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BETTENDORF, Iowa (KWQC) - Officials with UnityPoint Health have announced they will open its new UnityPoint Clinic Express in Bettendorf. The new clinic is located at Duck Creek Plaza.

This is the second express location in the Quad Cities. Officials say this is a new model of urgent care that provides people of all ages a more convenient and personalized care option.

The new express clinic, set to open on October 12, focuses on a "reimagined, time-saving process designed to enhance the walk-in care experience.

Vice President of Clinic Operations at UnityPoint Clinic, Matt Behrens, says the first clinic, was well received by the community so they’re thrilled to offer another location.

“Our Express clinics offer high-quality care with the goal of getting patients in and out the door within 30 minutes," Behrens said. "These new clinics provide fast care, X-ray on-site, lab services and medications – all under one roof.”

You can read the rest of their statement below.

"The Express model of care has helped many receive the care they need during the pandemic. This model has shaped the mission of safe care, your way that UnityPoint Health strives to offer. To keep everyone safe during the pandemic, patients are taken directly to an exam room, providing minimal contact between patients and others, and facilities are cleaned and sanitized to provide extra protections. Some prescriptions are available on-site which eliminates the need for an extra visit to a pharmacy.

“We’re very excited to be launching this new health care model and new location in the Quad Cities. At UnityPoint Health, we know it’s all about the little things and if we can help make someone’s day a little brighter when they may be feeling their worst, that’s when we know we’re living our mission,” says Bob Erickson, President & Regional CEO, UnityPoint Health – Quad Cities/Muscatine.

Located in Bettendorf’s Duck Creek development along Middle Road, Express fills the need for a patient-focused clinic that helps families get the care they need and return to the lives they love. Express features specially trained clinical care attendants. The medical professional greets everyone entering the clinic and remains with them throughout the visit. Clinical care attendants are trained to help with every step of the patient experience including registration, vitals, symptom assessment and laboratory or X-ray services, while working with advanced practitioners for diagnosis and treatment.

“People are busy – work, school, kids' activities and everything else that fills our day make it challenging to find time for healthcare,” says Behrens. “We want to offer another option to meet our patients' needs and help them get the care they need to get back to feeling their best.”

The experience includes personal and thoughtful amenities like complimentary ice packs, warm blankets, hot tea and complimentary WiFi internet service.

People may also reserve their spot online at unitypoint.org to shorten the amount of time spent at the clinic.

In addition to treating non-emergency conditions such as cold, flu, sore throat and minor sports injuries, the clinic will offer additional services, including sports physicals.

There will also be onsite testing for patients showing symptoms of COVID-19 after an assessment by the providers.

Express Duck Creek will be open 365 days a year from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. It is located at 1417 Kimberly Road, Bettendorf, IA and the phone number is (563) 949-4503.

For more information or to Reserve Your Spot, visit unitypoint.org and click the green Location Wait Times tab."

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UnityPoint Clinic — Urgent Care is on the move

UnityPoint Clinic – Urgent Care began its third year serving Webster County and adjacent counties this month. This year, the clinic has undergone renovations that have readied it for an expanded role in the local health care world.

“We now have six exam rooms, where before we had three and a partial one,” said Lisa Randall-Wiemann, RN, the clinic manager. “We also updated most of the furnishings – a lot of cosmetics to bring it up to date. We have two reception/registration areas now to expedite patient processing.”

The staffing has also been augmented.

Randall-Wiemann said the goal is to have a provider team that includes three full-time nurse practitioners. She said that means that on weekdays there will usually be two of these providers on duty. That level of staffing coupled with more exam rooms is expected to make it possible for patients to be seen more quickly than has sometimes been possible in the past.

When the clinic saw its first patients in September 2012, the urgent care concept was unfamiliar to many area residents. Randall-Wiemann said while at Trinity Regional Medical Center the clinic is located close to the Emergency Department these two components of UnityPoint Health – Fort Dodge have distinct functions.

“We are an extension to your normal primary care doctor’s office,” she explained. “If you can’t get in for your primary care and you feel sick and you feel like you need to be seen right now – that’s what urgent care is.”

Patients who have problems more serious than those that normally would be handled through a visit to a primary care physician’s office are routed to the Emergency Room.

Randall-Wiemann has this advice for anyone uncertain whether Urgent Care or the Emergency Room is the appropriate care venue given the health problem they are experiencing.

“Would you go to your normal primary care doctor for it?” she said. “A lot of people think we are just like the Emergency Room. We are not. We’re more like your primary care doctor.”


Randall-Wiemann said convenience is at the heart of what her clinic provides. She emphasized that it is designed to make some of the services typically provided at a primary care physician’s office available at times when that office may be closed or when it isn’t possible to be seen as quickly as the patient wants.

