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Hickory woman claims she was scammed after buying service dog from Craigslist ad

HICKORY, NC (WJZY) — A Hickory woman claims her daughter’s service dog is unfit for duty, after she bought the dog from a Craigslist ad.

Kristy Hammonds was so excited to get a service dog for her 7-year-old, Sara. Sara suffers from chronic pain, vomiting and anxiety. Her mother found a dog, named Griffin, from a Craigslist ad.

Kristy said after the family picked up Griffin, they went to the pet store, and immediately noticed problems. Kristy said, “As soon as we walked in the door, he (Griffin) starts growling, and he was acting like he was lunging at other animals.”

And it got worse, when Kristy said Griffin attacked her cat, Gizmo, so she called K-9 Navigators, a group that pairs disabled veterans with service dogs. They’re listed on Griffin’s paperwork as the original owners.

The group’s representative told Kristy that Griffin wasn’t supposed to be in service and that the dog had a history of aggression. Kristy said, “He (the K9 Navigators representative) said so, ‘He (the dog seller) scammed you.’ He said, ‘This dog is retired.”

According to CMPD Animal Care and Control, they have two reports that Griffin’s previous owner filed, saying the dog bit him – once, after the man took away a shoe, and then, when he tried to get the dog off the bed.

Hickory Police said no one has been arrested, and they won’t even confirm if they’re investigating. The dog’s previous owner told FOX 46 Charlotte that Griffin is not aggressive, and the service dog has not been retired.

Griffin is now in the care of a service dog organization. Not only does Kristy have to pay back a $1,000 dollar loan, which she took out, to buy the dog, but she also has to explain to her daughter why Griffin has been taken away.

Kristy said, “It’s completely devastating. It’s heartbreaking. My daughter’s constantly asking me, ‘Where’s my dog mommy? Where’s the dog that’s supposed to make me feel better?”

Kristy’s family has set up a Go Fund Me page. According to that page, money donated will go toward paying back the loan spent to buy Griffin, getting Sara a new service dog, and helping with Sara’s medical expenses.

Fox 46 Charlotte is investigating possible fraud in the service dog industry. If you have a case you would like us to know about, send an email to [email protected]





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California Woman Desperately Searching for Dog After Pup Was Allegedly Stolen & Sold on Craigslist

A California woman is doing everything she can to find her dog after she says he was stolen from her yard and then sold on Craigslist.

When Samantha Norris came home on April 16, she went to let her two dogs inside the house as usual, but Ted, her 3-year-old pug was nowhere to be found.

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After searching the streets and posting fliers around her Lake Los Angeles neighborhood, Norris says she was shocked to learn that her dog had been put up for sale on Craiglist by the stranger whom she believes stole him from her yard just weeks earlier.

“I thought he just ran away,” Norris tells PEOPLE. “What else would you think if your dog goes missing? I wouldn’t think that someone stole him.”

To make matters worse, Norris claims the woman — who she has been in contact with and discovered lives around the block from her — is refusing to cooperate with her on Ted’s newest whereabouts.

“I’m fighting for my dog that she doesn’t even have,” Norris says. “I’m pissed that she did what she did, but just knowing that my dog was literally around the corner at her house… it makes me very upset.”

Pug stolen and sold on Craiglist
| Credit: Samantha Norris/Facebook

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Norris first learned that her dog had allegedly been stolen on May 3, after she shared a missing dog post in several community Facebook groups. One of the users from those groups messaged Norris on Facebook with the Craigslist link and asked if it was Ted.

Immediately, Norris said she knew it was her beloved pooch, who is microchipped. “With pugs, it’s hard [to differentiate them] but, when it’s your pug, you know exactly that it’s your dog,” she explains.

“Ted has a mole on his right face,” she explains of how she was able to distinguish him in the photo. “I look at his wrinkles on his forehead. That’s him. And just his expression in the picture, he’s smiling. I have that motherly instinct.”

The ad, which was screenshotted and shared on Norris’ Facebook, said that the “purebred 2-year-old pug” had all of his shots and was a “healthy, super friendly, nice lap dog” who “loves everyone and other pets.”

It also cited moving as the reason why the family was “selling” him and requested the new owner pay a $200 rehoming fee.

