on back, wrist, shoulder, ankle, knee, arm, and other parts of the body.

35. Elephant with Bird

Elephant Tribal Tattoos

Some elephant tattoos are combined with cartoon effects to make them look funny.

36. Elephant Back Tattoo 

Elephant Tattoo On Foot

The back is the perfect place for an elephant tattoo.

37. Elephant Tattoo For Ladies

Elephant Tattoo For Ladies

An elephant tattoo can also be combined with other elements such as a flower.

38. Elephant Side Tattoo

Some artists draw elephant tattoos in Polynesian, Tribal, or Maori.

39. An Elephant Head

Elephant Tattoo On Hand

An amazing elephant head being drawn on the right shoulder.

40. Watercolor Tattoo

Genuine Elephant Tattoo

Elephant tattoos done in watercolor ink are getting to be more and more popular.

41. Elephant with Umbrella

Baby Elephant Tattoos Design

It seems like the elephant is flying away with an umbrella just like Mary Poppins.

42. Circus Elephant

African Elephant Tattoos

An elephant doing some acrobatics.  Animals can truly bring us fun!

43. Baby Elephant

Elephant Tattoo Foot

A cool baby elephant tattoo on the back.

44. Shoulder Tattoo

Elephant Tattoo Designs

In general, an elephant tattoo represents prosperity and good luck.

45. Matching Tattoos

Elephant Tattoo Symbolism

Matching tattoos are ideal for friends, siblings and couples.

46. Beautiful and Realistic Tattoo

Small Elephant Tattoo Meaning

This is incredible! It makes you wanna reach  out and pat the guy’s arm to see if it really feels like an elephant.

47. Elephant Tattoo On Side

Elephant Tattoo On Side

Dali elephant tattoo on the side.

48. Ganesha Elephant Tattoo
Best Elephant Tattoo

Lord Ganesha tattoo on legs.

49. Elephant Family Tattoos

Elephant Family Tattoos

This tattoo symbolizes the closeness of a family.

50. Elephant Symbolism

Elephant Symbolism

Despite of its huge size and power, elephants are also very endearing.

51. Awesome Elephant Tattoo

Awesome Elephant Tattoo

Some elephant tattoos are very elaborate with so many details while others are very simple.

52. Cool Tattoo

Tribal Elephant Tattoo

So cute!

53. Elephant with Skull

Tiger Tattoo Images

Elephants can easily be recognized by their large bodies, long trunk, and huge ears.

54. Cute And Impressive Elephant Tattoos

Cute And Impressive Elephant Tattoos

Elephants are well respected and valued in different places especially in Asia and Africa.

55. Elephant Tattoo On Shoulder

Elephant Tattoo On Shoulder

This is a nice shoulder tattoo for women.

56. Small Polynesian Tattoo

Watercolor Elephant Tattoo

When choosing an elephant tattoo design, you can either have a more detailed tattoo or go with a simple silhouette.

57. Dali Elephant

Elephant Tattoo On Chest

Salvador Dalí was a creative artist who introduced surrealism to the world.

58. Tattoo for Women

Small Elephant Tattoo Designs

Tattoos can be drawn in a variety of colors and styles.

59. Elephant Key Tattoo

Elephant Key Tattoo

Africans have great respect for elephants.

60. Animal Tattoo

What Do Elephants Symbolize

You must be cautious on the placement of your tattoo, be sure that you are comfortable with it.

61. Watercolor Ink Tattoo

Ganesh is a Hindu god with an elephant head which represents authority,  power, and happiness.

62. Beautiful Elephant Tattoos

Beautiful Elephant Tattoos

This tattoo shows the head of the elephant with its large ears and trunk.

63. Side and Belly Tattoo

Elephant Tattoo On Finger

A Dali elephant tattoo with the words “Beds inlaid with ivory.”

64. Back Tattoo for Women

Monkey Tattoo Images

An elephant is a good tattoo idea for the back.

65. Creative Elephant Tattoos

Creative Elephant Tattoos

A realistic 3D tattoo of an elephant.

66. Powerful Elephant Tattoo

Powerful Elephant Tattoo

The elephant is combined with other tattoos such as an owl, butterfly, and some flowers.