The clinic also addresses the need for health care of people who may not yet have a family physician locally. Randall-Wiemann said that issue is especially relevant here because many people have moved to the area because of the booming economy and have not yet developed a relationship with a local doctor. Additionally, the community has large number of college students who may find a trip back to a distant hometown impractical for routine care.

“We have a list of primary care doctors that we give to all of our patients that say they don’t have one,” Randall-Wiemann said.

Urgent Care is open 365 days a year and has hours that extend well beyond what are typically offered by physician offices.

Patients are seem Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m., on Saturdays and Sundays from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. and on major holidays from noon to 5 p.m.

Appointments are not needed. People are seen on a walk-in basis whenever the clinic is open. Randall-Wiemann said wait times vary considerably. Anyone who needs to visit Urgent Care can determine how long the wait is likely to be at the moment by visiting the UnityPoint Health – Fort Dodge website (www.unitypoint.org/fortdodge/urgent-care).

“I think we have a lot of patients that want the convenience,” Randall-Wiemann said. “You pick your child up from day care and they are sick and you can’t get an appointment. This is more of a convenience and in this day and age that’s what people are wanting. They want to be seen now rather than scheduling something in two or three days.”

If a person being treated at Urgent Care is normally a patient of a UnityPoint Health-affiliated physician, the tie-in for further care is especially seamless.

“If it is another UnityPoint physician, we share the same electronic medical record,” Randall-Wiemann said. “We always encourage them that if they are not feeling better, they need to follow up with their primary care physician.”

She said the existence of the Urgent Care clinic is popular with area physicians because it means their patients have a good option when physicians’ offices are closed or don’t have a quick appointment available.

That the clinic fills an obvious need is underlined by the growing patient volume.

“Daily, I would say our numbers are on average 26 to 27 patients,” Randall-Wiemann said. “We see anywhere from 20 to 50 patients a day. Our busiest days are usually on Mondays.”

About UnityPoint Clinic – Urgent Care

The clinic is accessed through Entrance C of Trinity Regional Medical Center’s main Fort Dodge campus.

The provider team includes three nurse practitioners – Rhian Gronewold, Amanda Kuchenreuther and Jennifer Pudenz. Physician oversight of the clinic is provided by Dr. Kelli Wallace, its medical director. Wallace is a family medicine specialist.

“The providers follow up with Dr. Wallace if there are any questions,” Randall-Wiemann said. “If an M.D. needs to get involved, a lot of times we will just refer them to the Emergency Room or they’ll call and consult with the family physician or whoever is on call.”

The clinical team additionally includes five registered nurses and three licensed practical nurses. There also are three staff members who handle patient registration.

Kuchenreuther, who has been a provider at the clinic for two years, said the diverse array of problems she treats in the course of a day makes the work especially challenging and enjoyable.

“We see a wide variety of patients,” she said. “And I like the fast pace.”

Randall-Wiemann said one of her goals is to broaden awareness in the community that the clinic exists. She added that as more people understand how it can be of benefit to them the clinic, which is already popular, is likely to grow.

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UnityPoint Health to Open New Express Clinic in the Crossroad Plaza

UnityPoint Health is launching a new urgent care model in Fort Dodge in Summer 2021. The UnityPoint Clinic Express building is currently under construction at the new Crossroad Plaza Development, 2728 2nd Avenue South. 

The new clinic model has been developed to provide people of every age with a more convenient, personalized and affordable walk-in care solution. UnityPoint Health is known for its high-quality level of care, and the express clinic will maintain these standards while also providing more streamlined care for urgent needs. 

Construction for UnityPoint HealthThe new clinic will have an X-ray on-site, lab services and prescription medication access to eliminate the need for extra visits to a pharmacy. Patients will enjoy amenities like complimentary tea, WIFI and ice packs as needed during their visit.  

The Express model of care provides an attentive atmosphere with trained clinical care attendants who will greet each patient as they enter the clinic and remain with them through the visit. The same attendants will perform patient registration, vitals, symptom assessment and lab or X-ray services. The attendant will work with a physician or nurse practitioner for diagnosis and treatment. 

Patients can reserve a spot online at unitypoint.org on their way to the UnityPoint Clinic Express in order to make their visit even shorter. The new UnityPoint Clinic Express will be open 8am-8pm every day, even on holidays. To learn more about exciting developments like this one in the Greater Fort Dodge area, click here.

Sours: https://www.greaterfortdodge.com/news-and-events/p/item/34697/unitypoint-health-to-open-new-express-clinic-in-the-crossroad-plaza
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