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When Norris called the number, she said was unable to reach the woman but left a message initially pretending to be interested in buying the dog — that is until she got in contact with her and learned that she had already sold him.

“I said, ‘Well, here’s the thing: I’m the owner of the pug and you had no right to sell him,'” Norris recalled, adding that the woman “could not remember” who she sold him to, as she allegedly deleted the contact information in her phone.

Norris also noted that the woman claimed she did not steal Ted, but rather he was walking on the street and jumped into her van. According to Norris, she later changed her story, claiming that Ted appeared at her doorstep one day while she was sitting in her recliner and again, when she said he was sold to someone in Glendale.

Norris eventually called the Lancaster Police Department to help her with the case but after visiting the woman’s gated property, she says they told her they could not do anything further and advised her to take it to small claims court.

A rep at Lancaster Police Department did not immediately respond to PEOPLE’s request for comment.

Pug stolen and sold on Craiglist
| Credit: Samantha Norris/Facebook

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Norris said she has been in contact with private investigators and several good Samaritans who have offered to help, with additional plans to take legal action.

“It’s overwhelming that so many people out there care,” Norris says. “I know that I will be getting him back, it’s just a matter of a time… but I’ll definitely be pressing charges against her.”

In addition to her own family — Norris has three children with her husband: an 8-year-old, 4-year-old, and 1-year-old — the mother of three feels terribly for the people who recently purchased Ted not knowing they were getting scammed.

“It’s devastating and I feel bad for the people that bought him because they have no idea what is going on — I hope they do now,” she says. “They’re a victim too. I would pay them their $200 back and reimburse their money just to have my dog back.”

“I miss him, I want him to come home… I’m not gonna give up. I’m fighting for what is mine at this point.”

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Photo: Boynton Beach Police

BOYNTON BEACH, FL (WFLX) - A 23-year-old woman, posed as a pet sitter on Craigslist, disappeared with a Boynton Beach family's 4-year-old Shih-Teese dog, police say.

They say the family had posted an ad on Craigslist in early July stating they were traveling out of the country and needed someone to watch their dog, Fluffy.

A woman, who identified herself as Kayana Morales, responded to the ad and met the family at Pence Park.

The family met with Morales two other times to discuss the assignment before leaving the dog in her care.

Police say the family stayed in touch with the pet sitter throughout the month, and Morales even sent pictures of Fluffy in her care. But when the family returned from their trip on August 4, police say, Morales stopped answering their phone calls or e-mails.

Detectives have since learned that Morales' real name is Shamari Avione Patrick. Police believe she may be living out of her burgundy Grand Marquis with large rims.

Anyone with information about Shamari Patrick or Fluffy should call Detective Rocky Zavattaro at 561-742-6135 or Crime Stoppers of Palm Beach County at 1-800-458-TIPS.

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Craigslist- How to Post- Renew - and place animal for adoption

Raleigh family out $300 and heartbroken after scam leaves them with sick, dying puppy

RALEIGH, N.C. (WTVD) -- During the COVID-19 pandemic, many people are adding a new addition to their family by adopting or buying a pet, but you need to watch out for scammers trying to steal your money.

A Raleigh family is dealing with heartache after bringing a new puppy into their home.

"Even though we only had the puppy for 24 hours, it's very difficult," Cassie Graves said. This after the Graveses lost their new puppy they named Jasmine. "It was very difficult to have all the puppy remains--the feeding bowls, the food, the leash, the toys -- but no puppy in the house."

The Graveses had to put Jasmine down just 24 hours after getting her. They first spotted the puppy on Craigslist.

"I saw an ad for a German Shepherd-and-Lab mix and it was what we were looking for," Cassie's husband, Jermaine, said.

The Graveses texted back and forth with the seller who told Jermaine they had two 8-week- old puppies left, and they were $300 each.

WATCH OUT: Don't fall for this pet scam!

In text messages, the seller said the pups had their first shots and were dewormed. The Graveses drove from Raleigh to Greensboro to meet the seller.

They asked for the shot records but weren't given any.

"They said because of COVID, they didn't feel comfortable taking their dogs to the vet. So they decided to do the shots themselves."

The seller did give them a picture of the shots. So the Graveses paid $300 for Jasmine and drove back to Raleigh.

"Everybody was excited, it was like having a baby in the house."