67. Simple Tattoo

Hand Elephant Tattoo

This is a funny tattoo design on the wrist.

68. Unique Elephant Tattoos

Unique Elephant Tattoos

The back is the best placement of a large tattoo.

69. Abstract Elephant Tattoo

Abstract Elephant Tattoo

African elephants are wilder and to some degree a threat to mankind.

70. Elegant Tattoo

Elephant Butterfly Tattoo

Elephants are symbols of wealth and happiness.

71. Elephant Tattoo For Men

Elephant Tattoo For Men

Elephants are just like humans, intelligent, social and very flexible.

72. Indian Elephant Tattoo

Indian Elephant Tattoo

Elephants are dominant yet they are also graceful and tempered as well.

73. Cute Elephant Tattoo

Cute Elephant Tattoo

A very nice leg tattoo for women.

74. Elephant Tattoo Designs 

Elephant Tattoo Designs Meanings

This is a nice half sleeve tattoo for women.

75. Traditional Elephant Tattoo

Traditional Elephant Tattoo

A very colorful design of an elephant tattoo.

76. Cute Elephant Tattoo Designs

Cute Elephant Tattoo Designs

An elephant with an octopus.

77. Small Tattoo

Cute Elephant Tattoos Tumblr

Tattoo lovers like elephants because they are beautiful looking creatures.

78. Tattoo Pictures

Monkey Tattoo Pictures

When the elephant is facing upward it is considered as good luck.

79. Half Sleeve Tattoo

Elephant Meaning

Elephants are common characters in children’s books.

80. Elephant Patterned Tattoo

Elephant And Baby Tattoo

An elephant design done in a Hindu style.

81. Watercolor Elephant Designs 

Elephant Tattoo Designs Pinterest

This is a cover-up of a birthmark which looks gorgeous as if it was not covering anything.

82. Elephant Tattoo For Women

Elephant Tattoo For Women

A family tattoo.

83. Henna Tattoo

Elephant Tattoo On Legs

If you want a more detailed tattoo then you can use henna.

84. Elephant with Rose

Elephant Back Tattoo

Incorporating other elements such as roses into a tattoo can make it look stunning.

85. Half Sleeve Tattoo For Men

Cute Little Elephant Tattoos

Ah-mah-zing! This is totally cool. It seems that the elephant is so real!

86. Cute Elephant Tattoos

Cute Elephant Tattoos

The placement of the tattoo is great.

87.  Artistic Tattoo

Cute Small Elephant Tattoos

Due to its enormous size, elephants can also symbolize power.

88. Black and White Tattoo

Side Elephant Tattoo

Obviously, elephant tattoo designs seem to indicate a lot of strength.

89. A Tromping Elephant

Chest Elephant Tattoo

This guy seems to be marching in a parade.

90. Impressive Tattoo

Cartoon Elephant Tattoos

Despite its mammoth size, experts claim that elephants’ temper is quite low.

91. Framed Tattoo

Elephant Tattoo Designs Tumblr

This is one of the heartbreaking scenes from the Dumbo movie.

92. Cool Elephant Tattoo

Cool Elephant Tattoo

This tattoo is adorned with flowers and leaves.

93. Amazing Elephant Tattoos

Amazing Elephant Tattoos

Elephant tattoos convey extreme power yet it also denotes calmness.

94. Elephant Head Tattoo

Elephant Tattoo

Elephants don’t believe in ghosts!

95. Polynesian Tattoo

Elephant Tattoo Placement

There are a lot of reasons why people choose animal tattoo designs.  Sometimes they find mutual characteristics with themselves.

96. Popular Tattoo 

Elephant Tattoo Pinterest

Some people love elephant tattoos due to the various meanings that they symbolize.

97.  Tribal Tattoo

Elephant Tattoo Designs Wrist

This is an excellent example of a tribal tattoo.  Everything else is adorned except for the tusks to make them stand out.

98. Realistic Tattoo

Shoulder Elephant Tattoo

This tattoo is nicely done.  It is truly unique and so real.

99. Patterned Tattoo

Unique Elephant Tattoo

This is a lovely contrast between the gray elephant and the colorful paisley.

