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MO-062-001-EW-1000-L6.2" Stretched LCD Monitor1000 cd/m²1024x250LEDTBA - panel dimensions are 165.75 x 55 x 5.3Industrial GradeMO-080-001-EW-250-L8" Stretched LCD Monitor250 cd/m²1024x324LEDTBA - panel dimensions are 215 x 79.2 x 7.5Industrial GradeMO-099-001-EW-700-L9.9" Stretched LCD Monitor700 cd/m²800x200LED291 x 106.2 x 46.2Industrial GradeMO-123-001-EW-700-G12.3" Stretched LCD Monitor700 cd/m²1024x255LEDTBA - panel dimensions are 326.5x101.4Industrial Grade wide temp -20 to +70 °CMO-123-001-EW-700-W12.3" Stretched LCD Monitor700 cd/m²1920x720LED341.1 x 142.9 x 61Industrial Grade, Optional Open frame, IP65 front/IP66 chassis availableMO-139-001-EW-300-G13.9" Stretched LCD Monitor300 cd/m²1280x398LEDTBA - panel dimensions are 358.5 x 131.3Industrial GradeMO-139-001-EW-600-L13.9" Stretched LCD Monitor600 cd/m²1280x398LED360.9 x 132.5 x 48.6Industrial GradeMO-149-001-EW-250-G14.9″ Stretched LCD Monitor250 cd/m²1280×136LEDTBC, Panel Dimensions are 396 x 63 mmIndustrial GradeMO-150-002-EW-1000-L15" Stretched High Bright LCD Monitor1000 cd/m²1280x242LED408 x 106.2 x 37.8Industrial GradeMO-151-001-EW-300-W15.1" Stretched LCD Monitor300 cd/m²1280x248LED401.7 x 116.9 x 61Industrial Grade, Optional Open frame, IP65 front/IP66 chassis availableMO-155-001-EW-250-G15.5" Stretched LCD Monitor250 cd/m²1280x390LEDTBA - panel dimensions are 376.3 x 114.7Industrial GradeMO-159-003-EW-1000-L15.9" Stretched High Bright LCD Monitor1000 cd/m²1280x512LED398.4 x 176.2 x 52.7 Industrial GradeMO-163-001-EW-320-G16.3" Stretched LCD Monitor320cd/m²1366x238LED445.8 x 109.6 x 41.3Industrial Grade, 500 & 1,000 nits also availableMO-163-001-EW-800-G16.3" Stretched LCD Monitor800cd/m²1920x285LEDTBC , panel dimensions are 432.0 x 85.1 mmIndustrial Grade wide temp -20 to +70 °CMO-163-001-EW-350-L16.3" Stretched LCD Monitor350 cd/m²1366x238LED436.3 x 100.2 x 43Industrial GradeMO-163-001-EW-400-T-L16.3" Stretched LCD Touch Monitor400 cd/m²1366x238LED436.3 x 100.2 x 47.1Industrial Grade, Touch InteractiveMO-172-001-EW-1000-L17.2" Stretched LCD Monitor1000 cd/m²1366x510LED432.9 x 181.1 x 40Industrial GradeMO-187-001-EW-1000-L18.7" Stretched LCD Monitor (shelf edge)1,000cd/m²1920x146LED499.6 x 54.3 x 31.8Industrial Grade, Ultra Slim Shelf EdgeMO-190-001-EW-1000-L19" High Bright Stretched LCD Monitor1000 cd/m²1920x360LED496.6 x 114.6 x 45Industrial GradeMO-190-001-EW-700-W19" Stretched LCD Monitor700 cd/m²1680x342LED499.4 x 136.9 x 61Industrial Grade, Optional Open frame, IP65 front/IP66 chassis availableMO-191-001-EW-700-G19.1" Stretched LCD Monitor700 cd/m²1920x360LEDTBA - panel dimensions are 495.6 x 114.9Industrial Grade, 250 nits also availableMO-191-002-EW-1200-L19.1" Stretched High Bright LCD Monitor1200 cd/m²1920x388LED508.01 x 132.00 x 47.05Industrial GradeMO-194-001-EW-700-G19.4" Stretched LCD Monitor700 cd/m²1920x539LED498.2 x 160.6 x 46Industrial Grade, also available with 250 nitsMO-194-001-EW-1000-G19.4" Stretched High Bright LCD Monitor1000 cd/m²1920x510LEDTBA - panel dimensions are 495.6 x 150.7Industrial