The excitement quickly changed hours after bringing Jasmine home. It quickly became obvious that Jasmine needed medical help.

The Graveses took her to the vet and learned the bad news.

"The puppy had hookworms and roundworms and was severely anemic," Cassie recalled the veterinarian telling her. "The best decision probably would be to put the puppy down."

The Graveses made the tough decision to put Jasmine down. They cremated Jasmine and brought her back home and buried her in the backyard. They also reached out to the seller.

"My husband reached back out to let them know what was going on and the sellers never responded."

Troubleshooter Diane Wilson tried called the seller and the two different numbers the Graveses had for the seller were already disconnected.

What you do need to know is the Graves heartache is not unique. Wilson hears from viewers monthly who have been scammed when trying to welcome a new pet into their home.

WATCH: Animal scams a common ploy during the holidays

In 2016, a Troubleshooter investigation uncovered a Nash County woman selling sick puppies to unsuspecting buyers. After our investigation, she was convicted of multiple fraud charges.

Viewers often lose money to a scam where they find a pet for sale online and then are charged large amounts of money to ship the pet to them, but the pet is never shipped. It's all a scam. A Fayetteville woman lost thousands to this scam when she thought she was getting a Maine Coon cat.

The Troubleshooter Takeaways to remember when looking for a pet you can't rely on what the seller tells you. Always ask for proof of shots and any treatments. Also see if the pet comes with any health guarantee, if not try and take the dog or cat to the vet to have them checked out before paying any money. Lastly, of course, you can also adopt, as the local animal shelters are filled with dogs and cats looking for a new home.

Craigslist dog

Dog lover turns to Craigslist to search for beloved rescue dog’s former New York owners

Cathy, a 15-year-old pit bull, soaks in some rays at her New Hampshire home. Three years ago, the rescue dog from New York’s Lower East Side was emaciated, overbred, burned and suffering from multiple infections.

After a lifetime of neglect, an underdog from New York is finally enjoying her moment in the sun.

Cathy the pit bull was a ragged mess when she landed in Manhattan's Animal Care and Control on Feb. 9, 2011. The New Hampshire dog lover who plucked the 12-year-old dog out of her misery recently turned to Craigslist to show her previous owners exactly what they're missing.

Cathy has become buddies with De Campi’s 3-year-old daughter.

"P.S. you can't have her back," De Campi added.

De Campi is hoping that the Craigslist post will help her learn more about Cathy's past. The dog's previous owners were apparently evicted from an apartment on 20 Catherine Street in the Lower East Side. Cathy was emaciated by the time she reached the shelter, weighing just 51 pounds. The dog had skin, eye, and ear infections. There were burns on her head and ears, which De Campi thinks were caused by a cigarette. Looking at her enlarged belly, ACC volunteers said the dog had most likely been bred many times. The scars on her stomach suggested that she'd had a Caesarean section.

The dog was bred numerous times and had even undergone a Caesarean section.

Still, De Campi says she fell in love with Cathy's "lopsided" face. Even though she had three other dogs and a 6-week-old baby, the animal lover decided to make room for Cathy in her life. The non-profit Rebound Hounds made it happen.

Three years later, De Campi has no regrets. Not only has Cathy's health improved, but she's also letting others see her personality.

Even though she’s an old girl, Cathy loves playing fetch.

"She's very friendly and sweet," De Campi told the Daily News. "She's gotten on really good with the dogs, she's grown up with my daughter, she's fine with any stranger."

Even though she's 15 years old now, Cathy still loves playing fetch and going for swims in a nearby bay.

Cathy, a pit bull, was adopted in 2011 through the organization Rebound Hounds.

But one of Cathy's favorite things to do is bathe in a little bit of sunshine.

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"She'll find the only sunbeam in the room, or the hottest part of the pavement," De Campi said.

De Campi was surprised after Cathy took like a duck to water when the pair visited a New Hampshire bay.

De Campi believes that people get a bad impression about pit bulls because a few owners mistreat their dogs — by chaining them, neglecting to neuter them or depriving them of human contact.

"It doesn't make sense to say an entire dog breed is innately evil," De Campi said. "You should have tougher laws for dog owners."

Cathy (left) takes a walk with blind foster dog Duke and Alex De Campi’s 3-year-old daughter. Duke is currently available for adoption through Red Hook Dog Rescue.