100. Watercolor Tattoo

Watercolor Tattoo

This is a watercolor version of an elephant tattoo.  It has very lovely combination of abstract colors with its eyes seem to be staring deep into your soul.

There you have it, our 100 favorite elephant tattoo designs.  They are all unique and amazing in their own way.  If you’re contemplating on having an elephant tattoo but do not have any idea on the design and style then hopefully these styles have provided you with some inspiration!

What does an Elephant Tattoo mean?

People who love elephant tattoos consider it as their association with Mother Earth. Elephants comprise a lot of attributes such as:

Triumph, Good Luck, Intelligence, and Communication
In the Hindu religion, elephants represent triumph. Ganesha, a popular Hindu god, has a head of an elephant. He is known as the god of triumph and brings good luck. If you have a pure heart then he will be able to remove all the hindrances out of your way. Ganesha is also a god of arts and sciences. He has great intelligence and insights. Elephants also symbolize commerce, communication, and clever insights.

Might, Strength, and Peace
We recognize elephants as a huge animal with extreme strength, yet they also show temper but only when they are provoked. Despite their power, they still want to be at peace. Most often, they are very calm except when they sense any threat.

Family and Community
Elephants are known to be protective and loyal to their family members as well as the entire herd. They live a peaceful life and they always band together.

Patience, Chastity, Dedication, and Consideration
According to Aristotle, elephants are the ideal representation of chastity. Elephants have to refrain from sex for a period of two years when the female elephant is pregnant. This shows patience, dedication, and consideration.

Some cultures see elephants as the representation of fertility. The strength and the size of elephants are considered as an advantage to men’s libido.

Elephants live longer. Romans even believe that elephants symbolize immortality and unity with nature.

Symbol of Buddhism
White elephants are known as the most sacred since it is used by Buddha for his incarnations.

In Tibet and India, elephants contributed a significant role in creation. In ancient times, elephants were depicted to hold up the whole universe as well as enormous structures. It only shows the stabilizing trait of an elephant and how they can keep the world in peace.

Other Meanings
Elephants also symbolize happiness, greatness, memory, boldness, and kindness.

An elephant tattoo is so incredible.  Elephants are the largest mammals and they symbolize strength. However, in the past, elephants were hunted down by poachers who want to obtain their ivory.  African elephants are in danger even today.  On the other hand, Asian elephants are now considered as endangered since they are at risk of extinction.

Hey readers! I’m Jeffrey and your tattoo artist of the day;) I have been drawing and painting my whole life, and after graduating high school I decided it was time for a bigger challenge and I started drawing on people. I’m so fortunate I got to express my creativity through my body art and even more so to share my passion with my now wife Emilie. She started working with me in my tattoo shop as a piercer and I started writing about and photographing, my creations on this blog. I love to hear from you and hope you enjoy our work together!

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What's the Deal With Elephant Tattoos?

Elephants never forget, and their old age gifts them with admirable wisdom. Humans can learn so much about life, solitude and love when studying how this ancient mammal carries their weight no matter how heavy, with such remarkable grace and beauty.

A universal symbol of strength, loyalty, divinity and good luck, an elephant makes an unforgettable tattoo design when carefully planned and properly placed on your body's temple.

The Allure of Elephants

Are you considering a small symbolic tattoo perfect for the inner wrist? Or perhaps a large design that will fill an area such as your back or legs with grace? An elephant makes a fine choice for many reasons.

Not only does an elephant represent memory, empathy and compassion, there is a strong connection of the species to Buddhism, as the Buddha selected the rare white elephant for his incarnations. The white elephant symbolizes both wisdom and fertility, making it a beautiful choice for a maternal tattoo. If you are curious and want to try the white tattoo trend, why not opt for a white elephant? Granted white tattoos will fade over time, this may be a wise choice if you don't want visible commitment.

For lovers seeking a couple tattoo design who would rather forgo name or wedding ring designs in fear of bad luck or jinx their union, the stately elephant symbolizes both fidelity and loyalty- two key elements in any successful union.

