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While most people are accustomed to seeing upright granite memorials, many cemeteries now require memorials to be flat and flush with the ground. That being said, just because a cemetery requires a flat memorial, that does not mean that your loved ones should be left with small markers that don’t create a significant memorial presence. Bronze and granite grave ledgers are an excellent way to take advantage of the length of the grave, as opposed to the height above it. Ledgers provide ample space for engraving of lettering and emblems, without having to use small fonts and little spacing. Grave ledgers typically cover most of the plot’s width, while extending from half way to the entire length of the site. These ledgers can be used on single and multiple grave sites, and will guarantee that your loved one’s site will not be trampled over. For more information regarding memorial ledgers, please don’t hesitate to contact us, and one of our memorial specialists will be glad to assist you.


Ledger Grave Markers

A Ledger Grave Marker is a thick slab of stone, usually 8 inches thick, covering the entire grave. Ledger Grave Markers may be engraved and used as the headstone itself, or may also include a monument or headstone at the head of the grave.

Like other types of markers they may be custom decorated with a wide variety of images, designs, and symbols available in our art files to help memorialize the one you love. Whatever personalized flat grave marker you select, Schlitzberger and Daughters will work diligently with you to design and create it to your exact specifications and desires. Please contact us for more information about ledger grave markers.

The Schlitzberger family has been crafting monuments and memorials since 1922; it is our family’s heritage and our passion. You may want a simple headstone or gravestone–something to mark the place with a name and dates inscribed on it. Or we can create something totally unique that will make people stop and admire its creativity and artistry. It’s up to you. Either way, we’ll work with you till you are happy with the result. See some of our cemetery monuments below to inspire you to create your own monument with the help of our award-winning memorial designers.

A memorial is a gift that will last forever and will be viewed by family members and friends for generations to come. Let us help you with a memorial that is appropriate, personal and affordable.

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Grave Ledger Designed, Engraved and Set in Miami Cemetery

The black granite grave ledger pictured above was designed, custom handcrafted, engraved and set in a Miami, Florida cemetery by the City Monument Company to memorialize Vittorio Tavernini, February 15, 1917 - May 17, 2012. It was set in front of the upright monument which bears the North Miami Beach resident's name, birth date and death date.

The City Monument Company designs granite ledgers, grave covers, full and half ledger grave markers, grave ledger stones and bronze grave ledgers for families in Miami, South Florida, Miami-Dade County and the Caribbean Islands. We design and manufacture black granite grave ledgers and upright monuments in our production facility in Miami, Florida. Once they are finished, we then deliver them to cemeteries in South Florida or ship them to various locations outside of South Florida across the United States. Call 305-594-4628 if you are interested in purchasing a black granite grave ledger similar in style to the one pictured here. We will be happy to provide you with an estimated cost to design this type of cemetery memorial for your family or relative.

Ledgers, like flat, flush or lawn level markers, are designed to lie flat on the ground. Full ledger markers are solid granite pieces sized to cover the entire grave, in most cases. Grave covers are granite slabs that are often placed in front of a cemetery memorial or headstone. Granite ledgers, in contrast to traditional erect cemetery monuments, cover the actual grave. You will see these types of memorials in cemeteries located in Miami, Florida and neighboring communities. We custom design bronze ledgers and granite ledgers which are set in cemeteries to cover a portion of the burial grave. These grave markers are different than traditional headstones which are placed at the head of the grave. The City Monument Company also manufactures ledger panels which are frequently built by using a few smaller panels which are then attached. Some people refer to ledgers as ledger stones. This type of cemetery grave marker is a low to ground large rectangular grave marker usually fabricated from granite (they used to be constructed from white marble or sandstone) that is set flat over a grave or placed on top of a box tomb (vault or crypt) or table tomb which are used for in-ground burials. You may see ledger stones in older cemeteries that have armorial crests or Latin inscriptions. Ledgers commonly sit directly on the ground or on low level supports. Newer cemeteries, often called Memorial Parks or lawn cemeteries use ledger stones to make sure the appearance of the grounds is neat and because maintenance is easier. Ledger stones usually have specific information about the deceased etched into the surface. One or more names of the interred may be inscribed on the ledger stone and are ordered by the date of their interment. We manufacture ledgers and grave covers in different sizes and colors of granite.

Bronze is often added to a ledger to increase its aesthetic appeal. We design individual ledgers that pay tribute to one person and double or companion ledgers that memorialize two people, usually a husband and wife. Granite grave covers and bronze ledgers may be used alone or may be combined with other types of cemetery memorials, headstones, tombstones, gravestones and monuments. Ledgers are frequently attached to a granite base. Our stone cutters and carvers can polish all the visible surfaces of the ledger. Parts of the ledgers that we make that are not polished are rock pitched which produces a rough rock finish. Our artisans usually use a rock pitch finish on the sides of a ledger, memorial bench or monument base. This type of finish is produced by splitting the granite. We can also cut core holes into the ledgers that we fabricate to hold flower vases. Custom cast bronze and three dimensional (3D) Bas-Relief bronze styles are available. Ledgers can be personalized by our designers with unique carvings, finishes, funerary art, symbols, images, hand or laser etched scenes, sculptures, lettering, shapes, colors and textures in order to memorialize the unique life of a loved one, relative or family member. Names, inscriptions, epitaphs, sayings, religious verses, poems, bible quotes and birth and death dates are usually carved or etched into ledgers we handcraft. The designers at the City Monument Company can also include bronze elements such as cast bronze flower vases which are often set in the center of the ledger at the top. Other options for additions to ledgers include porcelain photos or ceramic portraits and bronze plaques.

What is a Ledger Style Grave Marker? - Just Give Me 2 Minutes

Cemetery Ledgers – Grave Covers

Cemetery ledgers have been around for quite a while. Like traditional markers, ledgers are designed to lie flat. They are often called “covers” because full ledgers will cover the entire length of a cemetery plot. They can be installed into the ground to be level with the surrounding ground. Or they can be installed raised about 4 to 6 inches (typically). A 3 foot by 7 foot size is what is commonly referred to as a “full ledger” and “half ledgers” are smaller. One reason why ledgers are so popular is that some cemeteries have restrictions on the size of upright memorials. But a ledger will help you get around these restrictions and provide as much surface area as you will need to get the memorial you want.

Ledgers will often be used to cover a single grave, but they can be combined to cover companion and even family plots. Given the size and surface area, you have many design options available to you. names, dates, and other inscriptions as well as pretty much any artwork you can imagine as well as photos. We help with the design and we hand craft the artwork. You will get a quality monument that is unique and personal.

Lamothe Monuments has done thousands of memorials and monuments. Let us put our decades of experience to work for you. We know all of the cemetery regulations and will help you through every step of the process. Plus, we sell direct to the public. This means we are always a better value than any other supplier. And we are licensed to work in every cemetery in the area!

So, don’t wait. Call us today and let us get started on your memorial.

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