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10-8 Performance Sights

When you think 10-8 Performance, you think 1911. While Hilton Yam, owner of 10-8 Performance, does make excellent 1911 accessories and custom 1911s, he also makes excellent sights for a variety of other handguns. The sights that we will be looking at in this article are made for the Glock family of handguns.


The 10-8 Performance Sights offer a very uncluttered sight picture even with a tritium vial insert in the front sight (mounted on a Glock 19 for reference). Click to enlarge.



  • Front sight width: .125″
  • Rear sight notch: .140″ (.125″ and .156″ also available)
  • Price: $74 for tritium front sight, $44.35 for rear sight

Front Sight

The 10-8 Performance front sight is thin for a tritium front sight at only .125″ inches wide. It is serrated to reduce glare and the tritium element is unlined. The unlined tritium is what attracted me to these sights. They perform very much like all black target sights when light conditions allow and that makes them very shootable.


The 10-8 Performance front sight is relatively thin and serrated. It features an unlined tritium vial insert. Click to enlarge.


10-8 Performance also offers plain black and brass bead front sights.

Rear Sight

The rear sight is well contoured. It has an strong, chunky appearance. It can be used fairly easily to rack the slide which is important for some one handed manipulations. It is serrated to reduce glare.



The rear sight features glare reducing serrations and a .140" rear "U" notch. Click to enlarge.


It features a true “U” notch. The bottom of the notch is round instead of square. This leaves the shooter free of hard corners that can distract from aligning the only hard corners that matter; the ones at the top of the front sight and the top of the rear sight.

When I purchased these sights, the only rear sight notch options were available were the .125″ and the .140″. I chose the .140″ rear sight and always wished it was a bit wider. The .140″ notch feels a little tight when you are trying to speed things up. 10-8 Performance recently started offering a rear sight with a .156″ notch. If I was buying these sights today, I would definitely buy the new .156″ notch rear sight.


The rear sight has a strong, chunky profile. Click to enlarge.


In Use

I shoot these sights better than any other I own in terms of accuracy. The combination of the tighter rear notch and the way that they appear like all black target sights during the day (the tritium vial insert is unlined and barely noticeable until dark). These sights are just very easy to shoot well. The downside is that sometimes I feel like I am searching for the front sight through the narrow rear notch which costs me some time.

That is not to say these sights are slow. They are not. They just are not as fast as some others that I use and 10-8 Performance has essentially rendered this small issue (if you can even call it that) irrelevant with the introduction of the .156″ notch rear sight. I suspect that the new wider rear sight shoots incredibly fast. The intro of the 1.56″ rear notch should be exciting news for the many fans of these sights.

The 10-8 Sights with the .215″ tall front sight shoot exactly the way I like which is about 1-2″ high at 25 yards. This is relatively intuitive after some range time and allows the shooter to see their shots over the sights. I find it to be easier to shoot longer distances this way. If you choose to, you can adjust your point of impact by purchasing a taller or shorter front sight. You can read details on the 10-8 Performance blog.

You can purchase these excellent sights directly from 10-8 Performance on their website.

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Sours: https://jerkingthetrigger.com/2010/10/15/10-8-performance-sights/

10-8 Performance VTAC M&P Rear Sights (2020 Update)

10-8 Performance focuses more on 1911 sights and Glock sights. In addition, magazine pads for the Smith & Wesson M&P line of pistols is offered.

10-8 Performance has released a new rear sight specifically for the Smith & Wesson M&P VTAC. The rear sight replaces the 4-dot fiber optic and tritium square notch factory sight with a serrated, plain black .140″ U notch model. The tall rear sight's U notch is cut extra deep to work with the 2-dot VTAC front sight.

The 10-8 Performance sight is not designed to be a suppressor height sight or backup irons for mini red-dot optics.

The 10-8 Peformance sight is not designed to be a suppressor height sight or backup irons for mini red-dot optics. MSRP for the 10-8 S&W VTAC M&P rear sight is $48.75.

10-8 Performance rear sight for the S&W M&P pistol.

2020 Update:

10-8 Performance focuses on 1911 sights and Glock sights and considers them its flagship line of products. In addition, magazine pads for the Smith & Wesson M&P line of pistols are offered (Glock mag pads are also available). Parts and magazines are in the company's lineup for the STI 2011 line of pistols.

10-8 offers the following advice when thinking about how to choose aftermarket sights for your 1911, Glock or M&P:

With all these choices available, what is one to choose? The pairing of a .125″ wide front and .140″ rear is one of the most popular setups, and provides an excellent balance of speed and precision. This would be the across the board recommendation for 90% of shooters until they learn to develop their own particular preferences. The next most popular pairing is the .115″ wide front and .140″ rear, and is our recommendation for experienced shooters who like a narrower front sight which covers less of the target area.