In addition, elephants have long been representative of the Republican political party. In 1874, cartoonist Thomas Nast sketched the elephant for a cartoon featured in Harper's Weekly alongside the Democratic Donkey. The donkey was clothed as a fearful lion, scaring all other animals, thus their "votes" away.

If you want to honor your views and patriotism with an animal rather than a flag or memorial tattoo, you may opt for the mighty elephant instead.

Elephant Tattoo Design Ideas

There are many ways to design an elephant for a tattoo. Some are very elaborate and detailed and others are simple, suggesting just the silhouette of the magnificent creature. If you have a playful persona, you may even consider using a finger for the trunk and the side of your hand for the body of your elephant tattoo.

First and foremost, the more detailed your elephant, the larger its size should be. For small are discreet locations, it would be best to opt for just an outlined elephant body. If you want something more elaborate, consider adding henna inspired artwork alongside your elephant for pretty detailing and fancy scrolling.

Another consideration is how many elephants will you wear? Elephants travel holding onto one another's trunks. What a sweet and symbolic way to honor family and loved ones. If you have three children, perhaps you can link them together in a charming family honored tattoo design? An elephant pack tattoo can also symbolize friendship and loyalty.

Placement Concerns and Suggestions

While many people opt for clever placements for an elephant tattoo, always consider the long-term outcome before jumping on a trend.

While elephant hand and finger trunk tattoos are becoming much more popular, they limit employment opportunities considerably, and the finished work has its own set of challenges, including fading and poor healing. Placing an elephant trunk on your fingers may not be the best idea later, and you'll certainly never forget the poor placement choice, so be forewarned.

To prevent hand and finger tattoos from fading prematurely, use only gentle or mild soap when washing your hands.

For the untamed and a little wild, it bears little explanation why an elephant can also make a suitable choice for a penis tattoo. Just give it a thought and the design really does make perfect sense.

For most anyone else, the elephant makes a beautiful statement on the forearm, shoulder blades, on the trunk of your leg, and even the chest. Try to place the design where the trunk will follow the natural curves of your body and you'll have an elephant tattoo design that's harmonic with your own shape; the perfect union between man and beast.

Three Headed Elephant Tattoo

Top 60+ Best Small Elephant Tattoo Ideas – [2021 Inspiration Guide]

Considering the mammoth proportion of the elephant, there is some surprise in the fact it makes for a popular small tattoo design choice. 

Elephants are often used to represent wisdom in tattoo design. Their vaunted memory and long lifespan feed into this ideal. 

Their naturally vast and wrinkled look means realistic tattoos are often used to illustrate this sentiment and can be incorporated into a variety of different types of small tattoo. 

The size of the elephant, and it’s relationship as a herd – you’ve often seen elephants ‘holding hands’ and protecting the calves when under threat – also represent strength, family and loyalty.  

As a symbol to Eastern religions the elephant is a forger of new paths who clears away obstacles – in the Hindu religion he is known as Ganesh. 

The following top 61 small elephant tattoo ideas feature brilliant tattoo art from a variety of talented artists, while towards the end of the article you’ll find a range of FAQ questions to help you in making a new tattoo choice.