Ever since the Craigslist post, De Campi says she's been hearing from pit bull owners who are rooting for Cathy. But she hasn't heard from the dog's previous owners.

De Campi, who volunteers for Red Hook Dog Rescue, says she bears no ill will towards the owners and wouldn't mind meeting them. All she knows is that they were evicted, which means they were going through a hard time.

"New York is a hard place when you're down on your luck," De Campi said. "I just wanted them to know that their dog was okay and is having a great life. And I hope that person is back on their feet, too."

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Stolen Bulldog Goes Up for Sale on Craigslist

Last month, Gunny, a six-year-old English bulldog from San Bernandino, Calif., disappeared from his backyard, his owner searched for the dog but couldn’t find him and they were surprised when they saw pictures of the dog up for sale on Craigslist. The sellers wanted $2,500 for the pet but what was more shocking was finding out who the sellers where, Gunny’s own neighbors.


According to CBS Los Angeles, Gunny’s whereabouts where learned when a friend of the pet owner spotted the pictures online. With the help of police deputies, the friend posed as an interested party and contacted the sellers.

The thief merchants were a couple who lived near Gunny’s house. After meeting the prospective buyer who identified the dog, police moved in and the dog nappers were arrested and charged with felony possession of stolen property.

Gunny is now back home with his rightful owner, who says she will not be letting Gunny out of her sight.

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Child's Slip Implicates Parents Who Sold Neighbor's Dog on Craigslist

Sept. 20, 2012 — -- A Pittsburgh-area couple faces charges of conspiracy after selling a neighbor's puppy on Craigslist for $50, inadvertently caught by their 5-year-old son's slip of the tongue.

Scott Duff, 41, and Roxanne Duff, 38, of Leechberg, Pa., sold their neighbor's 6-month-old Rottweiler puppy, Bailey, after it wandered into their yard, along with a golden retriever mix, on Sept. 3. The Duffs then repeatedly gave authorities conflicting information about the sale and whereabouts of the dog, according to the police criminal complaint filed in Armstrong County.

When Roxanne Duff left a phone message for police on Sept. 3 saying the dogs had come into her residence and asked what to do, she was told to contact the local animal shelter or a dog catcher. Duff told police that she posted on several Internet sites seeking the owners of the wayward dogs.

She also told police that the Rottweiler puppy had since left her property and had not returned.

Later that evening, Shawn Lerch, the owner of the Rottweiler puppy and the golden retriever mix, contacted the Leechberg Police Department to say that Roxanne Duff had returned the golden retriever, but he needed someone to check the area for the missing Bailey. Later, he told police that he had reason to believe that the Duffs still had Bailey.

Scott Duff asked the police to ask Lerch to stop calling him, because "they did not have the dog," according to the police report.

The next day, Chief of Police Michael Diebold went to the Duff residence to question the couple about the missing Rottweiler and found found the Duff's young child at home with a babysitter. Officers asked the two about the missing puppy, and the child stated "his mommy had given the dog to a woman from the Internet."

Diebold then contacted Scott Duff to confront him with this new information, informing him that charges would be filed if he still had Bailey or had "otherwise disposed" of the dog.

"Mr. Duff continued to say to the chief that the puppy escaped from his residence after it initially was found," the police report stated. Calls to the Leechberg Police Department went unanawered.

Shortly after this conversation, Scott Duff phoned Chief Diebold and admitted that his wife had "given the dog away by posting an ad on Craigslist," according to the police report. After Diebold told Scott Duff that his wife would have to call and that the dog "needed to be returned immediately," she admitted that she had put the pup up for sale on Craigslist for $50, and that her previous report about not having the dog was false.

After several conversations with the chief of police, Scott Duff ultimately admitted that he also had knowledge of the sale of Bailey to a woman in Pittsburgh. Roxanne Duff ultimately went to Pittsburgh to retrieve Bailey, and then handed him over to the police.

Bailey has now been returned to his owner, Shawn Lerch. Attempts to reach Lerch were not successful.

Police have now charged Scott and Roxanne Duff with not making a reasonable effort to return lost property, two counts of conspiracy and filing false reports.

A preliminary hearing is scheduled for Oct. 31.


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