GradeMO-194-001-EW-1000-L19.4" Stretched High Bright LCD Monitor1000 cd/m²1920x536LED499.6 x 152.3 x 31.8Industrial GradeMO-198-001-EW-250-G19.8" Stretched LCD Monitor250 cd/m²1920x640LED498.2 x 185.4 x 45Industrial GradeMO-210-001-EW-1200-L21" Stretched POS High Bright LCD Monitor1200 cd/m²1920x132LED552.6 x 59.9 x 36.5Industrial GradeMO-213-001-EW-1000-L21.28″ Stretched High Bright LCD Monitor1000 cd/m²1920×316LED558.5 x 119.5 x 46.1Industrial GradeMO-218-001-EW-550-G21.79" Stretched LCD Monitor550 cd/m²1920x818LEDTBA - panel dimensions are 533.2 x 244Industrial GradeMO-220-001-EW-550-G22" Stretched LCD Monitor550 cd/m²1920×818LED535.85 x 248.05 x 41.85Industrial GradeMO-231-001-EW-350-L23.1" Stretched LCD Monitor (shelf edge)350 cd/m²1920x158LED597.4x 60.4 x 16Industrial Grade, Ultra Slim Shelf EdgeMO-239-001-EW-500-G23.9" Stretched LCD Monitor500 cd/m²1920x359LEDTBA - panel dimensions are 630 x 144Industrial GradeMO-240-001-EW-1000-L24" Stretched High Brightness LCD Monitor1000 cd/m²1920x360LED617.8 x 137.2 x 45Industrial GradeMO-240-001-EW-700-V24" Stretched LCD Monitor700 cd/m²1920 x 360LED631.8 x 146.08 x 17.3Digital SignageMO-244-001-EW-700-V24.4" Stretched LCD Monitor700 cd/m²1920 x 540LED631.8 x 202.08 x 17.3Digital SignageMO-245-001-EW-500-G24.5" Stretched LCD Monitor500 cd/m²1920×540LED635.0 x 210.6 x 46.9Industrial GradeMO-275-001-EW-1000-L27.5" Stretched LCD POS Display (Shelf Edge)1000 cd/m²1366x70LED722.1 x 69.7 x 38.8END OF LIFEMO-280-002-EW-1000-L28" Stretched High Bright LCD Monitor1000 cd/m²1920x360LED737x 170 x 57.9Industrial GradeMO-280-004-EW-1000-L28" Stretched High Bright LCD Monitor1000 cd/m²1920x357LED745.6 x 183.3 x 57.5Industrial GradeMO-280-001-EW-600-W28" Stretched High Bright LCD Monitor600 cd/m²1920x358LED754.3 x 188.7 x 66Industrial Grade, Optional Open frame, IP65 front/IP66 chassis availableMO-280-001-EW-700-V28" Stretched LCD Monitor700 cd/m²1920 x 360LED734.28 x 165.84 x 23Digital SignageMO-280-001-EW-600-W28" Stretched LCD Monitor600 cd/m²1920x540LED754.3 x 188.7 x 66Industrial Grade, Optional Open frame, IP65 front/IP66 chassis availableMO-286-001-EW-3200-L28.6" Stretched High Bright LCD Monitor3,200 cd/m²1920x540LED734.5 x 232.5 x 60.1 mmIndustrial GradeMO-286-001-EW-1800-L28.6" Stretched High Bright LCD Monitor1,800 cd/m²1920x540LED734.5 x 232.5 x 60.1 mmIndustrial GradeMO-290-001-EW-500-W29" Stretched LCD Monitor1000 cd/m²1920x540LED742.3 x 245.9 x 66Industrial Grade, Optional Open frame, IP65 front/IP66 chassis availableMO-290-001-EW-700-V29" Stretched LCD Monitor700 cd/m²1920 x 540LED734.1 x 229.04 x 13.5Digital SignageMO-293-001-EW-700-V29.3" Stretched LCD Monitor700 cd/m²1920 x 708LED743 x 298.5 x 60Digital SignageMO-293-002-EW-1000-L29.3" Stretched High Bright LCD Monitor1000 cd/m²1920x710LED740.6 x 306.7 x 63.7Industrial GradeMO-348-001-EW-2000-L34.8" High Bright Stretched LCD Monitor2000 cd/m²1920x264LED902 x 151.9 x 62.2Industrial GradeMO-358-001-EW-1600-L35.8" High Bright Stretched LCD Monitor1600 cd/m²1920x534LED902 x 273.3 x 62.2Industrial GradeMO-366-001-EW-1000-L36.6" High Bright Stretched LCD Monitor1000 cd/m²1920x290LED962.8 