Older shooters with middle aged presbyopia may find relief with a bright fiber optic front sight in .125″ width and a .156″ notch rear. If more light is needed and distance accuracy is less of a concern, a thinner front sight like a .115″ could be used.

10-8 Performance is something of a boutique parts dealer for specific makes and models of handguns. You'll find an assortment of armorers' tools at 10-8, including armorer block and Glock front sight nut driver.

In conjunction with gun parts, 10-8 offers the following training:

  • Pistol/Carbine Performance
  • Pistol Optics
  • 1911 Duty Tune and Armorer
  • 1911/2011 Performance
  • STI 2011 Factory Armorer Certification
  • STI 2011 Performance, LE
  • CQB (LE/Mil Only)


The company has an interesting history. It was founded by retired FBI Special Agent Hilton Yam, who worked on the Bureau's SWAT and was a senior firearms instructor. Learn more here.


Corey Graff contributed to this article.

Sours: https://www.recoilweb.com/10-8-performance-vtac-mp-rear-sight-23449.html
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Thread: 10-8 Performance Glock Sights Review

3 March 2013, 02:36#1

10-8 Performance Glock Sights Review

I recently installed a set of 10-8 Performance Glock sights on my Glock 19. This is my duty backup gun as well as my EDC gun. I was a little hesitant on using sights that were not night sights, but after installing and evaluating these sights, any preconceived notions I had in must having night sights were gone.

The 10-8 Performance Rear Sight is precision CNC machined from heat treated 4140 bar stock, feature a “U” notch for quicker sight acquisition with a dot such as their tritium insert, brass bead, or the fiber optic front sight (pictured). The back of the rear sight is serrated at 40 lines per inch (lpi) for reduced glare and is also left without any additional sight markings such as dots or bars so the eye is drawn to the front sight. The rear sight fits all Glock models, is available in two notch widths, .140” and .156”, and is compatible with .215” - .250” tall front sights. 10-8 Performance advertises the .140” notch as a “good balance of speed and accuracy” and the .156” notch as being “good for maximum speed and preferred for older eyes”. The rear sight retails for $48.75.

The 10-8 Performance front sight also features the 40lpi serrations on the rear of the front sight to provide a crisp focus and glare reduction. The front sight is available with a Tritium insert (.075” plain green), brass bead insert, Fiber Optic (with 1 red and 1 green fiber rods), RedBack One (.060” plain green tritium insert), and are available in heights ranging from .215” - .250”, and varying widths of .125”, .115”, and .100”. The thinner front sights cover less of the target and are preferred for speed and the thicker front sights are preferred for improved accuracy. The front sight is not compatible with the Glock factory rear sight. The Front Sight retails for $40.95.

For more information about installing the fiber optic’s in the sight, click HERE.

For more information on selecting which Front Sight is best for you, click HERE.

With the installation, I was lucky enough to have the tools available to me at our range, but if you do not have that luxury, you will need drift or tap the old sight out and then insert the new sight. As for the front sight, you will need a Glock Front Sight Nut Driver (available HERE http://www.10-8performance.com/glock...ht-nut-driver/), which 10-8 Performance sells for $3.95. The installation of the fiber optic rod was straight forward, as you just insert the rod, trim the excess, and to prevent the rod from walking out of the sight, a little heat applied helps to keep it in place. Check out the link above for some further info.

My first impression when dry firing was how amazingly fast it was to pick up the sights. With the red fiber optic rod under an overcast sky, the front sight appeared just as a Red Dot Optic would. It was amazingly bright and my eye was drawn directly to it. The “U” notch Rear Sight greatly assisted with the body’s natural ability to self-center itself and allowed faster sight to target acquisition.

(Please excuse the misaligned front and rear sights, it gets a little tricky to line up on the camera when one of the sights is always out of focus.)

Throughout my shooting evaluation with these sights, I found myself being able to shoot accurately faster and with more accuracy at distance, being able to rapidly hit 12 head sized steel targets with no misses. Pushing myself to see how far I was able to accurately shoot with these sights, I made it to 65 yards, hitting a 6”x18” steel “pepper popper” target, before running out of room to shoot further.

I am sold on these sights and rely on them to stay permanently mounted to my duty back-up gun. I will, without hesitation, recommend these sights to anyone looking for a replacement set for their Glock.

For more information, check out the 10-8 Performance Web Page:

Sours: http://www.weaponevolution.com/forum/
10-8 Performance Lab, Episode 59: Glock 43x Optimized


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