1. Eastern Influenced Small Elephant Tattoo Ideas

Small Elephant Upperarm Tattoo Dtayehtattoo

Source: @dtayehtattoo via Instagram

Small Elephant Back Tattoo Daniela Giorgione Tattoo

Source: @daniela_giorgione_tattoo via Instagram

Small Elephant Ankle Foot Tattoo Inkaddictthailand

Source: @inkaddictthailand via Instagram

Small Elephant Ankle Foot Tattoo Droppedinwonderland

Source: @droppedinwonderland via Instagram

Small Elephant Back Tattoo Cara Hayward Tattoo

Source: @cara_hayward_tattoo via Instagram

Small Elephant Ankle Foot Tattoo Anahatayogatoulouse

Source: @anahatayogatoulouse via Instagram

2. Small Elephant Back Tattoos

Small Elephant Back Tattoo A.rtattoos

Source: @a.rtattoos via Instagram

Small Elephant Back Tattoo Ancicams

Source: @ancicams via Instagram

Small Elephant Back Tattoo Bhargav Sonu19

Source: @bhargav_sonu19 via Instagram

Small Elephant Back Tattoo Celticarttattoo

Source: @celticarttattoo via Instagram

Small Elephant Back Tattoo

Source: via Instagram

Small Elephant Back Tattoo La Fucking Zona

Source: @la_fucking_zona via Instagram

Small Elephant Back Tattoo Mandalatattoostudio

Source: @mandalatattoostudio via Instagram

3. Minimalist Ankle and Foot Small Elephant Tattoos

Small Elephant Ankle Foot Tattoo Alinaandreev

Source: @alinaandreev via Instagram

Small Elephant Ankle Foot Tattoo Thaibambootattoo

Source: @thaibambootattoo via Instagram

Small Elephant Ankle Foot Tattoo Rudy Tattoos

Source: @rudy_tattoos_ via Instagram

Small Elephant Ankle Foot Tattoo Rocknrolla Tattoo

Source: @rocknrolla_tattoo via Instagram

Small Elephant Ankle Foot Tattoo Creep In Whispers

Source: @creep_in_whispers via Instagram

4. Cute Small Elephant Tattoos

Small Elephant Forearm Tattoo Misci Gale

Source: @misci_gale via Instagram

Small Elephant Forearm Tattoo Vagonski

Source: @vagonski via Instagram

Small Elephant Ankle Foot Tattoo Dtayehtattoo

Source: @dtayehtattoo via Instagram

Small Elephant Forearm Tattoo Dpereira Tattooartist

Source: @dpereira_tattooartist via Instagram

Small Elephant Ankle Foot Tattoo Dewatattooandbodypiercing

Source: @dewatattooandbodypiercing via Instagram

Small Black Elephant Tattoo Electricdreamscollective

Source: @electricdreamscollective via Instagram

5. Black and Gray Realism Small Elephant Body Art

Small Black Elephant Tattoo Tattoosuzette

Source: @tattoosuzette via Instagram

Small Black Elephant Tattoo Tattoosbydaveyjones

Source: @tattoosbydaveyjones via Instagram

Small Black Elephant Tattoo Leehumphs Tattooer

Source: @leehumphs_tattooer via Instagram

Small Black Elephant Tattoo Kruger Tattoo

Source: @kruger_tattoo via Instagram

Small Black Elephant Tattoo Heize.latte

Source: @heize.latte via Instagram

Small Black Elephant Tattoo Fax Tats

Source: @fax_tats via Instagram

Small Black Elephant Tattoo Edgar Bigserio Tattoo

Source: @edgar_bigserio_tattoo via Instagram

Small Elephant Forearm Tattoo Y M Tattoo

Source: @y_m_tattoo via Instagram

Small Elephant Forearm Tattoo Angelcabanartwork

Source: @angelcabanartwork via Instagram

6. Colorful Small Elephant Tattoos

Small Elephant Colored Tattoo Alexotattooartist

Source: @alexotattooartist via Instagram

Small Elephant Colored Tattoo Eder Cruz25

Source: @eder_cruz25 via Instagram

Small Elephant Colored Tattoo Javimetaltattoo

Source: @javimetaltattoo via Instagram

Small Elephant Colored Tattoo K Ink Tattoo

Source: @k_ink_tattoo via Instagram

Small Elephant Colored Tattoo Kevkapo Dg

Source: @kevkapo_dg via Instagram


Small Elephant Colored Tattoo Parthiban Guna

Source: @parthiban_guna via Instagram

Small Elephant Colored Tattoo Remember Me Tattoo

Source: @remember_me_tattoo via Instagram

Small Elephant Colored Tattoo Tattoostarstudiojagodina

Source: @tattoostarstudiojagodina via Instagram

7. Geometric Small Elephant Tattoo Designs

Small Elephant Forearm Tattoo 2 Dewatattooandbodypiercing

Source: @dewatattooandbodypiercing via Instagram

Small Elephant Forearm Tattoo Angie Gooderson

Source: @aangie_gooderson_ via Instagram