x 210.1 x 56.2Industrial GradeMO-368-001-EW-1000-L36.8" High Bright Stretched LCD Monitor1000 cd/m²1920x358LED962.8 x 210.1 x 56.2Industrial GradeMO-370-001-EW-1000-L37" Stretched High Bright LCD Monitor1000 cd/m²1920x540LED917.9 x 283.8 x 77.4Industrial GradeMO-370-001-EW-700-V37" Stretched LCD Monitor700 cd/m²1920 x 360LED964.5 x 172.8 x 15.3Digital SignageMO-376-003-EW-1000-L37.6" Stretched High Bright LCD Monitor1000 cd/m²1920x540LED967.6 x 297.3 x 59.5Industrial GradeMO-380-001-EW-700-W38" Stretched High Bright LCD Monitor700 cd/m²1920x570LED967.15 x 313.56 x 86Industrial Grade, Optional Open frame, IP65 front/IP66 chassis availableMO-380-001-EW-500-W38" Stretched High Bright LCD Monitor500 cd/m²1920x540LED989.6 x 311.9 x 86Industrial Grade, 700 & 1,000 & 1,500 nits available as well as IP65 front/IP66 chassisMO-380-001-EW-700-V38" Stretched LCD Monitor700 cd/m²1920 x 560LED964.5 x 311.35 x 13.3Digital SignageMO-381-EW-800-T38.1" Stretched High Bright LCD Monitor800 cd/m²1920x540LED978 x 309 x 78Digital SignageMO-420-001-EW-500-W42" High Bright Stretched LCD Monitor500 cd/m²1920x480LED1068.18 x 292.22 x 107.5Industrial Grade, Optional Open frame, IP65 front/IP66 chassis availableMO-422-001-EW-2500-L42.2″ Stretched High Bright LCD Monitor2500cd/m²1920×480LED1062.5 x 286.5 x 84.7Industrial GradeMO-427-001-EW-600-V42.7" Stretched LCD Monitor600 cd/m²1920 x 270LED1077.78 x 154.9 x 18.3Digital SignageMO-430-001-EW-600-V43" Stretched LCD Monitor600 cd/m²1920 x 360LED1112.3 x 228.5 x 61.5Digital SignageMO-435-001-EW-2000-L43.5" High Bright Stretched LCD Monitor2000 cd/m²1920x268LED1124.3 x 187.4 x 64.6End of LifeMO-448-002-EW4K-1000-L44.8" High Bright 4K Stretched LCD Monitor1000 cd/m²3840x1076LED1124.3 x 341.5 x 64.6Industrial GradeMO-478-001-EW-1600-L47.8" High Bright Stretched LCD Monitor1600 cd/m²1920x178LED1247.2 x 154.1 x 62.9Industrial GradeMO-480-001-EW-1000-L48" High Bright Stretched LCD Monitor1,000 cd/m²3840x720LED1220.4 x 250.8 x 70.2Industrial GradeMO-485-001-EW-600-V48.5" Stretched LCD Monitor600 cd/m²1920 x 357LED1251 x 267 x 65.5Digital SignageMO-488-001-EW-1000-L48.8" Stretched High Bright LCD Monitor1,000 cd/m²1920 x 438LED1247.2 x 316.1 x 65Industrial GradeMO-495-003-EW-1200-L49.5" Stretched High Bright LCD Monitor1200 cd/m²1920x538LED1247.5 x 381.5 x 66.6Industrial GradeMO-495-001-EW4K-600-V49.5" Stretched 4K LCD Monitor600 cd/m²3840 x 1080LED1247.5 x 383.5 x 60Digital SignageMO-505-001-EW4K-1000-L50.5" Stretched High Bright 4K LCD Monitor1,000 cd/m²3840x536LED1311 x 215.9 x 68.4Industrial GradeMO-574-001-EW4K-1000-L57.4" Stretched High Bright 4K LCD Monitor1000 cd/m²3840x807LED1465.4 x 336.8 x 65.1Industrial GradeMO-584-001-EW4K-600-V58.4" Stretched 4K LCD Monitor600 cd/m²3840 x 1067LED1469.5 x 436.5 x 58Digital SignageMO-770-001-EW4K-1500-V77" Stretched 4K LCD Monitor1,500 cd/m²3840 x 1080LED1942.7 x 447 x 80Digital SignageMO-860-001-EW-500-LG86" Stretched LG LCD Monitor500 cd/m²3840x600LED2158.8 x 348.5 x 81.7Industrial GradeMO-880-001-EW-700-LG88" Stretched LG LCD Monitor700 cd/m23840x1080LED2159 x 660.4 x 104.14Industrial Grade