Small Elephant Forearm Tattoo Dewatattooandbodypiercing

Source: @dewatattooandbodypiercing via Instagram

Small Elephant Forearm Tattoo Dezink

Source: @dezink via Instagram

Small Elephant Upperarm Tattoo Tattooer Phantom

Source: @tattooer_phantom via Instagram

Small Elephant Upperarm Tattoo Madridarttattoo

Source: @madridarttattoo via Instagram

8. Small Elephant Shoulder Tattoos

Small Elephant Shoulder Tattoo Eightballinktattoo

Source: @eightballinktattoo via Instagram

Small Elephant Shoulder Tattoo Flo Venam Tattoo

Source: @flo_venam_tattoo via Instagram

Small Elephant Shoulder Tattoo

Source: via Instagram

Small Elephant Shoulder Tattoo Luahermanni

Source: @luahermanni via Instagram

Small Elephant Shoulder Tattoo Ricardotattoo13

Source: @ricardotattoo13 via Instagram

Small Elephant Shoulder Tattoo Rosanerotattoostudio

Source: @rosanerotattoostudio via Instagram

9. Small Elephant Tattoos on the Arm

Small Elephant Colored Tattoo Ninelivestattoos

Source: @ninelivestattoos via Instagram


Small Elephant Upperarm Tattoo Gabikatattoo

Source: @gabikatattoo via Instagram

Small Elephant Upperarm Tattoo Jessicapaigetattoos

Source: @jessicapaigetattoos via Instagram

Small Elephant Upperarm Tattoo Judilda

Source: @judilda via Instagram

Small Elephant Forearm Tattoo Spookytats

Source: @spookytats via Instagram

Small Elephant Upperarm Tattoo Rodrigomtattoo

Source: @rodrigomtattoo via Instagram

9. Small Elephant Wrist Tattoos

Small Elephant Wrist Tattoo Aleinwonderland9087

Source: @aleinwonderland9087 via Instagram

Small Elephant Wrist Tattoo Constattoo

Source: @constattoo via Instagram

Small Elephant Wrist Tattoo Federica.mar

Source: @federica.mar_ via Instagram

Small Elephant Wrist Tattoo Justin Sentiment

Source: @justin_sentiment via Instagram

Small Elephant Wrist Tattoo Lastinginktattoo

Source: @lastinginktattoo via Instagram

Small Elephant Wrist Tattoo Morris The Persian Kitty

Source: @morris_the_persian_kitty via Instagram

Small Elephant Wrist Tattoo Radicalrootstattoos

Source: @radicalrootstattoos via Instagram

Small Elephant Wrist Tattoo Takecaretattoo

Source: @takecaretattoo via Instagram

Small Elephant Wrist Tattoo lil_c_tatts

Source: @lil_c_tatts via Instagram

Small Elephant Tattoo FAQs

What does an elephant tattoo symbolize? 

Elephants are often used to represent wisdom due to their vaunted memory and long lifespan, while it’s relationship as a herd – you’ve often seen elephants ‘holding hands’ and protecting the calves when under threat – also represents strength, family and loyalty. 

Elephants are also used as pop culture references, are linked with eastern religion, and US Politics as a symbol of the Republican Party. 

What does an elephant represent in the Hindu religion? 

Another popular aspect for elephant tattoo designs are concepts of divinity and reincarnation, given the relationship to Lord Ganesh and positive depictions of the creature in a wide variety of Eastern religions. 

Ganesh (or Ganesha) is known as the elephant-headed Hindu god of beginnings. He is traditionally worshipped before the beginning of any any major enterprise – as the remover of obstacles – and is the particularly popular with intellectuals, bankers, scribes, and authors.  

What style of small elephant tattoos are most popular? 

There’s tremendous versatility in small elephant tattoos, although the natural color of the massive animal lends itself to depictions etched in black and gray ink. The most popular styles for small body art include: 

  • Animal Realism 
  • Single Needle fine detailed 
  • Cartoon/cute designs and pop culture (such as Dumbo) 
  • Eastern religion, philosophy and henna pattern influenced designs 
  • Minimalist linework or heavy black ink silhouette 
  • Abstract and geometric tattoos 

Did you enjoy these small elephant tattoo designs? If you’re interested in elements that can be applied to small animal tattoo, then click on the gallery links below: 


Tattoo three elephant


30 Best Cute Elephant Tattoo images


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