Stretched Bar LCD

Our line of super stretched bar LCD displays provide super wide aspect ratios as wide as 16:1 and in sizes ranging from 6 inches to 60 inches.  Large ultra wide displays are ideal for displaying panoramic content and catching an audience's attention in advertising and digital signage applications, while smaller sizes are commonly used in appliances, kiosks, mobile devices, flight simulators, and gaming machines.

High brightness is native on many models, and is an option for most other models making these displays suitable for outdoor applications where sunlight readability is necessary.

The most popular application for bar-style LCD is in public transportation displays, including route displays onboard trains, streetcars, and busses, advertising displays in airports, bus stations, and train stations, and in several cases they are mounted on top of taxi cabs as mobile ad space.

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Stretched Displays

LG US Business is the leading provider of display TV solutions. Our products are built with state-of-the-art technology and innovative features that are tailored to maximize your business' potential.

Raise your sales with LG digital signage and discover our collection of LED backlit displays, DS Media Players, stretch and touch-screen displays. Our digital signage displays are available in different sizes and specifications to match the requirements of your business.

Whether set in a portrait or landscape mode, you can present important information and messages to guests conveniently. LG Ultra-Stretch digital signage boasts ultra-HD resolution that will instantly grab the attention of your audience.

Expand the limits of your imagination with an LG US Business stretched monitor loaded with these amazing features:

HD-ready 1080p: LG's stretched monitor display provides full-HD picture resolution, delivering incredible picture clarity and vibrant colors. This results in up to five times the picture clarity and detail in comparison to standard definition.

IPS technology: Discover a richer, brighter, more detailed experience. With an in-plane switching (IPS) display, your audience will experience stunning images from virtually any angle.

Flexibility: With less height than traditional LCD displays, stretched displays allow for a variety of installation options, from retail environments to stadiums to fast food restaurants.

Premium, sleek and state-of-the-art design: Enhance your visual display opportunities through LG’s Ultra-Stretch signage.

Auto scaling driver: Ideal for content with non-standard aspect ratios.

LG Ultra-Stretch Displays are ideal for various types of industries such as retail, transportation terminals, hotel reception and other public venues.

JamiePro LCD ShelfStrip stretched

Stretched Bar LCD Display Monitors

Maximum advertising space with custom cut LCD Panels


With an emphasis on maximizing advertising space efficiently, Assured Systems cut LCD screens effectively display information in small, narrow spaces such as store shelves, ceilings, and corridors. Designed for 24/7 operation, these cut LCD displays provide clear, east to read information in high definition or 4K resolutions.


Payment Terminal Integrated With Custom Cut LCD Panels


Delivering clear images in high brightness lighting conditions


Assured System's sunlight readable BAR LCD displays deliver unrivalled visual experiences in high bright applications such as in the outdoors. Featuring brightness levels over 1000 nit, these BAR displays deliver the richest images regardless of the ambient light condition. Where glare might be an issue, Assured System's can configure these stretched displays with and anti-glare glass panel giving you the confidences that your content will look great in any location. 


Interactive solutions with touchscreen overlays


Assured System's can integrate touch technology to any stretch display allowing the user to interact with the content on display.

Stretched Display with Touchscreen Overlay


Portrait or landscape content with wide viewing angles for versatile applications


Available in both open frame and chassis mount housings, Assured System's stretched displays can change image orientation from portrait to landscape for greater display flexibility. Stretched displays with Wide viewing angles of 178° (H) 178° (V) can capture a greater audience attention with perfect image clarity.


Portrait or Landscape BAR Displays



Lcd stretched


Building a liquid crystal display (LCD)


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